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Ten Year College Reunion, Ch 7

Another night swapping with new friends

When we got back to the house, the girls sent Tanner and me upstairs to dress first. I took the bag of clothes that Addie had bought up to Tanya’s bedroom (I’d started to thinking of my wife by their nickname for her). I showered earlier in the day after swimming so didn’t think I needed to again. I brushed my teeth then shaved so my face would be nice and smooth for, hopefully, between Tanya’s legs later.

I pulled the new black shirt and slacks out of the bag and put them on. I loved the feel of that silk shirt, never having worn silk before. It even felt sexy to me. It was too bad that I didn’t have black shoes, the brown ones looked a little funny with all black clothes. Not bad, though. A little after-shave, hair combed, and I was ready to go; eighteen minutes total.

When I started down the stairs, Adriana and Tanya were sitting on the loveseat giggling about something. At the bottom of the stairs, Tanya had walked over and began to run her hands over my shirt, “Mmm,” she purred, “I like it, sexy; you smell nice, too!”

My wife stepped over, right behind her, and started to rub a hand on my arm like Tanya had done. Tanya pushed her hand away, telling her, “Nuh-uh, Addie, he’s mine. Hands off!”

I’m not exactly used to gorgeous women fighting over me and it felt good! While my real wife stood back and watched, my beautiful “day-wife” wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled my neck with her lips. My brief respite from being sexually excited was over! This was the position his wife and I were in when Tanner joined us.

Addie gave Tanner a lingering kiss on the lips, then she and Tanya went upstairs to get ready for the night. Tanner and I watched our wives go up the stairs. I was wondering what they’d be wearing later and I suspected Tanner was thinking the same thing. He broke the tension in the room by telling me that there was a Mariner’s game on and wondered if I wanted to watch it while we waited. I doubted that I could concentrate much on a baseball game but told him, “Sure.”

It was a game being played in Cleveland, the Eastern Time Zone, so it was already the fifth inning and the Mariners were losing, three-nothing. Tanner and I sat watching the game, silence between us. The game was on in the background and I was vaguely aware what was happening but wasn’t able to pay much attention to it. It seemed like an interminable amount of time that we waited. Tanner apparently remembered that he was a host and offered me something to drink while we waited. I really didn’t, but asked if he had a diet coke. He brought a can and I asked if I could get it in a glass with ice. “Lots of ice,” I told him.

Tanner returned to the kitchen and I heard his ice maker grinding ice. While I waited, I checked my watch. It had been over an hour since Tanya and Addie had gone upstairs. I didn’t think it was fair, I’d only been eighteen minutes!

The Mariners tied the game in the ninth inning with four runs then the teams traded runs but ended up tied at the end of the tenth. I was pretty sure my nerves were a lot more on edge than any baseball players that night. I think after checking my watch that first time, I probably checked it every two or three minutes after that. Every minute seemed like an eternity. I had no idea how it could take so long to get ready for a simple dinner!

After another inning ended and still nothing from upstairs I got up and looked out the picture window onto their pool in the backyard. They had a beautiful yard and view. I remarked my thoughts on it to Tanner and he thanked me for the compliment. I wondered what we could do to our own yard. Maybe sometime we’d take Tanner up on his offer to design a landscape for it.

Halfway through the twelfth inning of the game, we heard from the top of the stairs, two voices in tandem, “Are you guys ready?”

Tanner and I looked at each other with that look of incredulity on our faces. Were we ready? They had to be kidding! “Yeah, you can come down,” Tanner yelled back.

Tanner and I watched the stairs. I realized I was holding my breath when two beautiful women appeared on the stairs, an arm wrapped around each other’s waist. I was in awe, I’d never seen my wife look like she did coming down that stair! Addie was wearing a shimmering gold dress (I later learned it was called gold lame’). It was thin, very thin... and very short! It covered her and wrapped around her neck, but the thin material emphasized every sensual curve of her body; her braless breasts, her nipples, the curves of her hips. The hemline was at least ten inches above her knees. From the looks of it, the dress couldn’t have weighed more than a couple ounces.

I would never have expected to see my wife in a dress like she was wearing, even after that stupid “no-bra” bet we made the night before. This dress was one more thing, among many, that would have been completely unthinkable twenty-fours earlier! Her hair was flowing over her shoulders and she was wearing gold hoop earrings, a necklace and bracelet Tanya must have loaned her, and beautifully bright, red four-inch heels. Her fingernails had been painted red and polished to match the shiny red of her lips, dark eyeliner and makeup that accentuated the features of her face. Her dress, makeup, jewelry, shoes, it all added up to one thing: Sexy!

Then I remembered she wasn’t even my date for the night. This was all for another man, the man standing beside me. My wife, this beautiful goddess, was his date for the night… and he’d be the one taking that dress off of her later! When she went straight to Tanner, my jealousy couldn’t have been more obvious. When she turned her back slightly to me, I realized her dress was completely backless. Her back was totally bare just to below the small of her back… where Tanner, at that moment, was putting his arms around my wife!

I realized there was another beautiful woman in the room… my date for the evening… and night. Tanya was no less beautiful than Addie. If anything, even more so. Her dress was scarlet red, made of a silky material with a spaghetti strap around her neck and a deep ‘V’ that started at her cleavage down to several inches below her breasts. If anything, her hemline was shorter than Addie’s, showing the lace at the top of her stockings. Actually, her dress looked more like a nightgown than a dress.

