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She Gambles and Wins

Her bet with the stranger pays some mighty exciting dividends!
I walk from the casino into the bar. As I await the attention of the barkeep, a beautiful woman walks up and stands beside me. Leaning suggestively against the bar, she seductively turns her head toward me and asks, “So, do you like to play?”

“Um, yeah I do,” I respond, a little taken back by her forwardness and question. After all, I am in a casino. She recognizes my confusion and smiles. Then I inform her that I prefer blackjack but am not opposed to a little bit of poker now and then.

Her hand reaches over to cover mine as she says, “That’s great, but that wasn’t the question. Let me restate it. Do you like to play?”

“Well I am flattered …...” I pause with raised eyebrows, waiting to hear her name.

“Julie, my name is Julie,” she smiles.

“Thanks. Well I’m flattered Julie,” I say as I tilt my head towards her, “but I’m a married man and my lovely wife is in the other room. That’s her over there giving our life savings to that one-armed bandit,” I say sarcastically, pointing to my beauty. “So thanks for your offer but…” She stops me before I can fully respond.

“I know that …...” she says. Now she is the one waiting for a name.

“Mike, the name’s Mike,” I respond.

“Thank you! Well I know that Mike. I’ve been watching the two of you for the better part of an hour. That’s why I came over here. She is quite beautiful and you, well you are my kind of man. So now, let me try once again and this time I’ll re-phrase the question. Do you want to play?”

This woman is ravishingly gorgeous. I’d love nothing more than to grab her hand, march her up to my room, throw her on the bed and fuck her silly. But I’m a married man and, at least up until now, a faithful one at that.

“I’d like to but only if my wife plays and, let me tell you now, she won’t play. She’s a pretty sexual woman but is very conservative. Playing with others has never even crossed her mind,” I summarize.

“Are you sure of that?” she asks.

“I’m pretty damn sure. The only chance of that happening is if we could get her drunk. Her inhibitions drop dramatically if she’s under the influence. But, unfortunately, she doesn’t drink, hasn’t in many years.”

She stares at me, contemplating the predicament I have just presented. Her fingers begin to tap on the varnished wood that’s supporting my glass. “Well then, let me think for a minute.” After another pause she asks, “Do you guys like to play board games?”

“Board games?” I ask.

“Yeah, I could invite the two of you up to our room for games while hubby mixes the drinks and makes something special for her. What do you think? Is it worth a shot?”

“Actually, we do like to play games. We have company over every now and then for an evening of gaming,” I say, nodding my head in approval. I love the way this woman thinks. It just may be worth a shot.

“Good! I’ll bet you by midnight he’ll be inside her panties...and I’ll have your cock in my mouth!” she coos.

“Okay you’re on! Does fifty bucks sound okay?” I ask. “If you’re right, I’ll owe you $50.00. And I hope you’re right because then, of course, I’ll be a winner too. Your gorgeous head will be held in place between my hands and I’ll be driving my needy cock in and out of your lovely lips,” I project. Damn, I’m starting to get hot now.

She just smiles and looks down at my crotch. She’s rather breathless when she looks back up and says, “By the way, my husband is an expert in disguising alcohol. He masks it behind a bunch of fruity crap for women like your wife. And he’s a master of seduction! How do you think he got me?” she says confidently as she lowers her hand and gingerly traces her fingers across the hardened tool throbbing inside my jeans. My cock aches as she rubs it with her perfectly manicured little fingers.

“Oh is he?” I ask. She is sitting on the stool next to me now. Her eyes bug out when she feels my hand on her bare leg. It is resting just above her knee and just below her short, black leather skirt. I begin to pet the top of her warm inner thighs. Now I am by no means a player, I’m just a confident guy who knows he has some skills in the sex department. Until now, for as long as I’ve been married, my wife has been the only woman whose enjoyed them. I’m not sure if it’s the drink or the amazing class of beauty that’s hitting on me, but I’m being extremely aggressive, at least for me, in this interaction.

“Maybe I could learn a thing or two from him,” I say as my hand slides up between her long, smooth legs. I can feel the heat rising as I draw closer to her womanhood that lies beneath the silky panties.

