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The Club part 1

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Couple tries swinging

Steve and Heather have been married for nineteen years, getting married right out of high school. They dated though high school and planned on getting married after college, but accidents happen. The two didn’t use protection when Heather finally let Steve’s cock into her vagina after a graduation party. The two were married later that summer with their daughter, Judy, born the following March. They would often kid about their shotgun wedding, but they were very much in love.

Steve went to a local college with both their parents help. Many sacrifices were made to set up their family. Steve worked hard while going to school and Heather also worked while he was going to college. That hard work paid off with them setting up a very successful career. They raised their daughter, Judy, getting her off to college after her eighteenth birthday.

For the first time since they were married they found they had time to themselves. They had always enjoyed a good sex life when they had time. Between work and raising Judy there never seemed to be time or energy for of sex. Being empty nesters, they had more time on their hands and that time together increased their sexual appetite. Before they sent Judy off to college, sex occurred only on weekends and most times that was only twice a month at most.

Heather had never been one to initiate sex nor was she into anything kinky. Steve saw a new side of Heather the week after Judy went to college. Steve was helping Heather clean up Judy’s room when Heather started getting “frisky”.

Heather sat on her daughter’s bed, “You think our daughter has had sex on this bed?”

“Hey, I don’t want to think of our daughter that way,” Steve snapped back.

“Come on, you know she probably isn’t a virgin. You remember when I snuck you into my house and you fucked me all night with my parents in the next room? I wonder if that boy Chad was banging her little pussy when we were sleeping next door?” Heather said rubbing her crotch.

“What are you doing honey?” Steve asked as Heather was taking her shorts and panties off.

Heather tossed her shorts and panties on the floor. “I’m either going to finger myself here or my husband is going to fuck me on our daughter’s bed.”

“As much as I would like to watch you finger yourself, which to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen with the lights on, I think I will choose option number two.” Steve shed his clothes before crawling between his wife’s legs. He shoved his cock into her waiting pussy. He was surprised to find her sloppy wet.

They fucked like kids both cumming two times leaving a big wet spot on their daughter’s bed. “Damn, we haven’t fucked like this in a long time,” Heather said. “You think that Chad made our Judy cum like I just did in this bed?”

“I told you I don’t want to think of Judy that way, but it was pretty great fucking you in her bed.”

Over the next couple of months Heather and Steve were fucking every chance they could in every room in the house. Heather even asked Steve to try some role playing. Their first time was playing door to door salesman. The next time they played teacher – student with Heather being the student.

Heather came up with more elaborate scenarios most where Steve was playing a role for her including their neighbor. He finally asked her, “Would you ever consider actually fucking another man?”

“Hell no, I would never cheat on you.” Heather snapped back.

“I didn’t say anything about cheating on me, I said sex with another man. Neither one of us has been with other people. Are you going to tell me that with all this role playing you haven’t thought about what it would actually be like to have one of those men inside you?”

A little grin slipped across Heather’s lips, “Okay, I’ll admit it. I have thought about it, but we’re married we can’t do that.”

“Let’s break this down. In your mind you have fucked a salesman, the plumber, a teacher, the bartender and our next-door neighbor, right?” Heather nodded. “In your mind you have fucked at least five other men and you still love me, right?”

“Yeah, but that was just role playing. We’re married, it would be wrong to fuck someone I’m not married to.”

Steve laughed, “According to who? We have had the best sex we’ve ever had pretending to be other people. I think it is because both of us would like the excitement of raw sex with others. That has nothing to do with love. You closed your eyes and pretended that the cock that was ramming your pussy was not mine but something new. It excited you and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Heather snapped back at him “But it was your cock slamming into my pussy. I think you just want to slam your cock into other pussies. That is why you are saying this.” Heather got up and stormed out of the room.

Heather pouted for the next day only talking to Steve one time snapping at him, “So you want me to become a slut, fucking other men then you will hate me.” Before he could respond she stormed off again.

Heather again the next day gave Steve the silent treatment. Steve, knowing he had pissed her off gave her space not trying to engage her. He saw her intently on the computer several times but thought nothing of it.

Steve went to bed with Heather still on the computer figuring she was still mad at him. Steve awoke believing he was dreaming of getting a blow job. As the fog of his sleep cleared, Steve found that he was not dreaming but his wife’s lips were wrapped around his cock. “Oh God, that feels so good honey.”

Heather sucked and stroked till her mouth was full of full of Steve’s cum. She swallowed it then snuggled up with her husband. “Damn, you are good at sucking dick. I hope this means you’re not mad at me anymore?” Steve asked cautiously.

