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Ten Year College Reunion, Ch 5

The night continues.

“Let’s go to your room.”

I wasn’t sure I heard what I thought I heard. My cock was still inside Tanner’s beautiful wife and my arm was wrapped around her. I asked her what she had said. She pulled away from my cock, rolled over toward me and kissed me. Then she repeated, “I want to go to your room with you, spend the rest of the night with you.”

I guess I’d assumed that after making love with each other’s spouses, Adriana and I would probably get dressed and go back to our room. Now, Tanya wanted to spend the night with me… which meant, my wife would spend the night making love with Tanner! I didn’t think I was ready for that, even then.

I looked toward our spouses; Tanner was on top of Adriana, and her arms and legs were still wrapped around his body. Their bodies were sweaty and still breathing hard. It would be the craziest and sexiest thing on earth to leave that couple to spend the rest of the night together.

On the other hand, I trusted myself and my wife. Obviously, Tanya trusted her husband and I wanted to go with Tanya more than anything I’d ever wanted in my life! My cock, which was already hard again, made my decision for me. “Let’s go,” I told her.

We rolled off the bed and slipped some clothes back on; my pants and shirt, Tanya her skirt and blouse. All our underwear, shoes and socks were left on the floor. When we were ready to go, I wanted to tell my wife we were leaving, but she and Tanner were embraced in a deep, passionate kiss so we quietly left.

Tanya and I held hands and hurriedly ran down the hall to the elevator. We were both anxious to climb back into bed together. Their room was on the eleventh floor and ours was on the seventh, so we snuck a quick kiss on the elevator in-between floors.

Thank goodness my key card was still in my pants pocket. I don’t know where else it might have been, but I was just glad that it was there. When the door swung shut behind us and we were alone, I couldn’t stop myself from pulling Tanya into my arms and kissing her. I still found it hard to believe that this incredibly beautiful woman wanted me! We stood at the entrance to my hotel room kissing for several minutes. We both had to come up to breathe several times before Tanya finally said, “I have to get cleaned up.”

I sat down on the bed frowning slightly. I was hoping she’d just tumble into bed with me. “Hey,” she said, “I have someone’s cum running down my leg. I need to wash up. I’ll just be a few minutes.”

She closed the bathroom door behind her, and I undressed to climb into bed and wait for her. I stripped the blankets off and just left the sheet to cover us with. While I was waiting I thought about my wife four floors above us and the thought of her alone with Tanner. Everything that I’d learned and seen that night was so damned erotic! My fears from earlier had been replaced with sexy images of her making love with her reunited lover. My cock was almost impossibly hard again!

It was twelve minutes until Tanya opened the bathroom door to join me. It had seemed like an eternity, but the clock on the nightstand had read 1:21 when I laid down and was 1:33 when she came out of the bathroom. I have no idea how or why I remember that, but I do.

Tanya came into the bedroom wearing one of Adriana’s silk nighties. She walked over to the bed and told me, “I hope Addie doesn’t mind. We used to trade clothes and lingerie back and forth all the time so I thought it’d be okay with her.”

It was sure as hell okay with me! She looked so damned sexy! She’s several inches taller than Adriana, so the nightgown came quite a bit higher on her thigh. She climbed into bed and snuggled up to me, “This time there aren’t any rules. We can do whatever we want with each other.”

Crap! How could I turn down an offer like that? I couldn’t, that’s how! I love sexy lingerie on a woman and Adriana knows it. She’s frequently buying something new to surprise me with. That was the case with what Tanya was wearing, something new that my wife had brought on the trip for us to enjoy together, probably what she had planned to wear that night… before our plans changed a little!

Tanya and I lay in bed and kissed. I ran my hands over her silk-covered body and told her, “This is exactly what I’d like to do for now.”

“Mmm, I like that,” she told me, “sometimes Tanner gets too physical. You saw how he is. Addie always liked that better than I do. I like a nice, slow seduction.”

