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Sharing my girlfriend with strangers

My girlfriend wants your cock!
This is a true story, and happened over the past weeks. I have no doubt there will be many more stories to share with you.

I have this kink with my beautiful partner of 2 years being with other men. I get so hard and horny to think of other tongue, fingers or cock making her cum. She is multi-orgasmic and curvaceously sexy with a short brunette bob, incredible green eyes and a gorgeous smile. Her hands are exquisite and slender. She hates her body and makes derogatory remarks about her body and cellulite. One of her comments is that blind men could fuck her and read her body in braille. She is not fat, but carries a few extra sexy pounds. I find her sexy and so do other men, and I like that.

She is 38, with 3 children and carries this sexy little Caesar scar above her pubic mound. Her breasts are full and droopy at the same time. Sometimes she shaves her mound, and at times she doesn’t. I am not fazed either way and like both, hairy and shaved. She prefers to wax than shave, and for the moment is not waxing as it causes her too much pain. So hairy and trimmed it is for now.

When I met her, she could only have an orgasm with manual clitoral stimulation, but I have helped her find ways to unblock her fears, her boundaries and now experience incredible states of bliss. And when she cums, she cums hard, over and over again. Sometimes we have to stop because she complains that her stomach muscles are sore from all the orgasms racking her body. She is not a squirter yet, but I think in time she will be. Our sex life is good, and gets even better with our fantasies. I have been a swinger for many years, and have enjoyed pleasures of the flesh many times, with many people. I desire to swing again, and have brought the fantasy realm to her. She loves it, especially the thought of fucking other men, and being gang banged - her ultimate fantasy. I often tell her about other cock in her, it makes her exceptionally wet, and she cums hard, which makes me hard and very horny too.

She loves sex and being fucked, but has a few taboos. She is not an avid cock sucker, and every now and again, she will take my cock in her mouth. She does not like the taste of cum, so cumming on her face or in her mouth is an absolute no-no. She won’t finger my ass, nor lick it, and that’s just how I am happy to accept her. If she gives me a hand job, she will go wash her hands afterwards, she is fastidious about ‘mess’ on her hands. I am telling you this, so that you understand why she does not blow other men, and why she will go wash her hands after making a dude or me cum.

When she tells me what she wants to do, it makes me crazy horny. I think I am crazy, but then, I am having fun, and so is she. It is bizarre that I wish her to experience all that I have experienced. I suppose it is my passion for sex that drives me to do this, and promote it. I know many men who would love to see their partners with other men, but either their partners are not willing participants, or they are too afraid to let it happen. Some of us conform to society’s rules, I don’t. I know for me, my adrenaline pumps when it is happening, and there are small twangs of perhaps jealousy or possessiveness, but nothing major. When the thought of her being fucked comes to fruition, I just get plain horny. The feeling in my groin is overwhelmingly awesome, incredulous and phenomenal.

I am very good at pushing the boundaries with my partners, and I do this with her. In the fantasy realm, she almost feels like she is experiencing it. She tells me that she is a cock lover, and she wants other cock in her badly. And that turns me on to no end.

So recently, we agreed that she was going to take things further. She wanted to start by touching a stranger’s cock. The thought thrilled me to no end, and her of course. All of which I relate here is her telling me the story as it happened. I am a stickler for detail, so I have included I think everything. I also have an incredible memory, so nothing goes astray with me.

One Saturday morning, about 2 weeks ago, she went to a book shop to look at books and see if she could start the fantasy coming true. She told me that she was going to see if she could touch a cock. After a short while she saw a dude she liked and decided to pluck up the courage to make her move. She thought to herself, it’s now or never, and walked passed him and with intent, brushed the back of her hand over his groin. She said she could feel his cock, which made her wet and very horny. Her adrenaline was pumping. He looked at her, and she looked back and smiled at him. He just stood there. I have no doubt he was shocked beyond belief. She walked around the store and he followed her some. She went to sit down in the adjacent coffee shop and put her hand between her legs, with her hand up against her mound. With her thumb she gently rubbed her clit. He sat in a way so he could watch her. Eventually she was so horny, she called me to tell me what she had done, and told me to meet her at home.

I rushed home and as soon as she came in the door, I put my hands between her legs, she was wearing a tracksuit bottom, which I call a cookie cutter, which was tight up against her mound, and was hot and wet. I had to lick and taste her wetness. As my tongue touched her clit and my mouth her swollen, wet pussy lips she started cumming, and did not stop. I could not wait to be inside of her, and pushed my swollen cock into her wetness. I started off slowly, as she started cumming again almost immediately. She kept telling me, ‘I touched another cock’, and I asked her, ‘How did that make you feel?’ Her reply was, "Excited, wet, and fucken horny, I could become addicted to this, I love touching cock!’

She kept telling me to fuck her hard, and of course I obliged. She came hard. During our session, I kept telling her to do it again, and to take the dude to the bathrooms or a changing room in a department store, bend over or sit on him and let him fuck her. The ultimate is for her to have someone else inside of her, and I know that she will be excited, wanton and willing when it presents itself. She has told me now that she has done it once, it becomes easier the second time.

