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The Best Tip Ever

Greg never dreamed he would get the biggest tip of his life today.....
It was going to be a long four months! Tax season had begun and I was already boggeddown with audits, payroll taxes, and quarterly taxes. It was well passed lunch and I was starving. I called the deli on the corner and ordered my usual sandwich to hold me over until I got home…..which was going to be late.

Fifteen minutes later I hear the receptionist tell him to go ahead and go back. As Greg the delivery guy walks into my office holding a brown paper bag, he says, “Late lunch today Sheri?” I remove my glasses and look him up and down….he was simply delicious! Looking at him standing there made a fire sweep over my body and I wanted him.

I pushed back my chair and made sure I leaned way over to give him a good look at my cleavage. As I moved from around my desk and looked at him I knew he got a good look. Then I bent over at the hip to pick up my purse and give him a good long look at my ass.

As I stood up and turned to pay him I noticed he had a nice bulge in his pants. I handed him the money and walked around him and closed and locked my office door. I walked up to him and looked him in the eye and asked him “Have you ever fucked a married woman, Greg?”

“No, but I have thought about it a lot, just have to find the right married woman”, he said.

“Would you like to fuck me Greg?” I asked him

“I would love to fuck you.” he said.

I put my arms around his neck and pulled him in close, then kiss him with the passion of a hungry woman. His hands take hold of my hips and he pulls me in close to him so my tits are pushed up against his chest and I can feel my hard nipples up against it. I take his hand and put them on my tits. He moans as he begins to squeeze them and pinch at my hard nipples which makes me begin to moan. He kisses my neck then follows down the path that leads to my hard nipples that need his attention. He unhooks my bra and it falls to the floor.

The look in his eyes is that he can’t believe this is happening and he seems to be waiting for me to stop him…but I don’t. His mouth finds my nipple and he sucks it into his mouth while his hand pulls and pinches at the other one. I roll my head back feeling the pleasure of it and push my wanting pussy into his crotch. He is so hard and moaning. I begin to undo my jeans. I am so hot for him I can’t get out of them fast enough. His hand wasted no time traveling down my body, over my stomach searching for its desired destination. As his hand finds what it is looking for he smiles at my wetness. He slides his finger up and down my wet slit.

I am moaning louder and beginning to breathe heavy. I put my mouth next to his ear and whisper in it, “I need you to fuck me”, as I am pulling his shirt over his head. We kiss passionately as I work my hands undoing his jeans. The need to taste him is over powering me. I drop to my knees finish removing his jeans and take his cock in my hand and begin stroking it. He gasps as I lick the pre-cum from the tip. I open my mouth and slowly begin to suck him into my mouth. I stop half way and slide back up. I repeat this over and over. I need him to want me so bad he won’t be able to stand it. As I finally suck him all the way into my mouth he moans with such a deep yearning I know I have him right where I want him.

His animal instincts take over and he pulls me up off my knees and pins me to the wall. He is pressed so hard against me I have to catch my breath. I can feel the heat from his skin on mine. He lifts my right leg with his left hand and I can feel his hard cock at the entrance to my pussy. His eyes are filled with pure lust as he thrust himself inside of me. He lifts me so I can wrap my legs around his waist as he begins to fuck me hard and fast. I slide up and down the wall. He is grunting with every thrust but I need to feel him deeper inside of me. I whisper in his ear for him to sit in the chair and he complies but half-heartedly. I stand in front of him his eyes are fixed on my hands that are squeezing my tits. I straddle him and take his cock in my hand and guide it to my so very wet pussy.

I slowly begin to slide down on his cock feeling him fill me up until my ass hits his groin. I move my hips from side to side enjoying the feeling of his cock deep inside of me. I begin to move up and down on his cock as he reaches up and grabs my tits and squeezes them in his hands. My fingers are digging into his shoulders when he asks if he can cum inside of me. I look him in the eye and tell him, “I need you to fill me with your cum." He grabs my hips and begins thrusting his cock in me as I am moving up and down on him.

I moan out “make me cum on your cock," which makes him speed up his motions until I can feel the waves of pleasure rolling through me and I cry out as I flood his cock with my cum. As my pussy tightens around his cock he moans out from somewhere deep down within him. He fucks me faster and I feel his body tense, his grip on my hips gets tighter as he groans out “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum."

“Yeah baby, fill me with your cum,” escapes my lips.

He grunts hard as I feel his cock explode inside of me. I feel his hot load fill me deep and I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him hungrily.

As he leaves my office he turns and tells me, “You are the best tipper I have ever had!”

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