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Sharing My Gorgeous Wife Pattie

Sharing My Gorgeous Wife Pattie

A husband wants to share his wife.
My name is Pattie, and my husband and I have been married for five years. My husband treats me like a princess. He buys me all sorts of clothes and loves to dress me up. Every day he picks out my outfits. He especially loves to pick out my intimate items that I wear. He’s most fascinated with my panties. He loves the fabrics and wonders how they’ll look on my pussy. The man is in love with my beautiful, bald pussy.

Often, my husband Bobby loves to shave my pussy. He loves for me to be bald and beautiful. He loves to give me oral sex. Bobby has told me on several occasions, that my pussy is the best smelling cunt he's ever smelled. He told me my pussy perfume is intoxicating to him.

Bobby gives me oral sex every day. He loves me to be dressed in my bra and panties. They always have to match. He especially loves stockings and garters and always wants me to wear the stiletto shoes he buys for me. He'll call and tell me to masturbate about twenty minutes, before he comes home. He loves my pussy to be nice and creamed up.

He loves when my panties have my pussy juices wet in my crotch. He'll then peel my panties down, and spread my thighs, and dive right into my bald cunt. His tongue dances along the folds of my pussy lips. He lightly will chew and play with my lips. His tongue gives my clitoris a pussy bath. I moan and groan and the cream from the vibrator continues to flow out of my pussy. Bobby will then push his tongue deeper and deeper into my cunt. I will grab onto our headboard and grind my pussy into his face. His tongue feels so good and I can barely stand it and orgasm on his face and neck.

I don’t work. Bobby loves me to just stay home and take care of the house. He owns an investment firm. We are trying to have a family, but have not been fortunate enough yet to get pregnant. My husband loves sex. I guess some would say that he is a sex addict. We have sex about three times every day. Bobby always comes home for lunch, to eat my pussy and to fuck me hard.

He’ll call me from his office, to tell me what he wants me to wear. He especially likes me to be naked with my apron on, making cookies. He loves for me to be bending into the oven, when he comes in. He sometimes will just take me right there. He will slide his seven inch cock right into my pussy at the oven.

My husband is a very sexy man. He is 6’2” and is 225 pounds. He’s very athletic and also has those wash board abs that all the ladies go absolutely cuckoo for. But, he works very hard to maintain his physique. He’s constantly doing cardio and works out with weights. I know he usually does the whole circuit when he’s at the gym. He loves to run on the treadmill and enjoys the elliptical as well. We have a wonderful Precor Elliptical machine, here at the house, that he works out on.

He insists that I work out also. I usually take Zumba classes at the gym, and I do enjoy taking spinning classes as well. The work out is incredible. My husband tells me to make very healthy meals for the both of us. He does not like me to gain any weight and always wants me looking like the trophy wife that I am.

I am thirty years old and I have blonde long hair and blue eyes. My husband had me get breast implants when we were dating. I guess they're about a 38-D cup size. I'm 5’6”, and I weigh 115 pounds. I'm on the thin side, but I too, have washboard abs, and most people are always looking at me. I have very long legs and Bobby insists, I go to the tanning salon year round. I'm always very tan.

This is the story of when Bobby told me he wanted to share me with other men and women. I'll go into all the details of what he wanted me to do.

My husband thinks I’m just about the prettiest person in the world. He loves to have sex with me multiple times a day. Lately, he said he would just love if he could watch me have sex with other men or women. He said it would really turn him on, to just see me with other people. I love my husband very much, and I pretty much always do what he likes me to do.

“Baby, I want you to have sex tonight with one of my business partners. You’ll love him. He's kind of on the chunky side, but I want to see you be with a heavier man.”

“Really. He's fat?”

“I just want to see you ride his chunky body. I think you will give him the thrill of a life. I’ve set it up already. He'll come here tonight. I'll be sitting on the chair in our bedroom, while you and Gerry have sex. I want you to be a real slut for me baby.”

“Okay, if you really want me to.”

“I do! It will really turn me on to see you fuck him. Make sure you dress like a complete slut.”

“Okay, I shall.”

“For now, I want you to give me head baby. Get down on your knees and suck your husband!”

