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My shywife discovers my favorite web site and agrees to try it with my brother.
I watched enthralled as the engorged, rigid, veined rod of flesh withdrew, glossy with moisture glistening on the thick, reddish mass that only partially evacuated the pulpy, tight clutch of my wife’s vaginal orifice.

I held my breath involuntarily as the motion stopped and inexorably reversed, the meaty mass gradually disappearing into the dark recesses where I could only imagine her welcoming flesh grasping and lubricating the massive invader that penetrated her most intimate regions. Once again, the vision repeated itself as the gleaming shaft reappeared, paused, and disappeared again into my loving wife’s depths.

A long, plaintive, “Oh, fuck!” hung in the air as the sensations forced the words from the deepest depths of my wife’s emotional core.

She was in control. She knelt across his body, leaning over him, her naked breasts pushing into his chest. Her movements controlled the pace and depth of his penetration and withdrawal. She was not being fucked. She was doing the fucking.

My heart pounded in my chest as I watched. Hundreds of words and expressions flooded my mind, terms and statements I could imagine her saying.

“I love that cock. I love feeling your cock inside me. I love how your cock feels. Your cock fills me up.”

Yet, in spite of my yearning, the only words I heard were the repeated, “Oh, fuck!” It was a long, drawn out, wavering, crying sigh, indicative of the allure the multitude of sensations caused to materialize from her core.

A sharp thump came on my thigh. “Hey!” the feminine voice said. “I’m working down here. You might pay me a little attention, too.”

I grinned at the dark-haired beauty kneeling beside me. Her blue eyes sparkled as she licked her full, red lips then dove back onto the rod of flesh that was my member. I intertwined my fingers into her black curls and caressed her scalp as she bobbed on my meat. My eyes, however, stayed locked on the vision of my neighbor’s cock plowing into the furrow of my wife’s welcoming sex.

It hadn’t seemed too long a journey to accomplish this level of gratification. My loving wife discovered my particular kink when I inadvertently left a link to one of my favorite sites in the browsing history of the computer.

“Guess what I found on the internet?” she asked one afternoon.

“A new recipe?” I offered in all innocence.

She shook her coppery locks. “Shywives dot com,” she said.

My belly tumbled.

She sat next to me, taking my hand in hers and looking me in the eyes, her own sparkling. “Let’s talk,” she said, softly.

I shrugged my shoulders guiltily. “I guess I should apologize,” I said.

The copper curls tossed again. “I don’t want an apology,” she told me. “I want to understand.”

“Did you read any of it?”

“A couple,” she admitted.

“What did you think?”

She was quiet for a minute. “I thought that it was a novel concept,” she said. “Seemingly normal, modest, married women who are either maneuvered or tricked into having sex with somebody other than their husbands.”

“That’s pretty much it,” I nodded.

“Yes, but the interesting part was that the husbands didn’t object. In what I read, they either participated in the seduction or made the arrangements. Are you one of those?”

“Before I answer that, what did you think about the women?”

She looked away and took a moment to think about that. “Well, one of them was just a cock-hungry slut who would take any opportunity to fuck around on her husband. I don’t think she really liked him all that much. I didn't like her, either.”

“That was just one, though,” I pressed. “What about the others?”

“One of them was just mortified that she’d cheated. I could relate to that. Another one was very pissed off that her husband had been behind her cheating.”

“Okay,” I said. “But those aren’t the best ones.”

“What are the best ones in your opinion?” she asked.

I took a deep breath. “The best ones are the ones in which the wife discovers the attraction, the thrill of having sex with someone else with her husband’s approval. The best ones are those when the wife finds out that it is fun and exciting to have sex. She’s actually grateful that her husband is willing to let her have that experience.”

She smiled, her eyes gleaming. “I kind of thought that might be the case,” she said. “When I looked at your favorites, I saw that those were the kind you saved. Is that how you see me? Am I a shy wife? Is that how you want me to be?”

This time it was my turn to take a moment to form my answer. “Let me be honest. You don’t have to be any one or do anything for me to love you. I do love you. I always have and I always will.”

“I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

“It is not really a ‘but’, though. An ‘if’ is more like it. We make marvelous, generous, tender love with one another. Once in a while, we have a real jungle fuck. You like it. We don’t talk about it much, but you do like it. You like sex. I know you do.”

She smiled at me. “That’s true.”

