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Surprised and Blindfolded, Part 2

You should read part 1 before you start this one.....
It is much softer, the tongue swirls around her nipples in a soft circular motion. She feels a hand on her other breast that is small and as it pinches and pulls on her nipple, it is soft and exciting.

Her mind wonders if this is a woman. The thought excites her beyond anything she has ever felt before and her pussy is aching to be touched!

“Mmm…Yes,” Sheri lets escape from her lips as the person sucks and bites at her nipples. Sheri is in a state of pure erotic euphoria as she grinds her ass into the hard cock behind her.

She feels his hands start to move down her sides and feels him hook his thumbs in her skirt. He pushes it down past her hips and lets it fall to her feet. She steps out of it and kicks it aside. She feels his hands run down her hips to her thighs and as they move across the front of her thighs to her aching pussy, she moans. As his hands reaches her pussy he runs his fingers up and down her slit on the outside of her thong.

“Hmm…I see someone is excited,” he says as his fingers run back and forth over her wet thong.

Sheri’s head falls back on his shoulder. Every sensation is overwhelming her, her body is on fire, her desire thirsting for more. She feels the man move out from behind her and grab her elbow and start to lead her. He sits her down on the bed and tells her to lie down. She does as she is told. She is then pulled so her head hangs just off the bed.

She is not sure who it is but she feels hands start to remove her thong. She moans as she feels the soft fingers move along her thighs as they remove it. She soon feels the hands on her knees and then feels fingernails, long fingernails, start to move up her thighs. They drag lightly across to the inside of her thighs then move down to her knees again and pull them apart.

“Mmm…so smooth and soft,” she hears a woman say as she feels fingers stroke her swollen lips.

It is a woman! Sheri’s body is in a complete state of pure bliss, she thinks, until she feels a soft tongue slide across her slit. Sheri moans loudly as she feels the tongue slide in between her lips and across her clit. Her tongue swirls around her clit making Sheri’s hips move to meet her tongue. She is so soft and gentle, sending Sheri to a new high.

Sheri is so tuned into the woman eating her pussy it takes her a moment to realize there is a cock pressed to her lips. She quickly grabs ahold of it and swirls her tongue around the head tasting his pre-cum. She slides her tongue along the underside being rewarded with a groan of approval. Hungry for it she sucks him into her mouth slowly taking him inch by delicious inch.

He starts to move his cock slowly in and out of her mouth as she lifts her head to meet his movements.

As Sheri starts to feel the waves of pleasure roll over her, her hips push against the woman’s tongue between her legs. Her body is on fire and ready to burst. She moans on the cock in her mouth and sucks him harder as her orgasm starts to build out of control inside of her.

“Ohhh, yeah…you little slut, cum on my face,” she hears the woman moan.

Sheri’s scream comes from somewhere deep inside as she erupts into a full blown orgasm. Her hips lifting off the bed and thrusting them at the woman’s face that is buried in her pussy. Sheri’s screams continue as the woman between her legs is relentless as she licks and sucks her pussy of all her juices.

“Mmm…now that was sweet,” the woman says.

“I think she needs this very wet pussy fucked now,” the woman states matter of factly.

“Ohhhh…Yes,” Sheri moans at the woman’s statement.

The cock is quickly removed from Sheri’s mouth and she is pulled up onto the bed and positioned on her hands and knees. Her mind is on a complete erotic high and she thinks to herself the woman is right…I need to be fucked!

She feels someone grab her legs and spread them and move in between them. She feels the guys cock as he slides it up and down her pussy. She moans loudly as she pushes back on him. She wants him inside of her; she needs him inside of her so bad she can barely stand it.

“Please,” Sheri whimpers.

“Please, what?” the man barks.

“Please, I want to feel you inside of me,” Sheri answers.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you,” the man questions her.

“I need you to fuck me, damn it, and fuck me hard,” Sheri screams out.

With that the man grabs hold of Sheri’s hips and starts to push his cock inside of her. He slowly pushes himself in.

“Ohhh yes….more, give me more,” Sheri cries out.

The man grips her hips tighter and thrusts himself deep inside of her, causing Sheri to cry out. He moves his cock in and out of her thrusting rapidly.

“Is this how you want to be fucked, you little slut?” the man snaps.

“Oh fuck yes!” Sheri moans.

Sheri feels the woman’s hands on her ass. She is stroking and squeezing her cheeks. She feels the woman start to run her finger from the cock that is pounding her up to her rosebud then back down. Sheri spontaneously pushes her ass in the air. Sheri hears the man groan loudly as the woman spreads her ass cheeks and starts to lick her rosebud. The woman’s other hand moves down under Sheri and starts rubbing her clit taking Sheri to a new high.

There are so many intense feelings Sheri is experiencing. She is pushed to the edge of pure sexual bliss. She has never experience such pleasure before.

“Oh yes….make me cum,” Sheri whimpers through her rapid breathing.

