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Spending Time With Friends

When house sitting friends find homemade porn stash, things get interesting with wife swap
Spending Time With Friends

My name is Michael and I want to share with you the story of the first time my wife and I had sex with another couple. Now let me describe myself so you have and idea of what I look like. I am 6'3" with blond hair and blue eyes, I work out daily to keep my flat stomach and nice chest and arms. It seems the harder I work out the farther away from a 6-pack I get. I also have a massive 8.5" cock that drives my wife, Kelly, wild. Kelly on the other hand is a gorgeous 5'4" tall with long red hair and a soft milky white complection. Her tits are massive DD cups, I bought them for her two years ago and she loves them even more after recently having her nipples pierced, making them stand erect most of the time.

The plane touched down about four o'clock and we left the plane and made our way to the baggage claim area. It would seem to anyone looking on that we were just any other ordinary couple that were returning from a vacation, but in all actuality, we were just returning from a vacation where we spent most of the week at odds with each other. We had been visiting her parents and like normal things didn't go well. Her parents are always giving her a hard time because of the fact that we live together and aren't married, so of course when we were staying there, we couldn't sleep in the same room. And this of course meant no sex...and that is just a pain in the ass when you are used to two to three times a night.

So saying we were glad to be home was an understatement. We were looking forward to getting home and having a good ol' fuck session. Luckily we had already arranged for a limo to pick us up so we didn't have to worry about explaining our trip to a friend while we awaited the two hour drive to our house, and we didn't have to put up with some stupid cabbie and his music or talk radio.

Once we gathered our things, which of course seemed to take forever since we were in a rush, we made our way to the pick up area and saw the driver with a piece of paper with our names on it. We waved at him and he led the way for us back to his car. We got in the back while he put the baggage in the trunk. It was then that it occurred to me, limos have a divider between the driver and the passengers as well as tinted windows.

"Kelly, come here."

Kelly had been sitting on the side of the limo watching people as they passed by. She looked stunning even if she were tired and "dirty" from flying for the past 8 hours. She was wearing her grungy travel clothes because she has never been one to dress up for flying, she wants to be comfortable. Which means she is wearing her baggy pajama pants and a big oversized sweatshirt. Her hair was a mess making her look all the more sexy, and she never understands how her being all disheveled is so attractive to me.

"What babe?"

"I want to fuck your pussy senseless."

"I know babe and I want your thick hard veiny cock in me too, but we aren't home yet."

"The divider, we can put it up."

She turned and looked over her shoulder, when she looked back, there was a fire in her eyes.

"Let's do it."

She pulled her sweatshirt off over her head revealing her massive tits I bought her a few years back. They were barely contained inside the t-shirt she was wearing and like normal, she wasn't wearing a bra.  It made my cock hard just thinking about it as I looked around for the controls to the divider. Finally I found them and pushed the "Up" button, but nothing happened. Kelly looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Maybe the engine needs to be running and not just the electrical turned on."

The driver had just closed the lid on the trunk and was walking to his door. He got in and started the engine and made his way into traffic. I tried the switch again and still nothing happened. I turned to Kelly and she had a sad look on her face. She snuggled her head into my shoulder and fell asleep for the ride to the house. She was lucky, I was dead tired but can never sleep in cars, something to do with the motion always keeps me awake.

I had my eyes closed just relaxing for a while, when I opened them I noticed that we were close to our house. I slowly awoke Kelly by tweeking her nipple between my fingers. She moaned a little then opened her eyes.

"Michael, what are you doing?"

"We are almost home baby, and you know what that means..." she knew full well what that means and I could tell she was ready for it.

The driver made the turn into our neighborhood and I helped direct him to the correct house. As we were getting out of the car, he was pulling our luggage out of the trunk and then followed us up the walk to the front door. I opened the door and stepped aside so Kelly could walk inside. I turned and took the bags from the driver and handed him a tip. He thanked me and then walked back to his car.

I dropped the bags just inside the door in the entry and run up the stairs after Kelly. When I got to our bedroom I heard the shower running. Damn she was quick. So I started to strip my clothes off as I walked toward the bathroom. When I opened the door she was just putting her head under the water and I stood there dumb struck. It was an amazing sight watching her hair slowly get wet and then the water as it cascaded down her body and off her nipples and arms. She looked so at peace, I needed to change that.

