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Ten Year College Reunion, Ch 8

Time to go home

Monday morning, June 5, 2028

I love you. I love you. I love you. I must have repeated that phrase to myself a hundred times during the rest of the night. We lay spooned together with Tanya in front, one of my arms over her and my hand between her breasts, her hand over mine, wrapping over it. My other arm was under her head with my hand cupping her right breast. I was constantly inhaling the feminine scent of her perfume and it was divine.

It was Monday; we’d flown to Seattle last Friday, three days earlier. If I had been told on Friday or Saturday that Sunday night I would be sleeping with the hot, beautiful woman I had my arms around, or that my wife would be in bed with her husband, I know how I would have reacted; laughter and a suggestion for a trip to a mental hospital.

I didn’t know what was going to happen in the morning when Addie and I had to fly home. My dream from earlier haunted me off and on during the night, my wife telling me, “My cunt is for Tanner, I’m his whore.” Not only the language but the reality; would she be Tanner’s? We’ve been married nine years and I never imagined my wife liked the kind of sex she was getting from Tanner. In fact, she seemed to crave it and has obviously been hiding that part of herself from me. Now that she’s been exposed to it again I didn’t think she could get by without it.

Actually, it wasn’t true that I didn’t know what would happen in the morning, I did know; we’d be a happy couple, fly home and pick up our kids. What I didn’t know and what scared me was what was going to happen in the days and weeks ahead, even that night? Would she even want me after what Tanner had given her?

I never went back to sleep after making love with Tanya that last time. I felt Tanya release her grip on my hand and heard her soft breathing, so knew she had gone to sleep. I was still awake in the morning when Tanya woke up, obviously, since I hadn’t gone back to sleep. We were in the same position with my arms around her. I would love to say that my cock was hard when she woke up, but it would be a lie. I had come inside this woman six times in the last thirty-six hours, so I was still pretty spent that morning.

She frowned a little, “I hate to say it but I have a meeting with a client in Snohomish at eight-thirty this morning. What time is your flight?”

“I think it’s about two.”

She thought for just a moment, “I should be back in plenty of time. We’ll need to leave about eleven to get you there two hours early for security.”

It was a little before seven then. Tanya climbed out of bed and I watched her naked form walking into the bathroom. Even just walking across the room, her tall, lithe body is sensuous! I would bet that Addie would love to have Tanya on her volleyball team. Come to think of it, I remembered that brief few minutes where Tanya and Adriana were making out together Saturday, and both their hard breathing afterward. Maybe Adriana would like Tanya on a different kind of team!

When I heard the shower come on, I couldn’t resist. I rolled out of bed, slipped on my underwear from the night before and opened the bathroom door to watch Tanya in the shower behind the steamy, frosted doors. “I hope you don’t mind,” I told her, “I can’t resist watching.”

She giggled and said, “Maybe you should be doing more than watching, maybe joining?” I started to slip my shorts off to do just that when she threw cold water on me, “Sorry, sweetheart, it’s late, no time.”

I groaned, but pulled my shorts back up and satisfied myself with just leaning on the door frame and watching.

Watching Tanya’s naked body behind that frosted glass was almost enough to make me hard again, in spite of our three times within the last eight hours or so. Almost, not quite. Maybe five years ago I might have been able to a fourth time, but not now. That didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy watching, though!

I retreated to watch from sitting on the bed. Tanya finished her shower, dried herself off, then came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around her and sat at her dressing table. I have always loved watching Adriana put on her makeup, it’s so sexy. She put on her eyeliner, lipstick and a little blush on her cheeks. When she was nearly finished, she nonchalantly told me, “Matt, my underwear is in the center dresser drawer, 2nd drawer down. Will you please pick me out a bra and panties.”

I stared at her in a moment of disbelief. Even my wife has never asked me to pick out her underwear, especially for a business meeting. I got up from the bed and opened the drawer she told me. It was full of bras and panties. I ran my hand through them, trying to decide what I wanted her to wear. Some were silky, some satin, lace, all of them sexy and most were matching sets. I picked through, more just to be going through them than trying to find something.

I had no idea what she would normally wear to a meeting or what kind of people she was meeting with; old, young, even male or female; or even what kind of outfit she’d wear. I finally came across a set that looked sexy as hell, red and thin, mostly sheer both the bra and panties. I held them up, “These?” I asked her.

