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Sticking Plaster Part 1

This had better be good” Beth muttered under her breath as she reached for the telephone. Who the fuck would be ringing her during “Big Brother” anyway? All of her friends and family knew to avoid calling Beth at this time as Beth was highly likely to become most unreasonable, like a bear with a sore head whilst menstruating and she didn’t take too kindly to being disturbed.

“Yeah?” Beth almost sang down the phone. If this was some marketing call, she’d rip them limb from limb. If she wanted sodding double glazing, she’d call them! As Allan and Beth were on the telephone preference service, they shouldn’t be receiving marketing calls anyway!

“Beth?” a familiar voice enquired, “It’s me! Kirsty!” There was a short pause whilst Beth allowed the information to be processed in her mind. There was only one Kirsty she knew who had her number and that was her best mate and roomie from University. It couldn’t be, could it?

“Kirsty!” Beth squealed in delight, forgetting momentarily about Big Brother, “What’ve you been up to?” “All in good time” Kirsty replied, “What have you been up to? Are you still married to that hunk of a husband of yours?” Kirsty had always been impressed with Beth’s choice of fella and had been genuinely happy for her when she had announced she was to wed the man of her dreams.

“Yes, so keep your hands off!” Beth joked. She had no fears about Kirsty trying to steal her guy. The two girls had been best of mates for their time at Uni together and had remained in contact, albeit a little distant of late. They had enjoyed many laughs together, not to mention some serious drinking sessions and having to fight the boys off with shitty sticks!

They had shared many a secret with each other, being the agony aunt for each other as they had progressed through their degree courses, sharing the victories and defeats that all under graduates experience at some time in their life. They were pillars of each other, supportive and solid. Beth had wondered if she would ever have managed to complete her course successfully without Kirsty’s input and vice versa. It was as though they were surrogate sisters, separated at birth but destined to connect with each other, as though they were on the same wave length.

“Listen, I’m going to be in town at the weekend doing some shopping. Are you about to join me for a bit of retail therapy and a coffee?” Kirsty enquired her voice bubbly and enthusiastic. “Sure, sounds good!” Beth replied. She had plans but nothing that couldn’t be broken, especially for Kirsty. “What are you going shopping for?” There was a pregnant pause whilst Kirsty drew breath. “A wedding dress!” she announced triumphantly. Allan had been in the kitchen fetching a cold beer from the fridge when he heard Beth scream like some maniac. With his heart in his mouth, he raced into the lounge only to find Beth, curled up with both feet on the sofa, beaming from ear to ear like some circus clown. What the fuck had she screamed for? He had thought she had caught her fingers in the door wedge or something! Beth’s animated voice continued to rise in pitch and volume as she interrogated her best mate for all the gruesome details. Who was the lucky guy, what did he look like, what does he do, where does he come from, has he got large pecs, is he large all over……..?

Allan returned to the kitchen door but stopped. The washing up sat on the side, beckoning for him to attend to them but Allan resisted the temptation to get stuck in. Anyway, if Beth was busy on the phone gassing away to an old buddy, she’d not want to watch Big Brother and, besides, there was European Football on the other side. Even though England were not playing, at least it had to be better than BB. Crikey! Even Antiques bloody Road-show had to be better than Big Brother!

To ensure that he would not get a hefty slap, Allan had taken the precaution to remove a cold, soft drink for Beth and pour it into a glass for her. He was happy to slug out of a can but she was a little more refined, expecting at least a glass, if not a straw and umbrella for her refreshment. With the remote in his hand, Allan swapped channels but no matter how hard he listened, Beth’s voice drowned out the commentary.

Allan sighed a deep sigh. This sounded like it was going to be one of those long phone “…..Of course I can come to Ibiza…..” Allan overheard Beth say and his ears pricked up. Wow! A vacation! That was just what he needed, a week or so away from the mundane day to day elements that his life consisted of, yep! A break was definitely on the wish list, quite near the top, just below a lottery win!

