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She Has Amazing Taste

I need help from the one person I trust…
“So, black or brown?” I ask, typing the message into my phone.

“Definitely brown; that is the best color given your skin tone honey. And I’d go for the rounded toe look instead of the pointy ones.”

I was looking to purchase my first pair of cowboy boots and I didn’t have a clue as to what to buy. So what is a married man to do in times like these? He texts his younger, classy girlfriend with excellent taste for advice, that’s what he does!

“And since you may want to dance in them, make sure you get leather soles. They’ll slide along the floors much better.”

I always ask for her opinion. To be honest, the wife's taste is quite old and out of touch and, left on my own, mine isn't much better. So I will pick her brain, this woman whom I adore.

“How about shirts? Are you going to need some of those as well?” she asks.

Before I can even respond I’m getting inundated with the latest in men’s cowboy fashion. She really knows her stuff.

“Oh that's cool, I really like the long sleeve blue one.” Seconds later she sends several more in blue – “they’ll just make your gorgeous blue eyes pop!” – and a couple of burgundy ones. Next she’s heading to the jeans section.

“Why don't you just come down and meet me at the store?” I kid her. I know exactly what her response will be.

“Sure, it would be fun! Will you be alone?” Now I’m staring blankly at the tiny screen.

“No, she’ll be with me. She’s looking for boots too.”

There, that’ll be the end of my fantasy, I surmise. We’ve been unable to see each other for several months now, each working on our relationships back in our respective homes. Yes, my lover and I had let things cool, what with both of us being married and all. The teasing about being together again is just about to draw to a close. It’s been nice while it’s lasted. I miss her so damn much.

“That’s okay, it’ll be a riot seeing the two of you together, watching you at a distance. When will you arrive?”

You could push me over with a feather right now. She’s actually going to come down and see me? Damn, I find it too good to be true.

“Just so you know, if you come down there, I will kiss you!” I say emphatically. I want to be perfectly clear and I feel the need to warn her. I will not be able to just ‘see’ her.

“Okay but, how will you do that with your wife around?” she teases.

“Don’t you worry my pet, I’ll make it happen one way or another. I assume there's a hall that leads to the bathrooms?” It’s a store I’ve never been to before but the layout described is the typical one in retail.

“I’m not really sure, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in there,” she types.

“Well when I nod my head then just go back and meet me in the hall!” She loves it when I’m assertive. She loves it when a man is a strong man.

“You'll kiss me if I come?”

“Yes, you will be kissed!” I promise her.

“Damn, I haven't been kissed in nearly four months!” I know exactly what she means. Sure we kiss our spouses, but it isn’t with much more passion than when you kissed your sister at her damn wedding. It’s a joke and it’s one that is completely void of humor. Though an extremely sexual man, I’m also a guy who loves to kiss his woman.

“Actually it's been 113 days, but who the fuck is counting, right?” I deadpan.

Together we LOL each other. In mere minutes I’m out the door and heading to my dream girl.


The two hour drive seems to take forever. The wife, between her tedious monologues, comments about how quiet I am. I turn and smile at her, just shrugging my shoulders. I’ve been running it through my mind, over and over again thinking about what I want to take place. Soon we’re there and walking into the store. I didn’t see her car in the parking lot and a quick look around confirms that she has yet to arrive. I text her and she’s but minutes away.

We take our time drilling the sales woman, a beautiful shapely blonde wearing ass-tight jeans and an unbuttoned but tied on the midriff cowgirl shirt. We’re asking her question after question about styles and brands and materials for our prospective boots. This woman’s smile is to die for but quite frankly, as gorgeous as she is, there is but one woman who I want to drill and she’s just walked in the front door. Damn, she takes my breath away every time I see her.

I’m really struggling now, trying to focus on the task at hand. Frankly, right now I could care less about boots or clothes or the damn conflict in the Middle East. All I care about is that beautiful woman over to my right who’s feigning an interest in purchasing something in the women’s section. She’s standing there, wearing this tight short denim skirt, a beautifully embroidered blue plaid shirt and a charming necklace. As my eyes traverse her body I see a striking gold bracelet on her left wrist, the one I gave her and marked her as my own. It accentuates her beautifully bronzed, freckled skin and muscular legs as they are lost inside her blue cowboy boots. I can barely breathe, such is the rarity of her beauty.

