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Switching partners between best friends

Switching partners between best friends

As one couple makes a proposal to another, they say yes.
My name is Steve, and I have a beautiful wife named, Jessica. I say that, because she is truly beautiful. With that said, I've had a thing for another woman. It's my best friend's wife, Rachel. My best friend's name is Pat, and I think he might have a thing for Jessica.

All four of us are friends, and we frequently go on double dates. I've caught Rachel undressed a couple times, and I know Jessica went into the shower thinking that I was in there before, when it was actually Pat. So, it's more than possible that all of us had some sexual attractions to our friends.

Anyway, none of us have kids, so drinks frequently come out. One night, they were at our house, and I broke out another bottle of wine.

"Who wants another drink?" I pondered.

Glasses were put out, and filled. As I poured Rachel's drink, her cleavage caught my attention. A hard on appeared in my pants, even with a lot of alcohol in my system. More chit chat was made.

"We're all really good friends, right?" Pat asked.

"Yes," Jessica replied, just before she took a drink.

"Well, are you two still fucking?" Rachel inquired.

Two mouthfuls of wine were spit out. That was not seen coming, but answered.

"Yes, we still managed to get it on every now, and then," I told them.

"What do you do to spice up your sex life?" Pat wondered.

Truth be told, I wasn't sure how to answer that. It was more of an open ended question, and we just had sex at our own pace, and at our own schedules too. We were happy with that, and we never messed with a good thing.

"Are you two having problems?" I needed to know.

"Not problems, just issues to be dealt with," Rachel replied.

"Do you mind elaborating?" Jessica wanted to know.

They exchanged looks, and we were unready for the words that were on the tips of their tongues.

"Feel free to say no way in hell, but, what do you think, just for one night, about switching partners?"

The idea was loved by both of us, although, neither one of us could seem to eager, because that would set off some red flags. That face had been seen by me a handful of times, like when I proposed. It was a no brainer, but we still had to be casual about it.

"So, you asked us, and not someone else?" I wondered.

"Well, you are our best friends aren't you?" Pat asked.

"Yes, I guess," I replied.

Mouths were kept shut, but they were a little anxious for an answer.

"Just for one night?" Jessica pondered.

"Yes," Rachel answered.

"Can we have a minute?" I asked.

Their heads nodded, and feet led them out.

"What do you think?" Jessica asked.

"You are not gonna bite my head off, if I say yes?" I needed to know.

She leaned forward, and kissed me.

"Just don't get her pregnant," Jessica whispered.

"I understand," I whispered back.

They appeared back in the room a minute later, and it seemed almost too good to be true. We weren't about to talk them out of it, but it still seemed weird. Their butts sat back down on the couch, and awaited our decision.

"You are on the pill, correct?" I asked Rachel.

"Yes, and are you too, Jessica?" Rachel asked.

"Me too," Jessica told them.

Then, the two women stood up, and crossed the room to the other man. Oh, Rachel was one sexual being, her tits were begging to come out of her dress, and her legs were amazingly sexy too. Jessica, and Pat began making out, and then Rachel put her lips onto mine.

All lips remained busy for a few minutes, to ease into it. We were still gonna have some fun together. I tried to zone out Jessica, and Pat, but it wasn't easy. Eventually, Rachel put her hand onto my cock, which was harder than a diamond.

"Someone has a thing for his friend's wife," Rachel said.

She got down on the floor, and onto her knees. She began undoing my pants, and she slowly leaned down. Her face rubbed against my cock, but it wasn't out yet. Even at that, a dream came true. It became a little dreamier, when her hand pulled my cock out.

It actually became so hard, it began hurting a little bit. Rachel was dynamite, and we were ready to fuck. I looked at Jessica, and Pat, and his tongue made the trip to her nipples, as she was just in her panties. Then Rachel wasted no time leaning down, and taking my cock in her mouth.

Jessica didn't give me too many blow jobs, so I knew this was extra special. I immediately leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I never actually imagined having sex with Rachel, but I still knew this was a hell of a lot better than I could ever imagine. Her lips went all the way the base of my eight inch cock, and had me spitting things out.

"Oh, mother fucker, you know how to give head," I moaned.

