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Sharon The Slut-Wife - part 4

Sharon The Slut-Wife - part 4

Adventures in my mid-twenties after meeting Sharon, a gorgeous married older woman.
Previously, I had met Sharon, a gorgeous sexy blonde older married woman during my mid-twenties at a barbeque. We had chatted, flirted, and danced together.

I had given her my number, and two weeks later we went for a drink. Afterwards, I had given her a lift home. She had told me to pull over before getting her back to her husband, to give me an amazing blowjob in the back seat.

A week later we met again, and again got a blowjob in the back seat of my car.

Over a week after that I finally got her into bed by taking her back to my place. She was a great fuck, and we both had enjoyed ourselves.

Next time I saw her I had sex with her in her marital bed, with her husband Chris downstairs listening to every moan from her as I fucked her.

It had been a crazy night, but I was looking forward to seeing her again…

As before, we sent each other flirty texts over the next week or so. Eventually I asked to see her again, she said she wanted to see me soon, and was trying to organise herself a free evening.

I was sitting at home the following Sunday evening, when there was a knock at the front door. On opening the door I was delighted to see Sharon. She immediately kissed me and came inside.

She was wearing a long dark trench coat. She removed it to reveal she was wearing just stockings, panties and bra and high heels, all black.

She giggled and grabbed me pulling me into the lounge. “Come on lover boy,” she whispered.

She pushed me onto the sofa, and she knelt down on the floor in front of me, quickly pulling down my jeans and boxers. She grabbed my cock, now at half mast, and started to wank me up to full power.

“Don’t say a word darling, I’m going to suck you until you come, you deserve a great blowjob, my big stud,” she said, a big smile on her face. That’s another thing I loved about Sharon, when she was horny she always had a lovely sexy smile.

“I’m going to suck you like a dirty whore,” she whispered.

She took me in her mouth and began sucking me. It wasn’t long before I was fully erect. I did as I was told and didn’t say a word. I unclasped her front-loader bra, and groped her lovely big tits.

I enjoyed the sight of her sucking my balls, and then her slowly working her way up my shaft. She looked up at me and grinned, taking the head of my cock in her mouth, and slowly taking my entire length down her throat.

She gagged a few times, but carried on sucking me up and down. Then she took my whole cock again, her lips pressed against the base of my cock. She then let her tongue slip out of her mouth and lick my balls. Truly amazing.

Eventually she came up for air. She grinned. “Special treat for you Jon, I never do that for my husband,” she said cheekily.

More sucking continued, until Sharon could tell I was almost there. She wanked me, rubbing the head all over her lips and face.

“Come on baby, come in my dirty mouth,” she said, grinning.

I grabbed her head and shoved my cock back in her mouth, and thrust into her, until I erupted, shooting stream after stream of hot cum. She let my cock slip out of her mouth. My jizz dribbled over her lips, over her chin and onto her tits.

She went off to the bathroom to clean up. After a short time to recover I joined her and took a shower.

Sharon asked me to come back to her place because she wanted to me to ‘fuck her brains out’. I told her I could do that here, but she wanted her husband to listen from downstairs again.

So I agreed, and I drove her back to her house.

Once inside Sharon removed her trench coat. I stood in the hallway kissing her, my hands on her ass. She removed her bra, allowing me to suck on her tits.

Then she took my hand and led me into the living room. Again her husband Chris was on the sofa watching TV.

“Hello darling,” Chris said to Sharon, “You been having fun again with Jon?”

“I have dear,” she replied, “I’ve been to Jon’s place and gave him a nice blowjob, and now I’ve brought him home to fuck me.”

She smiled and kissed me again, as I held her boobs.

“Also I want Jon to stay the night with me. I want a night of sex, and more in the morning,” she said to her husband, ”So you’ll have to sleep in the spare room, alright dear?”

Chris seemed a bit unsure. It occurred to me Sharon had not discussed this with him beforehand.

“Well dear, I’m not sure that…” Chris mumbled.

“No, no, it’s decided, isn’t Jon?” she said, looking at me for confirmation, even though it was the first I’d heard of it too. I guess this was Sharon taking control of her two men.