As I look over to my wife pulling on the machine I turn back and say, “Do you think he could teach me about seduction Julie? I’d sure love to learn!” She is silent as my hand continues to travel up her exquisitely soft skin. She spreads her legs as I reach her mound. A faint moan escapes her lips as I move her panties to one side. I can hear her breathing as I flick my index finger up through her slick, juicy lips. She is soaking wet. I look up into her eyes and she’s staring back. Staring and just trying to breathe. I push my finger between the fleshy folds of her wet, steamy shaved snatch and push it inside. I pull it up behind her clit, finding her mushy G spot. I look back once again to my wife and I begin to slowly tap on Julie’s come source. Her half closed eyes tell me how desperately she needs to get off. Her face is filled with lust. She’s on the verge of a nice, hard come when, with one final stroke, I remove my finger. I bring it up and push the musky digit in between her lips and she loudly sucks it clean. I want to come right then and there. She looks and sounds so fucking hot!

“I will say this. If he can get his dick inside any one of my wife’s orifices tonight, I am all yours baby!” I say, hoping against hope he is half as good as she says he is.

I take her hands and help her to her feet. She’s a little unsteady as she straightens her skirt and fidgets a little before telling me she’ll “get right on it” and walks out of the room. I watch the stunning movement of her body until she is out of sight and then make a beeline for my wife. I stand several feet behind her, just watching her lovely form. She’s completely unaware of my presence. Katie is a strikingly beautiful woman in her own right and she has no clue that every man in here would give his right nut to have her. I sneak up behind her and slide one hand around her waist and up the front of her torso. As I reach her breast and pinch her nipple I draw my crotch forward so that it settles in the crack of her skirt-covered ass.

“Damn, you startled me!” she says as she twirls around to face me. My tongue immediately invades her beautiful mouth as I grab her ass. She breaks away instantaneously, having hated PDAs since the very day I met her.

“What are you doing you crazy, horny man?” she says. She’s a bit perturbed, a bit turned on. Before I can answer her Julie’s fast approach catches both of our eyes, stealing our attention away from each other.

“Hey Mike, are you going to introduce us?” she asks enthusiastically. Katie turns a puzzled face towards her then back to me as I begin to speak.

“Katie, this is Julie, Julie, this is my wife Katie.” My wife looks a bit perplexed as I explain that Julie had approached me earlier to see if we’d like to join her and her husband for an evening of board games. Katie turns back to her and cautiously extends her hand.

“So I got a hold of Jim and he’s setting up our room. What do you think, is it a go then?” she asks excitedly.

“What kind of games are we talking here?” Katie asks. “I was just beginning to win.”

“Well we have black jack and poker of course, but we could play those out here. We thought other games might be more fun. We have Monopoly, Scrabble and Pictionary but personally I wouldn’t be opposed to Charades. That’s probably my favorite,” Julie concedes. It actually isn’t a favorite of hers but she thinks it might be one of the better games for their playful purposes.

Katie doesn’t really want to get together with the couple. There’s just something about Julie that makes her feel uncomfortable. It may be her overt beauty and sensuality or the flirty way she carries herself. Katie’s mind begins to race. Mike already has an extremely high sex drive as it is, she thinks to herself. She doesn’t need anyone raising the sexuality bar any higher. He’s hard enough to keep up with as it is. But she must admit she does love to play games and Charades is probably on the top of her list. Who knows, she thinks, maybe they’ll have a great time together.

“Well this sounds like fun; let’s do it!” Katie decides.

“I’ll call Jim and let him know we’re on our way!” Julie says as she runs off to find a house phone. Once again I can’t keep my eyes off of her gorgeous ass as it jiggles beneath her taut skirt.

“Keep your eyes in your head, Mister!” Katie says playfully as she notices how mesmerized I am by the hot, athletic body as it leaves us.

In no time Julie returns and shares their room number. We decide to meet in about 30 minutes. Apparently this is just enough time for Jim to acquire all he needs to make his special mixed drinks. As I knock on their door I pull Katie to me and wrap my arms around her, taking her into a long, deep kiss there in the large, vacant hallway. Since there’s some privacy, Katie responds a little better this time. This could be fun I think to myself.

When the door swings open we see Jim for the first time. Now I’m just an average Joe but Jim is far from average. He’s half a head taller than me, extremely tan and built like a truck. His shorts and tight polo reveal a thickly muscled, very handsome man. He must outweigh me by at least 60 pounds. Apparently Katie thinks he’s easy on the eyes too as she reaches for his hand and vehemently thanks him for the invite. She completely ignores Julie and walks with him through the door ahead of me. Julie walks over and places her hand in the middle of my back and guides me inside. She hasn’t changed but two more buttons are undone and her breasts are ready to fall from her blouse. My cock stands hard at attention.