I slowly opened the door to the shower and climbed in. As I stepped closer to her I reached up with both hands and grabbed her nipples nice and hard, her favorite fetish is nipple play. As she moaned I pressed my face up to hers and kissed her deeply. We stood under the water for a while just feeling each others bodies and kissing every inch of each other. I started with her ears, licking and nibbling, then worked my way down from there. I kissed her neck, making sure to avoid leaving and lasting hickies, and then worked my way down to her chest. As I started in on her nipples, biting and sucking, she pulled me closer with a death grip on the back of my head.

"Oh god yes Mike, that feels fucking amazing. Bite my titties you fucker!"

I took her dirty talk as encouragement and started to bite harder until I knew she was on that fine line between pain and pleasure. Her fingers were dug into my hair and holding like there was no tomorrow. It didn't take much longer from there for her to have her first orgasm. It started with her legs starting to shake and then slowly worked its way up to her throwing her head back and speaking in tongues. Her nipple orgasms are the most powerful of any she has.

"Did my naughty little fuck slut like that? Did you like having your tits abused for my pleasure just as much as yours?"

"Fuck you...!" It wasn't so much an insult or comeback as much as a demand.

"Oh don't you worry baby, I fully intend to fuck you till your eyes roll back in your head, but first, you have something you need to take care of."

She knew exactly what I meant and spun me around so that I was pinned up against the shower wall and the water was flowing down me and off my cock. She knelt down and positioned herself in front of my cock. Like normal, she waited until I nodded my head before she started to attack my cock with her mouth.

She is an excellent cock sucker, it drives me absolutely insane the amount of pleasure that she is able to bring to me while using her mouth on my cock. She knows just how much teeth to use to send shivers up my spine, or how much pressure to press with her tongue while licking certain areas of my cock, like the head or tip. She also knows how to make my ass pucker and my breath quicken after sucking each of my balls into her mouth and running her tongue over it. After she teases me for a while, she slowly sucks on the head like a baby would suck on a nipple, back and forth creating a nice suction.

She looks me in the eyes as she slowly slides the whole of my cock into her mouth and it feels amazing as it slowly goes into her throat. I have never seen or felt her do this before, it was amazing. but it didn't last long before she gagged on my cock. For a moment I was worried that she was going to vomit on my cock, not that it would make me mad or anything but I didn't want her to feel bad. Luckily she slowly pulled it out of her mouth and grinned as she slowly licked it from base to tip and took it back in her mouth and tried taking it deep, even though she was gagging on my cock, it felt amazing and I couldn't help but get turned on. I don't know what prompted the change in idea and the want to suck a cock into her throat, but I was enjoying every second. It was only when she was sucking on the tip and using her hand to stroke it vigorously that I started to cum. She pulled it out and kept jerking it as I blew my load all over her face. She hasn't let me do that for a long time, and definitely not when she is sober.

For the next twenty minutes we washed each others bodies, slowly and sensually. It was one of the hottest showers we have ever taken together. Our shower is quite large, you could probably fit 4 or 5 people in it comfortably. Kelly was sitting on the bench and I was sitting on the floor as I slowly washed and sucked on her toes. I slowly washed every inch of her body and then she washed my body and slowly played with my ass running circles around it. She has always wanted to insert things there, but I have been to afraid to try. I mean, there is the whole homo stereo type to it and the fear that I might like it too much.

After our shower we walked around the house as we air dried. I was hungry so I walked down the stairs and made myself a sandwich in the kitchen. It was about the same time I took my first bite when I heard Kelly coming down the stairs. I turned to see her wearing her sexy little short shorts from Victoria Secret and a sexy little top, and like normal no bra and I assumed no panties. She came over to me and gave me a kiss before taking a big bite out of my sandwich. That was honestly one of the things that really turned me on to liking her when we started dating, she could out eat me and she proved that when we went to a steak house one night, it was hot.

"I know we just got done getting clean, but I am really horny and I want you to play with my clit and fuck my pussy, maybe my ass."

"Not that I am saying that I don't want to have sex, but where have all the new found sexual things come from?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you were forcing yourself down on my cock and gagging, but you have never done that before. Or you also let me cum on your face, and you have never let me do that sober. And now you are talking about wanting me to possibly fuck your ass, that is a first as well."

She took another bite of my sandwich and so I figured I should make another because mine was about to disappear. After she finished chewing and thinking over her response she took a deep breath and set the sandwich down.

"Well, I guess I have just become more open to ideas and sexual exploration."

"But what caused it? Again, not that I am complaining."