“If that’s what you want, that’s what I’ll wear,” she said. “Now would you go through my closet and find an outfit for me, please.”

Holy crap! I couldn’t believe she was doing this. I watched while she dropped the towel and pulled the little thong panties up. When she fastened the bra, I could see her nipples through it. I think she was intentionally trying to torture me!

She had asked me to find her an outfit. How in the hell do I pick out something for a woman that I’d only met two days ago to wear to a business meeting? She had to know I’d want her to wear something sexy. I started looking through her closet. I thought a little about finding the red dress from the night before but didn’t want to be quite that obvious. What I did find, though, was a tan colored leather skirt and a white silk blouse, a little low-cut with frilly ruffles down the front.

I handed them to her and she smiled, saying, “Nice choice.” The skirt fit her snugly, definitely showing her figure and the blouse hid the red bra… almost. While she was putting them on, I had asked her about the people she was meeting. “They’re a couple, probably mid-forties, who just finished a house on their seventy-five-acre cherry orchard. I haven’t met them yet, going to see the house and get an idea what they like this morning.”

She pulled on a pair of stockings, then her heels and gave me a kiss on the lips, “I’m going to grab a cup of coffee and leave, don’t wanna be late.” Damn, Tanya looked good when she left! The heels she picked out made her legs look so damn sexy! I hoped the fortyish couple she was meeting would appreciate my choice of her clothes.

I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and put some clothes on. Then walked out into the hall. The other bedroom door was closed but then I heard voices downstairs, so down the stairs I went. Tanner and Addie were sitting at the dining table, the same table where my wife was on her back being fucked by the guy on the other side of the table; where the vision of Tanner’s cum dribbling down my wife’s chin was engraved in my mind. I also noticed my black slacks and underwear on the floor by the couch, just another reminder of the night before.

Tanner was wearing blue jeans and a green short-sleeve shirt. Addie had on a robe, but underneath it was the new silk nightgown that Tanya had borrowed Saturday night. I wondered if she realized it had been borrowed, and in fact, I had made love to the woman wearing it.

They were sitting on the opposite sides of the table, so I sat down next to my wife. She turned her face to me and I’ll never forget the look on her face. She glowed. I’ve seen her look like that after a particularly good love-making session. She had that look, maybe even more so, of a very well-loved woman! She and Tanner had obviously been making love, more likely fucking, before coming down for breakfast. She looked into my eyes and leaned over to kiss me. Her lips felt so good on mine and alleviated a lot of the fear I had been feeling. But I wondered about the strange taste in her mouth. Could that have been the taste of Tanner’s cum? I had no experience to compare the taste with… I’d never taste any cum on her before, maybe it was just Tanner’s brand of toothpaste? I kind of doubted it.

I whispered to her, “I wish you’d take the robe off.” At the moment, I couldn’t think of anything more erotic than my wife sitting at the table, the center of attention for two fully dressed men, wearing nothing but that sexy nightgown. Before this weekend, she would have been mortified to be caught wearing the robe, much less the nightgown only. She opened it and slipped her arms out so it would fall against the back of the chair. I reached behind her and pulled it away completely, laying it on the chair at the end of the table… the same chair Tanner had sat in with his cock in my wife’s mouth.

The gown was very sheer and her breasts, nipples and bare pussy showed through clearly. I realized then how much it turned me on that Tanner was not only seeing her like this but that he had actually slept with her and undoubtedly fucked her wearing it. Between that realization and remembering how Tanya’s body felt to me when she wore it, I’m sure we’ll never forget this weekend whenever she wears it at home. I was finally starting to get hard that morning.

We sat drinking a cup of coffee, both Tanner and me not even trying to hide the fact that we were ogling my wife’s tits and body. Her sexuality had taken on a completely new dimension with me from a few days ago. She asked where Tanya was and Tanner explained about her meeting with a client that morning. I wondered if he knew that I’d picked out her sexy outfit for the meeting.

He said that he’d called his office and told his one employee that he couldn’t be in until late in the afternoon. He told us that he owned the business and Sarah, his employee, would complain bitterly, but it would be good-natured complaining.