The wife notices the pale, drawn and desperate look on my face.

“Are you okay honey, you don't look too well?”

“Yeah, I'm alright, just a little bit queasy,” I fib. “I’ll be fine…”

Stacy is coming my way. It seems that she’s interested in men’s boots now. I can feel my heart pounding inside my chest as she draws ever nearer to me. She’s the definition of sexy, the epitome of beauty, the focus of my desire, the woman who has stolen my heart. I want her and she is but ten feet away from me now. She casually looks over at me, smiling, teasing, shifting her weight from one boot to the other, drawing attention to her beautiful legs and curvy hips and dreamy ass. Then she does it: she bites down on her bottom lip. I give up. For the life of me I can’t concentrate on what the fuck I’m doing any more.

I decide to sit on the bench and try on the pair in hand. Bad move. My cock is so swollen I cannot reach my foot, such is the pressure the swelling has caused in my shorts. Now I’m wondering what in the hell to do. The wife is going to get real suspicious if I don’t try something on soon.

I look up again and she’s approaching me. The sexual tension is thicker than molasses. Just as our bodies are about to cross she turns and faces away from me, towards the wall. Exaggerating how tight the space is, she slides by me, sidestepping heel to heel, far closer and more slowly than she needs to. Her ass is mere inches from my face. I take in her clean, sexy aroma. She smells divine. Her meaty, athletic calves are slowly brushing against my hands as the leather goods hang by my fingertips from between my legs. I’m just trying to concentrate on pulling up the very snug boots. As tight as these are, right now I’m thinking about something even tighter that I want to try on.

The feel of her skin as she brushes past me is warm and silky smooth, just as I remember. Fuck, there’s absolutely no room in my pants now whatsoever. I lean back on the bench, pretending to stretch but in actuality, I'm just trying to maneuver my cock around so that I can breathe.

She looks back and smiles at me and that's when she sees it, the large mushroomed head that tops the long throbbing shaft that’s raising the fabric of my crotch. She knew it would be there. I’m always hard for her. But she hadn’t seen it in months. Immediately she is licking her lips and again bites down hard on the lower one as I hear a tiny gasp. Just then our eyes meet.

We can see the fire smoldering in each other's blazing globes. The scene is just too much. We are both going crazy. “I need to use the bathroom honey, I'm not feeling very well at all,” I say as I turn to my wife.

“Are you alright?” she asks, somewhat concerned but concentrating more on the wild floral pattern on the boots she’s holding in her hand.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I may be gone for a bit but I’ll find you again soon.”

“Take your time. It's going to take me hours to decide, between the boots and jeans and shirts,” she exaggerates.

Stacy follows a few steps behind me as I aim for the hall off in the distant corner of the store. To my dismay, there are no bathrooms, just an office. In desperation I turn in search of where it might be. As luck would have it, there’s but a lone co-ed bathroom and it stands directly in the middle of the store. Incredulously, its entry door is not 20’ from where my wife stands.

Fuck! I murmur under my breath as I turn back at my beauty. I hate the concerned look in her eyes. She’s wondering now if she’ll be kissed, if on this day she will even be touched again. We have missed each other so damn much. We have longed for that “look” in each other’s eyes, for the passion of the other’s kisses. I can see the tears of disappointment begin to well and it tugs mercilessly at my very heart. Fuck the logistics. I grab her hand and pull her inside the door and lock it behind us. Our hearts are beating wildly as we stare at each other, finally closed off from the rest of the world.

“I'm going to kiss you now!” I say in a hushed tone, but we both look up to the ceiling in astonishment as my voice echoes loudly off the walls of the barren room. I sheepishly smile at her. “Shhh, we need to be very quiet!” I chuckle. Before she knows what hits her, my left hand has sliced through her beautiful long red hair. As our lips draw close a big smile has spread across my face, enough for her to stop in the heat of the moment and look quizzically into my eyes.

