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Sticking Plaster Part 2

The Hen Party games get more wild and dangerous...
The hotel bar was jammed with weekenders, people on short breaks. Alcohol was plentiful and the atmosphere lent itself to unwinding, letting their hair down

Kirsty sat at the head of the table, her devil’s horns still in place and a “Groovy girl” note book in her hands like some teenage student about to sit her exams. It may not have been cool but it did the job sufficiently.

“Now can I have your attention please?” Kirsty called above the hubble of conversation.

The girls all turned, smiling at the bride to be. Sarah, Kirsty’s cousin, had known Kirsty the longest but Rachel, Claire, Alex and Beth all had known Kirsty for some time. Rachel and Claire were both makeup artists, having trained in the same college for three years before going on to successful careers.. Kirsty had known both girls since secondary school and had agreed to allow Rachel to do her hair for the big day and for Claire to do the makeup.

“OK….” Kirsty began, “….we all know why we’re here………”

The girls gave a knowing cheer and Alex blew a wolf whistle!

“…..and a hen party would not be complete without a few challenges!” Kirsty continued, bringing with it another raucous cheer. “You will be paired up with your room mate so Sarah, you’re with me, Claire and Rachel, you are together; and Alex, you’re pairing up with Beth, OK?”

The group gave nods of approval although Beth wondered about Claire and Rachel being together. They gave the impression of being as thick as thieves and Beth wondered if she was being a little too kind to them; maybe she should have just said thick!

“Now the first challenge……” Kirsty said, picking up her note book and opening it to the first page, “….is a game is called treasure hunt.”

Kirsty ripped three pages out of her note book, handing one each to Claire and Alex. “You have half an hour to get all the items on this shopping list and get back to this bar. The winner gets a special prize!” Kirsty exclaimed.

Alex sank the contents of her drink in one foul swoop and grabbed Beth’s arm. “What’re we waiting for?” Alex squealed, darting off towards the hotel reception.

“Where are we going? What’s on the list, anyway?”

“Take a look for yourself” Alex said, stuffing the piece of paper into Beth’s hand.

Beth looked at the list. It was pretty normal for a hen party ice breaker, with few surprised. A novelty condom should be easy! A Phallic shaped fruit or vegetable was also pretty normal, as was the pair of Rum Baba’s with whipped cream and a cherry on each one. The challenge was a pair of men’s underpants with their phone number written on the material.

“You go to the kitchen and get the food bits, I’ll get the condom and the knickers!” Alex declared, her voice hurried and excited.

“What?” Beth responded, somewhat shocked. “How the hell do I get them things from the kitchen? I don’t even know where the kitchen is!” Beth exclaimed.

“You’re a resourceful woman….” Alex responded as she disappeared across the lobby, “….you’ll think of something!” and she disappeared into the gents toilets.

Several hours of madness later with Alex, Beth was glad to be back with the other girls. Alex was one crazy sexed-up girl. Some of the things she had done to achieve their list, well....

“OK” Kirsty continued, her voice a little more subdued but slurred thanks to an overload of WKD’s. “Well done to Beth for obtaining the Rum Baba’s and, I see, a pair of men’s pants!”

"Oooooh!” the others jeered in a friendly way.

“Where did you get these from?” Kirsty asked cheekily. Beth blushed a little.

“That would be telling, wouldn’t it?” Beth responded, her reply a little guarded. Alex knew the secret, she had been with Beth as they sneaked into the laundry room and found the biggest, most gross pair of men’s pants they could find.

“My team… ” Kirsty continued, “….fared a little better with these!” With that, Kirsty held up a pair of off-white pants, “But the winner is Claire and Rachel who have not just one pair of pants, but several!”

A cheer went up as Kirsty held up three pairs of men’s pants. Rachel gave herself a smug smile. She was a resourceful bitch and cunning to boot. She had not confessed how she had acquired them and had no intention of spilling the beans. The hen night party games had mostly been Rachel’s idea and Kirsty had adopted them as her own. Aware of the competitiveness that Kirsty always brought out in people, Rachel had ensured she had enough ammunition to keep on winning.

Sarah, who was in control of the whip round, ordered another round of drinks whilst Kirsty continued with her congratulations. Beth smiled to herself. Kirsty was a good friend and together, they had enjoyed their university days. Beth had been the more level headed one of the two. That was not to say she was boring or unadventurous, far from it and Beth could party like it was 1999 whenever she wanted. The subtle difference was that Beth knew where to draw the line and seldom overstepped that. Kirsty would make plans, however, which would then go out the window. Beth could be unpredictable but it was more of a controlled unpredictability, if there is such a thing!

“Let’s call this half time…..” Kirsty continued, “……and as the prize for winning the last task, Rachel and Claire can select the next challenge!”

Beth knew that the games had been fixed yet she also knew that Kirsty was blissfully ignorant of the fact. She was so close to all the girls on her hen night that she had lost sight of the fact that all females retain the right to be bitchy. Maybe it was Beth’s own intuition, but she did not trust Rachel or Claire and they were spoiling what should have been a fun weekend.

Beth mentally shrugged her shoulders. It was not about her or Rachel and Claire, this weekend was all about Kirsty. She was soon to be married and betrothed to one man for the rest of her life. Beth was sure that the husband to be might be every bit as sweet and kind as Allan, but he would expect Kirsty to party with him and not her mates from her on in. This could be Kirsty’s last chance to let her hair down with her girly mates and Beth had pledged to herself that whatever happened, she would do everything within her power to make it a time to remember for Kirsty.

Rachel had been one step ahead of Kirsty and had picked up her childish notebook, flicking through the pages to find the next challenge.

“OK, listen up. ” Rachel ordered, her bossy nature coming easy to her, “The next challenge is about to be announced. ‘Bounce Bounce’.

Beth wondered what Allan would have made of the party games last night and if he would have approved. Allan was certainly no stick in the mud, but some of the games might have made him raise his eyebrows a bit! Beth giggled out loud as she remembered the confused look on the middle aged barman’s face when Sarah had leaned over the bar, flashing her cleavage and asked for a washing up bowl!

