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The 25 Year Itch - Chapter 4

Contributing Authors: kellym42 
Maggie and Paul try to move on from her night with Simon.

How does our ‘normal’ marriage of twenty-five years return to normal after my wife Maggie and our friend Simon spent the night together in our house?

Did we need to create a new normality?

It wasn’t all bad. Maggie made a point of being open to making love more often. She tried hard to be less shy in the bedroom and we occasionally slept together in the nude. These were big steps after twenty-five years of rarely making love, usually under the covers, and always putting our night clothes back on afterwards.

I found trying to return to normal difficult. I had to resist the temptation to continually question Maggie about how she felt when she had had sex with Simon. Like a typical man, I wanted to know how I compared. I knew that he was much better endowed than me, and so I couldn’t help occasionally asking if she preferred him in bed to me. Maggie assured me that size really wasn’t important, that she enjoyed making love with me because of who I was and that Simon was different, but not necessarily better.

I didn’t feel re-assured.

We didn’t talk about it that much since Maggie still found it difficult to be open about sex. I knew that the sex with Simon wasn't planned. We were both shocked that it happened. Over time, Maggie tried to explain what happened. She was used to me taking the initiative in sex. She and Simon had started kissing and she had got excited but thought it would go no further. She knew that I was around, and so she left it to me to stop things. However, not only did I not stop her, I gave them condoms. That had given them the green light to go all the way to full sex.

I had seen a passion between them that I couldn’t bring out in Maggie. The lust between them, the complete lack of any inhibitions, was something that she had never shown with me. The images of that night stayed, etched onto my memory. Maggie sucking his cock. Simon’s cock entering her. But the image that kept returning more than any other was of how during the session they looked at each other, staring into each other’s eyes.

When I was away on business and I wanted to give myself a little sexual relief, whatever I found on the Internet to read or watch, I always ended up reliving the time I watched Maggie have sex with Simon. Every detail from the first passionate kisses to her naked, used body in bed. Nothing could turn me on as much. I wanted the image to be of me with Maggie, but it had not been with me. I was left bewildered, hating what had happened, but at the same time finding it the most exciting sexual experience I’d ever had.

Somehow, our married life moved on. Maggie as a mother, wife and teacher and me as a father, husband and businessman. Both of us still in love and dedicated to each other.

One of the best things about our marriage was our two children. Our daughter was at University and our son had moved away to another city, but we were still close. Even though they had left home, when they were visiting we were able to have open conversations about concerns, pressures and their relationships.

On her last visit home, our daughter talked about her frustrations with the men she had dated, and how she hoped to find a relationship like Maggie and I had. She felt that we had provided a great model of how a relationship should be. We were clearly dedicated to each other, loyal and trusting. Little did she know that her mother, who had brought her up to value monogamous relationships, had indulged in wild uninhibited sex, with another man, on the settee in our living room. I sensed Maggie’s awkwardness during the conversation.

Our Friday nights at the pub were more sporadic until Simon at last started to bring his girlfriend, Kat, with him. I wondered why Simon had taken so long to bring her with him to meet some of his closest friends. When we teased him about this, he said that he was just being cautious. He wanted the relationship to develop slowly. After the breakdown of his marriage he did not want to rush into a close relationship too quickly, not least because of his two adult daughters and Kat’s teenage daughter. He wanted them to accept the relationship.

I couldn’t help wonder if it was a reluctance to introduce Kat to Maggie, after the intimacy between them. Somehow, I knew that there was something more, another reason.

Our friends Debbie and Dave had started to speculate with Simon that he had invented Kat; that this superwoman didn’t really exist or that he was ashamed of his friends. After lots of teasing, he said he would bring her along when her shifts at the hospital allowed, as long as we were all on our best behaviour.

The following Friday he was as good as his word. We met Kat, and our little group of six adults stayed until the pub closed talking intensely as she fitted into the group as if she had known us for years.

She was intelligent, quiet at first, but had a wicked sense of humour and could hold her own in any conversation. She was about the same height as Maggie, at five foot six, but in many ways physically very different. She was blond to Maggie’s brunette. Although she dressed modestly, she was obviously very curvy beneath and I couldn’t help speculating how large her breasts were. She dressed in primary colours, whereas Maggie liked quieter tones. Her accent suggested that she came from the North East of England, but it was mixed with something more vaguely east European.

Maggie and Kat immediately struck up a close relationship and at times they were talking so excitedly together that they almost ignored the rest of us. Debbie described them as acting like long lost sisters who had just met up.

When we got home, Maggie told me how much she liked Kat. She almost seemed relieved, and when I made an ill-judged remark about how she had better insight than the rest of us about what Kat enjoyed about Simon she rightly slapped me down. She said that now we knew how nice Kat was, how good she was for Simon, she hoped that we could move on completely. Simon had Kat, she was married to me and as we moved towards our twenty-six year anniversary we could put past indiscretions down to a moment of madness, which marked our twenty-five years together.

