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A quiet Thanksgiving gets interesting when a friend stops by.
This is part of an ongoing series of diary entries. If you want more background check out a few of my other stories especially “Dangerous Game,” “Changing the rules” or “A hot shower.”

This year my husband and I found ourselves with no set plans for Thanksgiving. We had a mellow relaxing day, put the Christmas decorations up and made dinner. Late in the evening I got a text from Sean. He had finished his family dinner and was hoping to kill a few hours before heading home so he could avoid traffic. Of course I invited him over.

He showed up looking damn hot in a suit with a dark grey shirt and burgundy tie. Have I mentioned that a man in a suit is a weakness of mine? Over the next few hours we chatted and polished off a bottle of wine. I sort of commiserated with him over his latest breakup. It’s hard to be too sympathetic when he was the one who broke it off and his ex (another friend) was texting me nonstop.

“Aww, poor Amara. You need to stop making friends with my girlfriends. Then you wouldn’t always be in the middle of this.”

I gave him a look

“I usually wind up seducing your girlfriends. And besides, you like it when I’m in the middle. Maybe you should just stop breaking their hearts and settle down with one.”

“I told her upfront what I was; she shouldn’t have fallen for me. She’s a nice girl and I'm sure she’ll make someone very happy but I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet.”

He made a face at me and pulled my feet into his lap as his hands wandered up my legs

“What exactly are you looking for?” I batted my eyes at him as I used one foot to slowly rub his stiff cock through the material of his slacks.

“Why don’t I just let you figure that out for yourself?”

I was in tights and a short sweater dress with an unfortunately high neckline. It had the advantage of being warm and cozy as well as cute but not at all conducive to play. I laughed to myself at his frustration as his attempts to touch me were repeatedly foiled by my clothing. I could see he wanted to just rip it off but we were just ‘hanging out’ and there are unspoken rules of conduct when you mix friendship and sex.

The evening progressed with me flirting shamelessly but taking it no further. It’s not something I normally do but I was a little irritated with him over the breakup and I was having fun teasing him.

Eventually midnight rolled around. My husband had gone to bed and I decided to walk Sean out to his car. It was chilly out and when we got to the car I leaned in for a hug, sliding my hands under his jacket to press close to his warmth. When I ran my nails lightly over his back Sean abruptly turned and sandwiched me against the car. He leaned down and kissed me aggressively.

I kissed him back, reveling in the hardness of his body against me. Rubbing myself against him and feeling his erection between us.

“It’s a shame you have to drive all the way home tonight. It’s a long, hard drive.” I rubbed it in punctuating my last sentence by stroking his cock in time with each word.

“Fuck this.” he growled into my mouth. He pulled back and spun me around.

“Did you think you were going to get away with being a little cocktease all night and not suffer the consequences?”

Pressing against my back he pulled my dress to my waist. I struggled as he pulled down my tights.

“Sean!” I hissed. “Oh my god! Anyone could see us.”

“Then they’ll get a good show won’t they?”

We both moaned as he sank one finger into my wetness. I rolled my hips back against him and that was all the invitation he needed. The sound of a zipper was all the warning I had before he sank his thick cock into me.

I cried out. I couldn’t help myself. God he felt amazing!

“Shhhh. Anyone could see,” He whispered in my ear mockingly “and if you’re loud they might come to check what the noise is.”

He bent me forward, one hand in my hair and the other gripped my hip as he began to fuck me. Long hard thrusts that had me biting my knuckles to keep from moaning out. A thrill shot through me at the sheer naughtiness of the moment. I couldn’t believe I was doing this! He was still fully dressed but I was bent over a car with my panties around my ankles and my assets on full display.

My pussy tightened around his cock and I shuddered as I began to cum. Bright light burst into my vision and he went still inside me holding me tightly against him. As the orgasm began to fade I realized. I was looking at the red glow of tail lights driving away. The light had been a car!

I began to struggle to pull away

“Sean!” I hissed.

My frantic movements only drove his cock deeper into me as he held me tightly in place.