“No, I’m sorry I was acting so childishly. I am clearly turned on by our role play, I think I was afraid to admit that. I’ve always been told that good girls don’t think that way. Are you sure won’t hate me if I say yes that I am curious about what another man inside me would feel like?”

Steve leaned in kissing Heather, “I love you and I just want you to be happy. If you want to experience sex with others, I want you to do it with my blessing.”

“I believe you. I have this fear that you will see me having sex with another man and you will hate me for it or you will find some woman prettier and better in bed than me. Either way I lose you.”

“Really, with that blow job you just gave me, no one can top you. But who cares anyway it would just be for the fun of it. I cannot imagine it would be anything but a physical act with no attachment. You know that fear goes both ways. As hard as it to believe, there are guys out there with bigger cocks than me. You might get hooked on one of those big cocked youngsters and I would lose you.”

Heather laughed, “Not that I’m saying yes, but I am curious.”

“What caused the turn around from being mad at me to giving me a great blow job?”

“You’re right I was mad, but I started doing my research.” Steve gave her a quizzical look. “Yes, my research. I looked at several swinger sites. I read stories and testimonials then I looked into swinger clubs.”

“And what did my princess find?”

“I read several from people just like us, wanting to explore new sexual experiences. I was afraid it was going to be all young beautiful people, but was not the case. I also found a nice club that might be interesting.”

“Wow, are you saying you are ready to try a swinger club?”

Heather kissed him on the cheek, “No, but I’m ready to check it out.”

“You have me curious, what did you find out?”

“There is a private club near us that caters to couples our age. It is strictly invitation only and only for couples. You apply by email then if they accept you, you have a private meeting before your first party. There is no pressure, you can watch and do as much or as little as you want once you are accepted.”

“Again wow, I can’t believe you went this far. Are you going to put in an application?”

Heather smiled, “I did before I came to bed.”

“I have something to admit to you.” He paused, “I’m horny as shit right now, I need my cock inside you or I’m going to burst.” Steve climbed on top of his wife fucking her hard.

The follow day Steve was in his car heading home from work when his wife called excited. “They accepted us! We have a meeting this Saturday at 6:00 to get admitted.”

Steve broke several speeding laws getting home. “What do we do now?” Steve asked.

“The e-mail says we are to arrive at 6:00 dressed casually. It says to be prepared to strip during your initiation if you are serious. If we are passed to attend the party, we should be prepared to dress for a lingerie party. It also clear that we will not be required to participate in any sexual activities. Last thing is we have to we have to give them $100 entry fee, nonrefundable for each of us. What do you think?”

“This is your play, I’m in if you’re are.”

Heather smiled hitting send on the payment button.

That Saturday they drove the 40 minutes to a secluded gate. Steve pushed the button and announced they’re names. The large gate swung open. “Are you ready for this?” Steve asked.

“I guess, I’m so nervous I think I’m going to pee.”

Up the driveway they drove, finding a four-story mansion with a large parking lot next to it. There were a few cars but mostly the lot was empty. Heather took hold of Steve’s hand as they walked to the door. A tall, thin, big-breasted redhead in jeans and a polo greeted them. “You must be Heather and Steve, I’m Holly.”

Holly took them back to small row of offices off to the side of the living room. She gave them three sets of forms asking them to fill them out and sign. Holly excused herself, explaining she had to greet two other new couples.

The first form was a health form, while the second was a non-disclosure agreement and the final form was a membership form. Holly had told them to fill out and sign the first two but only fill out the third without signing it. Membership would be by mutual agreement if Heather and Steve were accepted and they wanted to join.

Fifteen minutes later Holly knocked on the door before entering. Heather let out an audible gasp when they saw that Holly was now wearing only a black lacy pantie and bra set with matching black fishnet and high heels. “Should I take that gasp as a compliment or not?” Holly asked coming in the room.

“I’m sorry, a big compliment. I’ve very intimidated right now. I could never compete with you,” Holly said.

“Oh honey, this isn’t a competition. You look great! I can’t wait to see more of you. But let’s talk first.”

Holly went over the rules and the layout of the house, emphasizing with them that they would never be pressured or should never pressure anyone to do anything. Steve was surprised that Heather did most of the talking for them. Heather told Holly that they wanted to expand their sexuality but weren’t sure if this was the right thing for them. Heather confided that they were both virgins when it came to being with other people. For that reason among others, their nerves were high.

Holly told them that they had already done the hardest thing, getting up the nerve to come here. She suggested that they just let things happen naturally. “Do you have any boundaries set?” Steve gave Holly a puzzled look. “You know like: no kissing, no intercourse, no anal or something else.”

Heather spoke up, “We really haven’t discussed that.”

