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Still Faithful, Always - Chapter 2

Laura and Greg have romantic dinner date as prelude to passionate sex once again.

Laura had every intention of announcing herself with a witty phrase when Greg’s door opened; she thought of several on a theme of Avon calling while driving south. Best intentions sometimes flee, just seeing Greg as he opened the door left her speechless. She almost leaped into her lover’s home and into his arms. Laura kissed first, squeezed tight, pulled back to look, and then kissed hard once more. Greg wrapped her in his arms, lifted and held her tight to his chest.

As Greg set his lady back standing on two feet, his hand quite naturally slipped into and under the open slit that was the back of her dress. His mind leapt back in time to spectacular dresses Laura always wore for their special dates. He stroked, fondled and remembered. He nuzzled face to crook of neck and kissed.

“I have missed you so much for so long.”

Laura tried to turn head and kiss once again but Greg backed off, closed door for privacy, and led Laura to his living room sofa. Once again they kissed and clutched; both used their hands for intimate search. Both seemed to need proof the other was real. When Laura found her hand between her lover’s legs and gripping his very erect cock she knew reality.

Greg spoke, “We could forego dinner, my darling, and feast on each other.”

“No, no Greg, I have reservations and I want this date; it’s our time for your birthday. I’ll keep my hands, and lips, off of you until later.” Laura sighed, “Just seeing you brings back so many memories, so many feelings - love - go make us a drink, something not too strong since I’ll be driving. While you do that I’ll do some deep breathing.”

Greg captured a quick kiss as he rose and left to make drinks. Laura’s first deep breath was more of a gasp of emotion. Greg returned and handed over a snifter of brandy as he took his place next to Laura on the sofa. Laura accepted the drink and switched the topic of conversation onto safer ground.

“Dan and I are doing really well. He has had a big impact with his company since moving up to be Vice-President. He still does his art things too, both at work and at home. We have doubled the size of his gallery at home.” Laura was about to continue with her business news when Greg interrupted.

“I read an article in a magazine, Business Week I think it was, that mentioned Dan. The article was about reaching into the community as a key marketing strategy successful companies work with. It mentioned Dan as V-P and his art in the office project as one of three or four examples of best practices around the country.” Greg reached for Laura’s hand and then gave a light kiss. “I showed it around the office telling everyone I know this guy.”

“I hope you didn’t add that his wife was my special lover.”

“I am surprised you didn’t see something about my Business Lady news; I know it was in the San Francisco papers. The reason I am out here this week is BL has a board meeting beginning tomorrow.”

“Do you have another major presentation of one of your great ideas?”

“No, that’s not it, you really haven’t heard? I will listen to the presentations others make. About eighteen months ago I was nominated to be on the board. I am now a full time voting member of the Board of Directors of Business Lady, Incorporated. How about them apples, my love? You may now kiss the bride!”

Greg enveloped Laura in a bear hug and began kissing all over her face. “You are wonderful, just so special, incredible, yes - wonderful - I love you!” Greg’s tongue tried its best to get past Laura’s tonsils. Laura responded matching his probe with her tongue. When their kiss finally broke Laura leaned back to take a deep breath once again. She was totally disheveled. The bodice of her dress had drifted apart and her shoulder straps now rested in the crook of her elbows. Both breasts exposed to full view. Laura started to complain but Greg stopped her.

“They are still beautiful, just as I remember. I still see you in my dreams just like this.”

Laura reached to her right and raised half of dress bodice into place adjusting breast to fit. She guided the hand Greg had moving in her direction to the breast over her heart. “Hold me for just a moment with a tender kiss.” Greg responded. After a minute of pleasure for both, Laura fixed the other side of her dress, standing briefly to smooth wrinkles and gathers of fabric away.

“I think we should drink these brandies and then get on the road if we are going to make our eight-thirty reservation. Point me to the closest bathroom so I can repair my makeup. I am sure I am a mess.”

> > > - -

The drive from Greg’s house to the restaurant on the coast took almost an hour. Laura didn’t really need her GPS; Greg knew the road and served as guide. Laura talked casually about goings on at the law firm where both worked together in the past. “Old Jacobs finally stepped down from an active role.” Greg said retirement but Laura clarified her statement. “He still has an office, he works a few of his old clients; it’s just that he no longer works every day. He’s more like partner emeritus.” Greg asked about the young lawyers he had supervised, and Laura talked about their goings on.

Laura enjoyed driving the big Town Car through the twisty sections of the highway; a sports car would be even more fun, she mused. It reminded her of driving through the Smokies at home. The hour of driving flew by and soon she was back to following her GPS as it led her the final miles to the Overlook Restaurant parking lot.