Many of the hotel residents had left the bar, it was gone midnight and most had gone in search of a club for some dancing, drink and devilish behaviour. As the bar was almost empty, Rachel had chosen the next task and it was like a surreal version of “The apprentice.” Beth grimaced a little as she remembered how Rachel had then taken over the proceedings by becoming quiz master so to speak. Beth had very little time for Rachel, her bossy manner and her arrogance had resulted in Beth surmising that she was the type of woman to be avoided at all costs. A self centred bitch, Rachel had set up the challenge and by taking the control of quiz master, she was able to watch every one else make an arse of themselves whilst she retained an element of dignity.

Beth wished she had turned in early, as she recalled how Rachel had introduced the new challenge

“This next challenge is called “Bounce Bounce”. Now, who would like to volunteer to go first?” Rachel continued.

“Go on, Kirsty! It’s your party!” Claire had piped up.

“Oh, all right then” Kirsty conceded, placing her drink down on the bar.

Rachel helped Kirsty, who was a little wobbly due to the drink, on to the chair and placed the bowl about three feet away on the floor. Claire had brought a handful of coins from the counter and given them to Rachel.

“You may need to hitch your skirt up for this….” Rachel went on, “

“You’re next, Beth” Rachel ordered in her assertive manner.

Beth was in two minds about the task which, ordinarily she would have found childish but after a few drinks, she was up for the challenge. Placing her drink down, Beth stood on the chair and took the coins from Rachel. There was a moment of staring out and Beth suddenly felt unusually bitter towards the woman. Beth could not quite put her finger on it, but she began to despise Rachel. Was it Beth’s unpredictability coming to the fore again?

Beth positioned herself at the edge of the chair with her toes dangling over the edge, she bent her knees and her back as though she was ready to dive into a pool, Beth placed the coins between her bent knees, endeavouring to keep the coins in a straight line. Happy that the coins were secure, Beth reached out her arms and took up a diving stance.

Beth launched herself off the chair, releasing the coins from her knees mid-leap. In principle, her technique was faultless but her aim was lousy and coins flew about the place in all directions without any making contact with the bowl!

“Nuts!” Beth barked to herself, then winced as she landed on her feet. That fucking painful verucca had caused her to wince in pain and as she stood, she sort of hobbled like some soccer player who had just been fouled.

She’d have to stick another plaster on her foot later, she reminded herself. Rachel had given Beth a slow hand clap, followed by a yawn. Beth chose to ignore the bitch. She would not lower herself to Rachel’s standards. Besides, Rachel had yet to make a pratt of herself and now it was Beth’s turn to take the piss.

Rachel stood on the chair and lifted her short skirt a couple of centimetres, revealing an element of upper thigh, to the delight and wolf whistles of the male audience. Then, having been handed the coins by Claire, Rachel pulled a coin bag from the pocket of her skirt, held the bag between her knees and jumped, dropping the bag, fully laden with coins into the bowl.

“Jackpot!” Rachel screeched, “I’m the winner!”

Claire held Rachel’s hand suggesting that the game was over and that there was no point in trying to compete.

“You fucking cheat!” Alex piped up.

“Don’t say nuffin’ ‘bout it in the rules, dearie!” Claire retorted.

Beth reached for her drink. The biggest challenge this weekend would not be the tasks set, but the way in which they were executed. Beth was not the only one to be getting cheesed off with them. Sarah was also somewhat subdued and the atmosphere had begun to get unpleasant.

“Why don’t we call it a night, girls?” Kirsty had suggested. “We’ve got a wine tasting event tomorrow afternoon and for those who are up for it, a special treat tomorrow night!.”

Kirsty smiled a big smile. “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough. All I will say is that after the wine thingy tomorrow, you’ll have a chance to do some shopping. I want you to be a totally different girl when we go partying tomorrow!”

Beth was beginning to feel better after the nausea she had experienced. The wine tasting had been a foul experience, cheap wine dressed up as something special was only the beginning. Claire was more interested in getting laid by one of the cellar-men and Rachel was being full of her own piss and importance by trying to sound educated in the art of wine.

Alex and Kirsty were more interested in getting pissed and Sarah was constantly checking her text messages. Beth smiled at the personalities she was mingling with; A buffoon, a slapper, two piss heads and a text maniac! Who the fuck was texting Sarah was anyone’s guess and Beth wondered if it was her stock broker! Buy now, sell later!!

Beth was pleased to be released from the wine cellar and get back to normality. The shopping expedition should be much more fun!

“OK, so here’s the deal…..” Kirsty began, “….tonight is the night that we hit the town and really let our hair down, girls!” A cheer emanated from the group, a cheer laced with alcohol, however and it appeared to slur!

“Tonight, we are doing a ‘Stars in their eyes’ tribute….” Kirsty continued, “..because tonight, we are going clubbing as a famous celebrity! So your challenge is in the next three hours, is to buy clothes, make up, wigs or whatever so that tonight you, too, can be anyone you want Kirsty stammered in her inebriated manner, “

“Back here for five o’clock. We go back to the hotel, have dinner then get changed. I will order two cabs for nine thirty which should give us all plenty of time to get dolled up!”

“Oh, and one other thing….” Rachel added

Beth rolled her eyes skywards,
"No one you meet tonight is to know your real name, OK? So that means you can dance………or smooch…..with whoever you want but they must not have your real name or any other details like phone numbers, OK? This is a totally anonymous event.”

The group disbanded and went their own ways, some diverting to the market, others to a small shopping mall. The area consisted of an array of designer shops and small retail outlets to the larger stores that were almost like department stores. A budget had been set but no one was policing it and you could spend as much or as little as you wanted.