"I think you should. You don’t want to have one of you with the idea that you are just going to watch and turn around to find other one fucking someone. I’m going to leave you now. This will be your first test. I want you both to undress completely before I come back and discuss your boundaries if you are ready for this. If you have your clothes on I will know your answer with no judgment.”

Holly walked out of the door, “Are we ready for this?” Steve asked his wife. Rather than answer she simply took her clothes off. “I guess that answers my question. What are our boundaries?”

“I know this may sound contrary to my plan to just come and watch, but I don’t want to set any limits. I want to just see how this plays out. I mean if we find a woman who wants to suck your dick, and we agree, then you let her suck your dick. If we just want to watch, then we just watch. Make sense?”

“It really does,” Steve said pulling his boxers off. “Wow, you look hot.”

Heather grabbed his semi hard cock in one hand and started kissing him.

Steve’s cock was fully hard when Holly walked in. “MMM, save some of that for me. I guess you’ve decided to keep going forward.” Heather smiled and nodded. “If you’re ready, put your underwear back on and I will give you a tour.”

“We don’t have to be naked?” Heather asked.

“No that was a test to make sure you were serious. But, you are welcome to be naked if you want to be, you both look hot by the way.” Holly replied.

Holly took them on a tour of the house, showing them the different rooms in the house. Their first stop was the basement which contained the lockers where they put their clothes. On the main floor was the large bar and dance floor along with the offices. The second and third floors contained several rooms with different set ups. Some with beds, others with couches or pads on the floor. On the fourth floor Holly showed them what were called the orgy rooms, both open rooms with padded floors with couches around them.

Holly led them back to the bar area where the other two new couples were congregating. Other guests were making their way to the lockers stripping to their underwear. Drinks were flowing as the couples mingled. Holly whispered in Steve’s ear “A word to the wise. I know you’re nervous, but don’t drink too much. You wouldn’t want to get too drunk to keep that thing up between your legs. I might want to sample it later.”

As the regulars arrived, some started dancing and others made their way upstairs. The newbies seemed like magnets to the regulars. Heather and Steve found them talking with several couples all clad in lingerie. Heather was feeling anxious at first about talking to total strangers in just her bra and panties, but she surprised herself how quickly she became comfortable being practically naked.

Mark and Kitty were a couple about their age who introduced themselves. Mark was similar in height to Steve right at six foot tall. He had a little patch of grey that made him look distinguished. Mark like his wife Kitty were good shape with just a little extra padding. They appeared to be in their late 30’s or early 40’s. Kitty at 5’ 2” was shorter than Heather with nice full breasts on her small frame. Mark was wearing only dark blue boxers and Kitty had on a pink bra and pantie set that barely covered her tits. Mark and Kitty pulled them to a group of five couples that were congregated by the dance floor.

Introductions were made with the guys all checking out Heather and the girls checking out Steve. Kitty told them like most groups, cliques form and this was the group that tended to play together. They were all about the same age while varying in size and shape.

They were getting along well when Kitty called out, “Oh my God, this is my favorite song!” She pulled Steve to the dance floor.

“I’m not a good dancer,” Steve said to his new friend Kitty.

“Its not about the dancing, its more an excuse for us to rub against each other.”

Steve looked back to find Mark pulling Heather on the dance floor next to them along with the rest of the little group. It was so much as dancing as Kitty rubbing against and Mark doing the same with Heather. For the next several dances they switched up partners with all rubbing against each other and hands going everywhere.

Several took a break including Steve and Heather to get a drink. “Having a good time?” Steve asked Heather.

“Yes, I’m having a great time. Hope you don’t mind but these guys don’t seem to have boundaries on where their hands go, and I saw that their wives’ hands were all over you too.”

“Yeah, at one point I had two hands on my crotch. Are you okay with this?” Steve asked.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I loved it. If you don’t mind, next time on the dance floor I’m going to do a little feeling around myself.” Heather kissed her husband, “I love you.”

“You know that they say, if it feels good, do it or grab it.”

Just then one of the girls on the dance floor yells out, “Bras off!” The women on the dance floor start tossing their bras to the side to the hoots of the guys.

Kitty was getting a drink stops by Steve and Heather. “Don’t feel pressured to follow them if you don’t want to,” Kitty whispered to Heather.

Heather looked to Steve and smiled. She gave him a look like “Should I?”

Steve smiled back, mouthing “If you want to, go for it.”

Heather looked back at Kitty, “I’m willing if you’re going to.” Kitty ginned reaching behind her releasing her bra setting in the table. Heather followed her lead releasing her tits.