Laura brought the car to a stop where one of the two valet attendants indicated. One assisted Greg while the other came to Laura’s driver side door offering a hand also giving a numbered brass medallion that she slipped into her clutch. With arm tucked into Greg’s they entered the restaurant. “My friend Liaison recommended we come here. She said the ambiance is totally romantic and the food excellent.”

> > > - -

As they reached the Maitre De, Laura introduced herself. “Yes Madame, I have the perfect table for you and your guest, quiet and intimate.”

As he led the way Laura opened her clutch looking for the American Express card she wanted to use tonight. She carried five: two identified her as Board of Directors - Business Lady, one company card and one personal; two related her to the law firm, also business and personal; the last card was for the family account she shared with Dan. All five were platinum colored dark silver. She handed her personal Business Lady card to the Maitre De and softly spoke, “Please ask our server to use this card and add a very generous gratuity, half the bill would be appropriate for perfect service. We want absolute privacy tonight; I don’t want to even notice the server. I am sure you understand.”

“I will see to it, Madame. Your service will be perfect.”

Their table was in a small alcove with a window that looked out to the Pacific Ocean. Laura kissed her lover before he seated her. She had one final request of the Maitre De before he left them, “We would like to start with a bottle of your best vintage Taittinger Brut please.”

Laura and Greg dined as lovers they were. Hand holding and light kisses intermixed with bites of their meal. Rekindle of love and desire after six years apart was evident and on display, but few could see them in their alcove. Laura wore her ruby ring; Greg clearly noticed. Several times as he held Laura’s right hand his fingers lingered at the ring. At meals mid-point, Laura went to her clutch to bring out the blue velvet box she set between them. She lifted her champagne flute and nodded it to Greg; their glasses touched as Laura gave her toast.

“To us, still, always.”

“Yes, to us, still and always.”

Greg initiated kiss following their toast; he kissed his lady love with as much possessive fierce passion as his lips and tongue could convey. Laura responded completely. When kiss was complete, Laura sipped another mouthful of champagne from her flute. She set her glass on the table and held her left hand toward Greg, fingers well spread.

“We both know what is in that box. It has to be different this time my love. We have to be different. I would love to wear that ring again with all that wearing your ring symbolizes. I want to wear your ring on this left hand along with the rings Dan gave me so many years ago.”

“You know well I left these rings home many times when I was with you. Dan took them from me. I will never take his rings off of this hand again while expressing my love for you Greg. Can you live with that? Can you accept that you can never have me only to yourself?”

“Can Laura live with what you are asking of me? You were often the greater whirlwind. Can Dan live with what you propose?”

“I know I can live with two husbands. I am willing to ask and convince Dan that he needs to accept as well; convince him he has nothing to fear. I am committed to turning that whirlwind I stirred into no more than the gentlest breeze for all of us, all three of us. I think he will accept if I can assure him of my continuing absolute love.”

Greg took the box, opened it and saw the ring their very special jeweler made at his direction just for the woman sitting across the table. For a long moment he simply gazed at the stone, the band, he remembered the evening he first gave this ring. Laura bared her finger then as she accepted this ring. Now she is telling me she will never bare that finger again. Can I accept less than all? Can I be Laura’s West Coast husband?  That is the question Laura is asking me. Time passed as Greg considered his questions and his answers. Laura made no sound across the table, not even breath.

The spell broke when Greg lifted ring from the holding slot in the box. He looked at Laura and saw her exhale and smile. With clear purpose Greg slipped the ring one more time onto Laura’s third finger, left hand. The couple intertwined fingers.

“I love you my darling Greg. I accept your ring and will wear it proudly. I hope you understand that by accepting this third ring for my wedding ring finger I am also accepting a fourth ring sometime and somehow in the future. Please kiss me.” This kiss carried love.

Laura raised left hand to her lover, “By wearing this ring I am committing to you Greg; I am committing to make every effort with Dan to get his agreement. I am promising that we will be able to live what this ring symbolizes within limits we both understand.”

Maitre De handed over Laura’s card and the check. She signed. “I have heard your gardens and the overlook are beautiful; could you point the way.”

“Of course Madame, and please return often with your friend.”

> > > - -

Greg looped his arm around Laura’s waist and led the way following the glow lamps lining the path. The floral scent from shrubbery along the garden path enhanced the romantic mood of garden lit only by moonlight. Laura reached her free hand to stroke her man’s chest. They stopped and kissed. They walked further and reached the overlook; Greg moved Laura forward standing behind her to wrap his arms around mid-section.

