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The day that Lisa loosened her shirt

Suddenly Lisa was doing more than just showing off her charms and dancing

When Lisa opened her shirt

Hopefully you’ll like this story - a true story from just a very few years ago and reposted for your enjoyment …. Please comment as you see appropriate ………

I have known my wife now for the best part of 20 years. She is a school teacher and even now is a very attractive lady. I guess the closest look-a-like I can think of is that she looks very much like an English version of the gorgeous Kim Delaney from NYPD.The thing that attracted me to her at he time we met was a highy developed sense of fun and – especially- the fact that she liked to flash her gorgeous boobs as much as she got an opportunity to do so.

She is visually very attractive with a beautiful body and though not overly developed she had a nice athletic tone to her structure. Boob wise – they are not the biggest tits in the world but – again they have a lovely shape to them and were nicely finished off with a fine pair of nipples – which when hardened were so erect they reminded me of a coca-cola bottle top.

She would think nothing of leaving the top three and sometimes four buttons undone on her blouse when in those days to go out without a bra was perfectly normal. The effect she would have as she bent down and made her assets obvious you can only dream about…. Here I’m talking about bending over in supermarkets, at market stalls, pubs etc etc ……. And there have been plenty of times when we have been driving and she has just stripped off her top and sat there in the car totally topless……. Giving an added vista to fellow drivers and pedestrians alike ……

I consider myself very lucky to be able to say that it is also a matter of fact, (as we have joked fairy frequently), that just about every male in our social circle has seen her tits at some time or another and in various stages of nudity (and that includes a good friend of ours who is involved with the local church).

Anyway moving on ………….

My story involves 3 friends we had invited round to a BBQ on Saturday evening ….

My wife had chosen to wear for this dinner an absolutely stunning blouse of very unusual construction. Whilst it was a conventional blouse in the front with rather generous and baggy sleeves – what made this so spectacular was the rear part of the blouse, from just in advance of the top of the front of each shoulder was cut and comprised a sheer fine white material through which one could see just everything. The effect this had was stunning – even to me. As soon as she would lean forward and lift her arm her breasts would just appear from the side(s) – and as an added bonus - her nipples too. The only thing missing was a full frontal vision – but – believe you me when you saw what we saw that evening we were more than happy.

I have already suggested that practically all our friends had seen my lovely wife’s breasts – inevitably bared – at some time or another.

Our friends were Christina and her husband Steve and another guy called Wally – single and a very good friend who apart from being a bit of a lothario was known to lust after my wife big time……

Well on the evening in question unfortunately the weather dictated that the planned BBQ was not an option and we settled for an indoor meal. ‘Her indoors’ had elected to wear the blouse minus any bra. When Steve and Wally turned up they just did not know where to look …..their faces were a joy to watch as gradually they became aware of the peek-a-boo factor. We had dinner and conversation flowed as easily as always – as did the drink and - spurred on by Steves cajoling, Lisa (my wife) had casually opened a couple of more buttons down the front of her blouse so that more of her gorgeous beautiful chest was on display that you would expect from an English school teacher. …….bliss for me.

Having cleared the meal things away - during which time we were all treated to the odd boob flash - we put on some soft music and Christina and I started to smooch – nothing too serious – just a good close dance. Meanwhile Stevie sat down which just left Lisa and Wally to make the second dance couple. We stayed that way for a couple of tracks before Christina and I noticed that L and W had suddenly upped the pace a bit and whilst they were dancing closely together his left hand had started to very gently stroke then cup the side of L’s bosom through her blouse – this in full view of the rest of us ……whilst she just nuzzled into his neck getting the pair of them well and truly really steamed up. I found this absolutely ab-fab and could hardly contain myself as they continued like this until the end of the track (Move Closer by Phyllis Nelson) before they realised C and I had stopped dancing and along with Steve we had all been watching…………..

As soon as the next track commenced they just carried on where they left off - ohh me ohh my ! ….. Lisa had by this time unbuttoned her shirt totally (to the track BODY TALK by Imagination) so that her beautiful boobs were noe very much and totally in evidence, and then she lifted Wallys tee-shirt over his head and suddenly they were dancing together bare chested and closely – this was to prove to be one heck of a turn on and the memories will linger with me for ever – as they did that evening for the three of us watching in utter and complete disbelief …………while their chests rubbed together and Steve fondled the tits and those beautiful gorgeous nipples that I had always taken great pride in ……….

