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The Cruise - Day Two

Life can completely change in a moment.

I awoke in my favorite position, with my wife in my arms cupping her breast. I had no idea what time it was and didn't care. This is our vacation. Lying there listening to Ann purr, I thought about our first day of the cruise and how that all transpired.

It was almost bizarre the way we ended up swapping wives without a word being said about it. There was definitely some chemistry there, some unspoken language.

The gentle rocking of the ship gave us a real sound sleep even though the mattress was beyond firm. It also could be that we were just exhausted from all the intense sex last night.

I tried slipping my arm away without waking Ann. She stirred slightly but went right back to sleep. Ann still smelled like sex from the pounding she received.

I had gone into the sitting area to call room service as quietly as possible, and placed an order for a pot of coffee and some toasted bagels.

After I showered I put on my swim shorts and grabbed the pool towel throwing it around my neck.

Room service had knocked hard at the door and had woken Ann.
"Could you get the door hun? Who could that be?" Ann, asked.

When I opened the door and there was Dave holding our tray of coffee and bagels.

"They left this out side your room and I thought you might want it."

"Thanks, room service must have brought it while I was in the shower. Come on in."

Ann was now fully awake, but not bothering to cover herself, just lying there nude.

"Humm, you look good enough to eat!" Dave said, leering at her.

"No way! I still need to wash off from last night," Ann protested, as she walked quickly toward the shower. 

"Why bother? You are just going to get more from where that came from," Dave teased.

Ann shouted over the running shower. "You guys go down to the hot tub and I will join you in a few."

I grabbed my bagel and coffee, and we retreated to the jacuzzi. There were public pools on all decks but the one on ours was a private pool and hot tub, because we were on the penthouse floor.

There was no one in the jacuzzi when I arrived. I set the timer and the bubbles started up. Dave was over at the bar getting some type of fruity cocktail.

"A little early for that don't you think?" I asked.

"Look at the clock dude. You only think it is morning because you were up all night fucking my wife. I think you spoiled her." 

"Ann seemed to enjoy her herself too, from what we and the rest of the ship heard," I answered back.

"Yeah, your wife sure likes sex and lets you know it," Dave replied with a laugh. Then he added, "You are a fortunate man!"

"You are not telling me anything I don't know. Linda is no slouch in the sack either. Have you done this before?"

Dave answered, "We had fantasized about going to swingers clubs and have talked about meeting a couple spontaneously, but this was a first and it was great great!"

"Comparing notes?" Ann asked, smiling as she and Linda approached the jacuzzi in their skimpy bikinis.

"Wow! You both look great!" I said, with a grin. 

Linda had on a yellow and white polka dot bikini with a top that just barely covered her nipples, and had a bottom that disappeared between her cheeks.

Ann was a bit more conservative, but was still super sexy in her white string bikini, contrasting her California tanned skin.

As Linda stepped in the hot tub she started to laugh at how my board shorts were blown up like a balloon from the bubble jet I was sitting on. Dave was wearing a speedo, so that was not a problem for him.

"What are your plans for the day?" I asked.

Linda replied, squeezing my leg, "I would like to pick up where we ended last night."

"And I would like to see what else there is on the ship, and do some exploring. So far all I have seen is the assembly hall, dining room, the cabin and of course your luscious body up close an personal," I replied to Linda, with her giving me a sad face.

"We should all get dressed and go check out the agenda," I offered.


Lunch was cafeteria style. A virtual feast. The buffet had carved roast beef, pork roast, lamb, five kinds of potatoes, gravy, different kinds of bread, many vegetable casseroles, soups, salads, and an entire table of desserts.

"Holy crap! I just gained five pounds looking at the menu," Dave joked, with a laugh.

I tried to be frugal as I went through the line, but pretty soon my plate was overflowing. I noticed every one else's was also.

I took the ship itinerary from the display rack with us to the table, along with our food and tried to discuss the upcoming agenda with them, but it seemed as though only Linda was listening to me. Ann and Dave were in a world of their own, playing footsie under the table. 

"They have karaoke in ten minutes at the Buckaroo Room," I suggested, trying to gain some interest, but again Linda was the only one listening. I was actually getting a bit jealous of Dave seducing my wife, or visa versa. We came on this vacation together and I was spending my time with another mans wife. A gorgeous wife, but still another mans wife.

"Come on Mike! Let's go sing," Linda suggested, pulling my hand.

"Are you guys coming?" I asked, hopefully.

"Oh yes we will be cumin! We are going back to the room," Dave said, with a suggestive smile.

Linda and I headed out to the Buckaroo Room, leaving my hot wife and Dave to sing their own song.

Linda was a surprisingly good singer. She did justice to Patsy Clines Crazy. Then she talked me into trying to sing King of the Road. People applauded politely, but it was hardly a standing ovation.