Obviously, my wife knows what turns me on… and she found it for Tanya to wear! Apparently, both women bought something for the other that they knew they wouldn’t ever buy for themselves or wear if they weren’t pushed into it. I know that Addie would never, ever have worn that gold dress!

When Tanya wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, her sexiness and her perfume about drove me totally senseless. She’s so incredibly beautiful and her dress was so damn sexy! Her back was bare, soft and smooth. Her makeup was beautiful, shiny lips just begging to be kissed, eyes that seemed to penetrate my soul. My cock was rock-hard just being close to her and I had no idea how to survive the next few hours at a restaurant! Besides that, seeing my wife, dressed like she was, with Tanner was already multiplying the heat of my libido to an excruciating level, already!

We all climbed in the car; Tanner driving with my wife in the front seat beside him and Tanya sitting in the middle of the back seat beside me. Tanya didn’t make any effort to keep her dress pushed down and it had scooted above the lacy top of her stockings. I felt like I was a nervous high school kid on the date of a lifetime with the most unattainable girl in the entire City!

After our seatbelts were all on, Tanner said, “Abbie, the Cavern.” I don’t think I’d ever get used to simply telling a car where to go… and it going there.

Once we’d started, Tanya leaned over to me and said, “Remember what I said earlier… about making them jealous? Well, I’d really like to do something right now that might accomplish that.”

I nodded and Tanya kissed me on my neck. She put her hand on my opposite cheek, pulling my face toward her. She didn’t have to pull very hard, my libido was awake and doing very well, thank you! Her other hand was behind my neck and it felt like an electric current passing through us when our lips met. Oh God, those soft lips! Her perfume was so sexy; I don’t know what to compare it with, only that it was a big contributing factor in my heart’s flip-flops! There were so many factors in those flip-flops that I couldn’t even enumerate; her beauty, the sexy dress, her perfume, those lips, but probably most of all that such an intelligent, beautiful woman seemed to want me, an ordinary nerd!

One of my hands went to her breast over that silky dress. I squeezed her hard nipple through the material and she moaned into my mouth. I moaned as well as our kiss only deepened and grew more passionate.

I had met her a mere twenty-four hours earlier, almost unbelievable; the most beautiful and seemingly unattainable woman I’d ever met and here she was, in the back seat with me and in my arms, our lips together in a passionate embrace.

God, it was easy to forget that this beautiful woman was another man’s wife. I was so damn hard that it felt like I’d surely rip through my new slacks.

I knew that what we were doing was wrong but there wasn’t any possibility that I could stop. Tanya’s tongue and mine were exploring each other’s mouths. The most frightening, yet wonderful feeling was that I knew I was falling in love with the beautiful woman in the back seat with me. I knew it was inevitable, and I was powerless to stop it. I had no clue how to emotionally cope with the situation I was in.

Tanya and I made out nearly all the way to the dinner. By the time we finally arrived, I was ready to burst. She’d been careful to not touch my cock and I was thankful for that. If she had, I wouldn’t have been able to resist embarrassing myself. My hands had wandered from her breasts to her legs, around her neck and back again.

I realized that Tanya had said she wanted to make our spouses jealous. But I was sure she was emotionally involved as well. Perhaps not as much as I was becoming, but the ardor in her kisses and her moans were so much more than that a simple effort to make her friend and husband jealous of us.

When we finally arrived in downtown Seattle and Tanya and I broke apart, I saw that my wife had turned the rear-view mirror so that she could watch us. Even though it was nearly eight o’clock, it was still light enough that she’d been able to clearly see everything we’d done in the back seat. I couldn’t read her face to detect what her emotions were.

While the car was parking itself, Tanya whispered in my ear, “You had better wipe the lipstick off, your wife might suspect something.” She handed me a tissue and I attempted to wipe my neck and lips. She took it from me, moistened it slightly with her tongue and wiped the remaining lipstick from my face. Just her gentle touch with the tissue sent my senses screaming.

Access to The Cavern is down a set of stairs through an opening in the sidewalk. I was amazed when we walked through the door into the building, it’s straight out of the old west, like stepping back in time a hundred-forty years. Just inside the door is a plaque with a brief description of the history of the building.

It was good to stop and read it for a couple minutes; it gave my hard-on an opportunity to dissipate a bit. A short summary of the history is that downtown Seattle burned in 1889, then when they rebuilt it, the streets were filled in and everything constructed a story higher to prevent flooding from the tide. But first, a few buildings, including the one we were in, originally a dance hall, had already been rebuilt. The first floor of the rebuilt buildings was abandoned and forgotten until 1965 when it started to be opened again as a tourist attraction. The Cavern was restored and furnished in 1982 exactly like it was when it opened after the fire in 1890.

I looked around at all the old wood furnishings; gas lights, which I realized were actually electric made to look like gas; the old bar; scuffed wood plank floor; and a small stage. Some of it might have been added for its present use, but it all blended in, giving the impression that it was exactly like it would look in 1890. The only things out of place in the whole building were the plaque and a couple of exit signs that apparently had been added for safety sake.

Tanner paid the entrance fee of twenty-dollars each. There was a musician on the stage singing and playing guitar. The waitresses were wearing old-fashioned, short dancehall type dresses, red and black, fishnet stockings, flowers in their hair. The men were in western clothing; bow tie, vest, armband etc. They were all dressed much like in the old western movies. There was a notice just inside the door that all firearms had to be checked in, probably the same sign that had been hung on the wall in 1890. Behind the bar, on the wall, there was a life-size painting of a very attractive naked woman.

