The Awakening

By SpinDoctor

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A loving couple discover much about their deepest desires.
Mandy knew that her pussy was leaking.

She could not only feel the juices sloshing around in her inner folds and smooth, shaved lips but, she could feel the wetness in her blue bikini panties.

She squeezed her legs together in an effort to relieve the moist fabric from her mound but only succeeded in rubbing her clit, causing a shockwave to ripple through her body.

A strangled moan, like a mini grunt escaped her closed mouth. Oh shit! She thought.

Her eyes quickly glanced around behind her sunglasses and she judged if any of her fellow sunbathers had heard her unintended moan. Nothing appeared unusual.

Thankfully, her husband had gone to the bar to fetch drinks for them. She would have had some explaining to do had he been lying beside her and witnessed her antics.

“Damn, this is one hot book,” she thought to herself as she laid it down beside her sun lounger in order to take a break and so not cause herself any further involuntary noises. She saw her husband of thirty years approaching with drinks and smiled at him as he sat on the lounger next to hers.

“Phew, it’s hot today honey,” he groaned as he handed Mandy a long, cool lager.

“Oh it’s hot all right,” she replied – the double meaning of course lost on Tom. She smiled to herself after she had said it and wondered just what he would make of the sexy feelings coursing through her body as a result of the raunchy and horny novel she was currently reading. He would probably chide her for it – she loved him of course, but he could be quite selfish when it came to her feelings and enjoying herself.

If he realized that she was getting extremely turned on through the words in a book he would feel jealous and petty because he would feel ”left out” and uninvolved; silly man.

Mandy held the wicked thought of how hurt he would be if he knew that as she read the story she was putting herself in the place of the rapidly wanton wife in the story and was envious of her escapades with various studs and illicit lovers as she had glorious and copious amounts of sex outside her happy marriage.

The chapter she had just read had the wife, Linda visiting, on her own, an adult cinema in London during a work conference visit and giving a largely endowed stranger a very sensuous wank whilst he tongued her mouth and fingered her to an orgasm as they watched a porn movie on the big screen. It was at this point Mandy had experienced her stifled groan earlier by the pool.

The novel was not so obviously raunchy from the cover or its synopsis but, it had been recommended to her by friends seeking dirty stories in the aftermath of the highly popular “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Mandy had read that novel and whilst it had been very entertaining and fairly sexy, she had found it to be pretty poorly written – a view it seemed, shared by thousands of women around the globe.

Mandy was looking forward to bedtime this evening when she intended to initiate sex with Tom. She hoped he was in the mood as she needed an orgasm desperately. She supposed she could feign a headache now and go up to the hotel room and relieve herself with some lubrication and her fingers but, she would prefer to wait and have Tom bring her off either with his fingers or mouth. He was very expert at both.

Not however, with his cock.

Not that she knew what it was like to experience that, and so did not feel she was particularly missing out on something – an orgasm is an orgasm after all. It was just that Tom seemed a bit hung up on it and she felt he was frustrated by this. Bloody men and their cock egos!

Mandy and Tom lay in the sun for the rest of the afternoon and enjoyed swimming and topping up their sun tans. They chatted about dinner that evening and agreed to try a restaurant in the local fishing town that had been recommended to them by the hotel barman.

Chapter 2

Tom lay on the hotel bed and flicked through the TV channels whilst Mandy showered. He knew she would be at least twenty minutes and wanted to watch something interesting on the limited number of available channels. He became bored and left it on a channel with the volume on low. Glancing around their hotel room he glimpsed Mandy’s hand bag and novel.

Curious as to what she was reading he reached over and lifted the paperback to have a look. “What Lisa Discovered” was the book’s title by an author called Susan Harrow. Tom flipped the book over to read the rear cover synopsis:

“When Lisa's husband, Rick, buys her a mysterious present for her 40th birthday she finds herself in the midst of a night of decision, discovery and her husband's voyeuristic tendencies. What starts out as erotic game playing soon turns real as Lisa quickly discovers that decisions need to be made and made quickly - should she walk away from the classy hotel suite in which she finds herself, or should she submit to the feelings of lust, confusion and nerves and dress in the outfit her husband has left for her to wear for the unnamed, unseen young stranger that her husband has arranged for her birthday?

“ WHAT LISA DISCOVERED” is the first in a series of sexy books featuring Lisa Conroy, a mother of two and a member of her local church who is about to embark on a series of adventures her dear husband can never have imagined would be the result of his kinky desire to get her to try something a little different in their sex life!

