That's What Friends Are For

By skiierman

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A wife helps out her friend.
“I asked you two to come in because we need to talk. Al, what would you think of having sex with Mary?”

Let me backtrack to give you a little history. My name is Albert but most of our friends call me Al. My wife of 23 years is Angie. We’re soccer parents in the summer and hockey parents all winter. Being associated with any rep team sports is a lot like joining a family. We see so much of each other that we all become a part of each other’s lives. We help each other out whenever we can no questions asked.

I’m a self confessed horny guy. I want it all the time. Personally I think I’m like this because I am married to a wonderful woman who doesn’t give two hoots about sex. We are both in our late 40’s and we both keep ourselves in good physical shape.

“How’s Randy doing?”

Angie and Mary were sitting in lawn chairs watching the boy’s soccer match and were chatting away as usual. This drives all the men nuts and none of us will sit near them. Sometimes I think they do this on purpose. Randy is married to Mary. Mary is hot. No two ways about it. Not only would I do her but I have more than a few fantasies about doing her.

“I talked to him this morning and he is having another reaction to the medication they gave him. I really hope they get this squared away soon. Whatever they have him on really upsets his system. Constant diarrhea, lack of appetite and what’s worse he hasn’t had an erection in months.”

“He hasn’t had an erection in months?” Angie chuckled, “maybe I could get some of that stuff for Al.”

Mary had a shocked look on her face. “Are you telling me you wouldn’t miss it?”

“Are you telling me you would?” said Angie just as surprised. “Why you little minx” and they both laughed.

Mary went very quiet deciding whether to venture further into this conversation or just be quiet. Finally she looked around cautiously making sure no one was in ear shot, then leaned over and said.

“Angie , it’s so bad that for the first time in years I actually masturbated and If I can get past the embarrassment of going into one of those stores I am going to buy dildo.“

Angie was speechless and decided to change the topic.

Later that afternoon the kids were all off doing some training with the coaches so I suggested to Angie that we slip into the room for an afternooner. One again I was shot down. The girls had arranged a tennis game. Slightly pissed I decided to spend my afternoon in the bar. Angie knew I was miffed but she never brought it up and neither did I.

As we were getting ready to head out for a team dinner Angie asked me if I was still upset. Of course I replied,” no not all. Whatever are you talking about?”

Angie just looked at me and smiled. Now I don’t know about you guys but whenever my wife smiles mischievously at me I start thinking sex.

Little did I know what she was thinking?

After dinner we all had a glow on. Too much red wine too much food and too much sun started to take its toll on all of us. This is the time usually when the men start drinking seriously and most of the wives either join us or slip away to do other things after all it’s our weekend away as well. It’s not just about soccer you know.

Mary and Angie were part of the hang out and dink crowd and we all slipped into little groups to socialize. For some reason Angie kept feeding Mary booze all night and before we knew it Mary was looped. Gone was the quiet shy soccer mom we all knew and she became the life of the party. She was openly flirting with a couple of strangers at the bar.

Angie kept an eye on her close friend.

Late in the evening Angie slipped up beside me and put her arm around my back and asked me to follow her.

“Don’t think for one minute that I am going anywhere with you young lady, unless of course you want to get lucky” I slurred at her.

“You just never know what’s going to happen around here”. She said and walked towards our room.

We opened the door to our room to find Mary sitting at our table nursing another drink.

“Sit down Al” Angie commanded. “I asked you two to come in because we need to talk. Al, what would you think of having sex with Mary?”

"Mary, Al is constantly bugging me for sex and frankly I just don’t feel like it most of the time. Al, Mary needs some attention, Randy is sick and he is not going to be able to help. We are all friends and whatever happens here stays here, I have taken the boys and put them to bed in Mary’s room and I am going to sleep in Mary’s room with them. Mary is going to stay here with you and you are going to take care of whatever she needs taking care of. I have given this a lot of thought and I have come to the conclusion that it’s the right thing to do. Have fun."

She turned and walked out of the room leaving me to pick my jaw up off the floor.

I looked at Mary and could see she was as shocked as I was.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I asked Mary. “Is she serious?”

I got up to leave. I was going to find Angie and find out what was going on. Never in my wildest did I think something like this was going to happen.

“Wait Al, I think she is serious. She has been up to something all day. She knows that I find you attractive, she has been plying me with drinks all night and she knows I get horny when I’m drunk …. And she knows some other stuff I’d rather not talk about right now”

“Oh this is just nuts” I said “I’m going to make myself another drink and go back out with the boys.”

I went down the hall to get ice and came back to the room to find the booze. Mary sat on the bed with the phone in one hand and her drink glass in the other. Wordlessly she handed me the phone and took my glass so she could make me the drink. I put the phone to my ear and Angie said to me.