She came around and slowly curled up in my arms and rested her head on my shoulders.

"Well, since you and I couldn't have sex while we were at my parents, so I needed some motivation to help get myself horny while masturbating and I found myself on a few different story sites and well it was a turn on."

I couldn't believe my wife was reading sex stories online and masturbating to them even. But I guess change is a good thing and I definitely like what I am hearing.

"Go on..."

"Well I read stories involving everything from cuckold to group sex and blowjob and anal stories."

This was just amazing, I have always had a thing for group sex and I have to say that I love the way she learned to take my cock in her throat from reading the stories. And the idea getting put in her head that I could fuck her in the ass. I don't care what she is reading, but I am totally ready to fuck her silly after all this insight. I slowly leaned in and kissed her as I pulled her shorts off her hips, and I was right that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

I picked her up and set her on the counter as I got between her legs. She reached down and shoved my shorts and boxers to the floor as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my cock into her pussy.

"Fuck me with your massive cock you son of a bitch!"

I started to ram my cock into her and she was clawing at my back. She was on fire, her pussy was dripping and slowly forming a pool on the counter. We were getting so into it we didn't hear the front door open or the footsteps coming down the hall.

"Well, I guess they aren't too tired from the trip!"

Kelly and I both freaked out. She jumped off the counter and tried as fast as she could to pull her shorts up as I did the same. Our friends Trent and Erica were standing in the doorway to our kitchen.

"What are you guys doing here?" I was surprised but not worried, I have been naked in front of Trent a few times at the gym and I have always thought Erica was hot.

"Well, I am guessing you forgot that we had arranged to come over for dinner and hear about your trip today, you know, when we were returning your key you gave us to look after the house while you were gone?"

I looked at Kelly and she kind of laughed and shook her head. We both had completely forgot not only about the time but that we had invited Trent and Erica over.

"Well, lets get things cleaned up a little bit and we can start grilling up some food. Help yourselves to anything you want in the fridge"

After we cleaned up the counter and the kitchen we both went up stairs and put on some clothes to entertain in. When we came back down and they were both sitting on the patio drinking a beer. I grabbed some food out of the kitchen and started up the BBQ as Kelly started talking to Trent and Erica. As I was finished seasoning the steak, Trent walked over with a beer for me.

"How was the trip man?"

"It sucked, nothing but her parents going on and on about everything under the sun we aren't doing correctly with our lives or by not having kids. It seems like nothing we do is correct. And of course because we were at their house there was no sleeping in the same room, even though we are married, and no sex by any means. How did things go here?"

"Well I will be honest, there was lots of sex. But there was something that I wanted to tell you."


"Well, Erica and I saw you guys having sex."

"Yea, well duh we saw you guys there and its not like you and I haven't seen each other naked at the gym a few times. And I am not worried about you relentlessly hitting on Kelly." We both started laughing.

"Well that is not what I was talking about actually..." I wasn't too sure where he was going with this but I was quite interested to learn where it was going.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, one night when we were over here, we thought we would watch a movie or something so that it didn't appear to anyone that we were just checking in on the place while someone was out of town. Well anyway, we were looking around for a movie to watch and well, we stumbled upon your little, home made collection."

He got silent for a moment and let it sink in. It took me a moment to realize what he was talking about and then it occurred to me. We had an album of all of our photos we have taken during sex and the videos that we have made and put on dvd. And we keep them in a cd case with the books and DVD's.

"Well, I guess there is only one thing left to do, and that is ask if you liked what you saw?"

I could tell he wasn't sure what to say, mulling over the possible options and how I would react to each of them.

"I'll be honest, it was extremely hot. We fucked on your floor watching the DVD's of you guys going to town on each other."

"Well, that changes things a little bit, but I think we can swing this into some fun. Kelly has been talking about exploring new horizons and I think a little wife swap or same room sex could be fun..." It came out of my mouth before I could stop it, I hope I didn't take it too far too quickly.

"Well, I think that would make for a fun time. Erica and I talked about the potential for that. If after I talked to you you guys were interested in having some fun, we would be more than interested in making it happen."

"Well let me talk to Kelly. Well, more like let me turn her on to the idea. If you can watch the steaks for a few minutes, I will work my magic and see what I can come up with."

"Sounds good, let me know how it goes."

I handed the tongs over to him and walked toward the house.

"Hey Kelly, can you come help me with something in the kitchen for a minute." She excused her self from her conversation with Erica and followed me into the house.