Beth had agreed to shop with Alex and although she was a nice girl, she was very indecisive. They only had three hours and Alex had consumed the lion’s share of the time. Alex had planned to go as Dame Edna Everage which was a strange decision but an easy one to copy. Over the top sun glasses and a flamboyant dress

It was while Alex was in deep conversation with the owner of a shop that Beth got her idea. Along the shelves and stands was a long, dark wig that could be almost the same as Jessica Alba.
“Eureka! That’s it!” Beth exclaimed

Allan had joked with her when she had claimed fame as being a bit of a Jessica look-a-like but suddenly, it all fell into place. Beth placed the wig on her head and looked at herself in the mirror. Almost perfect! Now, what else would she need? Jessica usually wore wild ear rings and change her make up completely, nice long full eyelashes and she would be completely different, ideas tumbling over in her mind .Then she jumped, her cell phone ringing suddenly bringing Beth back to the moment.

The display just showed “call” but it often did when she was not in the UK.

“Hello?” she answered tentatively.

“Hi babe” a voice echoed, “

“Hello Allan” she said, it was great just to hear her voice. She’d not been gone more than 24 hours but he was missing her so much, yet he had to put on a brave face. “

“I’m missing you” Beth proffered.

I’m missing you, too” Allan agreed. “My cold is almost better” he confessed.

“You know I love you, don’t you?” Beth said quietly.

“Of course I do…” Allan replied his depression being kept in check, his voice raising an octave or two as he lifted himself above the feeling, “……are you having a good time, though?”

“It’s OK” Beth confessed. It was Beth’s turn to sound miserable, her voice less than convincing.
“What’s up, babe?” Allan pressed. He could tell when Beth was not being totally candid with him and he, too, realised that once again, they were both sharing that same wave length.

“Oh, it’s nothing!” Beth began, “A couple of the girls are a bit….” Beth paused for a moment to select the correct word, “….challenging!”

“Challenging?” Allan repeated.

“You know? A pain in the arse!” Beth replied

“Sounds like a good excuse to have a few drinks and forget about them. It’s supposed to be Kirsty’s weekend, after all!” Allan said, his voice assertive and confident.

Beth smiled to herself. “You know what? You’re absolutely right. I was beginning to get cheesed off with them but now, after a chat with you, I’m up for that challenge. I came here to give Kirsty a good hen weekend and I’ll be damned if them bitches are going spoil it for her!”

Allan was almost taken by surprise at Beth’s sudden outburst. Beth was very much like him, most genial but also very outspoken. Another Aquarian trait, he mused to himself. But it was good to hear Beth sounding perky again.

“Look, I’d better go. We’re having a fancy dress do tonight so I’m out hunting for something to wear” Beth said with reluctance.

“Love you!” they both said simultaneously.

The line terminated and suddenly, Beth felt lonely, alone in a strange country away from her husband, her sole reason for being. His words, however, echoed around her mind and Beth knew she had to be strong, for her best mate from Uni.

“Right! Let’s go!” she said out loud to herself as she popped her cell phone back into her bag. Checking the time on her watch, Beth looked around, her eyes scanning the horizon for inspiration, ideas, anything.

With no time to mess around, Beth headed for the market place. The produce may be tacky but it would be cheap and as long as it did the trick, she’d be OK. She’d have to be quick, mind, as the rendezvous was less than an hour to go.

Hoots of delight emanated from the group as the assembled in the bar, all dolled up and ready for a laugh. Beth had been much more relaxed following Allan’s phone call,
Kirsty stood at the bar, her devils ears still very much in place but she wore the shortest, skimpiest white dress imaginable and wore a sweat band around a wrist and her forehead. With a cheap, plastic toy tennis racquet, Kirsty had proudly introduced herself as “Maria Sharapova!” and had given a short courtesy before shouting “New balls, please!”

Alex had also outdone herself. A frumpy dress and a candy floss wig, with Elton John plastic sun glasses, her Dame Edna was hardly flattering to her but she was having a whale of a time. In fact, had it not been for Alex’s slightly pointed nose, it would have been hard to have recognised her.

Sarah had found a silver coloured frock and had stapled some paper cones covered in foil to the breast area, before strutting around singing “Like a virgin!” at the top of her voice.

Beth had paraded around in her sleek, sexy dress and brown wig, flashing her ear rings Like Rachel and Claire, Beth too had spent a lot of time with her makeup bag in front of her mirror and had totally transformed herself. Beth was pleased with her look and judging by the gasps of amazement from her friends at the bar, she must have done a pretty good job.

“Welcome to Jessica Alba!” Beth had announced.

Like the others, she got a warm cheer and a round of applause.

“Give us your autograph!” Kirsty had bellowed from the bar.

Beth giggled, the alcohol barely touching her yet, when she got to the club and really let her hair down.
“Where are the others?” Sarah asked. They all looked around for Claire and Rachel and they guessed that, being makeup artists, they’d be hours yet perfecting the look.

“Look. While we are waiting….” Kirsty interrupted their thoughts, “…tonight, we are all the celebrities we are dressed up as so no using real names. Tonight, for one night only…….” she continued like some TV compere, “…we will retain our anonymity. We will use our celebrity names, OK Madonna?”

Sarah nodded. “OK Maria!” she responded. “Good! Now remember, once we are at the club, I want you all to………”

Kirsty continued but her comments were cut short as two figures entered the bar. It could only have been Rachel and Claire but as expected, they had really gone the whole hog on this one. Rachel had bought some instant tan and had covered herself all over, giving her an all over bronze look. She wore a short white dress and a fake fur wrap, costume jewellery everywhere and a very big, frizzy brown/blonde wig. Rachel was aware of the looks she was getting and began to sing.

“I think it’s supposed to be Jordan” Beth responded.
Her image was breath taking. Claire, however, was equally as stunning but for a totally different reason. She had worn sluttish clothes (surprise, surprise!) with a tall white wig and had made her face to look like some hideous gothic monster , huge black sunglasses finished the look .

“Ladies and gentlemen…..” Rachel interrupted her singing, “…please give it up for the one, the only………..Lady Gaga The girls all cheered and stamped their feet on the hard wood floor. Claire had got the look just right.

