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He really didn't think it through
This was Rudy’s first time at Sal’s restaurant and he idly wondered if it was always this crowded. The restaurant was set on the ground floor of the Regal Hotel so it stood to reason that many of the patrons were staying at the hotel. The crowd did serve to make it easier to stalk the old man, though.

He was only a few tables away from Sagan Pharmaceutical founder and CEO, Carl Shoemacher. Rudy had checked and found that he took lunch here once a week with a few close associates. He had immediately arranged a reservation.

His wife, Sophie interrupted his thoughts, asking once again, why they were here having this expensive lunch. Sophie was 27 and a knockout. At 5’7” she was taller than many women, with strawberry blonde hair, high cheek bones and the largest blue eyes Rudy had ever seen. Clothed, she looked regal with her long legs and full thighs. Unclothed she was breathtaking with supple breasts and graceful hips that beckoned to be held. She was dressed to the nines today at his insistence but had no idea that she was about to play a major role in his career advancement.

Indeed, had she known she would have raised that judgmental eyebrow of hers and refused to be involved. He had met Sophie at a church function, years earlier. She was as gorgeous then as now, but thoroughly ensconced in her religion. She refused sex until they were married and still now, 4 years later, refused to perform what she considered to be lewd sex acts.

The old man was finished eating and was now sipping on coffee. It was time Rudy realized.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” he told her.

He straightened his bow tie and shakily sauntered over to the CEO’s table. Having lunch with him was Beth Crawley, the Chief Financial Officer and Benjamin Craft, the VP of Research. It was the perfect group to introduce his discovery to. In fact he had tried previously to get an appointment with Craft, but his job as lab technician apparently didn’t rank high enough to gain him entrance to this elite crowd.

Carl looked up as he stood near the table.

“Good afternoon. My name is Rudy Spencer. I work in the fragrance division. I have recently made a major discovery that I am sure you will want to see. “

From his pocket he produced a small bottle. The bottle was half filled with a clear liquid and had a perfume style sprayer on it.

“What is this?” Shoemacher growled. “You’re accosting me at lunch?”

“Sorry sir, but I wasn’t able to get an appointment with you and I didn’t want you to miss out on this significant breakthrough. “

The other two at the table took on perturbed looks as Rudy tried to ply his way into their circle.

“Waiter,” Carl called out.

The time had come to put up or shut up. Rudy turned toward Beth and leaned toward her smiling.

“You look lovely today,” he murmured, making sure he was loud enough for Shoemacher to overhear.

While not in Sophie’s league, Beth was still an alluring, albeit haughty woman. She immediately brightened.

“Why, thank you, Rudy! It’s nice to be complimented by such a handsome man!”

The two men at the table stared. They both knew Beth as a poised, matter-of-fact individual who had no sense of humor and did not suffer fools readily.

Rudy reached over and caressed her cheek.

“It’s easy to compliment someone as lovely as yourself.”

Beth blushed. She actually blushed. Carl would have bet half a year’s income that she wouldn’t dissemble over a short, pudgy, rude person such as the one standing here. She turned to him, smiling broadly.

“Carl, why don’t we ask Rudy to join us?”

Just then the waiter arrived.

“Sir, is this man bothering you?”

Carl considered a moment, then motioned for him to wait.

“Have a seat, Rudy.”

Rudy gladly pulled a chair and sat down.

“I’ll only stay a moment,” he said. “The missus is waiting patiently for me.”

“Oh?” Ben asked. “Where is she?”

Rudy pointed out his wife. She was leisurely poking at her food. It was apparent that the two businessmen appreciated her appearance. Rudy was proud of his wife and had wanted to show the two men that he could attract beautiful women. Otherwise, they might get the wrong impression of his reasons for pursuing this discovery.

“I wanted to speak with you about a project I’ve been working on. It involves using pheromones within a fragrance.”

Beth was rubbing his arm affectionately as he said this, but it was Ben and Carl who immediately turned their attention back to him. Pheromones, as they well knew, were chemicals that, once released, attracted members of the same species. It was widely seen in the animal kingdom, but not well understood in humans, despite the tabloid claims. Sagan Pharmaceuticals had been working for years to perfect pheromones for use in perfume. Success in this would be worth billions.