“………Sounds like a fantastic place for a hen night………” Beth continued in her excited voice and Allan could almost hear her drooling as she spoke. He might have guessed that Ibiza would be the ideal place for a hen night, plenty of clubs and a continual party environment. It was either there or Aya Naipa “………..No, of course Allan won’t mind if I come on my own………..” Beth said and suddenly, Allan’s world froze. It was like someone had pressed a pause button as the words sank into the grey cells that made up his brain. The penny began to drop and it seemed an eternity until it bounced off of the floor and make a clanging echo inside his head. Shit! She was planning to go without him. Bang went his idea of an early holiday. Still, at least he would gain possession of the remote control…………but he knew where he’d rather be.

The next fifteen minutes were little more than a blur to Allan as his disappointment sank in. The beer can emptied all too quickly and Allan felt an urge to replace it with another full one, aware that it, too, would evaporate down his gullet at high velocity. When Beth terminated the call, she was walking on air. Allan barely heard her rambling on about Kirsty getting married at long last, to a lean, hunky fitness instructor she had met whilst on a back packing holiday in Australia. They had hit it off instantly and Kirsty had told Beth all of the grisly details including the fact he had a foot fetish and would spend hours nibbling her toes whilst shafting her good. Beth had been intrigued but not enough to want to indulge herself. She had a few quirks or preferences of her own but having her toes sucked was, so far anyway, not one of them. Beth had agreed to spend Saturday shopping with Kirsty, shopping for all the essentials and having been married herself, Beth offered her services as Kirsty’s very own personal shopper. Besides, you needed someone with a little experience in finding the right

This had left Allan not only with the prospect of a long weekend at home with the remote when they all went swanning off to Ibiza in a few weeks time, but also at a bit of a loose end this coming Saturday. Allan had been looking forward to having a bit of time with his own wife as time during the week was often littered with mundane chores such as putting the washing machine on and doing a supermarket run when the stores were a little less busy. When Beth caught wind of Allan’s predicament, she was incredibly concerned and promised to ensure Allan did not feel the weekend was a waste. His ears pricked up momentarily until Beth handed him a short list of outstanding domestic chores around the house such as fixing a curtain rail, vacuuming the car, assembling a book case they had bought weeks ago that Allan still had not got round to doing, plus a dozen other minor but time consuming errands.

Allan sighed to himself. So this is what weekends are for then, are they? A time to rest and relax…………fixing curtain rails and so on! Gee whiz! He knew it was pointless arguing and, anyway, he thought the break would be good for Beth. She had spoken about Kirsty nonstop when Allan had first met her and had even met and socialised with Kirsty a bit, too. She was a bit of a raver, wild and raucous but just a hint of promiscuity hidden within the pretty smile and cheeky attitude. Kirsty was nothing more than just a harmless, fun loving girl who had morals and scruples. She enjoyed socialising and had a string of boyfriends but never more than one at a time. Kirsty treated blokes like cigarettes, never starting another one until the previous one was finished with!

It was her strong belief in what was right and what was wrong that had endured Allan to Kirsty and although he only knew her through Beth, he trusted her implicitly. If Beth was with Kirsty, even on a hen weekend in the party capital of Europe, Allan was confident that his own betrothed would be in good company and that no harm would come to her. More than that, after four years of happy marriage, Allan knew he could trust Beth, even if she was placed in an environment full of young, fit, hunky guys, that she would remain true to him.

Their love was as genuine and honest as t any of the best fairy tales, each kiss filled with the very same passion as the night they first met, each caress as loving and seductive as on their first grope all those years ago. Allan could not have been luckier he wouldn’t trade Beth for the world. Beth had identical feelings for Allan. She had never have dreamed in a million years she would have dated a guy as wonderful as Allan, let alone marry the guy. She would often wake up and see him slumbering next to her and her heart would skip a beat with the excitement of knowing that she was every bit in love with her man as the day they first met.

It was Beth’s turn to sigh now. She had not even packed a bag yet she was missing Allan already. Christ! He was stood in front of her, how the fuck could she miss him when he was stood right in front of her. Then she realised what was missing. In a movement so delicate it could have been a ballet move, Beth flung herself into Allan’s arms, her face reaching into his as her lips sought his, eager to taste his tongue on hers. They kissed with passion and despite Allan not yet having shaved, the roughness of his skin against her soft, pale cheeks was not unpleasant. “Are you sure you’re OK with me going with Kirsty on her hen weekend?” Beth asked once she had disengaged from the kiss. Allan looked into her eyes and saw his own reflection in her dilated pupils. God, she was gorgeous!

