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She Had an Itch Chapter Two

I was already horny, and impatient to see Harry again
Chapter two She had an itch

The next morning I left a little after ten.

I was already horny, and impatient to see Harry again.

I had no hesitation and wasn't feeling guilty about cheating on my husband and lying to him. I was just impatient to see Harry again. I fantasized about what would do and the multiple orgasms he would give me.

In my mind 'my secret life', having sex with Harry, had nothing to do with Frank. The same was true for Harry — my life with Frank didn’t concern him. With Harry it was strictly sexual satisfaction. I was willing to do with him, and for him, sexual acts that I would be ashamed to do with Frank. Sex was one thing, love was another.

It was like I had become two different persons— one the married woman, the other the cheater whose sexual satisfaction was the only thing that mattered. That woman wanted to explore all the pleasures that sex could bring. I still naively believed that I could carry on with a double life without harmful consequences to my marriage.

When I arrived at our rendezvous, I headed for the bar to get a drink. I was pleasantly surprised to see Harry already there, waiting for me. As I approached his table, he stood up to pull out my chair while I sat, and then he ordered drinks for us.

He sat and with a big smile said, “Julie it’s nice to see you again.”

“Harry, to be perfectly honest, I thought that our time together at the auction would be a onetime thing.”

“I am happy that you changed your mind,” he told me, reaching across the table and putting his hand over mine.

“Let’s say that the way that you made me feel had a lot to do with my being here today.”

“Thanks for the compliment," Harry chuckled as he replied, "but I don’t deserve much credit. Your many charms made it a joy and a pleasure to make love with you.”

Henry had already reserved a room, so when we finished our drinks, we headed there. I had been unbelievably horny since leaving home that morning and I couldn’t wait to get into bed with him. We hugged and kissed on the way.

We wasted no time in getting naked and in bed, where we exchanged long passionate kisses. Harry kissed and licked and gave me little love bites over my whole body. I was moaning and encouraging him, twisting and turning on the bed under his caresses. When his mouth reached my breasts, I went crazy. I could feel my juices running between my thighs.

Frank had never been much into foreplay, only now with Harry I realized what I had been missing.

He sucked my nipples; he licked them and lightly bit and gave them little pulls. I was not just moaning and groaning, I was screaming with pleasure. One of his hands began to caress my pussy. By this time I was begging to be fucked.

Harry moved down my body, until his head was between my thighs. As he began sucking my clit, Harry gently pushed a thumb into my back hole. That sent me over the edge, and once again I screamed and twisted as a great orgasm overtook me

“God, Harry, that was great," I gasped out, "Don’t torture me anymore, please fuck me.”

He finally mounted me, and fucked me for a long time, lifting my ass to penetrate me deeper and harder. I was begging to be fucked harder and faster. I had a few smaller orgasms before he came. When Harry finally came again, he filled me with what felt like a huge load of hot cum. I nearly fainted from the orgasm I got from that!

He lay there on top, his cock in me, for a long time afterwards, something Frank never did. I really enjoyed it, as it gave me a series of little 'aftershocks' in my pussy. When he rolled off me, I took him in my mouth to clean and milk him dry. I loved the taste of his cum. We rested hugging and gently caressing each other.

After that rather vigorous mating, we rested for a fairly long time.

“Julie, I want to fuck you doggy style this time,” Harry asked, when we had recovered. I happily acquiesced to his suggestion.

I took him in my mouth again to make sure he was good and hard before getting up on my knees with my head on the pillows. Harry kissed the back of my neck as he approached behind me, tantalizing me even more. He caressed my cunt with his hand as he kissed me, starting with my shoulders and working his way down slowly to my lower back. I was desperate and begging him to take me hard. This was simple, primitive fucking, his hands pulling my hips back into him, his cock slamming into me. We reached our climax together and he collapsed, exhausted, on top of me.

By the time we have recovered enough to look at the clock; we noticed that it was already past noon. Harry ordered steaks and a carafe of wine from the restaurant attached to the motel. Having a meal naked, with a man who was also naked, seemed very erotic and hot to me. I guess that I wasn't the only one who felt that way, given Harry's words after we'd finished eating.

“Julie, you know, you have a magnificent ass. I’d like to put my cock up there.”

This scared me. I imagined all sorts of pain and discomfort. On the other hand, I liked his thumb when he put it in there, and it had sent me over the edge in big way. But his cock was a lot bigger than his thumb.

“I’d like to try that too, Harry, but I’m afraid of the pain. Your thumb is the biggest thing I ever had in my ass."

Harry nodded his understanding of my concern.

“I have a tube of K-Y. And I’ll be very gentle and slow.”