Beth was aware she was attracting a lot of attention but she was used to that back Simon in her native Luton haunts. It was not uncommon for Beth to have a pack of guys following her with their eyes, their tongues drooling like cartoon wolves, eyes wide like saucers. Tonight was no different other than the location and although Beth only had time for one man in her life, she did not shy away from attention.

It was great to think other guys found her attractive and she would often play to her audience, giving a little flash of buttock here or a glimpse of cleavage there. God, she could be such a fucking tease at times! But Beth would do it in a subtle way, not overtly flamboyant but delicately delivered

Whilst Beth was deep in thought, a voice called out from the bar that the two cabs ordered earlier in the day were outside, waiting to whisk the six mad British girls off to the club where they would be strutting around and having copious amounts of fun.

The strobes flickered intermittently and the heavy bass line echoed through their bodies as the girls hit the club. Saturday night was packed, as always, and the dance floor was heaving with hot, sweaty bodies scantily clad and all strutting their stuff like some ritualistic mating routine. Heads turned as Lady Gaga walked in, her miserable straight face and plunging neck line made people do a double take! Claire not only looked the part, she acted it too.
Kirsty had somehow managed to negotiate some deal with one of the bar staff, obviously slipping him a few Euro’s and maybe a promise of something more later. Within moments, a tray of six cocktails was thrust in front of them and each girl took a glass of brightly coloured liquor with cherries and umbrellas. Rachel had downed hers in two swift gulps and placing her glass on the tray, ordered another one.

“OK, so here’s the challenge….” Kirsty shouted to be heard above the noise.

“This is a hen weekend so act like hens, OK? Use your character name, not your own. The challenge is to find a guy, any guy you like, and get them to provide for you all night. I don’t want to see any of you reaching for your purses, OK?” The girls all nodded in affirmation.

“Now, here’s the added bonus. The one who can lead the guy on the most will win the coveted prize which I will reveal later.

” Kirsty continued, “…but suffice to say, it’ll be worth it! Go as far as you dare which, for some of you, will be greater or less than others. We don’t want to upset our partners back home now, do we?”

A mumble of disagreement broke out around the group of assembled girls.

“If you want to stay in your pairs, then do so. Tonight, we can be the wolves and hunt in packs but if you want to disappear on your own, then that is up to you. But if you want to win the ‘Order of the golden prick’, then you’ll have to provide some evidence. Now off you go, have fun Kirsty waved her hands as though dismissing her minions and the girls dissipated like ripples in a pond.

The dance floor now had a layer of smoke from a dry ice machine and the revellers had lost sight of their feet. A weird turquoise light shone at ankle height across the smoke, adding to the eeriness of the scene before them.

Claire and Rachel had already gone off to the dance floor, within seconds, Beth noticed that both girls had acquired dancing partners and after a few whispers in their ears, the guys slunk off to the bar, obviously obeying orders to get the drinks in.

Claire and Rachel were excellent at manipulating the guys and Beth guessed that they’d not be waking up in their own hotel beds in the morning. Was she being unkind or wicked about the girls? Maybe, but Beth had no affinity to either of them and was beginning not to care a toss

Beth turned her attentions to Kirsty who was using her short outfit to keep herself cool. She had fine legs and a shapely body and was attracting her own sort of attention. Beth watched briefly as she observed Kirsty play the game, allowing not one, but two guys to buy her drinks! Kirsty was always a little flamboyant and could easily handle guys, no matter how heavy they got with her.

Beth recalled the embarrassing situations Kirsty had put guys into when they had come on too much with her at university. Beth had never failed to be amazed at how Kirsty had negotiated her way out of so many potentially dodgy situations and retained her pride and her honour. Beth would have caved in to those sorts of pressures and although she could be very determined and strong willed, Kirsty was the queen of the bull shit!

Madonna was just behind where Kirsty was and already had a fresh drink in her hand. Beth moved her head slightly to see that one of her newly acquired male friends was being quite invasive, his hand already on her arse and Sarah was in no hurry to move his hand. Beth wanted to feel shocked but she knew all the girls were competitive and would be working hard to win the “Order of the golden prick” award which Kirsty had bragged about earlier. But just how far would some of them go?

Beth doubted neither Rachel nor Claire would want an audience so them producing evidence was pretty minimal. Sarah was flaunting herself, allowing her buttocks to be explored by the hands of total strangers. Kirsty was also playing to her audience, breathing heavily so that her bra-less bust moved sufficiently to create the attention she needed. If nothing else, she was getting noticed!

Alex had disappeared momentarily to the girl’s room and had returned with a broad smile on her face.

“Here” she said, holding out her clenched fist.

Beth opened her hand and Alex dropped an “E” into her palm.

“I thought this might help us loosen up a bit!”

Beth smiled appreciatively. Not only had Alex been able to read her mind, she had also dropped that ridiculous fake Ozzie accent!

“Seen any guys you like the look of, yet?” Alex enquired, gazing out into the crowd.

Beth shook her head and sighed deeply. No, sadly Allan was still at home .

“Let’s not be too fussy tonight. I need a drink and I need a large one!” Alex added.

Beth acknowledged the double entendre but wondered if it had been made on purpose or not.
“I like large ones, too!” Beth replied, pushing her teeth forwards and snorting like some pervert.

“You’re fucking mad, you know that?” Alex responded with a smile.

“Come on, let’s go and find us a sugar daddy or two who would be happy to give us a large one!” Alex suggested.

Grabbing Beth by the arm and leading her to the side of the bar across to the far side of the club. Dancers grooved and drinkers staggered, odd balls leered and the cowards stood propping up the bar, looking longingly at the girls dancing and wishing they were brave enough to join in.

Beth and Alex negotiated their way across the floor. It was approaching midnight by now and most of the revellers were well tanked up. Beth stopped to get her breath. Weaving through the crowd was never easy and it was mega busy tonight. Creeps ogled whilst perverts letched, wankers drooled and geeks grinned as Beth manoeuvred her way across the club to a less crowded area.

Alex attracted looks akin to “She must be fucking nuts!”

Whilst Beth attracted looks akin to “I like to fuck her up to my nuts!”