Maggie and Kat got on so well that during the following weeks they occasionally would meet up to go shopping or just for a coffee when they were both free.

A couple of months later, Kat was going to a two day conference in Bournemouth. She had booked a luxury apartment on the front overlooking the sea, for the Thursday and Friday of the conference and the weekend so that Simon and her daughter, Sophie, could join her. However, Sophie was a keen hockey player and was due to play at a competition in the midlands that weekend, so she dropped out of the plans.

Kat suggested that Maggie and I join them for the weekend, since the apartment was large, the spare bedroom would be free and we could spend some time together as well as having time to ourselves.

It made sense, and although the thought of Simon and Maggie staying in the same apartment did make me think again of the night of the rugby dinner dance, I thought better of mentioning it. I knew that Maggie would be upset and consider it outrageous that I should even think of it as a problem, now that Simon and Kat were together and we were all such good friends.

On a warm, bright May Friday evening we drove down to Bournemouth on the English south coast after Maggie finished at school. We found the apartment near the top of an ugly 1960s building on top of the cliffs to the east of the town. However, inside it was spectacular with two large bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large lounge containing two sofas, an open plan kitchen and picture windows giving a great view over the sea, with the cliffs of Dorset coast curving around to the west and the cliffs of the Isle of Wight just visible to the East.

Simon and Kat were out and we decided to go out for dinner and catch up with them later.

We went out for an early meal and came back with most of a good bottle of wine to drink, and not long after Simon and Kat arrived back and brought out a couple of bottles of wine, so we settled in the comfortable sofas in the lounge for Friday night drinks in the apartment, which made a change from our local pub.

We agreed to turn off the lights so that we could see the moon reflected on the sea. In the dark we talked, and the combination of the dark room and the alcohol was conducive to speaking openly. It was clear that Simon and Kat’s relationship was deep and trusting. Simon told us that Linda, his ex-wife, had broken up with the younger guy she had left him for and had asked Simon to let her come back. He had resisted although his daughters had wanted him to agree. But they also liked Kat and Sophie, and respected their father’s decision not to allow their mother back.

Kat also opened up. She said that it was a big decision to commit to a long term relationship since her experience with men had not been good. I was curious and so asked what had happened to give her this view of men.

Maggie answered for Kat.

“Sorry Kat, Paul never knows when to stop. Leave it, Paul. Kat has always told me that her past was a different world that she wanted to leave behind. Don’t go there,” said Maggie.

I apologised, but Kat didn’t seem to mind.

“No, it’s fine, Maggie. You guys have become good friends and I don’t want things to come out later which could change how you think of me. I trust you and if our friendship is to continue you, I want you to know some stuff which Simon has accepted, and I love him for that. If he doesn’t mind, I’ll tell you a little more.”

The conversation was getting a bit deeper than I intended but I was curious and anxious to learn more. Simon responded with reassurance, drawing Kat closer to him on the sofa, and said, “Kat can say as much as she wants, you two have been my closest friends since the girls’ mother left. I would prefer it if we don’t have secrets.”

I thought of the other secrets we had. However, things were getting intriguing and Kat started her story.

“When I was a teenager, my parents split up and I went a bit wild. I ended up going from a top of the class, grade A student to failing my ‘A’ level exams and losing my university place. My parents both disowned me and I moved up north to Newcastle with a boyfriend and did various jobs until I decided to start studying in the evening. It took time, but I retook my exams and a few years later I got a place to study medicine at Newcastle University and decided that I was going to become a doctor despite having no finances and no support from home.”

“Studying was tough, and I split up with my boyfriend. I had to find somewhere to live, and I needed to earn money whilst keeping up with my courses. A friend suggested I try exotic dancing as a way of earning money fast which sounded good, until I realised it was just stripping, and I couldn’t do it. When that didn’t work someone suggested I join an agency providing nude massages with happy endings to businessmen in hotels.”

“What’s a ‘happy ending’?” asked Maggie.

I loved Maggie’s naivety. I knew only too well what they were. I’m glad that she couldn’t see my face go red, as I recalled hotel nights with a visiting masseuse when I’d been away on business. I realised that Kat and I could easily have met in a hotel room, which would be even more awkward. I tried to recall when I had been up in the north east and used a massage agency. There were a few times. Had I met Kat in my hotel room? I couldn’t be sure.

Kat replied without embarrassment. “You might know it as ‘jacking off’, making him cum…”

“Okay, I’ve got it, no further explanation needed. It must have been such a difficult thing to do,” said Maggie, with a tone of voice which I knew meant that she was blushing.