Wow, that was another revelation to me! I’d always assumed that Adriana liked sex the same as I did, slow and sensuous. Once in a while, we’d get pretty physical, but for the most part, it was tender lovemaking. I loved it when we occasionally got carried away and made love much more physically, but for the most part, we both loved the gentle sex. At least I thought Adriana did. Definitely, something to remember!

We continued enjoying each other’s bodies, Tanya’s skin was so soft and her body firm in all the right places. I spent a lot of time sucking on her nipples and her on mine. I ran my hand down her firm tummy to her panty line, then underneath the silk panties and felt the smooth skin surrounding her pussy. Oh God, that smooth skin! It reminded me that my wife had just shaved there and Tanner was a few floors above us enjoying her smooth pussy lips.

In between kisses, Tanya whispered in my ear, “Take them off.”

I was only too happy to oblige her. I slid my fingers under the elastic and pushed the panties down her hips and onto the bed below her feet.

Apparently, that was Tanya’s signal to change up our foreplay a little. She kissed down my stomach, teasing me with her lips around my groin until she finally started licking at the head of my cock. She just teased me, not taking more than an inch or so of my cock in her mouth, but swirling her tongue around it in the most wonderfully, delicious manner.

After a little bit of the teasing, she straddled my chest with her body and worked her pussy up over my face, lowering herself onto my mouth. At the same time as I began kissing and tonguing her pussy, she started taking my cock deeper and deeper in her mouth. She still had on Adriana’s silk nightgown, which was enveloping my head. Adriana will never be able to wear it without this picture appearing in my brain!

I gripped her hips and pulled and pushed her so that I could give her the same teasing treatment with my tongue that she had been giving me, once again enjoying that smooth bare skin. We were both moaning, ooh’s, aah’s, grunts and other noises of pleasure while we pleasured each other’s most intimate places. I was nearing another major orgasm and didn’t want to come in Tanya’s mouth so I pushed her away. She turned around and told me, “I want you to make love to me.” I was happy to do exactly that!

We rolled over so I was on top, and Tanya guided my cock into her pussy. I pushed myself up away from her body where I could watch her beautiful face, her long hair spread out on the bed. I held her arms above her head and pushed my rock-hard cock all the way inside her. Her pussy felt so damn good! I knew this was going to be completely different than the brief sex we had earlier on the bed next to our spouses.

When my cock impaled Tanya’s pussy, she made a huge gasping sound. Her pussy was hot, slick and so soft, sort of like warm, soft butter squeezing tightly around my cock. I knew I wasn’t as big as Tanner, but probably still at least seven inches. I couldn’t believe how good all those seven inches felt inside her. I slowly slid myself out, then back into her. Her legs were spread far apart and her head was thrashing back and forth as we made love. I knew that my orgasm when it came, was going to be massive. Occasionally, I stopped when buried deep inside her and simply enjoyed the feeling of being buried inside this woman. On one of those instances, she opened her eyes, looked up at me and said, “Kiss me.”

I had been enjoying the look of lust on her face and her grimaces of pleasure, but I lowered my face towards hers and kissed those soft lips once again. I had let her arms loose sometime earlier and she placed her hands on my face drawing our lips tighter together. While we were kissing, I resumed our lovemaking. Each time my cock plunged inside her, I felt her lips tense and she’d pull me down tighter.

I could tell when she was nearing her climax by the tenseness of her lips. I was rapidly nearing loss of my own control as well. I can’t even describe how the inside of her pussy or her body felt to me. She made love every bit as enticingly as her gorgeous looks suggested she might. When my orgasm did hit me, it hit with a vengeance! I felt her pussy contracting around me and her body was wracked in spasms the same as mine was. My cock was buried in her hot, tight pussy and convulsing with jet after jet of my cum exploding inside her.

I wanted it to go on forever, but even after it was over, when I felt her tongue inside my mouth I still felt as though I must have died and gone to heaven. I still could not believe that this ultra-beautiful woman had just made love with me, nerdy Matt Jeppeson!

I rolled off of her and we both lay on our backs panting. After a short while, she rolled over toward me, ran her manicured fingernails up and down my chest and arm and said, “Matt, that was wonderful!”

She certainly knew how to stroke a guy’s ego! “It was,” I said, “thank you!”. I was still in awe of what had just happened!