An original looking price list was on the wall as well; twenty-dollars for a bottle of whiskey, five dollars for a drink. Seattle was the last civilization for gold miners going to Alaska or the first for returning miners with their gold fortune and prices for everything were inflated even back then.

When the four of us walked in, Tanner and Addie, and Tanya and me holding hands, there were probably a dozen or so couples dancing and another dozen sitting at tables. Several heads turned toward us, no doubt checking out Tanner and me – Not!

One of the dance hall girls; a tall, pretty brunette, I guessed her to be in her mid-twenties, told us to follow her. Tanner and Addie followed behind with Tanya and me behind them. I watched my wife walking in that dress from behind. Damn! I’d have bet all three of our stores that she would never wear a dress like that in public. Her entire back was bare from that little halter around her neck down to just above her panties. Just seeing her like that, especially with Tanner, started to make me hard all over again.

Our waitress showed us to a table and with a beautiful smile on her face, said, “My name’s Paula, I’ll be your server. You ladies are beautiful tonight. Special occasion?” All four of us smiled at her question; if only she knew! Then she handed each of us a menu.

“Not exactly,” Tanner told her, “out of town guests visiting that we haven’t seen for a long time and we thought a double date would be nice.” Then he told her his name and each of us did the same.

“Wonderful,” She looked toward me and Tanya, “Where are you two from?”

“From Boise,” I told her, “not that far but we haven’t been here since my wife graduated from college. We came for her tenth reunion.” I knew she thought Tanya was my wife, fairly obviously, but I wasn’t going to tell her otherwise.

“Well, I hope you have a wonderful evening. I’ll do everything I can to make it pleasant. What would you like to drink?”

Tanya, Addie, and Tanner each ordered a drink of some kind. Addie is a never-ending surprise as I didn’t know she even knew the names of any alcoholic drinks, but it just rolled off her lips. I assumed we needed a totally sober driver and I wasn’t keen on any alcohol anyway, so I ordered a glass of ice tea. While she finished taking our order I caught myself noticing that there was no ring on her ring finger.

After she left, Addie told me, “She’s nice. You should have told her about our ‘arrangement’. I bet she would have enjoyed it.” That surprised me, I thought Addie would have been a little more reserved about telling a stranger we had swapped for the day… and night.

As if to emphasize what we were doing, Tanner leaned over and kissed my wife on the lips. I wondered what his hands were doing under the table. The thought of his hand on her thigh would have made my cock hard if it hadn’t already been that way.

It was only a couple minutes until Paula brought our drinks and asked if we’d had a chance to look at the menu. Tanner told her, “Not yet, give us just a few minutes.”

Their menu was actually pretty short for dinner; a few kinds of steak, salmon, shrimp, oysters, clams, and salads. Paula left us alone until we’d set our menus down, then came back to take our orders. Typically, I like a rib steak, but since we were in fish country, three of us ordered the grilled salmon. My dear wife, Addie, the real one, had to be different and ordered a crab salad.

Our conversation during dinner was normal, about kids, what we’d been doing over the last ten years and so on, but there was always the undercurrent of the sexual energy. Our wives were both dressed so provocatively and we all knew what was coming when we got back to their house, but no one wanted to talk about it. Tanner often had an arm around my wife and me an arm around Tanya, or we were innocently holding hands.

Occasionally, I caught that Paula, our waitress, was watching us, apparently out of curiosity. She was most likely smitten with Tanner’s extreme good looks, but she could also have been taken with Addie’s and Tanya’s beauty and sexy dresses. She was often at our table bringing drink refills. I wanted so badly to get up the courage to tell her that his date was my wife and mine was his wife.

The dinner was outstanding, every bit as good as the menu had insinuated. The singer on stage was also very good, he sang a mixture of old and current country songs, along with occasional western poetry. I presumed that much of our cover charge was for the entertainment.

There were always couples dancing, except during the poetry when those dancing simply stopped for those few minutes and watched him tell his story. After we had finished dinner and Paula had cleared our plates away, Tanner asked Addie if she’d like to dance. She smiled brightly and said she’d love to and started to get up. Before she could though, Tanner whispered something in her ear. She glanced across the table at me and her face got a little red. I couldn’t help but wonder what Tanner had said, perhaps something about her nipples being so obvious through her dress?

She finally appeared to make a decision and excused herself to go to the restroom, taking her handbag with her. I presumed she was going to check her makeup. She apologized and said she’d only be a few minutes. When she returned, I apparently had been right, her lips were a little glossier than before and her perfume a bit stronger. What I hadn’t expected was that while Tanner was getting up to take her to the dance floor, she handed me something.

It was a little wisp of soft, lacy, gold cloth, very damp, her panties! She hadn’t waited for any reaction from me, simply handed them to me and walked onto the dance floor with Tanner. I couldn’t help but observe how damp they were. She was obviously very horny from the evening and expectation for the rest of the night. My mouth was agape in shock; my wife had gone dancing with Tanner in that very short and skimpy dress with absolutely not a thing on under it! Except for her silky, sheer, golden stockings.