With my eyes closed, I knew that Jessica gave me a look, by being married to her. Rachel put her hands at the base of my cock, and began sucking really slowly. I began breathing heavily, and she began pulling my pants off completely. She looked up towards me, and her eyes did the talking.

I was sure it was something like: 'Damn, Steve, you have one nice cock.' I began moaning, and I thought I'd be cumming very soon. I did my best to hold off, but it wasn't anything even remotely possible in my case. She had the gift, and she was one sexy chick too.

My right hand went onto her forehead, and her eyes came towards me. I didn't say anything, but she knew what my desires were. My cock exited her mouth, and she leaned up. Her arms went up.

"Will you help me out here?" Rachel wondered.

I stood up, and my hands went onto her dress. I pulled it off her, and threw it on the floor. She pulled down my boxers, and pushed me back onto the couch. By then, I noticed that Jessica was on her hands, and knees, as Pat was fucking her doggie style.

"Come on, Steve, have some fun with Pat's hot wife," Jessica said.

Well, those were ten words I never thought I'd hear in that order coming from her. Rachel leaned forward towards me, and stripped me completely. As I was completely nude, I leaned forward toward her. Our lips came together, and I couldn't help, but to subtract her bra from the equation.

Her rack was what 'sexy' would call, 'extremely sexy'. Then she stood up, and my hands landed on the side straps of her thong. It went down, and I took it off her. As she was completely naked, she got on the couch with me, and got on her knees above me.

Her hand came to my cock, and guided it to her glorious pussy. She leaned down, and let my cock go in there naked. Good thing she was on the pill, because rivers would be shot inside her.

"Just how long have you wanted to fuck me, Steve?" Rachel whispered.

Truth be told, I wasn't sure. She began bouncing up, and down a little bit. She rode me, as her hands climbed onto my back. I had her throwing out some passionate moans, so I had wonder if she had a crush on me too.

My hands crawled onto her butt. It was smooth, and I had to caress it.

Rachel was still riding me, and her boobs were shaking around, as if she on a mechanical bull. Then I found Jessica, and Pat right next to me.

"Having fun?" Jessica asked.

"Jessica, your husband has such a nice cock, I'm having fun riding him," Rachel put on the record.

I would have thought that Pat would give her a look, but he leaned towards her, and kissed her. I guess they had some special relationship. I saw Pat begin to spank Jessica, and she began moaning too.

"Oh, Rachel, you have a feisty husband, he's a spanker," Jessica told her.

The jealousy juices flowed, just as I thought. On the other hand, I had a very hot married woman riding me too. My face went between her two big tits, and I began to motor boat her a bit. I had her hold onto me a little tighter, and then I stuck my tongue right in between her big tits.

They were so big, I couldn't touch her chest, when I stuck my tongue in there, right by her nipples. Let's just say, I envied Pat at least a little bit.

Then Rachel leaned back a bit, but still had her hands on my shoulders. It appeared I didn't even need to rock her world, she rocked both of ours. Bouncing up and down uncontrollably, and shaking the whole couch too.

Her boobs were still shaking quite a bit, and it would have made a great screen saver. Jessica noticed me enjoying the great view. She graced the corner of my eye, but did my best to ignore her. Eventually, I just couldn't anymore.

"Do you wish I had bigger boobs?" Jessica wondered.

She saw the answer on my face. Then Jessica leaned over towards Rachel, and looked right at her magnificent rack.

"May I?" Jessica asked Rachel.

"Yes," Pat, and I replied.

Without proper permission, Jessica put both of her hands onto Rachel's boobs. First she grabbed them with her hands, and then she began caressing them. Then I came right into Rachel, and judging by the look on Pat's face, he did the same.

"Did you just cum?" both ladies asked.

They received no answer, but getting one wasn't required. As we were out of it, both ladies got off us. They both stood up on the floor, and their hands arrived at each others tits. Rachel had bigger tits than Jessica.

"Nice, and firm. No wonder you have my husband drooling," Jessica said to Rachel.

"I know, they have some magic powers to make men vulnerable. Once I have them, they are mine," Rachel put on the record.

"Well, if you planning on stealing my Steve, we're gonna have a problem here," Jessica made sure she knew.

They both dropped one hand, and put them onto each others pussies. Once Pat, and I saw that, we both got up, and got behind the other's wife. We both began feeling them up, and both of us got major hard-ons once again. In an instant, they both turned around, and got down on their knees.