We both lay on our backs trying to get a little bit of sleep, holding hands under the sheet. There was something I’d been dying to know and I have no idea how I managed to ask the question, “Tanya, do you and Tanner do this kind of thing often?”

She giggled a little bit, let go of my hand, and took her other hand and started counting on her fingers, much like Tanner had earlier counting his girlfriends. “One, two, three,” giggling a little more while she continued to count to herself, using fingers from both hands to count on, “I think I’ve got it… counting this time I’m pretty sure it was…” I don’t know what I was expecting, the way she’d been going on, but it was obviously several though. “Once.”

She giggled a bit more, gave me a short kiss on the lips and told me, “Now go to sleep.”

I wished later that I hadn’t had quite so much alcohol in my system. I didn’t really want to go to sleep then. I would much rather have fucked her again.

The next thing I knew, I felt something tickling my ear. I was confused as to where I was, and as I started to regain consciousness, I realized it wasn’t Adriana tickling my ear with the tip of her tongue. It took me a moment to realize who the beautiful woman in bed with me was and remember the events of the previous night. I remembered making love with this woman and the fact that my wife had spent the night with her ex-lover. I guess he wasn’t an “ex-lover” anymore.

“I’m going to take a shower, you want to join me?” the beautiful woman asked. I remembered her name, Tanya and how good her body had felt before I went to sleep. She was still dressed in Adriana’s silk nightie. I knew for certain that Adriana wouldn’t ever be able to wear that gown without me remembering this night!

When I woke up my morning wood was already fully inflamed, but as I remembered everything from the night before, it did nothing except get harder! Shower with her? Hell yes, I wanted to!

She climbed out of bed and standing right beside the bed, facing me, lifted the nightgown off her beautiful, naked body. I couldn't stop staring, my eyes gazing up and down her body. Tanya giggled, she seemed to giggle quite a lot, I loved her giggle, “You haven’t ever seen a naked girl before?”

I stammered, “I, uh, yes, no, not like you..” making a complete blithering idiot out of myself. I wondered what had happened to the guy who had made love with her the night before. The nerd had returned!

She giggled that beautiful giggle and offered me both her hands. I took them and she pulled me to my feet, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. Oh crap, I couldn’t believe what was happening that morning! This beautiful woman’s body was crushed to me and her soft lips on mine! She broke away, backing up just a few inches from my face, her arms still wrapped around my neck and said, “You’re cute this morning!”

I didn’t feel cute, but she didn’t seem to take offense to anything, especially my hard cock pressing against her stomach. She released my neck, took one hand in hers and led me toward the bathroom. She let go of my hand and turned the shower water on, turning to ask me, “How do you like your water?”

I’ll admit my brain wasn’t working very well that morning! I think I mentioned who I thought she looked like, Bo Derek, who I’d fallen madly in love with when I watched “10” four times straight one day when I was nineteen!

Now, I was about to get in the shower with the woman of my dreams! “Hot,” I told her.

“Good, that’s how I like it too,” then she added, “especially when I’m with a sexy guy.” I almost looked around to see who she was talking about.

She finished adjusting the water to her liking, then pulled the little valve to divert it up to the shower and stepped in. I watched, transfixed as the water dripped down her body until she smiled and asked, “Coming?”

I stepped in behind Tanya and closed the shower curtain before we flooded the bathroom floor. It had already gotten wet enough from my leering. I couldn’t believe that this was happening, thirteen hours earlier, Adriana and I were getting ready for a dinner I’d dreaded for weeks. Now, I’m showering with a beautiful woman I’d only just met at that dinner… and rapidly falling for her!

She handed me the shampoo and asked me to please shampoo her hair. I squirted a big glob on my hand and started working it into her wet hair that was hanging down her back. As I massaged it into her scalp and through the rest of her hair, she murmured, “Mmm, that feels so good.” It felt good to me, too. I couldn’t even think the last time Adriana and I had done this, but it will sure as hell happen more often in the future!

