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Ten Year College Reunion, Ch 2

We attend the reunion and I get a major surprise

Adriana suggested I shower first since she’d probably take a little longer in the bathroom than I would. After I toweled off, shaved and brushed my teeth, Adriana had laid my clothes for the evening out on the bed. The shirt was a dark lavender, striped lavender tie, and black dress pants. They were nice, but not exactly the colors I would have picked. I laughed, looking at the bright shirt and told her, “I guess you want to be able to pick me out of the crowd in case you misplace me, huh?” She just laughed along with me and told me to get dressed, closing the bathroom door behind her.

I dressed, then checked myself out in the mirror. I hate wearing a tie and don’t even know how to tie one. At least this was one of those with a clip so I grudgingly put it on. I had to admit I didn’t look half bad, still like a nerd, but at least a well-dressed nerd.

I turned on the television for something to keep myself occupied and lay down on the bed to wait for Adriana. It was still over an hour until the dinner was supposed to start, so I presumed I’d have a fairly long wait. I wasn’t wrong in that assumption. It was forty-five minutes later when I heard the bathroom door open. I had closed my eyes and was almost dozing off when the door opening brought me back to the living.

Adriana stepped out and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She was gorgeous! I think more so than I’d ever seen her, probably since our wedding night. She had on a slinky, light lavender, wrap-around dress that came just above her knees. The hemline had a V-jog in the middle where the wraps came together, extending another six inches or so higher in the center. It had thin, spaghetti straps over her shoulders and a single bow-knot on one side holding it in place. Adriana’s boobs had grown quite a lot after having two kids and filled out her dress beautifully. It was cut low enough to show a small amount of cleavage and a hint of her frilly, lavender bra. She wore matching shoes with about a four-inch heel, and transparent but slightly lavender stockings extending up under her dress. I was envisioning her panties and asked her, “What kind of panties are you wearing?”

She giggled and simply told me, “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you.” The way she said that made me groan in anticipation of the long night ahead of us before I’d get to find out. Then she went on, obviously to tease me a little, “You can feel my stockings, though, if you want.”

Did I want! I snuggled up to her and ran my hand up and down the back of her leg feeling the silky smoothness of her stockings. When I started to push the hem of her dress up a little, hoping maybe to find out about what kind of panties she was wearing, she pushed my hand away, torturing me with, “That’s all. You’ll have to wait until afterward to get your hand any higher.”

Her hair is a beautiful black, hanging about halfway down her back, but that night she had it up in a bun on the back of her head with a pretty, feminine flower on one side. The way she had it done up showed off her long, slender neck, giving her an even sexier appeal.

Overall, she was just about the perfect combination of gorgeous and sexy, especially with her makeup and matching lip color. Her final touch that added so much, were her silver, dangling earrings and necklace with matching hearts. She literally took my breath away. When I was finally able to speak again, I told her, “You’re so…so beautiful!”

She smiled at me and replied, “Well, you’re my husband. You have to say that,” knowing very well that it was probably the understatement of the century. Then she looked at me and told me, “You don’t look half bad either. I’ll probably have to fight off the ladies who want to seduce you and take you home with them.”

I laughed and told her, “There’s only one lady who I want to seduce me and take me home with her.” I was about ninety-nine percent certain that my Adriana would be, by far, the most gorgeous creature in the building! I was more than eager to pull the ends of that knot and unwrap that dress off of her to find out what was hidden underneath. I told her, “The real danger will be all the men who want to steal you away from me!”

She did a little wiggle, showing me that where that ‘V’ was in the front, that with just the right movements, the wrap-around would separate and show her thigh, just hinting at the lace at the top of her stockings. It made me want to skip the dinner all the more and unwrap her right then and there!

“Mmm,” she told me, “sounds like fun.”

I was loving how flirtatious and fun she was still being. Adriana did enjoy flirting a little, especially when she got some guy to flirt back. I enjoyed her flirting as well, thinking that their fantasy was my reality. She never went beyond just enough to draw some good-looking guy’s attention, but afterward, she was always horny as hell. That’s what I was looking forward to that night after the dinner.

I’d already come to the conclusion that the dinner wouldn’t be so bad after all since I could look forward to what was bound to come ‘after’. I knew that if I kept that in mind I could tolerate most anything! This would be the first time in a very long time that we’d had two nights alone with no kids for a little over six years since Kylie was born. And, with the mood she had been in and still seemed to be, it could be a very, very fun night ahead!

“Shall we go?” she asked me. I was sort of looking forward to sharing the view of my beautiful bride as we walked out of our room to the elevator hand-in-hand. In the elevator by ourselves, before we pushed the lobby floor button, she snuggled up to me and said, “I feel horny and sexy tonight. You better keep an eye on me.” Ooh, that’s all my already hard cock needed right before stepping out into a crowd of people!