“Actually it’s easy, I’ll show you if you want,” replied Kat.

We all laughed, including Maggie, who said, “I thought you were my friend, you know that’s not what I meant.”

“I know,” continued Kat. “I just don’t want it to get too heavy, it was fine really and many of the guys I met were nice or just harmless, and the tips were great. However, it takes a long time and lots of studying to become a doctor and without parental support I still struggled. Near the end of the first degree, I met someone who seemed special and I moved in with him. To cut a long story short, I became pregnant, he found out about my massage work, and decided that it was all too much and he chucked me out. Once again, I had to find somewhere to live, and once Sophie was born, I had to find a way to earn enough money to allow me to be a mother to Sophie, continue to train as a doctor. So I started doing more than massage.”

“You were an escort?” I gasped. Kat didn’t seem offended.

“An escort, prostitute, whore. There are many words which all mean the same. Basically men paid me for sex, and they paid me more for full sex not just a massage. I was very selective, and tried to develop a few regulars so that I could pay for childcare, keep my own place to live, put food on the table and continue to study. I managed to get my medical qualifications, left Newcastle and after a few junior positions ended up working down south and meeting Simon.”

“I haven’t told many people about what I did, basically to protect Sophie. I never want to be close to someone without them knowing. There’s always a risk that they find out and I don’t want to lie to those closest to me. After some time I told Simon and when it didn’t phase him I knew that he was special. Others boyfriends couldn’t face an ex-whore and single mother. I sometimes don’t know which they found worse, but Simon just told me that what happened in the past was the past, and he loved me for who I am today.”

Simon broke the silence that followed “I just wanted to let you know that I approve of this message. I just hope you guys can deal with it. I don’t want any secrets.”

“Wow,” was all Maggie could say. “Did you hate escorting?”

“I don’t think I’ve been asked that before,” was Kat’s reply. She thought for a moment.

“To be honest, I’m glad that I got through it without Sophie or the rest of my family ever learning about it or being affected by it. I don’t want to do it again, now I’ve got my career and I’ve found Simon. But if I’m honest, there were aspects of the work I did enjoy. Most clients were charming, and if they weren’t I ended things quickly. I enjoyed being in control. Men came to me for pleasure and I enjoyed giving it to them. As long as the client didn’t repulse me, I made sure that he, or even sometimes she, always went away satisfied. I was good at what I did, and I knew it. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t sometimes experience pleasure as well, and I counted a couple of clients as friends and lovers.”

Kat’s voice had become quite animated as she described how she felt about the men she had been with.

“I can see why any man would be prepared to pay to have you… and Simon gets the benefit of all that experience,” I said. I’ll never know why I can sometimes speak without engaging my brain. I regretted the comment instantly.

“I can’t believe what you just said, Paul,” said Maggie. “I have to apologise again for my husband.”

“It’s fine,” said Kat. “You’re friends, I’m happy that we can laugh about it. Anyway, I think there’s always more to learn, and Simon has taught me a few things that are special.”

“He’s certainly a good lover,” agreed Maggie.

We could of heard a penny drop in the silence that followed

For what seemed like an age, no-one spoke. I couldn’t believe what Maggie had just said, although given my crass remark, I could hardly complain. I was glad it was too dark to see each other. Why on earth would Maggie, who was always careful what she said, say such a thing? Did she want to make things more difficult for Simon? Was she getting back at me?

This time Kat broke the silence.

“So what am I missing here?”

“I’m sorry, but Simon said no secrets between friends, and I wondered if he meant that?” said Maggie, her words hanging in the darkness. I noticed that she didn’t ask me. I wanted her to stop, yet I was also curious to hear what she was going to say.

“I want Kat to know everything there is to know, but I would never have said anything about what happened between us unless you guys are okay with it,” explained Simon.

Without asking me, Maggie spoke for both of us.

“We don’t mind you knowing. I think I should tell you the story, Kat, just so that you know my past with your man. And why I know he is such a good lover and will be a great life partner for you.”

And so Maggie told of the story of the evening at the pub, and then the night of the rugby club dinner. Being Maggie, she was never crude or explicit but she did say that they ended up sleeping together and making love many times, and in many positions. I know that she was trying to avoid explicit details but when she described sex with Simon as ‘making love’ it opened old wounds. I was also interested when she mentioned many positions. We nearly always made love in the missionary position, although very occasionally I could move Maggie to be on top.

Maggie finished her story by saying, “so Kat, I can’t pretend that I didn’t enjoy the time with Simon, but I would never do anything like that again. Although Paul can be infuriating at times, I love him and I don’t want another partner. But I’m also really sorry that I had sex with Simon when he was your boyfriend. That's not the type of person I am.”

