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She looks so beautiful Part 4

I slipped one leg between hers, and she groaned softly, “Baby, I can't let you fuck me.
Sunday morning, Bill was full of smiles. Shirley had noticed the open curtain, and the thought of showing off turned her on. Bill didn't think she had seen me, and I didn’t correct him. He knew, however, that the thought of being seen turned her on. I asked him about his lack of protection, and Bill admitted that they had taken a little risk, as Shirley was due to ovulate on Tuesday. ..

Monday afternoon, I was finishing a big project and needed to work from home. I was enjoying the warmth of the mid-afternoon sun as I worked out a particularly troublesome problem, when I saw Shirley come over to take a swim. Both of our neighbors have an open invitation to use our pool any time they want, but since when do people come over for a swim, dressed in lingerie?

She had a bright blue corset, with blue ribbons worked into her hair, black thigh-highs, and black spike sandals. Her toned muscles rippled as she walked around the pool, and I thoroughly enjoyed the view from my vantage point. She touched the stereo system, and turned on a slow Latin number.

At the edge of the pool, she started stripping. I watched her dance, slowly, teasing, not quite removing any article of clothing. She started to remove her blue panties, stopped, and then slid them smoothly down her legs. Her naked pussy winked at me in the afternoon sunshine, and my cock ached to feel her.

Then she turned, and, looking directly at me, licked her lips as she slid a finger into her obviously aroused pussy.

I abruptly realized she knew she was putting on a show for me. As if in a dream, I stood and walked out the screen door to her. I wore only a pair of ragged, worn swimming trunks, and my cock tented it out in front of me.

Shirley stepped right up close to me, caressing my aching erection through my swimming trunks. She leaned in to kiss me, pressing her soft, dark breasts into my chest.

“I saw you watching me, watching me fuck my husband. Did you watch his thick cock in my pussy? Did you wish it was your aching, hard cock in my soft pussy? Hmm?”

So I kissed her. She melted into me as my lips touched hers, and she pushed my swimming trunks off my hips. The shorts fell to the floor as my cock stood straight out against Shirley’s warm, naked pussy lips.

She moaned as she felt my cock slide against her clit, “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

I pinched her nipples through the lace of her corset, and pressed my body against her, dancing slowly to the gently beat of the music.

I slipped one leg between hers, allowing her to grind on my thigh, and she groaned softly, “Baby, I can’t let you fuck me.”

With the hot sun beating down on me, I wrapped my arms around her, and slowly danced in a circle, feeling Shirley’s hips roll against mine. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my leg, and I knew she could feel the power in my erection, trapped between us.

“Mmmm, you feel so nice.”

With her eyes closed, she was unaware that I had danced until her heels stood at the very edge of the pool. I shifted my arms lower, and picked her up slightly.

“Hold on!”

Shirley’s dark eyes opened and dilated in surprise as I leaned forward, and she lost her balance. Shirley shrieked, and she wrapped both legs around me as we fell into the water with a huge splash.

Before we came back to the surface, I was kissing her, open mouthed, tasting the water, but tasting Shirley. Her dark lips, soft against mine, her teeth, scraping mine. Her aroused nipples, pressed firmly my chest.

I stood up in the water, holding Shirley in a kiss, and holding her hips against mine. She kept her legs wrapped around me, but when I tried to untie her soaked corset, she laughed and unclasped the front, throwing it into the grass.

I bent down to take one dark nipple in my mouth. Shirley moaned, and shifted in my hands, grinding her pussy against my erect cock. I sucked hard on her nipple, carrying her to the steps in the corner of the pool. I placed her on the top step, and knelt down in the water. I wanted to taste her soft, dark pussy!

Shirley groaned as I kissed each thigh, nibbling softly on the soft skin around her pussy. She had shaved cleanly, and smelled heavenly as I gently pressed my lips around her clit sucking gently. Her smooth, toned belly rippled in pleasure as I fluttered my tongue. Her dark breasts shone softly in the sun, as I looked up into her eyes, still teasing her with my tongue.

“That feels so good, don’t stop...”

I slipped one finger into her soft folds, and slowly rubbed along the front of her vagina, pressing my tongue down against her clit, and my finger up inside her vagina. Shirley arched her back, keening her arousal, shuddering in near-orgasm.

With a few rhythmic touches on her clit, Shirley exploded in climaxing, groaning deep in her chest. Her legs shuddered, trapping me. I kept gently swirling her clit with my tongue, until she grabbed my hair, and pulled me up for a deep kiss. I relished in the feel of her lips pressed against mine, and I knew she could feel my erection, insistent, aching with need.

I caressed her breasts, rolling each nipple under my thumbs, until Shirley pushed me away, and stood up. Firmly grasping my cock in one hand, she stepped out of the pool, bringing me to one of the well-cushioned lounges. She pushed me into the lounge, so I grinned, slowly jacking my own cock, blatantly staring at her beautiful body. I laughingly beckoned to my lap, and she frowned.

“You can’t fuck me, babe, I’m not protected.”

She crawled up my body, caressing my cock with her beautiful, soft breasts.

“You can’t fuck me today, it’s too dangerous.”

I caressed her cheeks and thick, dark hair, and sat up in the lounge to kiss her. As my lips touched hers, she sat astride my hips, and rubbed her wet pussy gently against the base of my cock.

“But ohhhhh! I need to feel you inside me!”

I glanced down to see my aching cock, white against her dark belly. Shirley ground against the base of my cock, coating me with her lubrication. She grasped my raging erection with her fingers, sliding the tip down her well-lubricated pussy lips.

Looking me deep in the eyes, she growled, “Don’t you dare cum in me.”

Catching the tip of my cock in her pussy, she smoothly slid down my aching erection in one slow motion. I gasped at the sudden heat, and gripped her hips in my hands as I tried to plunge even deeper into her. I flexed my naked cock inside her, feeling precum ooze from the tip, and she groaned at the feeling.

With the heavy scent of her beautiful, dark hair surrounding my face, she whispered in my ear, “Tell me when you are going to cum!”

I smiled, and she sat up so I could taste and lick and suck her beautiful, dark nipples. I felt her starting to slide on my cock, just rotating her hips enough to tease me.

I was already so close to orgasm from her previous teasing that I knew I could not last long. Somehow, I held off my climax, but all too soon, I warned her I was going to cum.

She started jerking her hips against mine, clearly approaching her own climax. She breathlessly moaned in my neck, “Tell me just before you are going to cum!”

She sat back up, and started grinding deep on my cock, pussy fluttering in the beginnings of orgasm. I tried to hold back as long as I could, but it was only moments before I started feeling the impending cum rising in my balls. I warned her I was about to cum.

“Not yet, baby! Not yet! You can’t cum yet! I’m almost there.”

Shirley started rocking even faster, her dark breasts bouncing in the warm sunshine as she moaned closer to orgasm. Shirley keened as her orgasm finally hit, legs spasming, pussy rippling around me. She planted both hands on my chest, and rode out her orgasm as I desperately held back my own climax.

As Shirley came down from her climax, she looked me deep in the eyes. Gently squeezing her pussy, she moaned, “I want to feel your cum, cum inside me, I want to feel your white cock cum inside me.”

I instantly climaxed, my cock swelling inside of her as the first spurt of cum filled her. She moaned as she sat firmly onto my cock, pussy squeezing as spurt after spurt of my seed filled her unprotected womb.

I could feel the wet heat of my cum surrounding my cock inside of her as I looked into her eyes, and kissed her softly. Shirley smiled, "I needed to feel you cum inside me."

To be continued...

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