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The 25 Year Itch - Chapter 5

Contributing Authors: kellym42 
My wife gets to spend another night with her lover, while I get the chance to be with her friend.

I smelt Kat’s perfume as she whispered in my ear.  I wanted her.  I didn’t know where this was going, but I want to be with this woman who had just handed me her panties, even though this could have consequences for my wife and I.

Reality hit me as Kat stood up and opened her other hand and handed my wife’s white panties to Simon.  He was grinning, too broadly for my liking, as he took them and brought them up to his face.  He kissed them and inhaled.  It never occurred to me to do such a thing and it seemed that he wanted to immerse himself in Maggie’s scent.

Maggie seemed to be rooted to the spot, continuing to look down at her playing card, which she was turning over again and again.  Simon got up, walked to Maggie and took her left hand, he bent down, placing his right hand behind her head and lifted her so her lips could meet his.  As I saw his lips open, her eyes opened wide in surprise.  She hesitantly opened her mouth slightly and I saw his tongue enter her mouth.  He then guided her towards the bedroom he shared with Kat.  Maggie looked back at me with Kat.  She had a look of confusion, as if to say, “How did this happen?”.

I felt a pain in the pit of my stomach.  When we had arrived at the apartment I had never expected anything like this to happen.  Could I have been wrong?  Maggie seemed willing to play the game.  When she hadn’t said anything to stop the events developing, I took it that she wanted to have the chance to be with Simon again.  I had spent the day hoping for a second night of making love to my wife.  It would have been extremely rare for Maggie to be ready to have sex two nights in a row, but now, after this, it would be with Simon.  

My mind was still in a whirl when I felt Kat’s presence as she leaned down once more and I felt her lips on my cheek.  She kissed me gently, and again whispered in my ear.

“Don’t worry about them, I want your attention now, and you’re going to give it to me.”

With that she knelt in front of me, and ran her hands up and down my legs.  I looked at her and saw she looked back at me.  She then took her hand and rubbed my hardening cock through my trousers.  I heard a muffled groan from Maggie somewhere else in the apartment, but it faded into the background as, still looking into my eyes, Kat started to unbuckle and then unzip my pants.  She smiled as I lifted myself up so that she could pull down my pants, slip off my shoes and take of my socks in a series of smooth actions, never once looking away from me, which reminded me that she probably had quite a bit of experience at this.

Kat hesitated before moving further.  “Have I got your attention now?”

I could only nod.  I didn’t know what to say, but I knew that I didn’t want her to stop.

Kat came up towards me, running her hand up my leg and then over my chest.  She pulled up my shirt over my head and run her hands over my bare chest.  I enjoyed the sensation of a woman just wanting to provide me with pleasure and so far not even giving me the opportunity to return the favour.  She ran one hand over my underpants through which she could feel my already hard erection.

She leaned forward again, and her cheek brushed mine once more.  I turned to kiss her, but she leaned further forward to kiss around my ear, and then whisper in her wonderfully sexy way.

“Relax, just enjoy receiving the pleasure.”

However, as Kat’s fingers ran down my chest again towards my shorts, for a moment I forgot about what was happening in the master bedroom.  Kat run her hands over my shorts and my erection stood to attention as she felt it through the material.  For a split second, I wondered if she would be disappointed that I wasn’t as large as Simon.  She put that thought out of my mind too, as she looked up and smiled at me.

“I’m really looking forward to this,” she said.

She took hold of the waistband of my shorts and looked up at me.  I lifted my behind and she pulled down my shorts and took them off.  Without hesitating her hand went to my erect cock and she stroked it a couple of times before she bowed her head and ran her tongue over the head.  She then licked the length from top to bottom and back to the top.

It felt different, with a beautiful woman who was intent on giving me pleasure.  Maggie had never been able to do this, and I alway knew that even the best masseuse I had invited into my hotel room was giving me pleasure in return for payment.  Kat was lovingly touching my cock with her tongue because she wanted to bring me pleasure.

Kat then lifted my cock into a vertical position, kissed the very tip, then took the whole thing in her mouth.  I shuddered with pleasure and her warm, wet mouth engulfed me.  She started tp suck it and move up and down, and I felt her tongue working its way up and down.  Her left hand was playing with my balls as her right hand stroked my cock as she sucked it.  She was looking deeply into my eyes and had to see the look of lust on my face.  I started moaning as I placed my hands in her beautiful blond hair.   I was starting to thrust my cock in her mouth and felt like I was about to cum when she removed my cock from her mouth and licked up and down the shaft one more time before releasing my cock.