When she told me that she could not wait to do it again, I spurted my load deep inside of her. We lay there for awhile, just caressing and loving each other. I was so horny, I was hard again, and with her lying on her side, I sat on her leg and pushed myself inside of her. She loves this position, as I can thumb her ass, or finger it, which she loves. The idea of a double penetration for her is mind blowing. Often she says that she feels like there are 2 cocks in her, and I can almost see and feel in her mind, she is experiencing that. She loves her asshole being played with, licked and fingered. And I love doing that too. The more she said that she was going to ask another dude to finger her ass while fucking her, the harder I got. She said to me, ‘ooooh, you like that!’ and with that thought in mind, I shot my thick cum into her. She likes it when I cum hard, she says she can feel my spurts of cum at the back of her horny wet pussy. And then to finish it off, there are times, when I lick my cum out of her, or just play with it, and then lick my fingers clean. That makes her cum again.

Then a few days later during a work day, she told me that she was going to another bookshop, as she had finished work early and wanted to touch a cock again. She said to me that she was becoming addicted to touching cock. Immediately my cock started throbbing and I said, ‘Go get fucked by him, please!’

An hour or so later, I sent her a text message, ‘Have you touched yet?’

Her response was, ‘Yes, now he is watching me.’ Then she said, ‘I made sure I made him hard, I could see his cock in his pants.’

Oh fuck, I was going crazy horny, my adrenaline kicked in, I started this deep burning in my balls, and I started to flow in a state of orgasmic flux. She said, ‘And he has a big cock, I felt him grow in my hand, and big balls too.’

I was crazy horny. I responded, ‘Go fuck him baby.’

She responded, ’Okey dokey, maybeeeeee !! I am so wet and horny now.’

The thought that she was possibly going to have another cock inside of her, was making me wild with desire. I could not wait to be buried deep inside of her, feeling the wetness, where another man had just fucked her.

My adrenaline was pumping, I was horny beyond control. I could not wait for her to get home.

I wanted to send another message to ask what was happening but decided to let her control what and how she was going to take this one step further.

I could not control myself and went to relieve myself. Holding and pumping my cock with the thought of her making other men hard and horny for her, was making me throb deep and hard.

I did not hear from her, and had these visions of her being bent over a toilet and being banged hard from behind. I so like the idea that she would give her wet and wanton spot to another cock to make her cum. She arrived home and took me into the bedroom. I asked, ‘And?’

She replied, ‘He followed me around, and then he put his hands between my legs, and rubbed me, just like I rubbed him. But I did not feel in control and walked away and left. I was scared that I was cheating.’

My response was, ‘If I give you permission, there is no cheating. I am okay with you doing all of this. But at the same time, you are not forced to in any way. If you feel you wish to stop this, you can. I leave it up to you. Somehow I knew that she would not wish to stop doing this, it was something that made her feel good, and powerful.’ I said, ‘If at any time, I ask that we stop this, would you be able to?’ to which she replied, ‘Of course yes.’ But I know that I have passed the point of no return here, and she will do it, until it has worked itself out of her system, because it becomes very addictive, I know!

With that, I undressed her, licked and tasted her hot moist wetness until she came a few times on my tongue and then got between her open wet lips, and pushed my rampant cock inside of her. Of course she started cumming again. I asked her, if this made her horny, and between cumming on my dick, she told me she is addicted to touching cock, and that she will do it again and again. It did not take me long to nut deep inside of her. We lay there for a while, gently caressing each other, me telling her, she did not cheat on me, and that she could do whatever she wanted to, and whatever made her feel comfortable.

Later that week, she told me she was going to see a late afternoon movie, as she needed to escape a bit. She added to that, that if she could, she wanted to see if she could touch another cock in the moviehouse. Of course that made me horny and hard, and for the rest of the day, all I could think about was her being fucked in the toilets or in the movie.

My babe and I are very attuned energetically. I knew she was in the movie, and texted her that I had a deep throb inside of me and even sent her a picture of a hard cock. I even thought perhaps she was playing with herself in the movie, which she has done in the past, and been watched. Even though the people could not see her clearly, they knew what she was doing.

The picture I sent her was a dude’s hard cock and my message read, ‘This is what happens to a dude when you touch his cock… he wants to put it inside of you!’

Her response was, ‘Touched one and it did happen that way. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! I came on his fingers, lots of fun!’

Once again my adrenaline kicked in, and I was a mass of throbbing desire. I responded, 'Fucken awesome, did he cum?’

She responded, ‘Still in movie, he will soon.’

I was wild now, and replied, ‘Oh fucken awesome, fuck him too please. I can feel your sexual energy. It’s awesome, wet, wanton, willing, just had a play. Still throbbing. Can’t wait to hear and lick you, finger you, enter you and make you cum hard.’

I knew she was busy doing something, I just did not know what. Thinking that he was maybe going to fuck her and cum, was making me exceptionally horny. Her response was, 'Oh my word, see you ASAP, leaving soon, movie finished, I am sure.’

