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The Business Trip Affair, Part 1

Business trips can't always be serious. You're supposed to have some fun, right?
A new couples resort was opening in Jamaica. As the owner of a travel agency I needed check it out; first hand views are always the best in selling a vacation. I have three employees: two part-time, and one full. I always take one employee since I don't want to be the only one with knowledge on resorts. Jordan was my full-time employee and I almost always took him.

It had only been a few weeks since I slept with Jordan to fill my husband's fantasy, now I was about to travel abroad with him. I knew it was for work and had separate rooms, but was this appropriate? Would there be sex? What if Kyle found out I was unfaithful on this trip, if I did? Could it ruin their friendship they've had since childhood? My thoughts of sex, and consequences ran through my mind. I had no idea what this trip would truly be like, but I couldn't help but wonder how fun it would be to have Jordan again.

The night before we left Jordan stayed with us, Kyle was driving us to the airport and it would just easier if we could just go straight there. At dinner Kyle asked the question I had been wondering myself: "Are you guys going to have sex?"

Before Jordan or I could speak, Kyle spoke again, "I don't care, just be open about it. I know Ali will always come home to me."

Now that was true, Kyle and I have a bond that nothing could come between, not even sex. Jordan understood that too, and I'm grateful that he knows I love Kyle and respects the relationship.

I responded, "I guess I haven't thought about it. As I said before, I'm faithful to you."

"As long as you come home to me baby girl, I don't care if you and Jordan have sex."

I look over and look at Jordan, "What are your thoughts?"

"As long as I don't ruin your marriage, I'm good with whatever you want."

It was settled that we'd keep our minds open to the possibilities. Kyle was okay with whatever went on and that's all I cared about.


At 3:15 a.m Kyle dropped us off at the airport. I've never seen an airport so quiet. It was Tuesday, not a popular day to fly.

Jordan and I made our way to the baggage desk, and checked in our luggage. We proceeded to security, we were greeted by the security team, who by this time in our careers knew us well. As they did their routine check, they asked where we were going this time, and asked about Kyle. It was nice to see them so friendly.

After security we stopped and bought breakfast at a small kiosk, and headed for our gate. We ate breakfast in the waiting area, talked, and realized that we may end up being the only ones on the flight. This was our first leg of the trip, three hours to Atlanta, GA. We boarded and realized our suspicion as correct. We were going to be alone.

As we took off we went over the business plans and the major things that I wanted see. We discussed everything from beach conditions to food quality and what we felt we needed to see to feel confident n adding to our "Top Picks" for clients. All inclusive resorts are popular, but quality suffers at times.

About an hour into the trip, Jordan went to the bathroom. We were sitting in the very back giving us the most privacy away from the flight crew. I heard the toilet flush and got up to meet him at the door. As he opened it, I startled him when I pushed him back inside, shutting and locking the door behind me. The small lavatory was perfect. I undid his pants, exposing his long, semi-erect dick.

"What the hell are you doing?"

I just looked up with loving eyes. Without saying a word I stroked his cock with my hand. I got on my knees. I started to suck on his cock and he began to moan.

I bobbed my head up and down. I glanced up and saw Jordan was thoroughly enjoying his surprise blow job. He placed his hand on the back of my head, he ran his fingers through my long hair. He moaned, "Oh my God, you're so amazing."

I stopped, kissed his balls, smiled, and said, "Yeah, you like this?"

"Do I like this? You have to be joking. Of course I love this. You're doing great."

"Haha... good."

I went back to playing and sucking him off. Soon he started jerking; I knew he was about to cum. I held my head still and let him shoot off into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of cum I could.

He pulled his pants up and we exited the bathroom. A flight attendant spotted us exit and gave us a strange look. I was quick to respond, "I was starting to feel sick. He just wanted check on me and held my hair for me."

I don't know if she bought the excuse. We took our seats once again and Jordan whispered, "I don't know what was hotter, the blow job, or the fact you totally down played it when caught."


After checking in we went our own ways. We had dinner reservations together that night at the steak restaurant on site. The dress code was black-tie for the steak restaurant. I had my favorite dress. It was a strapless, black, satin material that rested just below the knee and I paired it with matching heels and a white short-sleeved sweater.

By the time I got to the restaurant, Jordan was sitting at our table. He smiled, stood up, and held my chair out for me. "Thank you," I said.

As he sat down across from me, he responded, "You're very welcome."

I asked for his opinions and if he had found any issues, so far it was going perfect. I had no complaints either. Jordan and I talked about our day and he said, "I've been thinking about it earlier on the plane all day. I've honestly never experienced anything like it before."

"Glad you enjoyed your surprise."

"You should come up to my room after dinner. I want to be able thank you properly."

I shrugged my shoulders and simply said, "We will see."

As we got on the elevator, Jordan hit number three for his floor, and I hit five for mine. I wasn't planning on getting off at five, but didn't want show my hand too early."

The elevator clicked upwards reaching the third floor. Jordan was shocked when I stepped off with him. "Thought you hit five?"

"I did. I wanted to throw you off. I figured if I didn't hit five, you'd know I was going back with you. Then where's the surprise in that?"

He wrapped his arm around me and I leaned into him. I leaned up against his door. He pressed his body against me and opened the door. Once inside he picked me up. I let out a playful yell, giggled, and went in for a long passionate kiss. He carried me across the room, placed me on the bed and got on top of me. "I've been wanting to fuck you all day."

"I want you to fuck me all night."

He kissed me deep and passionately for a long time. Eventually, he moved down to my neck. I slipped the white sweater off my shoulders. He kissed my neck and bare shoulders and let his hand wander up my skirt. He placed his hand against my panties. He rubbed his finger into my slit, through the panties. "Mhmm, oh my God, Jordan, you feel so good! I missed the way you touch me."

"I missed the way your body feels too. I wished I had you every night."

He sat me up, unzipped my dress, and pulled it over my head. He took his tie, jacket, and shirt off. As soon as he took his shirt off he pinned me on the bed once more, kissing my lips. He slowly made his way down to my breasts. He sucked on them, twirling his tongue and gently biting each one.

I wrapped my legs around him as I moaned. When he got up to take his pants and boxers off, I took my panties and heels off. I watched as he pulled his cock out; I had been fantasizing about it all day long.

He kissed my lips as he finger fucked me for a couple minutes. My pussy squeezed his finger as I came, "OOh, mhmm. Ahh."

"You like that? How about this?"

As I was coming off the intense orgasm I just had without warning, he shoved himself deep inside. Once he was fully in, he leaned down and kissed my lips. As he kissed me, I reached up and held his head down to my lips. As he slowly began to thrust, I released his head. Grabbing the sheets in my fists, I moaned loudly.

My eyes where focused on his. I loved the small sparkle in his brown eyes as he was pumping himself inside. He placed his left hand on my right breast and squeezed. Once again, I came loudly. Jordan soon followed.

We cuddled up underneath the sheets. I kissed him and told him, "That was one of the best encounters in bed I've had with someone."

"Glad I was able make you happy. I always have the best orgasm with you."

As we drifted off I reminded him, "Just think, we have an entire week here together."

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