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The Cruise - First Day

The Cruise - First Day

Sometimes it is better to share than receive.

So far the flight had gone well except for an occasional bump of air turbulence. The drone of the jet engines had almost a mesmerizing effect. Ann was dead asleep and I was trying to watch the in flight movie on the iPad sized screen located on the seat in front of me. I forgot what a long flight it is to Hawaii. Unlike Ann, I can't sleep on a plane. The server asked if I wanted another drink. I was thinking how much older the flight attendants looked these days.

First class had some perks like filling your drinks but the meals are a bad version of TV dinners. I thought, "Oh well, the pretzels and honey glazed peanuts will tied me over until we can get some real food."

This was our special twentieth anniversary cruise. I didn't tell Ann that it is an all adult cruise Eighteen and over. Seven days of just kicking back drinking fruit cocktails with little umbrellas in them. Something told me this will be an adventure to remember.

Giving up on the movie, I reclined my seat back. I still couldn't get out of my mind the events of three days ago. I was getting aroused just thinking about what happened at Bob's place a few days ago with Ann in his sex swing.

There was a ding as the seatbelt sign went on and woke Ann from her slumber.

"Are we here already?" she asked, stretching her arms over her head.

"It appears so. Look at the islands approaching."

A few minutes later the intercom boomed, "Welcome to Hawaii! Aloha! Please remain seated until the aircraft is ready to be departed. There are clear sky's and it is a balmy ninety six degrees at two pm. Thank you for flying Aloha Air Lines."


After picking up our bags we saw a gentleman holding up a sign for our ship, The Pride of Hawaii. As we approached the group of people waiting there, they put a necklace of shells and lei around our necks and gave us each the Hawaiian greeting, aloha.

Most of those gathered were senior citizens. I thought to myself, "This is not exactly what I had envisioned when I signed us up for an adult cruise."

After a short bus ride with lots of twists and turns we were at the ship. It was magnificent. Truly a regal looking ship. They informed us that our luggage would be brought to our room and we proceed up the gang way. After checking our IDs they give us our room cards and we took the elevator to the second floor where the luxury cabins were.

"I am so excited," Ann squealed in delight.

I paid top dollar so we would not be in some cramped cabin. We were going to stay in one of the penthouse suites.

"You have not seen anything yet," I respond, as I swept her up in my arms and carried her across the threshold into our room.

"Oh, my!" Ann gasped.

The room was everything in the picture the booking agent showed me and more. There was a sitting room with a couch, a chair and a table that had a laptop on it. There was a separate door leading into the sleeping area. Entering the bedroom, it had a king size bed and was made up with the towels folded like little bunnies. There were chocolates on each pillow, a bucket with champagne on ice and basket of fruit. To the left of the bed was a sliding patio door that led out on our private veranda. The bath had a glass enclosed shower and whirlpool tub.

Ann threw herself at me kissing me repeatedly and telling me, "I love you so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

The loud speaker came on with a squelch. "This is your captain speaking. Please make your way down to the main theater on deck five and put on your life vests, that are found in your storage lockers."

Ann was struggling with her vest but I helped her. Then, like a kid she started blowing the whistle that is hanging on the vest.

She laughed, as I said, "Come on, little girl, this is an adults-only cruise."

The theater was huge and it was packed. There must have been several thousand people here. We were sitting next to a couple around our age. They were wearing matching yellow Hawaiian shirts. He had an obvious beer belly and she was a chunk with enormous boobs.

"Were you y'all from? We're from Austin," he asked, in a thick southern accent.

Ann replied enthusiastically, "We're from California."

"This is definitely not the cruise I was looking for!" I thought to myself as the Captain and his crew made their way onto the stage.

As they went through their prepared speeches about safety and introduced the head crew person, I looked around carefully at the people. I noticed several other people are doing the same thing.

Three rows in front of us there was a cute blond that turned around and made eye contact with me. She smiled a seductive smile. I returned her smile and she nudged the man beside her. I did the same to Ann. There seemed to definitely be a connection here with all four of us grinning at each other.

After the speech was finished we all are supposed to go to our assigned area for emergency drill. Ours was a blue ticket indicating we were to join the group on deck two. Upon arriving to our assigned place we were pleasantly greeted by the couple we made eye contact with.