The mere thought was getting me very aroused. I'd never had anal sex before. But above all, I wanted to please Harry and had fantasized about allowing him to use me. I knew that with him, it would be strictly sex. Once I had decided to see him again, I intended to do things for him that I didn’t do with Frank.

I could see Harry was getting hard again just thinking about my tight, virgin, ass wrapped around his cock. I wanted to take him in my mouth, but I resisted the temptation. He would need all of his energy to do my back hole.

“If you promise to be slow and gentle Harry I’m ready to try,” I told Harry, trying not to seem too anxious.

I got in position on the bed while Harry got the tube of K-Y. I sensed him behind me as he kissed my neck and shoulders. I flinched slightly when I felt his finger rimming my back hole, followed by the nozzle of the lube gently entering my anal passage. I moaned and moved my ass against it. The K-Y was cool as he squeezed a liberal amount in my ass. The sensation was pleasant, and I found myself moaning louder.

One of his hands began to caress my clit, while he used his other hand to push the lube deeper in, moving it around to loosen me up. Harry inserted two fingers and twisted gently, moving them in and out slowly. I was beside myself with pleasure. I pushed my ass against his fingers to get them deeper.

“Harry," I whispered to him over my shoulder, "please put your cock in there. But slowly at first.”

He lined the head of his penis with my hole. I tried to relax as he pushed the head in. At first there was resistance, but with a pop it went in. There was a little pain, but not nearly as bad as I had feared. He stopped his inward movement to let me relax. The pain subsided, to be replaced by a sensation that was entirely unique and new to me.

Slowly and gently, a little at the time, Harry resumed pushing his cock in. It was not long before I was pushing back to meet his strokes. There was still a little pain, but it only added to my pleasure. Soon he had his full length in, and he stopped again, letting me get used to it.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, Harry please. I need my ass fucked.” By then, I really wanted it badly.

He fucked my ass with long slow strokes which I met by pushing back. One of his hands went back to rubbing my clit, and he had a handful of my hair with the other. Soon, I was begging to be fucked harder, and to my surprise, I was having orgasms from this. Harry pulled harder on my hair, and with a grunt pushed into my bowels as far in as he could go. I felt in his hot cum spurt into me, which sent me over the top for a final, mind blowing, earth shattering orgasm. .

We were both completely sated. The rest of the afternoon was spent cuddling, caressing and pillow talk. Before leaving, we had another 'quickie' and I took him in my mouth one last time to milk him dry and soft.

Our time together had come to an end, at least for that day. We showered, dressed, exchanged kisses, and promised to see each other again. Before going on our separate ways, he handed me the box with the statuettes.

I missed him already. I regretted that it was over so soon.

I stopped by the boutique to deliver the statuettes to Margot. She looked at me with her conspiratorial smile.

“How was your day Julie? I hope you have not been a bad girl,” she asked, knowing that the complete opposite was true.

I shrugged my shoulders, and answered looking as innocent as I possibly could.

“My day was great. I have been a good girl for someone. But my ass feels funny, not sore — just funny. I came hard from my ass being taken. I was surprised.”

“You gave him your ass?" Margot replied, looking astounded, "You are a real hot little thing aren’t you?”

“Don’t you do it with Maurice?” I asked, curious now.

“Of course I do, and I get off on it too,” came her smug answer.

“Now that you've had your ass taken and liked it, maybe you’d like to try a D/P with two men?” she said, planting yet another sexual sex into my imagination.

“Margot, I don’t think I would go that far,” at least for now, I thought to myself.

“How about a woman and a man together?”

I laughed, “You have a dirty mind, Margot.”

“I’m sure," she stated, pointing a finger in my direction, "you would love it.”

“Don’t tempt me Margot.”

The image of a woman doing me with a harness in the front, while a man took my ass was arousing. Margot noticed.

“You seem interested Julie. Oh you naughty, naughty girl, you!”

We said good night and I went home. But I had not denied being interested. The thought was not unpleasant; maybe someday?


I was exhausted. But I had felt no regret or remorse. Frank would never know; I would refuse him nothing in bed. My meetings with Harry for sex were only that — sex. It was something completely separate from, and it would not have any adverse effects on my marriage.

How wrong I was.

My affair with Harry had been going on for a little over a year. It was easy to find an excuse to meet with him.

I had progressed to the point where I was attending the auctions by myself. Margot would tell me what items she was interested in, based on the catalog, and set the upper limits of my bidding. Margot had even put me on commission for items that I bought or sold. I managed quite well generally, and usually spent the night with Harry. It was also easy to arrange false deliveries or pick-up of items I'd acquired.

