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Surprised and Blindfolded

Sheri never thought being blindfolded would be so intense...
Sheri has had a long work week. As she sits at her desk trying to explain to her client why he can’t write off his mistress on his taxes, she is getting frustrated. She is so glad it's Friday and is looking forward to a night out with her hubby.

Her mind keeps wandering to the text she got earlier from Jake telling her he has a surprise for her tonight. She wants to get back to the video Jake sent her and watch it. As she wraps things up with her client she walks him out, makes a mad dash back to her office and closes the door.

She opens the video Jake sent her. As she sits and watches a blindfolded woman being fucked by two men she is becoming very aroused. When she finishes watching the video she texts Jake back and tells him how incredibly hot she found the video.

“I am glad you liked it,” he replies. “Up for a dare now?” he texts.

Jake always likes to push Sheri to the limits. He often sends her dares throughout the day.

“Always up for a dare,” she replies.

“On your way home today unbutton your shirt down past your bra and hike your skirt up,” he says.

“And?” she replies, hoping there's more.

“And…run your finger up and down your pussy and make yourself cum,” he returns.

“Mmm….you’re on!” she sends back.

Sheri's quickly becoming wet just thinking about her ride home. She loves being in a situation where somebody might see her. At 4:00 pm she packs up her computer and heads out of the office. As she reaches her car she throws her computer in the back seat and slides into the driver’s seat.

She hikes up her skirt so anybody looking down at her has a nice view of her shaved pussy. As she pulls out of the office parking lot she unbuttons her shirt, exposing her ample cleavage. As her hand drifts down to her pussy her mind thinks of the blindfolded woman. She starts thinking what that would be like as she circles her clit with her finger. She is quickly becoming soaking wet. She puts her left foot up on her dashboard so she can easily slide her fingers in and out of her pussy.

As she comes to a stop light she notices a guy in the pick-up truck next to her. She smiles coyly at him and opens her legs a little wider. She starts sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy knowing he is watching her. She slowly removes them from her pussy, brings them to her lips and sucks her juices off of them. She smiles devilishly at the man as his mouth pops open and his jaw drops. She continues giving him a good show as he sits and watches her. When the light turns green she smiles at him and gives him a small wave as she turns left onto her road home.

As she pulls into the driveway she buttons her shirt and climbs out of the car adjusting her skirt. As she enters the house Jake is waiting to greet her and says, “Well?”

She gives him a devilish grin, walks up to him and gives him a kiss. She notices his hands behind his back. “And what do you have back here?” she asks him.

He smiles and hands her the bag. She smiles as she sees the Victoria's Secret bag. Giddy with excitement she opens the bag and pulls out a white lace push up bra with matching garter belt and a pair of white silk thigh highs. She looks at him, raises an eyebrow and wonders what he has going through that head of his.

“Go get dressed, we need to get going,” he says.

“Exactly where are we going? she asks him quizzically.

“It is a surprise….now get moving,” he says as he slaps her on the ass.

Sheri quickly moves to the bedroom and looks through her closet. She pulls out a short white skirt and a hot pink short sleeve cardigan. She pulls a white tank top from her drawer and heads for the shower. When she finishes dressing she looks back in her closet and pulls out a pair of white wedge pumps and puts them out then heads out to the living room.

“Well, will this do for tonight?” she asks Jake.

He smiles at her, stands up and says, “You look good enough to fuck, now let’s go eat.”


As they sit at the restaurant, Jake keeps feeding her drinks but keeps avoiding answering any of the questions Sheri is throwing at him. When she finishes her third drink Jake asks her if she is up to having some fun tonight.

“What do you have in mind?” she asks.

“You will have to trust me,” he replies.

“Then let’s go,” she says.

Jake pays the bill and they head out to the car. As he opens the door for her she slides into her seat. He reaches over her, opens the glove box and pulls out a blindfold. He hands it to her and tells her to put it on. She smiles at him and does as she is told. Her mind quickly goes back to the video he sent her earlier. As she hears Jake get into the car her body is filling with excitement.

They drive for what seems forever. When they finally stop Jake puts his hand on Sheri’s knee which makes her jump, then asks her, “Are you ready?” As he slides his hand up her thigh and slides it between her legs…“Mmm…I guess you are,” he says as he feels her wetness.

All Sheri can do is smile.

Jake gets out of the car, comes around to her side and helps her out. He places a hand on the small of her back and the other on her elbow, and starts leading her. She feels the parking lot under her feet as they move. They stop and she feels Jake move; now she is on carpet.

They walk for a while making a few turns and then they stop again. She hears a click and they start moving again, then she hears a door close behind her. Jake leads her a little bit farther then tells her to sit down. As she slowly lowers herself she can tell she is on a bed. She bites her bottom lip, sitting there waiting. Time has no bearing on her right now, what is seconds seems like it has been hours.

She hears a knock at the door and hears whispers; she can’t make out who, or what is being said. She is becoming very anxious, her heart is beating faster, her breathing is quicker and her desire to be touched is burning inside of her.

“Sheri,” Jake says.

“Yes,” Sheri responds.

“From this moment on you will do as you are told, do you understand,” Jake says.

“Yes,” Sheri answers. She is a little nervous but the desire burning in the depths of her is more in control of her being at the moment.

“Under no circumstances are you to remove your blindfold, understand,” Jake says.

“Yes,” Sheri responds.

“Stand up, Sheri,” she hears another man’s voice say.

She stands, her other senses are heightened with the blindfold on. She catches her breath as she feels hands on her shoulders. Her breathing becomes rapid as she feels them slide down her chest and cup her breasts. The hands massage and squeeze her breasts, which sends a wave of sensations right down to her pussy.

She feels her nipples start to harden and press against her bra. As the hands move slowly down her sides, she feels her shirt starting to be pulled up. She raises her arms, letting this man pull her shirt from her. He moans then turns her around and with his hands on her hips pulls her back into him. He then slides his hands back up her sides and moves them back to her breasts.

Sheri moans feeling him kneading her breasts, his thumbs move back and forth over her nipples, making them harder and harder.

As his hands slide back and undo her bra she inhales sharply. He slides the straps down her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. His hands rest on her hips, not moving. She leans back into him, pushing her chest out and letting him know she needs to be touched.

She gasps as she feels a warm mouth suck on her nipple. She quickly assess the situation…she still feels the man behind her and his hands on her hips. She first assumes that Jake has decided to join in on the fun but it doesn’t take her long to figure out that the mouth sucking and pulling on her nipples is not Jake.

It is much softer, the tongue swirls around her nipples in a soft circular motion. She feels a hand on her other breast that is small, and as it pinches and pulls on her nipple, it is soft and exciting.

Her mind wonders if this is a woman. The thought excites her beyond anything she has ever felt before and her pussy is aching to be touched!

To be continued…

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