"Whatchya need babe?"

"Ok, well you know our collection of home made porn?"

"Mike, now is not the time to be wanting to look at that or make new stuff." I couldn't help but laugh as she said that. "What's so funny?"

"Well I wasn't talking about making any new stuff or anything like that. I was actually referring to Trent and Erica. They found it."

A look of shock covered her face and then it changed to intrigue.

"What about it?"

"Well, they found it and they watched the movies. And you will never guess what they did while they were watching the movies."

"I don't think it will be that hard to figure out that they did something sexual. I don't know what but you wouldn't be acting that way otherwise."

"Your are correct. They fucked while watching us fuck. And they want to do more."

She didn't know how to react to that. She placed her hands on the counter and looked at the floor. I could tell she was thinking it over and wsan't sure what she wanted to say about it. Finally she looked up me.

"Well, I guess it depends on what they want to do." That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

"Well, they were thinking either wife swap or same room sex." She listened as I spoke but she didn't say anything for a while as she was mulling things over in her mind. "I figured you might be interested considering you were talking about how were interested in exploring your wilder side."

"Well I guess I would rather do wife swap than same room sex. I don't know if I could focus on what was happening to really enjoy myself when I think all I would be able to do was watch the other couple. That is, if you want to do it."

"Well you know I have always thought that Erica is an attractive girl and I know you have thought that Trent is hot, so I guess what I am saying is yes, I would love to. But only if they will video tape and take photos of it to watch and look at later. Come on, I will talk with them and see what happens."

We both walked out side and found both of them sitting on the patio. I looked at Trent and nodded my head yes. Immediately Erica walked over to me and kissed me dead on the lips. Now Erica is smoking hot, I am pretty sure if I remember correctly that she was the cheer captain on her college cheer team. Her legs are amazingly firm, thick with muscle but not to thick that they are Amazonian. Her breasts are perfectly shaped, if I had to guess I would have to say that they were large C's or small D's and just like Kelly, she is a natural red head. It is safe to say that my cock was instantly hard.

"Hey sexy, I don't know why, but I am not really that hungry anymore. What say we skip the pleasantries and go in the house and fuck the shit out of each other?"

I was a little taken aback by her directness but then I realized as I looked up, Trent was already making a move on Kelly. So I guess there was nothing left to do but say yes and have some fun.

"Alright, lets go!"

I took Erica's hand and I walked into the house. I figured that Kelly and Trent wouldn't make it past the family room when they decided that they would come inside, unless they were going to do it in the hot tub, but it is quite warm out to get into that hot tub. But you never know, our back yard has enough trees and things that would give them privacy. That is one of the reasons we bought this house, plenty of space to get freaky in outdoors without everyone and their brother seeing us.

 As Erica and I entered the bedroom, I picked her up and threw her on the bed, I bet it took her back to her days as a cheerleader. I stood there looking at her as she slowly undid her shirt and I pulled mine off. I took my eyes off her as I undid my pants and shucked them to the floor. When I looked up I was in awe, she had come prepared. She was wearing a sexy little black and blue lace bra with matching panties and garters down to her thigh high stockings.

"Wow, did you have that hidden under your jeans and shirt this whole time?"

"Nah, I pulled them out of my ass just now." I had to laugh at her sarcasm.

"I was just curious trying to figure out just how long the two of you had been planning this."

"Well, after we watched you two fuck and suck and lick and finger and any and every other act that a couple can do sexually, it just amazed me and turned me on completely. I knew then that I had to fuck you and well, Trent has always had a thing for red heads and that combined with Kelly's tits really made him hot for her."

I realized I was still standing there at the foot of the bed, so I slowly walked over and wrapped my arms around her. I spun her around as I landed on my back on the bed with her on top of me. I slowly started to kiss her neck as I pulled her hair pulling her head back. She moaned and rolled her eyes into the back of her head. She slowly reached her hand down and starting at my shoulder clawed her way past my nipples and then reached back and pinched them.

"Oh you are such a kinky little slut huh?"

"For you, I will be anything you want me to be, as long as I get to feel that big cock of yours in my pussy and maybe my ass before the night is over."

"I don't think you are going to have to worry about that."

I flipped her over so she was on her back and she reached down to push my boxers past my hips. I lined my cock up with her pussy and pulled her thong aside. In one thrust I pushed all the way into her pussy. She threw her head back and started to groan and moan.