Unfortunately, it got to the point that I was impatient and frustrated if I didn’t see Harry for awhile. He had become a need, worse I had developed emotional feeling for Harry. It was now more than just sex, but I didn’t fully realize this. In retrospect, I refused to face that fact.

One day at the boutique, we were doing cleanup and inventory after closing time. Frank was working evening, so there was no rush for me to get home. Margot and I were sitting on the sofa in her office taking a break.

“You seem frustrated Julie,” she observed.

“I haven’t been with Harry for a couple of weeks. I need a good fucking.”

She sat closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. I let her rub me. Her hand was soft and gentle. After a few seconds, I spread my legs wider to give her access to the inside of my thighs. She wrapped her other arm around my shoulder and kissed me. I found myself returning her kiss, and I let one of my hands go to her thigh. Being kissed by a woman was so different from my expectations. Her lips were soft and moist, and warmer than any man I had kissed.

I let Margot put her hand inside my panties, where she started to caress my cunt. Her kisses had moved from my face, to my neck, and I knew she wanted her mouth on my breasts. I slipped off my bra, and her lips found my nipples. She was driving me crazy with lust and desire. My panties were soaked, and I was twisting uncontrollably on the sofa.

“Julie," Margot said, lifting her head from my engorged nipples, "get naked. I need to have my mouth and tongue on you and in you.”

I practically ripped off my remaining clothes, and Margot was like a wild woman, starving for my pussy. Her lips and tongue were soft, and she knew just where and when to lick and suck, when to be hard, when to be light, when to be fast, and when to be slow. I was going wild, my hips bucking on their own, beyond my control. She pushed a couple fingers into my slit and a finger from her other hand into my back hole. I grabbed her head and pulled her even tighter to me, as I got off hard, with a big long, satisfying orgasm.

It took a minute for me to recover, after which I told Margot that I wanted to return the favor. It would be my first time doing a woman.

I know that I was not nearly as skilled as Margot performing oral sex on another woman, but I managed to make her cum. It was so erotic for me that I got off again when she did.

Afterwards, lying there in the afterglow, we kissed again and held each other tight.

Margot was the first to speak.

“That was exquisite, Julie. For a first timer you were great. I hope we can to this again.”

“Yes, I hope so too,” was my languid response.

“Next time I’ll use my strap on. It is a different kind of satisfaction that I think you'll enjoy. Tonight we don’t have time. If we don't get going, you won’t be home until morning.”

We were to repeat this many times and I did enjoy her harness with its big, long, dong, which Margot used in both of my holes.

Without my really paying attention to what was happening over time, my attitude at home changed.

My libido and desire for Frank diminished. I never refused Frank anything, but I didn’t really get into it, and I was generally left unsatisfied with our love making. I also got more impatient with him, especially if I hadn’t seen Harry for some time. There were more frequent disagreements. Sometimes outright fights. My intention of teaching Frank how to satisfy me was forgotten.

I had mixed feelings, I did not want to lose Frank, but on the other hand, I wanted to keep Harry as a lover. I loved Frank, Harry I was no longer sure what my feelings for him were.

Frank mentioned a few times that he no longer recognized me. I brushed him off.

I was now completely on commission with Margot, and was making good money. Paradoxically, now that we had more money, we argued about money more.

For example, I wanted to get a new car. Frank said it was an unnecessary expense.

“Frank, it’s my money and I’ll spend it anyway I want. I got a fairly good inheritance when Dad passed away, and I make good money now that Margot has put me on commission. I want a new car and that’s the end of it.”

“Julie you have become a stranger to me. Maybe I’ll make you quit your job,” he said in a moment of frustration.

“Frank I am your wife, not your child. I am an adult. You don’t decide where I work,” I stated, backing us both into corners from which it was impossible to retreat.

I spent the night in the spare bedroom; it wouldn’t be the last time. I was really pissed at him. I did go out and buy a new car. I knew that I really didn’t need it, but I wasn't going to let Frank run my life. He had the gall to tell me he would make me quit my job, and I was going to show him.

The fact that he was right about the car didn’t even enter my mind. I didn’t want to admit to myself that when I hadn't seen Harry for a while, I was a real bitch at home. Instead I blamed Frank for becoming jealous of my financial success and trying to control my life.

Things went down from there.

I was at fault, living my secret life, but refused to face it.

Though I didn’t admit it, even to myself, my affair with Harry had become more than just sex. I had developed emotional ties, and certainly a sexual need for him. I imagine this is the danger of all affairs. Something I had not anticipated, and refused to recognize or face head on.

Frank wasn't extremely observant, but he also wasn't an idiot. Eventually he smelled a rat and he took steps to confirm his suspicions. He got in touch with Margot’s husband, and they hired a private investigator to check up on us.