“What you don’t know is how much I love you when you are in the throes of complete sexual abandon. I love how you sound, how you smell, how you look, what you do and how you are when you’re like that. I just couldn’t love you any more than I do at those times. My heart is just bursting with love for you.”

“So you want more of the jungle sex than the loving kind?”

“That isn’t the point,” I said. “I want you to have sex for the pure joy of the physical sensation. And, the fact is, I would love to watch you do it.”

She nodded her head silently.

“What I can’t explain,” I continued, “is how much it excites me to think about watching you penetrated by another cock, to be isolated from the event so I can see, hear and experience your sensuality. I would love to be close to you when you abandon convention for raw, primal, base indulgence.”

There was silence for a number of minutes. It seemed like hours.

Finally, she let out a long breath, almost a whistle. “That’s a lot to absorb,” she said. “Just to make sure, I’m going to repeat to you what I think you said. Let’s be absolutely certain that I understand what it is you’ve told me.”

“Okay,” I nodded.

“First, you’re right. I do like the sex. I like the tender, caring love-making you and I do. But, I also like the jungle sex, as you call it. That’s the hot, banging, raunchy fucking when either of us has a few too many or are just plain horny. I love that sex... What I don’t really understand is why you want to watch somebody else have sex with me.”

“It’s not the somebody else,” I told her. “It’s you. I want to watch you.”

“What you want is to be around me when I have that same kind of sex with somebody else. You want to see me be raunchy and sexy and you don’t care who the guy is. Is that right?”

“Not exactly,” I protested slightly. “This is something you have to want for yourself. The other guy has to be somebody you want to fuck. I’m not suggesting you just pick up some complete stranger and fuck him, unless you think he’s hot, sexy and would fire off all your rockets.”

“Okay,” she said. “I get that. What I mean is, you don’t have any preferences. I mean, you’re not just going to bring home somebody to fuck me, right?”

“Absolutely! This has got to be your choice.”

“So, if I choose your brother, you’re okay with that?”

I hadn’t thought about that one.

My brother? Would that be okay with me? He was my younger brother and we’d always gotten along fairly well. Sure, I decided. I could live with that.

“Yeah, Kevin would be okay. If the two of you decide that’s what you want, I’m good with that.”

She nodded. “What about Jeremy, next door?”

“You mean Jeremy, as in Jeremy and Jennifer?”


“Well, I’d be okay with that, I guess,” I agreed. “Jennifer might have something else to say about it, though.”

“I’m just running through some scenarios here,” she said. “What about your boss? Would you mind if Ray fucked me?”

I laughed. Ray was a hound dog. He constantly hit on all the wives. It was the office joke. None of us thought he was serious. “Might even get me a promotion,” I chuckled.

“So you want me to fuck Ray so you can get a promotion,” she said definitively.

“No, no! Not at all. You have to want to do it. It isn’t up to me.”

“Do you want the right to approve my selection?” she asked.

“If you think it would make it easier for you, I could do that. But, I can’t think of anybody right now that I would deny you. But, if you want to come to me with an idea of a partner, that would be fine.”

“Aren’t you concerned you’d get jealous?”

I shook my head. “I might be, a little. But, I think the excitement of watching you will overcome that. Besides, you’re still going to love me afterwards, aren’t you?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“No joking. We’re not looking for a partner to spend your life with. You’re not trying to replace me. You’re just going to have some fun, and if that includes sex, that’s fine.”

“Why don’t you do me a favor?” she suggested. “Out of all those stories you saved, pick one that reminds you most of me That will help me decide if I’m going to do this or not.”

I nodded. “So, you haven’t decided yet?”

The copper curls swirled. “I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to be mad at you for thinking I’d even try this.”

There were four stories I picked out for my wife.

Each one featured a wife who was reluctant to engage in sex outside the marriage. One featured a game that started as strip poker between two couples. The reluctant wife began by sucking on her own husband’s cock while their friends watched. When the other wife lost the next hand to the reluctant wife’s husband, she watched as her friend went down on the winner. That seemed to break down the dam of resistance and she ended up fucking her friend’s husband, liking it, and agreeing to repeat the experience.

The second was about the shy wife who was lured by her husband into permitting his studly friend to sample her delights while the husband attended to her lips, breasts and emotions. I liked it because the wife moaned her ecstasy into her husband’s mouth as his friend slid his cock into her while they were engaged in a hot session of French kissing.