Beth, of course, was well versed in the handling of weirdo’s and had a mountain of experience in rejecting unwanted attention. Sometimes, however, you just have to accept a hand across your arse of an unsubtle grope and Beth took it in her stride. There was fuck all else these weirdo’s could do to her, anyway, in a club this crowded!

“Over here” Alex called.

Grabbing Beth’s arm and leading her towards a seating area where there were two spare stools around a table surrounded by younger middle aged men in their mid to late thirties. Copious bottles and glasses littered the table in front of them.

“May we?” Alex asked.

Gesticulating with her hands at the stools, receiving open palmed responses suggesting the stools were free. Alex smiled and reached into her hand bag as though searching for her purse.

“Bastards!” Alex exclaimed in a loud voice, “I’ve had my purse stolen!”

“Don’t look at me….” Beth responded, playing the game like a pro, "I paid for us to get in. I haven’t even got enough for a bus home!”
“Errr, can I get you two ladies a drink?” a well spoken chap asked

“Oh, that’d be nice!” Beth replied.

Alex nodded in agreement.
“What would you prefer?” the respectable guy asked.
“I’d like a large one!” Alex replied in reflex.

A dirty chuckle rippled around the table and even Beth had to hide her smirk.

“Don’t we all?” Beth said in between her giggles.

Alex had enjoyed being plied with free drinks and had collected quite a selection of full glasses on her section of the table Beth, too, had been inundated with various drinks but had the wisdom to ensure she had not left any drink unattended. Anything that was in any way suspicious, she would leave until a situation arose to accidentally spill it or lose it as she got up to view the dance floor.

Beth was all too aware of the possibility of drinks being spiked and she had no intention of becoming a victim of GHB or some other illegal substance.

Alex had continued to refer to Beth as Jessica and Beth referred to Alex as Edna, much to the amusement of their new found friends. Several of the guys had endeavoured to flirt with them both, especially Beth who in her wig and make up, was the spitting image of Jessica. Anyone who knew Beth might not have realised it was her other than her accent which she could not totally disguise. There was no makeup, wigs or masks you could buy to disguise the voice, sadly but Beth had tried to soften her voice.

Beth was continuing to arouse a lot of attention, she was a naturally magnetic person. Maybe it was her hormones, giving off an aroma which guys subconsciously picked up on. Allan had made love to her before she left but his man flu had incapacitated him for many days, leaving Beth horny and frustrated. She needed Allan right now to dance with her, tease her, arouse her before taking her back home and make love to her.

The DJ played another Roger Sanchez track and Beth could feel herself loosening up. Despite the discomfort of her foot Beth was in party mode and with a combination of booze and “E”, Beth had soon hit the dance floor, Alex needing very little encouragement to join her. Within moments, they were flooded with guys dancing near or around them, hoping their moves would be noticed like animals on heat.

Alex screeched in delight and Beth turned her head to see what the commotion was. A group of guys, obviously on a similar venture, had joined them on the dance floor, all wearing celebrity masks. There was a Tony Blair, a David Beckham, a couple of Robbie Williams’ and a number of Prince Williams.

“I wonder if we can get a couple of these guys to hang out with us….” Alex suggested to Beth, “.maybe we can win that prize!”

Beth was not convinced. Flirting with guys was one thing but she felt uncomfortable going any further. She was happily married and despite this being a hen weekend, it was Kirsty’s hen weekend, not hers. Alex did not seem too bothered and although she was allegedly in a long term relationship, Beth got the impression it was a fairly open relationship.

“I..I’m not so sure………..” Beth began

Alex interrupted her. “Come on you wuss!” Alex goaded. “All we need is a few digital pics off the mobile phone of one of these guys naked and the prize is in the bag. Anyway, it’d be good to get one over on Rachel and Claire. They’ve not played by the rules, have they?”

Beth had to agree. Rachel and Alex had certainly not been playing fair and that had created quite an atmosphere within the rest of the group. Beth thought for a moment, her mind churning over and over the idea of beating those two for the coveted prize.

“Maybe” Beth replied with some reluctance.
“That’s my girl!” Alex replied, putting an arm around Beth’s shoulder. “Now then, who is on your list of possible candidates?”

Beth felt awkward. She had not looked at another guy in a romantic or erotic way since she and Allan had been an item. Beth had no need to, Allan fulfilled every area she needed. Beth was almost embarrassed to confess her male hero was Simon Cowell

Beth’s eyes scanned the dance floor, scanning and crossing off as she did so. Then Beth’s eyes fell upon the very individual. He was a part of the masked group, quite tall and very well dressed and had an air of confidence about him. Maybe it was the Simon Cowell mask that he was hiding behind, but somehow it appealed to Beth’s sense of humour.

Subtly, Beth slipped off her wedding and engagement rings and popped them in her clutch bag.

 “I’ve found my perfect partner for the evening” Beth said, nodding towards the tall guy with the mask.

“I’ve always known you were a bit kinky!” Alex joked. “I think I’ll opt for David Beckham .” Alex stated, her voice low and almost confessional.

“Shall we?” Alex gestured, as though now was the time to make their move.

Beth nodded, her minx like mind starting to churn over a dozen different ways of humiliating the guy if he should try any inappropriate moves. Alex and Beth approached the two masked guys who had been dancing at the edge of the dance floor so they were close to their drinks.

“Hi…” Alex bellowed in her fake Australian accent to the David Beckham guy.” Alex continued, “….and being a big Hollywood star like myself, have you met my fellow superstar, Jessica Alba?”
The Beckham character reached out to shake Beth’s hand

“Hello Jessica” a voice said and the Simon Cowell character was offering his hand to shake.
Beth thought she recognised the voice a little.

“Hi!” Beth said, her face a little confused. Who the fuck did he sound like? The music was loud and the alcohol and “E” were beginning to affect Beth’s senses a little. Beth shrugged her shoulders mentally, assuming it was the effect of the substances she had consumed.

“It’s mighty warm in here, is there a Billabong somewhere that serves drinks?” Alex continued in her Dame Edna voice.