After I finished rinsing her hair, she handed me the bar of soap. She held her hair aside while I rubbed it into her back, then down her butt and legs. This little exercise was driving me totally crazy! Then she turned around to face me! If I’d thought my “morning wood” was hard earlier, it was limp compared to what my cock was doing then!

I ran the bar of soap over her chest and those nipples, giving them plenty of special attention. I soaped with the bar, then rubbed it over her with both hands. Tanya’s eyes were closed, her head under the hot shower water, letting the water run down over her where I was massaging her boobs. When I started working the soap further down her stomach she spread her legs farther apart to let me rub the bar between her legs over her soft, bare skin.

While I was washing her she picked up the shampoo and started to shampoo my hair as I had hers. I closed my eyes to keep the soap out and damn her hands felt good! She moved around a bit, massaging the shampoo into my scalp far more than was needed just to get it clean. I felt something tickling my mouth so opened it a bit and was greeted by a wonderfully hard, wet nipple. When I sucked it in, her hands went from massaging to purely gripping my head and pulling me tighter to her while she moaned.

Naturally, sucking on her titty, my hand that was currently enjoying the feel of the hairless skin between her legs stretched a couple fingers deep into her pussy. She moaned out, “Oh my God, don’t stop!” as I worked two fingers in and out of her.

She took the bar of soap from me and worked it around my cock making me totally crazy! Tanya is only a few inches shorter than me so all she had to do was stand on her tiptoes to slide my soap covered cock all the way inside her.

The only way to describe how her hot, wet pussy felt in that shower would be to invent a whole new vocabulary. I can’t think of any words to adequately explain it. Oh my God, it was incredible! It was a bit awkward in that shower; I’d never made love in the shower before, but that was definitely going to change after Adriana and I got home!

Tanya was still on her tip-toes and I pushed her back against the shower wall. It was actually an oversized tub and she put her feet up on the top of the tub on either side to support herself while we fucked with the hot water running down our bodies. The eroticism of the experience was simply so overwhelming that I’d only thrust into her half a dozen times or so when we both had a shattering orgasm! I felt Tanya’s body begin to shudder and her pussy tightening around my cock so that I couldn’t stop my explosion inside her. I heard myself whimpering and felt Tanya’s legs give out behind me causing both of us to slump down into the tub with our bodies at weird angles and limbs wrapped around each other.

After a few moments of recovery, Tanya realized the position we were in and couldn’t stop her giggling. She was making me laugh at our predicament as well while we tried to extricate ourselves from each other and stand up. When we finally did, I realized I still had soap in my hair. I rinsed it out and climbed out of the shower, reaching for two towels; one for me and one that I handed to Tanya.

I toweled myself off then dressed. Tanya did the same, wrapping the towel around her while she worked to dry her hair. God, she looked beautiful standing in front of the mirror blow-drying her long hair; the towel was wrapped over her boobs and came to just below her ass, showing off her long, tanned legs; her beautiful face was framed in the mirror, giving me a perfect front and back, combined view; her blonde hair contrasted with the white towel so beautifully. The knowledge that she didn’t have a thing on under that towel only added to her allure.

I still had a hard time processing in my mind that I had just spent the night sleeping with that goddess, and she’d enjoyed it!

While she worked on her hair, I started packing Adriana’s and my bags because I knew we had a plane to catch and wanted to be as ready as possible when she got back to our room. Watching the beautiful woman wrapped in a towel was more than a little distracting.

I had our bags mostly ready to go by the time Tanya finished with her hair. I sat on the bed watching her finishing brushing. She saw me watching in the mirror, and her eyes were on mine when she pulled apart the towel and let it fall to the floor. I caught my breath and sat mesmerized at the beautiful sight before me. Her backside was so sexy, and at the same time her face with that ‘I know you’re watching’, sexy grin, and breasts were in the mirror.

I have always marveled at this view of my wife, but watching another woman, especially as beautiful as Tanya, was like a shot of adrenaline main-lined into my blood stream! She turned, giving me another view of that beautiful, bare pussy and retrieved her skirt out of the closet and pulled it on, then her blouse, sexily buttoning one button at a time. By the time she’d finished dressing with no underwear, I was already rock-hard again!