She was stunning. Taller than Ann, with a model's figure. He was probably a gym rat like me, with firm biceps and wide shoulders but was not quite as muscular as I am.

"Greetings, this is Linda and I am David," he said, extending his hand.

"Hello, this is Ann and I am Mike. Nice to meet you," I replied, shaking his hand firmly.

Linda chuckled, "I thought everyone was like ninety on this cruise. Would you two like to hang out with us?"

Ann blurts out immediately, "We would be delighted to. Let's sit together at dinner tonight."

The drill was over and I gave Linda a polite kiss on the cheek and Dave did the same with Ann. We all headed to our rooms. Then I noticed their room was next to ours.

"What an coincidence, we are neighbors," Linda said, with a big grin.

Our luggage was in our room when we entered. "They must have brought it in while we were at the assembly. Why don't you get a shower while I unpack the luggage," I said, as I threw the bag on the bed.

"Do you want some wine, sweetie?"

"That would be heavenly."

The ice was almost completely melted, I noticed as I pulled the dripping bottle out of the pail.

"POP!" The cork went flying, bouncing off the wall.

I poured the plastic wine glass full and took it to Ann in the shower. My wife's image though the frosted glass shower door looked like an abstract piece art. Ann was still a beautiful woman, in her late thirties. She works hard to maintain her taunt body. She was was something to behold. I love the way her full breasts sway as she moves.

"Are you going to give me the wine or just stand there gawking at me?"

"Sorry, hon, I guess I was just caught up in your beauty," I said, sliding open the door and handing her the glass.

I unstrapped the suit case and started putting the clothes in the drawers and on hangers. These three suitcases were packed, enough for seven days. "She sure packed a bunch of sexy nighties and undergarments," I thought.

Ann was out of the shower now and was looking at what she was going to wear for dinner.

"Thank you for putting the clothes away sweetheart," she says as she looked through the closet.

"You're welcome, hon. But what is this?" I said, holding up a long ribbon of condoms.

She blushed and answered, "I was a Girl Scout. I always come prepared!"

I asked, "double magnum?"

She grinned and said, "Wishful thinking?"

I laughed.

An hour later we were ready to go. Ann had put on a black short cocktail dress with plenty cleavage. I put on slacks with a sports coat over an Hawaiian patterned shirt.

"No bra?"

"Didn't bring my demi, but really wanted to wear this dress."

There was a knock at the door and I asked loudly, "Who is it?"

"It's Dave an Linda. Would you care to join us for dinner and dancing afterward?" Dave asked, in a raised voice.

I opened the door and invited them in. Linda looked every bit as sexy as Ann. The two of them together would definitely attract some attention.

"You look beautiful," Dave told Ann.

With sincerity I told Linda the almost exactly the same thing.

Dave held out his arm to Ann and led her out into the hallway. I took Linda by the hand, and we followed.

After stepping out of the elevator we were greeted by the host of the dining area. He escorted us to a table for four, that had a beautiful view of the ocean.

The menu was as elaborate as any fine restaurant. Each selection was a five course meal.

"Oh my! There are so many choices," Ann exclaimed, looking at the menu. Being attentive to my wife, Dave offered his assistance. Ann was acting like some helpless school girl.

Linda followed suit asking me what I would recommend. I replied to her, "I think the steak and lobster looks good!" We all agreed and placed our order.

"Four steak an lobster dinners please. Three medium and one medium rare," I told the waiter.

Our conversation was pleasant as we discovered many things about each other. They were from Virginia. Dave was a real estate broker and his wife Linda was a nurse. They were both a bit younger than we are. As she talked I was enamored by Linda's beautiful face, with deep blue eyes and pearly white smile.

"So what do you folks do for fun in your neck of the woods?" I asked both of them.

"We really like clubbing, when we get out of the house," Linda replied, putting her hand on mine and giving me a squeeze.

"Seeing how this ship is loaded with clubs, how about we go clubbing after dinner?" I suggested.

"Dave and Ann didn't respond because they seemed to be deep in their own conversation.

"That sounds great," Linda answered for everyone.

