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The beginning of the end

The final story in my Mrs. Sparks Trilogy...
Nobody knows about the affair my teacher is having with me except the two of us. We promised each other we would never tell anyone about what we had and we’ve kept that promise the last two years. Though Linda always tells me she still loves her husband, she won’t let us be a public couple, even though I’ve graduated from high school.

I graduated from high school last May and now it’s been 2 months since I’ve had to deal with all the pricks in that prison. High school was the worst 4 years of my life, everyone harassing people who don’t fit in their circles, fights almost twice a semester about it, and the madness in the hallways the day our football team won the homecoming game, I was almost trampled by the band as they played down the hallway before school.

It was July now and through the summer I continued see Linda and had our affair. The best part wasn’t even the sex, though Linda always knew what I wanted and couldn’t make me happier. The best part was after the sex, when we talked. Sometimes, we would drive out to the edge of town, where a huge forest lay, and there was a clearing where we could park Linda’s car and the stars would just glow with such an intensity…We would just lay in the grass next to the car and talk for hours, occasionally kissing each other with intense passion after long moments of silence, just staring into each other’s eyes.

I’ve never doubted love since I met Linda; she has made all my dreams come true and never shattered an expectation. When I was 17, before I had my first encounter with sex or love, either one, I never thought love would find me. I had always watched couples holding hands in the hallways and you might see someone under the stairwell making out before school if the hall monitor didn’t catch them, but I never saw myself as attractive or worthy of having a girlfriend. Though now that I have Linda, I feel like I hit the jackpot pretty early!

I have never met someone so exciting and fun to talk to who can see me the same way. Sex aside, Linda and I were made for each other, and I loved her so much! I watch the movies she made me a lot and I would always marvel at how amazing she was. Out of all the people in my school, she chose me, a rebellious brat who didn’t pay attention in her class junior year. Though after two years, a lot can change, and I’ve matured a lot since then.

I was currently on my way to the movies; I promised my friend Josh I would go see a movie with him, something about a bank robbery. All Josh likes to see is action movies, though I don’t object. They’re interesting for awhile, but when all you do is watch one after another, it gets old. Josh has been hanging out with me a lot since the summer started.

I met him at Home Depot, oddly enough, while I was with Linda. We figured that nobody would recognize us in such a small place. The home depot in my town isn’t very popular; mostly everyone has someone do all their crap for them. I’m no handyman but I wouldn’t waste my money with a professional if I can do it myself. Linda says she finds that admirable but I just tell her it’s my way of thinking.

I was in the back of Home Depot that day kissing Linda when Josh appeared out of nowhere and just stared at me. It was sort of awkward when Linda just stopped kissing me and made his presence known. I wasn’t rude, I just told him to get lost, and it wasn’t a free show. He left after a few seconds of marveling at what I was doing.

It’s not like Linda was much older than me anyway, I’m 18 and Linda is only 34. 16 years isn’t much of an age difference anyway, not to me. For some reason though, the dude just looked at me like I was kissing my mom. My mom is 48 years old, but that’s still sick, who would kiss their mother like that? I would never do that.

My mom gets me so mad all the time. I can’t even look at my mom when she’s home because she judges me. She thinks I’m single and because I’m almost 19; she thinks I need to be more social. She doesn’t know about Linda and she never will; I promised that to Linda when we first met.

I ended up seeing Josh again later that week when I went to Taco Bell for some lunch. Apparently he works there and it was an awkward meeting, he called me the ‘mom kisser’ and I almost punched him in the face, but I was too hungry and I didn’t want to get thrown out. As part of his routine, he brought me my food and asked me who she was. It was none of his business but I figured he may as well know since he walked in on us making out (thank God that’s all he saw; I almost had my hands in her skirt that day).

I simply told him she was a really close friend and that was the first time we had kissed. He looked skeptical but didn’t argue. Instead, he started a game of 20 questions. Asking me if she was related to me, how we met, how old I was compared to her, and if she had a sister. This dude was relentless.

I told him to shut up after about four questions because frankly he doesn’t know me and I’m not letting him into my personal life. What I said after that was we would probably start dating soon, she wasn’t a relative, and he can fuck off if he is planning to make a move on her; she would reject him.

He didn’t argue but laughed sarcastically; he said that I’d be good company and we should chill sometime, which I didn’t totally disagree with. Yes, I am pretty good company, depending on the situation. No, I don’t usually invite other guys into my house. I knew my mom would lay off the socially inept comments if I agreed so I told him he could come over on Saturday, which meant I had to cancel my plans to go to the movies with Linda.

She didn’t mind though, she said I needed social interactions with people my age so I can have a normal life. I don’t think my life isn’t normal, I have a normal life, in my opinion anyway. I have friends, not a ton, but the few I have are pretty close to me and we would hang out pretty often. Anyway, that’s how I met Josh.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the theater, I saw Josh already inside eating some popcorn, holding his ticket. I parked as close to the front as I could and started walking toward the building. When I entered the building, the line was fairly short, but there were these four girls all giggling about the movie they were going to see, some romance about prince charming saving his true love. I didn’t say anything, but I guess the look on my face amused Josh because he started laughing from across the room.

