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Swinger's Party Not What I Had Expected

A swinger's club ended up being something different than I had originally thought.
This happened a few summers ago. I had shared my wife on two different occasions before trying a swingers club. I had thought it would be a perfect next step up from sharing my wife. My wife and I were in our mid forties and I wanted to try something different.

I had seen an internet add promoting a swingers club about an hour from where we lived. I talked to the president of the club and he gave me all the details on what their club was all about. I was very excited the more he told me about it.

He told me that they had more than 200 members and that they range from their 20’s all the way into their 50’s. He also mentioned that the ratio between men and women was almost even. He really got my attention when he said something about how beautiful some of the women are and that there is a lot of wife swapping at their club events.

At that point he had me sold. I was really excited as I paid a modest fee to join up. This would be a great opportunity for both my wife and I to experience a little fun. He told me that their next event was coming up in two weeks and he gave me all the details on where to go.

When I had told my wife about joining this swingers club she wasn’t very excited at all about it. She thought it was a bad idea but decided to try it once since I had paid so much to join.

The next couple of weeks were agony for me. I had fantasized about wife swapping with a beautiful wife in her 20’s. I really thought this could be a great way to meet other people and also do a little swapping on the side with a younger couple.

The event was a barbeque/swim party. We were told to arrive around 6 and that we could eat barbeque and meet some of the other couples. My wife and I both had brought swimsuits and a bottle of wine with us. This place was out in the boonies as it took every bit of an hour to find it.

We drove down a long gravel road until we reached a nice house that was surrounded by woods. There was about 30 or so cars already parked on the grass in front of the house. They apparently hold most of their events at this house.

We knocked on the front door and the president of the club who had signed me up answered the door. He welcome us in and had us meet some of the other members. We then made our way into the backyard. This is where most of the individuals were at. As I scanned quickly across the yard and pool I notice way more men than women. There was probably 50 people or so and I would say close to 35 of them where men. My wife had gotten a lot of looks as we stood there looking around. I had to say she was probably one of the hotter women at this event.

The men were mostly in their 20’s and 30’s and were for the most part pretty decent looking and had decent bodies. My wife’s eyes perked up as several men gave her the thumbs up. I had become deflated quickly as I didn‘t really see any women for myself. This certainly wasn’t what I had expected to see.

Well since we were already their and paid good money I wasn’t about to pass up a free meal. My wife and I quickly found a table and sat down. I watched as several of the men made comments about my wife as we walked by them.

A few minutes later a few of the men made their way over to our table. They began a conversation with us or should I say with my wife. One of the men was really obnoxious. His name was Rick and he thought he was gods gift to the world. He was about 30 and had on a small pair of speedo’s. As he stood next to my wife talking his junk was right at her face level. He had a very big package on him and he didn’t try to hide it at all. I know my wife had a good look at it as he was only a few feet from her.

He moved on after he told some very bad jokes. As my wife and I ate a few others introduced themselves to us. We were told things really start happening as soon as the sun sets. We were also told that usually when two people make a connection that they head inside to an upstairs bedroom. They also said things can get wild and some of them had fucked each other right out in the open right in front of everybody.

As the sun slowly began to set the obnoxious guy Rick came back over to our table again. I had thought he had taken up with someone else but my wife was apparently at the top of his list. He was so annoying as he chatted with my wife. He also made very sure that she had gotten another look at his big cock inside his speedo swimsuit.

As he walked away he said to my wife, “I hope to see you later!”

I said, “He is annoying!”

“He isn’t that bad!” my wife said back.

My wife had a few glasses of wine and was feeling pretty good. It was now dark as the lights in the yard were shinning brightly on the pool area. My wife went to get a soda as I stay behind. A few other people walked up and chatted for a few minutes as most of them were really nice. It had been about 10 minutes since my wife had left and I didn’t see her around the beverage cart. I decided to walked around and see if I could find her. As I walked up to the beverage cart I stood there and looked around. I didn’t see her anywhere as three guys had been talking behind me.

I heard one of them say, “Damn, Rick is scoring again! I heard at the last party he had fucked a wife so hard that she practically passed out from cumming so hard! That bastard's cock is huge!”

I thought there was no way my wife wanted anything to do with him. He definitely wasn’t her type at all. He was just a cocky sob trying to score with all of the wives.

I still hadn’t noticed my wife anywhere. I decided to head inside and see if she was in there. A few people stir about as they were becoming comfortable with each other on the couches. I then moved upstairs to see if anyone was up there. There was four different bedrooms and the first one I came to I heard a couple fucking each other. I was in luck, as it wasn’t my wife so I moved on down the hallway as I heard action coming from the last bedroom.

I quietly walked up to the bedroom door. It was slightly opened as I peeked in and lo and behold it was Rick and my wife together. We had made a deal before we arrived that we would be free to see anyone we wanted to. This was my big idea as I had grand thoughts of being with some younger sexy women tonight. What an idiot I was.