Kat lifted her body upright, gave me another smile, her eyes glowing.  She lifted her nightie off as she was kneeling between my legs.  Her breasts were so much larger than Maggie’s.  I always thought that I preferred small breasts, but I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts with her large erect nipples.

Kat hesitated for just a minute.  “I’m glad you like what you see.”  

With that, she leaned over me and her breasts lightly brushed my chest as she moved up so that her face was close to mine.  It felt heavenly as I felt her against me and my breathing and moaning gave away how excited I was becoming.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste you,” she said.  She then bowed her head down and went back down across my body and placed her mouth back over my cock and and resumed sucking.  

All I could do was nod my head and moan as her mouth and tongue were wrapped tighter around my cock.  I could feel her moans through her lips as she started bobbing faster up and down my cock.  I knew I could not last much longer.  

“Damn,” I yelled as my body stiffened and I started shooting my cum into her mouth.  She stopped and held her mouth over my cock as I fed her several streams of my semen to swallow.  I moaned loudly as I came, and as I finished I had trouble catching my breath.  

“Oh wow,” was all I could say.   

Kat let my cock come out of her mouth and moved back up my body.  I couldn’t remember when I had last experienced such ecstasy.  I could only admire her skill in giving so much pleasure.

I spoke to her gently as she came up next to me, “That was amazing, I have never felt anything like that before, I want to please you as well.”

“You can my darling, I’d love that,” she assured me.  “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

She took my hand as she stood up and I stood up next to her.  For the first time I looked at her naked body next to me.  She had shaved her pubic hair, another contrast with Maggie who has only ever given herself a slight trim to enable her to wear a swimsuit without showing any hair.  I saw the start of her inviting pussy.  My mouth was dry, and I felt dizzy with excitement at what was to come.  We walked out of the lounge and into the hallway.  I became aware my wife’s moans coming from the main bedroom, whose door was just slightly ajar.

Kat held me close for a moment and told me to go on into the other bedroom, while she had to get something.  I moved towards the bedroom as Kat opened the door to the other one.  I couldn’t help but look back.  I could see the large bed.  Maggie was on it facing me on all fours, her eyes shut, her mouth slightly open.  Simon was kneeling behind her, clearly pumping his cock into her from behind, adopting a position that Maggie and I never did.  The strength of his forward motions were making Maggie move forward and she was holding tightly to the bedcovers giving a deep gasp with each motion.

Simon looked up at me and stopped moving.  Maggie gave a little groan as he stopped.  She opened her eyes and saw me looking back at her.  She looked embarrassed for a moment,.  Her hair hung over her face, and her skin looked red and hot.  I couldn’t help but feel my cock give a little throb at the erotic sight in front of me, but at the same time the deep pain of jealousy lurked within me.

Maggie seemed to gather herself a little and gave me a weak smile.  I couldn’t read what this meant.  Simon continued to look at me and started pumping his cock into her from behind again and Maggie buried her face in a pillow.  Kat then appeared, carrying a small makeup bag, seemingly unconcerned by her nakedness and not looking back at the couple on the bed.  She came out of the bedroom and pulled the door shut behind her.  She came to me, took my hand and kissed my cheek, whispering in my ear, “Come on, mister, I want you.”

She then lead me to the other bedroom, and as we went inside, she pushed the door shut.  The noise from the other room had disappeared.  The outside world was shut out.  We went to the bed and together climbed onto it.  Kat put her small bag on one of the tables by the bed.

She pushed me down, but I twisted around and pushed her down onto her back while I got on my knees next to her.   I stroked her arms and looked at her naked body, her arms by her side, her legs slightly apart.  I got her to move up so that her head rested on a pillow at the head of the bed.

I leant down and took one of her erect nipples in my mouth, the other hard nipple I gently teased with my thumb and forefinger .  I felt her shudder and give a little moan as I gently caressed them with my tongue and fingers.  I gently kissed and sucked for a few moments before I very slowly and deliberately moved over to the other breast and did the same again.  Kat gave a long sigh, and I felt a hand on the back of my head, rubbing my hair.  I repeated this twice more until I could feel Kat writhing in pleasure.  It felt sublime and I wanted her pleasure to last.  I brought my lips to the side of her neck and kissed her.