I kept my mouth shut and when they left, I ordered my ticket quietly and walked over to where Josh was. I didn’t want to waste my money on any of the overpriced snacks they had anyway; besides, I only bought candy when I went to the movies with Linda, which wasn’t very often, considering we didn’t want to look like a couple in public. Even after I graduated, she doesn’t want people to know were friends out of school, because she loves teaching.

I can respect her enough to let it slide, even though we are usually stuck going to my house to watch movies, which we have to rent from the local video store. I love Linda enough to not care about where we watch a movie. I know that women look at things differently than men, but as far as movies go, Linda is pretty cool. She doesn’t mind watching action movies, but she doesn’t mind romance either. Linda is the perfect woman; at least, she is for me.

Linda knows what makes me happy, but I know what makes her happy too. All the times we’ve talked, she has told me at least as much as she tells her husband. I don’t want to meet her husband though; he is pretty smart too. He is a naïve man if he thinks she loves his body though, she just loves him as a person, she says. If you were to ask me, I would say she only loves him for his money. He works in some factory and makes a ton of money, so they have this big house that could fit a big family.

What I don’t understand, Linda has yet to tell me, is why they don’t have children. Linda has been married for 8 years to her husband, but has never had children. They’ve had sex plenty of times; Linda is very honest with me. She has told me she still gets rough with the man, though she says I’m a better sex partner. I don’t really care, she met him first, but I just don’t like sharing. It bugs me, Linda should only have sex with me, but I guess it’s called an affair for a reason.

So after I got my ticket, I walked over to Josh. “Hey man, what’s up?”

“Oh, not much,” He started walking towards the room our movie was playing in. “You excited to see a good heist movie?”

“Oh yeah, it’s going to be awesome,” I said with an understated sarcasm.

Josh laughed, “Good, because I got a good feeling about this movie!”

With that final statement we went into the room and found some seats not to close to the front, but not completely in the back. The movie started pretty soon after we got in there. It was the typical heist movie. I didn’t see it as ‘original,’ but it was decent.

I don’t really hang out with Josh very often, but I don’t have many friends. Especially since school ended last May. I haven’t kept in touch with hardly anyone. Though I do have friends I hang out with. Back in high school I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t unknown either. I had friends in pretty much every crowd. Looking back, I’m glad high school’s over; everyone was crazy. I have college to look forward to in the fall.

After the movie Josh asked if I wanted to hang out at his house, play some video games or something, but I told him I had plans elsewhere. I told him I was meeting another friend in a few hours and had to get ready and I really was. I make it a point never to bring up Linda around him because he thinks the fact that I hang out with her is weird. Luckily, he didn’t go to my school so he doesn’t know she is a teacher. If he knew that, I’m not sure of what he would think. I don’t want to find out.

What I don’t get is why people make such a big deal about age. I mean, if you are with someone who is a lot older then you, it looks like the older person is a pedophile. I hate people who judge people that way, it’s wrong. Linda and I are in love; at least, I’m in love with her. Love has no age, it’s ageless and its limits have no bounds. Love can be expressed in more than just one way too.

All movies and songs every do is advertise sex, which is not what love is about. Love is something deeper than that. Sex is an expression of your love, but you could have sex with anyone and not love them. It’s just an activity you could do with, pretty much, anyone. Some people like saving sex for marriage because it’s supposed to be sacred, but I don’t get why you would do that. I believe that if you have feeling for someone and you both are okay with having sex, then that would solve the dilemma, you should have sex.

I would never have sex with anyone who didn’t want to have sex with me. I have only had sex with Linda, but even the only thing I do believe is that having sex with more than one person is wrong. I do not believe cheating gets you anywhere. I believe you can have feelings for more than one person, but I do not believe you can have sex with more than one person, at a time. I am currently with Linda, so I would never have sex with anyone but Linda, I didn’t have to verbally promise Linda that, I just promised that to myself.

I know that Linda has a husband and her cheating, according to my own rules, is completely wrong, but you have to look at the situation from where it’s at. Linda is not happy with her sex life. She still has sex with her husband, not very often, which makes me happy, but she still has a sexual void that needs to be filled. She has told me that I make a better lover then her husband, but I’m not sure if that’s just to get me stiff or if she means it.

I don’t have try very hard with Linda, she knows what I’m capable of and she just loves the feeling of my cock being inside of her, but at times, the affair gets slow, and I always want to find a way to spice it up. We have had sex in her car so many times; it’s like a broken record playing over and over again. In that small of a space, we can only have sex in so many positions. I have been online and suggested new positions, but she doesn’t want to do some of them in the back of her car. I have had sex with her a few times outside of her car, but she is always too concerned with getting caught, which is why we’re always in her car.

