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Still Faithful, Always - Chapter 4

Laura opens up to associates about Greg and accepts marriage proposal.
With body still keeping Eastern time Laura was awake in bed waiting for her alarm clock to give permission, no not permission, foul noise buzz mandate - GET OUT OF BED NOW. In the shower she scrubbed clean but the marks of last night’s passion remained all about her body. Her fingers traced around the love bites on each breast; she could see Greg’s finger prints still on her left arm. She looked down between her legs and saw her inner thighs bore signs of their sex. Laura grinned as she touched each mark Greg left. Oh yes, we still know how to make furious love, don’t we. It shows on me. I wonder what his body looks like this morning. Looking at her finger tips, Laura was surprised she hadn’t torn any nails off on her lover’s skin.

As water poured over skin, Laura announced her love for Greg and then she thought back to her husband Dan’s trigger words: "Do you want more . . . Your other ring is in Artsy's box. Take it with you."

Both Laura and Dan understood that Saturday morning question referred to much more than filling her glass once again with champagne. A plane ride, a telephone conversation, a romantic dinner, and a night of making love with Greg brought home how much more Laura wanted in her life.

Laura held her hands toward the shower head as if to catch the water; her thanks she spoke aloud. “Wonderful husband Dan you perfect man, you are perfect for me. Thank you for knowing me so well. Thank you for wanting my happiness. This time I will try to be more worthy.”

Laura turned the knobs ending her shower. She toweled her body dry and then her hair. Okay girl, forget about last night with Greg; forget about Dan and his role. It’s time for you to turn into Laura, Voting Member, Board of Directors of Business Lady Incorporated. It’s time for some breakfast and then dress and get to work.

In her kitchen, Laura poured coffee and a glass of juice as well; toasting a bagel and slicing a grapefruit finished breakfast preparation. She sat at the small table and ate in silence thinking about today’s meeting. One of the main items for discussion was going to be business expansion. Finding and developing new markets was Laura’s special interest. “I want to get an early start today,” she said aloud to no one.

Laura called the concierge as she cleaned up her breakfast residue. “I won’t need my car today. Could you have a taxi for me at eight o’clock? Thank you, I appreciate all you do for me Francisco.” Laura hung up from concierge and returned to bedroom to dress for work. I couldn’t function here without my concierge, she thought, I guess the thousand dollar check I give him every year at Christmas lets him know just how much I really do appreciate his service.

> > > - -

Laura was in her office by eight-thirty. Following her usual routine she greeted the early workers in the marketing department individually. In spite of her position in the company, Laura tried to fit in as one of the gang working up-to-elbows with everyone else for the increased profit of Business Lady. She saw the Director of Marketing stop at the coffee pot for a cup on arriving. Laura filled her cup and followed him.

“Good morning, Stan, could we do the normal routine at nine-thirty? Everyone should be in by then, don’t you think?”

“Sure thing Laura, you could call the meeting you know, you’re top dog in the office today.”

“No, I may be on the board but you are Director, I know and respect you for what you are and your position. I just like to have a good idea of what ideas are floating through everyone’s head so I can be the most effective board member I can be. It’s important to me Stan.”

All eight members of the marketing staff gathered in their small conference room. Laura led off explaining about the board meeting and asking for input, “What has everyone been thinking about new market ideas?” Laura pointed to the junior new hire, “Helen, you kick this off; I am just going to listen.”

Discussion among the group was lively; Laura only spoke to ask questions when she needed more clarification or information. About ten minutes into the brainstorm session, Hector Grenada threw out a comment that Laura thought might have potential. “There’s a lot of new money and new business growth south of the border. Maybe we should have a Latin American Division.”

The meeting continued for another ten minutes before Laura cut things off.

“Thanks Stan, I’ve used up enough of most everybody’s day. We can all get back to work guys. Hector, I think your Latin American idea has some merit, I’ll see what some of the other board members think.”

Laura pointed to Hector and Liaison but she spoke to Stan as boss, “I’d like to have Hector dig up some key numbers on this South American idea of his between now and lunch time. If he can get some numbers and feed them to Liaison, she knows how to put them together so I can use them for the board.”

Turning to Hector she told him, “Just give me high level rough and dirty; don’t get bogged down in details and reasoning.”

Laura finalized her request to Stan, “Only ‘till lunch time, Stan, I hope that will be okay?” Laura knew in advance that her boss this morning would not object since Laura would be senior this afternoon. Laura kept alert to the anomalous relationship and constantly made her best effort that she was never the cause of any potential conflict.

