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Spending time with Roz.

Roz and Carol make love to me while Sue cheats with her admirers

The story until now.

I had caught Sue cheating on me a number of times but I still didn’t know a lot. Although I suspected that there would be things that I didn’t know I was yet to discover to what extent she had taken her infidelity.

The story continues.

Following my catching Sue cheating on me, life went on. Sue watched me like a hawk seeking out its prey asking numerous questions about what I had been doing if I went anywhere without her. Meanwhile, she lived her free and easy life going out with the girls at least once a week.

She had taken up roller skating which was her sport of choice from when she was single and participated every Tuesday and Friday nights. Of course, she expected that I would stay home looking after the kids which suited me as I despised roller skating.

She was always at least an hour late coming home. She insisted that she and the girls always stopped behind to have a coffee and to help the manager cleanup for the late session. Each time she came home she went straight to the bathroom and took a shower.

After a few weeks, I noticed that she also would wash out her panties while showering which made me suspicious. When I asked about it she said that she was short on panties so had to wash them out immediately after she used them. I knew this was not true as her panty drawer was packed with pairs.

On one occasion after skating we had visitors. The family had arrived from out of town to visit so when she returned she was forced to entertain. On this occasion, she did not get the opportunity to shower.

When they left I cornered her in the bedroom before she could wash and started to make love to her. She protested loudly but I persisted. I got her clothes off and lay her down on the bed. When I removed her panties I pushed them under the bed with the intention of checking them out later. I kissed her laying on the top of her with my cock near her entrance.

“Are you sure that you want to do this.” She said. This, of course, made me very suspicious so I moved down along her body stroking her as I went. She tried to hold me back, saying, “No, Goyse, not that. Not tonight. I haven’t showered.”

I persisted and eventually, she said, “OK, if you must.”

When I reached her pussy she opened her legs. The sight of her pussy brought back memories of the night that Henry had fucked her. Her pussy was gaping open. Her lips were swollen and red. She was very wet with a clear liquid present with some whitest tinge to it. The smell was intoxicating. It was not her normal odour which was usually sweet and pleasant. The odour was repulsive.

I initially gagged at the smell of it but managed to control my instinct enough to lick her opening. I had previously tasted my pre-cum and had on one occasion licked her out after we had sex. The taste this time was almost the same. There was no mistaking it, she had male sperm in her.

 “Who was it?” I asked, raising my face to look her straight in the eyes.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” she replied. “Now lick me clean. I told you not to do that but you wouldn’t listen would you. You wanted to do it so now lick my hole clean, you fucker!”

I went to work on her. The more that I licked her, the further her pussy opened. She was groaning and moaning throughout the experience and obviously loving it. Her Cervix, the entry to her ovaries seemed to be pushing forward in her pussy as if to pick up what I was removing from her hole.

There was a slight presence of blood and the entrance was open as if it was a little pussy inside a big pussy. I had seen her cervix before when I was licking her but the only times when I had seen her cervix open like that was after Henry had fucked her and on that night she had got pregnant. I thought when her last period was.  It had ended on the Tuesday in the week prior This was 10 days after. 

“Do you know that you could be ovulating,” I said.

“So what?” she replied. “Don’t you know I can work that out?”

“Did you use protection?” I asked.

“So you think I am fucking around on you, do you? I’m not stupid. I know what I’m doing. Besides, it’s my pussy and I will decide when I let someone near it and who I let in it, not you.  Now lick me clean you little fucker or let me get up and have a shower.”

“I just don’t want to have to raise someone else’s kid, that’s all. If you get pregnant it’ll fuck up our marriage for sure.”

“Huh, that’s a joke. How do you know you’re not doing it now?”

“Doing what?”

“Raising someone else’s kid.”

“What a stupid thing to say. That’s just nasty, you’re a bitch sometimes. I just don’t understand why you do these things and say things like that.” She laughed that wicked sounding laugh of hers and I continued to lick her clean knowing that she had cheated on me again.

The big question was how often was she doing it? I resolved there and then to do some checking when I had the chance. There were two issues now troubling me. What she was up to when I was not around and were both the kids mine?

My sister in law worked in a testing laboratory and I knew that I could trust her to do a DNA check for me if there was an opportunity. It had to be discrete. It was imperative that no one knows no matter what the results were.