I suggested that we rent a motel room for the weekend and spice things up in there, but she doesn’t find that a fitting location for us. She says that I’m special to her and that she wouldn’t have us go to a motel for sex. I admire the attempt at romance, but that excuse didn’t seem right with me. I won’t complain, I just enjoy being around Linda.

So I left the theater and told Josh I’d call him later, not knowing if I actually would. It’s not that I don’t like hanging out with him, I just don’t like some of his opinions. I swear to God all my friends are strongly opinioned about everything! If a bird flies sideways, they’re going to flip out and scream at me about it. As if I give a damn how a bird flies across the sky, it’s none of my business!

But Josh is more strongly opinioned towards people and the way they act in public, if he see’s someone not “acting there age”, he is going to complain about it and I’m going to have to listen to it. It’s really annoying when it’s someone he knows because he’ll go over to them and have a 10 minutes conversation about it where the other person usually gets mad at him; it makes no sense at all.

I got in my car and drove to my house to relax. I decided I would watch a movie or something, because I had to call Linda at around 5 o’clock tonight. She would be with her husband until after 4 o’clock but she said that if she didn’t call by 5 o’clock, I should call her. I didn’t argue with that logic so I left it at that.

I got home from the movies around 2 o’clock and decided I would get on the computer in my room. My parents so graciously put a computer in my room when I entered high school in ninth grade. They didn’t give me internet access until half way into my sophomore year though, which I didn’t mind, I knew I would get it eventually.

They tell me it’s a privilege to have a computer in my room and abusing such privileges can result in a loss of them. My father told me that when I got it and he reminds me almost every couple of weeks. Even today, he tells me I can easily lose my computer if I’m rude to him, but I usually blow him off. My father is a complete jackass.

I don’t just say that because I’m the typical rebellious child of any parent, I say that with 19 years of personal experience. My father has been on me since I was born to be perfect. Like Linda’s husband, my father is a big shot lawyer. He thinks he knows everything. He thinks he can tell me what to do, just because he has a bigger paycheck then me. I swear to God, the basturd is going to get what he deserves one day.

I turned on the computer and went to a drawer beneath and pulled out a flash drive. I plugged it into the computer and opened the many photos I had of Linda and began going through them, looking at each one carefully. Linda gave me this flash drive a few years ago and it was full of pictures and videos she made for me. She said that whenever I got lonely and wanted to see her, just plug in the flash drive and get my fix.

It was quite genius if you ask me, but stupid as well. If anyone in her school, a student, another faculty member, got a hold of it or found it because of my negligence; she would lose her job, without doubt! Not to mention it would ruin her marriage as well, not like I’m helping that right now either though.

I kept my pants on today because I knew I would see Linda tonight, so I only looked at a few pictures and decided that was enough. I eventually put the flash drive back and checked my emails. I had a couple spam emails and one specific email I had been waiting to get for around 14 hours.

I have been emailing this woman I met online through some teen dating website. She didn’t want to date anyone, but wanted some younger men to email and talk to. She told me her name was Sandy, but her screen name was Sandii3. I believed it, that was a legit name, but I would never meet this woman in person, that would be plain stupid.

I replied to her email and turned off the computer. I was so out of it suddenly so I decided to take a nap. I took off my pants and laid in my bed, half covered by the sheets and stared at the ceiling until I finally drifted off to sleep, the whole time, thinking about what Linda would want to do tonight.


In my dream, I was in a dark hallway. The floor, walls, and ceiling were all green and made out of marble. I was completely naked in this dream, except for a very thin white T-shirt, drenched in water, which stretched down just past my waist.

I started walking down the hallway, which seemed to never end until, in the darkness ahead of me, I saw the faint outline of a door. A huge wooden door stretching 84 inches high and 50 inches wide with dark velvet red door knobs. I walked towards the door and stopped when I was around 3 feet in front of the door, staring in awe at the size of the door and wondering what stood beyond it.

I took a step forward when a breeze from an unseen window blew past me, giving me chills. I suddenly realized I was naked and gasped.

“Why the hell am I naked?” I asked nobody, because I was alone.

Suddenly a snake slithered out from under the door and went past me, not caring to notice my presence. I let out a small shriek and turned around, only to see the presence of another woman. Someone I had seen before, many times, whose car had been a favorite place for us. Linda stood down the hall, around 15 feet away from me.

“Linda?” I asked, questioning my sanity in this place, “What’s going on, where are we?”

Linda stood very still, in silence, staring at me, like a statue. As I approached closer, I began to notice what she was wearing. A clear, see-through, blouse and stockings. As I got within inches from her body, her breasts fully visible, nipples erect, I reached out and touched her face, running my hand across her cheek, down to her neck.

“Linda, I’m scared, what’s going on?” I asked, so nervous I was shaking.