When we walked into the large conference room that had been decorated all around with flowers, ribbons and a large banner reading, “Welcome to the Class of ‘18”, it was filled with what looked to me like hundreds of people. I squeezed Adriana’s hand tightly and leaned into her telling her, “Don’t you dare abandon me!” I was literally terrified of crowds where I didn’t know anyone and knew I’d be expected to be a fluent conversationalist, which I definitely was not.

She led me to the registration table where they had a small packet containing name tags with little magnetic backs. At least they had realized people would be wearing nice clothes that they wouldn’t want to poke pin holes in. Adriana’s name tag read, “Adriana (Hall) Jeppeson. Mine had my name with Adriana’s maiden name underneath it so they’d know who I was with.

After we got our name tags, we started milling around. Adriana found a few people, including some professors she remembered and greeted warmly, introducing me as her husband, and visiting with briefly before moving on. There wasn’t anyone that she’d ever mentioned to me as a close friend from college, so I wondered if there was anyone, in particular, she was looking for. She was doing a masterful job of including me in her conversations with people, sparing me from my discomfort as much as she could.

I noticed lots of eyes following her, glancing up and down, obviously envious of me. My wife had always been a head-turner, albeit in a girl-next-door, sexy kind of way. That night, in her wrap-around dress, she was especially on the sexy side. True to what Adriana said, she was still obviously feeling very sensual. Whenever she saw a really nice-looking guy looking at her, she made it a point to “accidentally” twirl her dress a little, getting that “V” to open up, showing lots of sexy legs. This was out of her usual conservative self and I was loving it!

There was both spiked and non-spiked punch and whenever I refilled Adriana’s cup, it was always with the spiked. We never drank very much, but alcohol has always been a major aphrodisiac for her, and as flirty as she was I could tell she was already more than a little horny. A little-added stimulus certainly wouldn’t hurt, and I had plans for that horniness later in the evening. I anticipated that by the time we got back to our room she’d be hotter than hot! The more we wandered around, the faster I wanted to get out of there…and take my sexy wife back to our room!

Alcohol almost always made me sleepy and certain parts of my body limp. I didn’t want either to happen, so I skipped the spiked for myself.

There were lots of attractive women, but I thought very few who matched Adriana until I noticed a woman about fifteen or so feet away, separated from us by probably half a half-dozen people, who radiated sexiness! She was several inches taller than Adriana, probably five-ten or so with her heels; had long, beautiful, golden-blonde hair, almost to her waist; was wearing a very low-cut, white, silky blouse with ruffles down the front; and a very short, tight, black skirt. Her face was perfectly matching the rest of her, absolutely stunning! I tried not to stare but it was hard. I could see the faint outline of a black bra underneath her blouse and imagined what that bra must be hiding!

Where Adriana was home-town pretty, more than pretty actually, but this woman was super-model beautiful and exuded sensuality! No doubt she could easily have been a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model. She reminded me a lot of Bo Derek in the movie ‘10’, except a lot taller; long blond hair down to the small of her back, beautiful face, and unbelievable curves! I was actually embarrassed when my cock started to flinch just from seeing her across the room.

I was pleased when I saw Adriana’s face light up as she seemed to recognize someone in the room. She took my hand and led me those fifteen feet away and wrapped her arms around the sexy goddess I’d just noticed, screeching out, “Tanya, oh my God, I’d hoped you’d be here!”

“Addie!” the woman squealed in joy. Obviously, these two knew each other and very well. When they backed away, the other woman, the name tag pinned on her glorious chest read, Tanya (Jacoby) Peters, excitedly told my wife, “I wondered if you’d be here too. It’s so wonderful to see you!”

Then, Adriana took a moment away from her glee to introduce me to her long-ago friend, “Tanya, this is my husband, Matt.” She went on explaining to me, “Honey, Tanya was my best friend in college.” I realized then that this was the same woman as the girl in some of the pictures Adriana had shown me, but wow, if I’d thought maturity did wonders for my wife, it had definitely overstepped its bounds with this woman! I had noticed the hot girl in the pictures, but they didn’t even come close to doing justice to the ten-years-older woman.

Tanya smiled at me and gave me a brief hug. I wrapped one arm around her and hugged back, noticing her enticing, feminine perfume and that silk blouse. Then she turned slightly and introduced her companion, “This is my husband, Tanner.” She winked at Adriana, going on, “You might remember him.” It was totally irrational and I didn’t quite understand myself, but I was momentarily disappointed that she was married. The wink and her comment didn’t even register with me at the time.