“I suppose” he said, trying to sound disinterested, shrugging his shoulders and endeavouring to appear wounded. Beth stared into his eyes and pulled a face that suggested she knew he was teasing her. As always, Beth’s intuition won through and Allan could not hold back his smirk. “And you don’t mind me spending the day with Kirsty this Saturday?” Beth enquired, her eyebrows raised as she posed the question. Allan nodded in affirmation. “You go and enjoy yourself” he said, resignedly. “I’ll just get plenty of beer in!”

“Sounds fair to me” Beth agreed. She disengaged from the cuddle and went and sat back on the sofa, “Oh, there’s one other thing you can do for me whilst I’m away for a few days………..” she opened the question. Allan looked at Beth quizzically. “And what would that be?” he asked tentatively. Allan stared at Beth in momentary silence as she mulled the position over in her mind. “You can record Big Brother for me and text me the latest gossip every day!” she suggested. Allan showed her his middle finger in playful jest whilst Beth poked her tongue out at Allan!

Beth had taken her suitcase into the office with her as she and a few of the gang were off that afternoon. They had taken some holiday from work and would be on the 15.15 flight from Luton Airport that very same day. Beth’s farewell to Allan had been the previous night as he had to be at work early

Allan left the house before Beth was awake and he had let Beth sleep in. He had set an alarm for her and he would call her from his cell phone later to ensure she was up on time. He looked at her lovely body sleeping and recalled the farewell from the night before. They had never really been apart since they had been married, except for the odd night when one of them had been on a course or away at a conference; never for a whole weekend. Beth had been every bit as remorseful as Allan at their time apart and had spent the whole evening before reminding each other how much they were in love. Their kisses had been delicate and tentative at first before they became more intense, their tongues entwining with each others, their breathing becoming more rapid and shallow as though they were running on a treadmill, although in Beth’s case, it would be more like hobbling. The wretched verucca she had contracted at the local swimming baths was beginning to really annoy her.

Slowly, Allan had pulled Beth’s blouse from the waistband of her skirt, running his hands up her back, his palms caressing her warm, soft skin. His progress up her body was hindered by elasticated material which Allan found offensive. With expert ease, his fingers found the clips of Beth’s bra and released the tension in the garment, immediately enjoying the freedom to run his hand up her back to the nape of her neck. Beth sighed in pleasure as Allan’s large, strong hands stroked her back and moving up to stroke her hair, his kisses now focusing on her cheek, his lips nibbling at her skin, licking her face gently as his mouth inched closer to her ear.

“I love you” he whispered and she kissed his cheek. She had only just turned twenty five but her innocence had evaporated long since. Her shoulder length dark hair and 34-24-34 hour glass shape, combined with the essence of horny woman added to the eroticism Allan felt. Her visits to the gym were sure paying dividends!

“I love you too” Beth responded, moving her arms from Allan’s well toned waist to the buckle of his trousers. His regular work outs had also kept him in prime shape, just how Beth liked her men….or more specifically, man! He had been in training recently and been out running most evenings until his man flu had incapacitated him. Allan was already one step ahead of Beth and had begun to unbutton her blouse at the front, his hands almost trembling with excitement as he slowly undid her clothing. Moments later, her blouse was undone and being tugged down her arms. With mild reluctance, Beth relinquished her grip on his buckle, allowing her top to slide to the floor, allowing her bra to follow suit almost immediately. Barely able to contain herself, Beth threw her head back as Allan nibbled at her neck, his mouth slowly teasing her as he moved down her chest, kissing, licking and sucking bits of her body as he headed towards Beth’s ample breasts.

Beth sucked in air in big gasps, like she was about to suffocate, such was the level of her arousal. Allan cupped a breast in one hand, feeling the weight as though he was examining a piece of fruit for quality. The soft, squidgy feel was pure heaven and to ensure the other breast did not feel neglected, his lips entertained its nipple, kissing and nibbling until it stood proud. Beth was now stroking Allan’s hair as his head and hands stimulated her breasts and within her own panties, she could feel herself dampening, her body responding to her husband’s erotic arousal. Hell, why the fuck did he have to be so good? It would make the trip even more difficult, the parting was always the hardest part. Yet Beth knew she would want to hurry back to Allan’s arms, to be embraced and held, to be loved and wanted. Physical disappointment engulfed her as Allan relinquished his grip on her breasts, but her misery was only short lived as Allan continued in his journey of Beth’s beautiful body, continuing to head South from the twin peaks in to the valley of darkness where he would eventually find, hidden amongst the bush, the cave of exquisite sensation.