Tom was surprised. Never had he known Mandy to openly read something quite as raunchy as this book appeared to be. He flicked through the pages, quickly trying to scan read and pick out any sexy bits. He was able to partly pick up on what was happening from the synopsis and the quickly scanned words on the pages that he read.

He began to feel the stirrings of an erection as he realised what his wife was reading. His reaction was not so much as a result of the words he read, but rather through the knowledge that his wife was reading such material – and strangely, of what the woman in the book was doing to her man!

He decided to ask her about the book, when the time was right.

Chapter 3

Mandy emerged from her shower and Tom immediately entered the bathroom to shower and prepare for going out to dinner. She towelled dry and dropped her hotel robe to the floor and looked at her body in the long mirror. She was aware that she kept herself in pretty good shape and carried only a little extra weight; mainly around her tummy and thighs but, generally for a middle aged 50 years old woman she knew she was in relatively good shape.

Mandy cupped her slightly sagging breast and wondered what she would look like with a boob job. Not that she would seriously contemplate having one – she was merely curious how her tits would look on her. As she held her breast up she lightly stroked the nipple of her left boob and sent a tingle shooting through her body. She massaged her boob and nipple with the palm of her hand. The fingers of her right hand began stroking her moistening pussy and she closed her eyes as she enjoyed her self administrations and began to think about being fondled and felt by a man.

Shocked, she realised that she had thought of it as being “a man” and not her husband. The realisation of this merely acted to arouse her even further and she began to fantasise about being in a hotel room with another man, a man who was caressing and stroking her. The wicked thought leapt into her head that this was happening to her whilst her husband was in the shower next door to her. For the second time that day an involuntary gasp left her throat and mouth and she choked back a louder grunt as she brushed her swollen clitoris with her knuckles and fingers which were now embedded inside her soaking folds and for the first time ever, she fully orgasmed to the thought of sex with another man.

Mandy composed herself and continued to prepare for going out to dinner with Tom and she felt rather odd about her earlier orgasm at the expense of her loving husband. They chatted about the hotel, the pool and their expectations of the restaurant throughout getting dressed and going down to the restaurant, and then all through dinner. Normal, everyday couple talk – but Mandy couldn’t shake the strange feeling she held regarding her self induced orgasm with the fantasy lover. Was it guilt? She wasn’t sure, but she had enjoyed the intensity of the orgasm that was absolutely for sure.

During dinner whilst discussing their day by the pool, Tom raised the topic of relaxation techniques he employed to enable him to fully enjoy merely lying around for hours on end. He chatted to Mandy about people watching and trying to close his mind down from the stresses of his job and his life back home. He commented that Mandy seemed to find it easy to relax for long periods of time and she told him to read a book. This was Tom’s opportunity to raise the novel.

“Yeah, I might pop along to the shop and see if they have anything I might like, said Tom. “If you are nearly finished yours perhaps I could have it after you, do you think I would like it?” he asked Mandy. “What’s it called anyway,” he continued, “what’s it about?”

Mandy looked at him and didn’t quite know what to say.

“Well, I am not too far into it yet but the synopsis says it’s about a wife and her relationship with her husband and well, I think she goes a little bit off the rails, so to speak.”

“What kind of off the rails. What, like mad or insane type off the rails?” he asked.

“Well, no not really” she replied. “Sort of like, well, has a mid life crisis and starts to do odd things. Things in her life that she hadn’t done before and regretted, and starts to take risks, sort of thing. I have only read the first couple of chapters and its really like setting the story of where she is, her work, kids, life, you know, nothing too exact yet.”

“Oh, sounds kinda weird, and a bit boring too,” he replied.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what to make of it so far,” she lied. “I’m not sure you would take to it really,” she told Tom.

“Well perhaps I might give it a go and read it when you are sleeping and we can share the book, I’ll see.” Mandy shuddered at the thought.

Chapter 4

Over the next few days and nights Tom noticed a very distinct change in his wife when it came to bed time. Mandy had rarely led the way when initiating sex between them but he was happy to experience the now, sex seeking Mandy. Perhaps it was the holiday; the freedom and relaxed state she was in; or how dirty and erotic the story which they were now both reading had turned out to be.

He had begun reading the novel of the fictitious wife, Lisa’s rapid change from happily married, middle aged wife into a sex crazed tigress, seeking danger and new experiences and who took great delight in teasing and cuckolding her husband Rick.