The next song was a slow one. “Finally, a slow song,” Kitty said grabbing Steve. She held Steve tight rubbing her breasts against his naked chest. Kitty slipped her hands about his butt grabbing his ass pulling his crotch tight as hers.

Mark and Heather were next to them doing essentially the same thing. Mark pulled her in tight to his chest feeling her hard nipples rubbing against him. “You are so beautiful, I love how you feel against my body,” Mark whispered in his ear.

“I can feel you too, if it wasn’t for my panties I think you would be inside me.” Mark pulled back a little. “I didn’t say I wasn’t enjoying it, get back here,” Heather said pulling him close and wiggling her crotch against the tent in his boxers. Mark slid his hand waist massaging her tits. The song ended with the four returning to their table. During the song the other couples in their little group headed upstairs.

“You alright?” Steve asked Heather as they reunited at the table.

“Yes, I can’t believe I just did that. You don’t think I’m a big slut now don’t you?”

“Are you kidding me, you are so hot right now. I love you so much.” Steve leaned in kissing her.

“Oh great, it was so exciting. I can see you are excited too.” Pointing to the bulge in his boxers.

Just as they broke their kiss, Mark tapped Steve on the shoulder. “We’re going to up to a private room, we would love for you two to join us. No pressure, we will be in room three if you want to join us.”

“Let us talk it over.” Steve said as Mark winked at Heather before grabbing Kitty by the hand, leading her upstairs.

Steve turned to Heather as they walked off, “What do you think?”

“I think if we go, we have to agree that we are not just going to be watching.” She patted him on his hard cock in his boxers. She whispered in his ear, “You're about to burst down here and I’m dripping between my legs. To answer your question, yes I want to go. Are we in agreement that if we walk up those stairs we are having sex with Mark and Kitty?”

Steve held out is hand, “Your decision, I will love you either way.”

Heather kissed him patting him on the crotch, “Let’s do it.”

Heather and Steve made their way up the stairs looking for room number three. The knocked on the door lightly.

Mark opened to the door to the dimly lit room. He extended his hand to Steve, “We’re so glad you guys decided to join us.” Heather immediately noticed that Mark’s boxers were off and his cock was pointing at her. Kitty motioned for Steve to join her on the couch. As Steve sat on the couch he looked back to see Heather and Mark in a embrace kissing. Steve and Kitty joined them locking lips on the couch.

Mark walked Heather backwards to the queen-sized bed next to the door. Mark gently positioned Heather on the side of the bed moving his head down to suck and kiss her nipples. Heather moaned loudly when Mark slipped his hand under her panties inserting a finger into her pussy.

With his finger in her pussy Mark moved his lips to her ear, “I would love to taste you.”

Heather lifted up her hips allow Mark to take her panties off. Her eyes focused in the dark enough to see Kitty on her knees in front of her husband obviously sucking his cock. “Holy fuck, that feels good,” Heather called out as Mark dove his tongue into her pussy.

Kitty was sucking hard on Steve’s cock when she suddenly stopped. Kitty pushed Steve back on the couch, then straddled him guiding her pussy onto his cock. “Fuck Steve, your cock feels so good inside me,” Kitty called out.

Heather didn’t hear her, she was in the midst of her own orgasm. She had flung her head back on the bed moaning that she was cumming. Once Heather released her death grip on Mark’s head, Mark looked over confirming that his wife bouncing up and down on Steve’s cock. He slid up Heather’s body guiding his cock to her pussy lips. She pulled his head to hers kissing him, “Oh god yes, fuck me.”

Mark buried his cock into Heather’s slit.

The four of them were fucking loudly, each moaning and grunting. Not surprisingly with the sucking Kitty had done before they started fucking, Steve was the first to cum. Kitty kept riding him till she came. Mark followed them closely filling Heather with several large squirts.

For several moments all that could be heard in the room was heavy breathing of them catching their breath. Kitty and Steve joined them on the bed. Heather broke the silence. “I guess our plan to just watch on our first time is out the window.”

Mark sat up quickly, “Oh fuck, did we push you guys into something you weren’t ready for?”

Heather laughed, “No no, we knew when we walked up those stairs we were going to fuck. Honey, you looked like you enjoyed having Kitty ride you.”

"Oh God yes, it was incredible. You sounded like you were having a good time on the bed,” Steve said.

“Was I that loud when I came? I loved it. What do we do now?”

Mark piped up, “We can rest up and go again. Or, we can go up to one of the big rooms to play with some of our friends.”

Heather and Steve looked at each, “We’ve taken some big steps tonight. I’m not sure I’m ready for the big room. If it is okay with you guys I wouldn’t mind trying this again with just us four. Maybe next time I will be ready for the group.” Heather spoke up stroking both Steve and Mark’s cocks.



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