The third was a long story of role-playing in which the wife was encouraged to imagine various men making love to her. The husband played the part of the lover for many months before the wife relented, chose a partner and the husband arranged for them to be alone in a hotel room in a strange city.

The last story I picked told of neighbors who dined, drank and danced, swapping dates as a sort of prank at some point during the evening. The simulated swap continued as the wives accompanied their opposite numbers in the ride home where the dancing and drinking continued. Eventually, they each tested the waters a bit with some necking and touching. The situation escalated as the arousal intensified, culminating in a full swap in the same bed.

I emailed the stories to my wife’s address with innocuous subject lines.

“These are all about swapping,” my wife scolded me the next evening.

“Except for the hotel room scene and the one about the friend,” I agreed. “Actually, that’s my favorite of the batch.”

“The hotel room?”

“No. I’d love it if you would moan into my mouth as he enters you from behind.”

“So, it will have to be your brother,” she said. “I’m not so sure about allowing you to poke somebody else.”

“It’s a means to an end,” I told her.

“Maybe,” she said. “Let’s try it with your brother first. You think he’ll do it?”

“You’re kidding, right? He’s wanted you ever since the rehearsal dinner, baby,” I reminded her. “Remember him getting tanked up and telling us it was a damned good thing I was marrying you.” It was the only thing that kept him from carrying you off on his white steed. Remember that?”

“I thought he was just being gallant,” she said, worrying a thumbnail.

I laughed. “Nope. More than once he’s said he’d take you in a heartbeat.”

“So, he’ll do it?”

“Oh, yeah,” I confirmed.

“Set it up for Friday,” she ordered.

“You’re sure?” I said, seriously.

She smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Two fantasies in one night? Yes, I’m sure.”

“Two?” I asked, confused.

She placed a hand gently on my cheek. “Yours and his,” she said smiling sweetly.

“What about you?”

“Me? Oh, I’m going to love being loved by the two of you.”

“So, Kevin,” I said into the phone the following morning, calling him from my office. “You still have the hots for Tracy?”

“You’re an idiot, my older brother,” he stated.


“You don’t know what you’ve got, moron.”

“I do,” I protested. “And, if you’re on your best behavior, you could have some, too.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Kevin sounded pissed.

“Tracy wants you to come over Friday night. Do you want to or not?”

“You going to be there?”

“Of course I’m going to be there,” I snapped.

“What’s the occasion?”

“Tracy wants us to make love to her.”

“Both of us? You’re shitting me.”

“Nope,” I said. “Totally for real.”

“Okay, dickhead,” Kevin snapped. “I’ll call your bluff. Friday. When?”

“Make it seven-thirty,” I said. “Try to be sober. I’d hate for you not be able to get it up.”

Tracy met Kevin at the door. She looked him up and down and stared into his eyes. She grasped his jaw in each hand and pulled him toward her, kissing him fully and passionately on the mouth. “I’m so glad you agreed to do this,” she whispered.

“Tracy,” Kevin began, but she put a finger to his lips.

“Shhh,” she hissed at him gently. “I’ve loved you for so long. And I know you love me, too. Tonight we’re going to show each other. So, please. Just hush and come love me.”

Tracy led him into our rec room where I waited. “Darling! Your brother is here.”

I reach out and grabbed him in a hug. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” he said, sounding a bit confused. “How about you?”

“I’m great,” I grinned, clapping him on the shoulder. “This is going to be great!”

Tracy took a hand from each of us and clasped it tightly. “Are we ready?”

“If you are,” I answered.

She looked at Kevin. He nodded quickly.

“Good,” she grinned at us. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

She strutted down the hall toward the bedroom. I ushered Kevin in front of me.

Tracy twirled in front of the queen-sized bed, already stripped for action. “Put your clothes over there,” she told Kevin, waving toward a white cane chair. “And don’t make me wait too long.”

Kevin and I both pulled off our polos at the same time. Then we watched as Tracy yanked the tank-top over her head, her bare breasts quivering with the motion. She quickly stripped off her shorts and stood before us naked and glorious, with just her tiny, red landing strip of pubes pointing to the delicate folds of her treasure. She sat on the bed and motioned me to hurry up to join her. She pushed herself toward the headboard, propping herself on several pillows. I sat sideway on the bed facing her, cocking an eyebrow in a question.

“Just like the story,” she said. “I want you to kiss me and make love to me without the sex. Kevin, baby,” she said softly to my brother, “You’re responsible for the sex.”