Ben glanced at Beth, then at Carl.

“What about pheromones?”

“I’ve developed a fragrance that incorporates pheromones and allows you to attract the opposite sex.”

“Rudy?” Carl asked.

“Just what do you do for Sagan pharmaceutical?”

“I’m a lab technician.”

“And this pheromone you’ve developed. Where did you get it?” Ben asked.

“Why I extracted it from honeybees.”

The two men looked briefly at each other, then smiled broadly.

“And I suppose you are wearing the fragrance now?” Carl asked.

“That’s correct.”

“That explains Ms. Crawley’s behavior then. I wonder, Mr. Spencer, if I might see this fragrance.”

Rudy passed the vial over to the CEO. He reflected that this was going exactly according to plan. He would get his promotion after today, he was certain of it.

Carl looked the vial over, then casually sprayed some of the liquid onto his wrist. He smelled his wrist, then sprayed a generous amount on his hand and rubbed the fluid into his face and neck. When he was finished he passed the bottle to Ben.

Rudy smiled. Things were going well. As his research had shown, the fragrance lost its effectiveness after a while. Because of this, Beth would soon turn her attentions to these two men and allow Rudy to slip away. They would be so grateful to him that he would finally get his promotion. So convinced of this was he that he was completely floored when Carl next spoke.

“I think Rudy, that the time has come for us to meet your wife.”

He immediately grasped the implications of that. Why hadn’t he seen this coming? Quickly he demurred.

“Oh she’s not in a very good mood today, I ‘m afraid. Perhaps another time.”

Carl laughed jovially.

“I think we both know she won’t mind chatting a bit. Besides, how else can I test this wonderful product of yours?”

Rudy was trapped. They didn’t need his permission to talk to his wife; the fragrance would affect her quickly he knew. His only hope was to play along and wait for the right moment to break away from them. Carl whispered a moment to the waiter and then, reluctantly, Rudy led the trio to his table and proceeded to introduce them to his wife. Carl smiled broadly. He and Ben had both stopped a few feet short of the table. It was a respectful distance and not noticed by Sophie but Rudy knew they would have to get much closer for the fragrance to have any effect. He breathed a sigh of relief. Clearly, they didn’t realize how to use the stuff.

“I must apologize, Mrs. Spencer, for bothering you at lunch,” Carl said.

“But when I found out that the exquisite woman seated nearby was the wife of a colleague, I insisted he introduce us.”

“Why thank you,” she replied.

“Rudy has told me a lot about you, but he never mentioned that you were so charming.”

Carl took the compliment in stride.

“May I call you Sophie?”

“Sure,” she said coolly.

“Thank you Sophie. Your husband has been telling us that he’s designed a fragrance that will make women respond agreeably to whatever they are asked to do. Are you aware of his work?”

“No, I’m not,” Sophie replied cautiously.

“I see. Well ma’am, I very much want to test this fragrance, for obvious reasons, and I wondered if you would mind if I tested it on you? You see, for this test to be valid, the two people involved would need to be total strangers. Since we have not met, I thought this might be the perfect way to test the potion’s effects.”

Sophie looked intently at her husband.

“Rudy, is this why we’re having lunch here today?”

“Um, yes.”

Sophie considered this a moment. Then looking at Carl she asked,

“Is Rudy up for a promotion because of this?”

“Why, yes, that is a possibility.”

Rudy talked a great deal about getting promoted and he could see now that his wife was thinking this would help him.

“Sophie, there’s no need…

“Of course I’ll do it, Mr Shoemacher!”

Rudy groaned inwardly. Then he realized suddenly that he too wore the cologne. He could simply tell her not to do it.

Unfortunately, at that moment Carl moved forward eagerly, closing the gap between them quickly.

“Please, call me Carl,” he said to Sophie. He clasped her hand, and then leaned in close.

It was too late now, Rudy knew. Carl had the more recent dose and Ben held the vial. Somehow, though, he would have to gain control of this situation; before it was too late. Carl continued speaking to Sophie in a deferential tone.