I always did have a slight suspicion when she first got pregnant. She had put me in the position of asking her to marry me allowing me to believe that she was carrying my child. The suspicion came from the period of her pregnancy because I had been away interstate on a project for two months. When I returned she told me she was pregnant.

After the birth, my calculations indicated that she had carried for almost forty-four weeks, more than the normal forty weeks. I also remembered quite clearly that she had her period not long before I had left.

 Not only was she full of cum but as I licked I found that it had dried on her crutch. I was amazed at how much there was. The question in my mind was had it been one man or several? Surely if it was only one man then he would have set new records for volumes of sperm.

Once again the experience of the night with Veronica and Henry returned to me lifting my sexual stimulation to new heights. I moved up to her with my cock aligned with her hole. By the time I entered her I was on the verge of cumming. The walls of her pussy were so stretched that she was ridiculously loose but I was so close to an orgasm that it didn’t matter.

Once it was over she got up to shower.

“Have you seen my panties,” she asked.

“They’re probably in the bed,” I replied. “Worry about them tomorrow. Have your shower and let’s get some sleep. I’ve got to be up early tomorrow. I’ve told the guys to be ready by six o’clock to go water skiing. Oh, and Carol and Roz said they would come out with us.”

 My ulterior motive was to get her panties before she located them just to see what they looked like. I was to find that they were encrusted with a white creamy solid which from experience I knew to be male sperm. There could be no longer any doubt. My beautiful wife was playing up on me and whoever it had been was very well endowed.

She never found her panties. I put them away where she would never locate them thinking that one day if I needed evidence of her behaviour they could provide it.

 “You’re not taking that fucking Roz bitch out skiing again with us are you?” She yelled from the shower. “I’ve told you she has got something wrong with her. She never joins in the fun and just spends the day ogling you and the other guys. I think she still has the hots for you. Not that that matters because she would not have a decent fuck in her anyway.”

She delayed for a period then. “She’s probably still a virgin at twenty-eight years of age. Every man who takes her out gets dumped the next day. Maybe she’s a lesbian. You stay away from the bitch.  Just let her try it on and see what happens. I’d fuck her up for life, the little whore.”

  Even though all the symptoms were evident that my wife was cheating regularly I had not observed her or directly caught her cheating. No matter how strong the evidence I always gave her the benefit of the doubt. Love can be a wonderful thing but I now understand it can also turn a person into a blind, weak idiot.

We were ardent water skiers and spent a good deal of our non- working time on the water. We had purchased our own boat a few years earlier. I would be on the water with friends early every Saturday and again on Sunday mornings. My wife, Sue would not arrive with the kids until later in the morning.

Sue had an incredible body. At just over five foot she did not have large tits but they were ample and perfectly shaped. Her but was a thing of beauty and her legs had a slight gap between them which made her camel toe stand out no matter what she wore but particularly so in her bikini. She usually wore shorts socially when the weather allowed or tight jeans if the weather was cooler. For more formal wear it was always short dresses with G string panties which she loved to flash when given the chance.

When Sue wore shorts they were very short. I have seen her sitting with her legs up where her pussy flaps could be seen peeping out from the side. She had a habit of wearing panties which were very narrow at the legs when she wore shorts and you could be forgiven for believing that she did this to expose as much as possible. She knew she had it and often told me that if you have got it why not show it. Displaying her camel toe just seemed to be normal practice for her. Because of this I had become comfortable with her flashing and took little notice of the attention that she attracted.

Attracting attention when you’re putting together a water ski group is rather helpful. Fit men were always hanging around on the pretence of wanting a ski but some of the oglings made it obvious that a water ski was not all they were after. Women also hung around making conversation many ogling the men but a few also checking out my wife which made their intention obvious as well.

We were not high fliers by any stretch of the imagination but we led a comfortable life. When things were difficult financially I had the opportunity to work more than one job which meant that we could go where we wanted or do what we wanted without much consideration of money.

 It was a good life and we lapped it up. I didn’t mind working the extra hours. The only disadvantage was that I often worked late nights to make ends meet but that is the price I paid for the financial freedom that it gave us. It was obvious to me even at that early stage that the company that I worked for had high hopes for me in management. This meant that I was well paid.