“It’s beautiful like this, the moonlight on the ocean. I’ll keep this picture as a memory of this special night.”

“The view is beautiful, the night is beautiful; you are more beautiful.”

Lips caressed Laura’s neck; she reached for hands at her waist and raised them to her breasts. Greg’s hands wanted flesh, not fabric; he worked them through the slit in dress bodice and pushed fabric aside.

“Ah yes, pinch them, pull me taut, stretch my nipples as only you can. Pinch, pull and twist and make me sing; it has been far too long Darling, far too long.”

Laura turned for kisses. Left hand lowered zipper and found cock to hold tight; right hand freed a stud and worked to find male nipple. Greg held her close and ravished his lover with probing kisses. He moaned into Laura’s mouth his pleasure at her touch. One of his hands held the couple together as other hand mauled a breast. Finally Laura pulled away.

“I could have you here, but I want you in bed. Take me to your bed and make love to me; fuck me Greg, I want you tonight.”

Now back at restaurant entrance, her clothes still mildly disheveled, Laura found the parking medallion and handed it to the valet. She acted impervious to young eyes fixed on her open cleavage. When her car pulled up she asked Greg to drive home, “It’s dark and I’m sure you know the road better.” Laura managed to expose a breast to the valet as she handed over ten dollars for his tip. She received a grin and a sincere, “Thank you and have a very good night ma’am.” Laura snuggled close to Greg but did her best to not interfere with his driving. Close quiet time for an hour was a perfect nightcap to their romantic birthday dinner as far as she was concerned.

> > > - -

“Happy Birthday Baby, it is our birthday celebration and I am your gift. Tonight is yours, make love to me or screw me good. Do me soft and gentle with love, or hard and fast with all of the passion you have been saving for six years. The choice is yours; I will love either or both.”

“You’ve been trying to fall out of your dress all night; let’s get it off right now.”

Laura pointed behind to the clasp and zipper. Dress puddled at her feet in fifteen seconds with Greg holding her hand to step free. “Panties, garter belt and stockings, I like the look. If you were still my secretary I would have you pose like this every day for me.”

Laura twirled. She bent forward to show off her tush. “Go ahead, you know you want to.”

Slap – Slap – Slap, hard and centered on the sheer black nylon stretched taut over Laura’s rump.

“Oh god yes, so good! I remember your hand so well, so much pleasure. Take them off, they’re yours.”

Slap – Slap – Slap, again, even harder with no nylon to interfere. Laura’s rear was turning red.

Laura looked over her shoulder and blew an air kiss. “Once more Baby, get both cheeks red for me so I can feel it when you take me to bed.”

Slap – Slap – Slap - Slap – Slap – Slap, to give equal attention to the left side before shifting to the right. Laura moaned and began to cry at the pain she requested. Greg finished his six blows to right cheek but didn’t stop. Slap – Slap – Slap - Slap – Slap – Slap, “Now let’s get your red ass to the bedroom; I want you now.”

Laura was sure Greg would take her hard, fast and rough their first time; the heavy spanking he’d just given seemed to proclaim his intention. First kiss was gentle and tender, as sweet and soft as any Laura could remember ever receiving from her lover. Greg followed with light feather kisses all over Laura’s face, cheeks and chin, eyelids and ears. Laura moaned encouragement. He still knows my body and psyche so well; six years apart and he still knows me.

Greg’s fingers led a teasing trail, neck, chest, breast and mouth followed, kiss, lick, soft bite. Attention shifted to nipples; Greg took his time, mouth played to the right while fingers took left side. Laura felt her passion climb. She pressed her chest up to her lover’s caresses; her hands stroked his head, his back, arms, wherever she could reach. With passion building Laura called out her desire.

“Greg, now Greg, I need you! I need you in me. Please, please Baby, do me, love me Darling, I need you now. Fuck me Greg Baby. Love me right now.”

Greg continued to tease and torment driving Laura’s desire higher; her cries for more just got louder and louder. Laura tried to pull her lover closer into position but he was so much stronger that she had little success. Finally it was time; foreplay ended. With arms hooked behind knees, Greg lifted Laura’s legs over his shoulders, lined cock with his woman’s furrowed channel, and slowly eased himself into Laura’s sexual center. Spasms shook her body; Laura just quivered at long denied pleasure.

“Yes, this is what I have needed so long. I love you Baby! Make love to me just like this.”

Neither lasted long.

