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The Cuckold: The Making Of (part 1)

Grace never knew what she had been missing

Grace was agitated. She looked at the clock again 6:20 pm. Jason, her husband was due home at 6:00 pm. Jason had been gone for almost three weeks, working somewhere in Chicago. He was a junior architect in a private firm that specialized in all-glass buildings.

He had called her yesterday telling her that he would be home Friday for at least the weekend. His flight from Chicago plus travel time to their home would put him walking through their door at 6:00 pm, give or take a minute or two.

Jason had been going on trips like this since he had joined the firm. Consequently, he had the timing from the airport to home down to a fine science. He was never late. At least not, till today.

Grace paced back and forth in the black sheer robe she had purchased earlier floating behind her as she paced. Grace had gone all out to welcome her husband home. She had spent several hours that morning at the cosmetology school getting a complete redo. Grace had had a manicure, pedicure, a full body wax with a Brazilian to complete her redo, all for Jason’s homecoming.

She had stopped at the local lingerie shop, buying an outfit that was uncharacteristic of her. She felt sexy, she felt dirty.

She wore black patent leather six inch heels, sheer black stockings with seams, a lacy black garter belt, black crotch less panties, a peek-a-boo bra, also in black lace, topped off with a sheer black robe that hid nothing. Her freshly waxed pubis tingled under the open material whenever she moved about.

Grace was very horny.

She wanted Jason to ravish her repeatedly. She had planned every detail. Meeting him at the door in her new outfit was just the beginning of her seduction.

He was late.

There was a knock at the door. "Oh, the silly fool has left his keys here again," she thought. Grace rushed to the door to let her husband in. As she threw open the door, the “Surprise” died on her lips. The man in the doorway was not Jason.

It was Jason’s boss, Rick. Grace stood there dumbfounded for several seconds. Rick stood dazzled, his mouth open, looking her up and down. Grace recovered and shut the door. Embarrassed to her core, Grace leaned against the door unsure of what to do.

Rick knocked on the door again. “Just a minute,” Grace hollered over her shoulder as she ran to the bedroom. She grabbed her red terry cloth robe and wrapped it tightly around herself. Her face as red as her robe, she opened the door.

Rick was standing there red faced also, his eyes looking down to the ground. “I um I …I’m sorry,” Rick sputtered. Grace was suddenly terrified.

“Is Jason alright? Has something happened? Oh god nothing has happened to Jason. Rick?" she asked. Grace was stuttering.

“No!” Rick said forcefully. “He’s fine, Grace.” Rick looked up, noting she was wearing something he could not see through. “Jason’s fine Grace,” Rick said softly. “I was apologizing…. for ….you know,” Rick waved his hand at her, indicating how she was dressed. “Catching you like …. Well you know" Rick was also stuttering badly.

Grace was relieved that her husband was fine. “Why are you here, Rick? Where is Jason?” Grace asked.

“I meant to be here before 6:00 to let you know that I had him fly to LA. Traffic was heavier than...” Rick trailed off, seeing the tears in Grace's eyes. Grace's emotions were quickly rising to the surface.

“I’m sorry Grace, I needed him on another project. I told him I would come by and tell you in person. I … oh Grace, I am sorry.” Rick seemed truly concerned.

Grace turned, stepping back into the house. Rick followed her in, closing the door behind him. Grace dropped un-lady like on to the couch. Rick trailed along before sitting down beside her. Rick put his arm around her. Grace sobbing, put her head on Rick's shoulder.

Rick had never been in this position before. His muscular arm around the wife of one of his employees, her head on his broad shoulder. However, with Grace he had always secretly wanted her. He held her to him tightly, his hand absently running over her back.

Rick, at 50, had never married. He had had his share of women though. Rick was a large, ruggedly handsome man. His black, close-cropped hair and full black mustache were just recently getting a few gray hairs. Rick had a square jaw line, with just a small cleft in the middle. His eyes were a very dark brown, almost black in dim light. Rick worked out on a regular basis. His chest and arms were large and well muscled from lifting weights. Rick stood a little over six feet tall and most people considered him to be a very good looking man. 