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held me close. She kissed my cheek and looked into my face, her eyes gleaming with excitement. She pulled my face to hers and the kissing began, tiny butterflies as first, then increasing in passion and force as my brother began to take my wife.

He started by caressing her thighs, rubbing his hands along the smooth skin from her knees to her hips. His lips followed his hands as he began the process of stimulating Tracy’s libido. He lay face down between her legs and tenderly kissed the soft flesh of her belly.

Tracy gasped in our kiss as my brother’s lips and tongue found her central zone. Her eyes teared slightly as he licked and sucked at her nectar, her arms clenching me tighter and her tongue driving into my mouth as her arousal progressed. What had begun as a series of small gasps developed into hums of approval and groans of desire as my brother’s lips and tongue drove her toward her first climax. She pulled her face from my, clasping my head in her hands and looking into my eyes.

“I do so love you,” she whimpered.

“I love you, too, baby,” I replied softly.

She clasped me to her urgently. I felt her body tighten as her hips rose off the bed. She grimaced and groaned mightily as the climax overwhelmed her. To his credit, Kevin eased off and let her gently descend from the height of her arousal.

Tracy looked at me and smiled gently. “I think it’s time,” she whispered. “You should lie on your back.”

I rolled away from her and watched as she disentangled herself from Kevin’s grasp. She turned toward him. “Don’t disappear,” she ordered gently. “We’re just shifting positions so you can take me from behind. You don’t mind, do you?”

Kevin swiped the back of his hand across his soaked face. He shook his head. “Anything you want,” he told her.

Tracy knelt on the bed next to me. Her face was above mine. Her ass rose in the air and she invited Kevin to come to her. My brother knelt behind her and placed his hands on her hips. Tracy planted her elbows on either side of my head and resumed kissing me passionately.

I could tell when Kevin’s cock made contact with Tracy’s available pussy. She tightened a bit and held her breath. As he slid into her welcoming hole, Tracy groaned into my mouth just the way she’d read in the story. Her arms wrapped around my head and she held on tightly as my brother began to plow the furrow of her married pussy.

As he plunged into her time and again, Tracy groaned and lifted her head away from me. She pulled my lips to her breasts, inviting me to suckle her quarter-sized nipples. I gladly accepted and heard Tracy squeal as the sensations of my brother’s cock and my own oral manipulations overwhelmed her senses.

“Oh, fuck!” I heard her groan. “That feels so fucking good!”

I hummed on her nipple and felt her head drop down to the bed. I fought to maintain my liplock on her as she rocked back and forth to meet the crescendo of thrusts from my brother’s cock.

“Oh, fuck!” she whispered through clenched teeth. She hummed and moaned. “Strange cock,” she exclaimed. “I love this feeling.”

“You like being unfaithful to me?” I grinned.

“I’m not,” she grimaced. “You’re right here. I love fucking when you can see me.”

“You’re beautiful,” I assured her.

“What the fuck are we doing?” Tracy asked sounding peeved.

“I… I don’t know,” I admitted. “What are you talking about?”

“You let your brother fuck me,” she said.

“Yes. And, you liked it.”

“That’s beside the point.”

“That is exactly the point,” I corrected her. “You liked the way it felt when his hard cock slipped into you just the way you like it when mine does.”

“But it isn’t right,” she protested.

“Felt right,” I suggested.

“It felt hot and wicked,” she said. “I felt like I was being naughty. I mean really slutty and naughty. You know I told him I loved him and I knew that he loved me, too.”

“I know. It’s fine.”

“He’ll think that we’re going to do more of this.”

“I hope we do. I loved seeing the two of you together.”

Tracy shook her head. “That could get complicated.”

“But it was good, wasn’t it?”

“You’re not pissed about it?” Tracy shifted the discussion.

“No, not at all. I watched you, remember? I thought you looked seriously gorgeous and incredibly sexy.”

“I don’t understand.”

I sighed. “Okay. Let me see if I can explain. I love you. I especially love you when I can see you enraptured. Your face was right there in front of me when Kevin’s cock slipped into you. I could see your eyes as you experienced that penetration, felt the thousand little sensations of those nerve endings stimulated by his cock pressing into you. You looked decadent, wanton and amazing. I could see the passion, desire, the need and astonishment as it happened. You were phenomenal. And, as I looked at you, I felt the strangest sense of intensity and vigor. I was delighted and energized. I saw the arousal and pleasure you were experiencing and was thrilled for you. It made me truly happy to see you so stimulated and engrossed. My desire was to see you euphoric and absorbed. That’s what I got to see, to feel, to experience.”