After finishing up the Cherry Jubilee dessert, we all headed to the Starlight Lounge. We walked hand in hand, each with the opposite spouse. I noticed that Dave now has his arm around Ann's waist and was whispering into her ear.

Linda said, "You guys go ahead. I need to use the restroom. We will catch up later. Mike, could you wait for me?"

"Of course," I replied, watching them go on oblivious to us.

I saw Dave squeezing my wife's butt and she giggled as they walked on. It kinda bothered me he was getting so grabby so soon with my wife. I understood what was happening, but... I was still bothered.

After a few minutes Linda emerged from the hall restroom looking radiant, sporting a huge smile like a Cheshire Cat.

"I don't have pockets. Could you put these in yours?" she asked, handing me her lace panties. "I was felling a bit, warm?"

"Uh huh," I said, with a grin, and then I added, "We better get going to the club."

The club was dark. A piano player and middle aged singer were singing some oldies. I looked for Bob and Ann but couldn't find them in the darkness.

"Let's dance," Linda said, as she pulled me out onto the dance floor.

"Don't you think we should find Dave and Ann?"

"Let them have fun. Come on, handsome, let's dance."

The singer was singing Unchained Melody and I took Linda into my arms. She was An incredible dancer, almost a pro. Her body fitted perfect against mine, with her full breasts pushing delightfully into my chest.

I pulled her closer letting my hand slide lower than her waist. I could feel my erection rubbing sensually against her bare mound only separated by the thin material of the dress.

Her sent was enticing. I kissed her neck just below her ear and she moaned with pleasure. Our feet are still moving but it had become more like love making than dancing.

Just as I slid my hand down and cupped her rounded bottom I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned and saw Ann and Dave smiling at us.

Ann said, with a big grin on her face, "You two have fun. Dave and I are going up to his room. See you tomorrow morning."

With out another word they took off like a couple teenagers.

As we watched them leave Linda whispered, "We can go to your room also."

"Linda I really like you but let's have a few drinks and talk. I really want to get to know you better."

"That is so sweet. Most men at this point could care less about me or what I think, beyond how wet my pussy is."

"Come on let's take our drinks and walk on the deck. It is a full moon," I led her through the galley doors onto the walk way.

The air had a bit of nip about it as the wind blew lightly off the ocean. I took my sports jacket off and put it on her shoulders, giving her a kiss at the same time.

"You are such a gentleman Mike." She pulled me in for another kiss.

I took her by the hand and we continue to walk.

"Tell me about yourself," I asked.

"What do you want to know?"


"Everything might take all night. Wouldn't you rather be doing something else?" she told me with a seductive look.

Linda went on to tell me she is the mother of three boys under the age of nine. That she was in the PTA and lived basically a soccer mom's life style. Then she went on to tell me the truth about her and Dave. They were separated because of his anger problems. He talked her into going on this cruise as a last ditch try to reconcile with her.

Two years ago he had convinced her, after much prodding, to try the swing life style. It was terrifying to her at first but then she got to the point she embraced the life style and loved the excitement of going from PTA mom to slutty vixen. Dave insisted they continue, even though he had violent fits of jealousy.

In turn, I explained to Linda how Ann and I have had a few adventures ourselves.

As we were talking and really getting to know each other a huge gust of wind blew her skirt up. I forgot she had no panties on and a couple seniors out for a walk got quite an eye full.

Holding her dress down she giggled in my ear, "I think we have talked enough. It's time to fuck."

As I opened the door to the cabin I could hear the sounds of sex coming from Dave's room. The bed was banging the wall.

Stepping into the room Linda pressed herself against me, whispering to me in her most seductive voice, "That is going to be us in ten minutes."

"Would you help me with this?" Linda asked, raising her arms up.

I took the bottom of the dress and pulled it up and off leaving her exquisite body nude except her bra. She turned so her back was to me and I undid her bra letting those big naturals bounce free. I put my arms around her cupping her full breasts.

"You are a bit overdressed for the occasion don't you think?" She started unbuttoning my shirt.

As I was hastily removing my clothing I heard the sounds from next door through these thin walls.Dave was really hammering Ann. She was not a quiet lover and I could hear her begging for him to fuck her harder.

