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Summer Tryst...................Part 2

Following through on her lustful desires the handyman gets to do some handy work.

Wendy was always an early riser.  Today was Friday and was no different.  She was on her second load of wash.  She already had the first load hanging out on the clothesline.  Then, while in her basement laundry area she could hear outside the sound she had been waiting for.  The sound of scaffolding being moved to it's next location.  Jerrod was up and getting ready to install more replacement windows.  Wendy peaked out her basement window to check him out.  Mmmmm there he was!  And once again Wendy was not forbidding her mind from wandering.  Jerrod was wearing cutoffs revealing his muscular legs and a flimsy tank top that Wendy reasoned should be removed as the day heats up.  Already she was into fantasy mode imagining his naked body.
Wendy ran upstairs to check herself in the mirror.   Hair was nice, shorts were tight and extra short, strapped top was loose, and of bra, just the way one would dress around the house!  Wendy turned to check out her backside in the mirror.  Satisfied she hurried back down to the basement to get the clothesbasket and went outside to where Jerrod was on the scaffold only twenty feet away.
"Well! Good morning again neighbor", Jerrod blurted out as he looked Wendy over.  Wendy was pleased that he was once again roaming over her body with his eyes.
"Hi", she responded realizing quick how dorky that must have sounded.  She quickly added, "I believe we're going to have another warm one today."
"Things look pretty warm already", Jerrod said making focused eye contact with Wendy as he grinned.  Wendy grinned back, turned and walked towards the clothesline wanting him to watch her.  She dared to look, she wanted to know, she quickly glanced back.......yes he was watching her. 
When she had finished hanging the cloths she began her return towards the basement.  When near the base of the scaffolding she stopped to say, "By the way, I was thinking about bringing you over a plate of that spaghetti for your supper.  Sound Okay?"
"That sounds fabulous!  Now I'm going to be thinking about that all day!" Jerrod said in a somewhat loud voice with that grin which Wendy was becoming more and more comfortable with.  She went into the basement and continued her chores throughout the day constantly peaking at Jerrod and now more and more becoming obsessed with his body.  Making love to him in her mind many times on into the afternoon.  Anticipating the moment when she can sneak him over his dinner and perhaps their fingers would touch as he takes it from her hands.
At ten past four that afternoon her husband Phil arrived home from work.  He was in a hurry as he changed his cloths and was packing some gear.  "Wendy, I forgot to tell you but our baseball team is playing a weekend tournament in Towson and I won't be home till Sunday evening.  Normally this kind of event would boil Wendy's blood.  Not this time!  No way!  She had to force effort in hiding her smile.  She had to quench the thrill she was sensing that she had the weekend free.  Her mind frantically entertained the possibilities that a warm plate of spaghetti could bring.  Only fifteen minutes had past till one of the guys beeped the horn to pick up Phil.  He did at least give her a peck on the cheek as he fled out the front door with his gear. 
Wendy's heart was racing as she scurried through the house like an animal set free.  She quickly showered and fixed her hair.  She dug into the back of her panty drawer and pulled out a pair of skimpy bikini panties.  Then to the closet to get out a short sundress that she hadn't worn since last year.  Pressed it off and slipped it on.  She felt good.  The dress was so lightweight she almost felt naked.  It was so nice to feel sexy again. So nice to want to feel sexy.  All of this prep to just deliver a plate of spaghetti!
Wendy stepped out of the house in her short little dress and walked over to where Jerrod was still working.  Jerrod studied her coming towards her.  No doubt in his mind that it was poetry in motion.  Wendy in just two days time gained so much confidence in herself addressed him, "Well, my good neighbor at what time should I serve dinner?"
"I'm finishing up now and by the time I get cleaned about six o'clock?", he answered as he looked her directly in the eyes and appearing to be drooling.
"Okay my good neighbor I shall deliver his excellency his dinner at precisely six o'clock", Wendy boldly responded.
"Make sure you bring two plates",  he said with authority.  Wendy looked at him somewhat puzzled and found herself caught off guard.  "That's right......two plates!  Look I'm not the nosey type but some things I can't help noticing.  There's no sense in both of us eating dinner alone!"
Wendy paused and gazed for a moment and said, "Okay, six o'clock it is."
Wendy entered the house and again her heart racing like wild.  She collected her thoughts and began preparing some salad and cut up the Italian bread.  She felt like a school girl getting ready for the prom.  She did not allow herself to debate whether or not to go through with this.  She pressed on determined that she would go through with it.  Everything was ready and on a tray and now the clock chimed six.  She hurriedly checked herself out again in the mirror and smiled at herself, picked up the tray and went over next door.
Jerrod met her at the door and held it open for her to enter.  Her body brushed against his as she made her entrance and she thought how easily she could cum at this very moment. 
"Follow me upstairs to the only decent room in the house right now", he said as he took the tray and led the way. 
Wendy giggled with delight as they entered the room.  Jerrod had a board laid across two five gallon buckets for a table.  On each side a five gallon bucket turned upside down for seats.  "This is so perfect!" Wendy said as she even noticed his inflated mattress over in the corner.
Wendy served up the dinner and Jerrod drug over a cooler that was full of beer and wine coolers.  They enjoyed dinner together and talked each others ears off.  During it all Wendy couldn't help studying the view that Jerrod could have looking in her windows.  When they had finished dinner they were still working on the beer and wine coolers.  At one point Wendy takes a napkin and reaches across to wipe a drop of sauce off of Jerrod's face.  He quickly but gently grabs her by the wrist.  The napkin falls from her hand and she opens her hand on the side of his face.
"I don't want to frighten you away", he tells her, "but to be honest I have to tell you that I have been lusting for you these last several days".