We walked and talked after leaving the lounge. I had really started to connect with Linda. There are so many things we had in common.

Linda was wearing a flattering sundress, yellow with a daisy pattern. Her legs were long and shapely, and as she walked, her sway showed she was confident of her own sexual prowess.

The breeze off the ocean was stirring her silky long blond hair. I couldn't adequately describe her breasts, which were displayed beautifully in her low cut sun dress. It was extremely rare that tits that large would be so pert. I remembered sucking and caressing them last night until she almost came.

I was getting more and more aroused recalling our night together. I pulled Linda's arm and turned her toward me. We stared into each other's eyes anticipating what was to come next. She tipped her head slightly to the side as I moved toward her. Her taste was intoxicating. Her lips were soft and inviting. She opened her mouth allowing my tongue to explore hers.

"I want you!" I whispered in her ear.

"I want you more," Linda whispered back.

I found it amazing how Linda and I fit together. I had to keep reminding myself that she is a mother and wife of someone else. I couldn't believe we had just met a day ago. It truly seemed like I have known her for years.

We started back to the room taking our time and frequently stopped along the way kissing and whispering sweet things to each other. I didn't know which one of us is seducing the other. I think it was mutual.

We were alone in the elevator so I pushed her against the wall and pressed my lips to hers while I felt between her legs.

"You are so wet," I exclaimed.

"Hot and wet just for you Mike."

I fumbled with the room key, with a sense of urgency. I opened the door and pulled Linda inside. We were stripping each other like we were in a race tossing clothing as we made our way to the bedroom.

Lying there in the bed was Ann and Dave.

"Opps, I thought you two were in the other cabin," I said, apologetically.

"Don't go Mike. We need your help," Ann begged.

"With what?" I replied quizzically.

"Well, I was telling Dave what we did with Bob and he wants to try it," Ann explained.

"What was that?" Linda inquired.

"We had a three way with our neighbor and did a "DP," I explained.

"What is a DP?" Linda asked.

"Well my dear that means double penetration. That is where two guys fuck the same woman at the same time. One in her pussy and one in her ass," Dave explained to his wife.

" I wanna see that!" Linda enthusiastically replied.

"Mike is on bottom," Ann said.

I pulled my shorts off freeing my erection. Dave saw my erect cock for the first time.

He exclaimed, "Fuck! Now I see what Linda was talking about!"

I lay on his back and Ann sucked me till I am rock hard. Then she climbed on to me in a cowgirl position. She placed her opening just above the tip of my penis and started to slowly slide down and impaled her self on my ridged member.

"Oh God! I missed this monster cock," Ann exclaimed.

"It seemed almost an insult to Dave but maybe he didn't pick up on it," I thought to myself.

"Not all men can have a fucking baseball bat between their legs," Dave said abruptly, with a hint of anger.

I guess he did notice.

Dave crawled up behind Ann trying to work his cock into her ass. Ann cried out in pain.

"Hey buddy, slow down and use some lube," I insisted, strongly.

"Why should I? I am the one with the little dick, remember?" Dave said as he pushed hard forcing himself in her dry anus and slammed her several strokes.

"Oh my God!!! He is killing me. Make him stop," Ann screamed in pain but Dave continued his assault.

Linda tried to force him off but he slapped her hand away.

I pushed Ann up off me and grabbed Dave around the neck throwing him back on the bed. Like a cat I hopped on him and punched him repeatedly.

"You fucking asshole! You will never touch her again," I said as I connected a right cross to his cheek with a splat.

"MIKE! STOP IT! DON'T HURT HIM!" Linda begged me crying.

"Get the fuck out!" I demanded to her bruised and beaten husband.

He grabbed his clothes and ran out the door into the hallway dropping things as he ran, and I gave him a final kick in the ass. Then I threw his remaining clothes after him and slammed the door.

Linda was sitting in the chair with her hands in her face crying and then said with tears running down her face, "He can be a real asshole when he gets jealous. He gets sensitive about certain things. I don't want to go back with him to our room. This is why I was divorcing the asshole. He has beat me and slapped our kids around more times than I can count. He went to anger management classes and convinced me to go on this cruise as a last ditch chance to save our marriage." 

"You can stay with us," I told her putting my arm around her.

"Look you’re cut," Linda commented looking at my knuckles.

"I was a nurse. Get the first aid kit and I will help bandage your wounds."

"Help Ann first… How are you sweetie?" I asked putting my hand on her shoulder.

"He hurt me. I might need a doctor."

Linda went over and looked at Ann's anus and said, "You have a couple tears in your opening. I will make a gauze pack for you."

I found the first aid kit in the storage closet and Linda went to work.

It is actually erotic having a beautiful naked nurse bandage my wounds, but this was not the time for fantasies.

Linda showed her professionalism in the way she treated us. When the cuts were cleaned and treated, they didn't seem near as bad as we thought.