“Sure,” I replied, “No problem with me.”

She grabbed my cock through my jeans. “Come on honey, take me upstairs, and you can have whatever you want, you naughty boy,” she giggled, pulling me toward the hallway.

“Sharon, hold on…” Chris said, starting to get off the sofa.

“No, I don’t want to hear it. I’m horny now. Don’t get in the way of me getting what I need. I’ll talk to you later,” she said sternly. Then she softened again, smiling and kissing me.

“Come on Jon, I want that lovely big young cock of yours,” she giggled.

She started up the stairs, me following behind, staring at that amazing ass. I stopped her and pulled down her panties, and left them on the bannister for Chris to find later.

In her bedroom, I held her in my arms, kissing and caressing her tits. She undressed me until I was standing with nothing but a massive hard on. She dropped to her knees to suck me.

She licked my balls, shaft and the head, before taking me in her mouth. I held her head in both hands and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. Occasionally she gagged as I thrust in deep, but carried on anyway.

She had said before she wanted to suck me like a whore, now I was going to make her. She was loving it; when I let her up for air she had that big smile on her face again.

I slapped my cock all over her face and mouth.

“Yes Jon, fuck my face with your huge dick,” she said loudly, presumably for the benefit of her husband Chris listening downstairs. I could no longer hear the TV, so I was sure he was listening intently.

“Get your ass on the bed you slutty little whore. I wanna fuck that pussy bare back,” I said loudly enough so I knew he would hear it.

“Oh, yes Jon. You can have anything you want,” she gasped loudly as she took my cock from her mouth.

She giggled as I threw her onto the bed, telling her to get on all fours. Again she positioned herself so that her head was facing the open bedroom door, so any noise she made would surely be heard by Chris downstairs.

I got behind Sharon, and felt her pussy, she was nice and wet. I slipped my hard cock inside her and began thrusting away into her. She was nice and tight.

I loved the look of her ass bent over as I fucked her. She still wore her stockings and high heels, just as I like it.

“You look like a right little whore,” I told her, slapping her ass.

“I am, Jon. I’m a fucking whore,” she gasped, she was getting very excited.

“Yeah, you are. You love it don’t you?”

“Oh yes. I love it. I love getting fucked by young studs with fucking big cocks,” she shrieked, “I love your big dick Jon. Fuck me, fuck me Jon. Fuck my pussy.”

On and on she went with her dirty talk, getting more and more excited with every thrust of mine. Then she started to moan louder and louder until she went completely silent and I knew she was close.

A few more hard and fast strokes and Sharon came, eventually collapsing on the bed.

“Oh Jon, you’re amazing,” she whispered, “I love being your whore.”

“You like being my whore? Then I’m going to fuck you like a real whore,” I said, and pulled her hips back up off the bed. I grabbed the lube from the bedside cabinet and poured some on my cock

“Mmm, I know what you want, dirty boy,” she purred.

I pulled her ass close, rubbing my dick over her ass. Then slowly pushed the head of my cock into her asshole.

“Oh, mmm, Jon slowly honey,” she whispered.

Slowly I pushed my full length into her ass, and started pumping in and out. I put some more lube on my cock and her ass.

“Oh Jon, I haven’t done this in a long, long time,” she whispered.

“Is it okay?” I asked.

“Mmm, yes. I haven’t been screwed in the arse since before I was married,” she whispered.

“So, I’m a lucky man then.”

“Mmm, I’m the lucky one honey,” she looked over her shoulder at me with a delightful grin on her face, “You do whatever you want darling. I’m all yours.”

I slapped her on the ass as I thrust in and out. She reached back with one hand and began to play with herself. I began to fuck her ass a bit harder, a bit faster.

She was getting more excited, playing with her clit as I banged away in her ass.

“Yes Jon, fuck my arse, fuck it,” she cried out. Her hand was moving faster and faster on her clit.

“You like it Sharon?” I whispered.

“Oh god yes Jon. I love it. Fuck my arse,” she screamed. Then again she went quiet as she came.

I pulled out of her arse, and wiped a few wet wipes over my cock, telling Sharon to get on the floor as I sat on the side of the bed. She took me in her mouth, sucking for all she was worth, sucking me closer and closer.

