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She looks so beautiful! Part 5

Overcome with lust and arousal, I gave Bill a thumb’s up, and stepped between Shirley’s toned legs..
Tuesday afternoon, Bill and I took lunch together at a local cafe. We had not talked after our encounter on Sunday, and Bill seemed a little nervous at first. Once I started discussing how hot it was to watch him play with my wife, he relaxed. I did not mention that my wife knew it was him, and he assumed he had been able to slip his protected cock into her while she thought it was me.

The next topic was, of course, Shirley. Bill said he had everything ready for the evening.. “Come by this evening when the curtain cracks, and let’s see what happens.”


That evening, I sat out with my guitar on the back porch until I saw Bill crack the curtain. He had already left the door ajar, just as I had done. I quietly went through the gate and into their house. Bill met me at the door with a camera. Could he use it tonight? I smiled and agreed. We followed Shirley’s soft moans into the master bedroom, where she lay tied to bed.

I stopped short, taking in her beauty. She stood on the floor in a pair of strappy red sandals, with her hands tied to the bedposts. Her beautiful, round ass wiggled as she heard Bill step into the room. Her long, dark hair cascaded across her back, and her soft pussy winked at me as she moved her hips. I was instantly rock hard, my erection bulging out the front of my sweatpants. Bill had started music playing, and I was certain Shirley would not hear me.

I looked at Bill, “Tell me what you would like. Go ahead, tease her!”

I knelt down behind Shirley and cupped each cheek, smelling her arousal. She smelled different than my wife. She was dripping with arousal. I massaged her back, then her thighs, then slipped one hand between her legs to cup her pussy. She moaned and pressed against my hand. I found her clit, and gently stroked it. I brushed her pussy lips with my thumb, and leaned in to kiss her soft, dark pussy.

She was hot! She was already close to cumming, with only a couple minutes of foreplay. I slipped a finger into her pussy, and I could feel the rippling of her pussy as she moaned into the bed. My cock was rock hard as I imagined the feel of her pussy wrapped around me. She was tight, and hot, and I kept a gentle, steady rhythm until she keened through a shuddering orgasm and collapsed on the bed.

Bill was standing close, recording every second of his wife’s orgasm and the contrast of my white fingers buried in her dark pussy. I stood up, my cock straining powerfully inside my sweatpants. I stepped close to Shirley, pressing my bulging erection against her soft pussy. I could feel the wet heat of her arousal immediately soaking through my sweatpants as she rolled her hips against me.

I wanted to fuck Shirley, but I checked with Bill, silently pantomiming unrolling a condom. He nodded, and opened a drawer in the bureau while I slid my sweatpants down, heavy cock springing free. Bill picked out a and handed it to me, camera rolling as I rolled it down my aching erection.

Overcome with lust and arousal, I gave Bill a thumb’s up, and stepped between Shirley’s toned legs. I nuzzled the head of my dick between Shirley’s pussy lips, marvelling at the contrast between my white cock and her dark pussy. I looked at Bill, he was standing in rapt attention, about to watch his African queen take a new cock inside her.

Bill nodded, and I gripped Shirley’s hips in my hands and slid slowly into her. She felt amazing! I could feel every ripple of muscle as she squeezed her pussy around my cock. I stopped for a moment, just enjoying the sensation of her pussy, enjoying the feel of her ass in my hands, enjoying the sounds of her moans of pleasure, enjoying the reality of this illicit moment. I started to slowly slide in and out, as Shirley started to roll her hips against me. She was so hot!

Soon I could feel the cum rising in my balls. I slowed down to let the need pass but Shirley started squeezing her pussy around my dick. I stood still, with my cock buried deep in her pussy, marvelling at the feel as she milked me even closer to orgasm. With Bill’s camera pointing at our joining, Shirley took me right up to the edge. At the last instant I pulled out, cock pulsing as I whipped the condom off.

Spurt! One long white streak stretches nearly to Shirley’s hair.

Spurt! A little lower, the next streak decorates Shirley’s wiggling hips.

Spurt! Still lower, a rope of white cum drips between Shirley’s soft, pink pussy lips.

I touched the head of my cock to Shirley’s pussy.

Spurt! With the head of my cock just kissing the soft pink petals of Shirley’s pussy, the last few jets of cum oozed around the head of my cock. It was all I can do to keep from plunging my cock directly into Shirley’s warm pussy, but I merely swirled the head of my cock around her pussy. Bill stood next to me with the camera, recording everything.

After a minute or two, I looked up at Bill, who nodded, and I quietly got up and left him to enjoy his well-fucked wife.

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