Simon pulled out a wad of Euro’s and took the order before heading off to the bar to get the drinks

The music had changed subtly and somehow the Deadmau5 track had Beth itching to dance and jig about. Both guys were fixated on her bust and legs. Beth had noticed Kirsty getting jiggy with a couple of guys on the dance floor and Rachel had been seen making out by a fire exit. Sarah had reappeared but her clothes looked a little dishevelled and her hair looked a mess.

They had all been taking the challenge seriously and on points, were all ahead of Alex and Beth. Beth began to seethe. Her natural Aquarian traits were beginning to reach boiling point, Beth’s competitiveness giving rise to the red mist

“Wanna dance,?” Simon asked Beth smiling.

Behind the mask, Beth could sense the guy was grinning like some grotesque gargoyle and Beth was pleased his smirk was hidden from view.

With great haste, Simon led Beth to the dance floor and the beat just seemed to take over, the pounding rhythm making Beth feel a little light headed. She felt completely chilled out and what was more, she had a good feeling about the evening. She was going to give Rachel and Claire a ruddy good run for their money and she would get the evidence needed to win the prize.

The Simon guy kept looking at Beth, almost like there was an element of recognition. His attentions had not gone unnoticed and Beth began to feel a little uncomfortable yet somehow, she too felt an air of familiarity.

Beth would make it her business to find out by the end of the Two fast dance tracks was followed by a slow number, a request from a punter and the dance floor was suddenly flooded with guys who were waiting for a slow song to come on so they could have a grope of whatever partner they could find.

Simon held Beth close to him, his mask concealing the contented grin beneath as he pressed his body into hers. Beth could smell the beer on his breath, despite the mask being in the way and despite the volume, it had not given him brewers droop. Beth could feel his hardening erection through his trousers and pressed against her lower tummy.
Beth was uneasy about this stranger dancing so intimately with her and although it boosted her ego a little to know she’d turned the guy on, she was quietly cautious. She should terminate the dance now, make her excuses and leave straight away. But something stopped her. Was it the prize, the tacky title that Kirsty was offering? Could it be the fact she was feeling horny due to Allan’s recent incapacitation with his man-flu? Or was it her own ego, not wanting to be beaten by those two slappers who called themselves makeup artists?

Simon, however, was in his element. He had been used to attracting some good looking women over the years and had bedded many of them, but none quite so classy and erotic as this one. This Jessica sort was something else and he had to keep pinching himself to prove he was not dreaming and that his fantasies had come true.

What was more, she was not pushing him away, allowing him to press his erection into her belly. She must be able to sense the size of his tool and that was why she was not pushing him away, because he was so well endowed, he figured. Casually, Simon’s mind began to plan his next move, how to ensure he gets the result he wants. Simon knew what he wanted and it involved getting his dick wet with Jessica’s juices.

The slow song ended and a rave track started, causing the dance floor to half empty as the guys made an exodus for the bar. Beth had been giving her dancing everything and despite the “E” and alcohol, her foot was becoming quite a nuisance. Beth wished she had bought something at the drug store earlier that could have at least cushioned her foot from the pressure of her shoes.

“Sorry, I’m going to have to sit this one out!” Beth said apologetically.

Simon nodded affirmatively and led her back to her stool where she swiftly removed her shoe, rubbing the soreness. She had placed a sticky plaster on the offending area but had only been able to find the blue catering plasters in her first aid box.

Simon whistled at her bare foot and despite the unromantic blue plaster, Beth smiled. Even in her lowest moment, she could turn someone on Alex had also made her way back to her seat, using Beth’s prompt return to orchestrate her plan.

“David? Simon Jessica and I were thinking about having a few quiet drinks if you’d care to join us” Alex suggested, giving Beth a sly wink.

“Good idea, Edna” Beth replied.

“Ah, it’s Dame Edna actually possum!” Alex joked, really getting into her character.

“Why don’t we use the bar in our complex of villa’s?” the Beckham character suggested.

“What about the mini bar?” Simon counter suggested.

“Good idea” the David Beckham character agreed.

“Are you sure about this?” Beth asked Alex.

“Relax!” Alex replied before accidentally tripping over a loose handbag.

You’re pissed!” a drunken voice called which Beth assumed was the owner of the offending handbag.

“I probably am….” Alex replied curtly in her loudest Australian accent.

“Yes, tonight she was confident they would get sufficient evidence to beat Rachel and Claire to the prize. Claire would probably already be high on something and have a pussy full of spunk and Rachel would soon be gagging on a couple of cocks, too. Alex was sure they were both bow-wows but the competition was to collect evidence.

They’d be too engrossed in getting laid to worry about collecting evidence. A love bite here and a stained pair of briefs there was weak in comparison to naked men on digital camera. Oh yes, tonight, Alex and Beth would be the victors, of that she had no doubt. And what were the odds of failing? About one in a million!

The villa was actually a bulk standard apartment with a balcony facing the sea,. The kitchen bin was overflowing with empty beer cans and pizza boxes. Despite the presence of a dish washer, dirty crockery littered the sink and coffee rings adorned the work surfaces

Beckham put the wall lights on which gave a soft lighting effect whilst Simon switched on the CD player.

“Drink?” Simon asked.

Beth turned unexpectedly at his voice. Without the back ground noise, his voice was very familiar but she couldn’t place from where.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Alex said.

“Shit, this is so fucking annoying” Beckham removing his mask as he spoke. Judging by his face, he was in his mid thirties.

“Hey, why don’t you put your mask back on?” Beth suggested.

She could be a minx at times, teasing and winding guys up, but she could also be very outspoken. Alex stared at Beth, almost like Beth had stared at her when she had been challenged as they were leaving the club.

“Because it’s too hot!” the guy said defensively.

I don’t think you understand……..” Beth added, “……the game is to remain anonymous and to use our character names. How can I call you David Beckham when you look like a Nigel?!”

“How did you know my name is Nigel?” Nigel asked and Beth was unsure if it was now him teasing her.