Sex for us was very satisfying. Sue was usually ready to go and so there was seldom a night where we would not get it on. Occasionally she would say no when she had been out either saying she had a headache or was tired. Now years later when I hear of sex addiction I think of Sue. 

Sue loved the attention that she got from both the men and the women. Some of them would give her a playful pat on the arse when she bent over or when she climbed into the boat. It was very stimulating to see a young stud or a fit young woman pat her on the bum. Sometimes I observed that the pat was not restricted to her but cheeks and I saw that the fingers would protrude further through the gap between her legs to pat her pussy.

Occasionally there would be several pats in succession especially if she was bending over at the time. Her response was always the same. For the men, she would turn, smiling and look them up and down from the crotch to their eyes. With the women, she would look them directly in the eye with a broad smile. If the opportunity presented, she put her arms around them and would give them a peck on the cheek. 

It seemed that attention from others was what she lived for. On one occasion when she thought I was not looking and a young stud had given her bum and pussy a pat she turned around and kissed him while giving his cock a quick rub. On another when Robin had patted her I saw her reach into Robin’s bikini bottom and stroke her pussy. Robin had responded by kissing her passionately on the lips.

Given that this was happening with Sue and what is good for the goose is good for the gander, I occasionally took advantage and would give the bum of an attractive female within our group a pat.  In time I found that if they were bent over then it gave me clear access to pat their pussy.

Most loved it and responded with a smile or a peck on the cheek but others would respond by saying something like, “Keep your fucking hands to yourself.” 

Eventually, I worked out who to avoid and who loved it. Usually, it was the wives that enjoyed it and a couple of the older single girls. There were a couple of times that when I patted a pussy the woman would go out of her way to give me the opportunity to do it to her more often making it obvious that she was setting herself up as a target.

On one occasion when no one was around one of the wives, Carol remained bent over while turning her head to look me in the eye and said, ”Ooohh, that feels good. Do it again.”

 I gave her pussy a good rubbing and let my fingers push through the edge of her shorts to rub her pussy getting the tips of a couple of fingers into her. She was very wet and remained bent over throughout.  When someone appeared suddenly I backed off.  This was to lead to a future event.

   Much of the time I was not present with the group because my key role was driver although when my turn came for a ski I would be dressed and ready to go and looking for a driver and observer. Drivers were often reluctant. I observed that when Sue would say, “I’ll go observer” there was a tussle on who could get behind the wheel first. This constant attention and touching meant that by evening Sue was primed and ready to be bedded.

I loved it because how many men have a wife who can’t wait to get their husband into bed at the end of every day. The teasing that I witnessed also had its effect on me and often I would get into the boat and call for the next skier just to hide the woody that was the result of my observing her antics. As I said it was a good life and we loved it.

I had been aware that Sue had cheated on me but I put that down to her sex drive getting out of control so focused as much attention as possible to her. My solution to a cheating wife was not anger or insult but to love her more and pay her so much attention that she didn’t want to stray. One of my beliefs in life was that people who worried about the past were busy destroying their future. I looked forward to the day when she did not have to cheat to find satisfaction. 

On one of our water skiing runs when I returned to camp my wife was not present. I asked one of the women where she was and the reply was, “I think her and a couple of the lads have gone for a walk.”

“Which way,” I asked.

“Don’t know,” was the reply which I knew was a lie because if she was aware that she had gone for a walk then she would also know which way they went.

“Will you take me for a ski?” Carol asked. Roz climbed into the boat as an observer and we went back to skiing. I watched the banks of the river as we went looking for signs of Sue. At one stage I saw one of the young lads that hung around my wife in some tall grass on the bank of the river. He was standing still and looking down observing something or someone in the tall grass. When he saw me he ducked down. I immediately knew that there was some ‘hanky-panky’ going on.

I knew that Roz has seen him too so to me it was embarrassing. Meanwhile, Roz struck up a conversation with me much of which was meaningless general chatter.

Suddenly she said, “How do you stand all the attention that Sue gets from everyone.”

“It doesn’t worry me. People are entitled to look if they want to. I would rather they didn’t try to handle her as much as they do but it does no harm, I guess.”

“You know they are screwing her, don’t you.”