Kat responded.

“I guess it’s my turn to say ‘wow’. Actually your story turns me on, because knowing you as I do, I realise what a big thing this must have been for you. And just so that you know, at that time Simon and I had not slept together. I have a few rules which I will not break for anyone. I won’t sleep with a partner until he knows about my past. I can’t tell someone about my past until I trust them enough not to use the information against me. And once he does know he still has to wait, to make sure he is not under the misapprehension that just because I was an escort, I’m an easy lay.”

“So although I wish that I had been with him for that rugby dance, I don’t think it’s harmed our relationship, I still love you both and I’m happy to move on.”

“You can now understand why I was cautious before introducing Kat to you.” said Simon, and he sounded like he was smiling. “I can vouch for the fact that she isn’t an easy lay and that I had to be very patient,” he said. “And, I can also say that she’s well worth the wait.”

Kat gave a loud exasperated sigh. “Maggie, I think our men need a lesson on how to speak properly to their womenfolk,” said Kat, although I could hear the laughter in her voice. Kat continued, “so Maggie, I know that my man is special, and I know that you’ve never slept around. Tell me, did being a respectable mother and wife who strayed from her partner prove to be as exciting as it sounded?”

I felt the confessional nature of our late night conversation in the dark and fuelled by lots of wine was getting a little to intimate for my comfort. But I also was fascinated by what Maggie would say.

“I admit it, I found it exciting to go a bit wild just once. There was something about the evening that was particularly exciting. You said that you liked being in control. I gave up control to Simon. I found it incredibly exciting to surrender control. I didn’t know I wanted it to happen. Simon didn’t ask, and when I resisted he just carried on, and I found I was starting to enjoy it more than I ever imagined. Paul is different. When I felt uncomfortable with something he’s always stopped. He’s almost too sensitive about causing offence. It’s a different relationship. With Simon something different and new happened. Something I’d never realised I could do. At that moment, there was something about the trust I had in Simon and his strength and assertiveness that brought out in me things that I hadn’t known I had inside. I’m not sure I can fully explain it.”

“I think I understand,” said Kat. “I’ve learned that you can be a woman that likes to be in control of her life and an equal partner to her spouse, but you can also have a submissive nature that can lead to new experiences in bed. Being submissive and giving up control occasionally doesn’t make you weak. At the same time, just because Simon is strong it doesn’t make it acceptable for him to take control against someone’s will. However, if you both find it exciting, it can be great to take on a different role. My experience tells me that when two people come together for sex, they can create a whole new dynamic and do things neither thought they would enjoy. When it happens, it can make things really special.”

My head was overloaded with information that I was struggling to digest.

“On that bombshell, and after all the other bombshells, can I point out that it’s late and we have a weekend ahead of us. I’m tired, and if no-one objects, I’m going to switch on the light and start to head off to bed,” said Simon.

We were all happy to leave things there.

Maggie and I went to our bedroom and I went to the bathroom first while Maggie undressed. When I returned to the bedroom, I saw that Maggie was wearing the new summer nightie she had bought.  It was mid-thigh in length, and made out of thin cotton that was sheer enough for her dark nipples and white bikini panties to show through. It was part of her determination to be less modest, and I thoroughly approved. The apartment was quiet, and Maggie skipped off towards the bathroom. Our bathroom wasn’t ensuite, but across the hallway. I got into bed and waited for Maggie to join me. I heard Maggie come out of the bathroom then give a little gasp. I heard voices in the corridor outside our room.

“Simon, you gave me a shock, I thought you’d gone to bed.”

“I was just going. Nice nightie, Maggie. Paul’s a lucky man. Have a good night.”

I hadn’t expected her to wear her new nightie in front on anyone else. I don’t think she did either.

Maggie came into the bedroom bright red with embarrassment. She quickly climbed into bed and cuddled up to me. I decided to ignore the fact that she had just displayed herself in front of Simon. I switched off the light and we lay in silence for a while but I felt we needed a further conversation. I spoke first.

“I’m sorry that I made some crass comments tonight.”

I know, it’s you being you and I still love you,” Maggie said to reassure me after the revelations of the evening.

“I’m not sure what was more shocking for me, Kat’s past or the fact that you chose to share with Kat your evening with Simon.”

“I decided that you should never judge anyone or any relationship. People are too complicated. Kat seemed so together and I would never in a million years guessed that she had a past like that. She must have been with so many men.”

“Do you envy her?” I asked although I feared I might be pushing my luck, and also that I might not want to hear the answer. Maggie thought for a moment before answering.

“No I wouldn’t swap my life for hers, even though I admire her for what she has done and what she has achieved. I’m sure from everything I know that Sophie is a lovely young lady and Kat can take the credit. It was exciting to learn what Kat has done. My life seems mundane after that.”