“Ah, here come the drinks” Alex interrupted swiftly.

This conversation had the danger of escalating into an argument and They hadn’t yet got the pictures as evidence yet. Alex and Beth were handed drinks in different sized tumblers whilst David (or Nigel) had a plastic beaker and Simon had a coffee mug.

Simon lifted his mask a little so he could consume his drink and Beth examined the chin. There was definitely some recognition but she couldn’t place who or where, did she really know who he was?

Beth kicked off her shoes and rubbed her sore foot again.

“Bottoms up!” Alex announced flamboyantly and they all raised their glasses and took a swift gulp. Beth winced as she swallowed the drink, a concoction of cheap local wine and some white spirit like gin or vodka.

She wanted desperately to get the evidence and get out of there, if nothing else, to get something to take the taste away.

“So, where are you girls from then?” Nigel asked.

Alex shook her head. “Remember what Jessica here said. This is totally anonymous so no cheating by asking names or places…..

“All you need to know about me is I live in Hollywood!” Beth added.

“OK Nigel said, playing the game, “I’m so glad you’re getting the hang of this” Alex replied, standing up and approaching Nigel.

“Well, you know….?” Nigel stammered.

He could tell that beneath Alex’s costume, she was actually quite an attractive woman and quite shapely too.
“Why don’t you let me see how big you are, down under?” Alex suggested, her accent becoming mellower.

“I could show Jessica here my record collection!” Simon piped up.

Beth raised her eyebrows in surprise
“Go on then…..” Beth urged, her playful attitude now in top gear, “…show me How big it is!”

“You and your work!” Alex chastised Beth playfully.
“You see, Jessica here works in clinical research and she has been working on male genitalia for many years, haven’t you darling?”

Beth nodded, wondering where this thread would lead to.

“It’s quite embarrassing but she has this thing about examining penises and testicles for her ongoing survey. She is very professional, aren’t you?” Alex continued.
Beth nodded again.

“Yes, the demand for this data is increasing. Cocks are rising rapidly in my work place!” Beth added for good measure.

“I bet they are!” Simon added.
“Would you mind then, possum?” Alex suggested.

Nigel was a little apprehensive but Simon was up for the challenge.

“Not here….” Simon suggested, “…our flat mates might not be so understanding if they arrived back early.

"Let’s go through here” he added, opening a door into what would normally be the master bedroom with a double bed in the middle.

Alex took her hand bag with her cell phone in and led the way, followed by Beth and Nigel who were both a little uncertain.

Nigel followed them in and closed the door. Alex had already found the mini bar and had examined the contents. Removing a couple of small WKD’s.

She whipped off the lids with the bottle opener and handed one to Beth. The taste certainly took away the rank taste of the cocktail she’d been handed earlier.

“You’re very quick at removing tops!” Simon said.

“Not many!” Alex giggled, dribbling WKD down her chin.

“Remember what your boy friend tells you, and swallow it!” Nigel suggested which caused Alex to giggle even more.

“My boyfriend is a dentist and he always tells me to spit!” Alex guffawed, her Ozzie accent now a thing of the past.

“Has he given you many fillings?” Simon asked, joining in fun.

“You prefer it large, do you?” Simon asked, his manner becoming quite assertive.

“It’s got to be big to fill my cavities!” Alex chuckled as she fell onto the bed, her skirt rising over her knees giving the guys an excellent view of her panties.
“How big is big?” Alex asked as he stood and approached the bed where Alex was sprawled.

“How big have you got?” Alex said, restraining herself momentarily.

Without another word, Nigel had dropped his Levi’s and Calvin Klein’s and stood with his manhood at attention.
“Fuck me! That looks just like a penis, only smaller!” Alex laughed. Beth smiled too. She had used that line before herself!

“Happy to oblige” Nigel said, leaping on top of Alex. “What are you doing?” Alex exclaimed, still giggling.

“You said ‘fuck me’ so I thought I’d obey your command!” he replied cheekily.

“Silly arse!” Alex smirked, rolling on top of the semi naked guy.

He pulled off his mask again, gasping for breath. Alex’s sudden burst of energy had winded him slightly.

“If you really want me, then you’re going to have to do something for me” Alex began, fluttering her eyelids.
“And what would that be?” Nigel enquired. “Well….first of all, I want a photograph to remember you by…….of you totally naked!” Alex began. Nigel may have been pissed but he was still in control of his faculties.

“What do you want a picture of me naked, for?”
“Just a little keepsake!” Alex replied.

“Then Jessica here Nigel want a picture of Simon naked, too!”

Beth, who had been an interested third party suddenly jumped out of her skin. She had no desire to see Simon naked, nor did she want any evidence of such. Beth was happy for Alex to win the prize and was happy to be runner up but realisation dawned on her that she needed to participate in proceedings a little. Simon had already begun to unbuckle his belt and then stopped.

No problem…..” he said cunningly, “…..under one condition.”

“What would that condition be, then?” Alex enquired.
“You two have to be naked, too!” Simon suggested.

Beth stared at Alex with that “You’ve got to be joking” look on her face! To Beth’s surprise, Alex stood and unbuttoned her dress.

“We’ll go down to our underwear only….” Alex agreed, “so get ‘em off!” Beth was uncertain if Alex was talking to Simon or her. Nigel had already removed his top smiling at Alex.

Alex’s dress had dropped to the floor and she stood in her matching bra and panties in front of the now totally naked Nigel. She gestured for Nigel to stand whilst reaching for her cell phone and throwing it to Beth who was now sat bolt upright on the edge of the bed.

"I want Jessica here to take a photo of your handsome cock near my face, OK?”

Nigel had jumped up and positioned himself so Alex could have her face facing the erection. Beth’s hands trembled slightly as she opened up the camera application on Alex’s mobile phone.
Lining the picture up, she was focusing on Alex’s face and the penis, rather than take a wide shot. Within moments, the picture was snapped.
“Let me take another, just to be sure” Beth suggested. It would be embarrassing if the picture was blurred and useless. As the camera snapped, Beth felt arms around her waist, a hand wearing a wedding ring engulfing her slender waist.