“You grew your hair out’s wonderful...I love it. Damn, you look gorgeous!” I whisper into her ear as I gently tug on her locks.

“Yes, and I did it just for you my love!” she moans back at me.

Damn, this woman knows how to please her man. My hand wraps around her neck, and with clenched eyes I pull her lips to mine. There is no hesitation, no wondering what kind of kiss this is going to be. Fervent lips meet as our tongues collide into the depths of each other’s mouths, exchanging moans deep into our very being. Finally I pull away, both of my hands now wrapped around her head, a long stream of saliva finally snapping as our mouths grow further apart.

“Oh my, Michael, I've needed that forever!” Just then it hits me. It’s weird how things float inside my brain. Immediately I am taken back to a movie I’ve watched recently, The Delivery Man. Vince Vaughn’s girlfriend, a dark haired beauty, upon witnessing him doing something that was very special for her, just allows the act of kindness to melt her heart. With a passion in her eyes that literally made my heart leap and my cock hard in the theater, she wrapped her hands around his head, pulled him down to her lips and kissed him so passionately that it looked as if her very life depended on it. Tears began to well in my eyes that day. I’ve know that look with but one person in all my life and it was with Stacy. It wasn’t just one time that it happened, but every single time we got together. And now, as she looks into my eyes once again, she cannot help but see the fiery emotion that burns in them. She always enjoyed the strong but gentle soul inside of me. She’s always loved me just the way I am and I can tell by her returning gaze that her feelings have not waffled for me one iota.

I move in again and cover her lips. One hand has grasped the back of her head while the other has found her lovely, skirted ass. I love the feel of her hands clawing desperately into my back, silently screaming loud and clear of her passion and need for me. As our tongues dance wildly inside each other’s mouth, my fingers have walked the fabric of her skirt higher until my hand is touching her bare flesh. Oh my word, does she feel smoking hot!

“No panties? You have no panties on?” I say in mock horror. “What a nasty little girl you are. I’m appalled at you!” I say with a grin. Her face just beams knowing how much she’s pleased me.

“And not only that my love, I just hopped out of the shower too!” she coos.

Damn, she knows what that does to me. And I know exactly what she wants. My hands swiftly move to her shoulders as I spin her around and bend her at the waist over the sink. Her breathing grows ragged as she anticipates what’s about to happen. She moans loudly as she feels the first swipe of my tongue.

“Yes...YES!!! Holy fuck I have missed your tongue Michael!” she gasps as I slide from her hardened thimble, through her dripping folds and slowly glide up to her puckered hole.

“Oh gawd…” she hisses through clenched teeth as I push two fingers into her tight slit, curling them forward to her spongy, needy spot. As her G is pounded, she receives a tongue bath on her tightest hole. This has never failed to drive her up the wall.

“Stuff your fingers in your mouth baby!” I command as I sense a powerful orgasm approaching. “Suck on them as if it’s my cock!”

The slurping sound flowing from her mouth is making my dick throb, such is the sensuality that flows from this gorgeous woman. When her come overtakes her she stifles her moans as nearly her whole hand is being used to block her would-be screams. Her hips and ass are quaking as I continue to finger fuck her and my tongue pushes harder, attempting to penetrate her ass.

My hand is dripping when I remove it and survey the scene. Stacy is lying on her folded arms, just hovering over the sink. There’s a puddle of her cum - she’s not averse to squirting - a pool on the floor beneath her legs which are also soaked as her creamy juices slowly stream down their length.

“Are you okay baby?” I whisper. I watch as she shakes her head in a negative response.

After a long, exaggerated pause she finally spits it out. Slowly rising but still leaning on one arm, she turns her head back towards me.

“I need you inside of me. I need your beautiful cock. I need you to fuck me Michael. Fuck me hard!”

I stand up and in seconds I’m buck naked. I take hold of one sexy hip as the other hand guides my cock toward her glistening lips. I’m teasing her, just swiping my cock up and down her steamy groove. She soon tires of this and ends the suspense as she pushes backwards, engulfing my shaft until I’m balls deep inside her hot, dripping pussy.

