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Taking My Friend’s Wife

Roma was really gorgeous and hot-to-trot. How was I going to get her into bed?

I was visiting Jim and his wife, Roma, once a year to watch an Apollo launch. Jim and I were in college together but after graduation, he took a job with NASA at Kennedy Space Center and I took a job with North American Aviation in Downey, California, where the Apollo Command/Service Modules were being designed and built.

Roma had shoulder-length dark brown hair, cute bangs and the most seductive brown eyes I’d ever seen. And she had the body of an athlete, with a flat tummy, a nice ass, and boobs that screamed to be fondled. She never wore a bra to hold them and usually wore a tank top or t-shirt so that they would be prominently displayed for all to see. One could tell that her boobs were nice and firm by the way they jiggled when she walked.

I always looked forward to my visits because Roma was so hot and we liked to flirt innocently with each other when Jim wasn’t around. Roma would always be the one to start something by giving me a provocative smile or running her hand over my ass when Jim wasn’t watching. She gave me such fantasies that I always had to jerk off every night just to get to sleep.

A few nights ago she stopped in the hallway to block my path and put her hands on the walls. She was tempting me to do something, and I was tempted to take our flirting to the next level to test her willingness to be really naughty.

I said, “Roma, what are you doing?” as I stopped behind her.

“You have to guess the secret word to pass.”

So I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. “Guess the secret word, huh?”


Roma’s hair had always looked so soft and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to feel it, so pushed my face into the hair behind her ear and kissed her. “Is it ‘sex’?”


It was getting interesting and I had more options, so I pressed my bulging cock against her ass and whispered in her ear, “Is it… ‘I want to fuck you’?”

“That’s five words, Bill.”

She was unyielding when I humped her ass, so I slid my hands under her tank top and grabbed her plump, braless boobs. She moaned and laid her head back on my shoulder and said, “You’d better stop before Jim comes looking for us.”

“But I haven’t guessed the secret word yet,” I whispered as I massaged her breasts and humped her ass.

“Oh fuck! This can’t happen,” she said and walked away, leaving me standing there with a huge boner.

Later that evening Jim announced that he was getting a cold or the flu and that Roma should sleep in the other guestroom. She expressed regrets but agreed that it would be the cautious thing to do. Then she looked at me with a smile that I thought said, “You can fuck me tonight.”

- - -

We all watched a movie and then went to bed in our separate bedrooms. The master bedroom was on the far side of the house from the two guest rooms, so Roma would be sleeping in the room next to mine. Perfect!

I lay in bed slowly stroking my cock as I thought, “Should I sneak into bed with Roma or not? Is she really horny or is she just a tease?” Around one a.m. I decided to try it. The worse thing that could happen was that she’d throw me out. So I quietly opened my door and tip-toed across the hall to the room where Roma was sleeping.

As I eased the door open, she turned the light on and whispered, “What took you so long? I thought you wanted to fuck me!” Then she turned the light off, leaving me temporarily blind.

But I didn’t fail to see that she was wearing a white one-piece satin sleeper of some kind that included short shorts and skinny straps. And for some reason, she was holding a long-stemmed red rose.

“Damn! I can’t see a thing!”

“Then feel your way over here.”

I leaned over to feel the bed, then crawled up beside Roma…gorgeous, sexy, willing Roma, my college friend’s wife.

As my stiff cock landed on her tummy, she moaned and took it in her hand. “Oh, Bill! I’ve always wanted to feel your cock,” she said as she stroked it and we kissed hungrily.

Then she pushed me onto my back and said, “I like to take charge in the bedroom. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” I said, since my wife is just the opposite. She just lies there and waits for me to do all the work.

We kissed as Roma stroked me for several minutes, then she slid down and took my cock into her mouth, going all the way down on it. She kept it there while she licked my scrotum, then pulled up and said, “Oh I do love your nice hard cock, Bill. How quickly can you shoot off? I want to taste you before you fuck me.”

Without responding, I put my hand on her head and pushed it back down on my cock, thrust up a few times, and started to shoot off in Roma’s throat. She coughed when the first spurt hit her, but managed to remain quiet during my remaining four or five hard spurts. I was holding her head in both hands and grinding her face into my crotch. As I lay there cumming in Roma’s throat, feeling her soft hair in my fingers, I remembered all the times we had flirted and all the times I had jerked off thinking of her. But those memories didn’t come close to what I was experiencing at that very moment. Feeling my cock jerk and spurt in Roma’s throat was heavenly and nothing could ever measure up to that again.

Finally, I finished and let her come up to breathe. “Wow! You had a monstrous load! Just what I wanted,” she whispered as she crawled up into my arms.