Linda’s upper lip began to quiver and a tear form in the duct of her left eye and rolled down her cheek, “Robert, how did you get here? Leave this place at once,” she faltered and held back a sob, “It’s not safe here.”

“What’s not safe, it’s just us. We’re alone right now, Linda, why isn’t it safe here?”

“You need to leave… now!” She suddenly turned a bolted the opposite direction she was facing, sobbing, until the silhouette of her body grew smaller and was eventually swallowed by the darkness.

I stood there, totally confused, “What the hell is going on?!”

I turned around and looked at the giant door in front of me. I didn’t know what was going on and there was nothing but this long hallway leading to this door. Confused and cold, I walked towards the door and stretched out a hand to turn the knob.

As I got inches from the door knob, I stopped. I pulled back and gasped. A bright light began to glow around the door. Through the cracks and outline of the door, a bright light shinned around the door, giving it an ominous glow. With a lump in my throat, I began reaching for the door handle again.

I wrapped my hand around the handle and began to turn but it doesn’t turn. I try turning it harder and giving a quick tug on the door, but it didn’t budge. It was locked, I guessed, and I took a step back and observed the door. I wondered what was beyond it and if it would get me out of this horrible place. I figured I wasn’t getting out that way so I decided to try the other way. I turned around and began walking the other way, opposite the door.

I began walking. Walking for an almost endless amount of time, the door vanished behind me, the farther I walked away. I felt like I was trapped in an endless hallway, like this was a dead end, and endless hallway until you suddenly dropped and died. Nothing covered the walls, no pictures, no decorations. The floors had no rugs, no tables with candles, nothing.

Only windows to my left supplied the room with light, the illumination of the moon, letting me see 15 or 20 feet ahead of me. I kept walking, only feeling the occasional breeze coming from the windows. I wondered how I had got there, where my clothes had gone, and why I was wet.

I was still drenched and it seemed to never dry. I kept walking until, finally, I saw, through the dark shadows, what looked like a door. As I approached it, it began to change its form from what I thought was a door to a grandfather clock. Dark mahogany and beveled with scratches, from what seemed like an animal. I cautiously walked toward it.

As I reached it, it was along the wall facing me, indicating a dead end. I had reached the end of the hallway. I hadn’t turned around and looked down the hallway I had just come from. It stretched on and looked as it did when I came down it.

“Where did Linda go?” I whispered to myself, completely baffled by where I was.

I turned back to the grandfather clock and studied it carefully. It was just like any grandfather clock I’d seen, the time displaying 12 o’clock in the morning and its pendulum swinging below. There was nothing special about this grandfather clock other then the pendulum below was a bright silver, instead of traditional gold.

I turned around and marveled in absolute confusion of the situation I was in. I walked over to the side of the grandfather clock and leaned against the floor. I slid my back across the wall until I was sitting on the floor, back against the wall. I tried to think of how I could get out. I leaned back, letting my head fall back against the wall in defeat, and closed my eyes.


I woke up in a sweat, lying on my bed. I laid there wondering about my dream. I remembered it vividly, the walls, the door, Linda. It scared the shit out of me. I sat up and looked at my clock which read 5:47pm. I jumped up and grabbed my phone which confirmed the time. I had slept for 3 and a half hours and totally forgot to call Linda. I opened my phone and saw 2 missed calls. Both calls from Linda.

The latest phone call was 16 minutes ago so I immediately called her to let her know I hadn’t forgotten about our plans tonight. The phone rang 3 times until I heard a muffled noise in the background for a few seconds, a door close, and the voice of Linda after that.

“Hello?” She asked, her voice soft and sweet, as I always remember it being.

“Hey Linda, its Robert, Sorry I missed your calls, I fell asleep this afternoon.”

“Oh Robert!” she said with a sincere enthusiasm, “I’m glad you called, I was dreading that you had forgotten about our plans tonight.”

“I would never do such a thing, are you still up for doing something tonight; we’ve only lost an hour of time.”

“Robert, I would love to see you, can you meet me at Home Depot?”

“The usual spot is perfect, I’ll see you soon.”

“Alright, I’m heading out the door now. Bye.” With that final statement she hung up the phone.

I hopped of my bed and looked in the mirror. I was beaded with sweat, that dream really messed me up. I went to the bathroom and washed my face real quick and applied some deodorant. I grabbed my keys and walked out the door, heading towards Home Depot.

We had decided we needed a good place to meet up, since we would only be using one car for the evening. We decided we would park my car at Home Depot and take Linda’s car to our rendezvous point. We have been doing that since November, 2 years ago.

I pulled into my usual parking spot, in the back of the parking lot and waited for Linda. I usually arrived first because I lived around 5 minutes from Home Depot, as to the 10 minutes Linda lives. Though she lives closer to the high school, which is what matters to her, she saves gas going to and from work.

When she arrived, I was eating a muffin I had brought with me. I put the muffin in a bag and set that in my glove box compartment for safe keeping. I climbed out of my car and put my keys into my pocket, locked my car, and went over to Linda’s car.