"Fuck that big fuck stick into my pussy!"

I propped myself up with both hands and started to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy. She had one hand down playing with her clit and grabbing my balls as they came in reach of her hand, her other hand was in her bra pinching and pulling on her nipples. She continued to swear and curse at me as my cock pummeled her pussy. It was the warmest and softest pussy that I had felt in a while, but there was one thing that was a little odd. It wasn't the tightest pussy that I have ever been in and I know that she has never had any kids. But I would ask about that another time.

We proceeded to fuck in doggy style, missionary, spooning and every single weird position we could thing of. But the single most fun I think I had was when she straddled me and I stood up and we bounced around the room with her bobbing up and down on my cock as we went. I lost count of how many times she came on my cock, but I had yet to. When we laid back down she slowly crawled off my cock and got down between my legs.

"I am going to suck this cock and make you cum in my mouth, I won't spill a single drop of your baby gravy."

She started licking all of her pussy juices off my cock. She covered every single inch of my cock from balls to shaft and tip. I was ready to cum before she even started sucking on my cock. It was almost impossible to not cum when I felt her lips slowly slip over the head of my cock. She did something that I had never felt before. She pursed her lips and slowly forced my cock past them, it was the closest thing I had ever felt to having a blowjob feel like entering a woman's pussy.

She was able to milk my cock taking it into her throat and swallowing around it and then taking it out but not out of her mouth. She would use her hand to stroke up and down the length while her other one messaged my balls, pulling them and squeezing them. It was just about the best blow job I have ever had, Kelly needs to compare notes or something. I started to feel that familiar feeling warning that I was about to cum.

"Fuck, your gonna make me cum. You hear that you little slut, your gonna get all the cum you can handle. I have only cum once in the last week and you are going to get a mouthful. If you spill a single drop, you will be punished."

Erica moaned onto my cock as she started sucking harder and harder and squeezing my balls as she stroked my shaft faster and faster, her head matching speed. When I finally felt myself starting to cum, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her balls deep onto my cock and held her there. She was swallowing and trying to keep up but the amount was just too much for her. Some of the cum started to spill out from the corner of her mouth and run down her chin.

After I finished cumming she pulled my cock out and licked it clean of any remaining cum. She then took a finger and collected the cum that spilled from her mouth and sucked it off her finger.

"I told you not to spill any cum."

She became very submissive but didn't try to once stop me as I pulled her over my knee. I slowly started to raise my hand and bring it down with a loud slap on her ass checks. Each time I raised it and brought it down again, her moans turned from that of pain to lust. She was getting more and more turned on each time I slapped her ass. After about the 10th slap her ass was bright red and she was just constantly moaning into the bedspread.

I slapped her one last time and made sure that it left a welt, it was the hardest I had slapped her yet. But instead of removing my hand and slapping her again. I rubbed her ass, feeling the warmth that had built up from the friction of the slaps. As I rubbed her ass I slowly went lower and lower until my finger tips were touching her pussy and I was amazed at how turned on she was. Her pussy was incredibly swollen and puffy and was extremely wet and drenched my fingers as I touched them.

When my fingers made contact she moaned, but this time it came from deep down in her being. I slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy and started to stroke them in and out and used my thumb to play with her clit. As I was fingering her pussy I slowly added another finger and then another. I had four fingers in her and she was taking it like a champ.

"Put your fist in me, make me your bitch."


"Close your hand into a fist and shove it into my pussy, punch my pussy, feel it, do it now!"

She was yelling at me and begging me to do it, who was I to not do what she was asking. I slowly pushed my whole hand into her pussy and closed into a fist. She was moaning and leaking up a storm. I was thrusting my entire hand in and out of her pussy and was loving every second of it. It now made complete sense as to why she wasn't very tight while I was fucking her. It didn't take long with all the build up of sucking my cock and the spankings before this to make her close to cumming. It took about three more punches before she was grabbing my hand as she was cumming and squirting all over the bed and my arm. I slowly with drew my arm and gave her a moment to come down.

"That was fucking amazing, I have never done that to a women before."

"You were a fucking pro. We have to do this again sometime soon, maybe with everyone in the room this time."

"Well you know we have that hot tub out back, we might just have to dust it off for some fun."

It was then that I realized in all my excitement I didn't start the video camera or set the camera. I guess we will just have to do that next time. Now I want to go find what happened between Kelly and Trent, I sure hope she enjoyed it and we have many fun times in store.

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