The night before, my inhibitions and my emotions were muted by the little bit of alcohol I’d had. It doesn’t take much to cloud my judgment. This night, I hadn’t had any at all and I was nervous as hell about what I knew was about to happen. My wife was on the dance floor with her lover in a dress that was sexy as hell, no bra, no panties and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen! I remembered the butterflies in my stomach the night before, watching Tanner and Addie dance. Tonight, they weren’t butterflies, they were eagles flying around inside me!

I knew then what I was going to do with her panties. I excused myself from Tanya for just a moment, saw that Addie’s arms were already around Tanner’s neck, their bodies crushed together and cheeks tightly against each other. With her arms around Tanner’s neck like they were, her dress was pulled even higher, above the lacy top of her stockings.

I found Paula on her way back to the kitchen. I stopped her with a brief touch on her arm and handed her the contents of my other hand, Addie’s panties. At the same time, I whispered in her ear, “A present from my wife,” and nodded toward the dance floor where Tanner and Addie were clenched in an embrace and shuffling around on the floor.

She looked at what I had handed her and her eyes widened in disbelief, “YOUR wife?” she replied.

I nodded yes and told her, “The beautiful lady with me is Tanner’s wife.”

Her hand went to her mouth in shock before she realized that was the hand now containing Addie’s gold lace panties. Then she started giggling and didn’t seem able to stop. When she got herself a little under control, she slipped Addie’s panties in her pocket, “Tell her thank you for the present!”

One last thing I told her before letting her go back to work, “I think we’re going to have a very enjoyable evening after we get back to their house.”

We both glanced back out on the dance floor where Tanner and Addie were currently locked in a passionate kiss, Tanner’s hand on her ass pulling her tight to his groin. I know what a French kiss is and that’s exactly what my wife and Tanner were doing; their mouths open, tongues between each other’s lips, sucking on each other. I could almost hear Addie’s moans from their kiss.

Paula smiled her pretty smile once more, giggled and said, “I bet you will!” Then as she started to walk away, she turned back to me and whispered, “I think my boyfriend and I will too!”

Grinning, trying to envision Paula and her boyfriend, I walked back to our table and asked Tanya to dance with me. She got up and we embraced much like Tanner and Addie, shuffling around the floor. Aside from feeling that silky dress and her breasts pressed tight against my chest, I nearly came completely unglued with her eyes looking directly into mine and her lips slowly engulfing mine.

We kissed in the middle of the floor for what seemed an eternity. I didn’t think a lot about it then, but it was surprising that we weren’t asked to leave. Maybe Paula intervened. My hand roamed up and down Tanya’s back, pulling her tightly to me. She finally pulled her lips away and rested her cheeks against mine and we actually tried to dance a little.

I glanced around and saw Tanner and my wife doing much the same as we were doing, they’d broken their passionate kiss and were simply holding each other with occasional short kisses. His hands were rubbing up and down her back, occasionally reaching down below her back and ‘inadvertently?’ pulling her dress up, rubbing their groins together. We were on the floor probably half an hour or so when Tanya whispered to me that she really wanted us to go home. I couldn’t have agreed more!

We went back to our table where Paula had left our dinner check on the table. I picked up the imitation leather folio, slipped my credit card in it and took it to Paula, then sat at our table, waiting for her to bring it back for my signature. When I opened it, in addition to the credit card statement, there was a tiny, red thong folded neatly inside, along with a note, “Tell your wife we traded. Hers are making me so horny!” I smiled to myself, thinking that Paula is definitely a nervy young lady!

I picked it up and fingered it a little, feeling how soft it was and damp, very damp! I slipped it and the note in my pocket then signed the credit card statement leaving a fifty-dollar tip. Along with that, I left a note on the back of my copy of the statement, “You’re beautiful, thank you for a wonderful night. I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy yourselves later tonight as much as we will.” Just to be certain no one else picked it up, I gave it directly to Paula.

After I gave it to Paula, she opened it, took my note out and gave the receipt to another waiter. She followed us out the front door to the landing at the bottom of the stairs. Once the door closed, she giggled and lifted her skirt so that we could see Addie’s gold panties in place of her own. Then she quickly dropped it back down and gave my wife a very quick kiss on the lips. Addie had a look of pure shock on her face like she wondered what the hell had just happened!

When Paula turned to go back inside, she quickly slipped another piece of paper in my pocket.

Adriana looked at me with that look of shock still on her face, that had most definitely turned bright red. “What the hell was that?” she asked.

I handed her Paula’s red panties and the note. She read the note and quietly asked me, “What did you tell her?”

“Well… maybe when I gave her your panties I might have mentioned that you were my wife, instead of Tanya like she’d thought... and I might have mentioned that we all expected to have a good time later.”

She rolled her eyes at me, saying, “I can’t believe you did that!”

None of us had drunk enough to be inebriated, but I was the only one completely sober so I sat down in the driver seat and told Abbie to take us home. On the way, Tanner and my wife weren’t able to keep their hands or lips off each other. I knew my wife wasn’t wearing any panties and was fully expecting that Tanner’s fingers were performing their magic inside her pussy, especially when she started moaning. As for Tanya and me, I cursed the center console that kept us apart from each other.

I was certain about where Tanner’s fingers had been when I checked the mirror a little later and saw Addie sucking them into her mouth, licking them clean. That’s something she does that always drives me crazy, sucking her pussy juice off my fingers.

The drive home seemed to take forever. Tanya and I looked at each other longingly across the console along with frequent glances into the back seat where our spouses were happily making out.