 I thought, so I’m not the only one who thinks that. I hesitated in answering. “I suspect so but I can’t be sure. It upsets me if they are.”

“Why not give her what she gives you? Pull the boat up near the end of the run. I know Carol tries to get your attention and I would love a good fuck right now.”

The thought of my wife laying on a rug or towel in the long grass getting screwed by several young fit lads had my cock at attention. When Roz said this it almost drove me over the edge. I slowed the boat and turned around to pick up Carol from the water.

When we pulled up beside Carol she asked, “What’s up?”

“Goyse is going to give you what you have been looking for over the last couple of months,” Roz replied.

“Really?” she said and climbed eagerly into the boat and immediately sat on my lap. They had obviously discussed it because there appeared no doubt on Carol’s part of what Roz meant.

The cool water from her bikini took away some of my erection. She had herself jammed between me and the steering wheel of the boat. The cool water off her bikini had an instant impact on me. She observed that my erection was becoming placid so stood up and removed her panties. She dried off with a towel and sat back down. Her pussy was quite large and she had flaps that hung open that were clearly wet from her juices.

I would like to have licked her and checked her pussy out but that was not going to be possible because she obviously was taking charge. Because I was not completely erect my cock was now protruding forward with her pussy spread each side of my stem. I was moving the boat slowly forward to make sure that any other water skiers could safely pass us.

I reached up and undid Carol’s Bikini top and then started to stroke her tits giving them a light squeeze occasionally. Her nipples were now very erect and she whimpered when I touched them. They must have been very sensitive. 

My cock was fully erect again and pulling in on her clit and Carol was moving her but backwards and forwards across my cock. I could now feel the juices flowing from her and I could tell that her hole had been well used as it seemed to gape open. Her large flaps hung either side of my shaft and she was using me as if I was a dildo.

I just sat there and did not move. I left it to her because my attention was on Roz who was sitting back watching. Roz then stood up and removed her bikini. She reached over and kissed me passionately then sat back down on the edge of the seat and started rubbing herself while pinching her quaint little nipples with her free hand.

Her pussy was very small in comparison to Carol and my wife. Initially, it was closed with a little tuft of red hair above it. As she rubbed it a faint sight of moisture could be seen. Her rubbing made her slit open just a fraction to reveal a tint of pink.

Carol by this time was working hard and suddenly let out a noise like an angry cat may make as she reached orgasm, covering me with her juices. She had tried to get my cock to enter her but because of the limited space between the steering wheel and my body that had proved impossible. I enjoyed the attention from Carol but to me, she was just another pussy wanting to get satisfied. My interest was completely taken up by Roz.

Before I was married I had taken Roz out. We had gone to a dance together when she was just eighteen and I was nineteen. We had a great night. On our way home while we were kissing in the backseat of my friend’s car I had placed my hand on her thigh. I then moved it towards her pussy. She had stopped me saying, “Sorry Goyse but it’s that time of the month. I would like to but I just can’t.”

Two weeks later after Roz and I had spent a little time together in public I met my wife to be, Sue.

 The week after I had met Sue, Roz had come to see me at my home when no one was there. We had started to make up for lost time only to have Sue walk in on us. Roz at the time was sitting on my bed and I was down on my hands and knees licking Roz’s little pussy.  When Sue saw what we were doing she yelled and screamed saying, “get your fucking hands off my boyfriend you fucking slut.”

Roz had taken off like a startled deer caught in headlights and I did not see her for several years later when she reappeared to join my ski team.

Carol seemed to instinctively know that Roz and I had a thing going. I had not taken my attention away from Roz all the time that Carol was getting off. Roz had been looking directly into my eyes all that time.

“I can take a hint,” Carol said and moved to the back of the boat to jump overboard.

“I’m sorry, Carol,” I responded, “Roz and I have some time to make up for.”

 “Yep, I know,” she replied. “Roz has told me that there has only ever been one guy in her life. Look after her good.  She’s waited a long time for it and she’s a great chick. I’m going to join the others.” With this, she swam to the bank and walked away towards where we had seen Sue and the lads.

I turned to Roz and took her into my arms and kissed her. “Is that true?” I said to her.