I started giving her little kisses around the side of her neck and then moved around the front.  She turned her head so that I could kiss the other side.  I carried on giving her little kisses and kissed her cheek and the side of her mouth.  She brought her hands to hold my head, our faces just a couple of inches from each other.  I could feel and smell her sweet breath.  She looked at me and brought my face to her, my lips to her lips.  She kissed me gently and then more urgently.  I felt her mouth open and her tongue touched my lips.  I opened my mouth slightly letting her lead.  Her tongue entered my mouth and I felt it touch mine.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and I lay down next to her and started to kiss her.  Open mouthed.    Passionate.  Desperate to be close to her, and her arms went around my body and she held me close.  We continued for many minutes just kissing, until we had to take a breath.  We were both breathing heavily.  There was still just a couple of inches separating us.  We were looking deep into each other’s eyes.

She leaned forward and we kissed again as passionately as before.  Again I could feel myself getting hard as I was lying naked next to this beautiful naked woman.  A woman who was not my wife, yet was here with me, with the full knowledge of my wife.  It felt sublime, and yet there was so much yet we could do.

I started moving down her body again bringing my mouth to her breasts.  I kissed and gently nibbled each nipple again before my tongue moved down her body giving her light kisses over her stomach.  I brought myself further down and Kat opened her legs.  I knelt down between her legs. and brought my mouth close to her sweet shaved pussy.  I could smell her scent and feel the heat from her.  I slowly brought my fingers to her lips and rubbed her pussy.  Her pussy was soaked with her juices.

Kat was moaning softly and before I could go further, she spoke to me in an urgent, pleading voice “Paul I want to feel your tongue there”.

I slid two fingers inside her and placed my thumb gingerly on her clit.  I worked my fingers in and out of her while gently rubbing her button.  I looked at her while my fingers and thumb continued to play, bewitched by her beauty, her smile  and the look of desire on her face.

“Do I have to beg?” she moaned.

I removed my fingers and thumb and brought out my tongue and separated her lips, my tongue exploring between them.  Kat was moaning as my tongue licked along her pussy lips and up towards her clit.  I circled my tongue around her clit as her moaning became louder.  When my tongue rubbed up against her spot her hands grabbed my head and she started slightly grinding her hips.  I continued to lick and nibble at her pussy while she continued to moan and writhe under my tongue.  Suddenly she squealed “Oh God” and started moaning loudly and squirming uncontrollably.  l could taste her sweet juices on my tongue.

As soon as her orgasm subsided she said to me,  “Please, Paul, now I want you inside me.”

I felt my erection twitch as she spoke these words and I was hard as ever again.  She reached out to her bag and pulled out a condom.  She opened it with her teeth and pulled herself up and I knelt up as she skillfully put the condom on my cock in one swift simple move and then made sure it was firmly on, before she pushed me down on my back.  Her hands were on my shoulder as she straddled my hard cock, squatting on her feet.

She smiled at me as she positioned her pussy over my cock.  She reached behind her grabbing my covered erection and rubbing it up and down her pussy.  I waited a short moment then she pushed down slowly and my cock entered her warm wet pussy.  She started to move up and down as I savoured the moment.  

Within a few seconds we were moving in unison.  My cock was pushing up into her pussy as she was pushing down.  After several minutes, Kat started moaning again.  I couldn’t help but start to move in and out with increasing speed.  I brought my mouth to hers and as we once again kissed passionately.

After our kiss, Kat’s face changed and she said loudly, “My God Paul.  Right there.  That’s it.”

She pushed down on my shoulders and took control of our movements.  She was raising up and pushing her pussy down on my cock with such urgency.  Then her head snapped back and she moaned loudly, and I felt her muscles tighten around my cock.  Kat was having another orgasm as she rode my cock.  As her orgasm subsided I could still feel her pussy pulsing around my cock.   I couldn’t resist any longer, I felt my balls stiffen and I started to fill my condom.  It was a massive climax, and as Kat came to rest, lying on top of me, we held each other close and I remained inside her.  Neither of us spoke or a few minutes, and I just listened to our breathing becoming less heavy as we relaxed.

Eventually I spoke.

“Thank you, that was very special.”