I couldn’t help but wonder how it would unfold once we got back to their house. Would we go to our separate bedrooms or stay together in one room? I wasn’t even sure what I wanted, didn’t know if I could watch Tanner and my wife fucking again. Thinking back to when Addie had handed me her panties made me realize that since she’d shaved the night before, I hadn’t yet touched her, no more than a kiss that morning. I desperately wanted to feel her pussy lips with my fingers and especially with my face and my mouth. I wanted my cock inside her pussy! I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen that night, however.

Inside the house, Tanner and Addie shared the loveseat and immediately resumed making out. I sat on the couch, expecting Tanya to join me. Instead, though, she put some music on their home theater system and began a little dance in front of me. She told me, “Unlike last night, you can touch all you want.” She spread her legs apart, sat down on my lap and began to unbutton my shirt. I knew that what was coming was what I’d been waiting for since morning. While she worked on buttons, I slid my hands up and down her hips, pushing her dress up as high as I could while she was still sitting on part of it, then over her breasts that were still covered by her silk dress. Once the buttons were all undone, I leaned forward and let her slide my shirt off.

Once it was off, Tanya ran her feminine hands up and down my chest. I wondered about my chest turning her on since I wasn’t nearly as muscular or well-proportioned like her husband was, but she certainly didn’t seem to mind. Neither did I!

She stood up and reached behind herself to unzip her dress, then pulled the knot tying the halter around her neck, letting her whole dress fall to the floor. She stood in front of me wearing nothing but her heels, stockings, red satin thong panties and those feminine curves! Damn, I wish I could paint a better word picture of what she looked like! I thought the only reason she isn’t a Playboy centerfold is that they haven’t discovered her yet.

“You too,” she told me, while she unbuttoned my slacks and pulled them and my shorts down, letting my steel-hard cock pop into freedom.

I was a little preoccupied and kind of lost track of what my wife and her husband were doing on the loveseat. I presumed that for this evening at least, it was appropriately called a “loveseat”.

Tanya leaned over me, enticing me to take one of her bare nipples in my mouth. Reluctantly, (NOT!) I did so, sucking it and her breast deep in my mouth. She moaned out, “Mmm, Mary Jane likes that!” She had apparently named her boob! “Take my panties off,” she asked me to do.

I switched to her other nipple, gently biting it between my teeth and rolling it around in my lips while I felt the soft skin of her hips and pushed my fingers under the narrow elastic waistband of her panties, pushing them down her legs and onto the floor.

She pulled her boob away from my mouth and spread her legs apart sitting on my waist. My hard cock was trapped between her legs, rubbing against the slit of her pussy lips. At least it was until she rose up from my waist several inches and settled back down with her wet, slippery pussy enveloping my cock inside her, inch-by-inch until we had become one.

Oh my God, the velvety softness and warmth inside her felt good after the nearly constant sexual tension of the day! Tanya arched her body, rocking her hips until I was sure I felt the head of my cock pushing against the back of her vagina. She was beginning to whimper, grinding herself against me and said, “Oh shit, that feels so good!”

My whole body felt on fire. Her velvety pussy was hot and slippery and I felt her vaginal muscles contracting around my cock. I was expecting her to start sliding up and down on me when she said, “They did this for three minutes. I think we can for four.” I squeezed my eyes tightly closed and tried to breathe. I didn’t think I could do this for thirty seconds without coming or slamming myself in and out of her, much less four minutes; the only thing I wanted to do was fuck the hell out of her!

I could tell from the look on her face that she was determined to do this, so I reluctantly moaned out that I’d try. She looked around, I guess hoping that either Addie or Tanner would time us, but they were kissing so ardently, with his hand massaging her boob that it obviously would be hopeless. “I guess we’ll have to do our own timing, then,” she said. I was already in semi-misery from pleasure and needed to fuck! She checked her watch, “It’s been about ten seconds now.”

TEN FRIGGIN SECONDS! I knew I couldn’t do this. I’d try, but some things just aren’t gonna happen! Her kissing me with her tongue groping inside my mouth definitely didn’t take my mind off the pleasurable torture my cock was feeling.

I pulled her naked body so her tits were crushed against my chest. Our kiss had broken apart to allow breathing, so I glanced over at the couple on the love seat to take my mind off what Tanya was doing to me. It wasn’t a good idea to look there; my wife’s dress was up above her waist and Tanner was rubbing her smooth, bare pussy with his hand. The top was pushed aside so that he could suck on her left tit. Addie was moaning and pushing herself onto his fingers. Her mouth was in an ‘O’ shape of sexual ecstasy but her eyes were watching Tanya and me.

Watching her with her lover made my cock start to pulse inside Tanya and I knew that I would explode inside her in a few seconds more. Frantically, I pushed her butt up off of me. I closed my eyes, trying to catch my breath to let the cold air hitting my wet cock take away some of the urgency of my near orgasm. Tanya’s whimpering and the smell of her perfume weren't helping but I did get a little relief. She looked at her watch and said, “A little over two minutes so far, not even two more to go. You can do it, Matt.”

I vowed that I wouldn’t look at my wife again until this was over and told her I would be okay a little longer. “You can’t move, not even a little bit or I won’t be able to stop myself,” I told her.

She lowered herself back down onto me, engulfing me once more inside her soft, warmth. When I felt her muscles starting to contract around me again, I gripped her waist and said, “No, don’t do that!”

