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Stephanie's Halloween Party

Stephanie gets stuffed at Halloween party

Carl and Stephanie were invited to her friend Brenda's annual Halloween party. They were both trying to decide what costumes to wear that would be both fun and sexy at the same time, costumes that allowed easy access to each other, but kept them anonymous. Carl is not much for costume parties and has always chosen to stay home, but this year he was going to go until a last minute phone call from a buyer changed his plans.

Stephanie always wears a sexy costume and Carl has fun teasing her about all the men she ends up teasing. This year she decided to go as a sexy female Zorro. Carl tried to get her to model the costume for him and she refused, always saying she had something else to do. Carl let it go and just continued to give her shit because she was going to wear it in front of a bunch of strangers but not for him.

  She called Carl around noon on Saturday and told him she was getting her hair and nails done and was excited about the party. This bothered Carl more this year than it had in the past because Stephanie was looking particularly fine these days. She had been working hard to get in shape and she looked great. Her dark auburn hair framed her face and accented her beautiful blue eyes. Picturing her round ass in a short Zorro costume was more than Carl could take so he hurried his buyers along and decided to drive to the party.

He decided not to tell her because he wanted to watch her in disguise. Without any one there to keep tabs on her, Carl was curious to see which Stephanie would emerge. Her friend Brenda is not one of Carl's favorite people. She hates him for hurting Stephanie in the past. When Carl got to Clermont he didn't have a costume and quickly went shopping. In an hour he had his face painted white had dyed is hair temporarily black, shaved his chest bare and putting on some silk oriental pants and a silk belt with a sword.... he was a Japanese warrior.

He arrived at the party by 9 p.m. and was pretty sure that neither Brenda nor Stephanie would recognize him. Carl was worried about how he would get in to the party, but it turned out to be no problem. He just followed two sexy stewardesses in and nobody said anything. Carl went around the house looking for his wife and found her making margaritas in the kitchen. Her costume was perfect for the party.

She wore a black ruffled mini skirt with matching red thigh high stockings attached to a garter belt. Her long sleeved white button up shirt was tied under her tits exposing them and her flat stomach. Stephanie's long auburn hair cascaded down the back of a black cape and her lips glistened in a crimson hue. Her blue eyes were covered in a simple black mask that made everything so sexy.  

She must have gotten the single tail whip tied at her waist from Master Carl's bedroom chest, something she knew wasn't allowed, and will be harshly dealt with at home on another day.

She had a lot of competition among the ladies there were the stewardesses that came in with Carl, a couple of police officers with button popping tits. A candy striper nurse, a few devils, a little red riding hood who was hot, Carl mingled with a few other men when he realized he couldn't find his wife. She had disappeared.

He found her outside dancing with a mafia type who was at least 6'5" and shirtless. He was all over her on the dance floor trying to feel my tits and I was teasing him all the way.  Carl watched until the song ended and then he was grabbed by Brenda and led out onto the dance floor. She asked Carl which one of the stewardesses he was with. Once he said neither, Brenda had her hand over Carl's silken cock and asked him if he would like a blowjob from the hostess.

  Not wanting to be rude and not wanting to say much for fear she would recognize his voice, he smiled and followed the seductive finger she used to lead him to the basement. The basement had been divided into cubicles with mattresses in them. Brenda and Carl passed three occupied ones before they came to an empty one. She pulled down his silk pants with her teeth easily and began feasting on his cock. Brenda was dressed as a hot fifties pin up girl and Carl had his hands all over her tits as she sucked eagerly on his cock.

Carl had forgotten all about his wife when he heard a groan and tilted his head around and saw the mafia guy. The look on his face said it all. He had just shot his load and I heard him tell his lady that he would give her a true fucking in a few minutes. Carl shot his load deep in Brenda 's mouth when he saw Stephanie walking out before mafia guy.

His faithful wife had just sucked another man's cock. Tobey caught all of his cum and Carl stayed rock hard, which Brenda couldn't believe. She told Carl she had to get back to the party and that she would like to fuck him later. He nodded and stuffed his hard cock back into his silk pants. Carl walked back upstairs peering into each cubicle as he passed.