I climbed in the car and looked at Linda, “You look beautiful tonight!”

“Oh stop it,” she said teasingly, putting her hand on my shoulder, “You always say the nicest things.”

She leaned over and kissed me, passionately, for multiple seconds before withdrawing with a smile across her face.

“I missed you so much, Robert.”

“Linda, I’ve missed you too.” I leaned back in for another kiss and took my time with it.

It had been 3 weeks since I had seen Linda, which meant no communication of any kind, besides phone calls, which she had to make. Linda never put my number in her phone, but had memorized it so she could call or text anytime without her husband knowing. She would always delete the texts after a conversation to get rid of evidence though and she always paid the phone bill so her husband would never know who she talks too. We made sure we were careful with our affair.

“Where do you want to go tonight?” I half whispered, after I pulled back from our kiss to breathe.

“I was thinking we could go to the spot, just beyond the edge of town. We’ve only been up there a couple of times.”

“That works for me.” I leaned back in my seat and strapped on my seatbelt.

We drove out of the parking lot and got onto the nearest highway heading south. It would be about a 25 minute drive to the edge of town, considering it dragged on forever. I don’t know why we have such a small population in this town and yet it drags on forever with a bunch of housing or parks. This town would be perfect for couples looking to start a family, considering how many parks we have.

In this one town, we have probably 10 parks, at least, which are all filled with something for everyone ‘of any age’. The park by my house has a baseball field, which can also be used for kickball, softball, etc. There are also parks with big fields for soccer, tennis courts, swing sets for smaller children, and some have walking trails. I find the fact that we have so many pretty annoying.

As Linda drove to our location, I relaxed in the seat and watched the city blur behind me. We sat in silence for about 5 minutes before Linda decided to speak.

“Hey Robert, I just thought of something really kinky we could try.”

“What’s that?” I asked, my curiosity peaked.

“Unzip my pants and eat my pussy right here while I’m driving.”

The thought totally turned me on, “Linda, I’d love to, that sounds like a great idea, but are you sure it’ll be fine while you’re driving?”

“I know it could be dangerous, but I just want to try it.”

“Alright, let me know if you want me to stop.”

I leaned over and unbuttoned her jeans. She lifted up her body as I unzipped them and pulled them down to right above her ankles.

“Take my panties too Robert, I don’t want them to get in your way.” She said, lifting her body up again.

I pulled down her panties and exposed her pussy doing so. Just seeing her pussy gave me a hard on. I unbuckled my seat and positioned myself on my stomach leaning across the seat so my head was in-between her legs. I fit my right arm up and began to finger her pussy with my index and middle finger.

Linda let out a moan, “Oh Robert, that feels so excellent! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

I kept fingering her until her pussy was very wet, dripping onto the seat. I fingered her in and out slowly at first, but began to challenge myself and quickened my pace until I was fingering her at an incredible pace. Linda put her right hand on my head and moaned with an incredible passion. Hearing her moan made my hard on grow to a full erection.

She began to rub my head as I continued fingering her, moaning the entire time. I then put three fingers in her pussy and tried to finger her, which didn’t work out as well as I had expected. She really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t go as fast as I was with two fingers. I eventually took the three fingers out and thought for a moment. What if I put my entire hand inside of her, wouldn’t she enjoy that?

“Oh Robert, Why did you stop?” asked Linda as she rubbed my head.

“Sorry, I had a kinky thought; I’m going to try something new tonight.”

“Oh Robert, that’s my naughty boy, I’m willing to try anything you want to do.”

With that final statement, I leaned my head down between her legs and began to lick her pussy, sucking the juices that were dripping out of her onto the seat. As soon as I put my lips to her pussy, Linda let out an uncontrollable moan and leaned her head back in complete desire and pushed my head further into her pussy. I didn’t stop, but only licked and sucked on her pussy harder and longer.

I always try to challenge myself when I’m with Linda, so I decided I would see how far in her pussy I could get my tongue. I shoved my face as far into her pussy as I could, sticking my tongue out and stretching it as far as I could. As soon as I had stretched it as far as I could, I began to twirl my tongue in her pussy and enjoy the sound effects Linda made.

Linda put her right hand on the steering wheel and put her left hand against the door and let out a loud passionate moan. She lifted her body up in response and thrusted it into my face. I just kept twirling my tongue, clearly doing the job right by each moan I heard in response.

“Oh Robert, that’s incredible! Oh my God, that’s too much. Robert, I can’t focus on driving.”

I withdrew my tongue from her pussy and looked up at her with a smile. I slid back over to my seat and sat up. I looked down at her pussy, which was soaking the seat in her pussy juice.

“Dear lord, Robert, that was a totally new high. You’ve never gone so deep inside of me with your tongue before. That caught me by surprise.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Linda.”

“Enjoyed it,” she said with a laugh, “I absolutely loved it! If I hadn’t been driving, I would have loved to see how long you could do that.”