Soon I could feel my spunk building in my balls. I stood over her, as she wanked and sucked me.

“Come on Jon, spunk all over my face my lover. I want to be covered in come,” she whispered, “Oh Jon; I love your huge big fucking dick.”

I took my dick in hand and wanked myself furiously, until the inevitable happened, and I shot spurt after spurt of hot white come all over her face and hair.

Sharon giggled, as she played with my come on her face.

“Good boy,” she purred, “Naughty boy.”

I lay back on the bed, exhausted. She made her way out of the bedroom. I assumed she was going to the bathroom to clean herself up. But she turned and headed downstairs.

I heard her talking to Chris, saying she was getting me a drink. She told Chris he should go to bed, as she was going to be busy all night with ‘her stud’.

A few minutes later I heard her coming back up the stairs, but Chris was following her. I got under the cover, as the bedroom door was open and I didn’t really want Chris seeing me naked.

I saw Sharon’s hand take the bedroom door handle and pull the door almost closed. But I could still hear them talking outside.

“I thought we agreed you were going to use protection?” Chris asked.

“I know honey. But we also agreed I would be up here making him happy, because that makes me happy. And what makes him happy is to fuck me bare back. So what can I do?” she said.


“I mean he wanted to fuck my arse, so I let him, you know. I told you I was going to let him do what he wanted. I like being treated by guys like that. You know that honey,” she explained.

Sharon was telling him how it was, and there didn’t seem to be anything Chris was able to do about it.

“You can hear how happy he makes me. I have to let him be free and do what he likes. I want him to feel comfortable, so he’s happy to come back again and make me happy. You understand, don’t you honey?” Sharon said.

“Well I suppose…” Chris mumbled.

“Of course you do. Now go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning. I’ll try not to be too loud. Goodnight honey,” Sharon said as she entered the bedroom and closed the door.

She smiled and went to the dresser and took some tissues. It was only then I noticed she still had my come on her face and in her hair. I couldn’t believe she’d had that conversation with her husband looking like that.

She cleaned herself up. I could hear Chris in the bathroom. Sharon sat next to me and kissed me, handing me a drink she had brought from downstairs.

A took a sip, and kissed and caressed her again. Soon I heard Chris finish in the bathroom, and make his way to the spare room and close the door.

“I think he’s a bit upset,” I said.

“He’s just jealous. And knows he’s not getting a blowjob tonight,” she giggled.

Sharon got up and made her way out of the bedroom. “I’ll be back in a minute, so you’d better be all big and hard when I return,” she said, laughing loudly.

I heard her taking a shower. I took a quick cat-nap, conserving my energy.

I awoke, I guess a few minutes later, with Sharon on all fours above me, naked.

“No sleep for you yet, my lover,” she whispered, “I need you again.”

She pushed her big tits into my face. I loved that, being almost suffocated by a pair of lovely big titties. If I could chose a way to die, that would be it.

I must have kissed and sucked on those titties for almost ten minutes. She knew what she was doing, getting me excited again. She knew I loved big tittied women.

She reached back and massaged my half-mast cock, as I greedily played with her melons.

“Suck me,” I told her.

She nodded with a big smile, and got to work sucking and licking me back to the big hard cock she needed.

It wasn’t long before I was back to full power, and Sharon was lowering herself on to my cock. I loved the way her pussy felt, just perfect.

She slowly began riding my pole, again with a big smile on her face. I played with her great tits, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples which she loved.

She put her hands on my chest and started urgently working her pussy up and down my shaft, faster and faster. As she bounced faster and faster, she got louder and louder.

“Oh fuck Jon. I love fucking you. Best fuck ever,” she cried, “Love that fucking huge cock.”

I smiled, enjoying the view of this busty gorgeous MILF fucking me, having the time of her life, her big tits bouncing up and down, with that magic huge sexy smile on her face.

I wondered what her husband Chris was thinking in the spare room next door. I had heard him climbing into bed when Sharon took her shower, the walls were quite thin.

So he must be hearing everything. Every creak of their bed, every moan from his wife. Every time she cried saying how I was the best fuck she’d ever had, every time I told her what a sexy slut she was.