After dressing, she used my phone and texted her husband, asking if it was safe for her to come back up to her room yet. Even then, I couldn’t take my eyes away.

He didn’t reply, but after only a couple minutes, we heard a gentle knock on the door. It was my wife. She and Tanya hugged very briefly, then Tanya wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, telling me that she’d had a wonderful night, and I told her the same. We kissed while my wife watched. Then Tanya peeked out in the hall to see if anyone was there before she hurried down the hall to the elevator. She wasn’t exactly dressed properly for public viewing; no shoes and no underwear.

Adriana was dressed in the same dress as the night before, but at least she’d had her bra and shoes that she could put on before coming down. I was more than a little nervous what her reaction would be after the events from the night before and spending the night with a lover. We’d never even had a chance to talk about it beforehand, except a tiny bit; it just happened.

I was relieved when the first thing Adriana did was come into my arms and kiss me, telling me, “I love you.” She held her arms out wide and said, “This much!” Then she added, “Thank you for letting last night happen.”

I kissed her back just as hard and told her the same thing, holding my arms out wide as well. I won the ‘I love you more’ since my arms are longer.

We were both a little anxious about the other’s reaction, but Adriana asked me, “From the looks of that kiss, it looks like you probably had a good night with my friend.”

“We did, you?”

“Mmhmm, we did.” Then she added, “We fucked three more times after you left.”

I blanched a little at her term, “fucked”. I don’t ever remember her saying that word in all the years we’d been married. I would have expected her to say, “made love”, but then I remembered what Tanya had said the night before, “Sometimes Tanner gets too physical. Addie always liked that better than I do.”

Apparently, they had fucked instead of made love and my wife had liked it! I was surprised that thinking about Tanner and my wife fucking all night made my cock start to swell again, even after just having made incredible love with Tanner’s wife.

“Tanya and I made love,” I told her. Then went on, “She borrowed your new nightie to wear.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. We used to talk about what we liked and her favorite lovemaking was slow with lots of sexy foreplay. That’s one thing that made me a little surprised that she married Tanner. He’s much more of a ‘fucking’ guy.”

There’s that word again. She’s used it more in the last few minutes than in our first nine years of marriage. She went on, “I guess that’s kind of like us, though, isn’t it? You like nice sexy lovemaking. I like that, but I also like the ‘wham-bam-bend-her-over-and-do-it’ kind of sex. You and I make a pretty good team, so I guess the two of them could too.”

Once more, my mouth was gaping open, ‘wham-bam-bend-her-over-and-do-it’! I couldn’t think when we ever had that kind of sex. I guessed we’d have to adjust our lovemaking a bit in the future.

Then she told me that she and Tanya used to trade their nightgowns and it made both of them feel sexier.

I was anxious to get home so we could have a proper discussion of the night’s events. We had a LOT of things to talk about! We also had a plane to catch in a short while, a trip to Ontario to pick up kids and dogs, then probably a good night’s sleep before we’d have a real opportunity to talk.

When I looked at my watch and mentioned the plane, Adriana bit her bottom lip like she does when she’s nervous and said, “Umm, Tanner asked if we might want to stay another day and go see their place.”

I started to answer that I thought we needed to get home, we had kids and a business that needed our attention when she interrupted me just as I opened my mouth to speak, “Umm, there’s more… he wants… he suggested…” She was kind of stammering like when she’s nervous and doesn’t know exactly how to say what she wants to say, but finally blurted it out, “He thinks it would be fun to swap spouses today and tonight.”

My mouth kind of hung open. This, I hadn’t expected! I muttered the only things I could think of at the moment, “What about our plane reservation? The kids?” I didn’t even think to ask her if it was something she wanted to do, but it obviously was or she would have just told Tanner no.

“The kids are with my mom and dad, I can call them. I know they’d love to have them another night and my mom can watch them tomorrow while Dad’s at work and I can call Helen (our travel agent). She can get the reservation changed for us.” Adriana was talking fast, trying to get it all out in a single breath!