> > > - -

Laura and the President rode in the BL limo to the Mark Hopkins Hotel in time to greet the out of town directors before the meeting began at one. In her briefcase Laura had folders with two simple handouts for the board; first was a single sheet outline of the size of the potential market and the second a very high level marketing plan. She hadn’t mentioned the South American idea to anyone outside of her own department, not even President as they rode in their limo. She wanted surprise on her terms and her timing.

Laura saw her opportunity for a dramatic proposal when CFO began walking through some charts that indicated a softening in market growth. He attributed the softening to saturation and suggested a public relations response to control perception among investors. Several of the outside directors objected to what they called a strictly cosmetic approach to a management situation.

“I’ve got an idea to present that is more than cosmetic,” Laura broke into the discussion. She waited until everyone focused on her alone, and then made everyone wait a feminine moment longer as she extracted the handouts from her briefcase.

“One of the junior members of our staff, Hector Grenada, suggested a Latin American Division for Business Lady. He pointed out the tremendous growth that oil money and general modernization has built to our south.”

Laura read the big picture numbers that indicated the size of the market as she handed over the single sheet market potential paper. “I asked our marketing staff to give me some quick and dirty numbers we can look at today.”

“Yes, this is more like it,” the director who was most critical of glossing over the negative trend line. Another of the outside directors thanked Laura specifically and said some very nice things about the quality of people working for Business Lady.

“I will tell Hector and Liaison, she helped him work up these planning sheets, that the Board appreciates their work.” Laura passed around her second handout. “Here is an outline of their marketing plan. You can see they recommend creating a new division in BL and beginning our efforts in three countries: Mexico because it is close, Venezuela because of their oil revenue and socialist political agenda, and Brazil because of the size and diversity of their economy.”

Talk among the directors was quite lively. Laura had indeed achieved her goal of dominating the meeting with a new marketing idea. She saw that President cast an annoyed eye her way; she was sure he thought she should have clued him in ahead of time. I’ll invite he and his wife to dinner tomorrow, maybe a few others too. His wife and I always get along famously. He’ll get over his pissed off. He knows I am passing on credit to staff; I don’t try to hog the glory. I just want to present ideas in a way that they become winning ideas.

In fact, President did get over his pissed off the next evening in Laura’s living room when his wife thanked Laura profusely for her Latin American idea. “I’ve always wanted a reason for my husband to take me to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival and now he will have no excuse at all to resist.” Laura got a sincere hug and cheek kiss as reward.

The small dinner party Laura quickly ginned up had as guest list President and his wife, CFO and his wife too, and her best bud friend Liaison and her now husband Sig. Laura, busy with board meetings, called her ace-in-the-hole concierge, Francisco. “I am having a small get together for six guests tomorrow after work, cocktails, light snacks and then a nice sit down dinner. Can you have it ready for me for say six o’clock?” Leaving worries such as an instant dinner party in the trusted hands of Francisco knowing the arrangements would be absolutely perfect was another reason he always received a very nice Christmas check. She had given Francisco authority to purchase whatever Laura might need years ago. He kept a credit card in Laura’s name and used only for whatever she needed in the way of food, furnishings and decorations for her San Francisco home.

> > > - -

“Thank you for coming tonight everyone, and thank you for bringing your better halves. Our agenda includes a minimum of business talk and a maximum of socializing. Got that everyone?”

“While I am serving drinks for each of you I am going to lead off the first topic of social discussion, husbands treating their wives as women deserve to be treated.” Laura smiled making obvious that whatever followed would be outrageous; she turned her attention to Liaison’s husband Sig. “When I asked my best bud Liaison for a romantic restaurant recommendation, some place I could take a very dear friend to celebrate his fiftieth birthday, she had to ask another lady. She told me Sig since she said I do, you say I don’t when it comes to romantic restaurants. Shame on you!”

Sig sputtered but was pretty much speechless; his wife tittered amused at her husband’s confusion. The other men called out words of male support as their wives joined in with a general attack on males of the species. Soon enough laughter spread and Laura’s desire to find a common ice breaker for tonight’s party succeeded. She went to Sig and kissed his cheek while winking at girlfriend.

As Liaison started on her second drink her tongue loosened. “Laura, since you brought up the restaurant subject, may I ask how your romantic rendezvous came off?”

Now Laura had to pause: should she answer, is this the time and the audience to announce Greg? She decided to forge on. “I guess I will answer your curiosity girlfriend. Perfect, delightful, romantic, renewing, in the end fulfilling - all would be descriptive.” Laura looked to the senior two couples. “Liaison knows who I took to dinner, why and what our relationship has been like in the past.”

Speaking to President, CFO and their wives Laura explained further. “You have all met my husband Dan; he is the love of my life and has been since we met. Ten years ago I began a very committed affair with the man who was then my boss at the law firm; his name is Greg.” Laura paused deciding how far to take her explanation. “My affair lasted four years; it was very intense. Looking back, I am surprised Dan accepted my behavior. He came close. At times he did not accept; he came close to throwing me overboard.” Laura paused again, “Excuse me please,” and she left to her bedroom.