He couldn’t possibly be sleeping with all the noise his wife was making. My guess was he was either pissed off, getting angry, or he was wanking furiously.

Certainly, of the two men in Sharon’s house that night, I was having the better time of it.

I thought about how if I ever got married there was no way I would allow myself to get into the situation Chris had gotten into with Sharon. She dictated who and when and where she would fuck. She paraded me in front of him to humiliate him.

I know in part it was a game between them, but there was some truth to it also. She got to fuck her stud anyway she wanted, and then gave her husband a pity blowjob after. But she had no interest sexually in him anymore I felt.

She was obviously very happy with their arrangement, but I wondered how happy he really was with it all. I guessed he just went along with it to make her happy, so that she wouldn’t leave him permanently for a younger man. I guess Sharon was smart enough to know if she did leave Chris for a much younger guy, it probably wouldn’t last anyway, so this was the best option for her.

Again, I thought of the two guys in her house that night, I much preferred being where I was than where Chris was. I loved fucking another man’s wife. I loved the feeling of giving a woman what she craved, what her husband couldn’t do for her.

I loved her telling me I was a stud, that she loved my big cock, that I was the best she’d ever had. It made me feel so special, and gave me a huge hard on. I felt like a king as she rode my dick.

She was now pounding her pussy down so hard on my dick, her thighs slapping on me.

“Ohhh fuckkk,” she screamed, digging her nails into my chest, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck meee!”

Sharon’s eyes rolled up and she went quiet again as she came. She felt so fucking wet now. She collapsed onto my chest.

Sharon had really got me going, I rolled her over on to her back and climbed on top of her. I thrust deep inside her as she gasped, taking it, loving it.

I began fucking her hard. Hard and fast. I loved banging her like this.

She was loving it too, crying out for me to fuck her harder.

“You fucking lovely slut,” I gasped.

“Oh yeah Jon. I’m a whore, a fucking slutty whore,” she cried, encouraging me, “I’m your fucking whore Jon. Fuck your dirty whore. Fuck me.”

I forced her legs wider, fucking her deeper and harder. A minute of this as she came again.

I slowed down to catch my breath. I was so hot, sweat dripping down my back. Sharon’s face was priceless, she was in post-come ecstasy.

“Oh Jon, I love you,” she said. I was shocked, I guess she saw it on my face.

“Er…” I mumbled.

“It’s okay Jon. I love you. You make me so happy. If I could, I’d leave my husband for you, my darling,” she said kissing me, “That’s how much I love going to bed with you.”

She placed her hands on my ass, encouraging me to start pumping into her again.

“But we both know that wouldn’t work. I just want you to know how special you are to me, “she whispered.

I grinned as I rested my head on her shoulder, starting to fuck her harder again. I doubt if her husband had heard her say that, but it made me smile to think I had made her so happy.

I kissed Sharon’s lips as I fucked her, like lovers now, romantic and sensual. I was building up some rhythm.

Soon I felt a tightening in my balls, a few more final fabulous thrusts into my married busty MILF, and I shot my load for the third time that night. Now I was totally spent.

Sharon kissed me; I rolled onto my side to hold her. I kissed her back. Long slow, loving kisses. We’d never really kissed like this before.

We said nothing of what she had said before. She just smiled and kissed me over and over.

We held each other like that for ages, kissing and gently caressing each other, until we eventually fell asleep.

In the morning I awoke to find Sharon sat on the side of the bed wearing her black silk dressing gown, a glass of orange juice for me.

“Good morning lover,” she said, flashing that stunning smile.

“Morning,” I said, sipping my drink.

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful night darling,” she whispered. “It was amazing.”

“Yeah, I loved it too Sharon,” I told her. “So how are you going to thank me?”

“Ah, I think you know,” she giggled, her hand slipping under the covers to find my cock. “I’m going to suck you Jon, and then let you have your way with me.”

She started tugging on my dick as it began to grow in her hand.

“Mmm, I love you young guys. So much energy,” she smirked. “So much stamina.”