Then I noticed that Adriana was blushing as she gave Tanya’s husband a hug. It seemed a little tighter and longer than I would have thought was appropriate. I couldn’t help but wonder what that was all about, probably the spiked punch making her feel sexy. I couldn’t help but notice his eyes scanning up and down my wife, which seemed quite a compliment given the appearance of his own wife. His only comment was a quiet, “Hi Addie.” They obviously knew each other, quite well, in fact.

Adriana must have noticed the inquisitive look on my face and told me, “Addie was my nickname in college.” It seemed funny that I’d never heard her addressed by that name.

There seemed to be a familiarity between Tanya’s husband and my wife that left me feeling just a bit unsettled. There wasn’t anything obvious, but their greeting seemed a bit different than two old friends. I put it out of my mind as my imagination working overtime. Tanner was one of those guys that I could imagine a woman having an instant crush on; a little taller than my six-feet, very athletic and good looking.

Actually, he was a perfect match for the gorgeous Tanya. If he wasn’t already married to the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, I’d probably be a little worried about him taking my wife away from me. Not really, but you know how guys are when they’re jealous about some extraordinarily good-looking guy flirting with his wife.

Guys like him had always intimidated me, made me feel inadequate in comparison. I’m a pretty ordinary guy and Tanner was anything but ordinary! Both of them were so far out of my league it wasn’t even funny. To be honest, even my own wife, Adriana, overwhelmed me sometimes, like at this dinner. How an ordinary guy like me hit the jackpot with a woman like her is one of the great mysteries of the world. Yet, even she was outclassed by her beautiful blonde, bombshell friend!

Adriana seemed surprised that Tanner and Tanya were married. She asked Tanya about that and Tanya told her they started going together after college. Adriana explained to me that they were all friends during school, but Tanya and Tanner hadn’t ever gone out together.

From then on, Tanya and Adriana were inseparable, leaving Tanner and me to tag along with them as they surveyed the rest of the room looking for more close friends. They continued to find casual acquaintances but no other close friends. I will not tell a lie. My eyes were often on Tanya, probably the sexiest female I’d ever seen in my life! I also couldn’t help but notice Tanner’s eyes on my wife more than occasionally, too. He almost seemed obsessed on Adriana’s long, sexy legs.

Noticing how this guy almost seemed infatuated with watching my sexy wife was making me a bit giddy with pride. I know I have a hot wife and I’ve always enjoyed men looking at my Adriana, but somehow, this guy with his beautiful wife was making me prouder than ever of her.

Adriana and Tanya were constantly chattering and giggling together, obviously very pleased to have found each other. When we heard an announcement that dinner was ready to be served, they opened a curtain wall to an adjacent room with dining tables and a buffet.

My slight unease from Tanner and Adriana’s initial meeting had totally dissipated. He seemed like a nice guy, in spite of his good looks. As a matter of fact, I was kind of hoping to see a little more flirting back and forth. I would have loved to flirt with his beautiful wife, but I didn’t know how. Besides, I was way too shy.

There were different sizes of tables with various numbers of chairs around the room so that everyone could be seated with whatever number of people they wanted. We had found a table for four and were soon seated with our meal.

As we sat and visited, my discomfort with crowds had largely dissipated. Adriana and Tanya talked a lot about their careers, our kids, excuses, and regret that they hadn’t kept in touch. Both women apologized profusely, vowing to do so in the future.

Adriana told Tanya and Tanner about our stores and Tanya talked about her career as a freelance interior designer. Adriana told Tanya about some of the pieces in her stores, particularly about her 1884 player piano and some of her other antique furniture. Tanya said she’d love to see them as she had one couple who loved old things and she’d decorated their house with antiques.

Tanner was a landscape architect and we talked about our front and back yard, Tanner giving me some suggestions on a pond, little stream, and waterfall, suggesting that if I’d send him some pictures and dimensions he would draw something up for us. Adriana and I agreed that we’d love that as right now, our yard is nothing but grass that needs watering and mowing.

We all talked about keeping in touch and visiting each other after the weekend. We agreed to check the calendar before we left for home and set a date to visit, either at our house or theirs. I realized that, much to my surprise, I was actually enjoying this dinner that I’d been dreading the last few months. Besides the excellent company, the prime rib was outstanding, not quite as good as I cook in our pellet grill, but better than any other I’d eaten.