Upstairs Carl found his wife not with mafia guy, but with Jesus. This guy had long hair and a band around his head and a loincloth over his crotch. Her eyes were all over his smooth chest and his hand was trying to free her tits. They were in the hallway of the house when he freed a tit and buried his head to her chest.

Stephanie fell against the wall and threw her head back and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes she saw Carl staring and waved him over. For a second he forgot he was in costume and then realized she did not know it was him. Carl went over as she offered him her other tit. Stephanie had her hand on Carl's crotch feeling his cock grow and her other hand was inside of Jesus’ loincloth.

His cock was larger than Carl's, but not as thick. Carl’s cock is a solid 7x7 and he was bigger than that.  Stephanie had both of them hard when she decided to take us down to the basement. Jesus looked at Carl and they both looked at Stephanie as they found an open cubicle and followed her in. She would not take off her mask, but her legs spread nicely to reveal red stockings and crotch less panties.

Carl noticed she had shaved her pussy and her skin was silky smooth. She had walked downstairs with her tits out and when she lay on the mattress she used her hand to guide Carl's cock to her lips and used her other hand to have Jesus line his cock up to her spread legs. Carl watched as Jesus mounted his wife and she temporally forgot about his cock as she writhed while his cock slowly entered her body.

Once he was completely inside her she let out a whimper and opened her eyes and saw Carl's rock hard cock and used her tongue to lead it past her lips. Carl had to change his concentration and focus on the ceiling because if he continued watching another mans cock plunge in and out of his wife he would have lost his load right then and there. Her moaning as Jesus fucked her kept getting louder even though Carl's cock muffled her mouth.

  She was delirious with pleasure from the two cocks she was feasting on. Jesus told her he was about to cum and she bucked her hips to meet his every thrust while not letting go of Carl's cock stuffed down her throat. When he tensed up and his ass tightened, he was shooting his hot cum into her and it sent Carl's cock to an explosive climax. Stephanie was being filled with hot cum at both ends.

  Jesus remained inside her body until she pulled her mouth away from Carl's dick and used her mouth to lick Jesus clean. Carl's cock started to grow again while watching her lick their juice from his massive cock. He seemed to want a repeat performance and when he withdrew his cock from her mouth he was rock hard again and tried to fuck her again. She started to get up and told us that she needed to get back to the party. Jesus then asked if her husband was upstairs.

  She smiled and said he was home because he had to work and did not really want to wear a costume. Carl smiled to himself and stuffed his rock hard cock back in his pants and followed her upstairs. He watched as she went to the kitchen and made more margaritas and found Brenda. Carl was outside watching the party when Brenda came up to him and asked if he liked the blowjob from her friend. She then reminded him that she wanted to fuck him later.

  He asked her if her and her friend were married and if so where were the husbands. She told him Stephanie's husband was a jerk and that she was single. He asked if she and her friends were always this much fun and she told him this was Staph’s first time since having children that she looked this great and so she is making up for lost time.

She also pointed out two other married women who were on the prowl for strange cock tonight. Carl sought both of them out and they were very hot, one was around 30 with huge tits that were falling out of a police uniform. The other was a French maid with big tits and a very nice ass. He went over to where the cop was standing and asked her to arrest me for what he wanted to do to her.

She smiled and put her hand into his pants and felt his growing cock and led him back to the basement. His third trip and it was still only 10:30. She led him to her cubicle and had him lay on the bed when she lifted her skirt and straddled his cock, slowly lowering herself on his manhood. She was tight and she held still for a few seconds before she started bouncing up and down on his cock. Carl tried to free her huge tits and in a few seconds he had his head buried in her chest.

Her tits were fantastic much bigger than his wife’s. He flicked his tongue across her nipples as she would whimper and grind her body against is stomach. He could feel her climax as she continued to fuck him.. Carl's tongue was driving her nipples crazy and her cunt was driving his cock crazy as they both climaxed simultaneously. She collapsed on his chest and thanked him for the best fuck tonight.

He thanked her also and was putting his pants back on when he heard his wife muffle for him to fuck her harder. He climbed the stairs and saw Nacho Libre giving his fat cock to his bride doggie style. He was a big man and Carl saw him tense up and he must have been filling her cunt with his seed.