“Well, we can make our life together whatever we want. I hadn’t realised that my wife enjoyed being a submissive in bed. Maybe I should have forced myself on you more.”

“You wouldn’t be the man I love if you had. What I have with you is different from what I had with Simon that one time. Each of us is different and we seem to create a different dynamic between us. Let’s enjoy what we have,” said Maggie.

“What positions did you and Simon do?”

“I don’t really remember.”

“You don’t remember?” I sounded a little exasperated, although I knew Maggie could effectively block things from her memory that she did not want to discuss.

“He just took control, and moved me around.”

“Including doggy style?”

This was another thing that I want to try more but Maggie had never seemed to want to do.

“Probably. Okay, yes. It was different, but it really doesn’t mean that I love him, or want him more than I want you.”

I was simultaneously reassured and frustrated. I had always wanted a more active sex life. I now knew that Maggie was capable of a more active sex life, but apparently not with me. I couldn’t leave it there, but I tried to be sensitive as I wanted to learn more.

“So how can we explore this submissive side you have, without having to involve someone else. I know how much you enjoyed that night. Remember, I saw you with Simon and I saw you after it. Surely you want to experience something like it again?”

“Maybe I would like to, but I just can’t think how. I really don’t want to risk our relationship again. I’d have to see you entirely differently and that in itself might damage what we have.”

“Couldn’t it bring something new to what we have?”

“Maybe,” said Maggie and she started rubbing her body against me, which was a signal that we were going to make love. This was a tangible benefit from her night with Simon. She took the initiative occasionally, whereas as before it had hardly ever happened.

I enjoyed her soft kisses, but I was still thinking. Was this her way of ending our conversation? Or had the talk about the night with Simon got her excited? It was clear that she really would like to do something more daring again, but how could we make it happen? She said that she didn’t want to involve anyone else, and I wasn’t sure I could cope with seeing her with someone else again. For now, I decided to enjoy the fact that she wanted my hands on her breasts, and she was very happy for me to lift up her short nightie and feel my hands on her brief panties. A short time later we were naked and I was putting on a condom. The sex was relaxed and wonderful but still so different from unadulterated passion she had shown with Simon. I just couldn’t get out of my head what they had done together.

We woke up the next morning, naked in bed. I felt satisfied and still turned on that we could, when the circumstances were right, sleep nude together. We cuddled as Maggie woke up. I hoped that we may have a second session, but we had slept in later than we meant and so Maggie got up and slipped on her nightie and a robe and went into the kitchen to find some coffee. I heard voices and so I got up and put on some pyjama pants and followed her.

In the kitchen Kat was making some coffee while Maggie was getting some juice. Kat was dressed only in a short silk nightgown. Her hair had a just slept in look. The silk nightgown clung to her large breasts like a second skin. It hung down to mid-thigh and her legs were slim. She looked spectacular. Maggie saw me come in and that I was staring at Kat.

“Okay Paul, I know that she’s more attractive than me, but don’t forget that we know that Kat isn’t an easy lay,” Maggie said, with a cheeky grin on her face.

Kat just smiled and gave a sexy pose for me leaning on Maggie. I thought they both looked great, although Maggie’s body was hidden by her robe.

“You’re both looking gorgeous, but my wife is the one for me. Although, Kat, if you could persuade her to try silk it would be even nicer.”

I thought of saying that if Kat ever did start escorting again, I’d be happy to give her a call, but for once, I decided better of it and held my tongue.

“It feels very sexy and certainly excites my man,” said Kat. “Maybe I should take your wife shopping for some new nightwear.”

“I’d love that but not today since we’ve got plans to spend the day together. Do we have plans for tonight, meet again after dinner or shall we eat together?”

We agreed to eat in together, since the apartment was nice and had a view to match any restaurant. Maggie volunteered us to buy food, and Kat said that they would provide the wine. Simon joined us and was happy with the plan. After a relaxed breakfast, where I tried not to stare at Kat too much, we went our own separate way and agreed to meet back at the apartment later.

Maggie and I had a great day window shopping, walking along the beach and having coffee watching the world go by from different vantage points. We were tired and relaxed on our way back to the apartment. We had bought a pasta bake, garlic bread, salad ingredients and fruit salad.

We got back to the apartment first and started to prepare the food. When Kat and Simon arrived back with the wine we opened a bottle. The evening was warm, the drink flowed and we started to recall the conversation from the evening before. I think we had all been thinking about it.

As the wine took effect, I was feeling a little bold and so I reminded Kat how much I liked her silk nightgown, and that I hoped that she could get Maggie to wear one for me. Simon picked up the cue and said that he rather liked Maggie’s cotton nightie. He added, rather cheekily, “I forgot to thank you for showing it to me.”