“We aren’t done yet.” He held me down and kept thrusting.

“That was one of my neighbors and they had to have seen us.”

“If they did then it’s a little too late to worry isn’t it?”

He was infuriating! I struggled harder and reached around to slap him. Sean laughed a little at me and grabbed my hands. He leaned down and nipped my ear, scraping his stubble over the sensitive area where my neck meets my shoulder. I gasped as I started to cum again.

“Bastard!” I cried out, He knew me too well.

I felt him jerk inside me and he moaned as he pumped his hot cum into me.

Afterward we stood for a moment before he released me. I straightened up and turned pulling my skirt down. I slapped him hard. He grinned and looked at me totally unrepentant.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” He leaned in and kissed me.

I backed up as he got into his car and drove away without a backward glance.

I went back into the house with the mix of irritation, lust, and affection that Sean usually brings out in me. The sex had been hot but all too brief and I was still keyed up. I took a shower and got into bed. Trying not to wake my husband I slipped one hand between my thighs and rubbed my still sensitized clit.

Mmm, very nice.

I began playing with my nipples wishing my husband hadn’t gone to bed early. Remembering a night a few months prior when he had arranged with Sean to bring one of my long running fantasies to life. I would love a replay of that one. Being with two men at the same time was intense, amazing, incredible. I just don’t have the adjectives to fully do it justice.

I was working myself into quite a state when a strong masculine hand slipped between my thighs.

“You are all worked up tonight. I thought you’d have taken it out on Sean”

“He had to leave, and I only got to cum twice.” I pouted in the dark

“Poor baby.” I could hear the smile in his voice “You don’t need another lover; what you need is a whole football team to keep you satisfied.”

I am truly lucky to have a husband who is not jealous and allows me to play. I reached back to stroke his cock

“How terribly hard for you. But I can see you are always willing to rise to the challenge.”

He groaned at the terrible puns as he pulled me close and pushed inside me. I relaxed back into the slow sweet rhythm of his thrusts. Sex with my husband is completely different from what I share with Sean. With Sean it’s all power games and chemistry. My husband is tender, sensual and passionate. I know it’s a cliché but sex with him is about intimacy and connection, and after fourteen years together he knows exactly where all my buttons are.

He pulled me on top of him and I rode him slowly as he played with my nipples. Brushing his fingertips down my body he slid one hand down to play with my clit. As his fingers clamped over me I threw my head back and came in a slow rippling wave, crying out, my whole body vibrating as I rode the currents. He kept me there forever, each time I started to come down he would push me back over the edge. Finally I found myself on top of him limp and nearly exhausted. Muscles quivering with the aftershocks of my orgasm and pussy soaked with my own juices. He was still inside me and as I leaned down to kiss him I realized he had not cum yet.

“Better?” he asked.

“Mmhmm.” I croaked out. When did I lose my voice?


He rolled over, pushing me onto my back and hooked my knees over his shoulders. I gasped as I felt his tongue glide over my inflamed pussy. Lapping and swirling his tongue over my sensitive folds he patiently began to rebuild the tension within me until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had had enough with being passive and submissive. I swung my legs and sat up. Pushing him down onto the mattress I moved unerringly to his cock and wrapped my lips around him. No preliminaries or teasing I just plunged down his shaft till he hit my throat, then swirled my way back up again. Savoring the taste of myself on his skin I licked my way around his head before repeating the process. Sliding one hand up to wrap around his cock I worked him with hands and mouth exactly the way he loves.

“Oh god.” I could hear the strain in his voice. “If you keep that up I’m going to cum.”

I looked up at him and kept going. Very deliberately I reached down and ran a nail lightly over his scrotum. He made that sexy little noise he does when he passes the point of no return. Just a hitch in his breathing really but it’s always followed by a rush of hot cum. I swallowed each creamy spurt and pulled back, delicately flicking the last drops off his head with the tip of my tongue.

I crawled up to snuggle beside him as his breathing slowed again. Curling up against his shoulder I kissed him and trailed my fingers over his chest.

“I'm thankful you woke up.”

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