Rick had my wife’s shirt and bra off and was playing with her very nice size tits with his hands. My wife was melting like butter in his hands as he forced her down onto her knees in front of him. His enormous size cock was straining up against his speedos. My wife grabbed his speedos and pulled them towards herself as his cock popped straight into her face.

“Suck it baby!” he moaned out.

My wife took his cock into her mouth and began to sucked feverishly on it. A few minutes later she sucked on his big balls that had been banging into her face. Rick then grabbed the back of my wife’s head and started to fuck her mouth very hard. I heard slurping sounds as my wife sucked on his cock. Rick said, “Suck it! Suck it!” She was extremely turned on as she even sucked and licked his ass.

Rick then ordered my wife up on the bed. He grabbed her shorts and panties and pulled them off her lovely body. I started to cringe as that asshole was about to fuck my wife. He climbed on top of her and seconds later she moaned out as his cock penetrated her wet pussy. Rick fucked my wife good and hard with his big cock for several minutes as she screamed out into a powerful orgasm.

“You like my cock baby?” he said as she laid trembling on the bed.

“Yessss!” she cried out.

Rick grabbed my wife’s legs and pulled them high into the air. His cock now had maximum leverage as he fucked my wife very hard. Her screams were heard all the way down the hallway as Rick punished her with his cock.

My wife cried out, “Fuck me, Rick! Oh, god, I am going to cum!” A few seconds later my wife screamed out in orgasm again.

He rolled her over on top of him as my wife rode on top of his big cock. His cock was so big it took her a few minutes before she could accept it. Rick began to suck very hard on her big tits while he fucked her. A few minutes later Rick reached back and grabbed her ass with his hands. My wife’s tits bounced back and forth in Rick’s face as he unleashed his cock very fast up inside my wife’s pussy. He fucked her hard for several minutes as she screamed out in pleasure.

He wasn’t done with my wife as he had turned her onto all fours. He slammed his cock back into her from behind as my wife screamed out, “Oh my god! Oh my god!“ He fucked her good and hard for several minutes doggie style as my wife screamed out into another powerful orgasm.

Rick then squatted down behind her ass with both feet on the bed. This gave him maximum cock penetration as he pushed his cock very deep into her pussy. She cried out loudly, “Fuck me hard Rick! Please fuck me hard!” as Rick pummeled her pussy with his big cock.

A few minutes later Rick pulled his cock out of her and stood straight up on the bed. He said to my wife, “Turn over I am going to cum all over your beautiful body!”

He lowered himself down a little and began stroking his cock off all over her tits and face. My wife’s body didn’t move at all as his cum covered her body. Rick quickly put his speedo swimsuit back on and headed out of the room. I quickly ducked into the bathroom as he headed back down stairs.

I waited in the bathroom for my wife to leave the room as it took her a good 10 minutes to get herself back together. She walked out of the room looking like a mess as her hair was everywhere and anybody could see she just had been fucked good.

She slowly headed back down the steps as I followed a ways behind her. I caught up with her a few minutes later and I asked her where she had been.

“I hope you aren’t mad at me? I just hooked up with Rick. Remember the guy who you didn’t like?” she said.

I immediately went into a jealous rage. I was very hard on her. I was angry that she had fucked a guy that I didn’t like and with the thought I wasn’t able to hook up with anyone added to my anger. I said in a sarcastic tone, “Why don’t you go fuck Rick again!”

My wife said, ‘I thought you told me to go for it if I found the perfect person? That was what I did? I told you this wasn‘t a good idea!”

She was right! I told her to go for it and matter of fact I encouraged her to go for it if someone she liked interested her. She was now mad at me and rightly so. As she walked away she said, “I am going swimming!”

I watched as she headed into the house to change into her swimsuit. Rick was over on the side of the pool as he bragged to the other guys how he had just fucked my wife. All 5 of them glanced at my wife as she walked into the house.

It was a few minutes later when my wife came out with her 2 piece swimsuit on. She hopped into the pool and strolled around in the water. A few other men chatted with her but nothing came out of it.

An hour later Rick now had jumped into the pool and made a move towards my wife. They chatted for several minutes as the party was heating up. Rick reached over and kissed my wife as his hands felt up her tits. He wanted to fuck her badly again.

A few minutes later Rick and my wife headed back into the house together. I knew what was going to happen as I stayed outside by the pool.

It was about an hour later when Rick came out of the house. My wife came out shortly after that with her swimsuit on. I told my wife it was time to go and we headed home.

On the way home I apologized to her and told her I was wrong. I asked her what had happened with her and Rick in the house.

She said, “You know what happened! He took me upstairs again and fucked me! Isn‘t that what you told me to do?”

I asked her, “Did he fuck you hard? Did he cum inside you?”

“Yesss! He fucked me real hard and I had several mind blowing orgasms on his cock. I came with him as we both had a tremendous orgasm at the same time. My orgasm went on for several minutes as his cum was hitting deep against the walls of my pussy.“

We never again got involved with a swingers event after this one. We decided to stick with wife sharing and possibly wife swapping.

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