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My cock sheathed in her pussy, Joe’s cock naked in her mouth...
“So one day, I and my wife were busy fucking …”

It wasn’t strictly true, we weren’t quite actually fucking, but we were teasing each other, and I jokingly asked her if she ever fantasized about having two cocks to play with at the same time. She grinned and said,

“Well, duh! Who doesn’t?”

Well, I don’t, for one, but the thought of my sweet Jennifer sinking her pussy onto a new cock … I found myself curiously turned on. Jennifer was too, as I discovered once I pushed her down on the bed and started teasing her with tip of my cock.

With just the head of cock inside her, I winked at her and asked, “So who should be honored to join us?”

Jennifer moaned deep in her throat and pulled me deep into her, and with my cock completely inside her, we laid out the rules.


She joined me momentarily in the bedroom, while our guest waited in the living room. I offered her a condom, but she shook her head, “I’m not into jumping into bed with another man, especially in the middle of my cycle. I’ll give him a blowjob, though, and I know you’ll want that condom yourself while I do it.”

I gave her a minute to get re-acquainted with our guest, and quietly made my way back to the living room. I was transfixed by the sight of my beautiful wife, perched on Joe’s lap, kissing him deeply while his hands massaged each soft breast. Her bra was already unsnapped, and as I watched, Joe slowly slid one hand under her short, flared skirt.

Suddenly, I remembered the camera, just in time to watch my wife practically rip Joe’s shirt off. As she traced her lovely white fingers across Joe’s muscled, dark chest, he lifted my wife’s bra completely away from her shoulders. In the space of a few seconds, both of them were nearly naked. Joe fumbled at the zipper of his pants, but my wife batted his hands away just as his erect cock sprung free from the confines of his jeans.

Jennifer straddled his lap, and Joe immediately took one pink nipple between his lips. I know my wife loves to have her nipples sucked, and sure enough, she arched her back and moaned, grinding against Joe’s hips.

I watched her dance on Joe’s lap, with her little skirt flipping and dancing with her. I knew only her thin panties lay between them, as I slowly walked around the oblivious pair. I recorded my wife’s eyes closed in ecstasy as she ground against Joe’s obviously hard erection. Just as I thought I ought to interrupt, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, then knelt down between Joe’s legs.

Joe’s cock was perhaps slightly larger than average, a good fit in her hand. I recorded her sliding her slim hands up and down his shaft, teasing him, tantalizing him. Holding his gaze she slowly kissed, then licked, the sucked the head of his cock. Joe moaned deeply, hips thrusting a little into her mouth as she slid almost his full length into her mouth.

I was so engrossed in watching and recording, I almost forgot that I had a part to play in this. In the middle of a particularly long lick up the full length of Joe’s cock, my lovely Jennifer looked at me and asked,

“Well, big boy, aren’t you going to fuck me?”

I almost dropped the camera as I placed it on the dresser, still recording the unfolding scene. I picked a condom out of the drawer, and carefully rolled it down my cock. I was shaking with arousal, as I knelt down on the thick carpet behind Jennifer. I could see her hair bobbing as she licked and sucked our guest’s erect cock. Jennifer wiggled her sweet hips at me as she felt me place the head of my own erection at the warm entrance of her pussy. I felt her heat and wetness right through the condom, and with the slightest push, the head of my cock popped inside.

For the first time, my wife was pleasuring two cocks. As I slid my sheathed cock into Jennifer’s soft pussy, I considered the contrast; two cocks, one sheathed one naked. My cock sheathed in her pussy, Joe’s cock naked in her mouth. She could taste his cum, he could feel the warm suction of her mouth with nothing between them.

I picked up the video camera again, and zoomed in on Joe’s dark hands holding my wife’s head as she sucked him closer to orgasm. He was grunting and straining as she teased him, licking all up the underside of his cock, swirling the head with her tongue, only taking him into her mouth for a few moments at a time. I could hardly believe I was watching my wife suck off another man, and her sweet pussy was bringing me to orgasm quickly.