“And I thank you, dear lady. You certainly are the adventurous sort. I will endeavor to treat you well at all times during the test. “

The effect on Sophie was immediate and obvious as her smile melted into warmth and her perfect, white teeth showed. If she wondered what he meant by treating her well, she didn’t show it.

“I wondered Sophie, if you might have some free time this afternoon. I have arranged to perform the test right here at the hotel and I would be thrilled if you could join us on such short notice.”

“Oh, that won’t be possible,” Rudy cut in.

“Beth has a meeting at the church that I’m sure she won’t want to miss.”

“It’s just a choir meeting. I will catch up with Reverend Scott later. This sounds much more important.”

“Wonderful!” Carl stated.

“I’m afraid though, Sophie, that I was unable to secure a proper meeting room for this on such short notice. I was forced to lease one of the rooms in the hotel above us, so if you aren’t overly embarrassed by it, we will proceed to have the meeting there.”

“That will be fine, I’m sure,” she fairly gushed.

The room was a suite, with two king size beds and a separate sitting room. Carl led them into the room and mixed them all a drink. He chatted amiably with Sophie the entire time. Rudy had tuned most of the discussion out while he tried to fashion an escape plan. But he soon was yanked back into the conversation.

“I have to say, Rudy, your wife has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. Ben come here and look at this. Would you mind Sophie, if I touch you? I want to see if your skin is as soft as it looks. “

Sophie had a mild blush on her cheeks and she looked thrilled to be here with these men. She immediately acquiesced to the request and in moments, both Carl and Ben were stroking her cheeks, arms and neck as Rudy stared, helplessly.

“Oh, your husband must be so proud to be married to an intelligent and luscious creature such as yourself.”

She chuckled lightly.

“I’m afraid he isn’t,” she replied.

“Or at least he’s never told me that.”

“No? “ They were talking about Rudy, but clearly ignoring him.

“Then there must be some flaw that we cannot see. Perhaps an ugly tattoo on your derriere?”

She pouted.

“Absolutely not! I have a very nice rear, thank you very much.”

“May we see it? Just to make sure, mind you.”

She smiled. “Sure.”

“Sophie! “ Rudy exclaimed

Without so much as a glance at him, she undid the zipper of her dress and let it drop gracefully to the floor. She stood before them in a white bra and full panties. For the first time in their marriage, Rudy was glad his wife bought conservative clothes. Her underwear clearly covered her where needed. It was no worse than a bikini he decided.

Then she astonished him by turning her back toward the men and lowering the back side of her panties. She pulled them low enough to expose her creamy buttocks and calmly held them there while the men gazed at her and stroked her cheeks. Ben broke off after a moment and began to touch her chest, gliding his fingers along the boundaries created by her bra. Carl was speaking to her in low tones and Rudy could not quite catch what he was saying. His wife was clearly enjoying their attention however.

Beth had been quietly standing with Rudy, her hand lightly stroking his arm. Rudy suddenly had an idea.

“Beth, why not remove your clothes,” he suggested.

Beth smiled and began to strip for him. His attention was torn between watching her undress and watching these men undress his wife. His hope was that they would shift their attention to Beth and leave him an opening to escape with Sophie.

Beth was soon standing in a black lacy bra and thong panties. Her underwear covered much less than Sophie’s did. But the men took no notice.

“She’s right Ben. No ugly tattoos that I can see.”

“Mmmm, Ben replied. But some women have them in more intimate places, like beneath their nipples or high up on their inner thigh.”

Rudy was beginning to panic. This was way out of control.

“I can assure you gentlemen that she has no tattoos. Sophie honey, why don’t you get dressed so we can leave?”

“Oh honey,” she exclaimed.

“I don’t want to leave them thinking I have some ugly tattoo. Besides, as you always say, there’s no harm in looking!”

She reached behind her and removed the bra, handing it to Ben. Next, she pulled off her panties and gave them to Carl. She giggled again.

“There, you see? No tattoos.”