The man starts to fuck her hard as the woman circles her clit. Sheri is crying out with each movement, her body starts to shake as it builds to a level she has never experienced before. As Sheri starts to push back hard on the man trying to get his cock buried as deep inside of her as she can, it is then that the woman slides a finger into her rosebud and makes Sheri cum, and cum hard.

As Sheri slowly comes down from her high she still feels the man’s cock slowly sliding in and out of her. She moans, feeling his cock, her pussy still clenching around it.

“Go in front of her,” Sheri hears the man whisper.

Sheri feels movement in front of her and is not sure what is going to happen next, so she waits. Her nose fills with an aroma she has never smelled before, a sweet intoxicating aroma. As it fills her nostrils she feels this need deep inside of her. She feels hands grab her head and pull it down to where she feels soft skin on her lips.

“Taste her, Sheri,” the man says in an authoritative voice.

Sheri inhales the sweet aroma and moves her lips up and down the soft skin of the woman’s pussy. Overtaken by pure lust she lets her tongue slide out of her mouth and runs it up and down the woman’s slit. Sheri moans as she tastes her. She is so wet and tastes so sweet and tangy.

Sheri slides her tongue in and out and around the woman’s pussy. She is burying her tongue between her lips searching for her clit. The woman’s hips are bucking up and down on Sheri’s face and her moans are loud and erotic.

“You like eating my pussy?” the woman asks.

Sheri responds with a muffled “uh-huh” and a nod of her head because her face is buried in her pussy and she doesn’t want to stop licking it.

She feels the woman’s hand by her nose and feels her pussy lips spread. Sheri feels the woman’s clit exposed to her tongue. It is hard and out in the open so Sheri can easily circle it with her tongue.

“Mmmm Yeah! Suck my clit, you little slut,” the woman says, “Make me cum all over your face.”

“That is so fucking hot,” she hears the man say from behind her as he starts to pound her pussy harder.

As Sheri sucks on the woman’s clit she lets it graze between her teeth. She can actually feel the little nub getting harder and start to twitch as she sucks on it.

Sheri is lost in a world of sensations as the woman’s hips are bucking like crazy into her face and the man has a tight grasp on her hips fucking her hard. She is keenly aware of every touch, feeling and movement of her body and she likes it!

“Oh fuck yes,” the woman cries out, “I am going to cum!”

Sheri sucks harder on her throbbing clit wanting so badly to taste her cum. The woman’s hands grasp Sheri’s hair and hold her face close to her pussy. Sheri soon feels the hot liquid on her tongue and tastes the sweet juices of the woman. She is overwhelmed by the taste and sucks and licks hard not being able to get enough.

As the woman lets go of Sheri’s hair and slumps back on the bed she feels the man grab a handful of her hair and pull her back towards him. Sheri automatically becomes aroused at his forcefulness.

“Now I am going to fill your pussy full of my cum,” the man grunts at her with his mouth right next to her ear.

Sheri moans loud as the man starts to fuck her hard. He is pounding her pussy over and over, pushing himself deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her body starts building feeling the assault on her pussy. He still has a grip on her hair pulling her back towards him as his fucks her hard.

He groans from deep inside and yells out, “Oh fuck yes, you are so hot you little slut!”

This pushes her over the edge again. Her pussy clenches around his cock and grips him as she cums hard again all over his cock.

He grunts loud and pushes his cock deep inside of her and unloads his first load of cum. She whimpers as she feels him start to fill her up. He continues pushing hard with long strokes inside of her until he has unloaded himself entirely in her aching pussy.

Sheri collapse on the bed. Her breathing is rapid and she can’t seem to get enough oxygen into her lungs. She is not sure but she thinks she must have passed out because the next she remembers is the blindfold being taken off. She looks up and sees Jake face in front of her. He flops over on the bed next to her looking at the ceiling.

“That was fucking hot,” Jake says smiling.

She turns on her side and props herself up on her elbow and says, “Yes, it was!”

“Are you going to tell me who that was,” Sheri asks him.

“Do you really want to know,” Jake responds.

“Can you at least tell me if I know them?” Sheri asks.

“What?” Jake responds with a cat that ate the canary look. This is his sign that he is not going to reveal any other details to her.

Sheri flops back on the bed and sighs. She rolls back up on her elbow and kisses Jake passionately. “Thank you,” she says.

“It was my pleasure,” he looks up at her and smiles.

“Oh and by the way,” he says, “I got it all on video.”

Sheri’s mouth drops open and she flops back on the bed and lies there wondering…Does she really want to know?

A couple weeks later Sheri is putting laundry away when she finds a CD labeled “Sheri’s Threesome” in Jake's drawer. She pulls it out and stares at it.

“Do I really want to know?” she asks herself but her curiosity always gets the best of her.

She opens the DVD player and puts the CD in and pushes play. She laughs out loud when the first part of the DVD is Jake saying “I knew you couldn’t resist….so enjoy.”

As the CD continues to play she is giddy with excitement at finding out who was in that hotel room with her that night. Sheri’s jaw drops open when she sees the man and the woman. She shakes her head in disbelief at how well her hubby knows her.

The man and the woman were both wearing masks!

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