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Stopping at the truckstop on my way home pt 2

They had me where they wanted me, and I wanted them to have me the way they wanted to have me.......

I layed there naked and bound wearing a head hood, when I heard knocks on the door.

"Its open, c'mon in and get yah some" he chuckled loudly

I could hear the faint voices whispering in the room, as I began to hear the shuffling of feet coming closer towards me. The excitement of my black lover talking to somebody as I lay here in sheets saturated by my own excreted love juices.

As instructed, I layed there working my fingers between my lush thick dark lips, now swollen to the point they feel like they want to explode. Thrashing around on the bed, I masturbated myself to another sensational climax, jetting my liquid cum all over the already saturated sheets wondering who else is now present.

I heard Rod say "Yeah man she can suck a big cock like there is no tomorrow, go ahead Bros get yah some"

Bros I thought to myself as I wriggled on the bed unable to see anything or anybody.

An unknown voice said " hell yes I think I will, she's fine as hell, and my dick needs to be sucked off fucking bad it's not even funny"

Suddenly I felt his cock pushing and poking against my parted lips. It was hard but I didnt know how big it was, nor who was attached to the other end.

"Watch this" Rod said as he slapped my ass nastily, "Tai, you will do whatever they want right?"

They want, I wondered in my head.

Pressing his cock into my opened mouth, I uttered "mmmhmmm, yes I will" as I starred into the darkness of my covered head. I began taking his somewhat thick cock into my throat as he bucked forward attempting to force every inch down my throat. My pussy was on fire again, feeling Rod's cock pressing into me again, and I wanted to feel him gut me again while sucking his friends cock.

"MmmmmMmmmmm" as I began backing my pussy against his invading black fuck stick. "Mmmmm" as the cock in my mouth took the liberty of mouth fucking me violently.

Each monster sized cock jabbed its entire length as they alternated strokes. My moans of pleasure were extremely vocal at this point, as they knew exactly what they were doing to me, and I wanted them to do it and anything else they chose to do.

"Ah yes I'll do whatever you want, just fuck my nasty pussy and mouth with those king size cocks, I pleaded.

"Ok then, you want it like that, you got it" another voice from across the room replied.

Thinking to myself, how many people were there in the room now? I didn't care and I really didn't care! I wanted to suck and fuck these monsters until I couldn't perform anymore.

Rod began sinking his cock into my gut, slamming it in and out deep and hard. I felt his fat knob so deep and I love it, backing my ass up and slamming against the thick base. I was working the entire length of his black snake, as I could feel my lips being stretched as I pulled upwards on his meaty cock.

"Flip her over onto her side" a new voice hollered out.

Pushing me onto the bed, I was propped on my side, feeling a hard cock poking me between my wet ass cheeks. A second cock was poking at my already overworked pussy as I felt the wrist restraints being untied.

Instinctively, I reached for each poking cock, taking one in each hand while another cock was inviting itself to my mouth. I slowly stroked each throbbing cock, feeling them grow in my hands as I knew what they were about to do.

I was about to become their sandwich and I wanted all they could give. Taking the cock in the rear, I pressed it against my tight brown hole until I felt his thick knob trying to gain entry. Squeezing the base tight, I began to push the head inside as he lifted my legs into the air. He began thrusting it in hard until it was lodged deeply in my stretched asshole, making me squeal like a stuck pig.

"Ahhhhhmmmmm" I squealed with a mouth full of king size cock snaking its way into my throat, "mmmmmhmmm"

Taking the cock in front, I squeezed the base just as tight, and guided the head between my now swampy vaginal lips. I slapped the full size knob against my clit, then pulled it backwards until it was slipping inside my wet lips. I removed the cock from my pussy and held it there, while I inserted the other monster to my hole and pushed it eagerly inside my wetness.

The electricity flowed when I felt all three big headed cocks filling all my holes at the same time. My lips, both pussy and mouth and my even tighter asshole we stretched fully as all I could do was moan in approval of what they were beginning to do.

I screamed, "oh fucking ey" as they buried themselves inside of me

"Mmmmm", "mmmmmm" as the two swollen cock knobs were pressing deeper into my fuck holes at the same time. I could feel their meaty fuck sticks stretching my thin skin as their massive cocks pressed forward.

"Mmmmmmm" I moaned loudly with a mouth full of meaty sausage, "mmmmmm" as they continued to shoving their heads inward. My juices were excreting like a garden hose, allowing them to slip forward and deeper much easier.

"Yah like it like that Tai"? another voiced inquired "Yah want some more don't ya?" As the meaty circular snakes forced their way deeper into my well opened holes.

"MmmmmmHmmmmm" I replied having the cock in my mouth slam into the back of my throat, while feeling my pussy being opened up like a jar. "Mmmmmm" as they began to rock their cocks back and forth, first one then the other..

"Mmmmmmm" as they began to bottom out, each one a bit deeper, then pushing both of them in at the same time.

Oh fuck, they are drilling me as the same time, oh shit..I can feel them both fucking my pussy and asshole like never. My entire body began to tremble violently and again I was cum ming like a volcano, erupting like never before.

"AhhhhahhMmmmmmm"" as they took advantage of my wetness, and started fucking my brains out, worrying only about their satisfaction.

I sucked the cock in my mouth until he withdrew it quickly. Another anxious to participate cock eased its way into my throat, gagging me until it was fully erect. I needed that cock in my mouth as a focal point as they slammed both of their big fucking monsters in and out of my well opened holes, making me cum over and over..