Adriana can’t resist getting pictures out of our two kids to show off, especially one in particular. Kevin was two and we were on a weekend camping trip. He’d found a mud hole about a foot deep to play in and was solid mud from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. He was sitting in the middle of the mud, his face brown, hair dripping mud, clothes all brown with mud and a big smile on his face showing off his nice, white teeth in the sea of mud. Right after I took the picture, he looked toward his mom and told her, in all seriousness, “Mommy, it doesn’t taste like chocolate!” When Adriana told Tanya and Tanner this story we all broke out laughing. Adriana and I can’t help giggling whenever we look at that picture, remembering it like it was yesterday.

She carries several more pictures. Tanya commented on how pretty six-year-old Kylie is and Adriana beamed with pride. She loves our kids more than life itself! I’m pretty fond of them as well. Tanya commented on how much the kids look like their parents and thought it was amusing that Kevin had so many of Adriana’s features, while Kylie had mine.

Tanya told Adriana that she and Tanner had both been so busy getting their careers started that so far they’d put off having kids, but were starting to think about it seriously now.

The conversation veered off into more mundane subjects, like telling her our little excursions over the last couple days, leaving out the fun bedroom parts. Adriana did tell about me buying the bikini and making her wear it at the hotel pool. Tanner cocked his eyes at that and Tanya said she wished they’d been here then.

During it all, though, I was noticing the glances back and forth between Tanner and Adriana. To begin with, I wondered if it could have been my imagination, but as the evening wore on, it was obvious that it wasn’t. To be honest, I was a little more than intrigued that it appeared like he had more than just a friendly interest in her, It almost seemed like it was more sexual than just friendly. It turned me on a little (maybe a lot!) that someone with a hot wife like Tanya was as interested in Adriana as Tanner gave the impression to be...and that she was noticing it too and appeared to kind of like it, maybe even to the point of returning it.

At the same time, it was difficult for me to keep my eyes off Tanya. Like I said earlier, Adriana is the only woman I’d ever been with sexually, but guys do have their fantasies, and Tanya was the ultimate fantasy of any member of the male species!

I knew it would never happen, but wondered what it would be like to hold her in my arms and squeeze those luscious breasts into my chest. I was embarrassed, knowing that the thoughts going through my mind about Adriana’s friend were wrong but couldn’t do a thing to dispel them. At one point, my mind wandered even further into the gutter, causing my cock to significantly grow under the table. I did my best to shake away the illicit visions that seemed to accumulate more and more in my head, looking back at my own wife and how lucky I was.

I’ve never had fantasies about other women. Sure, I’ve noticed pretty women, and maybe even drooled a little from time to time, but never anything like the images that were clouding my mind during that meal and re-directing the flow of blood from my brain to other body parts further South, making said body part very uncomfortably constrained by my slacks.

Much of the conversation went in one ear and out the other, interrupted only by the fantasy visions I was having when I did hear something about “Jeremy” and “that night”. I heard Tanner mention Jeremy’s date on that night and that she was quite a bit older, but H.O.T., hot!

I was a little perplexed and asked who and what they were talking about. Adriana answered me, “Jeremy lived in Tanner’s dorm. He was a super-smart kid that never had time for any social life until he brought a sexy older woman to a dance at their dorm.”

Adriana asked Tanner if he was still in contact with Jeremy? “Yeah,” he told her, “we’ve kept in touch. He’s working for Lockheed Martin now, on some top-secret project. Remember how he was always talking about space travel and there’s a way to traverse space almost instantaneously instead of years? I think he might be working on something like that, although he can’t say anything about what he’s doing.”

He went on, “Remember the nursing student he met later that night? After they both got out of college and started their career, they married.”

“Cool, I’m glad. I liked her. He isn’t here tonight?” Adriana asked.

“No, he told me he wanted to be, but they’re in a testing phase that he couldn’t leave right now. He said they’re working almost around the clock.”

My curiosity finally got the better of me and I asked, “What’s this about ‘that night’ you keep mentioning?”

All three stopped and looked over at me, then Tanya and Tanner looked at Adriana expectantly. “You haven’t told your husband about it?” Tanya asked her.

I looked at my wife with what I knew was a very inquisitive look on my face, “Told me what?” I asked her.

There was that blush again, this time much more pronounced than before. Adriana looked over at me and with that blush still on her face said to me, “When we were in college, Tanner and I dated.” When I glanced over at Tanner and saw the look he gave Adriana, I looked back at her, “We, um… we more than just dated,” she added.

My eyes widened in the realization of what I thought she was trying to tell me. “You two, the two of you slept together?” I managed to mumble out.

Adriana nodded, adding, “Well, there wasn’t much sleeping but I guess the answer to that is yes,” she softly said.

I didn’t even know what to say! I knew my wife wasn’t a virgin when we married, but I certainly didn’t expect to find myself sitting at the same table as an old lover! This reunion had definitely turned into something I didn’t expect. When I was able to speak again, I asked her, “How many times?”

