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Summer Tryst...............Part 1

Handyman gets handy with the sex starved married woman next door.
Wendy and Phil were a young couple in their mid twenties.  They owned a house in the older section of town.  It was a nice area where people were buying older houses and fixing them up into beautiful homes turning the area into a nice  neighborhood.  So was the case with Wendy and Phil but the progress was slow on their remodeling. Phil was the kind of guy who took longer to grow up.  Wendy often had to take a back seat to Phil's interest in sports and also his old Plymouth Fury that he was restoring  in the garage at the back of their lot.
Wendy knew about these other interests of Phil's but while they were in their dating years he balanced things better with Wendy in the equation.  Phil made time for Wendy and treated her nice.  After they married Phil allowed the fun of dating to fade away.  His interest in sports and cars did not suffer. In fact, they intensified. He always had time to play or to be watching sports and always had time to spend long hours back in the garage with the guys restoring the car.  They even had cable wired down to the garage so they could watch the games. Phil would come home from work , change cloths and then head for the garage.
In a few short years of marriage Wendy had turned into a loner.  She had resumed classes for her planned nursing degree and let her spare time be consumed in those studies.  But here it was the end of May.  The whole summer facing her like an empty barrel.  Besides taking care of the house, which she did a great job at, she read a lot.
Wendy was tall and very attractive but she began to let herself go a bit.  Not caring that much of how she looked when she had to slip out to the store or for any appointments.  Maybe it is fair to say that she was becoming more and more depressed.
Wendy and Phil had always enjoyed sex together but  that had fizzled to almost nothing except for when Phil needed to 'get off' after having his few beers.  Wendy was young and had  sexual needs that were not being filled.  She found herself sometimes fantasizing about making love to someone but would force herself to stop.  She became a tortured victim of her own fantasies for they did not satisfy and left her only more in need and more depressed. She could not find the relief she needed by just using her toys to satisfy her lust.  She needed more.  She needed the warmth of a male companionship.  Yes, she hungered for sex but she also needed intimacy.
Then came Jerrod. 
Jerrod was the nephew of a college professor at the local university who had a side interest of buying properties for renovation and then renting them as student housing.  After high school Jerrod served four years in the military and then entered the local university.  He was just now graduating and waiting for placement.  Jerrod was only a year or two younger then Wendy. He was the handyman type and was always helping his uncle on the the renovation sites.  The latest renovation site was the house next door to Wendy and Phil.
Wendy had noticed Jerrod working next door for a couple days.  His nice build, clean cut appearance, tall height, and did I mention his nice build?....  all caught Wendy's attention but she kept herself hid from him.  She couldn't imagine herself fantasizing about another man.  Allowing her mind to permit another man to hold her and wrap his arms around kiss her.  NO!  Not Wendy! But yes, yes Wendy.  Wendy was allowing her mind to wander every time she could sneak a look through her window at Jerrod.
Jerrod had been on scaffolding installing replacement windows on the side of the house next to Wendy.  The houses here were on narrow lots placing the houses close together.  Wendy watched Jerrod as he worked up a sweat in the unusually warm May sun.  For the first time Wendy was allowing herself the liberty to look at and fantasize being with another man.  She was taking a better interest in herself again.  Fixing her hair and primping herself and dressing a little sexy.  Shorts and tops that emphasized her gorgeous features...........sometimes even revealing.  Wendy created excuses to go outside into the yard when Jerrod was there.  It didn't take long for it to happen........
"Hello neighbor", Jerrod said to Wendy as she came out the side door from her kitchen.  Wendy approached him and they carried on some small talk and chit chat and formally introduced themselves to each other.  Wendy was overwhelmed by the handsome features and natural smile of his face.  Wendy enjoyed watching his eyes explore her body.   He didn't even hide the fact that he was surveying her.  Wendy realized that she does indeed still have it........she has what it takes to catch a man's attention.
When she went back into the house she was burning with desire.  She didn't fight it.  She would not allow herself to entertain the idea that it was only infatuation.  She ran upstairs and went to a window where she could spy on him.  She loosened some of her clothing and began touching herself as she spied.  Frequently closing her eyes she fantasized that  it was Jerrod touching her.  That he was holding her and sliding his hand up her back under her shirt then moving his hand around to her breast and pressing his lips against hers as their tongues wrestled in heated passion.   Wendy laid back across the bed removing her shorts and kicking them away.  Touching her own wetness she ached to feel Jerrod taste her as she imagined his naked body standing at the foot of her bed.  She imagined wrapping her hand around his cock and pulling him in towards her between her thighs. Just then her own hand was bringing herself to climax......she began to cum.  It was a powerful orgasm and she left out a scream.  The kind of scream that left little doubt of what was going on.  She rolled to her side still touching herself and moaned loudly again.
Wendy jumped to her feet and stepped over by the open window to peak out.  Jerrod was on the scaffold straight across from her window looking in her direction.  He must have heard.  Through the sheer curtains Wendy could see a grin on his face.  That quenched any thought of embarrassment that she may have had. Wendy quickly realized that she liked the idea that Jerrod must have correctly interpreted what he had heard.
Later Wendy was down in the kitchen checking the pot that she had simmering for the past several hours.  She gave it a gentle stir and then grabbed a book and proceeded to the front porch.  She sat there holding the book looking over it as she watched Jerrod finishing up for the day.  He took his tools inside the house and after several minutes came out and locked the front door.
Jerrod started walking towards his truck but then detoured in Wendy's direction after he spotted her.  "Well, that's it for today", He said with a grin.  "If you don't mind me asking, what is that delicious smelling aroma coming from your house?"
Wendy was flattered by his interest.  "That's my grandmother's spaghetti sauce recipe.  You know, the kind that cooks all day and you don't eat it until the next day."
"Your grandmother must have been quite a cook.  Smells delicious.  Well, I'm heading out to get a bite to eat. See you later Wendy."
"Do you live near here", Wendy asked before he could get away.
Jerrod responded, "After graduating my student housing expired so while I'm on this job for my uncle I'm just staying here.  I have my cloths and an air mattress upstairs.  Primitive but cheap!" he said laughing, "at least all of the utilities are turned on."
Wendy felt a huge dry lump in her throat.  "Staying here?  Right next door to me?" she thought to herself.
During the rest of the evening Wendy pondered the thought and then decided for sure.  Tomorrow Jerrod wasn't going to slip out for a bite to eat.  He was going to have spaghetti!  How would she sneak over?  She had twenty-four hours to figure that out.
to be continued.......
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