All of the women assumed Laura needed a moment to regain composure and dry her eyes. They knew they would after making such an admission. CFO and his wife gave each other an intense look that Liaison noticed. Husband and wife said nothing; Liaison said nothing. Laura returned with left hand in a lightly closed fist holding the small blue jewelers box.

Laura opened the box handing it to Mrs. President. “That ring is what ended my affair after four years. Everything that ring stands for shocked my psyche, shocked Laura as Laura-married-to-Dan.”

Mrs. President noted the size, cut and quality of the diamond set in a style she had never seen; she passed the ring along to Mrs. CFO who studied the ring and stone carefully. Mrs. CFO lifted it from its box and held it close to her left hand finger before returning it to box and passing on to Liaison. Liaison knew about the ring but she had never seen it; certainly she never saw Laura wear this ring. She wanted to be sure. “You wore this ring three weeks, this is the one?”

“I wore that ring alone on this finger for three weeks and then it went back into the box. Greg left the firm and moved cross country to join a practice out here, in San Jose. I never looked at the ring again until last Saturday. I never thought of Greg - not Greg, or Laura with Greg - until last Saturday. For six years I never spoke with him until Monday and not once saw him until Tuesday evening. It has been an intense week for me.”

President’s wife asked, “He waited?”

“Did you ask him either put it on or take it back Tuesday when you took him to dinner?”

“I gave him my hand.”

“Did he consummate?”

“Yes, oh yes he did, we did.”

Laura clearly understood the double-entendre in Mrs. President’s question. All three of her women guests followed the conversation immediately. The men nodded their understanding at personal intervals.

“I want to shift our topic just a little, still on me and my lover but more frivolous. Let me fix drinks for all while Liaison sets up my slide projector. Will you girlfriend?”

Laura began her slide show. “I am the star of this series of pictures. These are the PG to mild R rated ones. I don’t think any of you should be too embarrassed. You men do understand that we ladies like to wear pretty lingerie at times, don’t you? Isn’t that why we started our lingerie line at Business Lady?” She went on to explain that Greg first requested, finally demanded and threatened, this photo shoot for months before Laura agreed. “He wanted me as his desktop Playboy centerfold model.”

Laura slowly clicked through a dozen or so slides. In all but the final slide Laura’s intimate parts were covered in bra and panties at least. The slides she projected would all be considered cheesecake art. She did not feel in the least bit uncomfortable knowing these men she worked with, also the wives, were viewing intimate photographs. The slide show pictured a very confident and attractive woman moving from front door setting to her desk, to Greg’s office and finally to a conference room posing pin-up style. Laura acknowledged the several compliments she received.

“This last slide would have a higher R rating. All I am wearing is a veil; it’s my wedding veil.” Laura heard gasps from the older women and either President or CFO, she didn’t catch which one, was shocked at Laura posing for lover wearing wedding attire. The long veil flowed down Laura’s naked back and covered her rump. Laura was looking back over her shoulder with a smile. The swell of a breast hanging down was bared to the camera lens and the veil only clouded the naked image of her back. Laura was a very attractive woman and the photograph displayed her sensual quality well. Laura left the image projected on the wall as she returned attention to general conversation.

“Does anyone need one last drink to cool off after those hot sexy photographs?”

“I’ll fix the drinks, Laura; I hope you aren’t you going to show any of the X slides. I don’t want Sig to have a stroke.” Liaison turned away to avoid the visual daggers she knew were coming.

Laura simply smiled she nodded her head letting others know there were such photographs. “Greg will be my escort to any future company events that require a date.” Legitimizing her lover to BL hierarchy was the single purpose in showing the sexy slide show to this audience. As far as Laura was concerned - objective realized. Her dinner party ended after the final round of drinks Liaison served.

> > > - -

The Board of Directors Meeting ended at one o’clock Friday. Laura asked President for a few minutes of his time before returning to the office. He agreed and suggested the Mark Hopkins lobby bar instead of the coffee shop Laura offered. Laura wanted to make sure that her talking so frankly about her affair with Greg and the erotic slide show were not considered offensive or embarrassing.

“On the contrary, my wife was quite appreciative. We had excitement when we got home the way we did as newlyweds. I might see if she wants to pose for some private photographs.” Laura laughed.

“Unless you object, Sir, I think I will call it a day. I want to call Dan before he gets started on his weekend activities. I am going to stay over; I’ll see you Monday and probably Tuesday as well.”