“She was not supposed to tell you. She promised me she would not say anything. Yes Goyse, I have only ever been in love once. I’ve tried to make it with others over the last ten years but it just doesn’t work. I rub myself at night thinking about when you were on your hands and knees licking me. It’s the only way that I can get off. Then I cry myself to sleep knowing that the fucking slut is ruining your life.“

She continued, “She is screwing every guy who is willing to fuck her, you know.” Tears were running down her cheeks. I held her tightly and kissed her again then licked the tears from her cheeks.

I ignored her comments about my wife but responded, “I had no idea. It makes me feel ashamed. If only you hadn’t run away the way you did that day.”

“It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known how I feel. Anyhow, I just wanted you to be happy and to have a good life. She’s a fucking slut. She once called me that and yet I have never behaved the way she has and I never will. If I was the one in your life then you would be the only one in mine. I do love you, Goyse.”

After Carol left I had turned in my seat to allow Roz to sit on my lap and she had moved so that my cock head was sitting at her entrance. I could feel her juices. She moved occasionally so my cock was almost entering her and then after a short time she would pull back. The stimulation was incredible.

As I write this I am becoming hard just at the memory. I have had many erotic moments in my life but there are a couple that remain fixed in my mind and this was one of them. It was a sexually charged moment but also this was more than that. My deep emotional feelings were overpowering me.

I lifted her up and took the boat seat which was designed to lay down for camping purposes and turned it into a bed. I then took a couple of towels and laid her down on the seat. I kissed her while stroking her neck and shoulders. She responded to my caresses and wrapped her arms around me pulling me tightly against her then as we broke the kiss she released her hold on me and started to push me down towards her crotch. I knew what she wanted.

 She wanted me to continue where we had left off almost ten years before. Her pussy was very wet at this stage and the lips were just a little bit open. I was amazed at how small her pussy was. It looked more like the pussy of a young teenager than a twenty-eight year old and for a moment I had a quick thought that maybe I would not be able to get into her.

I licked her slit savouring her sweet juices then moved up to access her clit with my tongue. She humped in response and let out a little moan. After licking her clit for a while she started to make humping movements. “Oooohhh, that’s beautiful. Keep it up, Goyse. I love it. Oooohhh fuck. Oooohhh fuck. Oooohhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Her sudden orgasm took me by surprise. Her juices sprayed in all directions covering my face with her fluids. I kept licking her as she came down. She pushed me away from her crotch and pulled me up on her.

She kissed me deeply again and then licked her juices off my face. By this time my rock hard cock was just touching her pussy. I reached down and slid it across her slit which opened her flaps enough for the head to enter her.

“I have never had anything like that before,” she said. “I love you, Goyse. I have wanted this for so long. I have dreamt of it every night since that day but I had never expected that it would be this good. Fuck me. I want you in me. I want you to get me pregnant. I’m ovulating and I want us to have a baby.”

“You are beautiful, Roz. Of all the women that I have known you are the most gorgeous and the most desirable.” I pushed into her slowly a little bit at a time. I had once taken a virgin but Roz was tighter by far. I knew that my cock was slightly larger now so perhaps that explained it.

 I could tell that when I pushed too hard it hurt her so I made little movements entering just a fraction at a time. I was on the edge of coming and I didn’t want to spoil it for her so my slow movements were also to regain control.

My mind was buzzing at a hundred miles an hour. I realized that there was no risk of me getting her pregnant because I had a vasectomy once both our children were born. Should I tell her or should I keep it to myself?

I was all the way in and she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to hump back at me. Her eyes were closed and she made little whimpering sounds with every thrust. Occasionally she lifted her head to kiss me. “It feels so lovely,” she said. “I’m having little orgasms all the time. I feel so full. I’m so stretched. I think I’m about to squirt again. Oooohhh fuck. Here I come.”

She hunched her back up lifting her but off the towels. My cock was like it was in a hot bath. The juices were pouring out of her. As I moved she was no longer slick but her pussy walls gripped my cock. As I pulled out I felt that part of her pussy was being extruded from her hole and when I pushed back in I was bottoming out in her and could feel something over the head of my cock. I knew that this was her cervix, the entrance to her ovaries like I had seen that night when I looked at my wife after she had been fucked by Henry.

I pushed harder hoping against hope that I could enter the tubes to her ovaries. It was too much. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I went over the top, pushing my cock in as hard as I could, wishing that I had never had that vasectomy.  How I wanted to satisfy her wish of carrying my child but I knew that could never to be.