Laying Beth down onto the duvet of their king sized bed, Allan inched his way lower, having already unzipped the skirt before positioning her on the bed. With his strong, muscular arms, Allan slipped her skirt down her silky thighs, noticing how soft they were to the touch. Allan was a self confessed leg man and although he loved her breasts, her legs were his absolute favourite, especially when they were wrapped around him! Unhurriedly, Allan kissed her thighs all over, stroking them with his hands, bringing Beth to a point of urgency yet they both wanted to savour the moment. It would be a very long weekend and they both wanted to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Allan teased Beth a little as he reached her panties, kissing around the material, licking the skin but skilfully avoiding her moist, warm pussy that now throbbed with desire. He tried to defer the inevitable, hoping to pace himself Beth moaned out loud in reflex as she gasped for breath and Allan continued to stimulate her, purposely allowing his nose to glide across her panties, nuzzling into her crevice that was her vagina. “Mmm!” Beth muttered as he probed at her. “You like” Allan enquired, his own breath now rapid and shallow. He never bored of arousing his wife, she was so horny and never failed to satisfy his needs which were by his own admission, very demanding.

“Mmmm!” Beth mumbled again. Words were not necessary and Allan remembered the old adage, actions speak louder than words. The thought spurred him into action and he hooked his fingers into the elasticated waist band of her panties, slowly pulling at them. Beth lifted her hips to ease the removal of the offending underwear and slowly, her pubic hair came into view. It was as though Beth’s pussy was custom made for him. Without hesitation, Allan placed his hungry lips on her wetness, enjoying the aroma and savouring the flavour it was perfect every time.

Slowly, he lapped at her, licking at her love lips and Beth squirmed in delight as her nerve endings tingled. A thousand Million sensations simultaneously registered in her brain that she was fully aroused and needed more than just oral stimulation.

“Make love to me darling” Beth muttered, her voice soft and loving yet with just a hint of urgency. Allan loved it when Beth talked to him when they made love. She had never gone all the way with anyone other than her husband yet her inexperience had not held her back. She had been eager to learn and to experiment and Allan had been willing to teach and learn at the same time.

He retained contact with her love lips, his tongue probing at her labia, his nose nestling into her clitoris, elongating her pleasure in his foreplay as he struggled with one hand to unbutton his trousers and slip them down his own thighs. The warm spring air cooled his hot skin and although he couldn’t see it, Allan wondered if his well lubricated erection would be giving off steam! With deftness that defied belief, Allan slipped his pants down, revealing his decent sized seven inch tool to the atmosphere. It may have been cooling down in the air but very soon, Allan’s firm erection would be buried somewhere warm and humid.

Beth reached down between her own legs, her hand in desperate search for her husband’s cock. He manoeuvred himself so Beth could reach him and her fingers on his rod made his pulse race even faster. Beth could feel his heart rate pulsating via the penis in her hand and she smiled to herself. Allan had given her his heart in the form of his undying love and it was evidenced in his heart making his cock throb. With a force that she ought not to have had, Beth drew Allan nearer to her by his cock, like a farmer drawing a bull by its nasal ring, pressing it against her vaginal lips, forcing it inside her. She swiftly moved her hand to Allan’s hips, drawing him deeper into her.

“Ooooh!” she murmured in delight as his rod penetrated her deep. She had never known anyone else’s cock and why would she want to when this one was oh so good! “Deeper!” she whispered in Allan’s ear. Beth knew Allan would respond; he always did. He loved the sensation of dirty talk and Beth was becoming quite an expert and Allan wondered if she could earn a better wage working on one of those premium rate adult chat lines, and his breath rasped in her ear.