“See, I told you he knows how to seduce a woman!” she whispers to me, grabbing my ass cheek as she leads me to the dining table where the three of us sit down while Jim begins to mix drinks.

“Well it’s great to meet you Jim,” I say as we shake hands. He nods and, as soon as we finish shaking, looks back at Katie, just staring and grinning at my beautiful wife. Now I am the one who is feeling a bit uncomfortable. I look at Katie and her face is beaming. I’m beginning to think she likes him too. “As you start to mix the drinks remember that my Kate doesn’t want any alcohol,” I interject.

Katie jumps in and says, “Oh Mike, a little bit won’t hurt anything!”

I can’t believe she just said that. She literally hasn’t had even a sip of alcohol in at least eight years. That was the last time she lost control while drinking. She vowed to never drink again, especially if we are in mixed company. Perhaps she wants to lose control.

“Are you sure hon? I already told them that you and alcohol don’t mix. Julie assured me that Jim could make some mighty tasty alternatives for you.” I shouldn’t be probing. This is going just where we want but her response is so out of character I just have to.

“Nah, that’s okay,” she says, still staring at Jim. “I’m in the mood for a bit of drink tonight!”

I’m pleased and shocked at the same time. This may be easier than we thought it would be.

The first game came and went without much fanfare. Pictionary is a fun game. The only suggestive thing was when the chosen word was “wheelbarrow”. After hearing the word the game calls for you to write down a definition and then everyone guesses who gave the various definitions. I wrote down “one of my favorite sex positions” as my answer. Upon hearing what I wrote Katie looks over at me completely confused. Her mind is already a bit fuzzy when she asks, “What are you talking about? We’ve never done that. I’ve never even heard of that!”

Julie jumps up immediately and pulls me to my feet with both hands. She isn’t feeling any pain either as she says, “Let’s show her. Maybe she’ll like it!” She immediately lies down on her stomach and looks back over her shoulder waiting for me. I’m a bit nervous as to how Katie will react as I take Julie’s ankles in hand and stand up, walking forward as I do. I pull her legs back so that her knees are even with my waist and her ankles behind me as Julie balances on her hands.

“Now that’s a wheelbarrow!” I say as I look up at Katie.

There’s a quizzical look on her face when she finally says, “That’s a sex position?”

As I look down I can see all the way up Julie’s skirt, her black panties covering the stunning globes of her round ass are now in full view. She looks divine. I wish I could unzip and fuck her right now...

“Well you’ve got to imagine them stark naked honey, and he just keeps pulling Julie’s body back towards him until he slides right into her and she wraps her legs around his waist, drawing him in even deeper. Then, even as he holds her legs and moves her back and forth, he begins thrusting his hard meat into her slit. It’s a great way to fuck!” Jim sure has a way of saying things...very subtle.

I swallow hard and quickly look over at my wife. She is staring at Jim, listening intently to every word. She normally doesn’t like dirty talk and I’m hoping she isn’t upset. She isn’t. In fact, she looks back at Julie and me while Jim continues his explanation.

“A man can go really deep and really hard in this position. Show her how it looks Mike. This is one of my favorites too!” he says while placing his hand on her thigh and squeezing it playfully as I pull his wife’s legs back and forth, acting like I’m thrusting into her.

“Is it really? Oh wow...Well I must say, it does look interesting,” she says as I pantomime pummeling Julie. Eventually I reach down and help her to her feet. After ensuring that she won’t be seen she rubs the hard cock in my pants and moans softly.

After yet another round of drinks the next game we play is Charades. Once again it is a fairly tame hour. As we continue drinking it is rather obvious that Katie is really starting to loosen up. The activity is pretty benign until we read the note that Jim wrote. The subject was “a person” and the person was none other than John Holmes, the famous porn star with the giant cock. Katie receives the note to act it out but she doesn’t have a clue who this person is. She finally pulls Jim aside and puts her arm around him and whispers in his ear.

“I don’t know who this is, can you help me?” she asks, slurring just a bit as she speaks.