She stood completely naked; her breasts boldly thrust forward, her nipples standing erect and hard. Her swollen pussy lips were unshaven but clearly visible through the sparse tangle of golden hair. She smiled coquettishly and Rudy had to admit that she looked ravishing as she displayed herself to the men.

“Nice,” Carl murmured.

He lightly touched her dark pink nipples with his fingers then clasped them, feeling their texture and firmness. Finally he gently caressed her breasts, lifting each one, thoroughly inspecting her. Ben got to his knees and carefully brushed his fingers through her bush feeling her labia while ostensibly looking for tattoos.

She moaned slightly as Carl continued to massage her breasts and Ben slipped a finger into her now wet pussy.

They stroked her a while, their heavy breathing easily heard in the quiet room. Sophie made no attempt to stop them as they explored her most private areas. Instead, she gazed contentedly at the two men feeling her up.

“I think, said Carl finally, that we need to lay you down to do a proper inspection. Why don’t we retire to the bedroom?”

Without waiting for an answer he led her through the door and into the adjoining room. Ben followed and Rudy quickly did as well. His world was collapsing around him and he could not figure out how to stop it.

Beth had been about to remove her bra but hesitated as they entered the room and the beds became visible. In the corner of his mind, Rudy realized the fragrance’s effect was wearing off.

Carl and Ben got his wife to lie on her back, legs spread. Ben continued to caress her while Carl got undressed. He did so quickly, exposing his long thick penis to the group.

“Wow, Sophie breathed. Rudy is nowhere near that size!”

Carl smiled his most charming.

“I’m sure it will fit you better than his.”

He crawled onto the bed as Ben got up and began to undress. He kissed Sophie deeply, no longer bothering to ask permission. She responded to the caressing, the charm and the fragrance in a predictable manner. Carl soon had her panting. He touched a tongue to her left breast while Ben, finally naked, did the same with her right. Ben’s cock was more average, like Rudy’s but sported a slight curve. Rudy could see Sophie eyeing it hungrily. The two men began to slowly kiss every inch of his wife’s pliant body.

Carl moved lower, while Ben moved up. She was quickly awash with passion and Rudy could see the glistening inner lips of her vagina slipping out. Carl quickly took care of that, lowering his head to her pussy and taking the mound of flesh into his mouth. Ben was kissing her deeply on the lips and she shuddered as her husband looked on. Rudy had never seen her so ready for sex and he realized that his own cock was not only hard, but straining to get out. He would never have believed he could get hard watching his wife with other men and it made him feel embarrassed and jealous.

Ben noticed.

“Look Sophie. Your husband wants you to have some more fun. Just look at how hard he is! Rudy, be a good cuckold. Get your cock out and stroke it while we take good care of Sophie for you!”

Rudy made no move to release his member, but he badly wanted to. Sophie looked at her husband’s condition, then moaned.

“Oh Rudy, thank you! I like these men a lot and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind!”

Carl took his mouth off her pussy and lifted himself up, placing his penis at the entrance of her vagina. Rudy stared at them. Her pubic hair, sparkling with their intermingled juices, served as a natural frame around her now wide open vagina. Her pink insides gleamed and trembled, tapping in harmony with her quickening pulse. She’d been licked clean, but juices quickly flowed from some unseen place and pooled at the bottom of her opening. She was conquered, and her body, once so reserved, was now a clear welcoming beacon. The large penis, placed strategically at its entrance throbbed with anticipation. The huge head was suffused with blood and jerked spasmodically. He knew he would never forget the sight as humiliation and jealousy poured through him.

She lay there looking at her husband, her need for this plainly showing on her face..

“Sophie, no.”

She paused, gazing at him in confusion, and for a moment he thought he had broken the spell. Then, just as suddenly, her face resumed its lustful passion. She reached down and grabbed the thick penis that lay before her. Urging it forward, she pressed the head of it against her entrance. Carl lost no time thrusting into her and burying his cock completely. She grimaced as the enormous phallus entered, then moaned passionately as the feelings engulfed her.

Ben placed his cock next to her head. Carl was already beginning to stroke inside her as Ben gently touched her head and applied pressure. She looked at Rudy a moment more, before she succumbed to the pressure and turned her head to Ben’s purplish member. She slipped the long cock into her mouth and began sucking on it.