Beth didn’t care too much about what was going through Allan’s mind as she talked, she was much more interested in reaching her own climax, feeling totally fulfilled and satisfying her hubby simultaneously. “Give it to me, big boy!” she said through clenched teeth for effect. Occasionally, Beth night try to feign a corny American accent but that seldom added to the moment. If anything, it could spoil the eroticism as Allan had broken down in fits of the giggles before. Right now, nothing was going to get in the way of her climax, especially corny humour.

“I love you giving it to me large!” she whispered again, thrusting her hips into Allan’s. He smiled and leaned forward, kissing her tenderly. Hell, she was so fucking horny! “I bet you say that to all the guys!” Allan jested, his voice throaty. “You bet your life!” Beth retorted. She had never been unfaithful to Allan and she had no intention of starting, yet she knew the dirty talk aroused him, accentuated his sensations and gave him stronger climaxes. In fairness, it did a fair bit for her own arousal and Beth felt her own passion rising again from her plateau. Climax was just around the corner but she could sense Allan had a bit of mileage still left in him. Beth was only really interested in what was in her and Allan’s seven incher was about to do the dirty deed.

Beth squealed and writhed in ecstasy as her first climax flowed over her, engulfing her like some invisible hand, taking away her ability to control her own actions momentarily. Her muscles tightened and she could feel her vaginal muscles all but cutting off the circulation to Allan’s cock. It would prevent him from premature ejaculation, she mused as her climax subsided. Allan continued to pound his cock into Beth’s pussy, his body almost pivoted to give him maximum penetration. Beth soon regained her breath and decided to wrestle the control back.

Beth took Allan’s wrists and placed them so they were around her neck, before lifting one knee and rolling herself over so she was on top. Now with the control back in her court, she mounted Allan’s cock, lowering herself onto him. Allan closed his eyes and it was now his turn to experience sexual ecstasy. Beth smiled as she watched her husband, his eyes closed, wriggle and squirm to her movements.

Almost instinctively, Allan reached up and cupped Beth’s breasts. It would be a good few days before that would happen again, she mused to herself as Allan continued to give pleasure as he received. Beth writhed to and fro on his enlarged penis, savouring the sensation of her loving movements. His man-flu had restricted their love making considerably over the last few days and Beth was like a rampant maniac on heat! Beth needed his cock, she needed it deep within her and she needed it now!

Allan had had a few girlfriends before he had met Beth, one or two had even gone all the way with him. Yes, he had enjoyed the sensations but in comparison to now, they were nothing but empty actions. The difference between his previous sexual partners and Beth was that with Beth, every single breath was filled with love, a mutual love built on mutual respect. Beth had not cared about his past, she was just happy that Allan was happy to dedicate the rest of his life to her from now on. Allan, too, had been happy with the same dedication from Beth. It was this love and devotion to each other that had created the relationship and love that they now enjoyed.

Beth had leaned forward, one hand caressing Allan’s torso and chest, her other hand between her own legs, stimulating her clitoris in the way that only ladies know how. Allan had then released her wonderful breasts and reached behind her. He grabbed a handful of her buttocks, feeling the softness of her arse against his fingers, digging his digits in gently to her skin, pulling himself deeper into her as he did so.

Beth allowed her dark hair to hang over Allan’s face, the hair ends tickling his skin like spiders legs yet Allan did not flinch. He loved it when Beth would dangle her hair over his body, whether it was over his face, his chest or even his bollocks, he loved the tickling sensation. His favourite was when her face was hovering over his as he knew exactly what was to come next.

After a few moments of teasing, sweeping her hair across his face, she would dive bomb him, her tongue seeking his like a missile on auto pilot. Beth plunged her tongue deep into Allan’s mouth, exchanging saliva freely with her husband

Allan moved his hand towards her pussy, replacing her hand with his own. Using his knuckles, he gently gyrated his hand, moving his fingers until Beth began to squirm even more, her breathing so laboured, she was sucking in Allan’s breath as they kissed like some reverse CPR. Allan could sense Beth’s next climax was almost upon them and despite him wanting to elongate the matter, his own climax was imminent and with one final thrust, Beth squawked.

“Oh God! I’m coming!” she barked as her breath got stuck in her throat. Beth’s body again went rigid like she had been instantly frozen, only her hair waving from the previous motion of her build up. Allan wondered how long it was safe for Beth to hold her breath for and began to get concerned as his own mind reached the count of ten. Then, as instantly as it began, Beth’s climax receded and her body became limp and floppy.