"Thank you Linda. You did a great job," I said handing her a robe.

"That is the least I could do, seeing how my crazy husband caused this in the first place."

"What are we going to do about dinner?" I asked, tying to change the subject. 

"I am not that hungry and I am too sore and upset to get up and get dressed. You go get something to eat I am staying in bed," Ann said pulling the sheets up.

"I don't want to leave this room. Dave is out there lurking and will take his anger out on me. He has real emotional problems and has beat me up for nothing in the past. You better be careful Mike, he is devious."

"How could a sweet woman like you ever get hooked up with a loser like that?" I ask.

"It is a very long story, let's just say I got pregnant in high school and he offered to make me an honest woman. The violence started almost right away. The honeymoon was fine but the first week we were home he threw a fit because there were dishes in the sink. Dave pulled me by the hair into the kitchen to show me what a bad wife I was. When he found out I was making more money than him as a nurse he made me quit my job," she explained with her tears flowing down her cheeks.

"If he try's anything I will beat him to a pulp. It pisses me off that he was fucking my wife for two days. Linda, you are staying with us. I will call room service and order dinner in," I said, as I picked up the phone.

Ann and Linda both look at the room service menu and I phoned in all the orders. I also ordered a bottle of wine.

Room service was prompt and the food was delivered hot. As we ate, we talk with Linda, as she told us more about her nightmare life with Dave. After dinner Ann got back to bed and Linda and I went out on the private veranda to sip our wine.

While we were sitting on the deck seat made for two, I put my arm around her and pulled her close in a comforting way. Her eyes were still red from crying and I gently kissed her cheeks, feeling compassion for her situation.

"I feel badly and partly responsible for what happened." I consoled her, looking into her eyes as I talked.

"It was not your fault. He has been jealous of you from the moment we all met. That is why he wanted to seduce Ann, so he could prove his mastery over you by taking what is most precious to you."

"I can't deny that it got to me. The only thing that stopped me from putting an end to this was that I got to be with you. I felt a special connection I wasn't looking for," I said as she leaned her head back on my shoulder.

"He demanded I tell him what happened between us and I down played it but then he insisted I tell him the size of your manhood. I knew I couldn't lie so I told him the truth. He became enraged calling me a slut and whore, and then he punched me. That is where the read cheeks came from. I covered the bruise with makeup."

"That fucking bastard," I said loudly.

Then I asked, "Who is watching your children?"

"My sister."

"You need to call your sister and move your children to a different location. Until you get permanently away from this cock sucker, you and your kids are in jeopardy. You can live with us till this blows over," I offered.

"I can't impose on you this way. I am not your problem. It will just bring my troubles in to your life. I have been to scared to ask him for a divorce but will do that first thing when I get home," Linda replied trembling.

"My mind is made up. I will talk with Ann but I am sure she will agree you can stay with us. We have a big house. However, we have an immediate problem, you only have the clothes that you wore here today. We need to get your things out of the room. Get dressed and I will go with you."

Waiting until it sounded like he left the room we hurried over to the cabin. Linda was shaking so much she couldn't put the card in the slot. I took it from her and slid it through the lock. The little indicator went from red to green. I pushed open the door and it appeared that there is no one there.

Linda was hurrying, gathering as many things as possible and shoving them into her suitcase. I helped by pulling out the drawers and dumped the contents into a travel bag.

"Oh no!," Linda said as she looked out at the veranda door and saw some of her clothes hang over the railing where he had been throwing her things into the ocean.

"Just get what you can so we can go," I said with a sense of urgency.

We finally had about everything. She took the smaller bag and I took the over stuffed suitcase. We were almost home free. I walked into the hallway and ...


Suddenly I felt someone shaking me but I couldn't focus. It was like trying to see through a kaleidoscope. All I was aware of was the incredible pain in my head.

"Mister Gray! Mister Gray! Can you hear me?" A voice was beckoning me back to reality.

My vision was clearing and I was struggling to gain my senses. I could see I was in a white room and there was a bright light showing on me. My head felt like it would burst. There was a man with a ships cap looking me in the face.

"Where am I? What happened?" I asked, in confusion.

The man replied to my questions stating, "You have had a nasty bump on your head and minor concussion, Mister Gray. I am a ships officer and handling this case."

"This case? What do mean this case?" I asked, again in confusion.

"It appears from witnesses that Mister Thomas hit you from behind with a champagne bottle. We have arrested him and he will be turned over to authorities in Maui."

After a pause I asked, "Is Linda alright?"

"Do you mean Mrs. Thomas?" he inquired.

"Yes, Mrs. Thomas!" I replied, immediately.

"She been treated and released. That is all I am at liberty to tell you."

Ann was out side the treatment room waiting for me with Linda. Both jumped up to greet me when I emerged from the door.