Maggie threw a cushion at him.

He caught it easily, and continued saying that he said that he liked the innocent look that belied the wild woman he knew was wearing it. I said that I could always try and get Maggie to persuade Kat to wear something similar for him.

Kat responded by speaking directly to Maggie, “I don’t like the way the men are talking about us again, as if they can tell us what to do. I think we should leave them to prepare the food and consider how they are going to speak to us with respect tonight. Come on Maggie and I’ll show some of the clothes I bought today.” She came over to Maggie and took her hand and led her out of the living room towards the bedrooms.

Simon and I looked at each other. We were expecting to relax together and now we were alone. Simon shrugged, “was it you or me?”

“I think it was both of us, but they seem to be okay. How was Kat today?”

“She was absolutely fine, and if anything she seemed more relaxed than ever, having shared some of her backstory with you both.”

We agreed that we had better leave the girls for a while until they were ready to return and we had served our penance. We poured more wine and went into the kitchen to see how the food was going. Getting the meal prepared nicely and ready on the table might buy us back a few brownie points. We got the salad ready and got everything ready to serve up the meal. The pasta bake was ready to serve and keeping warm in the oven.

The table was laid out and we put on easy jazz for background music. I even found some candles in a cupboard to add to the atmosphere.

A short while later, Kat and Maggie came back into the lounge hand in hand, Kat leading Maggie. They were both giggling at something and they saw the table ready.

“I think they want to make amends,” said Kat.

“It does look very nice,” said Maggie. “How would you like us?”

“Now that would be telling,” replied Simon.

“I’ll ignore that comment, because of how nice everything looks, but you have to be good. Maggie sit by me,” said Kat.

I was slightly disappointed at how the seating arrangement worked out since with Maggie next to Kat, I ended up with Kat on one side and Simon on the other, with Maggie across the table. We served up garlic bread and pasta with a green salad, and started to eat.

The conversation was easy and I soon stopped minding that Maggie wasn’t next to me. It was great that we all seemed to get along well and once again, I was really pleased at how Kat and Maggie seemed to know each other so well.

When we finished, no-one seemed to want much fruit and so we went back to the two sofas, Maggie next to me and Kat and Simon together. It was very relaxed as the sun was setting and the sky became a wonderful shade of red. Simon had found an old pack of cards in a drawer and so he suggested that we play poker. Neither Maggie nor I were very familiar with the game, so Simon suggested that he would help Maggie and I could partner Kat.

I must have betrayed a little alarm, so Kat quickly suggested that it should be women versus men. I said that I hadn’t realised that poker could be a team game, but Kat assured us that we could play it any way we liked. She was confident that she could take us on, and said that the losers would have to pay the price for losing. We each started with ten pennies each to bet.

I didn’t have much time to think this through before we set out to play, and although Simon was good, I clearly didn’t have a poker face. When I had run out of pennies, I was told I would have to perform tasks. I was happy to sit out the next games, but apparently that was not an option. If I lost, Kat said I’d have to do some chores. Kat won the next hand and she asked Maggie what I was good at. A leading question indeed.

Maggie asked Kat what she was thinking of.

“Well, I’ve been on my feet for much of the day, so how is Paul at giving a foot massage?’ Kat replied. “I’ll tell you now, Simon is pretty good, so the standard to match is high.”

“Paul has given me a few massages, but I’m usually pretty sensitive, although I think that’s just how I am rather than a reflection on his skill.”

“Right then, come over here, mister,” said Kat, leading me over to one of the sofas. She sat at one end, indicated for me to sit at the other end. She slipped off her shoes and swung her legs up so that her feet were on me, her legs encased in tight leggings. Everyone was watching me. I looked at Maggie and she just smiled encouragingly, and I awkwardly started on her ankles, trying to work around the leggings.

Kat stopped me.

“Wait, I think we need some adjustment here, you guys clear the table, while I go and change. Maggie, you come with me, the girls stick together.”

Once again Simon and I were left on our own and we dutifully cleared up the dinner things.

We heard the women come back a short time later, both dressed in the white towelling robes supplied with the apartment. Their legs and feet were bare.

Kat was holding Maggie firmly by the hand. She was looking embarrassed. We came out of the kitchen area, and joined them in the lounge.

Kat spoke to me.

“Paul let’s try again.”

This time Kat sat on the sofa and patted the cushion next to her for Maggie to sit down.

I had to kneel in front of Kat as she stretch out her legs and placed her feel onto my lap. She then handed me a bottle of body lotion.

I put some lotion onto my hands and I started rubbing her bare feet. She started to relaxed as I gently rubbed and caressed her feet. My hands moved up her bare legs. She shut her eyes. I started to become aroused, but I felt guilty because I Maggie was close by watching me.