“Yes, that’s what I’ve missed!” she moans as my other hand takes hold of her hip and I begin to really pound her snatch.

“Yes Michael, take what is yours!” she coos in a very hushed tone. “Take it, pound it, fuck this steamy cunt, it’s all yours my love!” she hisses. I can see her right hand has joined the party down below. As her head lies on top of one folded arm her fingers are furiously dancing on her swollen clit. I can feel her frenzied fingers tap on my shaft as I’m pistoning in and out of her body.

“That’s my girl! I want you to come with me. Work that nasty little clit while I fill you with my seed! Come on now, let’s come together!”

The even strokes are all a distant memory as I raggedly thrust in and out of her perfect body. I’m so lost in the thrill of filling her that I want to scream. Almost silently and with my jaw clenched I pour my love juices deep inside of her. I can feel her talented body clamped onto my cock as she joins me in coming. Once again her hand slips inside her mouth, this time biting down hard onto the fleshy pad of her palm with a low groan.

My talented lover never seizes to amaze. As soon as she feels my shrinking tool escape her steamy slit she quickly turns and is down on her knees. With a glimmer in her eyes she smiles at me before staring straight ahead into the single eye. Again she smiles as she leans forward, dipping her head down and I watch as my cock is lost inside her sultry mouth.

“Hmmm,” she moans, creating a reverberation that goes straight to my toes. Every sound she makes drives me absolutely crazy. Sting penned it best: every little thing she does is magic. Meticulously she licks, sucks, squeezes and loves on my tool. As always, she loves our commingled juices and just adores nursing on the remnants of my thick cum. She never could get enough of it. When I’ve been thoroughly drained she looks up at me, a look of love, adoration and satisfaction in her eyes that I’ve longed for all of these months.

“Are you satisfied my love?” I ask. A sassy smile spreads across her face and with a renewed effort she’s bringing the little man back to life. She’s licking tenderly on my ball sack as her hand holds me by the tip. Next she extends her tongue to the max and cradles my shaft, slowly running up and down the entire length until she no longer needs to hold the end of it anymore. When it’s rock hard she slips it into her semi-smiling mouth as our eyes meet again. Her left hand is gently massaging my balls as the right has joined her lips on my shaft, aggressively stroking it until it is ready to go again.

“No Sir, I’m not close to being satisfied yet!” she says, standing and guiding me to sit down on the seat. Taking my slick, hard cock in hand, she straddles my legs and points the head towards her glistening folds. I’m breathless as she slowly lowers herself down until her tight little cunt has swallowed me whole. She moans in delight as she says, “But let me assure you, we’ll both be in a minute!”

With an energy that affirms the strong, athletic runner she is, she tirelessly rides me up and down while expertly squeezing me. I watch her fingers as she unbuttons her shirt and unclasps her bra. An unexpected moan escapes my lips so she quickly feeds her right tit into my mouth, under the guise of quieting me down. I know better. As my teeth sink into her darkened tip, it is she who needs to be silenced. She turns her head to the side as my thumb slips into her mouth and she too knows exactly what to do.

“That’s it, suck it my nasty little slut!”

She’s beside herself in lust. I can feel her juices flooding not only my cock and balls but my thighs and the seat beneath me. Sure enough, as I reach around her perfect round ass, I find her tiny rosebud is drenched too. My naturally lubed thumb is soon fitting snugly up her tight little asshole. While switching to her other tit and chewing on the new one, I remember once again her body’s amazing reaction to me. I’ve never known this with another woman but with Stacy, when you nibble and suck hard enough on her nips, they secrete some sort of a liquid, a breast-cum if you will, all its own. I’m actually chewing on them now as she just about sucks my thumb right off of my hand. She’s doing it again, feeding tiny little morsels of her excitement into my mouth as I suck her with wild abandon. It’s clear and tasty and the effect on her is to die for.