“I love you” Beth whispered and Allan noticed the sweat on her forehead which was starting to drip down her face. She kissed Allan and even though it was a simple, harmless kiss on the lips, it was all Allan needed and he felt his balls explode, filling her cunt with his millions of tiny tadpoles, inseminating her with his seed.

“I love you too, Kiddo!” Allan had replied as he felt himself empty himself deep within Beth. Beth had wanted more, much more but Allan had been suffering with blocked sinuses and his breathing had become more laboured than usual. breathlessness making giving him that passionate edge.

Allan felt completely drained, not just physically, but emotionally too. He would have to cope on his own for a long weekend and other than the occasional text, he was not expecting any contact with Beth for four days. They had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, neither particularly comfortable

but neither particularly willing to disengage. Sleep had been dreamless and Allan had risen early in order to be on site at the specified time.

Beth had awoken to the alarm clock and initially had cursed it until she reached across to switch it off and found a single red rose next to the alarm, with a yellow post-it note which simply had a big “X” on it. No prizes for guessing who that was from! Beth had felt elated that she was going to celebrate with her best friend the fact Kirsty was about to get married but Beth felt pangs of guilt. She had so quickly agreed to accompany Kirsty yet had not actually considered Allan’s feelings. Yes, he was a grown up and could look after himself but they had that understanding, that love, that trust in each other and Beth was scared she had over stepped the mark on this occasion.

She had got up and wandered into the kitchen to find her coffee cup had been prepared and hot, fresh coffee was sat in the filter machine. Allan had even placed her passport and currency with her house keys so she would not forget them. Ah, he was such a love, she thought to herself. How lucky could she really be?

Her journey to work with a suitcase on wheels had not been the nightmare she originally thought. Her case was still heavy, thanks to hairdryers, changes of clothes, make up, shoes, accessories and the likes. Allan would have made her leave half of that behind if they were going for a fortnight but when she was going on her own for a long weekend, she could pack whatever the fuck she wanted! As she entered the workplace, she sighed deeply again to herself. Kirsty and the gang were picking her up around midday and as Beth walked though the office to her desk, heads turned and she attracted the odd wolf whistle. “Wow! Are you going for an interview? If you are, the job’s yours!” one male colleague suggested.

“Have you left Allan? You can stay at mine if you like!” another offered. Beth ignored their attention. She was beyond rising to their bait, besides Beth enjoyed the attention a little. She was more than happy with Allan but it was nice, every now and then, to know you were still attractive. Beth had always known that she was attractive, however, as she had a plethora of guys who were sniffing around her like vultures but most of them were like some of her work colleagues, sad, miserable losers who probably spent most of their evenings either down the pub getting pissed with their sick, sad mates, or stuck in front of the TV watching some dodgy porn channel! Allan had been class, someone from her own level. Beth knew she was better than the usual type of guy she attracted. The worst of the lot was……

“Well, hello!” a voice said in a silly accent and Beth’s heart sank. It was Michael, a twenty four carat, one hundred per cent tosser! He thought himself as a ladies’ man and endeavoured to portray that image of being suave and charming but Beth knew different. Michael was nothing more than a womanising perverted wanker! He also had juvenile tendencies and today he was wearing a “South Park” tie. How unprofessional was that? He was also the type that wore character socks and, Beth assumed, character under wear! The thought made Beth shudder!

“Hello Michael” Beth sighed. God, how she hated the bloke. He was about six foot two, well toned and annoyingly good looking. He had been married to Jen for a few years but that had not stopped him putting it about and Beth had been aware of other girls in the office that had fallen for his charms and been bedded by him, only to discover that he adhered the five “F” rule, Find them, Fancy them, Finger them, Fuck them, Forget them!

Several of his conquests had found the need to leave the company which suited Michael as it would often bring in new employees for him to sniff around. Beth remembered at the last Christmas do, how Michael had tried it on with her and how she had firmly, but politely, declined his offer. Michael had been too pissed to remember her subtlety and had remembered only that she had said “no.”

Beth had told Allan about Michael’s advances and she had initially been annoyed when Allan had suggested she should have teased him, wound him up a little by rubbing herself against him, getting him all worked up and then leaving him all frustrated. Beth had wanted to slap Allan really hard until she realised that Allan had been teasing her. Both being born under the sign of Taurus meant that they had similar traits like being rebellious and unconventional.