“Honey, thank you for trying to go back out with the boys and not jumping right into bed with Mary. It really does prove you are the man I married, but I am dead serious about this. Please look after Mary for me."

“And Al, If you fall asleep on her I’ll kill you.”

I hung up the phone and just stood there, I really didn’t know what to think. All Mary and I could do was look at each other. It was very uncomfortable. I had secretly lusted after her for years and now I was frozen solid. I had no idea what she was thinking. Finally she shrugged her shoulders and said Al, “I think you had better kiss me before I lose my nerve.”

Now no man likes to be told what to do, not by his wife or by his wife’s best friend but at the same time a wise man knows when it’s time to shut up and do as he is told.

I crossed the room and softly kissed her. We experimented as our mouths and tongues got to know each other better. Our kisses became more and more passionate. Within seconds I was hard, my erection was straining the front of my pants. Mary reached down and started to run her fingers up and down my shaft.

“Well then, I guess you have made up your mind” She said with a smile. Deeper and harder we kissed and the room temperature began to rise. I rubbed her back and let my hands slide down to find a perfectly formed backside under the summer weight pants. I detected a thong and decided to trace its outline with my fingers. Mary reached up and started to unbutton her blouse and I had to stop her.

“No, no I whispered in her ear” kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe. “That’s my job” I kissed her neck and started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Moving back up to kiss her lips again I removed her blouse and bra and tossed them aside. Her breasts were perfectly formed if not just a bit on the small size. I kissed my way down her chest stopping at her breasts. I blew on her nipple and it popped out like toast from a toaster.

God I love it when that happens. I took one nipple in my mouth and pulled it outwards using only my lips and letting it bounce back into place. I was so absorbed in her nipples than I didn’t feel her hands at first running through my hair and helping me tease them. I continued my way down kissed her every step of the way until I was kneeling in front of her kissing her belly button and undoing her pants at the same time.

“Please hurry"

I pulled her pants down to her knees. Her thong had a large wet spot on the front and I could smell that wonderful odor of sex oozing out of her. I stood and walked her to the bed and gently lowered her onto her back removed the rest of her pants and thong. I stood and removed my shirt and pants. My cock was so hard it was nearly painful. Mary reached up and cupped my balls trying to draw me back down. I bent down and got on all fours hovering over her and she stroked my cock. She started to bend down and bring my cock towards her lips and again I stopped her.

“Ladies first Ma'am" I whispered “just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

I was really getting into this service provider role. We started kissing again our tongues darting around in each other mouths while I started to stroke her pussy. She was soaking wet so I took long slow strokes with my finder from deep inside her right up to the tip of her clit. I increased my pace to match her breathing and soon she was nearly panting. I lowered my head and started to repeat the strokes this time with my tongue. Suddenly she grabbed my head and started to push hard with her hips matching the pace of my tongue so I sucked in her entire clit and worked it around my mouth. Mary started making groaning noises and was losing control. With a scream she came and her juices ran down all over my face.

Still holding onto my face she pulled me up the bed and started kissing me. I felt her hand grab my cock and drag it towards her face. For the third time I stopped her and said your turn isn’t over yet. I lifted her legs until they were on my shoulders and pushed the head of my cock against her pussy. Using my hand I used the tip of my cock to stroke her concentrating only on her clit and she started to moan again. It was clear she was ready for round two so I entered her, just the head at first and I gradually started taking longer strokes until were grinding against each other.

Harder and faster I went until she started talking, “Oh yes, fuck me Al, fuck me, faster, harder.” Just before we were about to climax I pulled out and rolled her over.

I laid her face down on the bed and used a pillow to adjust her height so she had her feet almost on the floor and I was standing up behind her. The vision of her spinner body and tight little ass was great to look at as I started giving it to her faster and faster.

Moments later we both came Mary was moaning and babbling and I was grunting like an old hog. Together we collapsed on the bed.

I must have passed out for a few minutes but I awoke to a strange feeling. It was something I had never experienced before but it felt amazing. Mary was on her knees on the floor and I was lying on my back hanging my legs over the bed. She had both of my balls in her mouth and was massaging my ass with her finger. She alternated licking my balls with running he tongue up the underside of my cock. Her finger meanwhile was probing deeper into my ass. The sensation was driving me nuts and I was about to lose control when she stopped.

“Let’s trade spots,” she said. I really didn’t want to but who was I to argue. She lay down on her back and hung her head upside down off the edge of the bed and looked up at me. She reached back with her hands and took hold of my cock pulling me towards her mouth. The thought of stopping her never entered my mind.

“Fuck my mouth AL, come fuck my mouth.”

She put one hand on my leg and the other on my balls and controlled the pace and the depth of my thrusts while I pumped in and out of her mouth. I felt so sensual that I think I lasted about 30 seconds. I came so hard the room started to spin and I had to reach out to stop myself from falling over.

Drained and exhausted we fell asleep …