She kissed me, her dressing gown opening to reveal her great cleavage. I put my drink on the bedside cabinet and buried my face in her tits. Sharon was wanking me back to a big hard on.

I reached round as I sucked on her tits to pull her gown over her ass to get a feel.

Suddenly I heard a mumble. It was Chris in the upstairs hallway. I had not realised the bedroom door was open.

He stood there without saying anything, just looking. Staring at his wife’s tits in my face, her hand wanking my big hard cock, and my hand fondling her naked ass.

Sharon realised we were not alone, rolled her eyes, and started to get up off the bed, adjusting her gown.

“You stay here darling, I’ll be back to suck that lovely big cock of yours in a minute,” she purred, “Then you can have me anyway you want lover.”

It was meant to get to Chris, to humiliate him again in front of me. Part of their game. But it got me hard too.

I pulled the cover over my hard dick, as Sharon stepped into the hallway, pulling the bedroom door ajar.

“What?” she said, “What’s wrong?”

“I thought he would be gone by now,” he said.

I looked at the alarm clock on the bedside cabinet. It was 11.00am. I guess after all our exertions last night, we had slept in pretty late.

I suppose he had a point, he was probably thinking Sharon was having me move in to replace him.

“Honey, I have a guest. You know the rules. I allow my guest whatever they want, to leave when they’re fully satisfied and not before,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Yes, but…” Chris mumbled.

“Now I don’t want an argument Chris. My lover has a huge big cock waiting for me. He’s expecting me back now to service his cock,” she said, “So why don’t you go out for a while, find something to do, and I’ll be down when we’re both good and ready.”

With that, she came back into the bedroom and closed the door on her husband, locking it behind her. She smiled at me as I stood up. I heard Chris go down the stairs and the front door close behind him.

“Sorry about that darling,” Sharon said. She came close, I pulled her gown off revealing that stunning body.

No wonder her husband put up with their arrangement. He surely couldn’t bear to be parted from such a woman. Such great big fucking tits, and a lovely arse.

Sharon dropped to her knees and began sucking me. I stared at her ass in the full length mirror on the wardrobe door opposite. She rested her ass on her heels as she sucked away.

She looked so good. I thought about the fact I had been the first man for a very long time to get to fuck that ass last night. My hard on got bigger at the thought.

I had made her very happy last night. I thought now it was my turn to really fuck her like a whore. I pulled her up and bent her over the side of the bed.

I took the lube and poured some over her ass and over my dick.

“Oh Jon,” she said, “Oh God.”

I pressed my dick against her ass, slowly working it into her little brown star.

She bit her lip, as I slowly but surely got my cock deeper into her ass. Sharon moaned as I began thrusting in and out of her stunning ass.

“Oh yes. Oh fuck my ass you fucking brute,” she gasped, “Do whatever you want to me, you fucking big stud.”

I carried on banging away in her ass, building up speed. She looked like a right slut, and I told her so.

“Yes Jon, I’m your fucking slut Jon. You can have me anyway you want,” she cried.

She was playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit with her hand. I continued to pound her ass, harder and faster.

She was furiously frigging herself. It wasn’t long before she made herself come.

I pounded away some more, fucking her ass harder and harder, until I couldn’t hold it any longer and came, shooting my load. The first spurt into her ass, the others all over her ass as I pulled out, spraying it about.

Sharon giggled as she got up, seeing her come covered ass in the mirror.

“Oh, good job honey,” she said. “Oh, I’m going to walk funny all day now.”

“Sorry,” I said, laughing along with her.

“No, it’s okay. I know you young guys love a bit of arse now and then,” she giggled. “I just never let any of my previous lovers do it before.”

We cleaned up, and took a shower together. Some more long loving kisses as the hot water washed over us.

We dressed back in her bedroom. I asked if everything would be alright when her husband came back.

“Oh yes, it’ll be fine. I’ll sit him down, apologise, give him a great topless blowjob. I’ll tell him everything I let you do to me, let him spank me a bit. He’ll blow his load, and we’ll be back to normal again,” she explained, giggling.

She led me downstairs, a quick snog and a grope of that stunning newly fucked ass, and then I was back out into the sunshine. What a great, unbelieveable night.

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