Laura hugged her concierge on the way to her apartment as thank you for his help with the dinner party. She also informed him she would have a male guest that evening. By quarter to three she was showered and wearing casual slacks and top with a glass of white wine. Her mind did the time zone gymnastics and decided Dan should be home by now. She dialed.

“Hi Baby, how are you, I love you, I miss you.” Laura covered what she considered her essentials first, expressing her love for her husband. Next she gave her husband her coming home plans; she would leave Tuesday mid-day and arrive that evening, but late. “I should be home for a good night kiss, Baby.” Dan tried to steer the phone conversation to Greg but Laura thought that should wrap their call and not lead. “I did come up with a hot marketing idea for the board, well I pushed an idea of one of the younger guys developed and I did give him all the credit.”

Finally Laura was ready to cover what she was sure Dan considered the important topic of conversation. Her side of the phone call consisted of facts with no hint of her emotions.

“Yes Baby, I did call Greg and took him to a romantic restaurant for his birthday.”

“Yes Baby, I did wear his rings, both of them.”

“Yes Baby, we did return to his home after dinner and I did have sex with Greg.”

“No Baby, I didn’t sleep over; I came home and slept alone in my bed.”

“I did dream a little but I was tired. My dreams were fuzzy, not clear at all.”

“Of course, Dan, my Baby, Greg is coming here tonight and he will spend the night.”

“I hope he stays until Sunday.”

“No Baby, I am not wearing that ring right now, not at the board meetings.”

“Oh, you want me to leave it on after he puts it on my finger today; tell me why Baby?”

“Okay, I guess that makes sense. You want to know how I wear it. I’ll wear it with ours Baby! I told Greg that at dinner. I told him I would never take ours off ever again.”

Laura and Dan talked for a few minutes longer. Dan told of his plans with Mrs. Patron and Friend visiting galleries. He told Laura to call on his cell phone if she needed to get in touch this weekend. Dan decided to close with a joke although he was sure his joke would be unsettling to his wife. “If you get in trouble this weekend you won’t need to call me to bail you out. Since you’ll be with your lawyer, Greg can deal with the legal issues.”

“Dan! That was uncalled for!”

“Just kidding Baby, just kidding. I love you. Until Tuesday, bye-bye.”

“I love you too Baby, never forget that simple truth. I love you, bye Baby.”

> > > - -

Shortly after six Greg called and said he was either half an hour away or an hour and a half depending on Friday afternoon traffic conditions. Forty-five minutes later the night attendant called from his concierge desk, “Your guest has arrived, madam.” Laura asked he be pointed in the right direction, “I’ll meet him at the elevator, thank you so much.” When elevator door slid open Laura barely noticed her neighbor Upper Floor standing beside her lover. Arms opened in synch with elevator doors and Greg stepped into them for an embrace and kiss. Upper Floor gave a lecherous grin as those elevator doors slid closed. Two people kissing did not notice any amusement.

Resisting the urge to take Greg immediately to her bed, Laura directed him to her sofa and joined him sitting as close as possible. She didn’t speak but nothing could still her hands or her lips. Greg held his woman close without clutching. He allowed Laura to burrow into him body and soul; any sounds she made were in a lust language unintelligible by those not so affected. Greg recalled times like this in years past. He did not cry often but eyes moistened at the emotion of the moment. Suddenly his arms contracted squeezing his Laura as tight as possible. He too wanted them not as a couple but one.

Greg struggled to rise still clutching Laura in his arms. When up and balanced he said one word, “Bedroom!” Laura extracted an arm to point the way.

Their sex Tuesday broke the chains each wore keeping them apart. This Friday night Greg and Laura made love completely; they shared as much tender care and emotion as Laura could ever recall. No memory from four years they had together compared. As Greg made love to her body and soul memories of prior times of loving flashed as synapse between Laura’s brain cells: first birthday, first loving; love in their cave on a St. Maarten vacation; after a New Years Eve party decked out in silver; après ski by a fireplace in Stowe; and especially, oh yes that last night together, when she tried to return the ring on her third finger. Laura had so many memories of almost perfect sexual times with her lover; she began to cry as the sound of her orgasm faded. Her lungs sucked in huge draughts of air to replace oxygen burned by passion. Body was depleted, consumed by sex and love. Laura struggled to find Greg’s hand with her own. Nothing was more important at the moment than holding this beautiful man’s hand. They were finally together once again. Laura’s body tingled. The man beside her was still a perfect sexual fit for her body. Greg still thrilled her sexually in a way no man ever gave thrill, not even Dan.