“I probably could for a good, long 25 or 30 minutes.”

“You’re so modest Robert, You could have probably swirled your tongue inside me for 45 minutes.”

“Probably so.” I had a smile across my face as I sat in the seat, my hard on pressing through my pants, begging for an escape.

I unbuttoned and pants and unzipped them, freeing my cock, which shot out like a slingshot ready to fire ammo. Linda looked over and smiled at the sight of my cock through my navy blue underwear. She took her right hand and rubbed my left arm.

“Robert, I have a good feeling about tonight.”

“I do too Linda, I’m sure you’ll love what I have in store for you.”

“You always please me and my wet pussy is proof.”

I looked at her pussy, which was still very wet, “Yeah, I’d have to agree with that.”

We only drove another 3 or 4 minutes before we took an exit off to the right and turned down a road with hardly any traffic, until we were the only car on the road. Once we reached the end of town, there was nothing but trees to our left and right. The tree’s cast an eerie shadow on the ground that started to give me the shivers, which happened every time we came up here, which had only been a couple of times since we’ve only started coming up here recently.

She found a clearing between the trees and pulled in. There was a beautiful view of the night sky; stars sparkling very bright in the night. I began to wonder if she would want to have sex in the back of the car tonight or if she’d be willing to go outside.

“Oh Robert, the starts look absolutely brilliant tonight!” Linda had a smile across her face.

“As you always do Linda.”

She smiled at me and leaned across the seat and pressed her lips against mine. We kissed passionately, not caring about anything else in the world, just that moment, just right there, with each other. We took off our seatbelts and Linda stopped for a second to pull her jeans and panties completely off. As we kissed Linda pushed her body weight across the seat and climbed on top of me, not stopping our kiss.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me. She had her hands around my head, holding it up as we kissed. She then slid her arms down my neck and down to my chest. She then put her hands on my chest and rubbed my stomach up to my chest and repeated the process many times.

Eventually, she pulled my shirt up and I leaned forward so she could take it off. She tossed my shirt into the driver’s seat and began kissing my chest, down my stomach, and stopped at my belly button. She opened the passenger’s side door and climbed out. I had already unzipped my pants so all that was standing in the way was my underwear. She pulled down my Jeans and tossed them into the driver’s side seat and quickly followed suit with my underwear.

I slid the seat back as far as it could go, but it wasn’t enough space for Linda to get in front of me, so I leaned my body out of the car door and Linda squatted down in front of my cock and wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock. She didn’t put it any further in her mouth, but began to tickle my cock with her tongue. She began circling the tip of my cock with her tongue, as though she were having too much fun in the moment.

She began slowly sliding my cock further into her mouth. She made slow movements, taking her time, not trying to rush anything. I just leaned my head back and let out slow, almost silent moans. The feeling of her lips around my cock was one of the best sensations I’ve ever had in my life. Generally, Linda didn’t like giving blowjobs, but she must have been in a good mood tonight.

She was pretty soon, stroking my cock at a mild pace and sucking every couple of strokes. After another 5 minutes, Linda stood up.

“So where do you want to fuck me?” asked Linda as she pulled off her shirt, revealing her see through white bra beneath.

“Did you bring a blanket?”

“I forgot to bring it, but if you wanted to do it in the grass, I can let you do that.”

“Alright, let’s start with eating a little pussy and we’ll see after that.”

She let out a bubbly laugh, “That sounds like a good enough idea to me.”

We both stood up outside the car and Linda switched positions with me, spreading her legs for me to enjoy.

“Linda, mind if we take this to the back of the car?”

“Absolutely not!” she stood up and led me to the back of her SUV and climbed into the back.

Before she turned over onto her back, she stood doggy style with her legs spread far apart. I climbed up behind her and before she could turn over I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. She let out a gasp in shock, not knowing I would do it so quickly.

“Oh Robert, you have to return the teasing when I tease you.” She was moaning at this point, passionately loving the cock shoved into her pussy.

“Remember that first time we had sex in your classroom?”

“Yes Robert, I never regret that day.”

“Your pussy was so tight that day, I think your pussy opens up to me now; it likes being fucked.”

“Yes Robert, my pussy loves it when you fuck me, you fuck me so hard and fast, it can’t get enough!”

As she said that, I put my hands on her waist and began slamming my cock into her as hard as I could. I thrusted at a pace I couldn’t describe. Linda let out moans I hadn’t heard before, but I knew she enjoyed it. I kept thrusting, not thinking to stop. Sweat began to form on my forehead and I began to feel physically exhausted.

“Want to switch positions?”

“Sure, what do you want to try?”

“Let’s just do something simple, ride on top of me.”

“Cowgirl position,” she let out a moan, “I love that one.”