"Oh my poor baby. Are you all right?" Ann exclaimed.

"I have a monster headache. The doc says I have a mild concussion," I said, holding the ice bag to my head.

"I told you he was dangerous," Linda reminded me, with a look of concern.

"The ships officer brought paper work to have me file assault charges and said you were also treated. What did he do to you?" I ask Linda.

"Just the usual. He slapped me around a little and cut my lip. I am use to it."

We went back to our cabin. I lay on the bed and Ann was getting cold compress towels for my forehead while Linda was giving me a massage. Her hands were magic making me super relaxed.

"I could get use to this," I sighed.

"I don't want to go back to that cabin by myself do you mind if I sleep on your couch?" Linda asked meekly.

"Nonsense, we have a kingsize bed any there is plenty room for you," Ann offered.

"I sleep in the buff," Linda warned.

"So do we," I grinned.

We all talked together rehashing the events of the day and Linda explained how she and Dave went to counseling and it was suggested they get away to make a fresh start because Dave insisted he was a changed man. She also said that he admitted to having numerous affairs during counseling.

After we polished off the bottle of wine it was late and we were all tired. We all went to bed with me in the middle.

"This must be what heaven is like," I thought, as I lay between two stunning women. Linda crossed her leg over mine. as I spooned with Ann cupping her breast. Then Linda scooted closer to me and I could feel her magnificent tits pressing against my back. My cock was growing harder by the second. I slipped it between Ann's thighs to let her know my intentions.

Ann lifted her leg to allow me access and I slowly slid into her an inch at a time. This had to be the most erotic moment of my life, slowly fucking my wife with a gorgeous blond pressed against my back.

I didn't know if it is the moment or the blow I had received from the bottle earlier but my head was spinning.

"Ahhh, I missed this," Ann said breathlessly as I picked up the pace and squeezed her nipples.

Linda whispered in my ear, "Save some for me big boy."

It occurred to me that I have never fucked Ann in this position before. She enjoyed the pumping, free of my weight on her. I could feel her tightening around my shaft, knowing she is getting ready to cum. Our bodies were sweating with passion, as I continued pumping her with short strokes.

"That's it, don't stop, ohhhh I'm cumming. Soooo good." Ann gasped.

After lying still for a while, letting Ann calm down from her intense orgasm I asked her, "Do you mind if I fuck Linda now?"

"Go right ahead. It will just save me clean up."

I pulled out and rolled over facing Linda cupping her cheeks in my hands and pulling her mouth to mine. It seemed we just picked up where we left off this morning before all the drama unfolded. Our kissing was passionate. I kissed her lips and then her neck, lightly nipping her ear lobe. Then I started kissing her shoulders and her milky white breasts, sucking her nipples in turn. I continued my quest, kissing my way to her flat belly just above her mound. The scent of her arousal was driving me crazy.

I parted her legs to gain access to her pussy. I licked her wetness tasting the nectar of her arousal, and I used the tip of my tongue to explore her erect little button. Linda shook with a tremble when I flicked her clit with my probing tongue.

"Ohhhh that feels soooo good!" moaned Linda.

"Fuck me Mike! Fuck me!"

I didn't need convincing as I got onto my knees, and pulled her up, positioning myself behind that gorgeous rounded butt. Ann was resting on her side watching the show.

Wiping the head of my cock in her natural lubricant, I slowly pushed into her ready opening, her pussy stretched to accommodate my size.

"Ahhhh," Linda cried out.

I reached out and got a hand full of her beautiful silky blond hair and simultaneously pushed harder seeing my cock disappear into her fully, bottoming out against her cervix. Linda was moaning her sounds of pleasure as I pumped her harder, with her pushing back on me. We are working together in unison toward a common goal.

Ann was now squeezing Linda's breasts and kissing the corner of her mouth.

The sound of our skin slapping together was making the music of love. Linda was rocking faster reaching her peak, and Ann had moved herself so she was kissing Linda fully on the lips.

I felt myself welling up and was unable to hold off much longer with Linda's vaginal muscles contracting around my shaft.

"Ohhhh I am cumming," Linda cried out as I started to ejaculate, pumping stream after stream of hot seamen into her, with the overflow seeping out and running down between her cheeks.

Exhausted I collapsed down on Linda. After a couple minutes I rolled on my back with a beautiful woman on either side of me… Life was good.

I turned on the music and we all lay there quietly just enjoying the moment. Frank Sinatra sang, Fly me to the moon...

I was thinking of how the events of this day have probably changed our lives forever, with the possibility of Linda and her children living with us. Our lives will be completely different.

Ann and Linda were both kissing me at the same time giggling. Linda went down and engulfed my cock.

"Let's do it again!" Ann exclaimed.

I thought to myself, "Oh yes, our life will certainly be different!"

To be continued:

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