I was wearing a white sports bra and my denim shorts. Bobby loves for me to always wear clothes that accentuate my body. He loves my nipples to always be poking through my tops.

I knelt down in front of Bobby, while he stood up. I unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly. I took his pants off of him. I rubbed and massaged his beautiful, smooth balls. I kissed and licked his balls on the top, sides, and the back of them. Bobby loves when I suck them. I started with his left ball and fondled the right one. His balls felt very warm in my mouth. When I was done with that one, I put the other one into my mouth and caressed the left one.

“Fuck baby! Your mouth feels like heaven on my balls. Suck my cock beautiful!”

I wrapped my mouth around his cock and slowly began to suck his cock. His cock is very long, and I bobbed along his cock. I sucked, slurped, and gagged on his prick.

“That’s it baby, suck me faster!”

Bobby picked up my hair and started to face fuck me. I kept pace with him. I was making all those wet, sucking, popping noises as I blew my husband.

“Here it comes sweetie. Open your mouth!”

Bobby blew his load right down my mouth. I swallowed it all and stood up.

“That was incredible. I need to take a nap now. Go get yourself a manicure and pedicure and get a massage too. I want you to look hot, and I want you to be nice and relaxed. See you later baby.”

I did as Bobby said to do and went and had a manicure and a pedicure. I went to my favorite nail salon and had Sally give me a French manicure on my fingers and toes. Then I called Kevin my masseuse and scheduled a hot stone massage. He has the best fingers and really took all the knots out of my body.

After the massage, I stopped off at the mall and picked up some new lingerie, so I could look nice for Gerry. I got a white lacy bra and white lacy thong, white thigh highs, and a white garter. I have a nice pair of white heels, I'll wear with the outfit. Then I drove home to get all ready. Bobby was still napping.

I took a bubble bath and had a glass of red wine. I was a little nervous and needed to calm my nerves. I haven’t slept with another man, since I'd married Bobby. I just love to please Bobby and will always do whatever it is, he wants me to do.

I got out of the bath and then got myself dressed. I had some more wine and did my make-up. I wore my hair up because Bobby likes that. I admired myself in the mirror and woke Bobby up.

“Wake up Bobby!”

“Jesus, you look so good! Spread you thighs and let me lick your pussy before Gerry gets here."

I got on the bed and Bobby pulled my panties down. Bobby licked and loved my bald pussy. His tongue felt like heaven, as he licked and loved my clitoris. His tongue skillfully ate my pussy.

“Oh Bobby, your tongue feels so good. I’m going to come. Oh fuck.”

I came in my husband’s mouth. My sweet and tangy juices filled his mouth.

“Let’s wait in the living room for Gerry. I’ll put some music on and fill your glass with some more wine. You look so beautiful. Gerry will love you.”

About twenty minutes passed and the doorbell rang.

Ding Dong

I went to the door and answered it.

“Hi Gerry, my name is Pattie. Please come in.”

“Well aren’t you a hot little number. Jesus, Bobby what a beautiful wife you have.”

“Yea, she's really hot. Enjoy her my friend. I sure will.”

Gerry was a good looking man. He was 5’9 and maybe he weighed about 230 pounds. He was chubby, but not as bad as I thought he might look. He was bald and had blue eyes. He just had a bit of a beer belly, but not as bad as I thought. He had a nice smile.

“Pattie, why don’t you give Gerry a lap dance first?”

Bobby sat down on the recliner chair and Jerry was on the couch. I got up and then sat sitting on Jerry’s lap. I shimmied my body on him and shook my breasts into his face. I then sat up and pulled my bra down so Jerry could lick at my nipples. I shoved my tits into his face.

Gerry had his hands wrapped around my waist, while I rocked in his lap. He sucked on my long and erect nipples.

“Damn woman! You're one hot piece of meat. Whew, I can’t wait to have you.”

“Let’s go into the bedroom Gerry.”

I grabbed Gerry’s hand and led him into our bedroom. Bobby came into the room and undressed and sat on the chair.

I was kissing Gerry deep and passionately. His hands were feeling my ass. He moved his fingers into my panties and was feeling my buttocks. I unbuttoned Gerry’s shirt and then unbuckled his pants. I helped him take his pants and boxers off. Gerry was semi-hard. He wasn’t terribly big at all. I think he had a five inch cock.