She answered, “Two.” I heard that one word, expecting her to have said two times, so was somewhat relieved until I heard the rest of her sentence, “Two years, probably a hundred times or so.”

WTF! My brain kind of froze up, ceasing to function. I’d hate to think what kind of expression might have shown on my face. When I started to be able to think a little bit, I started to feel a little angry at her for not having mentioned this tiny detail to me a long time ago. Then I realized my cock had gotten hard to an almost unbearable degree. What little blood had been circulating to my brain had all rerouted lower. I looked across the table at the good-looking guy we were talking about and pictured the two of them together with a degree of sexual excitement that shocked me.

I knew that Adriana wasn’t a virgin when we married. She obviously had some degree of sex before me but I’d always thought that was her business and we hadn’t ever talked about it. The one thing I wouldn’t have ever imagined was that she had been sleeping with a guy for two years! Now that I was sitting at the same table as that guy, the thought of it and what they’d done was consuming me. It had obviously been at least ten years ago, and I knew how much Adriana and I loved each other, so I didn’t feel threatened by him. Besides, his wife was also sitting beside us and was so incredibly beautiful.

I pictured this guy with my wife, both naked and making love and a surge of jealousy burned through me. He seemed so perfect that I imagined he was just as perfect in the lovemaking department as well. I know that women always say that size doesn’t matter, but we all know they’re lying! I was feeling so many emotions all at the same time, but all seemed to be overshadowed by the one thing I didn’t understand at all… my rock hard cock!

It was about that time that a band started playing in the other half of the room. I think Adriana felt we needed a little privacy, so she asked me to dance with her. I was more than eager to get away and escorted her onto the dance floor.

As soon as we were far enough away for privacy, she asked me, “Are you okay? Angry?”

“Sweetheart, I’m fine. I guess I have to admit I did start to get a little irritated but got over it. What you’re telling me happened a long time ago, before we knew each other, so I don’t have anything to be mad about. I’m just a little surprised I guess, that’s all… and disappointed that you hadn’t told me about it.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it a long time ago. I had no idea that he and my best friend had hooked up and gotten married. I thought she might be here, but didn’t expect him to be. And even if he was, I didn’t think I’d have any interaction with him. I guess I was just as shocked as you are when I saw him with Tanya.”

“Speaking of Tanya,” she went on, “is she gorgeous or what?”

“Sweetheart,” I told her, “she’s no more beautiful than you are.”

“Now you’re fibbing!” she giggled, “if we were a baseball team, she’s the five-year World Series champion and I’m a T-Ball runner-up.”

“You sell yourself a little short, babe.” I had to tease just a little, “Not T-ball. Maybe Babe Ruth or Junior High softball, but certainly not T-ball.” In reality, compared to Tanya, my wife would still rate at least College World Series champion.

Adriana snuggled up to me while we shuffled around the dance floor and lots of other couples joined in the dancing. I loved the way she smelled with her perfume and a little bit of alcohol on her breath. She could obviously feel my hard cock pushing against her. She giggled a little and said, “Why do I get the idea that you kind of like meeting my old boyfriend?” I was still trying to think of an answer to that question when she went on, “Or maybe it’s my old girlfriend that’s causing that?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. She asked me, “If Tanner asks me, would you mind me dancing one dance with him… for old times sake?”

I thought about that for a few moments. I’ve never been jealous toward Adriana. As a matter of fact, I’ve always enjoyed other men’s attention toward her, but I had never been faced with a situation such as this before either. The more I thought, the more it seemed that it might be kind of hot watching my wife dancing and flirting with an old lover, especially feeling sexy like she did. “No, I’d be fine with that. Enjoy it if he does.”

She snuggled in even tighter still, “Thank you.”

We danced together cheek-to-cheek with our arms around each other until the song ended. Just as we started to break apart and walk off the floor, Adriana told me, “You do know how turned on I am right now, don’t you?”

Adriana was just a tiny bit tipsy from the punch she’d been drinking. She was at that very fun stage where she could be a little bit more daring than she normally would. I trusted her completely, but I was more than a little anxious to see what might happen!

On our way back to our table with Tanner and Tanya. I noticed Adriana doing lots of that little twirling thing she was starting to perfect to show off her sexy legs. After we sat down, the band played faster songs, too loud for conversation, so we sat and watched other couples dancing, Adriana and I holding hands and her still moving with the music as we sat.