After our cup of coffee, Tanner said he’d fix some breakfast. Addie went up to their room to get dressed and I picked up my slacks and underwear, telling Tanner I was going to pack my bag and help Adriana. I started to put the slacks in the suitcase when I remembered the little paper Paula gave me when we left. I had forgotten all about it in the excitement. It had a phone number and short note, “Boyfriend would love to meet either of your ladies too.” That was something that had never happened to me before, being propositioned by a waitress! And she had given it to ME, not the Adonis with my wife. I smiled and put it away in my billfold, wondering if we’d ever do anything with it.

It only took me a few minutes to finish packing my suitcase, not much to pack; toothbrush, razor, a few clothes. By the time I finished, my hands were shaking with nervousness. My wife was in the next room, alone, for the first time since we left the hotel. I wanted to talk to her, but I was afraid to. Everything had changed in the last twenty-four hours, but how much? Could we ever put our lives back together again? That brief look and kiss downstairs had done a lot to calm my fear, but it was still there. I needed to talk to her, even if only for a few minutes. In a way, the fact that we hadn’t talked about any of this had made it sexier, totally unplanned and unexpected. But now, that time was gone and I had to know what she was thinking.

I took a breath, walked down the hall and knocked on the door. Why did I feel I had to knock to let her know I was there? I’d never done anything like that before. She didn’t answer, so I opened it a little and heard her hair dryer. She obviously hadn’t heard my light tapping on the door. I felt a brief moment of relief, it wasn’t that she was wanting to avoid me. That was a dumb thought, of course, she wasn’t avoiding me!

I stepped in and saw that the bathroom door was open. The first silly thought that went through my head was wondering if all their bedrooms had their own bathroom? Adriana was standing in front of the sink drying her hair. She’d obviously been in the shower and was standing there with a towel wrapped around her, much like Tanya had earlier. I sat on the unmade bed and was sure I smelled Adriana’s sex. How many times had my wife and Tanner had sex on that bed, I wondered?

Watching her, I realized once again that she truly was beautiful. I had started thinking of her as “Addie”, but Addie was Tanner’s girlfriend, the woman he felt free to have sex with, to fuck. My wife was Adriana, not Addie.

She finally noticed me sitting on the bed watching her and gave me a smile in greeting while she finished drying her hair. When it was dry, she brushed it out, gleaming and beautiful. I’ve always loved her long, black hair. Like her name, “Adriana”, it was a definite reminder of her Hispanic heritage. Our daughter has her black hair and I know she’s going to grow to be beautiful and smart, like her mom. Benjamin is more like me, dark blond hair and a little geeky-looking. Thinking of the two of them made me proud and exacerbated my fear at the same time.

Adriana sat on the bed next to me, her bare thigh tight to mine. She took my right hand in her left and squeezed. “I guess we have some things to talk about, don’t we?”

I nodded, almost afraid to speak. Almost? I was petrified! I knew we were alone in the bedroom, but it was Tanner’s bedroom, where they had fucked, repeatedly, and I wanted to be in our own house, our own bed, our two kids asleep in their rooms, before we had a serious discussion.

The only thing I could think to say was, “I love you!”

Adriana pressed her forehead against mine, our noses touching in an Eskimo kiss and told me “I love you too, sweetheart.”

I gave her a short kiss on the lips, got up and said, “You better get dressed. Tanner’s going to have breakfast ready shortly.”

She nodded and said, “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

I walked downstairs. Had that short exchange relieved my fears? A little, but I was still frightened that I’d never be able to satisfy her in bed again. I was afraid that, to her, she’d always, from now on, be “Addie”, the woman who craved to be used, abused, forced to say, “fuck your whore’s cunt”. Then, how long would it be until she was back in Tanner’s bed unable to tolerate our much more “vanilla” sex, maybe permanently!

Tanner was frying some potatoes and bacon. It smelled delicious, to take my mind off my wife. “She’ll be down in a few minutes,” I told him, but then added to lighten the mood a little, “but you know women!”

Tanner laughed and said, “Yeah, waiting last night was epic, wasn’t it?”

I smiled at his reference to what had seemed like hours of waiting for Tanya and Adriana, “Maybe if she smells this breakfast, it’ll hurry her up a little.”

He finished cooking the bacon and taters, then some eggs. “Should we wait?” he asked.