“No, thank you, you’re a lovely man.  Maggie’s very lucky, and I’m lucky to be able to share you.”

It surprised me hearing Kat say these things, since I thought I was so lucky that she have given herself to me.  

Kat continued.  “I’m sorry that we had to use a condom, but it’s best for everyone.”

This made me think.  Would Maggie had thought about condoms?  She wouldn’t have had any with her, since I knew I had the only supply we had, and they were on my side of the bed where I left them last night.  The thought worried me, and then I thought of Maggie and Simon having wild animalistic sex, without protection.  Even as I lay with Kat, was Maggie giving herself completely to Simon?

“Hey, I’ve lost you again.”

Kat’s voice brought me round and I kissed her.

“Sorry.  I can’t help thinking how strange this is, and wonder what the others are doing.”

“They’ll be doing the same as us, only probably not as well.”

Kat was doing wonders for my self esteem.  I could almost believe her but, then again, she hadn’t seen Simon with Maggie last time.

“What happens now?” I asked.

“What do you want to happen now?”

“I’m happy just like this, inside you, next to you.  It’s wonderful to feel you.”

“Then let’s stay together.  Let’s get into bed and we can stay together until one of us has had enough, whether that’s you or one of the others.”

“Or you,” I pointed out.

“I promise you, I won’t be the first to want to leave.”

Again her words were wonderfully reassuring.  I carefully pulled out and removed the condom.  Kat pulled back the covers of the bed and we both got in and Kat came to me and rested her head on my chest and I put my arm around her, with my hand gently stroking the side of her breast.

We lay in each other's arms and after a while I felt Kat’s breathing change and I realised she was sleeping. I felt a deep warmth that she felt secure in my arms and was happy to sleep with me.  My senses still felt overwhelmed.  I thought I should be trying to work out what this all meant, but I wanted to savour the moment, and think back over what Kat and I had done together, both having experienced intense pleasure together.

I lost sense of time, lying in the dark listening to Kat’s gentle breathing as she slept by me.  I was starting to feel tired but I knew that to sleep I would have to move, and I didn’t want to disturb Kat, whose naked body was pressed against mine.  I shut my eyes.

I heard movement outside in the corridor and opened my eyes as the door gently opened.  I saw Maggie’s silhouette in the doorway.  She had Kat’s silk nightdress on, but in the near darkness I couldn’t make out her expression.

She spoke, almost whispering so that I could hardly hear her.

“Are you awake?”


“Are you okay?"

“I’m good, and you?”

“Simon’s asleep.”

“So is Kat.  Shall I move her so I can get up?”

I couldn’t see how Maggie was reacting in the dark.  She was silent for a moment before replying.

“There’s no need to disturb her, she seems very happy.”

I wasn’t sure whether Maggie was happy.  I couldn’t judge her voice.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m good, really...I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied. “Are we still alright?”

“We’re fine.  I’ll see you in the morning."

Before I could say anymore, the door shut and I heard Maggie moving down the corridor to return to Simon.  The conversation troubled me.  Did Maggie want me to get Kat to leave so that we could be together again?  Or was she just checking that we had enjoyed ourselves, as I was sure she had.  Had I said the wrong thing?  I didn’t want her to feel that she had to leave Simon just to keep me happy.  I was more than happy to stay where I was with Kat.

I started to wonder if Kat and Maggie had planned this all.  It had all happened so quickly. Or had Kat and Simon planned it?  Perhaps all three of them had somehow managed to work it out.  Was I the only one who didn’t know what was going on?  If someone had told me a year ago that Maggie and I would be in bed with different partners I would have said they were mad.  It was not like us at all.  How had we got here?  Where would this take us?  

I felt Kat move against me as she shifted her position and her fingers brushed against my cock before she continued to sleep.  My concerns about my whispered conversation with Maggie faded as I started dozing, with Kat still pressed against me.

I slept lightly and, restless in strange surroundings and spending the night in bed with someone other than my wife. I could hear seagulls outside the apartment window as dawn broke.  Kat had rolled away from me, but when I reached out I could touch her naked back, and I stroked the back of her neck.  She seemed to purr and rolled back into my arms and put her arm around me and her leg over my body.  I felt her warmth and she kissed me.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“More than okay. How are you?”

“I feel very special, thank you.”