One Saturday Frank came home and threw an envelope at me.

“Open this and look at it Julie,” he demanded, with a disgusted look on his face. "Tell me what is going on. Now"

The first thing I saw were photos of me and Harry going into the motel where the auctions were held. Then photos of Harry coming out of our room, with us kissing at the door. The photos were time and date stamped.

I started to cry.

There was a report with dates, times and places where I had been seen with a man. This even included the small motel in the town halfway between our town and Montreal where I met Harry sometimes. Frank told me that there were also photos of Margot and Maurice.

I realized then that my marriage was probably over. The consequence that I had pushed to the back of my mind and refused to face was finally crashing down on me.

“I am so sorry Frank, " I sobbed through my tears, "I never planned to hurt you. I didn’t think you would ever find out.” I looked up at Frank's face, and saw a coldness in his eyes that I had never known existed — it was as if his soul had turned to ice.

“You didn't plan to hurt me. You didn't think I would find out," he practically spat the words at me, "like all cheaters, you’re sorry once you've been caught. But I'll guarantee that you didn’t give a shit about hurting me, or that I would find out when you were getting fucked in that motel room by that piece of scum, Harry.”

“Please Frank," I asked; now pleading and begging for his understanding, "this had nothing to do with you. It was sex — nothing else. There was no love involved, I only love you.”

Frank walked over to where I was sitting and knelt down. He put his hands on my shoulders, and with a look of heartbreaking sadness, looked me straight in the eyes.

“Maybe you could make me swallow that if it had been a one night slip. But according to the investigator, this has been going on for quite a while. It was a full-blown affair, and its pretty clear that you have serious feelings for this guy.”

His words brought home the full extent of my unfaithfulness. He was right; I had been cheating emotionally as well as sexually. I did have deep feelings for Harry. I was positive it wasn’t love, but there was more than just sex.

“I am so sorry Frank. I got in deeper than I wanted." Tears were flowing down my face as I tried to explain the inexplicable, "At first I just wanted a one-time fling to see what sex with another man would be like." Now I was in full confession mode, "It’s been going on for a little over a year. It started the first time Margot took me to an auction. Now, I’m not sure if I can let him go. But I love you I don’t want to lose you.”

Frank looked at me as if I were an idiot child, shaking his head before he spoke.

“Julie you lost me the first time you cheated. I’ll leave for a few days and I expect you to find another place to live. I’ll find a lawyer and have him prepare a petition for divorce."

He went upstairs to pack some clothes. I could only stay where I was and cry. He walked out of the house without even looking at me.

After the divorce, I moved to Montreal and Margot joined me after selling her shop. Her husband divorced her also.

I had some money from my inheritance when my dad passed away, and with Margot's experience and connections, as partners, we bought an antique and art boutique from an acquaintance of Margot’s, who was retiring. Financially, the shop has been quite successful and we’re doing well.

Somehow, the private investigator's report was sent to both Harry and Maurice’s wives. I don’t know if it was Frank’s doing or Margot’s husband. Both wives divorced their philandering husbands. Harry’s wife took almost everything from him. I saw him once more after that, just to tell him that it was over, my affair with him had been too expensive. He left town soon afterwards. He never contacted me again.

Margot still sees Maurice from time to time.

What is strange is after my divorce I did not date for almost ten months. I now date a bit but not very much. Not all my dates in up in bed, as a matter of fact, few do. I no longer have this craving to experience strange cocks.

Then there is Margot. We share not only the business but a condo. And there are times when we share a bed — but not often. We get rid of our sexual frustrations with each other, but we both prefer men by a long shot.

Frank will re-marry next month. I know the girl — she's a good woman. I’m sure she’ll be a better wife than I was for him. I sincerely wish them the best.

As I sat in the office reflecting on all this, there was a tentative knocking on the door of the shop. I pulled back the drape on the door, and to my surprise it was Frank, who half-smiled and gave me a little wave. We had run into each other a few times when I was back home visiting my sister. He was always civil to me, which I appreciated

I unlocked the door to let him in, wondering what the problem was. He came in and it seemed natural that we hugged, as friends would. He didn't immediately remove his arms, but pulled back his face to speak with me.

“Julie, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to you. Seriously. In private.” He seemed nervous.

“Of course. Margot is out of town and we are closed for the day Frank. Come in to the office. I have coffee, or if you prefer a stronger drink.” I led the way, giving him a short 'tour' of the shop as we went back to the office, where I offered him a seat. He asked for a drink, rather than coffee, which I prepared for him.