“Nah,” I told him, “she won’t eat too much anyway.” Maybe this guy looked like a male model straight out of Playgirl magazine or maybe a Chippendale dancer and could fuck my wife like she’d never been fucked before, but there were a lot of things he didn’t know about her, like the fact she didn’t care much for bacon and fried potatoes. Just that silly thought alone brought a small smile of satisfaction to my face. She might have an egg when she came down, but most likely just a slice of toast, maybe some fruit and orange juice if he had it.

I had to give the guy some credit, he was a pretty decent cook. The potatoes and bacon were done just right and tasted good. His eggs were a little on the “easy” side, I don’t like the whites to be runny at all and they were, just slightly. I managed to eat them, though and complimented Tanner on the good breakfast.

We were nearly done when Adriana came downstairs, dressed and looking beautiful. I did a bit of a double-take when she sat down. She was wearing a new black blouse and tight, white slacks that molded to her body perfectly, I even thought I could see a little bit of a camel-toe… not that I looked. I didn’t even know the term before this weekend!. The blouse was thin and her boobs were swinging back and forth when she walked. I was certain she couldn’t have been wearing a bra. Her nipples were making little bumps in her blouse.

The last egg, that had been intended for Adriana, was cold, so Tanner asked her, “Do you want a hot egg?”

“No thanks, I think I’d just like some toast and maybe some orange juice if you have it?” I swelled with pride a little bit as I’d been right-on with my prediction!

Tanner jumped up and popped a couple slices of potato bread in the toaster and poured her a glass of OJ. “Ice?” he asked her.

“Please, yes.” I knew what she’d say to that, too. I wouldn’t have had to ask. She loves to crunch ice. Another tiny victory for me!

When the toast popped, Tanner buttered it and gave it to her, along with her juice. “Do you have some jelly?”

He looked in the refrigerator, “Strawberry or Marionberry?”

“Marionberry sounds good.” She’d never said anything about liking Marionberry jam and we hadn’t ever bought it. Maybe it was just an experiment to see if she liked it.

While Adriana was sitting at the table eating, I had a hard time not picturing her, wearing that gold dress and silk stockings, lying on her back on the end of the table begging Tanner to fuck her cunt. I simply had to get my mind out of the gutter!

After breakfast, and the dishes were in the dishwasher, counter and table cleaned off, it was nearly ten-thirty. We had another hour or so until we had to leave for the airport. We went outside to the backyard and Tanner explained how and why their landscaping was laid out the way it was. He showed us the little waterfall and short stream to the pool and told us about the pretty little creek where the rocks and gravel had come from. He said they had to borrow a neighbor’s pickup to haul them home.

Adriana and I both agreed that we’d love for him to help us out with our yard that wasn’t anything but grass that needed watering and mowing. The way Tanner’s was designed, there was hardly any maintenance and it was beautiful.

I guess I was thinking that if they did come and design landscaping in our yard, that we might also enjoy some extracurricular activities. I knew I was certainly going to want to be with Tanya again! Get your damn mind out of the gutter, Matt!

Adriana and I went upstairs to finish packing her suitcase. I asked her about the blouse. “I bought it yesterday when I bought Tawn’s dress. I hoped you’d like it.”

“I love it,” I told her, “it’s beautiful… especially on you.” I didn’t add, “especially with the braless look.”

“Thank you,” she said.

We finished her packing. I carefully put the gold dress in the garment bag with the wrap-dress she’d worn to the reunion. The reunion. That seemed like an eternity ago! But it was only the day before yesterday.

We carried our bags downstairs. I hoped Tanya would be home before we had to leave, I didn’t want to go without seeing her again.

It was nearly time to load the bags into the car and leave for the airport when her Tesla drove in. I shook my head with the realization of what I’d just thought to myself, her Tesla drove in, not she drove her Tesla. That self-driving car was definitely growing on me!

My God, she looked beautiful when she got out. Her leather skirt had pushed well up on her thighs and in the bright sunlight, I realized her bra showed through her blouse much more than I had realized earlier. I wondered what her forty-ish couple thought about their interior decorator… perhaps that they’d like to have her as an interior decoration? Get your mind out of the gutter, Matt!

Tanner helped me carry bags to the car and put them in the trunk. The car had a trunk on both the front and back, the electric motors only took a relatively small portion of the trunk spaces and he said the batteries were underneath the car.