I knelt down in front of Gerry and began to play with Gerry’s cock in my hands. I wrapped my hands firm around his cock and stroked him from his base to his head.

“Pattie, that feels so good. Jerk my cock!”

I was stroking his cock to get him nice and hard. I wrapped my lips around his cock and slowly began to suck on his cock. I worked my mouth up and down over his dick. Sucking, slurping, and gagging on his cock.

"Jesus, Bobby your wife sucks like a god damn whore. Fuck, I can’t believe you're letting me have her.”

“She loves it! I love watching her. Don’t you kitten?”

“Yes, Bobby I love to do this for you.”

“Gerry lie down and Pattie will ride your face. Take your panties off baby and give them to me. While you ride his face, I'll smell your perfumed cunt.”

I took off my panties and threw them to Bobby. I then got in a squatting position so Gerry could lick my pussy. I smothered Gerry’s face with my cunt. His tongue was tongue fucking me really deep and I let out a moan.

“Oh fuck, yes. Eat my pussy!”

“Eat her wet pussy Gerry!”

I was working my pussy all over his face, then I leaned down and went to work again on his cock. Gerry was now licking my rosebud and licking my pussy. He was tongue fucking my rosebud and slid a finger into my cunt.

“Oh God that feels so good. I’m so wet for you Gerry.”

Gerry was working his finger into my anus and eating my pussy.

“Pattie get on top of him and fuck him. Take your bra off.”

“Gerry play with her tits, while she fucks you.”

I got up and straddled Gerry. I put his cock into my slick pussy. Gerry sat up and played with my tits. He was loving my tits and started to suck and pull at my nipples. I was rocking and moving my pussy up and down his shaft.

“Jesus, your cunt feels so fucking good. Holy fuck!”

“Pattie get on your hands and knees! I want to watch Gerry fuck you from behind.”

I got off Gerry and got on my hands and knees. Gerry came up behind me and slid his cock into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock into my pussy.

“Your cunt is so slippery. I love to fuck you. You're like a goddess.”

“She is a goddess Gerry. She's my fucking girl!”

I glanced over and Bobby was stroking his cock fast now. He was really turned on and then he started to moan.

“That’s it. I want to fuck my wife now. Gerry get on your back and Pattie will ride you and I will fuck her ass. Do it!”

With that, Gerry lay down, and I hopped up onto Gerry. I put his cock into my pussy. Bobby went into the drawer and took out some Astroglide and wiped it onto my anus and his cock and slid his cock into my tiny rosebud.

Bobby slowly entered my asshole. Gerry was fucking into my pussy.

“I can feel your cock in Pattie's pussy Gerry. Fuck it feels so good.”

Both men fucked me. They were using my body. My husband was so excited and turned on and was pumping my ass hard now. He was grabbing my hips, and Gerry was bucking into my cunt.

“I’m coming. I’m fucking coming.”

I soaked Gerry’s cock with my cunt juices. Bobby was ramming my ass. He pulled out and told me to get off of Gerry and to suck him off so he could come. I did as Bobby asked and Bobby shot his hot cream down my throat.

“Jesus, baby that was so fucking hot. Gerry, how did you like my hot wife?”

“She's the most beautiful woman. Her pussy is just amazing. You're one lucky dude.”

“I do know that.”

“Get cleaned up Pattie and then meet us in the living room. We'll have some more wine. I have another surprise for you little one. Jasmine my secretary is coming over. Jerry and I are going to watch you too make love. So clean yourself up and meet us in the living room baby.”

I then freshened up and got into some new lingerie for Jasmine. This time I got all in black. A black lacy bra, black thong, black thigh highs, black garter, and black stilettos. I redid my make-up and fixed my hair.

Gerry and Bobby opened up the scotch and were having some cigars. Bobby had poured me some more wine.

“Baby you look so hot for me. Come and give me a kiss you pretty thing.”

I walked over to my husband and gave him a kiss. Gerry had put his hands in my panties and was rubbing my buttocks, while I kissed Bobby. Gerry was definitely getting hard again as I could see his cock hardening in his pants.

Ding Dong

“Answer the door baby.”