As she returned from her fog Laura squeezed the hand she held with her right hand even tighter. With her left hand she traversed her own body exploring the places her lover stimulated so exquisitely. Hand traced lightly around eyes touching brows and lashes; Greg had kissed her eye lids shut and used her brows as mustache. Laura kissed her fingertips and directed them along and around her neck. She tried to find the bruise she knew must be forming below an ear. With effort she directed her eyes to the red circles and teeth marks along the trail from breasts to pussy; fingers followed until they reached slit between legs. Middle finger traversed slit, Laura shuddered, shuddered hard, convulsed; she sat upright.

“Oh god how I love you, Greg! That was beautiful, maybe the best ever. Sit up and kiss me!”

Greg slowly worked his body to sitting when Laura rejected his attempt to pull her to his chest. His arms wrapped tight around his lover. Neither measured time as they kissed. Finally Laura twitched and squirmed away from embrace.

“We can’t stay here and make love all night. I’d like nothing better than have you screw me to the bed right now.”

“I sense a but . . . .”

“But we need to get up, shower, dress and go get something to eat. I want to talk with you this weekend as much as I want to screw you, to make love with you, to have wild sex together, to just plain fuck each other silly.”

Laura managed to lead the way to bathroom where she scrubbed lover and he scrubbed she. They dressed casually with sweaters to protect against the chill damp of the San Francisco evening. As they exited Laura’s building she introduced Greg to the evening attendant and told him she would arrange with concierge to get keys and a fob so Greg could come and go as schedules dictated.

“We are going to have fog tonight,” Laura judged before they travelled a full block toward the delicatessen; “I love the fog here at night, peaceful and sensual.”

“I’ve heard peaceful, I’ve heard eerie, never sensual.”

“Fog is warm, moist, it surrounds like a lover, so obscure but fog can be penetrated, penetrated by a lover or a spirit. I just find fog sensual, sexual even. One day I may reveal more, for tonight sensual is enough. Here is my favorite deli.”

“Sensual, sexual, penetrating even, that’s how you see fog?”

“Don’t you love the way this goat cheese adds a delicate flavor to our salad?”

“Goat cheese in the fog or is this just Laura being fog? You are always sensual and sexy Laura; with Dan in the fog in San Francisco perhaps?”

“Mmmmm, sensual fog stories are for another day. We are together today. When the fog rolls in maybe Laura and Greg can make our own fog story. We will some day; I promise, not today.”

Greg’s curiosity would not that easily be satisfied. He tried again, “With Dan, another man, a woman even?”

“Mmmmmm – uhhhmmm – uuuunnnnhhhhmmmm --- maybe!”

“Laura, you teasing scamp. I’ll make you pay when we get home.”

“Praise all gods on high; did you hear what you said? I love you, I love you; I love you Greg Harrison – When – We – Get - Home. Oh how much I do love you my special darling. Forget about the fog; kiss me now and let’s eat our salad so we can go home to our home; we will go to our home together.”

Kiss banished any fog lingering about their now relationship. Acknowledgement by both that Laura and Greg had a home here together could become a barrier against any future fog. Greg forked a mouthful of salad and concentrated to savor the goat cheese as Laura suggested.

With arm wrapped around Greg’s waist as his was around hers Laura led a rambling route home. They walked slow stopping often to look in shop windows and to kiss at each stop. Laura showed off the few blocks that were her San Francisco. I’ll give him a little hint on the way home. Laura led a path alongside her building; she stopped them by leaning on a light pole, “Kiss me.”

Laura pointed to the sky; tonight’s fog was settling but building tops were still visible. “I wish my home had one of those balconies like my neighbors.” She kissed Greg, held the kiss with tongue. Laura pointed to balconies on other buildings. “Some nights in the fog you can hear sound but see no one, no one clearly.” Laura twisted one hand under Greg’s sweater to rub closer to his chest. Other hand went to his crotch. “Kiss me again, kiss me hard.” One last hint and then we go inside to make love the rest of the night. Laura turned her back to her lover; she guided Greg’s hands under her sweater and top. She needed his hands holding her intimately. Greg pushed brassiere up and away freeing Laura’s breasts to his hands. Laura pointed to her building. “There is my place, dark on the fourth floor.” She aimed higher pointing to a balcony, “I am friendly with a neighbor, Upper Floor, who lives there. Sometimes when we visit we go to his balcony. I will introduce you.”

Greg kissed Laura’s neck at the same time twisting nipples to a peak. Laura moaned and tried to turn her lips to his kiss. “Harder, just a little harder and then we can go in.”

Laura hung the sweaters they wore and then excused herself. “See if you can find the stuff to fix drinks.” Five minutes later she returned to the living room bare. Kissing Greg she accepted her scotch rocks. “I am bare ass naked for you darling, no nude, no undressed, not a stitch, no shoes even, just call me bare ass naked. When we finish these drinks I am yours completely. I don’t have a suitable desk; I’ll just have to kneel.”