When they started playing another fast song, Adriana pulled me out on the dance floor again. This time, she really got into the flow of the music, gyrating and snuggling up in my arms before spinning away, doing her best to be sexy and enticing. She’d be several feet away from me, her eyes closed, arms held above her head and enjoying every second. I’ve never seen Adriana dancing quite like this before, but it was the type of dancing a good share of the couples were doing. At one point, I thought I actually got a little peek of panty under her dress!

When we sat back down, Adriana was breathing hard, her face flushed with excitement, fun and likely a little bit of lust as well. When the next song was a slow one, Tanner asked her for a dance. She took his hand and followed him out on the floor. When they stopped to dance, Adriana wrapped both arms around Tanner’s neck and pulled him tight to her, resting her cheek against his. The way they were snuggled together, I almost expected to see her kiss him. Tanner’s arms were tightly wrapped around Adriana’s waist in a very slow and seductive dance.

Watching this, having just learned that Tanner was her long ago lover was having a major impact on my libido! I thought it was sexy as hell. I was actually a little confused with myself. No, more like a lot confused! I understood my attraction to Tanya, what guy wouldn’t be? What I didn’t understand, though, was my reaction to my wife dancing the way she was, especially knowing how horny she was.

I didn’t think I should be liking her being that close with another guy, particularly an ex-lover. But, my cock was hard as a rock and I knew not just from my fantasies with Tanya. I knew that I should be breaking in to separate her from him, but I was too fascinated by what I imagined she must be feeling. I was almost hoping for that kiss. Besides, watching my wife with Tanner was raising my expectations all that much more for an incredible night ahead!

Through the fog of my confusion, I heard Tanya, “Well big boy, are you going to ask me to dance?”

I looked at her, not having expected that. She was so far out of my league that I didn’t think she’d be interested. “I’d love to,” I told her. So, I took her hand and we walked out onto the floor. Walking with our fingers interlaced, my heart was racing with thoughts about my arms around this beautiful woman

On top of everything else Tanya has going for her, she glided on the dance floor, like a professional dancer, swaying sensually with the beat of the music. Her perfume was also intoxicating. She was wearing about four-inch heels, but they didn’t bother her in the least. Obviously, unlike Adriana who abhorred high heels, Tanya was perfectly comfortable in them.

I was enjoying a dance with her like no other I had ever done. Her hair hanging down her back felt like silk under my hand and her blouse was silk. I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing up and down her back, feeling her silky hair and blouse over her soft skin. For a guy who hadn’t ever held any woman in his arms except for my wife, the feel of Tanya was sending shivers all through me and especially to my cock.

Dancing with Tanya was like one of those dreams in the middle of the night where you almost get to the good stuff and then wake up. I knew this would be like that, the dancing was like a fantasy come true times ten, but if I expected more I’d just wake up and it would be gone in a flash.

I felt a little self-conscious that everyone would notice we had switched partners and were dancing so close together. Then I realized that no one was paying the least bit of attention. Most likely a good share of the people here were dancing with old boyfriends or girlfriends, so our switching partners wasn’t out of the ordinary in the least.

When I worked up enough courage, I mentioned to Tanya, “I don’t think I’ve ever danced with someone as beautiful as you.”

Tanya smiled a little and said, “Thank you for the compliment, but you haven’t looked at your wife lately, then. She’s more than beautiful!” Then she gave me a bit of advice, “Matt, don’t take your wife for granted.”

I looked over where Adriana and Tanner were dancing, snuggled close together. I looked at her as Tanner would be, seeing his ex-lover for the first time in ten years. Tanya was right, and she was beautiful, more than that even. I had seen it earlier in the evening when she stepped out of the bathroom wearing that dress for the first time.

I just couldn’t make the mistake of trying to compare her with the woman I was dancing with…no one compares with her. Then the vision of my wife nuzzled in Tanner’s arms made me think about “that night” and what might have happened. I said again to Tanya, “No one ever told me what happened that night, just that Tanner and Adriana had been lovers.”

Tanya looked across the room where my wife and her husband were dancing very tightly together, their cheeks pressed together. “Look at them,” she said, “you need to ask her about what happened that night.” She cautioned me, “But don’t unless you’re ready to hear the answer.”

My hand tightened a little more on her silk-laden back, pulling her to me a little more. “Mmm, that feels good,” she told me. Oh God, her back felt so damn good to me! I couldn’t stop myself, caressing her skin with my fingertips through her blouse, up where I felt the strap of her bra, then down a little lower. She snuggled in my arms and no doubt felt the bulge in my slacks.

She was apparently reading the confusing emotions running through my mind, as she whispered to me, “She might even want to do it again if you asked her.”