Tanya was breathing hard, moaning a little and said, “This is so hard!”

I wanted so badly to look and see what my wife was doing but knew I couldn’t. I was so close to the edge that I knew it would push me beyond the point of no return. Instead, I closed my eyes tightly and pulled Tanya tight to me. We kissed and when I started to suck on her tongue, I felt her pussy spasming and squeezing around me. “I can’t stop, fuck me, Matt!”

We started rocking, Tanya pulling up and plunging back down and me pushing as hard as I could up into her. I couldn’t stop either, Tanya started shrieking, “Ahh, yes, yes, yes, uhnn,” then our guttural noises blended together and I emptied myself into her in violent spasms.

When semi-consciousness returned a few minutes later, our bodies were both damp with a sheen of sweat. I had just had perhaps the most violent orgasm of my life!

Tanya looked at her watch, “I don’t think we made it. I don’t know how long it was.” I really didn’t care, it had been about the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

I was finally able to look toward the loveseat to see what Tanner and my wife were doing. They weren’t there! I looked around the room and saw them in the dining room. Tanya and Tanner have an open floor plan with the dining room and living room combined, set off from each other by the wood flooring in the two rooms at about a seventy-degree angle with each other. Addie was on her back on the dining table, still wearing the gold dress, stockings, and heels, with her legs spread apart over Tanner’s shoulders, his mouth working diligently on her pussy.

Seeing them like that, Addie still wearing the gold dress, having her pussy eaten by another man was driving me crazy with I wasn’t sure what – jealousy, eroticism, lust. It was a sight that I wouldn’t ever have imagined seeing in this or any other lifetime!

My wife was moaning, nearly crying, her hands gripping Tanner’s hair pulling him into her and lifting her butt up off the table trying to grind her pussy into Tanner’s face. She seemed to be gasping, trying to breathe when she moaned out, “Fuck me, Tanner, please!”

Tanner only pushed his face into her harder, drawing a whimper out of her, “Please. Tanner. Now!”

His shirt was gone, but he still had his pants on. He looked up briefly, saying, “Fuck you where?”

“My pussy, fuck my pussy, please, Tanner!” she nearly shouted.

His tongue did another invasion of her pussy. My cock was getting hard again, still inside Tanya’s pussy.

He looked up again, “Where?”

Addie was literally crying, “Damn you, Tanner, fuck my cunt, is that what you want? Fuck your whore’s damned cunt!” Then she started softly whimpering, “Please, Tanner, fuck me!”

Tanner dropped his pants and shorts down around his ankles and guided his now monstrous cock to my wife’s pussy. He pushed and was all the way inside her in one quick motion. Addie threw her head back and squealed, gasping for breath, “Oh God, Oh God,” Tanner pulled out and slammed back into her, “Unh,” my wife cried out, “Oh my fuckin… , ohshit, ohshit, ohshit!” she cried, tears falling from her eyes, as she was literally begging for Tanner to fuck her, “fuck my whoring cunt, Tanner, harder!” she screamed. I watched as Tanner slammed his slick, wet cock into her over and over again. She let out a groan and more expletives with every one of his thrusts into her.

My wife had never talked dirty when we made love, but we’d never made love like Tanner was fucking her, either! Addie was hanging onto the edge of the table with her hands turning white and her butt rising up to meet every one of his hard thrusts.

I don’t know how many times he thrust into her before she started screaming totally unintelligible, hysterical garble and her body quaking with a super orgasm. Even while she was in the throes of her orgasm, Tanner continued pounding into her. His face was red, a sheen of sweat on his body, and each one of his lunges into her seemed to intensify her orgasm that much more. I wondered if Tanner would ever reach his limit when he finally – FINALLY! Slammed his cock into her, grimaced his face, his body shaking and spasming, unloaded what had to be a mountain of cum deep inside my wife’s pussy! Addie was still wailing and her body shuddering when he finally had reached his limit and screamed that one last time, spurting his hot cum deep inside her.

Tanya and I embraced with my cock hard inside her all over again from watching my wife and her husband in what had to have been the fuck of the decade!

Tanner pulled his cock, wet with their combined juices, out of Addie and collapsed in a chair. It looked like his cock hadn’t lost hardly any of its length or girth. Addie laid on her back a moment or two, then pulled herself off the table, down on her knees in front of Tanner. She took his wet cock in her hand and wrapped her mouth around it, making loud sucking noises. I could count on one hand, over the years we’ve been married, the number of times that my cock had been inside Adriana’s mouth. It was something that we simply didn’t do, especially when my cock was wet with either her pussy juice or my cum.

Addie, on her knees, toyed with the head of Tanner’s cock in her lips, bobbing her head in and out. She licked the length of him, cleaning their combined juices, then pulling the head back in her mouth. Tanner was groaning and gripping the back of her head, pushing his cock into her mouth. “Sweetheart,” he told her, “you can’t do that, I’m going to come again.”

Her face looked up at him and only doubled her efforts, pulling his cock into her mouth until she started to gag. She pushed him out just a little to catch her breath, then pulled him back in, this time all the way to his balls. Tanner’s face was grimacing, apparently trying to stop his cum from exploding in her mouth.

While I was watching this, I admit that my attention had been diverted from the beautiful woman I’d just made love with until I felt her mouth wrapping around my own cock. Like I said, it was something I had hardly any experience feeling and it was exquisite!