This time Tanner and Tanya sat in front, our “wife-swap” was officially over. We were mostly quiet on the way to the airport, one of us occasionally commenting about the scenery, and Tanner pointed out the huge Boeing building just out of Everett, where they manufactured the 757’s. They were the upgraded and enlarged 747’s, that would carry about another hundred passengers. There was one sitting on the taxiway outside and it was gigantic! Tanner said that building was the biggest building in the world, over a hundred acres, four-million sq ft plus!

When we got to the airport, all Tanner had to do was tell Abbie, “Terminal drop-off,” and she drove us as near as we could get to the terminal (now, I’m referring to their car as “she”!). When Abbie pulled into a parking spot and it was time for us to leave, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I had fallen hard for the woman I’d met that Saturday and didn’t want to leave her. I was pretty sure Adriana felt the same about her reunited lover, too. We both knew, though, that we had our own lives to lead. I knew that I could go back to my life, at least somewhat, and hoped Adriana could as well. We had two little kids that loved us, who had no idea of the turmoil this weekend had brought into their parent’s lives.

All four of us got out and embraced. I was even sorry to leave my new friend, Tanner, in spite of the fact he had fucked my wife… repeatedly, and so much better than I ever could! Tanya and I hugged, then kissed one last time. I’m sure that anyone watching would have known she and I were the couple that was separating. When she and I broke apart, our spouses were still holding each other tightly. I don’t know if they kissed like we had, but I presumed so. Adriana had tears down her cheeks when she pulled away from Tanner, and he said, “Again?”

She nodded and Tanya added, “Not ten years apart either!” Tanya had tears on her cheeks as well.

Then Adriana and Tanya hugged one last time before T&T got into their car and drove away. I picked up our garment bag and we wheeled our suitcases into the terminal. We walked about a half-mile to the Alaska Airways ticket counter, waited in line and picked up our tickets to home.

I’m sure the TSA agent watching the X-ray machine enjoyed the picture when Adriana walked through it. Probably not so much mine. It took us about a half-hour to go through the security check, and we found a couple chairs to sit in and wait. It was still well over an hour until our plane would be boarding.

I knew that Adriana was nervous when we sat down to wait. She started, “Honey, about last night…”

I stopped her, telling her, “Sweet, let’s wait till we’re home. I don’t really want to talk about any of it until we have some privacy.” I desperately did want to talk about the weekend, but not here.

“Okay,” she said, “but I need you to know that I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, we were both there. Neither of us had any objection.”

“I love you,” she told me again.

I took her hand and squeezed it again, “I love you, too.”

Adriana got out her tablet and me my Kindle to read during the next hour while we waited. I had been reading a Jack Reacher novel but haven’t had much time on this trip, for obvious reasons. Adriana was reading about the exploits of a National Park Ranger, Anna Pigeon.

The time for our flight home finally arrived. It’s only a little over an hour and a half from Seattle to Boise, with an hour difference in time so we got to the airport thirty minutes after we left Seattle, at 2:30. I suggested to Adriana that we might want to run by our house so she can change before we pick up the kids from her parents. I think she appreciated my suggestion. I told her, “Sweet, you don’t need to pay any attention to that no-bra bet. I think enough has happened that we can forget it.”

She grinned at me, “Maybe I don’t want to forget it. I kind of like it.”

I chuckled, so much has changed in one weekend! “Are you turning into an exhibitionist?” I asked her.

We stopped at our house, it’s about twenty minutes out of the way from going to Ontario where the kids were. We stopped just long enough to take the bags in the house and for Adriana to change. She put on a pair of capris and a pullover, short sleeve shirt with a bra on underneath it. Then we jumped back in the car to pick up our little people and doggies. We were both anxious to see them.

It’s a forty-five-minute drive from our house to Adriana’s parents in Ontario. We just got on the outskirts of Boise when I mentioned to Adriana something I’d been thinking about much of the day,

“Hon, do you remember what we talked about before we left, Friday?”

“No, what...?” When her face turned totally white and her hand went to her mouth in disbelief, I knew she had remembered, obviously for the first time since at least early Saturday. Before we left, we had talked about the fact that this was her most fertile time and we were going to try to conceive a baby in Seattle.


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