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She waited in the kitchen

Will he come?

It was near midnight and the lights were all out except for a little plug in light across the room. From the window he could see her lightly illuminated in the glow of the little light. He grinned and felt his cock twitch as he noticed that she was exactly as he had told her to be.

In the quiet of the middle of the night, she began to wonder how she got in this situation. Dressed in a button down blouse and short skirt, leggins and boots. She was bent over the kitchen table with her torso on the table and her arms raised above her head. Her pussy soaked in anticipation as she waited for him.

She had no idea who this man was but the things that he said made her quiver every time they talked online. He would tell her the things that he wanted to do to her, the things her husband didn’t do anymore. She would masturbate while he described his actions, often bringing herself quickly to orgasm because she was so excited. But tonight, tonight was different. Tonight, he was coming.

He told her exactly what to wear and how to be splayed on the table. She was not to talk or turn around. He did not want her to try to pleasure him. It was about her and her fantasy. She wanted to feel attractive, sexy again. It had been so long since she felt passion and all she really needed was to feel wanted. But her fantasy was more. She wanted to be taken, her body used for a mans pleasure. She had confided to him that she often fantasized about having sex with a stranger and that’s when he put his plan into motion.

Now she was there on her kitchen table for him, waiting.......

Her breath drew in as the sound of the turning knob permeated the room. The door opened and footsteps filled her ears. Her heart was pounding and amplifying every sound. The door closed and then she heard nothing. “What was he doing?” she thought to herself. She was becoming more aroused and the seconds ticked by as she felt the moisture between her legs increase.

“Spread your legs” he said breaking the silence and she complied opening her legs without making a sound. “Wider and arch your back” was his next directive. She felt so vulnerable as she moved her feet further apart and arched her back, pushing her ass into the air. The juices began to run down the inside of her thigh as she realized he had stepped behind her.
His fingers touched the inside of her knee right where the line of her juices had stopped. He lightly traced the line up the inside of her thigh and to the edge of her pussy, stopping there. She wanted to be touched so bad she was wiggling her butt from side to side trying to make his fingers touch her lips. He spread his hand so that a finger touched each thigh and slowly eased it forward cupping his hand. She could feel the tips of his fingers grazing her pubic hair. He was fractions of an inch from her but not touching her.

It was driving her mad as her hip movements increased. He looked down and smiled as he saw this woman bent over and humping the air. She was ready. Slowly he crooked his middle finger and placed the tip directly on her clitoris over top of the leggins. She sighed as she was touched for the first time in years. But he did not move, bringing her to a new urgency. She began to roll her hips, sliding her clit across his fingertip. Back and forth until she was in a rhythm.

She looked so hot as he looked at her using her hips to masturbate on his finger, hips rolling back and forth in perfect timing with her breathing. Her tempo increased and he knew she was close. He increased the pressure with his finger sending a wave through her and she climaxed on his hand. Suddenly, he tore her leggins open, put his finger back on her clit and pushed his thumb into her pussy. He began to piston his hand in and out of her making her moan and groan. “Shhhh” he said as she tensed up. “Cum for me” was the last thing she heard before she had the biggest orgasm in years.
He moved away from her as her heart rate subsided. Then she heard his zipper and her pussy began to flood with moisture. His feet touched hers as he stepped between her legs and bent over her. His hands grabbed her wrists and he held her still while slowly sliding his cock between her ass cheeks. She could feel the heat coming off his erection as his skin pressed on hers. He bent his knees placing his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He touched her lips with the tip of his cock and he heard her moan again. He pushed in an inch and stopped.

She began to roll her hips as before sliding him all around her pussy but not able to get him inside her. Then he slide into her. Slowly and steadily until he was filling her with his cock. He removed his hands from her wrist and placed then on her hips. He pulled all the way out and then pushed into her again, repeating his action with a little more force than before. As he began to thrust at a pistons pace, she came on a mans cock and it felt great. Then she felt a hand leave her hip and take her ponytail. Her pulled her head back and began to fuck her like an animal as she came again, exhausting her. He grunted, pushed hard and released into her, filling her with his jism.

She laid there, chest resting on the table, limp and exhausted as he zipped up and walked out of the kitchen. She smiled as she felt his cum running down her ankles and onto the floor. She loved her little secret.......

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