My mind swirled a couple minutes with this new idea that, obviously, Adriana had thought out before she came down to our room. I asked her, “Are we okay, you and me?”

She hugged me, wrapping her arms around my back, “Sweetheart, I love you. This is just a little fling, for fun… but if you don’t want to, I’m fine with that too. We can go home now.”

I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to spend the day with the beautiful Tanya. I knew we shouldn’t, but I couldn’t resist. I was actually terrified. I knew I was falling in love with the most beautiful woman I’d ever met and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day with her…. And especially another night making love with her! But what about the rest of our lives? I loved Adriana and our two kids more than life itself! I was horrified that I was about to mess up the best thing that had ever happened to me. I simply had no idea how to deal with the emotions that were so strong inside me. What I knew was that a single night or even weekend wasn’t going to be enough!

I couldn’t help but think of spending a day with the beautiful Tanya and then another night with her… and watching my wife with her lover all day; of seeing my wife, the real, unrestrained Adriana of ten years ago flirting, making out and likely even more. I knew I’d gotten a glimpse the night before, but I also thought that last night was an anomaly, something that wouldn’t be repeated.

I knew that if we did this in the light of day, rather than the middle of the night, half-inebriated, any rational thoughts anesthetized by alcohol, with all our inhibitions down, that my jealousy would be ten or a hundred-fold what it was last night, but so also, would the excitement! I wanted to do this but didn’t know if I could stand it! All my instincts told me, no, that we had to go home, that this would be worse than a bad idea! “Make the phone calls,” I heard myself tell Adriana.

Adriana called and talked to her mom, telling her that we had run into an old college friend who had invited us to spend a night with them. She’d told her the truth, just not the whole truth! Then she called her store managers to let them know we’d be a day late too. My mind was in a whirl, our lives had changed so much within a span of fewer than fourteen hours!

Adriana checked her watch and told me that she and Tanner had agreed to meet in the breakfast lobby in about a half-hour where we could talk about it.

The bathroom had two sinks so we could both get cleaned up, brush our teeth, etc at the same time. After I’d finished, I checked out in the hall and found a luggage cart in the ice room by the elevator and loaded it while Adriana finished her makeup and dressing. When she came out of the bathroom wearing a tan blouse and a short, denim skirt, I remembered something from the night before, “Umm, honey, remember the little wager you and I had last night?”

She looked at me quizzically for a couple moments until I saw the realization start to register in her expression. I knew what I wanted and looked through one of the bags we’d purchased at an import shop the day before. When I found it, I held up the thin, oriental blouse she’d bought, intending to put it in her store. “I think this will work fine for today,” I told her.

Her face turned a little red with embarrassment, but she took it and returned to the bathroom. A couple minutes later, she came back out wearing the blouse. She’d also taken off her bra, which was what our bet was; that she’d go braless for the next week. That blouse was perfect for a braless woman with nice boobs; it showed every curve of her breasts, her protruding nipples, even some of the little bumps of her areola around her nipples!

She was beautiful… and oh so sexy looking! I could see her breasts swaying slightly as she walked over to me and put something in my hand, saying, “I don’t think I’ll need these either.”

I looked at what she’d handed me and it was her bikini panties! My mouth dropped open and she kissed me, telling me, “I hope Tanner enjoys this!”

Oh God, what the hell have I gotten us into, I wondered. There hadn’t been a single time in our marriage that she’d gone anywhere without panties… or a bra either, for that matter. But I guess I could blame myself for that one. I put her panties in the little plastic laundry bag. We finished packing our few remaining things and, tugging the luggage cart behind me, I followed my sexy minx out the door, scared to death what our day was going to bring!

When we got to the lobby, heads swiveled, looking at my wife as we walked in. Tanner and Tanya were already there, sitting on opposite sides of the table. My heart nearly stopped when I saw the beautiful woman I’d met only fourteen hours, fifteen minutes earlier, sitting alone across from her husband, with a huge grin across her face like she had been waiting for me.

Adriana sat down next to a beaming Tanner, and I sat next to Tanya, who gave me a lingering kiss on the lips and the words, “Good morning my sweetheart!”


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