“And it didn’t matter to you that he had his cock inside me?”

“You’ve got to get away from this morality thing, Trace. It only matters if we want to make an issue of it. I don’t. You had your arousal experience and I had mine. I’m good with it.”

Tracy was silent for a minute. “So there isn’t any right or wrong to it.”

“Not as far as I’m concerned. We agreed to let it happen. It was good. It was great. Why should we try to make it wrong?”

“That’s going to take some thinking about,” she said. “My whole life that was something you just didn’t do. Now, you tell me that it’s okay.”

“Given the established parameters,” I answered. “You and I have to agree.”

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll consider that.”

“It was good, though, wasn’t it?” I asked.

She smiled slyly. “Yeah,” she agreed. “It felt really, really good. Especially having you right there with me.”

I leaned over and kissed her forehead. “I’m always here for you, babe,” I said.

The funny part was that Tracy was the one who insisted on the next meeting. I’d have thought Kevin would press, but he didn’t. Tracy was the instigator.

“Pimp for me,” she told me one morning at the breakfast table.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Call you brother,” she said, “and tell him to come over this weekend.”

“So, have you fallen for my brother?” I asked.

She grinned into my face. “I do love the way he eats my pussy,” she smirked. “I can feel the love.”

“Anything else I should know? Have the two of you been hooking up?”

“Don’t be an ass,” she snapped. “Of course not.”

“All right,” I said, laughing at her violent protest.

“We did have a pretty good talk, though, when you went downstairs for the wine,” she said.


Tracy nodded. “I told him that I did love him, and that I was glad we did this. I told him that I was mystically in love with you, though and would never leave. So, as long as he behaved himself and didn’t get possessive we could continue to be together.”

“What was his reaction to that?”

“It was peculiar. He said that he loved me enough to understand that you and I belonged together and that he would never interfere with that relationship.”

“I don’t think that sounds peculiar,” I responded. “It sounds remarkably adult and mature.”

Tracy put her hand on my face. “I love you, darling. I want you to know I will never do anything to hurt that relationship. You and I are special together. That will always be the most important thing to me.”

“That’s good to know.”

“Kevin will always be special to me. He was our first. Will you be able to tolerate that?”

I chuckled, “Well, since I’m the one that set you on this path, I guess I’d better learn.”

There are a variety of images that get my libido fired up. I loved watching Tracy inhale a male member, her cheeks puckered as she sucks the meat between her lips. The way she looks as she takes the initial penetration, her countenance relaxing and her eyes sparkling as the strange rod sinks home in her love canal. I like the contrast of her long, delicate fingers in the dark hair of her lover as she spreads herself for his oral manipulation of her sex.

What I never expected was the arousal that came when I saw my wife sleeping next to her lover, her body half covered and half exposed in the careless arrangement of sheets, legs, arms, and breasts.

This is the vision that stirred me on Saturday morning as I made my way toward the hall bathroom. Tracy lay on her back in casual repose on the bed in the guest bedroom. Kevin's arm was nonchalantly draped across her midsection. Tracy's left thigh was fully exposed, as were her breasts and her left arm. Her hair was a mass of curls across the pillow. I looked in for a moment and smiled, remembering the events of the previous evening then padded down the hallway toward the bathroom.

Tracy left no doubt about her intentions when she dressed for the evening with Kevin. She wore a thong bikini and a translucent wrap.

"Why the heels?" I asked her, as I watched her step through the den. The bright, pink, five-inch heels gave her legs a gorgeous curve.

"I like the way they make me feel," she told me. "They're incredibly slutty, don't you think?"

I laughed. "You're delicious," I admitted.

Kevin agreed. "Don't you look gorgeous," he observed.

"Do you want a beer or something?" I asked my brother.

"Sure," he said, settling on the sofa.

I went to the kitchen, retrieved a beer for each of us, and returned to the den. Tracy stood by the fireplace, a hand resting easily on the mantle. Her hair was a wild riot of curls that highlighted her face and brushed across her shoulders.

"Here you go," I said, handing Kevin his brew and settling back into the recliner.

"Thanks," he said, taking a swig from the bottle. "So, is there a plan?" he asked me.

I shrugged. "It's Tracy's night," I told him.

