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Talk Was Just Talk, But This Was Action

Probably the beginning of my perversions of today
A long time ago, when my wife and I were only dating, a very kinky kind of situation occurred. For some stupid unmentionable reason I told her to “act” like she was still on the market, so to speak. I didn't want our friends to think she and I were an exclusive item. So, she dated other guys once in a while too. I suppose I should have not been such an ass about that, as I look back, but it inadvertently led to some very kinky experience for me. These are some memories that I sometimes think of when I’m need a little help reaching… well you know. These events all happened on different days in the period of a couple of weeks, and probably led me to be the pervert I am now.

Just so you know my girlfriend has blonde hair and blue eyes and very beautiful natural 38D breasts. She is friendly and sometimes down right sassy, as she is pretty smart all around. She comes from a fairly well known family in the area, and has a fair bit of confidence in her mannerisms. She stands about 5 foot 5 inches, and can indeed turn a few heads in the room when she walks in. She can also handle her alcohol as we all could at that age.

She was working with this guy named Aaron. Aaron was a bit younger than her. He had the typical long mullet kind of hair that most kids had in the early 90’s. He was a little taller and stockier than her and had a mustache. The impression that I had when I first met him was that he didn't seem really educated. Don’t get me wrong, he seemed like an okay kind of guy. Just suppose I never had much of an impression of him when I met him. My wife, then “secret” girlfriend brought him around to our shared group of friends, and at first I thought that he was simply someone new that she worked with, but later I found out that there was more going on there.

I suppose I should explain a little more before continuing here. I was pretty stupid. My wife who was then my girlfriend, had gone through a divorce. Me, being the naive, shallow person that I was at the time, thought that we should not let others know so soon that we were dating. At any rate, she would quite often sneak over to my apartment late at night, and we would have the most incredible sex. I suppose that should have been a clear sign that we were meant to be together, but I was unable to see it at the time. I just knew the sex was awesome. Her pussy would get so wet, but again I’m not telling that story.

I was always a bit kinky in bed. My pillow talk would consist of threesomes that I would want to have, group sex situations, and thoughts of sharing her with lots of others. We would be in the middle of fucking and I would tell her how I wanted to see her fucked by another guy, or used and then I get her for the sloppy seconds. I was completely inexperienced in real-life, but all the thoughts I had during sex with her were very strong. The girlfriend knew this about me, and planned a little scenario for me.

My girlfriend was living on her own at the time. She worked a 9 to 5 job and would often go have a drink straight after work, prior to going home to her apartment. It seemed that she asked Aaron from work if he wanted to join her once. I met up with her, and joined them both that afternoon. We all sat at the bar and had a few beers together, stayed a few hours and then all walked out together to leave. I drove away as did another friend that had joined us. She had driven Aaron there from work so they both got in her car for her to drive him back to work, where he had left his car.

They remained parked at the bar for a while and he began kissing her in the car. It led to more of a make-out session. He unbuttoned her white, button down work shirt and started feeling up her tits. She has great tits by the way 38Ds, with beautiful nipples, perfectly round. He apparently spent quite some time on those awesome tits, because later she came over to my house. She arrived about 11:00 pm later that night and we soon ended up in bed together as we often did. She unbuttoned her shirt and dropped her bra. She spun around and faced me, showing me her tits.

She said, “Look what he did to my titties.” And held them up for me to see. She continued to relay the events after the bar to me as we started fooling around.

There were sucker bites all over them, all over the nipples, everywhere. Her tits were red, blue and black, all the way up to her neck. It looked as if he didn't favor one or the other, they were both well sucked and chewed on. It turned me on, I admit it, but I also felt jealous, and a bit scared. I suppose it was the first time I really started feeling that way. It was an odd set of feelings, kind of a kink and an uncertainty mixed together.

A few nights later, they had again gone out together after work and again had a few drinks together. They ended up going back to her apartment. After settling in for a few minutes they again started to fool around on her couch. They kissed for a while and he again started feeling up her tits. Then he worked his way down to her pussy, all the while continuing to remove her clothes. She started rubbing his cock through his pants, and soon those came off.

They were both still doing all this on her couch. She started stroking his cock, while he was fingering her wet pussy. Within a few more minutes, he managed to get all of her clothes off and she ended up completely naked. They were touching each other all over until he started to get on top of her and fuck her. She quickly intercepted him by his dick, and took it into her mouth. She was on her knees on the floor as he was on the couch seated. She sucked him off until he spoke up and told her he was going to come. She finished him off on her face and it ran down her cheek and onto her tits.

Once again later that night she came to my house. That particular night I was in bed sleeping, but I thought she might come over, so I left the back door unlocked for her. It was sometime after midnight when she climbed into my bed naked and woke me up in the best possible way. A couple of minutes later, pretty much all of me was wide-awake. She had my dick totally hard. For a moment she pulled it out of her mouth.

“This is the second dick I've sucked tonight.” She smiled looking up at me.

I flipped her over and started to fuck her, if anything I wanted to change positions so she could tell me more details of what had happened. I remember having feelings of extreme excitement and fear. I ended up fucking her hard that night and cumming in her pussy. I was so excited thinking about what might be next. Should I encourage her to go further? A part of me was repulsed at possibly finding cum in her pussy, but the thought of fucking her after another has fucked her; it just made me so excited. I think this was around the time back then when I really started thinking about it.