Stream after stream of cum ejaculated into her lovely tight pussy. It went on and on and on until my balls were in pain but still even when I knew that I was dry the pulses continued and continued. She kissed me and kissed me. She held me so tight with her arms and her legs that I was losing my breath and then I blacked out.

 When I recovered she was lying still and holding me close. “This is my dream come true,” she said. “I’ll be pregnant now. You have given me something of yours that I can keep forever.”

I looked her in the eyes and kissed her. What the hell do I do? Do I tell her? I can’t but if I don’t I will carry the guilt for the rest of my life. What do I do? This sex was better than I had ever experienced with anyone. To this day many years later as I write this there have been few experiences to compare with it but I was married with kids to look after and I was infertile and she wanted my child.

Just then we heard the sound of a boat approaching. Roz was dressed in a flash. I pulled my shorts on and lay down under the dashboard of the boat pretending to fix something. I knew that if anyone got close they would smell the odour of sex because our juices were everywhere.

I stood up as the boat approached to yell out. “It’s OK. Just a wire came off the ignition. It’s fixed now. Thanks for coming to help,” as I started the motor. 

As we slowly made our way back I took a bucket of water and quickly gave the boat a rinse to cover up the evidence. Roz dipped the towels in the river to hide the wet spots.

As we pulled up I announced that there were electrical problems with the motor and we would need to call it a day. Sue was nowhere to be seen. Carol also had not returned.

 When I next saw Carol, she quietly told me that several of the guys had been gathered around Sue. It was obvious they had been fucking my wife. Carol had told them that the boat had broken down. Sue had said, “Well that’ll keep him occupied for a couple of hours. Come on boys. Who is next? You’ve got a hot pussy here to satisfy. Pull up a seat Carol and learn what life is all about. Maybe you would like to clean me after they’re finished.”

Carol never told me if she joined in but I suspect that she did. The only thing she said was that I would have to be an idiot to stay with Sue when Roz would die to spend her life with me. Consideration of my children and the problems that a separation would involve meant that although I thought about it I never acted on that advice.

I was trapped with a woman who had no respect for me where the only thing holding us together was the needs of our children.  What it did do for me though was to solve something that had been tearing at my heartstrings. There were a couple of women who gave indications that they were interested in me. It was at that moment that I decided that I would pay them more attention and see where it would lead.

After loading the boat I offered to run Roz home. She accepted. Others had come out with me in the morning. I made the excuse that I would deliver the boat to the local dealer for repair so asked could they get a ride home with someone else. Jack asked me why Roz was getting a lift. Roz quickly said that her dad needed some spares for his boat and I was going to the dealer.

Once out of sight Roz cuddled up to me. We kissed occasionally like young lovers with not a care in the world. As I dropped her off she thanked me again and told me that she would call her child Goyse if it was a boy. She thanked me again saying that this had been the best day of her life and if I ever ditch that slut then she would be waiting for me.

I drove away wondering if I would see her again. I knew that the guilt of letting her believe that I could father her child would be difficult for me to deal with. I also knew that if she ever found out then she would learn to hate me for deceiving her. Of all the regrets in my life, allowing Sue to talk me into having the vasectomy was to become the one that I regretted the most.

I never saw Roz from that day on. I often wonder how it would have been if I had left Sue to go with her. A few months later she married an old school friend of hers.  I am told they had several children and they called their first boy, Goyse. I guess that she never did work out that my real name is Gordon and Goyse is my nickname.

Carol told me later on that during her love tangle at the river that day Sue had chucked off at me. She told the guys that I was infertile and could not father children while telling them to seed her eggs and get her pregnant.

Roz had already told Carol that she was ovulating and that she wanted to make love to me so that I could father her child. Next day Carol took pity on her and told her that it was not possible because I was infertile. Carol said that she got angry and went berserk saying “Men are all the same. They just want to get their rock off. The bastard, no wonder his wife fucks around on him.”

Hearing this I couldn’t control my emotions and tears rolled down my cheeks. Carol took me in her arms and said, “I’m sorry, Goyse. I didn’t realize. You really care about her don’t you?” I just shook my head thinking how many mistakes I had made and how cruel life can be.

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