My wife stepped across the room and knelt in front of him. "I have a plan," she said, her voice a barely audible whisper.

I grinned at Kevin. "She has a plan."

Tracy climbed my brother's frame and licked his lips. "You want to share your beer with me?" she asked him.

"Of course," he said, offering her the bottle. She took it from him and turned toward me. She upended the bottle and took two generous swallows, her throat muscles pulsing as she swallowed the golden liquid. She pulled the bottle back down and lazily licked around the top, her eyes fixed on my brother. He seemed to be holding his breath.

She handed him the bottle and stretched up so that her lips were at his ear.

"My husband wants to watch me get fucked by you," she murmured. "Would you like to fuck me?"

Kevin nodded slowly.

Tracy turned to me. "Is it okay if I let Kevin fuck me? I mean, he is your brother."

"If that's what you want," I told her.

She rubbed his leg. "That's what I want," she whispered. Then she stood up, shrugged out of her thin wrap, tugged at the strings for her top, and dropped the garment into Kevin's lap. She wagged her breasts in front of him. "Kiss them?" she invited him.

I watched transfixed as my brother leaned forward and planted a tender kiss on each nipple of my wife's breasts. That's when I noticed her slender fingers laced through the curly dark hair. She pulled his head toward her bikini-clad crotch.

"Take it off with your teeth," she ordered Kevin.

Kevin tongued a string into his mouth, clamped his teeth on it, and pulled. The string unraveled from its knot as if in slow motion. My brother released the string and moved his mouth toward the patch of fabric still covering her genitals. He bit at the tiny patch and pulled it away from my wife's body. When he let go, the garment slid down her thigh and rested at her ankle. Tracy stepped away, standing naked just beyond the grasp of my brother, her right hand still on his head, steadying her stance.

"You like that?" Tracy asked him.

Kevin nodded.

"Show me," she ordered him softly, pulling his head toward her naked slit.

What followed was a and exquisite demonstration of my wife’s sexuality as she and my brother engaged in an on-going series of sex acts that had my mind whirling and my cock at attention for several hours. He licked and sucked on her until she screamed out several orgasms. She took him in her mouth and sucked him until his come shot down her throat.

When they recovered, I watched as he mounted her and she wrapped her legs around him. She then mounted him, rocking and humping her hips against his hardness until he groaned loudly, shooting his hot essence into her. The highlight for me came when Tracy crawled up to me, taking my hardness between her lips as Kevin pounded into her from behind. I didn’t last very long, and sat in my post-ejaculatory daze while the two of them continued to beat their bodies against each other for long minutes. I could hear the slap of their flesh together and the most amazing string of obscenities from Tracy.

Never very vocal in our lovemaking, Tracy surprised me with her vocabulary and volume as she begged, demanded, and commanded my brother to fuck her harder, slower, and faster as their coital acrobatics continued. She screamed and shouted as each orgasm slammed through her body. I saw my wife in a new, sexual light as she screwed Kevin for nearly a half-hour before he groaned his own release.

Long after midnight Tracy and I made it into our bed and Kevin accepted the offer Tracy made to him to stay in the guest bedroom. “I want you close,” she said, in a sultry, seductive tone, “in case I need you during the night.”

Apparently, at some time after we had retired, she felt that need. I awoke alone as the sun streamed through our windows and smiled to myself. I padded to the bathroom and saw the vision of my wife asleep in the guest room bed, her hair a wild tangle of curls and her skin looking warm and soft, only partially covered by the sheet and her limbs entwined with Kevin’s.

I slipped on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen to make the coffee. In the ten minutes it took to brew, and for me to draw the first cup and sit at the table in the kitchen nook to consider my situation, my loving wife appeared, clad only in one of my old event-oriented T-shirts hanging off one shoulder. She looked stunning.

She poured a mug of coffee for herself and sat opposite me. She took a sip and looked into my eyes.

“You all right?” she asked in a soft voice.

“God, I love you,” I said with an intensity that surprised me. “Are you feeling okay?”

She nodded. “I love you, too,” she said, taking another small sip before continuing. “If I’d had more to drink, I’d probably be hung over. But, we didn’t do that.”

I grinned at her. “I’m glad. I’d hate for you to feel poorly.”

“I guess I should feel embarrassed,” she offered.

“No, Tracy,” I said with a firm emphasis. “No. Please, never that.”

“Did you ever imagine I could be such a tramp? This would probably never have happened if you knew.”