When it was time, “Get down you slut, take my pants off. We’re both going to find out if you still know how to be a proper cocksucker slut whore.”

Before meeting Laura, and since their separation as well, Greg had never had a woman who could take cock as she. It wasn’t simple servitude, he had at times been with women who were truly submissive; Laura was not submissive at all. She had the ability to give completely. When Laura gave her mouth and throat to Greg’s cock it was his responsibility alone to stop. Greg knew Laura would give up breathing and pass out rather than back off his cock. He pulled her hair and tilted head back. Laura’s mouth opened and she waited.

“Use your lips and tongue to get me wet. You’re so out of practice. Wet will go down easier.”

Laura took cock head into her mouth with her tongue circling and licking. She shook head up and down indicating yes, she was ready for more. Greg gave a thrust toward the top of Laura’s mouth. He wanted to feel her gag and succeeded. Laura squawked and choked, forced by her lover’s fat cock; her body rebelled at the onslaught. With a deep breath she regained control and resumed tongue circling until shaft gleamed with her spit whenever Greg pulled back.

“It’s time bitch, no stopping; I am going to fuck your face for my pleasure alone.”

With hair as handhold Greg pulled Laura’s head sharply, with a matching motion he flexed hips forward. Laura struggled, her mouth snapped and teeth raked cock but could not repel Greg’s thrusting assault. Laura felt her lips and nose in her lover’s pubic hair. The curls pulled a mental trigger; suddenly she began to suck harder trying to pull cock in further than it could go, searching for more than even lover possessed. Greg pulled back; he left only cock’s tip nestled between painted lips. Cock waited at mouth’s entrance; lips fluttered at the tip, tongue darted to probe cock’s opening. A pull of hair with hips driving cock deep mashed Laura’s lips against pubic hair once again. Hands let loose of hair to grab neck and hold tight; Laura wrapped her arms around Greg’s waist.

Finally Greg withdrew completely to let Laura breathe. “I love you, you’re the only one. There is no one like you, Laura, no one at all. I’m going to fuck your mouth hard until I cum.” Laura smiled acceptance and pulled him closer. Greg fucked hard for several minutes with each thrust driving full length into Laura’s throat. At last he screamed and spewed his essence directly into his woman. Both collapsed grabbing each other in a tight and clutching hug about the shoulders.

“Let’s have another scotch to close out the evening. We can go to bed and make love; I really want you to love me tonight.”

“I will love you tonight and every night. I want to make love with you every night I can for as long as I can. I have loved you while apart darling; we may not always be able to be together but I never want to be apart again.”

“Tonight is for sex and making love. Tomorrow we must talk about us. Greg, please understand; tonight is two but us is three. Drink up it’s still tonight; I am ready to have you in my bed.”

Laura showered alone in the morning, and she had coffee brewed with bagels, cheese and juice at the table by the time Greg came from his shower.

“Good morning my love, kiss me and sit. I haven’t had breakfast with you in six years; I think I still remember how you like your coffee.”

Laura made Greg eat one handed; she held his other hand. He also received kisses on cheek and lips as he chewed his bagel and ate wedges of cheese. Laura got up and refreshed their coffee after a spell. “I thought we could walk about and enjoy the city as we talk through things and reconnect. Is that okay with you Baby?”

“I thought you might have gone back to reserving Baby for Dan.”

“You’re my Baby too, Baby. You know how important you were to me back then Greg; you’re still there, still here.”

Wearing casual clothes and good walking shoes Greg and Laura taxied to the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Together they strolled window shopping. In one small men’s store Laura noticed a nice selection of scarves in the window. They looked hand-made, unique in both fabric and design. She guided them in to look closer at the selection and eventually chose a fine wool scarf and another of mostly silk fabric. “When you wear these, whether for warmth or decoration, I want you to remember this day, this week.” The lady at the cash register applauded gently as Laura presented the gift and a kiss.

At a Starbucks they bought latte and found a bench outside where they could watch people passing by and talk. Laura knew she had to start the conversation. It could not be put off; Greg could not lead. It was Laura’s time; she began with mea culpa.

“I was an ass, a selfish ass, about our affair. The crap I put Dan through was totally unacceptable. You and I can’t renew our relationship with that sort of behavior by me. It would hang over what we can have. I can’t treat Dan like that again. If I try my behavior will ruin whatever you and I can make of a future together.”

“You know there were times, many times, I tried to get you to moderate how you treated Dan. He is a good guy; I never had anything but respect for him. I still don’t. If you had ever treated me like that your bottom would still be red.”

“I know!”

“I know, I should have listened to you.”