Beth remembered playing along with Allan’s suggestions, that she had actually kissed Michael and had allowed him to fondle her and that she had given him a blow job. It was Allan’s turn to feel angry now until he realised Beth’s wicked sense of humour. The battle of wits had been an even draw and afterwards, Allan and Beth had made love, reliving the erotic scenes they had just described like an action replay in their minds.

“You and Allan off for a dirty weekend, are you?” Michael asked, his eyebrows adding to his almost sneering looks. Beth shook her head, her mind being brought back to the present moment. “I’m going for a girlie weekend, if that’s OK?” Beth retorted. Michael was just like a lava lamp, nice to look at but not very bright!

“Fine by me……..” Michael said, putting up both his palms to indicate he did not mean to cause offence, “…….but I’d love to see the photo’s later!” “Haven’t you got a balance sheet to play with?” Beth responded as she booted up her computer. Michael was the Financial Director for the company, his master’s degree in finance and management accounting meant that irrespective of what sort of personality he had, he was good at his job. He had really got into the part, wearing red-rimmed spectacles when he was working on the computer and had an array of character ties which only went to confirm Beth’s suspicions that he had yet to fully mature out of boyhood and into manhood.

“I’ve only come in to deal with the emails. Some of us have business trips to attend to, even at weekends. I’m in such great demand!” Michael boasted, his chin raised as though trying to seem superior.

“Don’t let me detain you any longer, then!” Beth said sarcastically. She had no wish to enter into conversation with Michael, he had flirted with her within minutes of her joining the company and had tried on many occasions to get a date with Beth. It had got to the stage of embarrassment now as Michael, full of his own piss and importance, was really beginning to make a fool of himself and Beth cringed most of the time he was in the vicinity. If she never saw him again for the rest of her life, it would be too soon!

“Must crack on!” Michael said for effect, waiting expectantly for Beth to respond. Beth was now more interested in the log on messages on her screen than on whatever Michael had to say. “Enjoy your trip” she muttered, trying to look interested in the Windows boot up images.

“Don’t you want to know where it is I’m going to?” Michael asked, not really interested if Beth was going to respond. He was going to tell her anyway. “Wouldn’t want to make you late” Beth replied icily, pressing the control, alt and delete buttons in order to get her own login screen to display. “Well, it just so happens that…………….” Michael began when his mobile phone rang.

“Hang on. I’d better get this, it’s probably important” he bragged, sliding the top part of his phone up to answer the call. Beth looked up and saw one of her colleagues disengaging her phone and giving Beth a sly wink. Her office colleague had called Michael as a distraction and he had taken the bait and answered the call only for the caller to hang up. Michael, however, had no idea it was a set up and decided to pretend the caller was still on the line. “No, of course I won’t pay the invoice until all the work is delivered complete and I’d better get a discount, else we’ll be taking our account elsewhere, you hear me?” he said, his voice increasing in volume as he went. Beth and her colleague suppressed smiles as he played out his “Walter Mitty” life style. Beth could hear Michael’s endeavours to terminate the call when her own desk phone rang.

“Hello” she answered quickly. It was her mate from across the office, bailing her out again. “Can you help me with this project, Beth, over at my desk? Now please!” the voice said. I’ll be right there!” Beth replied, deciding not to complete her own login in case anyone should read any of her documents or personal email. “Have a good trip” Beth said as she darted over to the other side of the office before Michael could intercept.

“Thanks for that” Beth said to Mary, her colleague. “He’s really getting on my tits now!” “That’s OK!” Mary replied, “But you ought to know, the dirty fucker was checking out your arse as you walked over here!” “Dirty old git!” Beth said under her breath so only Mary could hear her. “How on earth did he ever find anyone to marry him? I feel so sorry for Jen, she’s such a nice girl.” “Well, she gets to live a life of luxury, not having to work and with a daily spending budget the size of our annual salary. I guess she’s got him well insured in the vain hope that he has a premature heart attack!” Mary said, “Don’t be so wicked” Beth retorted but without conviction.