A week went by. It was some kind of season break from her job, so everyone had a week off. She and I met up a couple of times and fell into yet another sexual session. I was inside her pussy fucking her, and I started asking her if she might really do something that would “turn me on like nothing else”. She calmly replied that she would do anything for me. I asked her if she would see Aaron one more time.

“I thought that was over, and I did what you wanted.”

“I know, but I keep thinking about it. I do feel stupid and perverted about it, but I just keep thinking about… “

She took a step towards me and prompted me, “Thinking about what?”

“I want to see you fuck another guy. I want to see you fuck Aaron.”

She kind of drew a bit of a blank face, as we kept fucking. Wasn't quite sure what it meant, but she stopped making eye contact with me for a few seconds.

“Well I don’t want to lead him on, I mean I work with him. Of course he is moving on soon. His job was only temporary. I suppose I could… but how would we do? I mean, he’s not going to let you watch.”

I thought for a second, and noticed how hard my dick had gotten inside her. The fact that she was actually thinking about was an incredible turn on. When I realized that doing this kink might be achievable, my dick throbbed like never before. She’s actually thinking about doing it for me. In fact, later that night as both of us continued to prolong our orgasms she outright agreed to do it. I suppose it would not be as easy as that. Something like this would have to be set up, and precisely planned. Our sex sessions over the weekend kept inspiring us both to plan this together. We both conspired a plan that was not quite on the up and up… but extremely exciting to me.

She would met him at the bar and have a few drinks after work with him. I would go to her apartment and hide in the living room closet way in the back, behind all her hanging coats and winter clothes. The closet seemed perfect as it had wide openings between louver cracks to peek through. We even started setting up the schedule it would happen. Where I should be… where she should be at this time and that time. The end result became a timeline for the upcoming Friday after she got off work.

I was to be at her apartment at 7:15 PM and let myself inside. She would again go out to the bar with him immediately after work and bring him back to her home around 8:00 PM that night. She wanted me there early so I could make sure I was well hidden, and make sure that there was little or no chance of being discovered. All week long I was mentally going back and forth. Do I really want to do this? What if she loves his cock more than mine? What if he discovers me and then wants to fight, tell his friends, blah, blah, blah. It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t seem to think of anything else.

My girlfriend…. Oh hell, her name is Debbie. Debbie stopped over late on Wednesday night after she had again gone to the bar with Aaron after work. As usual, she snuck into my bed and woke me up by playing with my cock. She whispered in my ear.

“I sucked his cock again tonight.”

“Really? I thought we were going to do the Friday night thing.”

“We are, but I want him to be ready too. I want Aaron to be ready to fuck me on Friday, so I thought he might have needed a little prompting.” She kissed me and pressed her tongue far into my mouth. “I swallowed his cum”. I kissed her back, but had a mixture of yum to yuck in my mind.

What was really going on was that she was using the whole arrangement to make me jealous. After this whole thing was over, and later in our lives she told me that she thought I was really not going to go through with it. During that whole week of all the planning, she thought I would back out of it all, and if I didn’t back out I would regret it enough afterwards to realize how much I loved her because of this. This later all in fact became the case, but at the time I was just too kinky minded to not want to do this at the time.

Friday came and I was so anxious about the whole thing that I actually took a vacation day off from my job. It was like being on an incredibly intoxicating drug. I found myself frequently playing with my cock and balls all day long as I read Penthouse Forum issues. Debbie called me several times for just a brief “check-in” with me to see how I was and tease me slightly. She certainly seemed very excited and certain herself about it all. She asked me several times though if I was sure about it all, and I always gave her the affirmative. My sex drive won over any other possible contest if there was one.

Then came my idea about it all, I had a VHS recorder and decided to not even tell Debbie that I was also going to videotape the whole thing. My VHS tape machine was considered “portable” at the time, but it was only slightly smaller than a traditional briefcase. I decided to go on over to Debbie’s and see if I might be able to capture the whole thing. This was well before all the cameras of today, so it would take a lot of setup. The camera was not much smaller than the recorder, but I was hoping to hide it all in the closet with me and run the power cord from the wall outlet. The cords traveled under some clothes and papers in the corner of the room. Of course, this meant more work for me. I had to conceal this extension cord, all he little red lights all over the recorder and camera, and the slight hum the unit made when it was running. I used allot of masking tape as I remember, and I used several towels to pad the camera and recorder on the upper shelf of the closet where she kept her towels.

I needed to find a good place for me in the same closet and clearly I wasn't going to fit on the upper shelf. I found a couple of blankets and tried to make them look like they were slightly folded up on the closet floor. I found a place in the back, left corner where I could sit. I placed the blankets in front of me like they were stored there. I had a great potential view of the couch and most all of the room actually. It was a shame that I could not actually work the camera since it had a zoom function, but this would just have to do, and I couldn't take the chance on any movements, and the camera should capture most of the room, just no close-ups.

I kept looking at my watch as the sun began to go down. My mouth was so dry, and it hurt sometimes to swallow. I kept looking out her front windows for car lights. I must have gone through the drill of climbing back into her closet and hiding five or six times. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard her phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was not any recognizable number that I knew. After 3 rings her answering machine came on asking the caller to please leave a message.

“I’m on my way lover, hope your ready for this… love you.” I heard glasses and lots of talking in the background so she must have been using the payphone at the bar. She was leaving and coming here with him right now. It would take her less than ten minutes to get here, so I decided to just start the tape and hide in the closet corner very well and get comfortable. With in just a few more minutes, I heard her car pull up and then heard some muffled talking and laughing outside, getting closer to her front door.

I will continue this story in part 2.

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