My mind was a total whirlwind of emotions. On one hand, I desperately wanted Tanya. On the other, I still didn’t understand what I was thinking about Adriana and Tanner whether I was afraid of what might happen or wanted it to happen. And, what was ‘it’ that I thought I wanted to see happen? How can I explain what was going on in my head when I didn’t even remotely understand it?

The music ended, but before Tanya left our embrace to sit back down, she turned her head slightly and I felt her soft lips on mine. I knew it was a relatively short kiss, but those few seconds were like an eternity in heaven to me. I felt her lips softly moving and probing against mine and my knees nearly gave out. I had forgotten how thrilling it was to kiss a woman for the first time. In fact, I’d only had one first kiss, with Adriana, and that had been many, many years ago! When she finally broke away from me, she looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you, that was nice!”

Nice I thought!, I didn’t think there was a word to describe it, maybe incredible, certainly unthinkable! Talk about throwing a wrench into my already shaky emotional state!

I literally couldn’t speak, but I squeezed her around the waist to give her a tiny indication how much I had enjoyed it too. I felt like a nerdy teenager with a major crush on the prettiest girl in the class. I wasn’t a teen. In fact, I was almost to my mid-thirties, but I definitely had the crush!

I was almost surprised that I could still walk on our way back to our table. We walked with Tanya in front, her extending her right hand out behind her to hold mine. I watched her hips shuffling back to the table. God, she was so sexy… and she had just kissed me!

Then I saw Adriana trailing after Tanner, threading their way back with one hand intertwined much like ours were. I wondered if she had seen that kiss; whether or not she knew that her lover would be here tonight and what the rest of the night might bring?

I suspected she had been thinking about him, probably hoping he would be. Maybe she hoped he was still single, probably wondering what he looked like now, whether he was still as good-looking as he had been in college. She probably viewed him as a fantasy she could never have again, the same as I viewed Tanya as a prize I could never have.

I have always enjoyed watching Adriana flirting a little bit, but I’d never before actually pictured her “with” another man. But that was the picture going through my mind right then. It was making me insanely jealous, but so damned turned on at the same time! I realized that the way I was feeling toward Tanya and the dance we’d just had should have left me very little room for jealousy, but I still was.

Sitting down, trying to talk with the loud music was almost impossible. Adriana made the suggestion that she thought it would be fun to take a tour of the campus. She said she hadn’t been there since she graduated and would love to see it again. Tanner and Tanya agreed and I was along for the ride. We had all been drinking except me and I didn’t especially want to drive, so Tanner stepped out into the lobby where it was quieter and called UBER to ask for a ride. When he sat back down he said it would be about a half hour and someone with a mini-van would be here for us.

While we waited for the UBER driver through the next couple songs, Adriana and Tanya decided to dance one of the faster songs together. They put on quite a show of twirling and sexy moves. Both women were showing off a lot of leg. Quite often, we could see the lacy tops of stockings and it was obvious to me how sexy my wife was feeling.

Watching the show helped me make up my mind what I wanted to see happen before the night was over. When the song ended the girls sat back down breathing hard but grinning ear-to-ear at the fun they’d been having.

I had become a nervous wreck thinking about what I wanted to suggest to my wife. When the band played another slower song about ten minutes before our car was supposed to get there, I asked her if she’d dance with me one more time before we left. Naturally, she agreed. I don’t know if she noticed my sweaty palms or that I was almost shaking with nervousness.

I was scared to death to say to her what I wanted to say, but I knew it was then or never. Adriana’s arms were wrapped tightly around my neck when I whispered in her ear, “I asked Tanya what happened that night.”

She cocked her head a little so she could look into my eyes and asked me, “And what did she say?”

“She just said to ask you…” I was scared to death to say what I wanted to say next, “And that you might want to do it again.” I knew that my nervousness had to be transmitted through my body to my wife, but she was still smiling, so I guessed that was a good thing at least. “Sweetheart,” I told her, “I want you to know that if something were to happen… between you and Tanner… that I wouldn’t be upset.” Then I very anxiously waited for her reaction.

It was a few seconds that seemed like an eternity before she cocked her head away from me and looked into my eyes with a quizzical expression, “Something like what?” she asked me.

I was glad she wasn’t holding one of my hands because she’d almost certainly realize how sweaty it had become. “I don’t know… I guess… just… something.” I told her.

“You mean, maybe something like this?” and she kissed me. Her tongue swirling against my lips until our mouths opened and I felt her tongue passionately exploring mine. Her fingers were on the back of my head pulling me tightly to her and running her fingers through my hair. Then her hands were on my cheeks holding my face as she deepened the kiss even further. When she finally broke away, she asked, “Is that what you have in mind, because that’s what I’d love to do with him right now.”