I pulled my cock out of her and rubbed it slowly as she turned around. I then lied down on my back and she proceeded to climb on top of me. Before she let me put my cock inside of her, she leaned down and kissed me passionately on the lips. As she leaned down I wrapped my arms around her and unstrapped her bra. It slid down her arms and as she leaned up and slipped off, falling on my chest and revealing her breasts.

“I absolutely love your breasts!” I said, marveled by them, as I always am.

“Thank You, Robert,” she began to swing them in front of me, “I love my breasts so much.”

“I think bigger breasts bring more fun to the sexual table.”

“Oooh baby, want to suck on my tits?”

“Of course I do!”

Linda slid her body up to my chest and leaned her body down, propping her body up with her hands on the back of the backseat. I cupped her breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze before I began sucking on her left breast. Linda just moaned and let me play with her breasts any way I wanted.

I sucked on her breast for a long time, leaving a red spot around her nipple.

“Ride me baby; give me what you’ve got!”

“My pleasure Robert!” She scooted back to where my cock was.

She lifted her body up and slowly inserted my cock into her wet pussy. We both let out passionate moans as my cock went inside of her. Inside of her, bouncing up and down on my cock like a rodeo bull, she swirled her body around, enjoying the feeling my cock gave her while inside her.

“My pussy loves your cock Robert; I never want to take it out of me!”

“Then don’t baby,” I watched her incredible body swirling around, “Linda, I love you.”

“Robert, baby, I love you too!” she began to bounce, her breasts following suit.

She bounced on me for a long 10 minutes, not stopping or slowing from her incredible speed once. When she finally decided to stop, she fell over next to me, panting like she just ran 3 miles and looked at me with an incredibly beautiful smile.

She rolled on top of me and pressed her body against mine. I wrapped my arms around her as she pressed her lips against mine. We kissed passionately, sharing that moment.

“Robert, I had a question.” She looked me with a deep sincerity.

“Linda, what’s wrong?” I was both confused and marveled, “Did I do something wrong tonight?”

“No Robert, you were fantastic, you never make me unhappy,” she paused and kissed me again, rubbing her hand through my hair. “It’s silly, when you think about it, but I just wanted to tell you something.”

“Baby, nothing is silly to me, you can tell me anything. Talk to me Linda, what’s up?”

“Well,” she paused again, looking me in the eyes, “I had this dream, a couple of nights ago,” she studied my face before continuing, “I was alone, in a long hallway made out of some kind of stone and…” she faltered and a tear formed in her eye, “I was alone. Nobody was there, but I saw you and you told me something was going to happen, that we had to go through the door together and stop doing this.”

I hugged Linda, “Doing what?”

“I don’t know exactly, but all we really do is have sex.”

“So do you think we need to stop having sex?”

“I think we need to stop doing something. At least, that’s what I got from my dream.”

I paused, I was blown away by the dream she had. It gave me flashbacks of my dream from earlier that afternoon, before I saw Linda. They were so similar. What did it mean? Was something going to happen? Was it just a psychological scare?

“Linda,” I paused and made sure we made eye contact, “I have to be honest with you.”

“Yes, Robert, what is it?”

“I had a dream too, just earlier this afternoon.”

“You had a dream,” she slid off of me and sat up, “about what?”

I sat up and took a deep breath, “I had a dream that I was in this long, dark hallway. Nothing but a door was in my way—”

“A door?”

“Yes, a door, it was a huge door, probably 8 or 9 feet tall, but it was huge. Only it was—”

“Locked?” Linda frowned, “Was the door locked for you too?”

“Yes,” I was clearly getting something across, “The door was locked.”

“How bizarre.” Linda leaned against the back of the backseat and sighed.

“You think they’re linked at all?”

Linda sat up, “You know what, they just might be!”

“How do you figure that?”

“They’re so closely related and similar, they have to be related!” Linda had a smile across her face, like she had just solved a really complex puzzle.

“Alright, so what does the door symbolize?”

“I haven’t figured that out quite yet. It has to mean it’s the only way out, once we ‘stop what we’re doing’, we can go through the door and leave.”

“Leave what? This imaginary world we’re dreaming of?”

Linda had a serious look on her face, “Take this seriously, I have had more than one dream and they’re all leading up to something big.”

“Wait,” I sat up straight, “You’ve had more than one dream?”

“Yes, they were all in this same location!”

“What happened that was different in each one?”

“In the first one, I was confused and didn’t see you but for only a few seconds, when you told me to leave and not come back to that terrible place. I tried to follow you, but you ran away and disappeared. I tried opening the door but it was locked. When I tried opening the door, a bright light began to shine around the outline of the door and I backed up slowly from the door.

I tried looking for an exit the other way, but I ended up finding a dead end! Nothing but a grandfather clock was at the other end. No hallways leading any other ways or tables or even pictures on the wall. It was a very scary dream.”

It was so exact to my dream; I was totally in awe, “What happened in the next dream?”