“Honey,” I began tenderly, “I want you to stop this. I found you to be thrilling, totally alive and exciting, and the sexiest woman I’ve ever known. Please don’t put yourself down. I have never loved your more than I do right now.”

Tracy shook her head again, her curls bouncing joyfully around her face. “Nope,” she said. “I’m a slut.”

“Why?” I challenged her gently. “Because you discovered that you like to fuck?”

“Pretty much,” she said, setting her mug firmly on the table.

“Then let me tell you what I feel,” I said. “You are a sexual tiger. You’re the most exciting, the most amazing woman ever to come into my life. I loved watching you, hearing you, touching you. I saw you in ecstasy and at the height of arousal. Call it what you will, Tracy, it was a completely awesome experience for me. You can tell me it wasn’t good for you, but I simply refuse to believe it.”

“It was good,” she said. “I felt like every nerve in my body was alive and tingling. But, I wouldn’t hurt you for the world.”

“So, you do still love me?” I asked her.

“Of course I still love you,” she said, sounding amazed. “You’re my life-mate, my partner, my soul-mate. How could I not love you?”

“You see?” I said, unable to hide my satisfaction. “That’s all that really matters. My God, Tracy, you had incredible sex last night and you still love me. That’s all that is important.”

“You weren’t mad when I wasn’t in bed with you this morning?” she asked, her voice sounding very small.

“You should have seen me smile, honey,” I told her, grinning. “I knew where you were. And, honestly, when I peeked in and saw you there, it was so incredibly beautiful and sexy. I’m so grateful that you felt the freedom to do that.”

Tracy sipped at her coffee. “I’m going to try to explain this. But, you have to promise not to get mad if I say something that bothers you. You have to give me a chance to explain, because it is hard for me to put these feelings into words.”

“Go ahead,” I answered. “I promise to give you every chance to explain.”

“Okay,” she said, taking a deep breath. “First, I love you. You know that. The thing is, I love Kevin, too. But, I don’t love him the same way I love you. He’s a different person and I love things about him. And,” she said, taking a deep breath, “I really like the way he fucks me.”

“Okay,” I said. “That doesn’t mean you don’t love the way we are together, though.”

“Exactly!” she said. “That’s the part I didn’t think you’d understand. With Kevin it’s really kind of raw and totally sexual. I mean, I know he says he loves me, but I’m not sure that he just doesn’t want to be around me and fuck me like he did last night. The thing is, it was really, really good with him.”

“But, it wasn’t the same as it is with you and me,” I offered.

“That’s right. I loved the fucking. But, I love the way you do me, the way we are together. Oh, fuck! I’m messing this up,” she said.

“No, Trace, honest,” I said. “You’re doing fine. I do understand.”

“The thing is, hon,” she said, “I feel badly for you.”

“For me? Why? I loved it!”

“Because,” she said. She paused, took a deep breath. “You should have the same chance I do.”

“I’m fine, baby,” I said, grinning. “Believe me, watching and listening to you is all I need.”

She shook her head, the copper curls bouncing gloriously. “But I’m not fine, darling. There’s this little knot of guilt way down deep that I got to do it and you didn’t.”

“You don’t really want me to do that,” I said.

“Yes,” she said with emphasis. “Yes, I do. And I’m going to make it happen.”

“Tracy, please,” I said, feeling a tense fist in my gut, “I loved seeing you get laid. We can trust Kevin. Please don’t make this more complicated. I don’t need it and don’t really want it.”

Tracy looked deep into her mug. “Let me tell you about my fantasy, then,” she said. “You shared yours with mine, after I found your secret web site. Now I have a new fantasy and I want to be able to fulfill it.”

“Trace,” I began, until she held up her hand.

“My fantasy is to have us be together with another couple. Whatever he’s doing to me is secondary to my primary obsession. I want to have you in my mouth, to be licking and sucking you, making you all wet and slicky. Then I want to hold your cock and put it into her pussy. And, I want to do this because I love you, and I want you to feel me do it.”

“When did you come up with this?” I asked her.

“After the first time with Kevin,” she said. “I got to do some of it last night. But, because there wasn’t anybody there for you, I just kept going until you came.”

There was silence at the table. Finally, I said softly, “Well, that’s quite a fantasy. I just want you to know that I’m not holding you to it.”

“I want to do it,” she said, seriously. “I’m just saying, you’d better get your mind right for it.”

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