"Julie, you and Margot seem to be prospering here," he commented, "I'm really impressed. And I'm glad for you." He seemed sincere, "I really am."

I sensed that he wasn't here just to check up on me, and so I came right to the point.

“I'm so happy to see you, Frank. But you seem a little disturbed. Is there something wrong, for you to drive all the way into Montreal? You know if there is anything I can do to help...”

He looked pensively at the floor for some minutes while I waited.

“Julie, I never truly understood why? You told me at the time that it was just sex with him. Was I that bad? Is my,” he hesitated again, “equipment too small or something?”

For the first time realized that with my actions I had directly attacked his manhood. Another consequence I had never considered.

“Oh Frank, No! Get that notion out of your head. Take my word for it — I know now — your 'equipment' as you call it, is more than adequate.”

He looked straight at me, and I returned his stare.

“Then what was it, Julie?” he said, his voice pleading to understand.

This time it was I who thought for a moment before replying.

“Let me explain to you in the best way I can.

"Men are like cars that have engines that start right away in high gear. For a man once the desire strikes them, they are ready to go directly to the final sexual act. Of course," I joked, "men are always 'in the mood' for sex, and for them putting their cock into a hole and reaching an orgasm as quickly as possible represents a completely satisfactory sex life.

"We women, on the other hand, are more like cars whose engine is cold in the middle of winter. We need time to get started and warmed up. It takes time and effort to get us 'in the mood'.

"We need to be caressed, to have our body kissed, to have a man play with our breasts, sucking and licking and kissing our nipples. Before we are ready to really get satisfaction from sex, it helps to have our pussy stroked and caressed, or even better, to have a man use his mouth and tongue and fingers to bring us to the verge of orgasm before we are truly ready to have him enter us. For a woman, the foreplay — how a man teases her sexually, and elevates her sexual desire, before he actually enters her body, is far more important to her satisfaction than the size of his penis.

"That, the need to get a woman sexually excited, before taking your pleasure, is what you didn’t know how to do, and I was too shy to tell you once I found out.”

Frank was looking at me with an air of bewilderment. Even now, he had no clue. I kept going.

“I couldn’t bring myself to tell you or show you because I would have had to admit that I had learned the skills of sensual sex from another man.

“This is quite an awakening Julie. I'm sorry. I didn't know that making love was such a complex affair. I had no idea.” He had a bit of a sad look. I had tears in my eyes too.

I patted the back of his hand there on the table.

"Frank, honestly, I've thought about it, and the truth is we were both so young and inexperienced when we were married. Neither one of us had lovers when we were single to teach us," I laughed as small sad laugh. "It's a terrible thing that something as important as sex remained such a mystery to us, until it was too late."

Frank was sitting in his chair, morosely staring into space, with a hopeless look on his face.

"Julie, tell me. What am I to do? How can I make sure that the same thing doesn't happen to me again? I am about to be married again, and I discover that I don't know what it takes to satisfy a woman's sexual needs!"

Then I got an idea of something that might help him.

There was a book store across the street that was still open. We left the shop and I locked up, and Frank and I walked across the street, arm and arm, as we used to, to the book store.

I suspect that Frank was embarrassed by, and I know he was shocked to find that there was a section in the store called 'Sexuality', with literally hundreds of books covering a wide range of sexual issues and practices. Frank and I chose a book on female sexual anatomy and erogenous zones, a book on sexual techniques, and two books on sexual games. I adored the way he blushed when he paid the young woman at the check-out counter.

“Now, Frank, read these very carefully. It’s your techniques that needs improving and I can’t over-stress the importance of communication, experimenting, and using your imagination to keep your sex life fresh and interesting. And let me repeat: there is absolutely nothing wrong with your equipment!”

You're sure, Julie. It is not my equipment?” At least now he was grinning at me like the old Frank.

“Frank, there is no reason for me to lie to you now. Take my word for it,” I smiled back at him, hoping that he could feel the love and affection that I still had for him.

With that he thanked me. We hugged again on the sidewalk, and then I watched him get in his truck to leave. He waved to me out of the window as he pulled away.

I shed some tears as I stood there watching as the taillights on his truck disappeared from my sight. A part of my life that would never be back was gone forever. Up to now, in the back of my mind I still had some insane hope that one day Frank would come back for me.

I sincerely wished him all the best but it hurt to see him go and realize that there was no chance of ever getting him back. I would have to live with the consequences of my stupidity.

Will I remarry and rebuild my life? Probably, someday. But not before I am absolutely sure I have exorcised all my demons. If I marry again, I want it to be to someone who can love me in such a way that I will never be tempted again.

And a part of me will always miss Frank, and regret my actions of the last year of my marriage.

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