All I could do was nod. Yeah, that was the kind of something that I couldn’t put into words.

That was when the music ended and we walked back to our table. Tanner and Tanya were grinning at us and said almost in unison, “You two were having a good time out there.” I thought, if only they knew.

A few minutes later, Tanner got a text that our UBER driver was waiting outside. When we went outside, it was a Honda Odyssey mini-van. We started discussing who was riding where, and Tanya said, “I can’t ride in the back seat. I’d get carsick.”

I took that as my cue, “I don’t think I could either.” I knew I could, but I wanted to let Adriana and Tanner have the back together. Besides, that way I could sit in the middle row with Tanya. My wife knew my subterfuge. She knew I never got carsick.

Adriana or I guess I could start calling her Addie too… I kind of liked that name, climbed in the back seat first. My eyes and I’m sure Tanner’s as well, were glued to her legs as her dress opened up in the front as she slid in. I was sure we were going to be teased with a peek at her panties but they remained hidden…barely!

Tanya’s skirt was high on her thigh as well. Neither girl made any effort to push their hemline back down. It would be a lie that the sight of the gorgeous woman’s legs beside me didn’t turn me on, except I was already so unbelievably turned on that my cock had been hard practically all evening.

I wish I had a little more remembrance of our drive, where we went and what we saw, but my stomach was so full of a kaleidoscope of butterflies from thinking about my wife sitting in the back seat next to her ex-lover that I remember very little.

I do remember Adriana showing me the house she used to live in. All I could think about then was wondering how many times she and the man sitting next to her had made love in that house. Was she thinking the same thing, remembering their love-making…and hoping, maybe planning to renew it that very night? I wondered what their favorite position had been? Adriana’s and mine is doggy-style. Was that theirs as well?

Were their fingers intertwined in the back seat, squeezed together in a promise of things to come, much as I wanted to do with the pretty girl sitting beside me? I was almost willing Adriana to lean over and kiss Tanner, the same as she had teasingly kissed me before we left the dance. Except if she did, I knew it wouldn’t be teasing; it would be from a desire for him. I wondered if Adriana’s nipples were hard or how wet her panties were?

I didn’t understand my emotions. I was intensely jealous of Tanner and his relationship with my wife that I’d just learned about a few hours earlier. Yet I wanted to see them kiss. I knew it didn’t make any sense, but that wasn’t mattering in my lust-addled brain. It didn’t help my muddled brain any whenever I looked at the woman sitting beside me and thought of how she had felt in my arms during that dance, either.

God help me, I was hoping my wife’s heart was beating out of her chest with desire for the man sitting next to her like mine was thinking about them…and Tanya. Was she going to tell me, or perhaps even show me what had happened on that mysterious night? Was it more than just serious making out? I knew that’s what I wanted to see, but more? I was honestly scared to death of more than that. Visualizing it in the past was one thing, but the present? No way in hell I could handle that!

On the way back to the hotel, Tanner asked the driver to stop at a 7-11. At least it deflected my mind a bit having to climb out of the van to let Tanner out of the back seat. I didn’t know what he bought, I didn’t see anything when he came back out and climbed back in.

While I had been climbing out and back in to let Tanner in, I hadn’t noticed, but ‘Addie’ had scooted over to the center of the seat and re-buckled herself in. On the ten-minute drive back to the hotel, my wife turned toward Tanner, whispered in his ear, then they kissed. Never in my life would I have imagined that I would see my Adriana kiss another man like she was kissing Tanner, much less enjoy the sight as much as I was!

Tanya reached across the seat and intertwined her fingers in mine and squeezed as we both watched our spouses kissing each other. She appeared to be having erotic thoughts, the same as I was. Her tongue was licking her lips in a seductive manner and I was sure I saw her mouthing the words, “Our turn shortly,” but maybe it was only my imagination. I remembered that short kiss on the dance floor and badly wanted to lean across the space separating us and feel those lips against mine again, but couldn’t force myself to actually carry through and do it.

A few minutes later we were back at the hotel, right outside the lobby door. Tanner and Adriana broke apart and when the car’s interior lights came on when we opened the doors, I could see how flushed my wife’s face was. Her eyes were still closed and she definitely had that “come fuck me” look on her face. I knew she’d been turned on all evening, all day actually, and with the alcohol adding to it and lowering her inhibitions, I wondered what else might happen before the night was over. At the very least I knew that she and I were going to have a wild night of love-making ahead of us!

When she opened her eyes, she looked straight at me. I smiled at her and gave her a slight nod to let her know it was okay. In fact, it was more than okay. I don’t think I’d ever been more turned on in my life! I didn’t think Adriana had either, at least as long as I’ve known her.

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