Greg leaned in for a kiss at first gentle and soft. Laura responded to kiss and Greg pressed deeper. He was about to engulf his lady with both hands when he realized one hand held his latte. Greg pulled back from kissing. “What do we do?” Both drank to finish as Laura considered the question. After thought she held out her left hand with the diamond engagement ring Greg had given six years ago. Two other rings adorned that finger.

“I am a three ring woman now. I must talk with Dan. I am not sure if I will wear your ring home or put it on when I am with Dan as part of whatever conversation we have. Dan has already asked me to leave your ring on my hand. He said he wants to know how I wear your ring and ours.”

Greg noticed Laura spoke of her other rings as ours just as Dan noticed the same. Dan recognized one aspect of significance; Greg understood his own significance of Laura’s nomenclature.

“I want him to know that I have changed; I am not the young, selfish, childish Laura I was ten years ago - six years ago. I have matured. I also live out here in San Francisco almost a third of my life. He knows Baby, Dan knew before I admitted to myself, that my feelings for you are still strong deep inside.”

Laura paused, she watched a mother with two children in the park across the way. She took a deep breath. It is time to face the truth; I need to tell Greg what I really want. She kissed her lover. She was coming to understand the language she would have to use working out this new lifestyle arrangement. Laura kissed Greg lightly beginning on his lips, sliding across his face to cheek and then working down to his neck. She blew an air kiss and then sat back looking out into space.

“Baby, I do want two husbands at this time in my life. I want you to be my San Francisco husband the week to ten days a month I am here with Business Lady. I want to have that life with you here and I want to keep the life I have with Dan back home.”

“Do you think Dan will ever agree to something like that Darl . . . no, Darling isn’t what I should call you; this is a Laura question?”

“If I am honest, if all three of us can be honest and I can present the situation to him in the right manner, then yes; I think Dan might agree and say okay. Dan never accepted me with you before, he agreed, maybe allowed us to be together is better, but he never accepted. That was my fault. I was a bitch, a certified bitch, about my right to have my affair my way.”

“Yes you were all of that and more. As I said, your ass would have turned red and stayed red.”

“I think I can convince Dan to agree because of the geography. Geography and that my timing here with you is controlled by my business work activity is a big difference. What I will be asking is not Laura’s desire to get away from him to be with lover, with other husband, for sex and companionship. Outside circumstances favor us this time Baby.”

“Dan also has an outside interest, Mrs. Patron.”

“Come on girl, a seventy year old woman for a fifty year old man? You are joking, deluding yourself about that woman.”

“Don’t laugh, not about Mrs. Patron. I have told Dan many times I want to be just like her when I grow up. She may be seventy but she is sharp as a tack, and she and Dan have a kind of love, affection at least, that is beautiful and not at all threatening to me. Yes they do get it on and with some frequency not just once-in-a-while.”

“I have one last question Mr. Greg Harrison. Will you accept this woman, Mrs. Laura Martell, as lover, part time wife, under the conditions, understandings, we have been talking about?”

Now it was Greg’s turn to look inside. I know I will accept. A part of me still says I want her completely, only mine. How much of the Laura I know and love is due to her and Dan and their marriage? That’s a question I have never really considered. I didn’t think it through when I had that ring made six years ago. He reached for Laura’s left hand and removed his engagement ring. Laura gasped and he saw her face wrinkle about to tear and cry. He kissed lips lightly and took both of her hands in his.

“Mrs. Laura Martell, will you marry me? Will you accept this ring as symbol of our betrothal and your willingness to become Mrs. Laura Martell-Harrison when you are here with me? I respect and accept you as Mrs. Laura Martell when you are with Dan and your east coast home.”

Laura kissed her man. As soon as she said one simple word he would have a new title, fiancé, “Yes!” She kissed again, “Yes I will accept our betrothal and your promise to marry when we can.”

“Maybe I’ll use Martell-Harrison here and Harrison-Martell the rest of the time. I wonder if a hyphenated name will cause problems. I won’t fight about names as long as I have you. I love you Baby. Let’s move on and do some more sightseeing.”

Laura and Greg acted like young lovers the rest of the day. They traipsed the city holding hands and they kissed when the spirit of romance tapped either on shoulder. A cable car beckoned; they boarded standing on the outer rung holding on to a roof pole. Half way up Nob Hill Greg noticed a bar with outdoor seating. At next stop he pulled Laura off the cable car and each ordered an Irish coffee. Laura couldn’t keep her hands off her man. Greg returned her gesture reaching under sweater to touch and tickle.

“Mrs. Martell-Harrison, I think it is time to return home and partake of furious sexual activity.” Laura licked a spot of whipped cream from Greg’s lip and jumped up waiving arm in air when she saw an empty cab approach.