Wendy becoming light headed as they now were standing against each other responded, "And so have I for you.  I have fantasized making love to you a hundred times".
Jerrod wrapped his arms around her as their lips met and they pressed hard at each other as they kissed.  Wendy began breathing uncontrollably and sighed as they continued to kiss each others faces.  "Make love to me please", gasped Wendy, "please make love to me".
Jerrod led her over to the mattress wear she sat down.  Her short dress allowing Jarred a view of his destination.  Standing in front of her he begins to undress.  First pulling his shirt up over his head.......then unsnapping his shorts and pulling everything down allowing his complete nakedness for Wendy to view.  His semi-hardness  had hypnotic powers as Wendy breathing heavy  reaches towards his shaft and gently handles it.  His love muscle was in as incredible  shape as the rest of his body.  Immediately Jerrods shaft stiffens as he too breaths heavy with her.  Kneeling down he reaches under her dress and slides off her panties as she lifts the dress up over her head.
She felt so good to be naked now with the man she had been fantasizing about so many times.  Jerrod positions himself kneeling down between her legs and kisses his way up her thighs.  Wendy moans and sighs audibly  becoming louder as his tongue touches her treasure.  Wendy felt like she was melting inside as he worked his tongue deeper inside her.  Moaning and sighing uncontrollably she  squeezes her thighs against his head.  With her hips she moves them feeding herself into his face.  Oh it was much more then she had ever fantasized.  So good as Jerrod began kissing his way up her body now nibbling her nipples and kissing her breasts while leaving a hand in her nest maintaining a wetness there.
For a moment Jerrod lifted his head as they made eye contact and then he made his way up kissing her neck and nibbling her ears until finally pressing his lips on hers once again.  They both now were getting louder.  Wendy couldn't take it any longer and said to Jerrod, "Make love to me....let me feel you inside me".
Wendy, while laying on her back lifted her knees and spread open her thighs as Jerrod positioned himself between her gorgeous legs.  Wendy reached down and grabbed his cock and pulled it in closer to her starving, hot pussy.  Wet and ready she pulls him closer.  Jerrod pushes himself forward and enters her love chamber. His thickness glides into her smooth tunnel causing them both to become louder and louder but who gives a shit.  This was the moment that  they knew they both had been waiting for.  Take it to the max.
Wendy wrapped her long legs around Jerrods waist as he began to ride her with long deep strokes.  Wendy taking it all...Jerrod giving it all.  Faster and faster they ride until in a heavy whisper voice Jerrod says, "How do you want me to cum?".
"Inside me, inside me", she yells out, "I want you to explode inside me!"
Jerrod hammered away at her..... pounding and pounding her.  Wendy pulling and guiding him with her legs with every thrust.  Jerrod beginning to swell becoming tighter inside of Wendy until screaming together they both cum viciously.  One gush after another as Jerrod pumps himself dry filling Wendy with his love potion.  Then gently he lets his body rest on Wendy and slowly  rolls to one side as they remain locked together with their arms around each other.  Kissing each other without pausing as a signal of how well they satisfied each other.
Throughout most of the summer Jerrod worked on and stayed at the house next door.  Many times and often Wendy and Jerrod secretly met up with each other.  Jerrod gave Wendy what ever she wanted.  If she needed a good hard pounding fuck......she got it, if she needed a nice long session of love making......she got it,  if she needed give Jerrod oral......she sucked him.  What ever Wendy wanted Jerrod delivered regardless of time of day or night.
One summer afternoon as Wendy sat on her front porch reading she looked over at the house next door that had become her summer tryst where on short notice or long planned arrangment two lovers would meet.  She smiled at the thought that in her unusual arrangement that she herself was 'the girl next door'. 
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