They both took our cocks in their mouths. It was a little bit of a turn off seeing Pat nude right in front of me, with his dick in my wife's mouth, but I focused on Rachel. After a couple minutes, Pat got the same feeling, so he turned around away from us. I felt a little better, and I put my hands jumped onto Rachel's head.

Then she began deep throat me, and I felt like screaming. I knew if I did that, I'd probably offend them. I contained myself, and just put my hand over my mouth. I was sweating up one big storm, and I felt like my heart was on fire. It was more of a sensation, than a pain, but it did hurt a little bit too.

"Oh, shit," I muttered.

It was unworldly, and I couldn't help, but feel like I was on top of the world. I guess that Pat was a little weaker, because he was already cumming.

"Fuck!" Pat yelled.

He came on the floor, and Jessica left him a very satisfied customer. After that, I stood my ground, and didn't cum just yet. Rachel kept sucking on my cock, and then Jessica lay down on her back. She got right under Rachel's pussy, and stuck her tongue into her pussy.

It was quite a treat, and that sight was just too big for me. I came in about a second, and it went right down her throat. She took my cock out of her mouth, and looked up at me. She swallowed my cum, unlike Jessica. Then Rachel just leaned back onto her hands.

She just let Jessica eat her out, and it was unclear who thought it was hotter: Rachel, Pat, or me. Pat, and I super glued our eyes to them, and our cocks became harder than diamonds.

He eventually came over by me for a better look. He saw the look on his wife's face, and he wasn't sure if he was jealous or not, he just loved the sight.

"Did you put them up to this?" Pat wondered.

"No, and I'm glad I didn't, it makes this so much hotter," I replied.

I never knew that my wife knew how to eat pussy, but it was a pleasant surprise. A minute later, I got down on the floor, and lay down next to Jessica. I kissed her cheek, and her forehead. I didn't wanna make her stop, so I could kiss her lips though. It seemed like a gift that was just too good to be true, but I saw it.

Jessica moved her tongue around in Rachel's pussy like mad, and it was driving Pat and I nuts. Pat got on the other side of them, and got a close look for himself. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see it for very long, because Rachel had reached her breaking point.

"Fuck, Jessica!" Rachel screamed.

Jessica's face got a shit load of lady juice. I only wished I could have recorded it with something other than my mind. After that spectacle, Rachel desired to return the favor. She got onto her knees, and crawled over to Jessica's pussy. She leaned down, and dove in face first.

This time, Pat, and I wanted to get on the action. I got right behind Rachel, and stuck my cock right into her pussy. Meanwhile, Pat got right over Jessica, and put his cock out. She took it in her mouth, and sucked on it.

So, we both had some fun with each other's wives. A slightly drunk suggestion turned out to be a wonderful choice. We both saw Rachel returning the favor, and both of us cheesed with both rows of teeth showing. I didn't let that distract me from fucking the shit out of Rachel though.

I rammed her as hard as I could, but exhausted though, physically, and emotionally. I could only figure that was why Rachel was so focused on eating Jessica's pussy. Pat reached down, and helped himself to Jessica's tits.

"Enjoy those now," I said.

He just looked at me slamming his wife, and wanted to say something, but couldn't. The time to shoot again arrived. This time he came into her mouth, and she swallowed for him.

He slowly pulled his cock out, and she licked the sides of it. He was breathing heavily, and seemed that he was at his whits end. He just fell back, and seemed completely out of it.

"I'm alright, I just need a minute, or two. Maybe a few more after that," Pat said slowly.

I laughed, and then I was ready to pop too. I pulled out, and shot it all over Rachel's back. Everyone in the room were satisfied customers, and we eventually moved the couches. One couple on each. Both couples cuddled, and talked a little bit.

"Damn, that was nice, we should do that again sometime," Rachel said.

"You really want to?" Pat asked her.

"Yes, your best friend has a hot wife," Rachel confessed.

"So, is that why you two had fun together?" I wondered.

"Maybe, or we just knew you two would love seeing it," Jessica let us know.

"We did," Pat told them.

We talked a bit more, and agreed that we should do it again sometime. Although, the ladies did want Pat and I to do something for them, if we wanted to have some fun again.

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