Sophie had steadfastly refused him that pleasure through their marriage. He had considered using the potion to persuade her, but the fragrance’s effect could be overcome with enough determination, so he’d been afraid to try it. Now he regretted that decision. No matter what happened after this day, she would always remember Ben as her first taste of male passion.

His cock was demanding to be released as he watched them. Sophie was writhing as the two cocks pounded into her. She moaned, her hands groping their balls as they fed their meat into her welcoming body. Rudy began to absently stroke himself through the cloth of his pants. His pride prevented him from getting his cock out, but the effort took every ounce of his strength. There was nothing to do but watch them ravish her.

Carl was the first to orgasm, his body slowing then stiffening as he released into her. He moaned loudly as he emptied his load, his fingers digging into her hips and dragging her toward him. As the last of the orgasm had left, he bent forward and sucked hard on Sophie’s left tit. The sudden action sent her into orgasm and her hips shook as she bucked against Carl’s shrinking organ, prolonging her own release. She moaned deeply and her lips tightened their hold on Ben’s cock sending him into orgasm. Her cheeks ballooned as he filled her. White semen began to ooze rapidly from her clenched lips until she determinably and rapidly began to swallow. Ben grabbed her head and forced himself deep into her mouth pumping hard. Sophie met every thrust, drinking him dry. The three bodies thrashed and rolled as they completed their wild, pulsating tryst.

Rage and jealousy continued to mingle with desire within Rudy, and he looked at Beth with a new plan in mind. He may have been helpless while they took his wife, but he could still slake his desire with Beth. He began to think about what Beth would look like naked and his cock surged again. Carl had left the vial on the bedside stand and Rudy surreptitiously slid forward and grabbed the vial. He sprayed some more on himself, then turned to face Beth.

“Why don’t you take the rest of your things off?”

“Rudy,” The CEO of his company commanded.

As Rudy watched, Carl got off Sophie, leaving her to continue sucking on Ben’s softened cock. He paused by the chair that held his clothes and pulled a cigar out. Lighting it, he puffed it deeply as he approached Rudy and Beth.

“Ben worked tirelessly with our Chicago lab to develop pheromone prototypes a few years back. Honeybee pheromones were some of the first to be looked at. Your research wasn’t thorough enough, I’m afraid, Rudy. You see, as every beekeeper knows, and we found out too, the pheromones produced by the queen honeybee are easily disrupted with a mere puff of smoke.

Carl quickly moved to Beth. He gripped her shoulders, pulled her close and exhaled the cigar smoke into her face. The change was instantaneous. She coughed slightly, then stepped back, obviously in control again. She threw Rudy a contemptuous look before bending over to retrieve her clothes. She rapidly began to dress.

Carl watched her a moment, then turned back to Rudy. He held his hand out. Rudy knew what he wanted and handed over the potion without protest. He was whipped and he knew it.

“Beth is a trusted and important employee. You, on the other hand, have shown yourself to be underhanded and devious. You couldn’t have extracted this without the lab resources. You’ve obviously wasted your time on this instead of doing your job. You’re fired Mr. Spencer.”

He sprayed some more fragrance into his hands and rubbed it into his face. Then he approached Beth, making sure to get close to her.

“Beth, you have my deepest apologies at what happened here. I hope you can forgive the intrusion into your personal life. I know it won’t erase what happened, but you will be receiving a bonus for your patience and forbearance here today. “

“It’s perfectly okay, Carl. I just hope the company can glean some good from this formula. I do thank you though, for preventing it from going further. “

“You’re welcome. I wonder if you could be so kind as to show Mr. Spencer out when you leave. Just take this cigar with you, so he doesn’t get any more ideas. Ben and I have some business to finish here. And tell my secretary that we’ll be heading to Chicago later today. She should book three tickets. Sophie will be going with us. We need to have the lab break this concoction down. Who knows, we may find a market for it after all. It seems to work rather well but we we’ll want to do many more tests on Sophie with it.”

He glanced at Rudy.

“I’m certain she’ll agree.”


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