“Sure babe, if you don’t know who it is, let me act out this one. Is that alright with you?” he whispers back. I can barely make out what they are saying but I can definitely see the fruit of their words. Her skin is covered in goose bumps and her nipples have grown hard, poking through her blouse. About a half hour before, when she had inadvertently spread her legs while laughing, I could see that the front of her panties had a large wet spot on them. Katie is indeed loosening up!

Next thing we know Jim is standing in front of us. Julie and I make eye contact, knowing full well this might be all that’s needed to really get things rolling. She gives me a wicked smile and licks her painted, sexy lips. Katie is mesmerized, just staring at Jim as he readies himself to begin. As soon as I hit the timer Jim pulls his shirt over his head and smiles at Katie. She is melting, being seduced by the chiseled man in front of her as he kicks off his sandals and begins to unbutton his shorts.

“Wow Jim,” she shrieks, “what in the world are you doing?” I watch intently as Katie stares at his crotch, impatiently waiting for the grand unveiling. As his zipper goes down a crimson hue lights up her cheeks. She is silently clapping her hands together, anticipating seeing his hard cock any second now.

“Well, I guess I better explain baby,” Jim says as he continues to disrobe. His shorts are now down to his knees and his boxer briefs are bulging with his very large tool. As he takes his shorts completely off and slips his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear he says, “Holmes was a famous porn actor. He was known for having a monster dick. I’m no John Holmes but I’m pretty big. Want to see?” He’s baiting her now. He keeps pulling the cloth down and then back up again, getting lower with each pass but always stopping short of showing his cock. “I don’t know if I should. After all, I am rather shy,” he teases.

Katie has had enough. She’s completely forgotten by now that I am even alive and that others are in the room. All she can think about is the cock that is hidden from her view. And she wants it.

“Oh my shy little man,” she says as she approaches Jim, “maybe I can help you!” With that Katie drops to her knees and grabs his waistband. As she stares straight ahead, even before it comes into view, it is obvious that Jim’s cock is a monster. His pre-cum is leaking, making the material almost transparent and it seems to magnify his large, mushroomed head. I’m your average six incher. He looks like he could be nine or ten inches. As soon as she pulls it down she gasps and looks up at him and smiles. Immediately she draws his cock to her mouth and her hungry lips wrap around the shaft. Her tongue dances up and down its length as she begins to slowly stroke it.

“ OMG , what a gorgeous piece of meat!” she purrs as she continues to work her magic over his tool. Finally, and with a lot of effort, she opens her mouth as wide as possible and forces the head between her lips and begins sucking.

I look over at Julie only to witness her throwing her blouse onto the sofa and unhooking her bra. As she stands up to remove her skirt she licks her lips and looks down at my throbbing cock.

“Hmmm...It seems he’s got his cock inside of your wife’s body. I think you owe me $50.00!” Julie purrs. She walks over to me in only her black panties and begins to unbutton my shirt and pants. As soon as my cock springs free she adds, “You also owe me a nice hard cock between my lips!”

As soon as the words are out of her mouth she settles onto her knees and my hands take control of her head. As I watch my Katie sucking on Jim I am fucking the face of his wife. She is moaning and as I look down I can see why. While it’s clear she loves cock it’s also true she loves what her fingers are doing to her snatch. She’s finger fucking herself like there’s no tomorrow, grinding her hips up and back as her hand does a number on her clit.

What a fucking hot scene. I turn to see my wife devouring a giant cock and I look down to witness one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen worshipping mine. I’m on sensory overload and need some release. I firm up my grip on her head and force myself deeper, fucking her mouth hard as she’s deep-throating me.

“Holy fuck!” I yell as I feel my juices rise and fill my chamber and she begins to milk me unabashedly. Seconds later I bathe her mouth with my spunk and she moans with every new squirt as my cream finds the far recesses of her mouth. As I continue to fuck her face she too goes over the top, raggedly riding her hand to a very hard come. The vibration of her moans on my cock are driving me nuts as I hold her head still and continue to grind my hips into her face. She sucks and swallows every drop, draining my tool better than anyone has ever done before. There is a wonderful glow about her. You can tell she loves cock. She sucks like an expert.

I look over at my wife in time to see her eyes bulging out as Jim’s cum begins to fill her mouth. She too is fingering herself with one hand, on the verge of her first come, while fervently stroking his shaft with the other. He is so big she is gagging on his size and seed. It isn’t long before she has taken all of his hot cream down her throat. She swallows every bit of his spunk, something she rarely takes pleasure in doing. I’m a little jealous but know full well that the booze is much to blame. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I decide then and there that this night isn’t about she and I, it’s about us having a good time with someone new. And that is just what I intend to do.