Rick’s vision of Grace standing in the doorway with her arms thrown wide open, scantily clad, haunted him. Every asset of her gorgeous body had been on display through the skimpy and shear lingerie she wore, and the image had been burned into Rick's mind. Rick shook his head slowly, trying to remove the image.

Slowly, Grace stopped crying. She was embarrassed but at the same time, she felt safe. Rick's large hand running softly up and down her back was comforting. She lifted her head from his shoulder, looking up into Rick's face. Rick looked into her eyes, the two sitting there for what seemed to be several minutes. Rick wiped a tear off her cheek with his thumb softly caressing Grace’s teary face.

Grace was not sure afterwards what happened or why, but she lifted her head and kissed Rick on the mouth. Rick returned her kiss, pressing his lips to hers. There was a hunger there that each was seeking to sate.

Grace pulled back from Rick's lips, looking deep into his eyes. Grace felt herself slip into another place. A place filled with passion. Grace’s pent up lust crested to the surface of her being. Grace’s longing and desire replaced reason. She whimpered softly to herself, surrendering to her emotions. Then once again, Grace kissed the man who held her in his arms.

Rick pulled Grace tighter to him, seeing in her eyes a passion that burned deep inside her. He was inwardly ecstatic with the turn of events. He opened his mouth to her tongue, his own tongue seeking hers. Holding each other tightly they kissed and necked like two randy teenagers on a date.

Rick's cock was throbbing as the two continued kissing. Rick pushed his hand inside Grace’s red terry cloth robe, his large callused hand closing around one of Grace's soft fleshy tits. A moan escaped Grace's lips as Rick squeezed her tit. Her nipple slowly become erect, pressing into the palm of his hand.

Grace ran her hand down Rick’s chest, feeling the lean hard muscle. She continued down over his stomach noting how hard it felt. Eventually Grace’s hand landed on Rick’s hard cock. She began to gently squeeze Rick's cock through his trousers.

"My god," she thought, "he is at least twice as big as Jason is." Rick moved his kissing to her ear, his tongue gently exploring it. Grace tilted her head to the side, allowing Rick free access to her neck. Rick took full of advantage of her invitation, kissing and softly sucking her neck and throat.

Grace was lost in the heat of their passion. Jason a small distant memory as Rick began to twirl her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Sucking the soft hollow of her neck, Rick continued to kiss down her body. His lips on her upper chest he opened her robe. Grace shrugged it off her shoulders, the terry cloth slipping easily to lay discarded on the couch.

Rick lifted his head up, softly touching her face. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his voice husky with want. Rick was silently cheering his conquest over Grace, whom he has wanted for years.

Grace looked at him, then looked at his crotch, her hand still squeezing and releasing his manhood.

She felt the guilt start to rise up inside her.

Rick lowered his head, sucking one of her bared hard nipples into his mouth. The black lacy peek a boo bra allowed easy access to her nipples. Grace shivered as the pleasure of his mouth on her tit reverberated through her body. Grace fumbled with Rick’s zipper, her guilt vanishing, replaced by the urgent need to free his hard cock.

Rick, still sucking her nipple, reached down between Grace's thighs. Grace opened her legs wider, the crotch-less panties allowing Rick full access to her sex. Rick traced his fingertip over her smooth pubic region, his breath catching in his throat as he felt her smooth silkiness.

Grace freed Rick’s monster from his pants. She was quite sure that it was the largest cock she had ever held in her hands. The contrast of her white hand tightly gripping Rick’s big black cock was mesmerizing. Grace cannot seem to look away from the cock in her hand. She lowered her head, closing her eyes. Grace engulfed the soft fleshy head of Rick's cock in her hot, wet mouth.

Rick rubbed over her clit with his finger, causing sexual sparks to race from her clit in to her wet pussy and back to her brain. All of Grace's inhibitions vanished.

Opening her eyes, Grace caught her reflection in a chromed knick-knack on the end table. The reflection looking back at her was so erotic it made her pussy wetter. The pale blue eyes of the blonde-haired woman seemed to be reflecting back into her own pale blue eyes.

