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She Gets Heated

Having fun with horny wife.
It’s always the same time every year she seems to go into what I can only describe as heat. She becomes so horny it’s hard to believe it’s the same woman I’ve been with for so many years. It’s this time every year that I get to put my little devious plans into action.

When she gets this horny I swear, sometimes I catch her humping anything trying to get off. I’ve had a lot of fun with her because of this. Once I forced her to masturbate in a crowd, another time I had her suck my cock in a restaurant bathroom and one time she was so in heat I made her suck one of my friends cocks and swore to her if she didn’t I wouldn’t even lay a pinky on her swollen pussy. This time I think I will give her what she really needs.

It took a little bit of extra effort to get it all together but it will be well worth it.

I heard her car pull into the garage right on time. She walked through the door and headed towards the bedroom to get out of her clothes. I peeked in on her from the outside of the room and watched as her dress fell to the floor. She gazed at herself in the dresser mirror and as she removed her jewelry, her crotch pressed against the corner of the dresser. She probably didn’t even realize she had already started masturbating herself.

I decided now was the time. I walked into the room and pressed my body against her naked backside. She melted back into me as my hands cupped the underside of her breast. I gently nibbled on her neck while my hands began massaging her tits. I slowly turned her towards the bed and bent her over at the waist. Reaching from under her ass, I pressed my fingers to her pussy. With just a slight massaging of her clit, the wetness from within her started to moisten my hand.

From my pocket I pulled a silk cloth I had cut earlier just for this occasion. I wrapped it around her head, covering her eyes and tied it firmly. I could hear her breathing become heavier. Her heart must be pumping hard at the thought of being taken like this. I quietly reached for my phone and sent the necessary text message.

I had only a few minutes to get her ready. I guided her on to the bed and moved her onto all fours. I got myself positioned behind her and spread her legs. The sight of her beautiful wet snatch invited my tongue as I got on my knees along side the bed and began lapping hard at her clit. I ran my tongue from her clit to her hole and pressed it in deeply fucking her with my tongue. Her moans filled the room as she pressed back against my face begging for orgasm.

As I continued licking her, I could hear my friend walk into the room and stand behind me. My wife was in such a state she hadn’t taken notice to any of the sounds behind us as he stripped out of his clothes. I stood up, dropped my pants and removed the remainder of my clothes too. I repositioned myself in front of my wife and began to feed my cock into her mouth.

My friend stood behind us stroking himself as he gazed at my wife’s wet pussy. After a few moments of sucking on my cock my wife pulled her mouth away and said, “Please fuck me now.”

I quickly slid myself underneath my wife. She didn’t even wait for me to guide her she just grabbed my cock, pressed the tip to her opening and slid right down to the pubic bone. I could feel her wetness dribble onto my balls as she slid herself to the tip and slammed back down onto my cock. In no time at all she started to hump harder and harder until her orgasm was finally achieved.

She collapsed onto me, her chest rising and lowering in deep breathes she uttered the words, “more.” That’s when I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight to my body. I poked my cock up and down finding her open slit and pushed it in. My friend who was quietly standing behind her placed his hands on her ass. My wife lifted her head in confusion as he slid his cock into her pussy along with mine.

I slid the silk wrap from her head and she looked down at me, she stared into my eyes for just a moment then closed her eyes and let out a long purring moan. Her pussy stretched accepting the two cocks that were now deep within her. My friend and I both started slowly pumping her pussy. Her wetness fully lubricated our cocks. Soon I could feel the weight of my wife humping back on us, taking in every inch she could.

I removed my arms from around my wife and she arched her back. My friend cupped her breast and held them to my mouth. I went back and forth sucking hard on each nipple, pulling them into my mouth. The two cocks penetrating deep into her pussy sent her into a wild frenzy. Her screaming of “Yes, fuck me, fuck me,” sent me and my friend over the edge as we both started to cum. I could feel her pussy fill with spurt after spurt of hot cum. I know this was more cum than she could ever have imagined as her voice wailed, “Oh my god I’m going to cum.”

The massive load of cum filling her insides was all she could take as she started pushing onto our cocks with every bit of force she had. With our cocks still swollen, she forced herself down taking every inch to our balls. Her screams of ecstasy let out in a loud shuttering orgasm that left her body shaking on top of me.

My friend slid himself out from her soaking pussy and left the room. My wife rolled from the top of me onto the bed, exhausted from the fucking she had just received. She started to play with the loads of cum leaking from her pussy, sticking her fingers in and bringing them to her mouth, tasting the juices of the two men that had just filled her.

I covered her with a blanket and left her there to rest with our cum flowing from her hot slit.

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