I could see the veins stand out in Joe’s arms as he started pushing his cock up off the chair into my wife’s mouth. His heavy balls were pulled up close to his erect dick, ready to pump their thick cum into my wife’s mouth. Just then, my wife turned her head to me, and I made sure to get a good closeup zoom as she asked,

“You like watching me suck off another man’s cock? Hmm? Want to watch him cum all over me? Joe is ready to cum (aren’t you, Joe?), you’re about to watch him cum. Are you ready? I might let him cum in my mouth. Are you ready to watch a big black cock cum in my mouth?”

My cock swelled at her words, I was suddenly overcome with arousal, and I felt the familiar rise of cum in my balls. Jennifer slipped one hand between her legs and gently rubbed my balls as I stopped with my cock buried completely in her. I came immediately, filling the condom with what felt like a quart of cum.

Jennifer smiled, “You like that, huh, big boy?”

She turned her attention back to Joe as I moved around beside them to get a good angle of my wife sucking off Joe’s black cock. Joe had obviously come off the brink, while my wife had stopped sucking on him.

After a few moments of enjoying my wife’s mouth, Joe said, “Come up here, I want to taste the beautiful white titties before I cum!”

Jennifer obediently stood up and stepped close to Joe so he could lick her nipples. I recorded his dark hands massaging her soft, white breasts, and he bent forward slightly and took one erect nipple in his mouth and sucked hard.

My wife’s knees immediately buckled, and she moaned as she sat hard in Joe’s lap. For a moment, Joe lost her nipple, but he immediately latched on again, and my wife groaned deeply as her hands found his erect cock and started stroking him as he sucked on her nipples.

First one side, then the other, Joe licked and sucked my wife’s breasts until her hips were rocking in his lap. She was feverishly stroking his cock, and had shifted up his legs until there was no room between them. Her small white hands stroked the tip of his black cock as it jutted up between them, wet with her saliva and his own arousal.

Abruptly, Joe warned her that he was going to cum if she kept that up. Jennifer stopped and almost stepped off his lap to take his cock back in her mouth, but Joe took her nipple in his mouth again and she collapsed into him. Moaning, she hugged him, pressing her breasts into his face, and sliding her wet pussy directly against the base of his erect cock.

I knew, because I was behind her, recording every moan and arch of her back as she enjoyed Joe’s tongue on her breasts, and Joe’s cock against her thighs. I stood to record her face, eyes closed in ecstasy as she slowly slid against the length of Joe’s cock.

Jennifer was obviously lost in please as she stimulating her clit with her long, slow slide against Joe’s obviously hard erection. Joe’s hands were around her hips, helping her slide against him. Jennifer’s pussy was wet, I could smell her arousal fill the room, and still she rubbed against the base of his cock.

My wife was shaking, close to orgasm, as she continued stimulating her clit against Joe’s cock. Joe warned her again that he was going to cum, and she begged him quietly for just a moment more. She was close, so close to orgasm. Her moans quickened as she started to jerk her hips against Joe.

“Oh god, oh god, so close, so close...!”

Jennifer was half standing in Joe’s lap, one soft white breast held to his mouth. Her other breast swung gently as she rocked her clit against the dark tip of Joe’s cock, trapped between them. Her legs started to shake with exertion and arousal. The muscles in Joe’s powerful arms stood out as he rocked her hips against the head of his cock her up. I could see his balls, pulled tight to his cock, and I knew he was about to cum all over Jennifer’s pussy.

Just then, Jennifer hiked her hips a little higher, and Joe’s cock slipped under her, and caught in the open lips of her wet, fertile pussy. Joe had a firm grip on her hips, and he immediately grunted and plunged my sweet Jennifer down the length of his cock.

Jennifer gasped as she felt the sudden intrusion, and held tight to Joe, moaning out her shuddering orgasm as his cock finally erupted, deep inside her soft pussy.


Pulse .

I watched Joe seeding my wife, every muscle rigid as his cock spurted cum into my wife.

Jennifer sighed as her orgasm subsided, smiling softly.

There would be consequences, but right now, my own cock is achingly hard, watching the first little drop of Joe’s white cum appear around the base of his still-hard erection.


I wrote this short stroke story to take a break in a larger story. The tense shift at the end is purposeful. Please comment!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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