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Sharing my wife with black lover

A few years back, before she became my ex-wife, Peggy and I were new to swinging, and she told me she wanted to
experiment with fucking a black guy one time. We made the plans while I was at a convention, and mapped out our "story". She was to "accidentally" run into me as an old college friend, while I was talking to a black guy at the lounge in the hotel, and go from there. We checked in on a Thursday, and went to our "separate" rooms, so no one
would think we were together. Our rooms were adjacent, so we could go back and forth with no problem. I went down, and found my schedule for the next three days, and returned. The first day was kind of dry, but the second one was more than we expected. Friday, the Black Masons were having a regional meeting, and
there was more to pick from than you could ever imagine. I was in the lounge that lunch time, and sitting by a very professional looking guy that was only fairly dark. After 15 minutes of chatting, I excused myself, went to the men’s room, and on the way, called up to my wife's room, and told her to come down. Peggy came in right after I returned from the men's room, and while Ed was talking to me, I stopped and made a big a do of seeing
"Peggy". "Hey Ed, sorry, this is Peggy, someone I went to college with". We all exchanged our hello's and Peggy joined us, and we retired to a table. After some mixed drinks and some small talk, we made arrangements to meet later for dinner, and drinks in the lounge. As we left, going our separate ways, Peggy winked at me in approval. Later that night, Peggy and I were already there, and in walked Ed to join us. We had a drink before Ed got there, Peggy had a double, and the talk continued. Peggy "excused" herself, to go to the ladies room, and that was my "cue" to talk to Ed. I told Ed that Peggy was a hot number in college. "Hell, a few drinks in her, and she'll do anything" I said. His ears perked up with that, as his eyes opened too. Shortly after Peggy returned, another friend of Ed's stopped
by, and introduced himself, and we invited him too. Ed was his name, and he was much darker than Ed, and taller too, about 6'4". After dinner, we all retired up to "my" room for some cards and more drinks. Upstairs, Peggy
was getting quite loose with the drinks, and started "it" off saying, "let's play strip poker guys just for the hell of it". Well, after a few rounds, and a small pile of clothes, most of us were down to our socks and
drawers. Peggy had on her slip, bra and panties, but lost the slip on the next hand. Now was the moment, she
stood up, and pulled off that slip, everyone just looked at her fine figure. In her bra and panties, her nipples bolted straight out in the bra, and you could see the smoothness in her crotch. On the next hand, we played for double or
nothing, and Peggy lost that one too. She took off that bra and panties seductively while standing between Ed and Joe. They didn't need an invitation, they just started to rub her tits together, and her ass and in between her legs at that pussy. When they stood up, you could see the huge budge in their boxers as they
towered over her 5'5" frame. As the two kept rubbing Peggy, she reached down and grabbed both their cocks through their boxers. Damn, I was getting hotter than hell watching this. Joe and Ed moved Peggy over to the bed, and as they did, I finished undressing, and went over to help them. I wasted no time getting down and
eating her pussy as she sat on the edge of the bed. When I stuck my tongue in her clit, she was already very wet and ready for action. As I looked up, she had Eds cock in her mouth, and stroking Joe's. WOW, what a sight. I stood up right in front of her and held my rock hard dick out, and Peggy moved from black to
white to black to white, and so on. Ed started saying "oh yea mama, suck our dicks, lick these pleasure poles, do it girl". Joe put Peggy up on the bed now, in the doggie position, and held that huge 9" cock out with his hand
saying "come to papa, I know you want this black dick, suck this bitch, come on now" about 4 inches from her lips. Peggy crawled over and he stuck it in her mouth willingly. Ed got behind her, and took his 8" cock, and
"beat" her cheeks, then her pussy with it. As he slid it slowly in her, I watched her cunt swallow it all the way after the
third push. Now, I was watching her sucking one and fucking the other, what a sight to behold. I just stood their jacking off to the sight.
Peggy was slurping, licking, sucking and not missing a beat, while Ed was hammering her from behind. Her moaning was very loud, so I know she was enjoying it very very much. Joe pulled out of Peggy's mouth, and I could hear a "pop" she was sucking so much. "Get ready babe, your gonna get a good fucking now, that was just a warm up" Joe
said. I moved into the front, and stuck my cock in Peggy's mouth, which she continued to suck away. What a grip, Peggy was sucking me like never before, and when Joe did put it in her, I thought she was going to suck the end of my dick off.
It had to be the best blow job I ever got from her!! I didn't last but maybe a couple of minutes before I shot all over her mouth, throat, and lips. Joe was still going, and after I pulled out, Ed was ready with his cock for Peggy
to continue. Damn, she was moaning like a bitch in heat, with Ed putting his hand behind her head fucking her mouth, Joe fucking her like a bull, and slapping her butt, which I think she liked by the sounds of her. Ed came about as quick as I did, and we stood back and watched Joe continue to fuck the hell out of
her. Peggy was about out of her mind, all she kept saying was "fuck me, fuck me...oh yes...ram that black cock in me...oh god yes, it feels so good".
When Joe was about to come, he pulled out, and he too pumped it in her mouth, coming all
over the place. We all lay down afterwards, and took turns getting cleaned up. As I was in the shower drying off, I could hear them talking, but couldn't quite zero in on what they were saying.