Both Greg and Laura were close to orgasm at first penetration. Greg humped hard and strong, driving his cock into the warmth of Laura’s pussy from above. Laura kicked legs in the air around Greg’s head and used back and shoulder muscles to reach for her lover’s thick phallus, matching his thrusts with pelvic muscles to pull cock deeper into her core. After very few minutes of intense passionate loving Laura screamed her orgasm to Greg’s ear as he spewed his cum into her being and yelled his joy as well. They collapsed next to one another panting and snuggling close.

At first both rested, their silence broken only by the sound of labored breathing.

“Six years is too long Laura.” Greg reached arm across and let it rest on Laura’s heaving tummy. He needed close. “You have been one-of-a-kind, the best, since our first time together. There is no one like you.” He gave light kisses to lips, to breast and down her flank to curve of hip.

“Mmmmmm, any time you want to say sweet things about me and kiss like this I am yours. You’re right, six years is too long. We need to make sure it’s never that long again.” Laura continued to purr responding to Greg’s light kisses.

Laura knew nothing would be better than spending the night tucked in close to her love and waking in his arms as tomorrow’s sunlight chased the darkness. During her first affair with Greg that is what she often told Dan was the best part of living with Greg for extended periods. Sleeping in Greg’s bed, wrapped in his arms, instead of middle of night dressing and driving home was almost as important as the great sex she shared with her lover. Laura wanted that tonight but knew the pleasure of waking with Greg tomorrow must be denied. Her board meeting beckoned.

Her motion broke their mutual reverie. She rolled atop her lover and kissed with passion. Laura ended kiss and kneeled between Greg’s splayed legs; she reached for cock to fondle erect. Her cock kisses helped. Greg responded quickly; he was ready.

“I can’t spend the night, my meeting. Take my mouth as only you can then screw my brains out so I am in your sexual fog as I drive home. How do you want me?”

Greg lifted one leg over Laura’s head and rolled to standing beside his bed. “Get down here on your knees my perfect slut bitch. I’ll fuck your face till you choke and gag. Is that what you want?”

Laura answered by scrambling to position. Greg grabbed two handfuls of hair tilting Laura’s head back. “Open bitch, open wide!”

Out of practice taking that much length and thickness deep into her throat, Laura gagged and choked immediately. Her head rocked first forward and then back trying to escape her lover’s assault. Greg would have none of her retreat. Tightening grip on hair, Greg pulled Laura’s face into his crotch hard; her lips mashed against his curly pubic hair. Cock pushed through and beyond gag point. Laura’s lips stretched wide as she choked on her man’s thickness. Greg shifted his grip to latch his left hand at Laura’s neck and right hand at back of her skull.

Cock began fucking in and out of Laura’s mouth with no seeming concern for her well being, for her life even. In fact, Greg had fucked Laura’s face just like this many times. He had never met a woman who would allow such physical domination and never shy away. For Laura, giving herself this way expressed her desire to please her lover and her absolute trust ceding full control of her life for the moment. Greg had always accepted that trust and pulled back before Laura passed out. He did so tonight.

When Greg abruptly pulled away, Laura collapsed to hands on floor and gasping position. Loudly she sucked air into lungs. Greg bent forward to rub her cheek with cock, but he denied her target whenever Laura turned to suck again. Finally she lifted her head and smiled a worn and weary grin.

“I love you Greg. Use your beautiful cock to fuck my body now the way you just fucked my face. I need to remember it all so we can rebuild our loving together.”

Their second sex of the night lasted much longer. Greg used his big cock well, hard driving deep into Laura. She clutched, scratched, pulled him close and did everything she could to force the most physical sex both could achieve. By the time Greg spewed and Laura convulsed, he used more than cock to sexually dominate her. Greg bit and there were teeth marks on breasts and thighs as evidence. Greg slapped her buns all the while he fucked Laura doggie style; they were bright red at completion and Laura would feel exciting pain during her drive home. Greg planted several hickies that clothes would cover, but at least one Laura would have to use makeup to conceal.

Eventually the clock on the nightstand forced decision. It was past midnight and time for Cinderella’s fantasy evening to end. Laura gathered her clothes and began to dress.

“I would leave my panties as souvenir but I am sure I would leak and make a mess all over this dress. What I would like to do is curl up beside you and pull a sheet over our bodies and sleep until dawn. I can’t.” Laura finished getting dressed; Greg slipped on a robe. He walked her to her car.

“I will call Celeste and give her my address and directions. Just let me know whether you are coming Friday night or Saturday morning. I love you Greg Harrison; I love you so much Baby.”

Renewed long time couple shared a romantic kiss that shifted to clutching passion before Greg finally let her go; he seated Laura behind the wheel and closed her car door. With an hour of driving to get home, Laura had time to sing, to grin with satisfaction, and to contemplate a future with what looked like two husbands, one on each coast.

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