By this point, Linda had tears in her eyes and couldn’t hold them back, “My next dream got even worse, and I was where standing where I was at the end of my last dream, by that grandfather clock, only there was a door to my right, which was not previously there in my last dream. I was… curious to open the door, but afraid of what might be on the other side. I walked over to the door and turned the handle, which turned, and opened the door slowly. On the other side of the door was—” she paused and looked me in the eyes, tears falling down her cheeks.

I scooted closer to her and wiped the tears from her eyes, “Linda, it’s alright, it was only a dream,” I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed the back of her head, rocking her slowly back and forth, “It’s going to be fine.”

Linda wrapped her arms around me and let out a sigh, “Thank you Robert, you don’t know how reassuring that sounds.”

“If you want to stop, you can—”

“No,” she interrupted me, “I want to tell you.”


She released her arms from around me and looked me in the eyes, “When I opened the door, standing on the other side was the beginning hallway, where my first dream began. I walked through the door and came out on the other side, standing in front of that giant door again. I closed the door and looked around, to see if anything was different other than the door. When I circled the room, everything looked the same, except the door. I turned back to the door, only it had vanished.

I walked to the spot on the wall where the door was just seconds ago, but it looked as though nothing had been there but the wall, it was as though I had imagined the door being there when it wasn’t.”

“So the door is a symbol of the way out?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“If you thought it had something to do with us having sex, why did you have sex with me tonight instead of telling me before?”

“Because I love you and I don’t know for sure if that’s what it means, it could be a personal issue between me and my husband, something with a co-worker, maybe a former school I went too, the list is endless. It doesn’t mean it’s about us and what we’re doing.”

It made complete sense to me. If I hadn’t had the same dream, I wouldn’t argue with her logic. For the simple reason that I had that same dream, I couldn’t keep quiet, I had to tell Linda.

“Linda, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Linda had a look of confusion across her face, “Yes Robert, what is it?”

“I, well… I kinda had the same dream.”

Linda gasped in shock, “What do you mean, you can’t possibly mean that you had the exact same dream.”

“Linda, What I’m saying is that, yes, I had the exact same dream. Mine was a little different, but as far as what happened, the door, the grandfather clock, that’s all exactly the same.”

Linda sat there in silence, clearly thinking about everything, “Dreams have to mean something, when two people, close together, have the same one.” She was talking more to herself than anyone.

“Linda, listen to me, it was probably just a freak thing. Let’s not read into it what it’s not.”

“You don’t understand Robert; I’ve been having these dreams consecutively for the past few days. Each one scarier than the last.”

“What do you mean when you say; each one is scarier than the last?”

“The first two were the only dreams that were… solid, if you can follow what I mean. I moved, talked to you for a brief second, and explored in the first two. After that, I just stood, perfectly still, staring at the door, as though I’m waiting for the door to open. I get weird angles of myself and hear… noises. Scary noises that make my skin crawl.”

“What kinds of noises?”

Clearly distraught by the memory, Linda shuddered, “I’d rather not discuss it.”

“Alright, I can respect that.”

“Robert, if these dreams mean something about our sex life, maybe we should stop.”

I didn’t like what I was hearing, but I couldn’t help but look at the facts. Maybe that clock meant time was being wasted. The door was the way out. I couldn’t get out until I stopped doing something.

“The snake…” I whispered to myself.

The snake must have meant something. Maybe it was that I had to stop my affair. I couldn’t think of anything else to explain it. I hated to admit it, but maybe that’s what it actually meant.

“The door won’t open unless we stop something. I hate to say it out loud, but I think you’re right. The affair is the only thing I could think of. Maybe if we stop having this affair, the door will open and we can, in a since, free ourselves.”

Linda looked like she regretted the suggestion, “Robert, I want you to know that this has nothing to do with you. I think it’s better for both of us, and I can’t say that I totally agree with this, if we stop having sex.”

I wanted to cry, I felt like this was the end, like I was saying good-bye or something. Linda and I had so many memories, especially in this car. I remember the first time we had sex in this car, at a park a year ago. I wanted to say that I changed my mind, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

“I have to… I have to agree. I don’t want to though, you make me really happy Linda, but if we stop having sex, we can still spend time together, right?”

“Robert, nothing would make me happier than getting to see you.”

“You don’t know how much that means to me.”

Linda got on her knees and leaned over to me and pressed her lips against mine as I slowly leaned back until I was laying in the back again, Linda on top of me, both of us kissing. I knew that would be the last time we would be naked in the backseat of her car, but I just wished I could make the memory last. Instead of thinking about it so deeply, I just focused on Linda.

I wrapped my arms around her and passionately kissed her back, making sure we had plenty of memories to remember. Even though it was the last time we would have sex, I knew it wasn’t the last time I would see Linda. I just wondered what we would do instead of having sex, when we would hang out. All I cared about was seeing Linda, and she knew that. I closed my eyes and kissed Linda until the stars began to fade and the sun rose the next morning, never once, regretting the times I had shared with Linda. 

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