“I’m sure you say that to all the men,” I said and instantly regretted it.  “I mean, I doubt if I’m that special in bed.

Kat’s reply seemed to ignore my crass remark.

“I don’t spend my time comparing you with anyone else.  This was about you and me, and it was lovely to be with a man who is sensitive and loving.  I had a good time, and since I don’t think it’s a very good idea to do it again, we should just savour what we’ve had.”

Kat leaned forward and we kissed again, a gentle kiss between lovers. I was getting excited again, and I wondered if Kat would be ready to do more with me.  However, nature was calling.

“I need to go to the bathroom, but I’ll be right back,” I said as I slipped out of bed and grabbed a towelling robe to put on.  As I left the bedroom Kat called after me.

“I’ll be waiting here for you.”

I felt my cock harden as she said those words, and I knew that it would take me a little longer in the bathroom until my excitement could wane a little.

Having used the bathroom, I thought it would be good to bring Kat some coffee.  I wanted to continue to show my caring side.  I went into the kitchen area where I was surprised to see Maggie standing over a heating kettle, also dressed in a towelling robe.

We looked at each for a moment before she smiled at me and I smiled back.  We found ourselves coy with each other, which after twenty five years of marriage seemed very uncomfortable.  She looked at me shyly, as if she was trying to make out what I was thinking.

I spoke first.

“You’re up early as well, how are you?”

“I’m very good,” she said, I thought a little unconvincingly, and then added. “Simon is asleep, how’s Kat?”

It was strange that she asked about Kat before me, but I guess we were both outside our comfort zone and therefore probably not thinking straight.

“Kat seems absolutely fine.  I thought I’d make us some coffee.”

I couldn’t help but find it surreal to be talking about “us” as me and Kat rather than me and Maggie.  I wondered if Maggie felt the same.

Maggie got out a large coffee cafetière and some coffee and passed them to me so that I could start making the coffee.  We acted like a team as we often did in the kitchen; Maggie found some cups in the cupboard and put two each on two different trays.  It was just like we had been each morning for years, but now we were making coffee for our lovers.  As was my daily habit, I waited for a couple of minutes after the water had boiled before pouring it into the pot, and giving it a stir.

“I promised Kat I’d be back shortly,” I said, wondering if Maggie would rather I stayed, but guessing she was hoping for more time with Simon.

“I’d better get back to Simon as well, or he’ll be wondering where I’ve got to.”

For a moment I bristled and wanted to ask why he would have an issue with Maggie spending time with her husband, but then I was angling to get back to Kat and I realised that I had to stop pulling apart every word. I always had a tendency to overthink things and this was not a good time for overthinking. So I took what I hoped sounded like an understanding but not uncaring approach.

“I understand, will we meet for breakfast?” I asked.

“Of course, if you want to.  I assume this ends soon?”

“I have no idea, I don’t know .  Do you want it to end soon?”  I felt I had to know even if I would regret the answer.

“I’m looking forward to going home with you later.  Unless you have other plans?”

I realised that if I continued the conversation in this way it could end badly.

I took Maggie in my arms, and looked at her in the eye.  She looked back.  I smiled, and she smiled back, although her eyes seemed sad.

“I love you so much, and although I don’t want either of us to regret what’s happening, I don’t want this to change us.”

Maggie thought for a moment.  “It has changed us.  We just have to make sure that it doesn’t push us apart.  Shall we just go with it for the moment and talk about it later?  You have my friend waiting for you in bed, and her partner has probably woken up and will be waiting for me.”

With that she gave me a cheeky smile and I realised that she was still the Maggie I knew and loved.  I gave her a kiss on her lips, and she kissed me back.  I liked being with her again, yet I also liked the idea that Kat was waiting for me.  We kissed once more and I let her go and we both picked up different trays with two mugs of coffee and some milk on each.  We walked together and then separated as we started to enter our different bedrooms, and we became coy with each other again.

I sent a kiss towards her and smiled, and she gave an embarrassed smile back and returned my kiss before she turned and disappeared back to Simon.  As I turned, back I saw that Kat had been looking at me from the bed where she was sitting up with a sheet covering her large breasts.  

I heard the door to the other bedroom click shut in the background.  Maggie was back with Simon, and I wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to get enough of him, which made me worry about whether there was a future for me and my wife.  But, Kat was waiting for me and for the time being, everything else could wait.

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