Carl was on the stairs with 3 other guys who we were looking from cubicle to cubicle trying to figure out who was available. Their wait was short lived as Little Bo Peep came down the stairs feeling crotches as she walked by. She was looking for her lost cock she said. She chose Batman and freed his cock from his costume while maintaining the rest of his costume. She engulfed his cock in her mouth and in less than two minutes she was calling for another cock to help her.

Carl was on his way upstairs to find his wife when 4 four guys made their way down past him to Little Bo Peep. She was all smiles, as the four of them all showed her hard cocks. Carl went outside trying to find Stephanie and began looking in rooms around the house. He looked in one room to see a baseball player giving head to a Dr. the Dr. had an enormous cock and the baseball player was trying to fit the whole thing in his mouth.

Carl lingered a little longer watching the men get it on.  In the next room he saw Tobey and Little Red Riding hood locked in a 69 with both of them moaning. He watched as they each had very nice orgasms. Then he resumed his search for his wife. He went back to the basement and looked for her. He saw that all of the cubicles were busy and two guys were still servicing little Bo Peep. 

She had two cocks in her cunt and her head buried in a pillow screaming. In another cubicle a nun was getting fucked doggie style by fireman with a long hose. She was screaming OH GOD... OH GOD... as he drilled her. Carl looked all over for Stephanie but to no avail.

He was lost in a sea of sex. His wife had been with at least 4 men tonight and was showing no signs of slowing down, but he could not find her and decided to go to the kitchen and fix a drink while watching a game of beer pong for clothing. The ladies were losing and were down to panties... sexy panties and no bras.

The guys playing were still in costume and having fun teasing the girls. He went back to the basement and saw Jesus fucking a stewardess on the same bed the mafia guy had his head buried in a nurse’s cunt, while she sucked the cock of a Greek warrior. In the other cubicles there was everything going on. Brenda and her girlfriend had two guys and were trading cock back and forth.

Carl went back to searching for Steph, she had been lost for over an hour. If she was having fun he wanted to watch. He went out back and was on a chaise lounge when he saw her standing up against the back yard wall. She was talking to a younger guy. He did not look old enough to be at this party. Carl watched as he led her out the gate to the front yard. Carl followed behind at a distance. He walked her over to the house next door and Carl could see he was feeling her tits. She was drunk and had her hands looking for his cock.

They had some heavy petting going for about 15 minutes when another car came down the block. The guy knew the people in the car and left Stephanie for a minute while he went over to talk with them. When he came back he heard him tell his wife that his friends would only be there a few minutes.

When the 2 boys came over Stephanie let out a sigh. The first kid had a finger in her cunt. He introduced his friends to as Zorro. She still had the mask on and looked more beautiful than ever. Carl was in Tobey's driveway about 10-12 feet from them. Stephanie was getting antsy and she placed her hand on the first guy’s crotch as she did this one of the other guys noticed and asked her if she could handle more.

Stephanie left the first guy and went to the talker and pulled his cock from his shorts and had his cock swallowed to his balls in less than 15 seconds. The first kid was nervous his parents might see and told them to take it inside the garage. He opened the garage while Stephanie was draining his cum from the talker’s cock. She was licking her lips as she followed the three boys into the garage. Carl couldn't see very well but his prayers were answered when they turned on the lights.

Stephanie was sucking all three cocks at once. These boys looked to be in high school and their cocks were rock hard as she sucked them. Her tits were exposed to them and when she switched from cock to cock she would wrap her tits around each cock. Carl watched as all three of them shot their cum in her wanting mouth. She still wanted more and she climbed on the pool table and called loudly for the guys to hurry and fuck her. The kid who lived there told her and the others to keep it down as not to alert his parents.

Stephanie thought this was funny and was smiling when the quiet one climbed on the pool table and fed her his cock, these boys were young and inexperienced but they made up for it in stamina. He fucked her thru two orgasms before he announced he was Cumming. She had the other two cocks in her hands and was alternating between sucking them and having them slap her tits and pinch her nipples hard, something Carl knew she loves.

