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The Breeding Room - Part I

A couple's new move, new job and new opportunites opens a door that will change their lives forever
Judy had already decided in her own mind that they were going to rent the house even before getting out of the car to view the property. It was the leafy suburb that had made up her mind. Driving down the tree lined avenue in the autumn sun that allowed the hues to be at their most perfect had been exhilarating for her.

She was already excited anyway; she had been for the past three weeks. The move from the UK to the USA had already lifted her spirits. Both she and Sandy she had been in dead end jobs and when he had secured a two year position with a large banking group in Baltimore they both sensed a new lease of life. Although she had to give up work as well she didn’t mind, there was work here for her and then there was also the option of taking the opportunity of a break in her career to start a family. Something, they had planned to do at the outset of their marriage two years ago.

As she opened the car door a tall, muscular, dark skinned male came down the driveway to greet them. “I’m Al.” He said taking Sandy’s hand enthusiastically. “Let me show you around.” He added as he took Judy’s hand.

His disarming smile and his gaze into her eyes made her heart flutter. He was handsome and he was blatantly sexual. His eyes had already stripped her naked and they were now feasting on her voluptuousness; all that in just a moment’s gaze. Al had left her no doubt that he would have her knickers off in the blink of an eye if he could. Judy was left wondering whether or not she would offer any resistance at all.

They walked either side of him as they walked back up the path. Al talked about the property and the neighbours but Judy paid little attention to him; she had already made up her mind and was now making plans in her mind to turn it into a home, their home. When they reached the porch Al put his arm around her waist to guide her up the step. “Do you have family Mrs Wells?” He asked her.

She shook her head. “” She told him looking up at him briefly.

The look in his eyes told her that he would personally like to change that situation. Judy felt her legs go weak momentarily.

She followed them both into the house and then at Al’s suggestion she left them and roamed freely. The house was empty of its furnishing and it allowed Judy to freely form in her own mind where things would go. Sandy would have his input of course but Judy was the homemaker in the relationship. They would have to buy new furnishings but they had money put by for that.

Judy spent some time in the kitchen and utility rooms and then went off upstairs where she found Sandy and Al again. They were talking about basketball; Al was a former basket ball player turned coach and had bought this and other properties as an investment.

“Like what you see so far Mrs Wells?” Al asked her.

“Judy please.” She told him. “Yes I do.”

“We do have one more to see.” Sandy cut in.

“I want this one.” Judy said without looking at him. “What was on that door?” She asked.

Both men turned to look at the bedroom door at the far end of the hall. It was painted white but there was about a square foot of area at head height where it was brighter. There must have been a picture or something hung on the door keeping the area clean.

“No idea.” Al told her.

Sandy laughed. “My wife has quite an unusual eye for detail.” He said.

Al looked at her and smiled “Would you like to take a look inside?” He asked her.

Moments later they were opening the door, Judy could see the screw hole in the door from where the object had been hung. As well as an eye for detail Judy also had a great sense of intuition and premonition. There was something about the room. It wasn’t unpleasant, far from it. It was something nice; something warm; something sexual. Judy could feel a sexual tingle running through her. “Was this the previous couple’s bedroom?” She asked.

Al looked a little taken aback with her question. “” He told her. “It was the one down the other end of the hall.” He said pointing down the hallway.

Judy looked up at him. He was hiding something. He could not hold her gaze. She knew that he was lying. “Why do you ask?” He asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s nothing.” She replied. “Just something I sensed.”

Half an hour later they all shook hands again. It was not a goodbye one but a contract agreement one. Al had left the two of them to wander around on their own and in the rear garden Judy turned to Sandy and told him that she wanted the house. “The house feels good.” She told him. “I want to start a family as well. Here would be ideal.” She said quietly as she hugged him.

“What, right here and now?” Sandy joked.

Judy smiled. She turned to the house and saw Al looking out at them from the bedroom window of the room that had intrigued her. He was stripping her again; she could feel it. He was naked too, stark naked as she helped him to her strip her. His huge erection was hovering close to her waist; its black skin was taut; the veins were almost bursting and the bulbous head seemed red with rage. There was also a white globule of cum seeping from its opening. Suddenly his hands reached impatiently for the waistband of her knickers. He wanted her; he was wanting to fuck her; he was wanting..............dare she say impregnate her. Judy had to turn away from his gaze to snap out of her vision.

When she looked back again he was gone but she still felt drawn to the room. There was something about that room; something sexual; something that was drawing her to it. Something had taken place there, she knew it. Judy vowed that she would find out.

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