The fact that the husband had unwittingly unleashed the inner slut in his own wife was particularly intriguing as the initial escapade had been one in which the husband was in complete control; setting up the hotel meeting with a man that he had spent months choosing and which had taken Linda almost a year of consideration of her husband’s cajoling and encouragement to feel comfortable enough with to eventually find herself in a hotel room, dressed in expensive and very sexy lingerie, chosen for her by her own husband and awaiting the arrival of someone who turned out to be a very sexy, dirty and persuasive man.

The story was hot and exciting and he secretly wondered if Mandy was replacing herself in her mind with the lewd Lisa. If only he knew!

One night whilst Mandy was stroking Tom’s erection she asked if he had finished the book yet. Tom told her that he was about three quarters way through it and expected to finish it tomorrow.

Mandy asked if he was enjoying the story and what he thought of the events taking place.

Tom said that sure, it was pretty hot but of course it was fiction and women didn’t act like that in real life. Mandy agreed that yes, it was fiction but she was sure there were women out there who were having some of the outrageous experiences that the wife in the story was.

“Did it turn you on reading of the wife going out and doing stuff behind her husband’s back?” she asked Tom.

“Kind of,” he ventured, tentatively.

“And did it turn you on when it became apparent that the husband had learned of some of Lisa’s wilder antics and was forced to endure them?” she continued.

“Well, kind of, I guess… seemed a bit odd to me that her husband accepted what was going on towards the end and allowed her to do some of the stuff she got involved in,” he replied.

“How about in the beginning though?” she questioned. “When her husband wanted so much for her to have encounters, which he chose not to watch, but to listen to her relate to him later as she teased him into cumming?”

“Yeah that was ……well…initially weird but, extremely hot at the same time,“ he replied.

“I loved the part where both of them, unknown to each other, tried to find out why he was having these concurrent feelings of arousal and anger towards what she was doing,” Mandy replied. She continued, “and when they both stumbled via the internet, on the description of the cuckold’s angst Mandy recalled an article which explained it all and was such a revelation:

“The ambivalent but intensely erotic and emotional feelings experienced by a man who knows, or suspects, or fantasizes that his wife is having sex with another man or other men”.

The feelings are an intoxicating cocktail that becomes almost addictive, and include jealousy, lust, suspicion, humiliation, anguish, helplessness, graphic sexual fantasy and intense erotic longing.

Such a cocktail of depraved thoughts and feelings comes initially as a shock, but can begin to overwhelm the man at any time his wife is out without him, and in advanced cases will become the sexual pay offfor him, and he'll actively reinforce his wife's need to go out, to get away from him for a night. Thus he becomes his wife's enabler.

The experience culminates in the man jacking off, while thinking about his wife in the arms of other men. A modern slant on this addiction is the desire of either the wife or the husband, for her to seek her pleasure from black men. Interracial sex is on a charge across the globe and many western couples indulge in either the lifestyle for real or, as in many more cases, the fantasy of it. It seems that the powerful emotion and vision of the married, demure, white wife seeking out the illicit and taboo sensation of being approached for sex with black men, is almost too intense for the husbands to cope with. And of course the wives are loving it all as they get to keep the husband, a very horny and attentive husband, whilst being encouraged to have the sex of their dreams with very well endowed blacks, be it for real or, by joining in with the husband’s fantasies. The intense pleasure reinforces his condition and intensifies his desire to experience it over and over.

In cases where the chemistry is perfect, the wife will sense what her husband is experiencing, and know she's become his fantasy cock bait – his wife dressed and made up to become an obvious attraction to the men she wishes to attract - and a self- seeker of her own pleasure. That will tempt her into playing out his fantasies for him, either openly or behind his back, in the beds and cars of other men. "What the hell," she'll begin thinking. "It's what he seems to want. Why not do it?" And she does it.

If the role is purely that of a fantasy then the wife will enjoy regular and intense pleasure from her husband when she assists his fantasy by role playing and entering into the given fantasy, often by dressing in her club outfits and staying in but, “admitting” to her husband that she wishes to actually go out and meet the men she hopes to attract and have sex with her. The effect on the husband is equal to that of her actually going out for real.