The blonde-haired woman had both hands wrapped around a large black cock. Her fingers were not able to close around the cock they held. The blonde-haired woman’s mouth was stretched open almost as wide as possible. The head of the cock she held in her mouth. Her cheeks were concave as she sucked happily on the cock. The eyes of the blonde haired woman filled with absolute lust.

Rick slipped several fingers into to Grace. Grace acknowledged their welcome presence by squeezing them with her vaginal muscles, milking his fingers. She watched the reflection of the blonde woman sucking the cock. The blonde woman’s mouth stretched wider than before. Her cheeks hollowed more as her lips seemed to walk down the rigid member, pulling it deeper into her mouth, sucking as she did.

Rick moaned loudly as his cock head pushed into Grace's throat. Twisting his body and muscling Grace up and over, Rick slid underneath her. He lowered her sex down to his mouth, sucking hard on Grace’s swollen clit. Grace opened her mouth wider, and a muffled sound escaped, unrecognized by either person. Rick thrust his hips forward, his cock sliding into Grace's throat. Grace cupped his heavy balls, fondling them as she began to bob her head up and down on Rick's cock.

Rick had had a lot of sex in his years, even some professional, highly paid sex. However, never had he had his cock sucked with such unbridled passion. For a thirty-year-old married homemaker, Grace was the best cocksucker he has ever had. Rick was suddenly envious of Jason.

Grace had never sucked a cock like this. She hungered for it in her throat. Jason barely reached the back of her mouth. Rick’s large cock pushed well into her throat, with more to spare.

Grace had never been overly fond of sucking cocks but this enormous dick, for some unknown reason, really turned her on. She wanted all of it in her throat. She needed all of it in her throat. Grace pushed her head further forward.

Before Grace had all of his cock in her throat, Rick lifted her completely up off himself. Holding Grace above him, he sat up and swung his legs off the coach. Pulling Grace into his arms, he stood up, looked her in the eyes and kissed her. “Where?” was all the only word Rick uttered his voice full of craving.

Grace pointed towards the hallway leading out of the living room. Rick practically trotted towards the hall. He was still fully dressed, his large cocking swing back and forth through his open fly. Grace nuzzled his neck her arms holding around his broad shoulders.

Reaching the bedroom, Rick practically threw her on the bed. Rick began to scramble out of his clothing. Grace slipped the peek a boo bra off as it had been bunched up, pushed under her chin. She laid back, pulling the crotchless panties down her legs, kicking them towards Rick.

Rick, his shirt off, had already kicked off his shoes and was removing his socks. Grace was admiring his hard muscled body. The light that she had flipped on seemed to be absorbed by Rick’s dark skin. He looked like a Greek god, his body chiseled from pure ebony. His cock though hard, sagged under its own weight and was oozing pre-cum from Grace’s previous attentions to it.

Rick, finally nude, grabbed Grace's ankles. Like a starving man, he dove at her wet pussy. Her ankles locked Rick in a vice-like grip. Grace had no chose as he split her wide, his arms long enough to hold her open. Rick fell to his knees at the foot of the bed.

Rick licked her pussy with the flat of his wet tongue. Moving from her tightly puckered anal opening, then up inside her pussy, delving deeply into her before moving up over her tiny pee hole. Splitting her labia with his tongue, he continued up and over her hard clit.

A dozen times, then a dozen more, Rick licked her pussy. Each time he drew more of Grace’s pussy juices into his hungry mouth. He was like a machine, wetting her with his tongue from her ass to her clit. Rick started to lick her again, then slipped his tongue deep into her anal cavity.

He knelt on the floor, holding her legs wide as his tongue jammed in and out of her ass. Jason, her husband did not even know she had an ass, Grace thought. The warm feeling of an orgasm stole in on her as Rick tongue-fucked her ass.

Rick quickly changed tactics. He released one of her ankles, replacing his tongue with one of his little fingers. His tongue scooped into her hot wet vagina, the finger stuck in her ass making small tight circles inside her. Rick was rubbing his nose over her clit, sucking and licking her hot pussy.