My mind was briefly pulled from what my wife was doing, but when Tanner started yelling, “Now, I’m going to come!” it drew my attention back to her. Tanner was trying to pull away but her hands were on his butt pulling his cock deep into her mouth. He gave up the struggle and literally started fucking Addie’s face and pushing himself into her, gagging her but pumping cum into her mouth. My wife had no choice but to swallow and swallow; her eyes watering down her cheeks and Tanner’s cum leaking around her lips and down her chin. I… I started to write that I wish I’d had a camera. But I didn’t need a picture, that image of Tanner’s cock in my wife’s mouth with his cum dribbling will be emblazoned in my mind forever! Adriana had never let me come in her mouth.

Watching my wife swallowing Tanner’s cum, along with the sensations of Tanya’s mouth on my own cock brought me to the edge of another orgasm as well. Before I came, I managed to pull myself out of Tanya’s mouth and totally out of character for me, pushed her down onto the floor on her hands and knees to shove my cock deep inside her pussy just before my orgasm took complete control of my body! I thrust my cock inside her a couple times while my cum was erupting and felt her pussy spasming around me in her own orgasm!

Tanya and I collapsed on the floor in total exhaustion. I wrapped an arm around her and when she recovered enough to roll back toward me before I even realized what I was saying, I told her, “I love you.” When I realized what I’d said, I knew that I meant it, but was afraid what Tanya’s reaction might be.

She looked at me, tracing little lines around my face and lips with a finger. She kissed me softly on my lips, saying, “Come, let’s go to bed.”

We got up off the floor. Addie and Tanner were gone as well, apparently gone to their own bedroom. We went upstairs, and since the other bedroom door was open we peeked in. Addie had finally taken off the gold dress. She and Tanner were on the bed, under blankets pulled up to a little above their waist. Both were naked, facing each other in a tight embrace. Addie’s face was snuggled into Tanner’s chest.

Tanya and I stepped back into our bedroom. I brushed my teeth, then climbed in bed waiting for Tanya. I still didn’t know what her reaction to my profession of love was going to be. Obviously, she wasn’t too upset by it, since we were still sleeping together.

When she came out of her dressing room, she was wearing a long, silky-looking, one-piece pajama-gown. When she lay down with me, she said, “This is one of Tanner’s favorites.” I could see why, it was silky soft, semi-sheer so her naked body barely showed through it and had two straps crisscrossing her back. “I want you to make love to me later,” she told me.

She kissed me, then said, “You know we can’t love each other, right? We’re both happily married.”

I knew she was right. I love my Addie with every cell in my body, but I didn’t understand what was happening with Tanya. “Can’t we love two people?” I asked her.

She gazed into my eyes, “Matt, sweetheart,” she started, “how many women have you slept with? Has there ever been anyone other than Addie?”

“No,” I admitted. “She was my first and my only until I met you.” I thought again how impossible it was to believe that it was just the day before that we had met. It seemed like I’d known her forever and it had been one whole day, a little over twenty-four hours! I felt like my entire life had changed in those few hours.

“You know it’s possible to sleep with someone and not love them, don’t you?” Then she admitted, “I slept with seven boyfriends before Tanner and I started going together. He was the only one I fell in love with...,” then she softly added, “until you.”

“Until you” Those words reverberated in my pea-sized brain. How is it that a woman as beautiful as the woman I was in bed with could fall in love with an ordinary guy like me?

“If we can’t ‘be in love’ with each other, can we still be lovers?” I asked her.

She waited a long time to answer, “Tonight, we can be anything we want… tomorrow, that’s another question. I don’t know. I guess we’ll need to talk it out with our spouses. I think they might have the same quandary.”

I fervently hoped in a way that they did. But in the back of my mind was also the fear that Tanner and Addie might have re-ignited something that could possibly devour us, something that could never be put back in the bottle. The vision of Addie screaming the words, “fuck your whore’s damned cunt” was going to be hard to ever forget. If he could get my wife excited enough to refer to herself as a whore with a cunt, how could I ever compete with him… and from now on, could she ever be satisfied with me in bed? I had come to realize over the last twenty-four hours how little I actually knew about my wife, the woman I had lived and been intimate with for the last nine-plus years… and apparently about myself, as well!

I knew there was something else troubling me in the back of my mind, but I didn’t know what it was.

I thought about Tanya and me; Tanner and Addie; our two kids waiting for mommy and daddy to come home; could we somehow have an ongoing sharing relationship… without destroying either of our marriages? I needed time with my wife, we needed to talk… and make love!

Tonight, I needed to think just about tonight… and the sexy, beautiful woman I was spending the rest of the night with. I gazed into her eyes and we kissed, a beautiful kiss. I remembered what it had felt like earlier to suck on Tanya’s tongue, to meld my lips to hers. We made love with each other’s mouths. I had just come twice, once right after the other. I still needed to wait to make love with her but we could love each other’s bodies without yet making love and that’s what we did, finally falling asleep.

I dreamed I was licking my wife’s pussy. Well, to be exact, the soft, smooth skin around her pussy. It was like her pussy lips had been glued together, except they hadn’t. I desperately wanted my tongue inside her lips but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. She told me, “My cunt is for Tanner, I’m his whore.” I didn’t understand how she could be saying that kind of words. I tried to separate her pussy lips with my fingers but they wouldn’t separate. All I could do is lick around the edges. She was so soft that it was driving me completely out of my mind. Then she tasted like shaving lotion and apparently the taste woke me up.