"Mmmmmm", my pussy and asshole were stretched and tired and their cocks were still invading them savagely. I thought I was about to pass out when I felt the first cock withdraw from my slippery pussy, then the second monster withdrew without sending a load into my gut as well.

"Mmmmm" as I dropped to the bed in a semi conscience state, feeling a river of my nasty juices flowing from my open pussy to my asshole.

Feeling as though I couldn't do anymore, I was repositioned onto my back with my legs spread fully apart, pulled and bound above my head. They stuffed pillows under the small of my back while raising my ass up and forward.

But why hadn't they shot their loads in me, not even in my mouth. I wondered why not.

The action around the bed was increasing as I felt the mattress bouncing under me from their body weight, as I still couldn't see anything.

What were they up to now, as I could hear them talking and laughing loudly.

Suddenly I felt a cold shock against my ass cheeks, and it continued upwards. The coldness penetrated my wet thick lips, as I quickly got accustomed the cool sensation.

"Raise your ass up as far as you can Tai" somebody instructed me.

As I did what I was told, the coldness turned into a pleasurable feeling between my lips as I now enjoyed that cool sensation. Rocking my hips up and down, I was able to feel something slipping between my wet labia lips, and it felt great. As I raised my hips as far as I could, somebody said "hold it right there" and a larger pillow was stuffed into place.

They were chuckling about being time to get their drink on as I could feel them moving all around me.

"Ok Tai", rock that sweet pussy of yours, "we are thirsty, aren't you"?

"Yes, I'm thirsty replied in a soft tired voice as I slowly began working my pelvis.

Pressing my hips down, I felt that cold sensation tantalizing at entry to my honey pot.

"Mmmmmhmm" I moaned as I felt a coolness penetrate my hot hole.

"Ah shit" I hollered out feeling a cooler slickness slip inside me, and its thickness spread my lips wide open again.."Mmmmmm"

Raising my pussy back to the top, I could feel a pop, as it exited my hole, and a sudden gush of cold tingly wetness flowed as I lowered my fuck hole back over it.

"Ah yes, it feels so good" I moaned, lowering my pussy until I couldn't press down any further. I could feel the thickness had my lips fully spread again, knowing that my inner pink was totally visible.

Suddenly my pussy was shocked with an ice cold tingle that ran down my ass crack and legs. Somebody was busy slurping nastily in my juicy pussy. The tip was reinserted and I continued fucking it for their pleasure and mine until I felt that cold sensation again.

This time I felt a hard cock enter me deeply and pump a couple of times before presenting that cock to my dry mouth.

"Wanna drink Tai"?

"Yes" I replied in a crackly voice, as his cock entered my mouth

"Mmmmmhmmm" I moaned in pleasure, as I tasted the champagne on his cock, Now I knew that they were fucking me with a champagne bottle, filling up my pussy with it and sucking it out. "Mmmmmm"

After killing the first magnum, they adjusted the restraints behind my knees, and pulled them forward. My ass layed at the foot of the bed and stuck straight up. The empty magnum was reinserted into my love box, as a cock was attempting entrance to my ass-hole. His cock felt like a pile driver, ramming straight down, until it was buried deeply.

Withdrawing his cock, my asshole was spread open with a set of fingers, and the cool liquid was poured into the opening.

"Ah  shit....Mmmmmmm" I bellowed out in pleasure.  "Mmmmmmmm yes"..

Once my ass cavity was filled, I was repositioned onto my knees, with my head down as they all took turns in my ass

Each one would fuck my ass a little, then place his well coated cock into my mouth, where I eagerly sucked off the flavorful coating.

"Mmmmmm..yes..give it to me" and that's what they all did until it was all drained out.

After they had fucked me to their satisfaction, realizing that I was exhausted from their efforts, somebody made a final request.

Its time for "Tai to drink" one said to the others.

I was raised to a sitting position with all the restraints removed. Light started trickling underneath the hood as it was being slowly removed.

Looking around, I saw Rod and four other well built black men, all of which were stroking their horse sized cocks. They were all so fucking hot, and hung like porno stars.

"Tai, get the margarita glass on the table and bring it here"

Noticing that it was half full of thick creamy cum, I realized why they hadn't cum inside of me.

"Ok Tai, you are going to suck each of our cocks one last time. When we are about to get off, you are going to jack us off into your cocktail glass, catching every pearly drop.

Got it?

"Sure" I replied, as Rod stepped forward still stroking his big cock before me, as he placed it to my open mouth. It didn't take long for him to withdraw, and I jerked off several big spurts of his creamy goop into the glass.

By the time I finished off the other four, the glass was nearly filled to the rim with their creamy spunk.

I looked at the glass filled amount of cum they saved for me, figuring the best way to down it. I slowly licked the rim of the glass, allowing my tongue to dive into the creamy cocktail and stirring the well thickened drink. I pulled my tongue out slowly as thick gooey strands attached to the puddle as I slowly worked my tongue into my mouth.

"Mmmmmmm" I moaned licking my lips for them, showing of the mixture of their cum and my salvia

Pressing the wide rim to my fully opened mouth, I slowly poured the thick fuck juice cocktail into my mouth, filling it up slowly. I swallowed some, before sticking my cum coated tongue out at them nastily. They seemed more than content as I lapped up the remaining cum, swallowing every drop as requested.




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