After the first one came another climbed on the pool table and fucked her to another orgasm. She had the first guy hard again and was deep throating him as the other guy came in her cunt. The rotation continued for over an hour with each guy giving her four or five loads of cum. Carl wasn't surprised she was keeping up with these young boys, because she can ride him for hours on end. Stephanie was sucking one of them when the house door to the garage opened and the father came out.

  He was upset and sent his kid to his room and the other two boys home. Carl's wife was drunk and still in costume as she stood up from the pool table the father was saying something to her while trying not to stare at her beautiful tits and round ass. He was a big man around 6’5” or so and very lean he looked to be about 35 – 40 and when she saw the tent in his boxers, she slowly started to put her tits back in her costume. She had one in when he walked over and locked the door to the inside of the house.

As she was trying to get her other tit into her outfit he approached her with a hard on in his shorts. She looked at this and a smile came over her face. She took her time in taking her dress off and dropping it to the floor. She was naked except her red stockings and her high heel and the mask. His cock was now protruding out through his boxers and she wasted no time in dropping his boxers coming face to face with a huge cock.

It had to be 10 inches and thick. She wrapped both hands around it and used her tongue on the head of his cock. He picked her up and turned her over so he could eat her cunt while she sucked him. She wrapped her legs around his neck as she tried to swallow more of his giant cock. He had his mouth buried in her cunt and when he came up for air his face was covered in cum. She would take a break from trying to stuff more of his cock in her mouth by wrapping her tits around his cock and titty fucking his cock.

He brought her to a few climaxes before she begged him to fuck her with his big cock. She unlocked her legs from his neck and he turned her over and laid her on the pool table. She was begging for him to feed her his cock and when he started to push his fat cock into her she slowed him down and had at least 2 orgasms before his cock was balls deep in her. When she had adjusted to his size she asked him to go slow and he did at first.

Until she started begging him to fuck her harder and harder, she was lost in space as he continued to slam her into the pool table. He withdrew his cock and told her to turn over and get on her hands and knees. He wasted no time in stuffing his cock back inside her. She was meeting his every thrust with one of her own and when he reached around to grab her tits and squeeze her nipples she had another climax as he gripped her tits and hung on while she fucked him as hard as he fucked her.

She was begging for him to never stop fucking her and when he tensed his ass and filled her cunt with an endless stream of cum. Carl could tell she had the most intense orgasm of the night. He watched as the man withdrew his massive cock from her and the gaping hole it left behind soon leaked cum on to his pool table. She was not through and went right for his limp cock and in about ten minutes he was ready to go again.

  She led him to a weight bench and had him sit down with his cock pointing straight up. She slowly lowered her body on his giant cock and when she had his cock buried in her she just rotated on his cock for the first orgasm of the second go around. He buried his head in her tits as she bounced on his cock. She had another climax before he picked her up and put her on her back and fed her his cock while on his knees. They lasted about five more minutes before he flooded her again with his seed.

  As he withdrew his cock she again went to lick him clean and hard. She begged him to fuck her one more time. He said he had to get back in the house before his wife went looking for him. She told him if he is ever near Titusville to look her up. He pointed to her wedding ring and she just smiled and said her husband would understand. Carl watched and made sure his wife made it back safely to the party.

Stephanie fell on the couch exhausted and Carl as the warrior came over and tried to start something. She fell fast asleep and Carl covered her with a blanket and went looking for an outlet for his pent up balls. It did not take long as he went to the basement and found the police officer with the big tits still looking for more cock. The party was long over and the few that remained were either lost or passed out except for the police officer. She waved him over and had his hard cock out and ready to fuck her.

He turned her over and fed her his cock while he grabbed her big tits. He held on while she fucked him.  She pushed her body on his cock for about 10 minutes before he gave her two hours worth of wife watching cum. She collapsed on the bed and did not move when he got up to leave. Carl left and decided he was to exhausted to drive home so he got a room at the Days Inn and passed out. It was after 3 am and when he awoke at 11am he had a message from his wife on his cell phone. She said she had a great time and could not wait to tell him all about it when she gets home. 

I appreciate all your e-mails so let me know what you think of it and please don’t forget to vote. I am new to this writing thing and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Savanah


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