I went to the door and introduced myself to Jasmine.

“Hi Jasmine, I’m Pattie. Please come in.”

Jasmine came into the room. She took off her coat and was completely nude. I was shocked.

“Jasmine, I want you and Pattie to kiss, and then I want you to remove her panties and sixty nine with her.”

Jasmine was a beautiful woman. She was 5’6 inches and about 110 pounds. She had brown short hair and brown eyes. She had a nice chest. She wasn’t as big as me. She also had long legs. Jasmine had beautiful green eyes.

We kissed deep and passionately. I glanced over at the two men who now had pulled their pants down and were watching Jasmine and I kiss. Jasmine then unhooked my bra and let out my enormous tits. She was massaging and cupping them, while we were kissing.

“Take your panties off. Give them to me sweetie. I want to smell and taste your panties.”

I took them off and threw them to Bobby.

Bobby was smelling my panties and then took a taste.

“Gerry take a whiff of my gorgeous wife’s panties.”

Gerry took the panties and took a long smell of them. You're a lucky guy Bobby. If she was mine, I’d fuck her all the time.”

“I do fuck her all the time. But tonight, I wanted her to fuck you. My final fantasy of the night is to see my lovely wife and my secretary make love. I've always wanted to experience this. My baby is just gorgeous and I want to see another woman bring her to orgasm."

“I want to see you too lick each other’s cunts. Sixty nine each other.”

“Jasmine lay on her back, and I hopped up and put my pussy and ass in her mouth and leaned down to start licking her pussy. Her pussy was shaved like mine. I worked my tongue up and down her smooth pussy lips. I lightly brushed my tongue all over her clitoris and then tongue fucked Jasmine with my tongue."

Jasmine was licking at my smooth pussy. She was licking my cunt up and then down. She parted my pussy lips and fucked me fast with her tongue.

“Jesus, you two women look so fucking hot together.”

We were both licking each other’s pussies. Our tongues were working each other’s pussies.

“Use your fingers ladies. Fuck each other’s cunt’s with your fingers!”

We both worked our fingers in each other’s cunts. We were both lapping the juices that were flowing from our cunts.

“Get Up Pattie! I want you to fuck Gerry again, and I will fuck Jasmine. Take off your clothes Gerry and fuck my wife doggie position. Jasmine on your hands and knees now!”

Gerry undressed, and I got on my hands and knees. Gerry’s cock was hard as a rock. Both Bobby and Gerry were sporting huge, hard, cocks because they were watching us girls make love together. Gerry slid into my pussy and was holding my hips, while he fucked me.

Jasmine got on her hands and knees and my husband spat on his fingers and slid his cock into her pussy.

“Oh Mr. Young that feels so good. Your cock feels so nice in my pussy. Fuck me harder!”

I was a little surprised that Bobby was fucking Jasmine, but just concentrated on Gerry fucking me. Gerry was deep inside my pussy. I was moving with him.

“I’m coming Pattie. Shit your cunt feels like velvet.”

Gerry fucked me until his balls emptied out. Then he just sat on the couch, while Bobby fucked his secretary.

"Fuck Jasmine. Your cunt feels so tight.”

Bobby took his cock all the way out of Jasmine’s cunt and then jammed it back in. Then he pulled out and told her to open her mouth and blew his load down her throat. Jasmine swallowed it all down.

“Well shit that was loads of fun. I think I'll just be fucking my wife from now on. I did love watching her be real slut tonight. I now think, I might be a little jealous and do not want my wife to be a hot wife. I just was reading about it, and it sounded so sexy.”

“I’m glad you don’t want me to do that anymore Bobby. I only have eyes for you. But, I do love to please you. I just wanted you to enjoy this hot and sexy fun tonight.

Gerry and Jasmine went and took a shower together. I think they fucked in the shower. We heard Jasmine screaming and moaning, and then they both came out dressed and smiling and left together.

After they left, Bobby and I took a shower together and went to bed. It was definitely a very naughty evening. I’m glad though that Bobby decided we would only have sex as man and wife. I'm happy that we would not be having sex with other people any more. I was happy to do it for him, but relieved that would be the last time.

We both fell asleep in each other's arms. I'm sure we both had very naughty dreams that night.
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