I look down and Julie is holding the tip of my cock in one hand and pulling my ball sack wide with the other. Her tongue is running up and down the entire area and the tip is oozing my clear nectar. She is still making love to my cock and I love it. My heart is beating loudly in my chest as I take her hand, lift her to her feet and walk her into the bedroom and close the door.

Julie walks across the room and sprawls out on the bed. Her face is in the pillows and her ass in the air. She is looking back at me as her breasts partially block her view. Her right hand is rubbing her clit again and her left begins to pull her ass cheek wide, revealing her lovely rosebud. Copious amounts of her juices are running down her slit and her legs.

“Do you need something baby?” I tease as I approach the bed, stripping off the rest of my clothes as I walk.

“Oh yeah, I want you to fuck me Mike!” she hisses.

“Not so fast honey. I’m a bit upset with you about all of your scheming. Do you have any idea what is happening to my wife right now? She’s in the other room doing gawd knows what to your husband. I can’t believe you set this up. You’ve been very bad!” I say as I stand next to the bed and place my hand on the small of her back.

“Yes, I guess I have. Are going to teach me a les...”

The first smack of my hand stops her cold as soon as it meets her ass. By the fourth swing a ruby red color has filled her cheeks and moans have filled the room. I lean over to inspect her snatch. Her slit is practically foaming with her juices.

“Teach you a lesson? Yes, that is exactly what I intend to do. You know Julie,” I say playfully while inserting two fingers up her puffy lips, “you shouldn’t fuck with people’s lives like that!” She’s so damn hot that it won’t take but two minutes for her to come again. I stop just before she gets there, remove my fingers and feed them into her mouth. As she sucks them clean my other hand comes down even harder on her ass until I count off the rest of 10 full swats. I inspect her slit again and her juices are streaming out of it and down her gorgeous legs.

“Does Jim have any ties here?” I demand.

“In the top drawer,” she moans.

After tying her hands to the head board I push a couple of pillows beneath her belly and push her stomach down onto them. As I pull her hair and raise her head, my lips draw close to her and I whisper these words into her ear: “You are mine now; do you understand?”

“Yes!” is all she says.

“Then tell me this, who owns you?” I ask defiantly as I tug hard on her hair.

“You own me Mike. I’m yours to do with as you see fit.”

“Good girl!” I say, shaking her mane hard. “Now I’m going to fuck you!” and immediately I shove my cock into her pussy. I can feel her body start to shake as her orgasm immediately shoots through her entire body. Her talented cunny is squeezing my cock now, begging my cum to the surface. I try to hold out but it is just too much as she beckons my load up into her tight, merciless hole. I keep on thrusting into her for a couple of minutes until my member begins to soften and finally it falls out. This woman is proving to be relentless.

“Can I have it please? Can I suck your cock again?”

I’ve never known an insatiable woman until today. I untie her hands and pull her head up by her hair and, as I kneel on the bed in front of her, slide my cock between her waiting lips. The slurping sounds coming from her lips and tongue quickly bring my tool back to life. Her eyes are smiling at me as I fuck her face again until I am good and hard. With that I pull my cock out.

We’ve been going at it for nearly two hours and I’m dying of thirst. I walk out of the bedroom and witness lust incarnate. As the door closes behind me my eyes are fixed on my Katie. Her eyes are closed tight as she balances her weight on her hands. Jim is behind her and they’re in, yes you guessed it, the wheelbarrow position. His giant cock is at her door and he begins inching his way inside. I’ve never heard such a sexy groan in all my life as he continues to push forward, filling her cunt like it’s never been filled before. Her lips are pursed in an “O” and she is struggling to breathe. It takes but seconds for her body to begin to erupt in massive contractions. As she screams aloud in ecstasy Jim drives his cock even harder into her cunt. After grabbing a drink I close the door. It will be the last time I see my wife for the rest of the night.

I find Julie in position again, only this time with a different target in mind. As she rubs her clit and spreads her ass cheeks wide I can see my cum dripping from her sexy slit.

“I want you fill me...” she says in desperation. “Jim’s cock is way too big to fit up there. I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to fuck it hard...”

Damn, how I love gambling!

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