Grace grabbed Rick’s head, pulling it tight into her sex, holding it there as her body convulsed in welcome orgasmic release. Grace panted loudly, making mewing noises as her body rocked with waves of pleasure. Her heels on Rick’s broad shoulders, her knees splayed wide.

Her sudden ejaculation surprised her as well as Rick. She was squirting her cum into Rick’s hungry mouth. In her thirty years of life, she had never ejaculated like this. She was lost. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Each wave seemed to cause her pussy to erupt squirting fluid as she convulsed.

Rick, taking advantage of her orgasm, slipped a second finger into her ass. Grace bucked against his fingers, lost in pleasure. Her tight ass was stretching to except his fingers. Grace was going wild, coming so hard she thought she might faint.

Grace, in those orgasmic throes, knew that she had just become Rick’s whore. He could do whatever he wanted to her as long as he made her come like that. Rick licked and sucked her pussy until she stopped squirting.

Once again grabbing her ankles, he stood. Spreading her legs wide, Rick pulled her ass almost off the bed. Rick positioned his body, his cock hard dripping pre-cum, between Grace’s legs. Grace sat up grasping his cock, pulling it into her wanton hole.

Rick smiled down at her as she panted, lost in lust, nearly nude on the bad. He thrust his hips forward hard. Grace stiffened as his monstrous cock split her open. She dropped back on to the bed. Her mouth open, eyes glazed over, as Rick buried his cock to his balls inside her. Grace gasped, the feeling of finally being full registering as a smile on her pretty face.

Grace pushed her hips at Rick, grinding her pussy onto his already buried cock. Panting, Grace wrapped her legs around Rick's hard muscled back, pulling him into her as deep as she could. Grace began hollering “Fuck me! Oh, yes, fuck me like a whore! Yes, yes, yes!” Her body ground on Rick's cock.

Rick smiled and began slowly fucking her. Grace was pounding on to his cock. Rick was slowly but deliberately easing in and out of her. The contrast of the two speeds drove Grace into a sexual frenzy.

Rick drove his cock in and out of her dripping pussy, and Grace seemed to come almost continuously. She was begging him to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. Rick, feeling his balls tighten up, pulled his cock out of Grace. She began begging him to fuck her more, not quit. Rick put the head of his cock against her tightly puckered, but very wet, asshole.

Grace, lost in lust, began telling Rick to fuck her ass. Rick smiled then pushed several inches of his massive cock into her tight anal opening. Grace gasped, trying to scoot back off his cock.

Rick grabbed her legs behind her knees. Shaking his head, Rick pulled her body towards him driving his hips forward at the same time. Grace's mouth opened in a silent scream as Rick buried his cock inside her. Holding her tight, Rick just stood there. His cock wrapped tightly inside Grace's virgin ass.

Grace lay there for several minutes as her ass relaxed. The resulting feeling was one of absolute pleasure. Why had nobody ever fucked her in the ass before? My god, the feeling was so intense. She began to slap her clit. Rolling her hips around and around on Rick's cock. She began squeezing her rectum together with all her might on big cock inside her ass.

Within minutes, Grace was swearing like a sailor, fucking back hard with each thrust of Rick's hips. She actually began to drool as she was being fucked so hard and so long in the ass, coming repeatedly.

Rick jerked his cock out of her ass, cum beginning to spew from his cock. Grace, quick as a cat, spun to her knees, catching his cock in her hand, jamming her mouth on to the throbbing monster. She pushed her head all the way down until her nose hit Rick's hard abs. She drank his cum, tasting her ass on his cock.

Jason stood outside the bedroom window, his cock in his hand. A tear slowly ran down his cheek. He wished he hadn’t embezzled all that money. He wished he had never placed a bet. He watched as his lovely hot wife sucked cum from his boss' big black cock.

Jason wondered how he would tell her that she now belonged to Rick. She was Rick's for the fucking, or he Jason was a dead man. Well, he had a week before he could show. That was when he was supposed to get back from LA. He turned to go back to his hotel, knowing Rick would be fucking his wife from now on.

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