“I don’t want to disturb you….” Mary added, pretending to point something out on her screen, “…….but as you walked over here, I could have sworn the dirty fucker took a picture of your arse on his phone camera.” Beth shivered involuntarily. Michael was a total creep and she found everything about him offensive. She should go to HR and report him for harassment but she knew the company thought the sun shone out of his arse. Michael was a lot of things but he was not incompetent and he earned (or saved) the business an absolute fortune. They would be hard pushed to get rid of him and would

probably rather let Beth go than Michael. If Beth had another job lined up, she’d walk out right now but the truth was she enjoyed the job and had some great colleagues to work with.

“I can’t wait until the clock strikes twelve….” Beth confessed, pretending to play with Mary’s keyboard, “….I’m in that cab and away from here for a few days, away from that pervert over there!” Beth raised her vision slightly and observed Michael still hovering around near Beth’s desk, his eyes still focused on her body and her flesh began to crawl. How could someone that intelligent, that good looking and that wealthy be such a total dick? Beth mentally shrugged her shoulders, assuming it was God’s way and she resigned herself to yet another mystery that remained unsolved.

Armed with an array of magazines and a fully loaded iPod, Beth sat in the window seat of the Airbus A320. Below her, thick cloud obscured much of her view despite the Skipper advising over the tannoy that they were now over the Bristol Channel. Beth sighed silently to herself, relief that she was enroute to Ibiza and in just a couple of short hours, they would have touched down and the hen party would truly have begun.

Kirsty sat beside Beth, her devil horns hair band and lewd T shirt slogan indicating she was not on her way to a funeral! On board, the flight was full of young people off to the party island of Europe, having worked hard so they can party hard.

Once she and the girls had checked in, it was a quick snack and then some liquid refreshments. Lunchtime drinking was not something Beth usually indulged in as it made her sleepy for the rest of the afternoon but today, she would make an exception. She could doze on the plane, if necessary and anyway, she felt like letting her hair down a little.

Beth was beginning to unwind a little and she was unsure if it was the alcohol or just the fact she was out of the office for a few days. She was looking forward to the break so much and now the time had arrived, it was like a gigantic weight being lifted from her shoulders.

Another quick drink in the departure lounge was shortly followed by the tannoy call that their flight was allocated to gate 22. Kirsty’s cousin, Sarah, had lead the way to the gate, holding her bright pink telescopic brolly from her bag above her head like some Japanese tour guide! Kirsty had put on a false Japanese accent and squinted her eyes, taking her digital camera from her bag and snapping everything like direction signs for the toilets and an old man fast asleep in a wheel chair! Claire and Beth were having a few giggles as they meandered their way to gate 22, the walk being just a little too far for all of them, not least Beth who was beginning to limp a little.

Eventually, all six of them had arrived at the departure gate and had taken seats by the window Just then, her cell phone burst into life and she hurriedly answered the call. “Hello?” Beth said, rapidly. The caller display had simply just said “Call”. “Hi, honey, it’s me!” Allan’s voice chirped, his voice still a little husky with cold.

“Allan? Where are you?” Beth asked accusingly. “I’m in a motorway services” he replied, “My mobile’s on the blink so I’ll have to take in for a service tomorrow. Where are you, anyway?” Allan responded, “Gate 22” Beth responded, feeling relieved that Allan was OK. “How am I going to get hold of you if your phone’s faulty?” Beth continued, her voice full of genuine concern, more for her own peace of mind. “It’s OK! Chill out sweetheart. Other than sorting out my cell phone in the morning, I’ll be at home all you Beth” Allan finished

“Shut up, you fool!” Beth replied, her smile as broad as the airbus she was due to board. The tannoy message called the rows that Beth and her group were sat in so Beth had to terminate the call, pledging her undying love. That had been almost an hour since and Beth had began to feel lonely Beth shut her eyes and tried to imagine Ibiza as a way of taking her mind off of things. Would she be OK? Who would look after her? Beth chastised herself for being a soppy, adolescent girl. She was big enough to look after herself and Kirsty, Sarah and the girls would all look out for each other.

Content in her own mind, Beth took the plunge and resigned herself to a weekend of drunken loutishness and frivolity. Heck, her best mate only got married for the first time once! Beth smiled at her thoughts and the cynicism within. Could Kirsty be as happy as she and Allan?

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