“And you give one hell of a blowjob!” I said as I held her close.

After a few minutes, Roma said, “Jim doesn’t make love to me very much anymore.”

“Really? I can’t imagine why not. You’re so gorgeous!”

“Thank you, but I guess he doesn’t think so. Maybe he’s having an affair. That would explain it.”

“It would, but I’ve known Jim for years and I don’t think he’d do that.”

“Well, something has him turned off to me.”

My cock was growing again, so I said, “Well, Roma, I’m turned on to you right now,” and untied that thing she was wearing so she could pull it off. Then I rolled her over in the spoon position. I’d wanted her from behind from the first moment I’d seen her years earlier. Now I was going to ram my cock so deep into her that she’d groan.

When she felt me guiding my cock toward her pussy, she said, “Yes. Fuck me like this. I love it from behind.”

So I slowly pushed my rock-hard cock into gorgeous Roma until my stomach was pressing against her ass. She moaned loudly and started to thrust her ass and fuck my cock.

I took up her pace and started to ram her hard, causing my stomach to slap her ass with each thrust. Roma was moaning and groaning louder and louder, running the chance of our being heard by her husband, so I put my hand over her mouth to muffle her moans. That seemed to start her first of three orgasms as I fucked her from behind. The bed was squeaking, but I was so close to cumming that I didn’t care. Even if Jim had come into the room, I would have continued to fuck his lovely wife.

I don’t know what putting my hand over her mouth did, but it set into motion three outrageously hard and lengthy orgasms in Roma’s body. At the height of each orgasm, her body would go stiff and her pussy muscles would clamp down on my cock so tightly that it almost hurt. Then when it was over, she’d gasp to catch her breath before another one started to ravish her body.

The whole time that Roma was enduring her three orgasms, I had my hand over her mouth and was thrusting hard into her. I had this fantasy in my head that I was fucking Roma and she didn’t know who I was and that I had to keep her quiet with my hand over her mouth.

When I finally started to shoot off, I rammed her hard five or six times with each spurt to make sure she knew I was cumming inside her. She relaxed when she felt it and just pushed her ass against me to take my jerking, spurting cock.

When I finished I was totally spent, so I rolled onto my back and my cock slipped out of Roma’s well-fucked pussy. She rolled over and cuddled up to me and laid her head on my chest.

“Wow! I’ve never been fucked so hard and so well as you just fucked me, Bill. I’ve needed that for years and Jim wouldn’t or couldn’t do it.”

“And I totally enjoyed it,” was all I was able to utter.

“I was pretending that our neighbor broke into our house and was fucking me. And when he put his hand over my mouth I woke up to feel him thrust into me…and it felt so good that I had three orgasms before he came inside me. Then he quickly slipped out of the house, knowing that I wouldn’t say a word to Jim. It was a really exciting fantasy.”

“Mmm. I was having a similar fantasy myself.”

“Oh, Bill, we are so naughty!”

“I know. And if Jim ever found out, he’d kill us both.”

“Well, I’m not going to tell him.”

I chuckled and said, “I’m not either.”

- - -

For the next two nights that Roma slept in the guest room next to mine, we fucked each other’s brains out. After we came during the sixty-nine position, we’d fuck slowly in the missionary position so that I could feel her legs around my waist. She would moan and groan through multiple orgasms each night before I shot off and filled her pussy with hot cum.

On our last night together, Roma whispered, “You know that I could get pregnant with your baby.”

Totally shocked, I responded, “What? You’re not on birth control?”

“No. We’re trying to have a baby.”

“Oh my God, Roma! You should have told me!”

“I thought about it, but as soon as you pushed into me that first time, I threw caution to the wind. You just felt so good that I didn’t want to spoil it.”

“And what will you do if you do get pregnant while Jim is sick?”

“I’ll start sleeping with him again tomorrow night. I’ll seduce him to ensure that if I get pregnant that it could be his. Don’t worry about it.”

As I lay there still in shock, I tried to imagine Roma giving birth to my child. What would he or she look like? Would he or she look like me and not like Jim? The more I thought about it the more anxious I became.

- - -

That was the last visit I ever made to Jim and Roma’s. The Apollo Program was over, so no more launches. I moved to Palmdale with Rockwell to help design and build the Space Shuttle.

Roma did get pregnant, but not until a year after my visit, so I was off the hook. However, Roma had been so hot and so gorgeous and so horny that I would never forget those three nights of sexual pleasure with her. And now that Roma had the baby to fully occupy her time, Jim was probably not satisfying her in the bedroom…just as before. It made me wish that I lived closer so I could fuck her brains out from time to time.




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