My hands rubbed lotion up Kat’s legs and behind her knees. She gave a small moan and spread her legs slightly so that I could see up her robe, to see that she seemed to be wearing a white, cotton nightie, not the silk I has seen her in that morning. She spoke.

“Maggie, your man has a magic touch. Maybe Simon has competition.”

The double meaning this could have was not lost on me.

“Maybe he has hidden talents,” said Maggie. “It looks fun.”

“Simon, get over here. It was a team game and you lost as well. See if Maggie likes your technique.”

“I’m not sure, I always get too sensitive,” replied Maggie.

“Give it a few minutes and see how it goes, it’s a pity to miss out,” said Kat.

I wasn’t sure where this was going. I was enjoying touching Kat, but although it was giving me a bit of a thrill, I didn’t think of anything more happening. If Simon were to start touching my wife again, I was far less confident. However, I rationalised that this time Kat was with us and so if everyone was happy, I should just go with the flow.

As I continued massaging Kat, Simon knelt beside me and lifted Maggie's feet and place them in his lap. She leaned back and shut her eyes. He took some lotion and started working his hands in circles around her ankles and on the souls of her feet. Maggie sighed. And apart from the sound of breathing, the room was quiet as we were touching both women. I tried to concentrate on Kat, but I couldn’t help looking across and seeing that Maggie's legs were now slightly apart and her robe hung down. Simon’s eyes were looking between her legs and I wondered what he could see.

I could see that some of the nightie she was wearing was had come into view. It wasn’t her nightie. It was silk, the same colour that Kat had worn that morning. I had a sense of foreboding that I was losing control of what was happening. Maggie was starting to breathe more deeply, and I couldn’t tell whether it was because she was starting to fall asleep, or starting to become aroused.

I realised I had stopped massaging, and was watching Simon and Kat.

Kat opened her eyes, and looked at me. “Hey mister, stop looking at them, aren’t I interesting enough for you?”

I smiled at Kat, “you’re super lovely, but I’m checking whether I can learn anything from your man.”

“You’re doing just fine, I’m enjoying your gentle approach. What’s so interesting on that side.”

“Well, I’ve also noticed that my wife seems to be wearing a new nightie.”

“Well spotted, we thought we would find out who prefers silk or cotton.”

Maggie's eye opened and she looked at me, then Simon and then Kat.

Kat made a further suggestion, “do we fancy one more game? For higher stakes.”

Simon responded, “I’m up for it, what’s the stakes?”

We’ll model our nighties for you, if, between you, you can draw higher value cards than us.

“And if we lose?” asked Simon.

“You go out first thing tomorrow and bring back fresh croissants and coffee and we get breakfast in bed,” fired back Kat, who seemed to have it all worked out.

“I’m in, how about you two?” said Simon.

I replied without thinking about it. The stakes seemed in our favour, the chance to see both women in their nighties was already getting me excited, and if we lost, I didn’t mind getting the breakfast.

“I’m in, but I can’t speak for my wife.”

Maggie said nothing. For Maggie, even saying nothing was saying an awful lot. She didn’t object.

“She’s in,” said Kat, and took her hand and squeezed it.

Simon gently put Maggie’s feet down on the carpet. He got the cards and brought them over. He shuffled them flamboyantly, and allowed us all to pick a card, before picking one himself. He showed us his card, a six of clubs, and I showed everyone my five of hearts. It wasn’t looking good, but Kat showed us a six of spades, and Maggie showed us that she had drawn a two of hearts.

“I guess you’ve won yourself a fashion show,” said Kat, with what appeared to be quite a bit of enthusiasm. She stood up and pulled Maggie up with her. Simon and I got up and spun around and sat on the sofa so that we were looking at the two women. Maggie looked panicked by what was happening and looked pleadingly at Kat her face red with embarrassment.

“Kat, I’m not sure. It’s a bit too much.”

“Come on Maggie, a quick twirl and then back to the bedroom where we can have an exciting night with our men.”

I started to feel my cock harden. The thought of seeing Kat in Maggie’s nightie was exciting, since it would give me a better view of her body. Even more exciting was seeing my shy Maggie, showing off her lovely body in front of our friends. It was so unlike her, and brought me back to the night I had seen her with Simon. I wanted to encourage her, but I feared that anything I said would have the opposite effect and she would run out of the room.

Kat continued.

“I’ll go first, and show you, since I’ve got more experience of being naked in front of strangers.”

Kat untied the belt of the robe, then lifted it off her shoulder so that it fell to the floor in a pool around her. She struck a pose, her arms behind her head. He large breasts pressed against the light thin white cotton top which was a little small for her. Her dark erect nipples were clearly visible, as were the red bikini panties she wore underneath. Her body shape was outlined by the light from the hallway creating an exciting silhouette. I just stared in wonder.