About 40 minutes later she walked in the door, as though nothing had happened. I could see that her chin and mouth were a little red. Oh fuck, she had kissed him too. I was so excited; I could not wait to drag her into the bedroom. I asked her if she had fucked him, she replied no, and said, ‘But I made him cum!’

I put her down on the bed, pulled off her leggings, lifted her top, and dived in with my tongue. My thoughts were I am licking where another man has had his fingers. My cock was hard like a rock. As my tongue touched her pussy, she started cumming. She was grabbing at the sheets, as she was calling, ‘Stop. stop!’ I continued licking as she arched her back, and pushed my tongue deep inside of her. She was moaning deeply and cumming hard on me. Eventually I stopped and slid up to her, putting my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was wanton, and willed me to enter her. She was so wet! Just as I like it.

I looked into her eyes, and asked, ‘Did you kiss him?’

Meekly she replied, ‘Yes’.

I kissed her lips almost like I was taking back ownership once again. Our tongues rolled into each other’s mouths and she pushed herself into me, cumming hard once again. I increased my pace and said to her, ‘I am fucking you, where another man’s fingers have been, and where another man has made you cum!’

Of course that just made her wilder, and she started cumming loudly, and I just continued to stroke in and out of her, not stopping my momentum. I slowed for a bit and asked her to tell me all about it.

This is what she told me…

‘I was waiting to buy a movie ticket, and I noticed someone behind me. It was a dude, and he appeared to be alone. I told my friend on the phone that I was alone at the movies. He must have heard me, because when I sat down in the movie, and the movie house was almost empty, he walked past me in the same isle and moved a few seats away from me. I wondered why he had done that when there were so many other seats available. I thought about moving closer to him once the movie started. In the opening scenes of the movie, there was a love scene with a girl in a toilet. The next thing he moved next to me. I thought it bizarre, and did not move away. I thought about what we discussed and got very excited and horny. I thought about me touching his cock, and asked myself the question as to why had he sat next to me. I plucked up the courage, looked at his groin and put my hand there.

'I rubbed his cock, and felt him growing hard. Once I had got him hard, I unbuckled his belt, and pulled open the buttons to his jeans. I pulled his cock out and started wanking it, just like I do you. It was very thick; I almost could not get my fingers around it. He had a foreskin so it was easy to wank, and I did not have to wet my hand. There was precum on his cock head, and I used that to lubricate him. He put his hand on my leg. I was so wet and so excited. I just love touching cock. I have no idea what was going on in the movie, even though we were watching it. I played with him like this for a long time.

'Eventually, when I moved my hand to rest for a bit, he started to rub my inner thigh right up to my crack. His hand felt good on my leg, especially when he touched me there. I wanted his fingers inside of me, because he was teasing me, so, I took his hand and put it into my legging pants. I could feel his fingers probing to get to my wetness. He rubbed my clit for a bit and then I pushed at his hand and felt his fingers going into me. He put 2 fingers inside of me, and because I was so wet, he was able to slide in and out of me. I slid down on the chair so that he could go deeper in me. His fingers were nice and long and went deep inside of me. I came immediately and hard. I thought of how hard you would be knowing this, and let him finger fuck me some more.

'I must have cum 5 times or more when he stopped and pulled his fingers out of me. That’s when you smsed. I was so excited and thought about him having his cock inside of me, and how horny you would be too. I wanted that! I started playing with his hard cock, and he pulled his pants down a bit. I touched his clean shaven balls, and then his cock again. I touched the head of his cock, rubbing the frenum, like you showed me. He had so much precum. I just rubbed that into his cock. I wanked him for a while and he was moaning. That just made me hornier. If he had said to me, that he wanted to fuck me, I would have let him. I wanted his cock inside of me, making me cum. I love cock so much!

'Eventually he pushed my hand aside and wanked himself, while I was touching his balls. After a short while he moaned, and I watched him spurt his cum onto his shirt.

'The movie was ending as he pulled his pants up and did his belt. I leant toward him and kissed him, putting my tongue into his mouth. I pulled away and said, ‘the movie is ending, and so I just wanted to say thank you and goodbye.’ He replied that he comes here every week on the same day at the same time. So, you know where I am going to be on Friday afternoons from now on.’

She continued, ‘I kissed him again and we rolled our tongues around for a bit and then we got up, and I went to wash my hands. I liked doing that, a lot, it makes me feel powerful, wet, excited and fucken horny.'

With that, I shot my load deep inside of her. As we lay there in the afterglow, I said to her, ‘Clearly the next step for you is to be fucked.’ That of course made her all horny, and I started playing with her cum filled pussy again.

I told her she had my permission to fuck the next time, to which she asked, ‘Are you sure?’

All I could do, was make her cum again and again with my fingers, as I said, ‘Oh for damn sure.’

Later that night we enjoyed ourselves again, she was still horny and so was I. I think the next time, something more will happen. I love that she would touch a stranger’s cock, I wonder how many women out there would do the same, or would love to do the same. I don’t think there are women who would just do that in public, unless they were at a club or a bar. The men that have been touched so far, are very lucky. And so is she.

I am such a kinky slut, and there is one more story to come !!!

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