“Yesss…Oh gawd yes! How I’ve missed your mouth on me!” is all she says and in seconds I am completely drenched with her sweet cum. As she clenches her pussy through her bucking orgasm, she beckons my cum to flow. I switch back to her other breast and abuse it all throughout my mind blowing orgasm. I feel four or five jet streams plaster her sugar walls and the feeling is incredible. Her arm is wrapped tightly around my back, pulling her flesh deeper still into my mouth as I suckle on her. Our bodies are moist with sweat as she literally jumps off of me and settles to her knees.

Her beautiful eyes take hold of mine as my cock is enveloped inside her mouth once again. I sense her excitement as my hands slice through her hair, taking control of her head as I fuck her mouth. I help her, as I always do, to be the woman she was made to be. She was made to serve, made to submit, made to give pleasure to her Master...and so she shall.

“Drink down every last drop babe. Not one drop is to be wasted!” When she’s finished I release her hair and set her free.

Like a starving kitten at her bowl of milk, such is the picture of my lover as her tongue bathes my thighs, cock and balls. I even have a little bit of her cum smeared on my belly and she cleans that up too.

I stand up and place her left leg on the chair. She looks confused as I catch her beautiful eyes again.

“Smile for me baby!” I whisper as I drop to my knees.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Someone’s pounding loudly on the door. It’s my wife.

“Mike, are you coming? You’ve been in there quite a while…”

“Sorry, I’m almost there honey, be right out!” are the last words I say before my tongue swipes along the groove of Stacy's glistening lips. I lap up our juices, cleaning the creamy deliciousness from her outer lips into my mouth. Standing now, a firm hand holding her neck tightly, I slowly draw her lips to mine. I slip my tongue inside and share our passion, feeding her our love nectar as her body silently applauds. With a hard slap on her ass I’m off again. This time my tongue reaches deep inside her cunt and draws out a load of my white cream. Seconds later it’s filling her hungry, moaning mouth. I do this repeatedly until she’s on the verge of another come. When she’s just about there I turn her around and do one final pass, this time a long, slow swipe from her clit to her puckered ass. And then I stop.

Standing close behind her my body melds with hers. My cock is in the crook of her ass, my left hand wrapped firmly around her throat. I begin to whisper in her ear as my other hand dances on her clit.

“That’s all for today baby, no more comes. I want you to remember me like this.” I can tell, my fingers now inside her snatch again and slowly driving in and out, that she’s ready to come again...that she needs to come again.

“You will never again deny me for 113 days. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week, but it's not going to be another 113 days, understand?”

She whimpers as her head nods in the affirmative. Just as she’s about to go over the edge again my hand slips away and I release her neck and kiss it. I nibble on her ear as I hear the distinct sound of frustration, of desperation, well up inside of her.

“You are to remember this feeling, this longing, this need. It’s up to us to ensure that we never feel like this again…”

She nods her head and meekly says, “Yes Sir!” She looks down at my dick and we both begin to smile. It’s grown hard once again. It always does that whenever she calls me Master or Sir.

Slowly we get dressed, exchanging touches and kisses as we do. I realize that the room is filled with the strong smell of sex. I turn the fan on, foolishly thinking that it will erase the evidence of our passion.

I love this woman, my gorgeous beauty, my Stacy. I would go to the ends of the earth for her and she knows it. I will do whatever it takes to keep her. With a long, tender, passionate kiss I leave her and the room behind. Seconds later she follows my lead and then exits the store for her car.

“Wow, that took a while!” the wife says, still trying on boots. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m much better now, thank you!” I say with a smirk.

I begin to take up where I left off, checking out some boots on the top shelf a couple of aisles over from her. Once again I find myself caring nothing about what I’m doing, my heart aching again for the love of my life who just walked out the front door. As I reach over my head for the boots my nose picks up something familiar. On the descent I figure it out: it’s the wonderful aroma of my lover’s pussy. Without a thought my eyelids close as I allow her sweet presence to completely flood my mind and yes, my entire being. Opening my eyes I observe those around me. No one is looking as I slide the two fingers into my mouth and suck her amazing juices clean from my hand.

Damn, she has amazing taste!

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