When Lisa demanded a "girl's night out" from her husband Rick, Rick discovered that in addition to feelings of suspicion and jealousy and a rush of humiliation, he also felt intense excitement and lust. He becomes narcotised by the fantasies he begins to experience, as he begins getting intense sexual rushes, imagining in graphic detail what his wife might be doing with the well hung black men she prefers. Rick begins to actively encourage those thoughts, and to relish his wife's nights out, especially when she begins openly going to bars and clubs alone. It means another night of heavenly fantasy and repeated acts of jacking off for him, and seduces Lisaa into becoming the cock loving wife that Rick deep down wants her to be. Rick has become completely intoxicated by, and Lisa has learned to exploit, the thrill of her husband’s angst”.

As one husband puts it – “don’t ask me to explain it – I don’t actually care, it just feels fantastic. My dick can actually leak and dribble when I think of my wife even thinking of doing some of the things she tells me about. It’s the matter of fact manner of her attitude that turns me to jelly, when she lies back and lets me eat her out whilst she tells me that one of her black boyfriends fucked her an hour ago”

As one wife put it – “why wouldn’t I take part, I get everything out of it? What wife wouldn’t want her husband paying her so much attention, being so aroused by her and not some other woman, being so desperate to include her in his sexual fantasy, a fantasy in which she is very much the centre of his attention and which leads to her experiencing feelings of lust, devotion and intense orgasms as she describes to him the great sex she has with better hung black guys? Sometimes I almost feel greedy – he thinks I only do it for him, but look what I get out of it; and well, the thought of those hunky black guys stretching me out for hubby…..oh my god.”

Chapter 5

Mandy and Tom were sipping their cocktails on the lounge deck watching the sun set over the still, silvery Caribbean sea. It was their first holiday since last year in the Med and the occasion of their enlightenment of Tom’s realisation that he was married to a supreme cock-tease of a wife.

If that was an awakening then it was even more of a revelation to Mandy.

Up until the point when she had discussed Tom’s feelings about the book she was still of the opinion that she had merely experienced something a bit raunchy and new in her life after her experience of masturbation to imaginary lovers.

However the events of the days that followed that discussion and during the remainder of their holiday proved otherwise. Mandy and Tom had found a whole new level of passion and experimentation during their lovemaking. Actually, lovemaking was not the appropriate term for some of the wonderful and intense sessions they had experienced.

Now that Mandy knew which buttons to press to intensely arouse Tom, she had more than pushed the boundaries a few times – and they had both loved the results.

Mandy would tease Tom about meeting other men on holiday and what she might allow them to do to her. She would describe spending time with Tom in a club and allowing other men to buy her drinks and dance with her whilst he sat and watched.

They would masturbate each other using oil and lubricants and give each other orgasms without resorting to slow foreplay or passionate kissing.

Other times she would demand exactly that from Tom, all the while telling him how she would love him to treat her so tenderly after she had just been with a man whose big cock had made her slightly sore and how she wanted her loving husband to kiss and sooth her with his mouth. Tom had actually orgasmed on one occasion without either of them actually touching his cock.

This new activity had continued for months and Tom and Mandy revelled in their new found passion for each other and were comfortable with the revelation that had brought it about – basically that Tom got turned on by the thought of Mandy being with other men; and that Mandy got turned on by being allowed the freedom to tease him about such thoughts and enjoy, without any guilt, the sex she gained as a result of it.

It was this that led them now to the lounge deck of the small secluded beach bar in Barbados.

Mandy had remembered the article which had explained the whole topic of Tom’s arousal and had taken to telling Tom that one of her lovers was a sports star – super fit, super wealthy and super hung.

The first time she had mentioned him, Tom had almost exploded with lust. Tom had been giving Mandy a wonderful tonguing and she had been teasing him about being her special tongue man that night. Tom had asked her why he was special tonight and she had told him of the wonderful new lover she had.

How handsome and fit and special he was. Tom had egged her on, demanding to know more. She had made up tales of him being bigger than she had ever had and of how he had stretched her as she whimpered under his lust as he fed his long, thick cock into her hungry, soaking, eager married pussy.

Tom was panting and began stroking his own cock as his wife continued to regale him with the skills of her new lover. “How big is he?” he groaned as he quickened his licking and stroking. “Did he make you cum?” he breathed. Just as Tom neared his own and his wife’s orgasms, he asked breathlessly “and why is he so special?”

His orgasm overtook him and his cum erupted from his cock. He yelled out “Oh my fucking god darling, yes, oh god you….. dirty….. little….. fucker,” as between her panting and orgasm she uttered “he’s black.”

Being in the Caribbean was the next step in their remarkable transformation.