When Joe and Ed were leaving, they waved good bye saying, "see ya later", and I said sure. (Little did I
know)? Peggy and I talked for a long time, and told me how good it felt, but wasn't sure if she would do it again or not, but it was a good experience. Saturday, we were suppose to meet for lunch at 12:30 in between my lectures. By 1 pm , she still wasn't there, so I went up to her room to see if she was there or not. At the door, I could hear muffled sounds, so I quickly went into my room, and went to the adjoining door. Good thing the walls are soundproof, for as I slowly cracked the door, and peeked in, there was Joe, slamming Peggy missionary position, with that cock going deeper and deeper. First slow, then fast, then slow, then fast...all the while,
with his one hand cupped over her mouth to suppress her screams.
He then took his hand off her mouth and asked "baby, do you want more of this want me to fuck you more?". As she was heaving to his slow thrust, Peggy just said "yes, oh yes, I want more of you, I want you to fuck my brains out". Joe pulled out, grabbed her in the back of her head, and told her to suck him real good first, "that's it my little white slut, suck this chocolate stick, lick it love this black cock...I know you do....tell
me how much you want this cock..huh...tell me...." as he tapped it on her lips. Peggy, in return was answering him..."I want it...I love black cock...I want you to fuck me...take me....yes, I do, I love your cock..."!
Joe then put her in the doggie position like last night. But this time, as he entered her, he just kept his hands on his hips and watched her start to pump him. Every once in a while, he would "slap" her on the butt...and I could see the pink on her cheek. "come on baby, I know you can do better than that, that's can do it...aaahhh
yes...that's better..." as Joe coaxed her on. All Peggy could do was whimper and moan, giving orgasm after orgasm. "Now, I'm gonna make you want nothing but this black dick fucking you all the time bitch...I'm gonna
make you mine...." and Joe grabbed her hips, and started building up his speed, then stayed constant for a good 5 minutes, kidding. He just slammed, pumped, and fucked Peggy for all she was worth, all the while, she was
taking it in asking for more saying "yes, yes....I want you, fuck me, oh god this is the best, more...fuck me my master...I'm yours...oh yes...more". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Was he really taking
over her soul??? He was announcing he was coming, and when he did...he must have dumped a load in her, for I was close enough to see it seeping out, after he withdrew. Joe laid down on his back, while Peggy lay beside him half collapsed. "Lick me clean woman, go ahead, clean me up, make me fresh", and damn if Peggy didn't do exactly what he said. After all this time, his cock was still coming back to life. "You taste sweet Joe, your cum is real good. I want
more" Peggy said. "Tomorrow babe, tomorrow, and if your real good, I have a couple of friends that want to meet you too". I closed the door real quietly, and slipped back downstairs. Later that night, I asked her how her day was, and she replied "oh, ok...I went shopping. Want me to model the sexy lingerie I bought. Your favorite, garters, nylons and g-string. Let me put them on and then fuck me. I feel so sexy in them for some reason". I never did tell her...should I????

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