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She looks so beautiful! Part 2

I wanted Bill to see my wife, naked, helpless in front of him, pussy open and inviting.
Chapter 1 Ending: The next night, after I tied her up and blindfolded her, I told her I was opening the shade so Bill could watch us fuck. She moaned, and I went to put the onions on the stove, then opened the window. Sure enough, Bill was just coming out of the house next door. I went back to the stove, keeping myself just out of sight of the window. I wanted Bill to see my girl, seemingly alone, tied down, blindfolded, and dripping wet. I wanted him to dream of sliding his hard, black cock deep into my girl’s pink, blonde pussy.

Chapter 2

I gave him maybe five minutes, and then came around the corner with my dick out, raging hard. My beautiful angel was spread on the bed, swaying her hips to the music. Her pussy was wet, and just slightly open from arousal. A waiting invitation, but I wanted to tease her. I wanted to show her off. Her long, blonde hair lay spread across her shoulders as I ran the tip of cock up and down her pussy lips. I made sure Bill had a clear view of her pussy, with my cock just teasing the entrance. I pulled away and replaced my cock with a finger, as I kissed and squeezed her perfectly round ass cheeks. I sat down on the floor, and spread her pussy with my fingers as I licked and sucked on her clit.

Once she started trembling, close to orgasm, I squeezed under her on the bed, my dick pointing to the ceiling. I wanted Bill to watch as I slid my big dick into my wife’s blonde pussy. I wanted him to have a good view. In my haze of lust, I wanted him to want my wife. I wanted him to wish it were him sliding his thick black cock into the sweet folds of my wife’s pussy. I whispered to my lovely wife, “Bill’s watching, he’s stroking his cock, watching us, wishing he were sliding deep into you.”

But it was not his dick feeling the gentle rippling of my angel’s soft pussy. Her clasping warmth slid down my shaft as I struggled against orgasm. She rode me to orgasm, and then I made sure Bill could clearly see her pussy lips pressed against my balls as I pumped her full of cum. As I lay on the bed kissing my wife, I hoped Bill imagined it were his cum dripping out of my wife.


The next was Saturday, and everybody was home. I went over to help Bill split a cord of firewood he had picked up that morning. We took turns running the splitter, and stopped for a break when it ran out of gasoline.

“So, what did you think?”

Bill was a little awkward at first, but he warmed up with some encouragement. He liked the view, and acknowledged my wife looked even better without clothes on. He asked if my wife was on birth control, and I admitted she was not. Bill was surprised, and I could tell by the tent in his pants that he was intrigued. Was he imagining planting his seed in my naked wife’s fertile pussy? I explained that we used the rhythm method because she was unable to handle any hormonal birth control. Bill could sympathize, he described that his own wife, Shirley, gained so much weight on the pill that they abandoned it, and used a mix of rhythm and condoms, just as we did.

The sun was getting hot when Bill asked me, “So, I suppose you want my shade open tonight, huh?”

I smiled, “You read my mind!”


That Saturday night, while my wife made dinner, I walked quietly over to Bill’s house. Only one curtain was open, and only a couple inches at that. The light was dim, and as I stepped up to the window, I saw Bill, naked from the waist up, sitting on a chair a couple feet from the window. He was talking to Shirley across the room, but I couldn’t see her. She put some old jazz music on the stereo, and stepped into view with a swirl of color and glitter.

She took my breath away. Tall, dressed in an extravagantly provocative corset and leggings. Nothing was covered; the corset served only to push her breasts out for her man to enjoy, and the flamboyantly open panties colorfully framed her beautiful, shaved pussy.

She danced. I had no idea she could dance like that. She danced like a professional, but with her heart in it. She danced her hips right up to Bill, and took one spiked stiletto heel and slid it under the waistband of his pants. He lifted his hips, and she slid those sweatpants right down. His cock popped out, already hard and ready, and she danced away from him, teasing, enticing. I could barely take my eyes off her.

When she danced back, she kneeled down in front of Bill, and took nearly his full length in her mouth. I realized that his cock was very nearly the same size as mine. Shirley licked his full length, teasing him until the veins stood out hard and black on his cock. He started to thrust the tip of his cock into her mouth, obviously seeking release, but Shirley stopped, and slowly stood. She stepped over his lap, and kissed him deeply as she slowly slid down onto his cock.

Then she danced on him. If her dancing before was breathtakingly erotic, this was beyond erotic. I could hear the sound of their joining, just a couple feet from me. I could see his hands, rigid in the tension of impending orgasm, gripping her dark waist. I could see her hands, dragging nail marks down his chest as her hair whipped and spun with her dancing.

She made him cum. She drew it right out of him, I could see his balls clenching as his seed spilled into her, and she cooed and held him tight as she felt it.

Then she sat up in his lap, and looked me right in the eye and licked her lips as the last of Bill’s cum trickled into her.


Sunday morning, Bill was full of smiles. Shirley had noticed the open curtain, and the thought of showing off turned her on. Bill didn't think she had seen me, and I didn’t correct him. He knew, however, that the thought of being seen turned her on. I asked him about his lack of protection, and Bill admitted that they had taken a little risk, as Shirley was due to ovulate on Tuesday.

Then Bill pushed a little further.

"Say, you got a real close-up view of my girl last night, how about we trade that favor?"

I knew what I wanted. "I'll leave the door cracked, you can come in and watch as close as you want. Just be careful of the creak in the floor as you walk through the mud room."


Sunday night, I put on some good Flamenco guitar that Bill had recommended to us, and was just finished wrapping the blindfold on my wife when I felt the air move slightly from Bill opening the door. I immediately went around the corner to tend the food. I wanted Bill to see my wife, naked, helpless in front of him, pussy open and inviting.

To be continued...

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