I had a raging hard-on! I remembered that dream like it had actually happened. I had no clue where I was or whose bed I was in but I knew it wasn’t my wife. Where the hell was my wife? I reached out and touched the woman beside me. Her silk nightgown was between my hand and her body. I caressed one of her breasts and squeezed her nipple, but it was over the silk and after the dream I just had, I felt like I needed my hand against her bare skin.

My mind still hadn’t awakened enough to know who it was next to me, only that I wanted her… and I couldn’t get to her. I felt between her legs. She moaned a little but didn’t wake up. It was more like she was wearing one-piece pajamas and soft as the silk was, it wasn’t her. I started to remember, this was Addie’s best friend and I had made love to her, several times. But where was Addie? Why was I making love with this woman and not my own wife?

It started to focus a little more, her name was Tanya and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever known; we were in their house, and Addie was in bed with her husband. We had been kissing when I went to sleep and I remembered what she had said, “I want you to make love to me.”

I was finally awake, had a raging hard-on, was horny on steroids, and in bed with a beautiful woman who wanted to make love to me! I rolled over and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I remembered how badly I wanted her bare skin but her nightgown was tight across her chest and I couldn’t pull it aside. It was like the straps crisscrossing her back and around her arms were designed to keep the silk over her boobs no matter what. It only made me hotter for her! I sucked through the silk until I felt her arching her chest and her hand on the back of my head pulling my lips tighter onto her breast. She was moaning actively now, not softly in her sleep like she had a few moments earlier.

I reached down to finger her pussy but couldn’t get my hand under her gown. It was almost like my dream, wanting inside her but the fabric of her gown wouldn’t let me. I felt around, trying to find an opening but there wasn’t one. I gave up and went back to her pussy, rubbing and pushing the silk into her. “My pantleg, the bottom, push it up,” she whispered.

I reached down, all the way to her ankle and finally found bare skin. I pushed my hand up her sexy leg, feeling the soft skin of the inside of her thigh. The legs of her gown were loose so that it pushed away and up easily. I understood why she said this was one of Tanner’s favorite gowns; it was soft and sexy, yet so frustrating, driving a man completely out of his mind trying to get to her. When I reached the soft skin of her pussy, I spread her slightly with my fingers and pushed a finger up inside her, then a second finger, just barely inside her, rubbing up and down. She was already wet, slippery and her body was pulsating with sexual energy.

Tanya rolled toward me, squeezing my hand between her legs and kissed me. I felt her desperation on her lips, her tongue, and her sucking on my lips, then my tongue. I pushed my fingers in a little deeper and her body tensed. My fingers reached the knuckle inside her and I twisted them, feeling inside her pussy for the first time and hoping to find her G-spot. I found her clit and rubbed it with one finger while the other continued exploring, pushing harder inside. She scrunched her head to my chest and I felt her fingernails scratching into my back.

Then I felt a hand pushing mine away from her pussy. She rolled over on her back and pulled me on top of her. It was fairly obvious what she wanted, but I wasn’t ready to give it to her yet. She lifted her hips up off the bed and pushed a pillow underneath her, her hands around my butt trying to pull me into her.

I pulled away, kissing down her body until I was kissing the inside of her thigh, in that soft, tender place where her leg and her pelvis met. Tanya was moaning and both our bodies were shaking with excitement but try as I did, I couldn’t push the material away to get to her pussy with my mouth. It was almost like my dream again, stopping me from my goal. Tanya had spread her legs apart, but that only seemed to pull the silk tighter over her pussy. I gave up and started to kiss her over the silk, but still couldn’t push my tongue inside her. My cock was a steel rod, aching for release!

I looked up at her and her eyes were tightly closed with a definite look of lust on her face and little whimpers escaping her lips. She started scrambling with the straps holding her gown up managing to push them off her shoulders and the gown down her body. When those luscious pink nipples were finally free, I couldn’t stop myself from sucking one in my mouth getting a gasp from Tanya and her arching her back.

While I sucked on that nipple, we both worked to push her gown down off her body. When it was down about to her hips and she couldn’t reach any further, I reluctantly left her boob and pushed it the rest of the way down for her. By this time, my body was shaking and my mind was totally engulfed in desire. I had to fight the almost impossibly strong urge to ram my rock-hard cock into the now bare pussy in front of me. Instead, I brought my lips to her pussy, pushed her lips a little apart with my tongue and kissed her there, trying to work my lips as far inside her as I could.

I had done this Saturday night at our game, but then I was scared and nervous about being watched by my wife and her husband. This was different, it was only between the two of us. Both our bodies were alive with hormones and excitement flowing like a flooding river. Tanya was gasping, trying to breathe and I was trying to push my tongue into her, then find her clit. I sucked, she groaned until I couldn’t stand it a second longer. I pulled away, pushed my body up and my cock was inside her. Tanya’s hips were already propped up on the pillow but she pushed herself up even more, grabbing my butt to pull me even deeper inside her. If we hadn’t made love only a few hours earlier, I doubt that I would have been able to last beyond that first thrust, but even then, the eroticism of our love-making, the spasming of her vagina around my cock, shuddering body and her screech of passion made me erupt inside her in less than a minute!

When she finally relaxed, she closed her eyes again, pulled my face back down so that we were holding each other cheek to cheek and I heard the soft words escape her lips, “I love you.”


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