"Dave has that effect on women," Linda giggled.

Thump, thump, thump, thump the bed sounded as it hit the wall.

I was down to my shorts an pulled them off letting my erection bounce free.

"Oh my God! You are fucking huge," Linda said, wide eyed and shocked.

"Yeah, that's the effect I have on women," I replied, sarcastically.

"Come here, big boy!"

"Let me just look at you for a minute."

Linda leaned back on the bed as if she was posing for me.

She had light tanned skin and white showing her bikini line. Her long blond hair was cascading down to her large full breasts. I could tell she spends a lot of time in the gym because she is toned all over and had the face of a beauty queen with sensual lips, pearly white teeth and captivating deep blue eyes.

I knelt on the bed pulling her up to me. I put my hands on her cheeks and softly kissed her lightly biting her bottom lip. She responded by opening her mouth allowing my tongue access.

We kissed and caressed each other with all the passion that was built up for hours. I pushed her on her back sucking one erect nipple at a time as I squeeze the other.

"Ohhh, that feels so good!" Linda moaned.

She lowered her head to my fully hard erection and kisses the tip, tasting my precum and tonguing the back of my shaft like an expert. Linda pushed my member deeper in, coming as close to deep throating me as I have ever experienced. The intensity was making my head spin in ecstasy.

I moved my hand down to her vagina parting her labia with my finger and sliding it in her wetness and tickling the hood of her clitoris making it protrude erect.

"Pleeease don't stop!" She panted.

I pulled her body around parting her thighs and moved my face to her waxed pussy. I slid my tongue in long strokes between her lips savoring her taste. I made little circles with the tip of my tongue around her sensitive clit.

"That's it! I going to cum. Ohhh, oh fuck I am coming!"

I felt her spasming around my tongue. Then, I positioned myself between her legs pulling her knees over my shoulders and putting the tip of my hard cock head in front of her entrance. I thrusted forward watching it slowly disappear into her wanton wet pussy.

"Ohhh you're sooo fucking huge!"

I slowed, letting her adjust to the fullness.

"Fuck me!" She demanded.

I withdrew almost all the way out and when I plunge it back in, she lifted her hips to meet me. We are working together as a team. Our bodies were rising and falling in a dance of love.

"Yesss! Give it all to me. Fuck me! Fuck me! I am going to cum!" Linda moaned loudly.

I could feel myself welling up deep inside like a wave crashing on the shore.


Slap, slap, slap, slap, our bodies collided together, reaching for the same goal, the crest, the peak. I reached critical mass and erupted like a spewing volcano, my hot semen filling her to overflowing.

I collapsed on her like a spent marathon runner, with both of us trying to catch our breaths.

"That was wonderful! Ann is a lucky woman. You are an incredible lover," Linda panted in a grateful voice.

Then there was banging on the wall and we heard Dave saying, "Hold it down over there! People are trying to fuck over here."

"We're coming over so don't get decent!" I shouted, loud enough that they could hear me.

We each put on the terry cloth robes the ship provided and went over to the other cabin tapping on the door. Ann opened the door fully nude.

"Welcome to the best little whore house on the seven seas," Ann said, laughing.

We went in and plopping down in the overstuffed couch. Ann jumped back up on the bed with Dave and he puts his arms around her. It was a bit strange seeing her with another man. I don't know if I could ever get use to this.

I looked very sternly at Dave and said, "I suspect there is something going on here! I surmise that you, sir, have been fucking my wife!"

I stood up and reach out, sliding my fingers into Ann's opening pulling them out covered in cum.

"And here is the evidence," I said with everyone laughing.

We all just talked and laughed and drank wine until the wee hours in the morning. With our new friends, we are certain to have many more adventures on this cruise. This is only the first day out of seven.

"We need to get back to our room and get some rest," I announce, taking Ann by the hand. Dave kissed Ann goodbye and I did the same with Linda.

Entering our room I pulled Ann close and kissed her deeply, reclaiming what is mine. I picked her up and laid her down on the bed. Spreading her legs I positioned myself between her legs.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Getting sloppy seconds of course," I said, plunging into her gooey pussy with a squish.

To be continued.

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