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Shopping Trip Leads To Sex With A Stranger

a story about meeting a handsome stranger while shopping and having sex in my SUV in the parking lot

I saw him watching while I was shopping.   He was like something out of a Ralph Lauren ad.   He was gorgeous.   While I was working my way through some dresses on a sales rack I felt a presence and there he was.   He told me to buy the black dress.   I smiled and said I agreed but wanted to try it on.   I went to the dressing room and changed quickly and walked out to the full length mirror.   He was still there.   I felt sexy in the platform heels, black thigh-highs and the padded push-up bra that was enhancing my curves inside this gorgeous Betsy Alexander design.  

As I turned to return to the dressing room, he grabbed me lightly on the elbow and said he would love for me to leave it on and that if I did he would buy me lunch at Carabba’s, a fun place with good food.   He asked me to meet him there in 15 minutes while he made a call.   I went back to retrieve my things and returned to pay, but the sales clerk told me it had been taken care of.   Are you kidding?   This is a $325 dress that a stranger had just purchased for me.

I found him in a corner booth and slid in beside him.   He rebuffed my attempts to reimburse him and ordered a California Sauvignon Blanc and calamari to start.   As we chatted and ate our lunch I found myself being caught staring at his features.   He asked if he could feel the material of the dress and I too quickly said yes please.   His hand on the top of my thigh was warm and I felt my heart beat accelerate as I flushed with heat.   The booth was very private and I was feeling the effect of three glasses of wine.   I quit talking now and just stared at him.   I uncrossed my legs and opened them ever so slightly.   He noticed.    His hand moved slowly off the dress to my leg encased in a silky pair of thigh highs.   He paused for my reaction.   His fingers swirled lightly on my thigh and moved ever so slightly toward my inner thigh. I was past the point of subtle and raised my right leg up and dropped it over his left leg as I shifted more tightly to him. The dress rode higher on my hips. His fingers pressed up and found the lace of my thong and I reached down to pull it aside as his finger dipped just inside me. He worked his fingers up and down my clit as I dreamily sat there sipping my wine to appear as normal as possible.   I then reached my hand over where I could see his hardness along his left thigh.   My fingers traced him inside his pant leg. Oh my god.     I knew then that this handsome gentleman was also packing an enormous cock inside his trousers.  

The waitress brought the check and now it appeared the moment would end.   Without thinking I told him my Escalade was parked at the end of the parking lot and had very dark privacy glass.  

We left the restaurant with my packages but stopped in a CVS for him to buy condoms. He and I then went out to my Escalade with my packages from shopping. I was very far out in a shaded and deserted section of the lot.   I do this to keep my doors from getting dinged but was now glad for other reasons. I opened the back to put them in and unlatched the back seat and flipped it forward to create a spacious area in the back. We walked around to the driver’s side which faced away from the mall and other vehicles and slid in.

We began to kiss hungrily as our tongues swirled deep in one another’s mouths. His hands moved over my body, cupping my breasts for the first time.   His lips and hands worked around my throat and neck.   I felt the zipper on the back of the dress going down.   My arms lifted as he pulled it off my body and laid it over the front seat.   Soon he had me laying back in my bra and thong and stockings and heels.   He quickly pulled his shirt off and I kissed his nipples as he pulled his trousers off.   My eyes and then my hand went to his thick cock and I continued to swirl my tongue over his nipples while my fingers brushed his cock and balls.   I soon worked my way down his tight stomach to take his cock into my mouth.   I love sucking cock and consider myself quite good at it.   I swirled my tongue over the head and my fingernails stroked his scrotum.   His moans only made me want all of it more and soon I plunged over him and pumped my head vigorously feeling him sliding in and out as he seemed to grow in my mouth and get even harder.   All the time his hands roamed over me while he rubbed me through my lingerie.   His fingers were slipping in under my thong and into my wetness while one finger lightly pushed at the cleavage mostly exposed and spilling out of my bra.   Finally he grasped at my bra cups and pulled them down while he reached behind to unclasp it.  

He pulled his cock out and now pushed me down on to my back and straddled my face while his fingers brushed my elongated nipples. I opened my mouth to accept him as he pumped in and out.   I reached around to his hard ass and pulled him in deeper and faster wanting to feel his load in the back of my throat as much as I wanted to feel that beautiful cock in my pussy.   I was soon rewarded as I felt his butt cheeks tighten and felt the first warm load filling my mouth.   Wave after wave came and it was   difficult to swallow lying back but soon I had taken it all as I felt him relax.

He pulled and and pressed his body on top of mine as we kissed hungrily.   Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth sharing the warm load.   I smiled as he lowered his mouth to my nipples, sucking them alternately.   I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.   My nipples are very sensitive and I love having them licked and sucked.   I use a small mascara brush to brush them when I masturbate.   He soon worked his way down my flat stomach and pulled my thong off in one quick tug.   I was now completely naked other than the thigh highs and heels.

I parted my legs as far as possible as his head moved over the trimmed hairline above my pussy. I moaned with pleasure as his tongue dove into me.   I pressed up and into his mouth hungry for more.   I lifted up higher and reached down to guide his hand under my ass.   He took the hint and tenderly probed my asshole as he licked and sucked harder now.   I felt my orgasm building and soon felt the tremors through my loins as the wave of pleasure coursed through my body.  

I looked with pleasure at his now erect cock.   I couldn't wait any longer. I had to have him inside me. I quickly reached into the CVS bag and pulled out the box of condoms and pulled one out for him.   As he prepared to slip it on with no argument I asked him to pause.   I wanted to feel his skin inside me first.   I placed the head of his cock against my pussy and told him to push it in.   I was so wet that his girth went all the way in.   I grabbed his face and kissed him deeply, as I wrapped my muscular legs around him.   God, it felt so good.   Finally I released him to put on the condom so we could fuck.   Yes.   Fuck!   I just wanted him to fuck me and use me.   No romance.   No passion.   Just fuck me.

I love fucking doggy style but I wanted to do this in a missionary position so I could watch him over me and watch his cock moving in and to be able to see his gorgeous chest and shoulders over me.   It was readily apparent that like me all he wanted was to push his cock into this new pussy and enjoy the pleasure.   He slammed into me and with each deep thrust I could feel his balls slap against my ass. It felt like each thrust took him deeper than anything I had ever experienced. Then he hooked his arms behind my knees and went to new depths as my legs were lifted higher and spread even wider than before.     I began to twitch and jerk around in complete satisfaction. Then he grunted and moaned and I knew his cum was filling the condom deep inside my pussy.   Oh to have been able to feel his cum shooting inside me!  

We lay there spent as he pulled out.   I pulled the cum-filled condom from his cock and gently took him in to my mouth.   We used a towel to wipe the sweat from our bodies and then put our clothes back on.   I kissed him and then got behind the wheel to take him to his car.   One more kiss as he cupped my breast and I dropped him off.   I had about 30 minutes to spare to pick up the kids from school on time.

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