They broke for moment and we recharged our drinks …. During this interlude Lisa came up to me and asked whether I had a problem about her behaviour – there was no doubt that she was totally turned on and that, equally, was having a fantastic effect on the rest of us.

I simply told her I loved her – had great pride in her – she was a beautiful woman and to do whatever she wanted to –

Talk about taking me at my word – the next track – ‘Wishing on a Star’ by Rose Royce just proved to be the catalyst for what followed – Wally and Lisa resumed their clinch- not before she removed her blouse totally- and this time Lisa took even more of an influence over proceedings – as they danced together she was leaving her upper leg between W’s inner thighs to the extent – as she said afterwards – if he hadn’t been hard beforehand he certainly was as she moved onwards - ……….I have a vivid memory of his hands moving from her tits down towards her ‘chuff box ‘ – firstly lifting her skirt then - moving aside the G string - then running his fingers ever so lightly between her crutch which only served to heighten her passion ……..

All the while this was going on Christina, Steve and I just stood sand stared – we had all been friends for a number of years – and though we were aware that Wally had the hots for Lisa – at least up to now it had always been pretty much self contained !

As Wally rubbed against her ever so gently so Lisa took her lead from him and introduced her fingers to the outside of his pants and felt the very evident bulge ….. slowly she undid the zip and in a moment her hands were in there caressing his dick. As though they were taking it in turns to take the initiative so Wally then eased of the skirt that Lisa had been wearing leaving her only in her black lace G String which remained in vision for literally a few seconds before they too had succumbed to his disrobing technique and there she was totally naked in front of the four of us.

At this stage it was almost as though they were both in a trance – us three spectators too – I have no idea what the next tunes playing were – all I can recall is that then she undid his belt – lowered his strides then his underpants ----- There was a moment of amusement as he had to lever his shoes off so that he could get his pants off totally - but down and off they came ……exposing a reasonable penis in- hardly surprisingly a fully erect state.

Lisa and Wally were finally both totally stark naked – Lisa took his dick in hand and started to caress it again ever so gently – she always had a knack for knowing where to touch and how gently to touch - firstly she caressed the roundhead tip then ever so gently the undershaft – followed finally by cupping his balls – The cuddled up to each other again and moved around in tandem to whatever music was playing – before very gently Wally got on the floor in front of us and suddenly they were both horizontal - kissing each other – first on the mouth then nuzzling each other on their respective necks – before the next thrill – he started to kiss her breasts and nipples – to say she was up for it would be an understatement given the size her nipples had become – they kissed and fondled chests, he rubbing and kissing her boobs as she played and toyed with his nipples -– each giving then laying back to receive and taking it onto the next level – Eventually L went down to his penis and licked his head then his shaft before he pulled away – worried as it transpired that he would come too soon.

He opened her legs and started to lick her inner thighs - then moved to her clitoris before giving her a highly charged orgasm with his tongue.

With three others in the room still transfixed – she then took charge and after a bit more hand action on his penis she took it in her mouth and returned the compliment – moving her mouth up and down before the flow of semen indicated that she had finally given Wally the ultimate pleasure ……..

They again snuggled up to each other – and only then did Lisa look around and became aware of the surroundings – she looked at me sheepishly – as she said later as much for reassurance as it was to make sure I was OK – I just gave her a wink and the biggest smile before raising my glass in a toast …..both Steve and Christina joined in and that was sufficient to break any tension.

What had started out as a routine evening had suddenly become something unforgettable and a lot more than any of us had ever bargained for …….. There had been no side action between the onlookers – and when we all discussed it later there had never been any intention on Lisa’s part to go down that route – she liked to flaunt – and with good reason – but the events of that night had just gotten the better of her.

Obviously things would never be the same again between all of us – though as far as L and I were concerned it just strengthened our relationship – but every so often she and Wally go off for a weekend together with my blessing and I contemplate that evening !!!

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