“Your turn now” Simon said 

Beth had that realisation again, the voice was oh so familiar. Beth shuddered with a mixture of revulsion and fear. Was Simon really being serious. Beth stood, frozen to the spot, she saw the hands around her waist, the wedding band reflecting in the light of the bedside lamps, highlighting the fact that this guy was not just spoken for, but well and truly out of bounds. So why was he coming on so strong with Beth? She knew that most guys wanted to fuck her judging by the attention she attracted wherever she went.

Slowly, she felt Simon’s hands wandering across her belly, stroking her tummy as though wondering how long before his own semen would be swimming around inside her. Beth’s pulse skipped several beats at the thought of someone other than Allan mauling and groping her. Was it the alcohol or was she beginning to feel violently sick?

Beth had closed her eyes, hoping the loss of vision would take some of the horror away but her eyes flew open as Simon’s hands moved North, cupping her breasts through the material of her dress. Beth wanted to slap his hands away but again, maybe her arrogance got the better of her, thinking she could remain in control. She’d not been adverse to being topless in public and this was not much more risqué than that……was it?

Beth continued to quiz herself as Simon caressed her ample bosom, feeling her nipples stiffen beneath her clothing as though she had suddenly become very cold. He had lifted his mask slightly, allowing him to kiss the side of her neck. He was now very close to her face and he, too, could sense some kind

He examined her skin, smooth and perfectly made up and despite the heat and exertion in the club earlier, this Jessica sort looked as perfect as when she had applied her make up in front of the mirror.

His eyes moved up her face, across her perfect cheek bones and noticed the long eye lashes which he assumed were fake but sexy, none the less. Even her powder pink fingernails were false, hiding any tell tale signs of who she might really be.

Beth’s eyes flickered from being wide open to shut tight and he could sense the twisting emotions within her. If he played his cards right, maybe he could come out as the winner tonight, he reasoned with himself.

If ever there was a perfect “ten” then Beth was it that night.

Her face oozed class and even innocence as she calmly dealt with Simon’s wandering hands across her breasts. Beth had tried to distance herself from the emotion of the experience, mentally blocking this creep’s advances. Instead, Beth watched Alex as she cavorted with Nigel, hoping they could capture the evidence swiftly and exit.

Beth felt relieved as Simon’s hands released her breasts and she sighed deeply to herself. Simon had put his hands on her shoulders and was massaging her gently, almost erotically. Beth could feel stress and tension ebb away as Simon confidently rubbed her muscles and enjoying the sound of Beth’s exhalations.

With subtly Beth had never experienced before, Simon continued to rub a shoulder whilst his other hand slid down her back, his palm flat against her body as though easing out the tension within. Yet his movements were sly, his hand surreptitiously gripping her zipper between his outstretched fingers, lowering the zip in the process.

Before Beth could respond, Simon had unzipped the back of her dress and it fell to the floor. Beth had dressed a little too risqué and had worn a very brief string and matching bra. She had figured that it would have been so hot in the club, she’d need to keep cool and if she was going to win the prize, Simon continued to kiss her shoulders and neck, his eyes peeping over her shoulder and taking in her beauty for the first time.

Through the material of her skimpy bra, Simon could see her nipples poking through the material, erect following his recent arousal of her breasts.

With effortless ease, Simon’s finger circumnavigated her breast, drawing an outline of her areola against the material of her barely there bra.

Beth felt torn, disgust that she should be allowing this stranger to paw at her yet by the same token, aroused and almost excited. Simon continued his caressing, his hands sliding down the side of her breasts before swooping below the breast and moving back upwards, cupping them gently.
Then he would follow the curve of her breasts up towards her shoulder, back down her upper arms and back to the side of her breasts, his circular motions slow and predictable. Beth began to relax as although this was not something she wanted, it could be an awful lot worse; which is exactly what happened next.

Simon moved his hands down her forearm again but on this occasion, his hands moved backwards to her thoracic area, moving his hands up her back, across her rib cage until he found the slender strings that held the bikini type bra together.

With expert precision, he pulled at the knot that tied her bra together, feeling the string hold firm for a few moments before it began to give, slowly sliding until the bow had become undone. Beth was unaware of Simon ’s actions until she exhaled and her chest movement caused the thin material to fall, revealing the upper skin of her breasts.

Simon had ensured the knot was totally free and he slowly began to lower the shoulder straps down Beth’s arms, revealing centimetre by agonising centimetre more and more of her voluptuous breasts.

Simon thought that if this process was being filmed, the action replay may actually be faster than the real thing! It was not long until the slinky bikini bra had been slid far enough down Beth’s arms for it to fall to the floor, gravity having it’s wicked way with Beth’s attire.

Beth’s breasts stood proud, Simon noticed his own breathing had become erratic as his eyes surveyed the voluptuous curves before him. Her skin was smooth and silky, tender and warm as his hands explored her sexy body.

He gazed at her profile, his face next to her cheek and for a moment, she reminded him of someone yet he couldn’t quite place who. Her chin and cheeks were the shape of someone he knew well yet her hair, makeup, and everything about her was different.

Beth gasped in shock as Simon groped at her ample breasts, fondling her and tweaking her nipples.

Her horrified look did nothing but amuse Alex who was now stroking Nigel’s erection, her tongue darting out over the head of his cock. A sly wink to suggest.

“That’s my girl!” implied Alex was cool with the situation but Beth was very uncomfortable.

Sure, she had bathed topless on the beach but usually only when Allan was around to protect her from the moronic perverts that frequented beaches. Simon, however, was in his element. His wife was a bit too straight laced for him, very prim and proper with set views. She had never allowed him to go anal or oral on her and their repertoire of positions was limited to missionary or her on top. Doggy had never appealed to her and Simon had found himself married to a miserable bitch.

Beth was anxious to get the photographs done and split, she felt the whole thing was wrong and was beginning to spiral out of control. She could not yet identify why, but Simon was not a person she liked....

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