Simon started to clap and I joined in. Kat brought her hands to her waist and turned on the spot giving a little wiggle at the hips, and as she turned I could see that her panties had a thin back that disappeared between her legs. Although I knew that she had not been a stripper, I could see why she could have been very popular, with her curvy but slim body. I felt a surge of desire.

Kat turned to Maggie.

“Your turn.”

Maggie seemed to be frozen to the spot. Kat reached for one of the ends of the belt around her robe and started to pull it. Maggie grabbed it and tried to hold it in place, but the attempt seemed half hearted as she let it slip through her hand. The belt came away from the gown but Maggie meekly folded her arms in front of her. Kat went behind her and lifted the robe of her shoulders so that it was loose off the shoulder. She then took Maggie’s arms and pulled them apart so that they hung down by her body. Maggie seemed content to let Kat take the initiative, neither co-operating or resisting.

The cream coloured silk robe clung to Maggie’s body. It was a couple of sizes too big and so the front hung down and the top of her breasts were uncovered. The nightgown seemed to be held up by her erect nipples that were only just covered. Every contour of her body seemed to show. There was a visible panty line, showing her only other piece of clothing.

“Wow, wow and triple wow,” said Simon. “Pity about the panties.”

“Simon,” said Kat, in with a warning note. “Don’t make things harder for her.”

The comment may not have been meant as a pun, but his comments seem to make Maggie's nipples grow harder and a shiver went through her body. I just stared at the two women in nighties, both so desirable.

Kat seemed to notice how Simon’s comments had affected Maggie.

“Maybe Maggie’s panties don’t go with silk.”

Simon spoke. “One last chance for the women to get breakfast in bed. But if they lose, we draw lots to decide whether we have silk or cotton in bed tonight. We let chance decide.”

“Do explain,” demanded Kat.

“We draw cards again, but if the men win, you both remove your panties. Without looking, we each pick a pair of panties and the woman whose panties we choose joins that guy.”

My mouth went dry. The feelings I had when Maggie has spent the night with Simon came back stronger than ever from where they had been lying dormant inside me. I felt my erection surge back as I now saw the two wonderfully attractive women in front of me, side by side. Was it really possible that I could go to bed with Kat, or that my wife would once again give herself to Simon?

I waited for Maggie to object. She just looked down, and said nothing.

Kat looked serious for a moment, exchanging looks with Simon and then smiled at me. “I’m in.”

I tried to read what Maggie was thinking but it seemed impossible.

Simon reached for the cards, and seemed to spend an age shuffling them. Finally he was ready. “If you want to take part, take a card.”

He offered the pack to Kat, and she took a card. He offered the pack to Maggie.  We all waited to see what she would do.  With her hand visibly shaking, she slowly reached out and took a card and held it close to her. I was amazed that she was prepared to take the risk. Simon then brought the cards to me. I felt I could hardly refuse, and so I reached out and took a card. Simon took a card.

Kat showed us that she had a queen of hearts. Simon showed that he had a nine of spades. Maggie showed us that she had a ten of clubs. I had just calculated that we were about to loose when I looked at my card, the ace of spades. I showed to to the others.

No-one spoke, but the tension was real.  Maggie avoided looking at me, preferring to study the carpet.

Kat moved to beside Maggie, and was looking directly at us, feet slightly apart, confident and challenging. Maggie stood meekly at her side, looking down and occasionally twitching nervously.

Maggie didn’t move, as Kat crouched down next to her. Kat’s hands went up under the silk nightie. She reached up underneath, and I could see the shape of her hands take Maggie’s panties and slowly slide them down her legs until they came into view. She brought them down, and Maggie stepped out of them, her head still bowed. Kat kept Maggie’s panties in her hand

Maggie stood with facing down, her arms by her side, her hands constantly making a fist then opening up again, the silk gown showing the contours of her body. Even the shape of her pubic hair showed through the thin fabric.

Kat then put her hands up under the cotton nightie she was wearing and pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. She kept hold of the panties and put her hand behind her back. I could see no dark patch where her pubic hair should be.  She was either a true blond or had shaven.  Maybe I would be able to find out soon.  The thought made me feel light headed.

She brought her hands out from behind her back, both hands were in a fist, each hiding a pair of panties. She came over to me and held out her arms offering her closed hands to me, and spoke.

“Choose a hand, Paul.”

I touched her right hand. She opened it. It contained red panties. Kat’s panties. She turned her hand and placed the panties in my hand.

Kat looked at me and grinned broadly.

“Looks like your wife gets to enjoy Simon once more. And you,” she leaned forward so that she could whisper in my ear, “I’m going to be one hell of a consolation prize for you.”

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