“Let me undress you Greg while you take my clothes off.” Undressing seemed to take forever as Laura kissed and fondled all over her man’s chest before she considered unbuckling belt that kept pants on. Greg took a more direct approach; Laura was nude almost immediately and then his hands and lips began to toy. They left a messy pile of clothes behind while marking a path to bedroom.

Greg was impatient; he wanted to consummate their betrothal immediately. Laura intended to ask that he seal her lips with teeth. She never got a chance to ask. Greg threw her to bed and followed with dispatch. Her knees flailed by his ears as feet dangled over shoulders. Greg stabbed his Laura with cock, hard, sure and swift. Both yelled a loud YES.

“Take me Baby, take me. I am yours once again.”

Greg performed as Laura requested. He rolled her up to her shoulders and stabbed cock to cunt repeatedly with fast hard strokes until he felt his pleasure boiling, and then he moderated his thrusts to extend their pleasure.

“I want you to howl tonight my love; I want the people in the lobby to hear your cries and know your pleasure.”

Laura did cry out. She clutched with arms and used her hips as she could get purchase. Their sexing was intense. The way Greg was screwing her, fucking her brains loose, defined the difference in loving style between her two men. Laura loved both, but at the moment her world was Greg above and Laura his sex doll.

“Do me Baby, hard and fast now, I am close, so close; fuck me now Greg, fuck me hard.” Laura’s next sounds were animal growls, totally unintelligible. Orgasm overwhelmed her mind and body. Greg held her up to him fully inserted as he spewed. His yell drowned out hers.

Dinner beckoned, Chinese food sounded good to both. They made love once more this Saturday night, this time slow and tender with kisses and light stroking of mutual erotic zones. Sunday morning dawned; Laura woke first and reached out to the man sleeping next to her. I do love waking beside Greg; I have always taken a special pleasure waking in bed with my lover. Laura initiated their morning sex. She began with kisses, sucked cock to hardness, and mounted. Slowly, gently, passion climbed. Their loving was nowhere near as energetic and muscular, violent, as last night, but their morning sex was just as satisfying. They had a quiet orgasm together and then they rose to shower. Once again Laura fixed a simple breakfast.

“Baby, I am going to send you on your way. I need to get my focus back on Business Lady and the things I need to take care of tomorrow and Tuesday morning. I’ll be back out here in about three weeks; I’ll call and give you my schedule. I will definitely call you as Dan and I talk things through.”

Kisses sealed their time together. Laura escorted Greg to the lobby and gave a clutching hug and kiss before allowing her lover to depart. She held her pose watching him until the doors on the parking garage elevator closed. Her last act was an air kiss and a silent I Love You Greg. As she turned to her elevator Upper Floor was waiting with the Sunday Chronicle in hand.

“I have competition; a new friend?”

“That was Greg. We have talked about him; he has been my lover for ten years, but apart the last six. He lives in San Jose. I will introduce you sometime.”

“I do have competition for your sometime favors. He is a lucky man indeed.”

Elevator stopped at Laura’s floor; she held the doors open a moment. “Greg is important to me, very important, in his way as important as Dan. Kiss me quickly and let the elevator take you.”

Laura checked her watch and decided that ten o’clock back home would mean Dan should be awake. He’ll still be with Mrs. Patron, Laura decided. She pressed the speed dial number for Dan’s cell phone and listened to the rings. “Hello Baby.”

“How was your weekend? I hope you and your friends had fun.”

“Oh, you’re still with Mrs. P.; give her my love and a kiss.”

“Did you see any good art for either of the galleries?”

“How is Artsy doing? I haven’t seen her in ages. I will have to come with you the next time I am home when there are gallery events.”

“Yes, Greg was here much of the weekend. He has left for home now though.”

“Yes Baby, we had a very good time, and no, we didn’t spend all of our time together in bed.”

“We can talk more when I get home; I want to talk more, no secrets between us Baby.”

“I am glad you are still with Mrs. Patron and Friend. You can give them two kisses. See, I am generous, ha! I love you Baby. I will see you Tuesday night, bye Baby.”

Laura spent the rest of Sunday concentrating on Business Lady matters. She did her best to get a week of work accomplished in the day and a half she had in San Francisco. At noon Tuesday the BL limousine left for San Francisco International Airport with Laura the only passenger. Laura had flown with this cabin crew on prior flights. The first class attendant knew she could serve champagne as soon as Laura was settled in her seat. Four hours after takeoff the attendant collected drink glasses and made sure all of the first class passengers were positioned for landing. With only hand carry luggage, Laura deplaned rapidly and fortunately her flight docked close to the terminal. Rush hour was well behind so traffic was light. Her taxicab driver managed to have her home forty-five minutes after landing. She tipped him well.

“Hello Baby, I am home.”

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